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July 24, 2017 | Author: Varun Jain | Category: Chef, Tourism, Hotel, Postgraduate Education, Employment
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Research Project Report Options after doing hotel management

On Options after doing hotel management

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Balpreet singh .

mr.Abinash kumar.

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I have the pleasure to certify that BALPREET SINGH student of 4th Year, has pursued his research work and prepared the project “IMPORTANCE OF HOUSE KEEPING DEPARTMENT IN HOTEL INDUSTRY” under my supervision and guidance. The present STUDY is the result of their own research to the best of my knowledge. This is being submitted to P.C.T.E Institute of Hotel Management Baddowal for the Partial fulfillment of the requirements of the four year degree in Hotel Management.

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This Project “IMPORTANCE OF HOUSE KEEPING DEPARTMENT IN HOTEL INDUSTRY” is a successful outcome of our hard work with the help and guidance of my respectable Sir. I sincerely acknowledge the contribution of the suggestions given by Ms. RASHI MARWAHA without which this project could never became a ratify. Last but not least I acknowledge all my friends who gave me suggestions and full support by heart.

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GUIDESCRETIFICATE………………………………………………03 ACKNOWLEDGEMENT……………………………………………..04 OBJECTIVES………………………………………………………….….05 METHODOLOGY………………………………………………..……..06 LIMITATIONS…………………………………………………………..07 INTRODUCTION……………………………………………………….08 HISTORY………………………………………………………………….11 Different Roles, Different Names………………………….…………13 Kitchen stewarding………………………………………………………….15 Hotel and resort……………………………………………………...…..18 Entrepreneurship……………………………………………………….……25 CONCLUSION…………………………………………………..………..28 THANKS…………………………………….……………………………..40

Introduction: A cardinal part of hospitality industry, hotel management has wide employment opportunities. Moreover, with globalisation gaining acceptance with more and more countries, the hotel management industry is truly becoming global. As hotel chain owners are opening new hotels in various big and small cities, requirement for trained hotel management professionals is huge. Although considered one of the most glamorous careers, hotel management requires professionals who can keep their cool even in the most challenging situations. Hotel management can include Hotel & Restaurant management, Cruise Ship Hotel management, Hospital Administration and Catering, Hotel and Tourism Associations, Airline Catering and Cabin Services, Club management, Forest Lodges, Guest Houses amongst others. Expansion of global travel industry and aviation

industry is expected to boost hotel industry in next couple of years.

Step-by-Step: There are multiple job profiles in hotel management and depending upon the candidates' education, work experience, the positions are offered. However, in order to work in top level or middle-level management candidates must have a degree in travel management. Whereas some hotels hire graduates straight from universities, some other hotels hire only trained hotel management graduates. Candidates can do degree course in hotel management soon after 10+2 which are offered by various hotel management institutes.

The minimum selection criteria for an undergraduate course in hotel management is 10+2 with 50% marks. However, candidates who do not have 50% marks in +2 can do diploma or certificate course in hotel management which are being offered by various institutes. Additionally, some hotels provide training cum job placement and candidates who do not have other options can opt for it. Indian hotel management institutes conduct entrance exams before selecting the candidates for various courses. Start Early: Students looking for a career in hotel management should have strong communication skills, reasoning skills, numerical aptitude and pleasing personality. Therefore, if some candidate is lacking in these skills, he must inculcate them in him and for that starting early definitely helps. Many students start preparing for entrance exams conducted by IHMs soon after their 10th board. Similarly, those who wish

to go for higher studies in hotel management can do Masters in Hotel Management; for MHM the person is required to have BHM. Is it the Right Career for Me? Before jumping to any decision to select hotel management as a career option, it is always advised to analyse pros and cons, growth prospects, matching of work-profile with personality traits, etc. If the candidate is not willing to work in various profiles he may not be suitable for it as in hotel management an employee may be asked to work in management, food and beverage service, housekeeping, front office operation, sales and marketing, accounting or any other department depending upon the specific requirement. What would it Cost Me? Depending upon the rank and reputation of hotel management college the fee is charged from candidates. Whereas Garden City College at Bangalore charges around Rs 3,50,000 for the

three year graduate course, Christ College in the same city ask candidates to pay Rs 48,0000 per semester for 4 year BHM course. Similarly, a graduate course in hotel management at IHM Chennai can cost Rs 37,500 per semester. Students who are not willing to shell hefty amount on the courses from top notch hotel management institute may go for diploma courses offered by the same institutes. Funding/Scholarship Most of the hotel management institutes offer merit based concessions on fees to eligible candidates. Similarly, some institutes provide discounts to sponsored candidates who come for training. Junior Research Fellowship is offered to those candidates who are willing to explore their career in academics. Students looking for external funding can apply for low interest rate loan offered by most of the nationalised banks like Allahabad Bank, Bank of Baroda, PNB, IDBI, etc. Students of all the hotel management institutes which are affiliated with AICTE are

eligible to get a loan of Rs 7.50 lakh for studying in India and Rs 15 lakh to study outside India. The low interest rate education loan can be repaid in 5-7 years of duration in equal instalments starting one year after the completion of the course. Different Roles, Different Names 

General Managers: Such professionals are responsible for all operations in a hotel. Resident Managers: Bestowed with the job to be available at just a call away. Executive Housekeepers: These professionals are expected to ensure cleanliness in the hotel. Front Office Managers: Most of the hotels own front desk, Front Office Managers manage the same. Convention Services Managers: These professionals work in close coordination with client and the conferencing facilities offered

by the hotel for various conventions, meetings, seminars, etc.

With eating out and partying becoming a second nature to people, hotel business - big or small - is proliferating. Demand for trained professionals has been constantly growing in this industry. Due to the increasing salary and improving nature of job, career in hotel industry is now respected a option. A job in the hotel industry is all about making others happy and comfortable. You should be aware of the tactics to gel with the guests.

Admission to the industry is totally based on one's performance in the written admission test, personal interview and group discussion. Admission to government recognized hotel management institutes is through a common entrance test.


The initial salary is Rs 15,000-Rs 20,000, which can go upto Rs 35000 with 2-3 years of hardwaork.

After graduation, one can join as a management trainee and after 18 months of training program, you can get the position of assistant restaurant manager & earn about Rs 25,000. After two years excluding training period, if you are eligible for restaurant manager then you can earn around Rs 30,000 - Rs 35,000 per month along with perks.

Five star hotels require trained staff for following departments: 

Food and Beverage (F&B)





Computer Applications

Financial Management




Fire Fighting

Public Relations

Eligibility to pursue a career in hotel management: 

Students who have successfully completed their 10+2 are eligible and can pursue a degree, diploma, or a certificate course in the field. If you have completed your graduation then you will be eligible for the post graduate program in hotel management.

Career prospects: A student who has earned a degree or diploma in hotel management can work in the below mentioned sectors: 

Club Management

Hotels and Restaurants

Hospital Administration and Catering

Airline Catering and Cabin Services

Guest Houses

Cruise Ship Hotel Management

Forest Lodges

Hotel & Catering Institutes

Catering departments- shipping companies, banks, armed forces, and railways Hotel & Tourism Associations

Career Options After Graduating from Hotel Management Colleges in India: Interestingly, the hotel industry is not the only place where you can find jobs after graduating from one of the hotel management colleges in India.

1. Hotel industry: With the ministry of external affairs in India expecting an investment of $12 billion in the hospitality sector of the country by 2013, there is huge scope for employment in the hotel industry. After completing the course, you can seek employment in Indian as well as international chain of hotels. You can try for jobs in any of the following departments of a hotel.

Front office Housekeeping Food and beverages Sales and marketing 2. Airline and cruise industry: A graduate from one of the hotel management colleges in India can also get job in the airlines industry. Depending upon your

skills and interests you can try for any one of the following positions: Air hostess Flight stewards Ground staff Public relationship officers International companies generally offer lucrative salaries starting from Rs 30,000 to Rs 70,000 per month. 3. Retail industry: You can also find jobs in shopping malls, PVR cinema chains and other retail sectors as front office or back office executive. 4. Restaurant chains: Established restaurant chains, such as Pizza Hut, KFC and Mc Donald's also require staff frequently. You can work within the food production or marketing department or the front office.

Apart from these, there is scope for employment in several hotel management colleges in India as a teacher. Many private and government recognized colleges prefer hiring hotel management graduates who have excellent academic records and at least two or three years of industry experience.

Among the emerging professional courses that have attracted the youngsters in the recent years, hotel management is very prominent. The boom in the tourism industry has resulted in the immense growth of hotel industry in India. The hotel industry promises a bright future for anyone who wishes to take up a career in this segment. The students opting for hotel management career courses must have an affinity towards socializing and understanding the needs of the people. As

hotels fall under the service industry, the motive of hotel management courses in India is to prepare the students to face the challenges of this competitive world. As far as tourism industry in India is concerned, it is attracting tourists from across the world and this definitely calls for quality hospitality. For those of you who think Hotel Management resembles in any form to The Suite life of Zack and Cody, the popular American comedy series, you are exactly right. Well, at least, partially right. Running a hotel, no matter how high class and exclusive it may be, it inevitably results in sometimes comical and always memorable experiences. The hotel business is unpredictable and at times, zany, because you are dealing with unpredictable and zany creatures, that is, human beings. The jobs that are offered in Hotel Management:

The Managers: Hotel managers are responsible for the efficient and profitable operation of their establishments. The General Manager controls the finances, establishment norms to be followed by the staff while providing their services to the guests, housekeeping, food quality, decor and interiors. Assistant Managers supervise the day-to-day operations of their departments. Large hotels have

Resident Managers to resolve problems round the clock. The Department Managers work under the supervision and guidance of the top management. In this course there are different types of courses are like:

Front Office: Front office is like a show window of a hotel because it is the place where a guest or anyone having anything to do with the hotel would come to. It is important because it gives the proverbial 'first impression'. It is generally maintained to a very posh standard with nice sitting arrangements around the different counters decorated to suit different tastes.

Important functions of receiving the guests, bookings, and allocation of accommodation, book keeping, handling correspondence, and preparing bills and keeping accounts of the guest services are handled at the Front Office. The department IS headed by Front Office Manager or executive house-keeper who supervises and co-ordinates the work. Then, there are assistant manager, lobby executive, front office supervisor, information assistant, receptionist, bell captain, bell boy, doorman, etc. to perform their assigned roles. Cookery: One of the biggest myths attached to the careers of successful chefs is that they require an excellent hotel to make it big. Actually, a hotel needs an excellent chef rather than vice versa. There are hundreds of stories about chefs who have raised the standard of the property they were

working at by innovating and producing excellent cuisine. To take up cooking as a profession one must have creativity, shrewdness, knowledge and willingness to learn through trial and error. The remuneration that a chef receives depends on their potential, experience and skill-sets. A good chef might earn as much as the general manager does. During the early part of a chef's career he will work for different sections like saucier, pantry, main kitchen, bakery etc. This is to allow the employer - as well as the trainee - to evaluate the youngster's aptitude. The allocations usually last six months apiece. The trainee must put in long hours during this phase and be prepared to perform both menial and extremely demanding tasks. Perseverance and dedication are a must in this period.

Many avenues have opened for chefs in sectors like in-flight catering, hospital catering, food styling, catering, restaurants, cruise liners and as entrepreneurs and consultants. There are various levels and jobs under professional cookery: 

Head chef


Sous chef

Chef de Parties

Commis chef

Trainee chef

Kitchen porter

Kitchen assistant

Catering assistant

Kitchen stewarding:

With increasing specialisation, the maintenance of the kitchens of an eatery or hotel has passed from the head chef -- who now focuses exclusively on cooking and training -- and into the hands of the kitchen steward. His duties include: 

Cleaning and organising dishes including buffets Controlling inventory Monitoring the use of machines for different kinds of utensils like pots and crockery. Maintaining hygiene and quality in the kitchen and different equipment used there. Keeping a tab on breakage and missing cutlery. A kitchen steward complements the role of a chef and the F&B manager, helping the chef purchase the necessary ingredients and helping the F&B manager control the inventory. What was previously seen as a

menial chore now has an aura of professionalism and technicality. In the beginning, a kitchen steward earns a mere Rs 3,000 a month but this increases to Rs 7,000 when he or she becomes a supervisor. An executive steward could earn as much as Rs 10,000 or Rs 12,000 rupees a month and the chief steward, whose rank is comparable to an F&B manager and is considered indispensable, earns between Rs 30,000-Rs 40,000 per month. Bakery: While it is a branch of cookery, bakery offers many opportunities to hospitality students in its own right. While at one point bakeries were mostly found around hospitals, preparing bread for sick people, they now exist in every nook and cranny of India. Many people start and end their day with baked goods: bread and dessert respectively.

Baking requires hard work, discipline and creativity. One could specialise in many a field like bread-baking, pastry baking, cookie baking, demonstrating, R&D, marketing etc.

House Keeping:

The work of keeping the hotel, the rooms, the bars, the restaruants etc. clean and making it presentable to the guests and ensuring facilities and comfort to them is

handled by this department. Those handling this department are Chief Executive House Keeper, Floor Supervisor, Room Attendants, Linen Supervisor, etc. Accounting Department: As a number of transactions both cash and credit in terms of purchase of materials and availing of services and offering of services to the guests are involved, there is a Finance or Accounting department to look after all these functions. Accounting or finance department is provided in every standard hotel. Professionals like Cash, Cost and Works Accountants and others belonging to financial and commerce side are given higher positions in this department. This department also compiles information required for budgeting, pricing of food and services, etc. Chief Cashier also ensures safe custody of guests, valuables deposited with him. The guests are advised not to keep their valuables and cash in the room.

Security Department: To provide security to the guests, and their belongings, and- to the hotel itself are the main functions of this department. Chief Security Officer is entrusted with the management, supervision and coordination of the entire staff working in this, particular department. Security Officers/Guards are usually retired armed personnel. They have a distinct uniform. They work in shifts and look after assigned areas of the hotel premises. Engineering/Maintenance Department: To ensure regular and proper maintenance of the hotel building and various machines installed in its premises so that the hotel functions smoothly an Engineering or Maintenance department is also attached to the hotel. Qualified engineers are appointed for this work. They are supported by necessary staff in the electrical and mechanical departments.

The engineers look after the boilers, hot water supply, air-conditioning, plumbing etc. Electricians ensure that the electrical appliances and gadgets are perfectly in order.

Airlines: As flying becomes cheaper and air traffic in India grows at a rapid pace, the airline

sector is a great option for students of hotel management. These options include the obvious ones such as Air hostess and Stewards and also ground airport staff and PR officers. The salaries for demestic airlines start from around 15k and are double for international airlines. Another extremely exciting option is to join cruise lines which pay a lot more than airlines. Marketing Department: The importance of this department is sometimes not realised but it is an essential part of every hotel. The Sales and Marketing division study the needs of existing and prospective clients and develop services to suit their needs and comforts. This can be in the form of holiday packages among other things.

Retail Sector:

If service sector is your calling then instead of joining the mainstream options like hotel managers and air hostesses, you can opt for the retail sector. This is another huge sector and you can pick an area of your liking – from malls to corporate offices, to BPOs to even Hospitals.

Teaching: One of the more laidback options for hotel management students is teaching, ideal for those who may not be able to give a lot of time for work. One can become a lecturer

at the Government owned IHMs in various parts of the country or even join any private college imparting the same education.

Entrepreneurship: Armed with a management degree, you can even become an entrepreneur in your own right. You can open your own restaurant or cafe, the kind you always wanted to go but there wasn't any. If that is not possible right at the start up, you can have your own consultancy firm which advises hotels and restaurants on their needs. Another option is having a contract service business which organises parties and arranges catering for events. Abstract: The aim of this research is to establish students' perceptions of the hospitality industry and, specifically, to establish the

likelihood of the student seeking employment in the industry after graduating, the department which is most attractive to the student and the level in which the student expects work in five and ten years after graduating. The research is based on questionnaires distributed by hand to 60 undergraduate hospitality students of International College, Silapakorn University from first to third year. The main finding suggested that students are quite positive about having bachelor degree in hospitality and tourism management, as it will be beneficial for their career development. The results showed that, as the degree progresses, the students' perception of the industry deteriorates in term of willingness to work in tourism after graduation. The findings also indicated that students have a distinct preference for food and beverage departments; top management level is

their preference in five and ten years after graduating; and work experience is important factors in their hospitality careers. The researcher also found out that the majority of students agreed that skill was most important quality they should possess.

Is a Career in Hospitality and Tourism in Your Future? According to the World Travel and Tourism Council, travel and tourism accounts for 8% of the world's jobs and has the highest potential for growth of any industry. International travel alone accounts for more than 840 million tourists annually. The economic, social and environmental impact of tourism is significant and vital to creating sustainable jobs and quality of life.

Hospitality and tourism represents a broad range of career opportunities in industries that include: 

hotels and resorts

restaurants and commercial food service

meeting and event planning

tourism destinations and attractions

leisure, recreation and sports management

airlines, cruises and other transportation

environmentally sustainable and cultural tourism development spa and wellness management

As a vast, dynamic and growing industry, hospitality and tourism provides tremendous opportunity for ambitious students who enjoy working with people. The hospitality and tourism industry operates in a highly competitive environment. It is important that those seeking careers as successful professionals develop a

strong business foundation and customer service skills. Graduates of hospitality and tourism management programs are well rounded with a combination of business and life skills that are in high demand with employers. While hospitality and tourism has traditionally been an industry that emphasized hands-on experience, the competitive nature of the business now requires a combination of experience and higher education to build a successful management career. To meet the needs of the industry, hospitality and tourism programs offered by colleges and universities have grown rapidly in the United States. Today programs are offered by a variety of vocational schools, community colleges and both public and private universities. Options range from shortterm skills-oriented certificates to post-graduate degree programs.

Aims and Scope:

Hospitality & Society is an international multidisciplinary social sciences journal focusing on academic perspectives on hospitality (however broadly conceived and applied), and exploring hospitality’s connections with wider social and cultural processes and structures. Hospitality & Society aims for a balance of theory and application, however it is ultimately concerned with developing theoretical perspectives and insights related to hospitality. The journal welcomes submissions from various disciplines and aims to be an interactive forum expanding frontiers of knowledge and contributing to the literature on hospitality social science. Career option Hospitality Industry is now a flourishing industry and will be the world’s largest Industry by the end of the year 2020. As the industry is developing, one can find the young generation coming up spontaneously in this industry. Various Hospitality Management courses not

only provide you the lucrative option of getting prestigious jobs in different sectors of the industry but also give you a gateway to a prestigious career and a lot of money yielding. There are plentiful job opportunities to Hotel Management students. Successful students will have the opportunity to pursue their career in management, supervisory and operation levels in Front Office, Food and Beverage service, Food Production, House keeping and Marketing and Sales, etc. For Hotel Management students have a future not only in hotels but also in the services sector like call centre, airline shipping, cruise lines to name a few. They can venture into PR and corporate communications that have just emerged in the hospitality industry. The hospitality industry is in constant lookout for people who are smart, communicative, hard working, having right attitude, right aptitude, a passion for job and a

good temperament should definitely opt for this career. To meet the changes in the competitive business environment in the future, India would need to double its infrastructure in the next decade and this is a good sign for those entire students who want to take up a career in the hospitality industry.

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