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June 13, 2019 | Author: Dianne M. Depositario | Category: Sole Proprietorship, Identity Document, Authentication, Signature, Employment
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Department of Trade & Industry Philippines Construction Industry Authority of the Philippines PHILIPPINE CONTRACTOR ACCREDITATION ACCREDITATION !OA RD

RENEWAL OF REGULAR CONTRACTOR’S LICENSE APPLICATION PCA!"#"$D"%%a' Re(ision No' %%) **+*,+%*, **+*,+%*, - This Form is NOT for sale' sale ' Reproduction is Allo.ed

Checklist of Reqireme!ts "SOLE PROPRIETORS#IP$


A% LEGAL  A'*' "a$ Affid Affida(i a(itt of Attestat Attestatio ion) n) "&$ Inte/ Inte/rit rity y Pled/ Pled/e e and and "c$ Contractor0 Contractor0s s 1eneral 1eneral Information 2pa/es 3) 4 and 567  A'' Authority to (erify documents .ith "a$ Depo Deposi sito tory ry !an8) !an8) "&$ !IR an and "c$ 1o(ernment A/encies 2pa/es ,) 9 and *%67 '% E(PERIENCE OF T#E FIR) !'*' !'*' tatemen tatementt of Annual Annual $alu $alue e of :or8 Accompli Accomplished shed+On"/o +On"/oin/ in/ as of the !ala !alance nce heet Date for the year immediately precedin/ precedin/ the filin/ of application 2pa/e *67 C% TEC#NICAL C'*' List of of Nominated Nominated ustai ustainin/ nin/ Techn Technical ical Employ Employee+s ee+s 2TE+s6 2TE+s6 2pa/e 2pa/e *367 *367 C'*'*' For NEWL* !omi!ate+ STE,sC'*' C'*'*' *'*' *' TE+ TE+s s Affid Affida( a(it it of ;nde ;ndert rta8 a8in in/ / .ith .ith copy copy of (ali (alid d PRC PRC ID+s ID+s 2pa/es *4 and *567 C'*' C'*'*' *'' ' Ori/ Ori/in inal al N!I N!I clea cleara ranc nce+ e+s7 s7 C'*'*'' TE+s TE+s Perso Personal nal Appea Appearan rance ce 2pa/ 2pa/e e *967 *967 C'*'*' C'*'*'3' 3' Certifi Certificat cate e of Comple Completio tion n of >%"hour >%"hour Constr Construct uction ion afety afety and Health eminar 2COH6) if applica?le7 C'*'' For PRE.IOUSL* !omi!ate+ STE,sC'*'' C'*''*' *' TE+s TE+s Affi Affida( da(it it of ;ndert ;nderta8i a8in/ n/ .ith .ith copy copy of (alid (alid PRC ID+s ID+s 2pa/es *4 and *567 C'*''' For STE,s &elo/ 01 2ears ol+- Copy ol+- Copy of the pertinent pa/e of  latest  Collection List Details reflecti!3 the !ame,s of the !omi!ate+ !omi!ate+ STE,s for for the the thre three e 2 th Prescreenin/

  Accep Accepte ted d   Compl Comply y lac8 lac8in in/ / item items s of Re/ular Contractor0s License Application "Sole Pro7rietorshi7$ PCA!"#"$D"%%a' Re(ision No' %%) **+*,+%*, This Form is NOT for sale' sale ' Reproduction is Allo.ed Pa/e 9 of 9:

I)PORTANT RE)IN5ERS; To a(oid undue delay in the processin/ of your application) please ta8e time to read these important reminders +3

 Attach ello.  INDE TA! here) la?eled GD' #inancial

D' #INANCIAL Ta&le of Co!te!tsD'*' Certified copy of the Annual Income Ta= Return filed .ith the !IR and proof of payment for the ta=a?le year immediately precedin/ the filin/ of application7 D'' Audited #inancial tatements 2A#6 .ith accompanyin/ Auditor0s Opinion Report) Income tatement) tatement of Chan/es in E@uity) Cash #lo. and Auditor0s Notes for the precedin/ ta=a?le year duly stamped"recei(ed ?y the !IR 2duly audited and si/ned on each & e(ery pa/e ?y an Independent CPA .ith (alid PRC"!OA accreditation6 D'
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