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BAI{'NG POWDE. Is Guaranteed in Every Respect


the undersigned, do hereby guarantee that Calumet Baking Powder complies in every respect with all State Food Laws. That it complies with all the provisions of the U. S. Food and Drugs Act approved June 30th, lq06. (Serial o. 5161.) That it is so manufactured and sold as to comply with all the requirements of the standard for baking powder approved by the U. S. Department of Agr iculture, February 26th, Iq18 . (F . 1. D. 174.) That all ingredients used in the manufacture of Calumet Baking Powder comply with Government standards for these materials. That all ingredients used in the manufacture of Calumet Baking Powder are such as have been approved by U. S. Food Authorities. That Calumet Baking Powder is manufactured in a sanitary factory, under every safeguard to insure cleanliness and health. We further guarantee that Calumet . Baking Powder is prepared from the fines[ materials possible to select,that the goods are pure and wholesome in every particular and further, that nothing injurious is left in the food .



(J1Jhy @alumei OfJllales §3a~:Vlg 6as;er gcis of!h",telr est to 6ver;yol'le O{)l'lO @ooks: POWDER, while not in itself a food, has won a place in BAKING American kitchens because of its ability to render many kinds of foods light, sweet, and digestible. The best cooks are those who know the funct ion of baking powder and accordingly select the one that gives off the greatest amount of gas and leaves the least residue in the food. When mixing a cake or other dough, baking powder is added but for one reason, and that is, to make the baking fluffy and light. This is accomplished by the leavening gas given off during the process of mixing and baking. All baking powders are quick leaveners as compared with the old methods such as Yeast, Beaten Air, etc. Some types of baking powder require quick handling and quick ovens-others need a slow oven, while CALUMET is Double Acting and works best in a moderate oven. I ts action is harnessed so as to insure safe results in ovens of varying temperatures. Double Acting baking powder means a baking powder containing two leavening units; one unit begins to work when the dough is mixed; the other unit waits for the heat of the oven; then both units work together. This is called double acting and is your guarantee against failure or waste. In the hands of any cook, Calumet is a safeguard against some of t he most common errors that are likely to be made, such as excessive beating, improper oven temperatures, etc. I ts double action will correct these mistakes when the mix reaches the oven. Baking Powder, more than any other ingredient, is responsible for you r success or failure on bake day. You may use the very best flour, shortening, etc., and still be disappointed if the quality of your baking powder varies. Calumet is always the same and can be depended upon to help the other products MAKE GOOD. Besides, with Calumet, a Double Acting baking powder, you do not have to use extra care or precaution; you may move the food in the oven; open the door for inspection without fear of your baking falling; you may mix a pan of biscuits at night, put them in a cool place and they are ready for your breakfast oven the next morning. Best of all Calumet is uniform-it is always the same; the most important thing to find in selecting a leavener; the last spoonful does the \ ork equally as well as the first one did. This" always the same quality" enables you to accomplish better results with less effort. I t is this combination of double gas action, moderate speed of action, uniformity, and the addition of white of egg which is the big improvement in baking powder that has earned for CALUMET the reputation for being the WORLD'S GREATEST BAKING POWDER. Calumet is manufactured with the greatest of care from specially prepared materials, and under special formula, which insures its keeping qualities and gives to the consumer a leavening agent that cannot be excelled. Contains only such ingredients as have been officially approved by U. S. Food Authorities. I t is the largest selling brand in the world which gives it the stamp of approval of American housewives. THE WORLD'S GREATEST BAKING POWDER

too much Baking Powde r is a waste. T he amount of Baking Powder callcd for T oin USE t he following recipes is sufficient-and will give better results than a la rger qua ntity. In mcasuring Bak ing Powder a lways measurtl: a leve l teaspoon. (Wit h Calu mct use one level teaspoon to a level cup o f flour. See illustration.) It is now gcnerally accepted t hat in all good rcci pes, tested and given by competent baking teachers, s ifted flour is a lwa ys meant and should always be used in following the recipes. It is important to follow this rule. Always use sifted flour when measuring, because s ifted flour usually makes about one-fifth more bulk than unsifted flour. Be careful in measuring t he sa lt that you level a ll measurements. Too much salt will leave its taste in the food .

The te rm" Cup" means a ha l f pint. It follows, the refo re, tha t four cups e.

cup grahl;lm flour I ~ cups milk flour I level teaspoon sa lt I cup corn meal ~ cup molasses 4 level teaspoons Calumet Baking Powder Sift dry ingredients three times. add mo ist ingredients. Stcam three and one-ha lf hours in a well greased steamer. One CLIp of ra isins may be added if desired . I I

Yo cups sifted

I CLIp sligar 3 cups s ifted flour 3 level teaspoons Calumet Baking I CLIp choppcd nuts Powde r I beaten cgg I levcl teaspoon salt I cup milk Sift dry ingredients three times; add the chopped nuts. then the beaten egg mi xed with the mille Mix to a dough. Pour into a well greased bake pan or fIll baking powd r cans Yo full a nd bake in a mode rate oven (35 0° F .) about fort y-fiv e minlltes.


YI cup suga r

cups graham flour

Yo cup bran

I cup prunes I cup milk levcl teaspoon sa lt 2. level tcaspoons Calumet Baking I tablespoon shortening Powder Soak a nd cook the prunes. drain. stone a nd chop. Sift three times the dry ingredients; add milk a nd beat well. Add prunes and melted shortening. Pour into grea cd loaf pan. a nd bake in a modera te oven (350° F.) about one hour.


@h.eese cups sifted flour ~ cup dry grated cheese Yo cup shortening . level teaspoons Ca lumet Baking Powder I egg I level teaspoon sa lt Yo cup milk YI teaspoon paprika Sift dry ingredients three times. cut in shortening. add grated cheese. beaten egg and milk. Roll ?i inch thick and cut in strips 4 inches long and Yo inch wide. Bake in a hot oven (375°-400° F.) until light brown. 2. 2.


3 cups sifted flour 2. tablespoons shortening 3 level teaspoons Calumet Baking 1 Yo cups sweet milk Powder Yo cup chopped nu ts 1 level tea poon salt Yo cup chopped ra isins 2. tablespoons sugar Sift flou r, baking powder, sugar and sa lt three times, add other ingredients and mix thorough ly with a spatula or the rounding side o f a mixing spoon. Put in ungrea e d pan and bake about one hour in slow oven (-2.50°-350° F .). It makes much better bread if baked in round co rrugated pans. Brush with melted butte r after removing from oven.

tablespoon suga r cup mil k 2. tablespoons melted shortening 1 egg teaspoon salt Sift dr y ingredients three times, add mil k, beaten egg and shortening. Mix thoroughly. Bake about twenty minutes in a hot oven (400° F.). 1

cup co rn meal

Yo cup si fted white flour 1 Yo level teaspoons Calumet Baking Powder Yo level

Yo cup suga r ;1 cup molasses Yo cup shortening



level teaspoons Ca lumet Baking Powder 1 le vel teaspoon salt 2. eggs Yo level teaspoon soda ~ cup milk Yo level teaspoon each of ginger, 2. cups si fted flour cloves and a llspice Cream sugar and shortening, add beaten eggs and molasses. Sift three times baking powder, flour, salt, soda a nd spice a nd add a lte rnately with the milk. Bake in a moderate oven (3 50°-400° F.) about t wenty minutes. 2.

1 level teaspoon salt 3 cups sifted flour 3 level teaspoons Calumet Baking 1;1 cups milk Powder 1 cup raisins ;1 cup sugar Sift dry ingredients three times. Combine with milk and raisi ns. Bake in two medium-sized pans about one hour in a moderate oven (350° F .).




§J;SC1/L;is and C)f}iluffins CChe cleerei ,in 011a(ing ciJgl'L i § J;scuits Anyone can make good biscuits by following the four principles which govern their production: I. Cut in the shortening, as the heat of the hands melts the sho rtening and more flour is worked into the dough, toughening it. 2., Have a very soft dough, Add just enough liquid to combine the ingredients. Use cold milk or very cold wate r. K eep dough cool. 3, Bake in a very hot oven at 450° F. for about fifteen minutes, depending on size of biscuits , 4, Use Calumet Baking Powder. While kneading is good for yeast bread , it will ruin biscui t dough, A stiff ba k ing powder dough kneaded a nd worked will make poor biscuits, while a soft dough handled lightl y will make them tender, light and palatable.

2. level teaspoons Calwnet Baking

;4 level teaspoon salt 2. tablespoons shortening

2.;4 cups sifted flour 2.;4 level teaspoons Calumet Baking

;4 level teaspoon salt


cups sifted flour

Powder ~ cup milk Sift flour, bak ing powde r and sa lt three times. Rub the sho rtening in with a fork or the tips of the fingers. Add milk and mix lightly to a dough. Turn onto a well floured board and roll or pat to 1 inch thickness. Cut and ba ke in a hot even (450° F.) twelve to fifteen minutes,

1 teaspoon suga r Powder 4 tablespoons shortening ;4 level teaspoon soda 1 cup butte rmil k Sift dr y ingredients three times, rub in shortening, add liquid and roll ;4 inch thick. Bake in a hot oven (450° F.) about twelve to fifteen minutes.

Make dough as for Calumet Biscuits, adding two tablespoons of sugar to the baking powder a nd flour , if sweet shortcake is desired. Roll dough in two round pieces and spread with butte r. Bake in two round cake tins fifteen to twent y minutes in hot oven (375°-400° F.). Brush with melted butte r. Put the strawberries and juice between the laye rs, and on top of shortcake. Whipped cream sweetened and fla vored to taste can be added. THE SALE OF CALUMET IS



){ cup shortening 2 cup siftcd flour ){ cup suga r 2 leve l teaspoons Ca lumet Baking 1 egg Powder ~ cup milk ){ level teaspoon sa lt Cream sugar a nd shortening, add egg well beaten. Sift flour three times with salt and bak ing powde r. Add a lternate ly with milk to first mixture. Bake in greased muffin pans about twenty-five minutes in a hot oven (400° F.).

1 level tea poon salt cup co rn meal cup si fted flour ){ cup molasses 1 cup mil k 2 leve l teaspoons Ca lume t Baking 1 egg, well beaten Powder 1 tablespoon melted s hortening Sift tho roughl y corn meal, flour , baking powder a nd sa lt . Add graduall y milk and mol a es a nd beat thoroughl y, t hen add egg a nd s hortening. Bake in hot greased gem pans about twenty minutes in a hot oven (400°-450° F.). I


cup sifted flour 1 level teaspoon salt cup gra ham flou r ){ cup molasses 2 leve l teaspoons Calumet Baking 1 egg Powde r 2 tablespoons melted shortening 1 tablespoon suga r 1 cup milk Sift dry ingredients three times, add g radua ll y t he milk, egg, shortening a nd molasses. Bake in mufnn pa ns about twent y-five minutes in a hot oven (400° F .). I 1

y.I cup shortening y.I cup suga r

cups s ifted flour level teaspoons Calumet Baking I egg Powder I cup milk ~ level teaspoon sa lt 2 tablespoons crisp bacon Cream shortening and suga r, add bea ten egg. Si(t flour and baking powder three times, add a lternately with mille Stir in bacon. Bake in a hot oven (400° F .) about twenty-five minutes. 2 2


1 ~ CUpS sifted flour I cup stale bread crumbs

teaspoons sugar cup boiling water 1.~ level teaspoons Calumet Baking I cup milk Powder I egg I level teaspoon salt 1. tablespoons melted shortening Add boiling water to stale bread crumbs. Let stand five minute , l hen add milk. Sift dry ingredients three times, add to bread mixture. then add egg and shortening. Bake on a well greased griddle. 1.


§Juckwheaf gr;dd!e @akes cup buckwheat flour ~ level teaspoon salt cup sifted white flour I ~ cups milk I ~ level teaspoons Calumet Baking Powder Sift dry ingredients three times, add milk and bake on hot griddle. I


cups si fted flour 3 tablespoons melted shortenjng level teaspoons Calumet Baking I~ cups milk Powder 1. eggs ;.{ level teaspoon salt Sift dry ingredients, a dd moist ingredients and bake on hot griddle. 1. 1.

cups sifted flour I tablespoon sugar level teaspoons Calumet Baking I ~ cups milk Powder 1. tablespoons melted shortening y, level teaspoon salt 1. eggs, beaten sepa rately Sift dry ingredients three times. Add milk, melted shortening and egg yolks. Fold in stiffly beaten egg whites. Bake on a hot waffle iron. 1.}{

2 ;.{

§6faio !Pancakes lb. grated raw potatoes I level teaspoon Calumet Baking I finely chopped onion Powder I beaten egg I level teaspoon salt ~ cup sifted flour 711 teaspoon pepper Sift flour, baking powder and seasoning. Beat the egg and combine with potatoes and dry ingredi ents. Drop by spoonfuls on a hot griddle, flatten with a spoon and fry brown on both sides. I


{;jenel.aL CiJ;reclions


A VE a ll the ingredients weighed or measured, the pans read y a nd the oven heating before beginning to mix .the ingredients. Sift the flour once before measuring, then three times with the required amount of baking powder. Spices and salt a re a lways added to the flour. Sifting of the dry ingredients a number o f times insures a lighter a nd finer texture in the cake. Cakes are div ided into two classes: Sponge Cakes and Butter Cakes.

(a) It shrinks from sides o f pan. (b) Feels firm when slightl y pressed on top and leaves no print of the fingers. (c) It is a golden brown . (d ) When a straw is inse rted in the cake and comes out clean. if cake is put in .. too slow" a n oven the texture will be coarse. If put in .. too quick" an oven, the ca ke browns on top before it has sufnciently risen, and in its a ttempt to rise may break the crust. These troubles a re less marked with Calumet Baking Powder than with any other powder. If too mueh flour has been added , the cake will crack. Coarse granu la ted sugar or too much sugar will make cake coarse and is apt to make it fall. T oo much flour makes cake heavy. P astry flour conta ins more sta rch and less gluten there fore makes a lighte r and more tender ca ke. Long beating aids in ma king cake fine-grained. eve r st ir cake after fin al beating, or after egg whites have been folded into mixture. Let cake rema in in pans for a few minutes after t aking from oven-then remove to a ca ke cooler o r turn out upon a towel on a level place.

CAKE BAKI G GE ERAL CLASSES OF CAKES Although many va rieties of cake can be made, they are a ll put into two classes: Butter Cakes and Sponge Cakes. They are otherwise classified as cakes made with butter a nd cakes made without butter, for it is the presence or absence of shortening in a cake that makes the di ffe rence in the method of mi xing the ingredients and determines the texture aftcr bak ing.

cffi·;ce y.

cup shortening 2 cups s ifted flour I cup sugar 2 level teaspoons Calumet Baking 4 egg yolks or 2 whole eggs Powder X' cup milk y. level teaspoon salt y. teaspoon nutmeg y. teaspoon cinna mon Sift flour three times with baking powder, salt a nd spices. Crea m shortening, add sugar g radua ll y, a nd well beaten eggs. Add dry ingredients a lternately with the milk. One cup of rai ins may be added. Bake in loaf pa n in moderate oven (350° F .) thirt y to thirt y-five minutes. . EVERY INGREDIE, T USED OFFICIALLY APPROVED BY U. S. FOOD AUTHORITIES S


Calumet Chocolate Caf£e ~



£ad» dlJa/t;1'I'Love @ake y. cup shortening

3 cups sifted flour 3 level teaspoons Calumet Baking I cup milk Powder I teaspoon vaniUa y.( level teaspoon salt y.( teaspoon a lmond flavoring 3 egg whites Sift flou r three times with bak ing powd er and salt. Cream shorten ing, add suga r and beat until mixture is light. Add flavoring, then dry ingredients a lternately with milk. Fold in stiffly beaten egg whites. Bake in two layers twenty to twent y-five minutes in a moderate oven (375° F.). Put toget her with Lady Baltimore Filling. I

y. cups suga r

)i level teaspoon salt Scant cup of suga r Bak ing P owder I teaspoon vanilla Put the whites of two eggs into a measuring cup, fill Y. full with soft shortening and fiU the ba lance with ha lf milk and half wa ter. Sift dr y ingredients three times, add measu ring cup o f wet ingredients and vanilla and beat for three minutes. Bake in a loaf pan in a modera te oven (350° F.) thirty-five to forty minutes. For delicious variat ions o f this cake try the following: Use I whole egg in place of 2 egg whites. Chocolale Cake: I whole egg, I sq. o f chocolate and YJ cup chopped nuts. Sunshine Cake: 3 egg yolks, instead of 2 egg whi tes. Sp ice Cahe: I whole egg, y. teaspoon nutmeg, y. teaspoon cinnamon, a nd y.( teaspoon a llspice. 2

cups sifted past r y flou r

2Y. level teaspoons Calumet

fJe'vtrutde's 9avor;ie @ake ~

3 cups s ifted flour 2Y. level teaspoons Calumet 4 eggs Baking Powder ~ cup water y. level teaspoon salt I teaspoon flavoring Sift flour, baking powder and salt and sift three times. Cream s hortening, add sugar gradua ll y, beat in one egg, add a little flour and wa te r, beat well, and continue this process unti l a ll t he eggs a re used. Bake in two large laye rs in a moderate oven (350°375° F.) about thirty-five minutes. I

cup shortening

y. cups sugar

cup sho rten ing 4 cups sifted flour cups suga r 4 level teaspoons Calumet Bak ing I teaspoon flavoring Powder I YJ cups milk 6 egg whites Sift flour three times with baking powder. Cream shortening, add sugar gradually. Add fla voring and dr y ingredients alternately with the mi lk. Fold in the stiffly beaten egg whites. Color one-ha lf of batter a ny desired color. Place batter in cake pan in alternate st rips. Bake in 3 laye rs twent y to twenty-five minutes in a moderate oven (375° F.). I





CUPS sugar

U cup shortening

CUp boi ling water

4 tablespoons melted chocolate

cups s ifted flour level teaspoon Ca lumet Baki ng 1 teaspoon vanilla Powde r U level teaspoon soda Sift flour three times with ba king powder and soda. Cream s ortening, add suga r gradua ll y, egg yo lks, melted chocolate and vanilla. Add dr y ingredients alternately with sour milk and water. Fold in stiffl y beaten egg whites. Bake in two large laye rs about twenty-five minutes in a moderate oven (350° F.). Pu t layers together with chocolate fudge frosting. 2



U cup sour milk


eup milk cups si fted flour 2 level teaspoons Calumet Baking Powder y.( level teaspoon salt Sift flour three times with baking powd.e r and sa lt. Crea m shorte ning, add suga r, flavoring and beaten egg. Add dr y ingredients a lternately with milk. Bake in loaf pan in a mod" rate oven (350° F.). y.( cup sho rtening 1 cup suga r ( egg ( teaspoon flavoring



Yolks of 3 eggs, well beaten 3 cups si fte d flour Juice of I orange in cup-fill cup 3 level teaspoons Ca lumet Baking with water o r milk (making ( P owder full cup mOisture) U cup shortening Rind of whole orange ( y.( cups granulated sugar Whites of 2 eggs Sift flour and baking powder three times ; cream shortening and sugar, add grated rind , then yolks (we ll beaten ), add flou r and water alternately, beat ing thorough ly, last ly add the we ll-beaten whites of eggs. Bake in moderate oven forty-five minutes (325°-35 0° F.).

egg yolks ( cup sugar ~ cup hot wate r y.( teaspoon lemon jUlee

egg whites ( eup sifted flour (U level teaspoons Calumet Baking Powde r y.( level teaspoon salt Beat yolks until thick and lemon colored, add one-ha lf sugar gradually, and continue beating; then add wa te r, rema ining sugar, lemon juice, stiffly beaten egg whites, and flour sifted three times with baking powder and salt. Bake in an ungreased cake pan about 40 minutes in a slow oven (325° F.). 2





@a /ul'nei 6'~/cl @ale Yolks of 8 cggs 23/0 CUpS s ifted (lour I X cups granulated suga r 3 level teaspoons Ca lumet Baking % cup wate r Powder 3/0 cup shortening I teaspoon vanilla Sift flour a nd baking powder three time . Sift sugar, then measure. Cream shortening, add suga r graduall y and cream lh roughl y. Beat Iks until thick and Icmoncolored, add the e to shortening and sugar and stir thoroughly. Add wate r a nd flour a lternately, flavor and beat vi gorously. Put in s low oven until raised to the top of the pa n and increa e the heat, a nd brown. Bake forty to s ixty minutes in an ungrea ed mold (31-5"-350° F.).

@a [1II 111ei 9udge @ale 3/0 cup shortening

2 level teaspoons Ca lumet Baking cup sugar Powder I egg 3/0 level teaspoon sa lt 2 squa re melted chocolate I teaspoon vanilla 2 cups sifted (lour Yt cup milk Sift (lour three t imes wit h baking powder a nd sa lt. Crea m shortening, add ugar gradua ll y, mc lted chocolate, we ll beatcn egg and va nill a . Then add dry ingrcdients a lternately wit h mille Pour into square pan and bake about forty minutes in a moderate oven (350° P.). Frost wit h chocolate fudge frost ing. I



Put into a ki lIet: X cup butter I cup brown suga r


X cup shortening

cup crushed pineapple, peaches CDr apricots

3/0 cup milk IX cups sifted

flower level teaspoons C a lumet Baking Powder Mix as ~ r any cake and pour into the skill et over the above mixture. Bake in a mode rate oven (350 degrees F.) a bout 30 minutes. · 4 I

cup sugar egg






@alumei 01ud @ooG'es YJ cup shortening Yo cup suga r

level teaspoon Calumet Baking Powder '2. eggs ~ cup chopped nuts I cup sifted flour I teaspoon lcmon juice Cream shortening and add sugar and eggs we ll beaten. Sift flour and baking powde r together. Add fi rst mixture; then add nuts and lemon juice. Drop from a poon on an unoiled baking sheet, leaving an 'inch space between them. Sprinkle with chopped nuts and bake in a hot oven (4'2.5° F.). This will ma ke two d zen cookies. These cookies will not be shaped like Rocks or H e rmits. Add more flou r if so desired. I

@alUlnel cJ:~gC/ V @oo[;es '2. CLIpS suga r

3 level teaspoons Calumet Baking cup shorte ning Powder 3 eggs I teaspoon nutmeg 3 tablespoons water o r milk Yo teaspoon cloves 3 cups si fted flour Cream shortening and sugar, beat in whipped egg , add bak ing powde r and I CLIp flour, then water and spices; add rema ining flou r graduall y, working in more flour unt il dough is st iff enough to roll. Sprinkle flour over pastr y board. Make a ba ll of dough, and lay it on the board. Rub rolling pin wi th flour and roll out dough into a sheet .x-inch thick. Cut in round ca kes, sift granulated sugar over each, and bake quick ly (400°4500 F.). I

0110lasses OJrop @oo[;es 3 Yo cups sifted flour '2. level teaspoons cinnamon '2. level teaspoons ginger mol asses Yo level teaspoon soda sour milk I level teaspoon Calumet Baking teaspoo n salt Powder Yo level teaspoon ground cloves Cream the shortening, add the brown suga r and egg and beat for two mi nutes. Add the mola es and sour milk. Mix a nd sift t he flour, cinnamon, ginge r, soda, salt and cloves. Add to the first mixture. Drop from the end of a spoon onto a greased bak ing sheet. Space two inches apa rt . Bake in a moderate oven (3500 - 375° F) fifteen minutes. ~

cup ~ cup I egg ~ cup ~ cup I level

shortening brown sugar

011acaroons cup blanched a lmonds 3 cgg whites I cup sugar .x pound candied cherries I level teaspoon Calumet Baking Powde r G rind a lmonds, and mix with ha lf the sugar, beat egg whites slightl y. Add rest of suga r a nd baking powder. Beat until st iff. Add almonds a nd ~ of the cherries. Drop from tip of spoon on an oiled pan, place a piece o f che rry on top of each and bake in a mode rate oven (350° F.) about twenty minutes. I





MRS. W. E. FARLEY Kentucky's most famous cake and pastry maker. The winner of twenty blue ribbon first prizes for cakes and pastries at the great Kentucky State Fair during the past seven years. Mrs. Farley is known throughout the South as an autbority on cake making. She says: .. For ,6 years I used the high-priced Trust Brand Baking P owde r, a nd thought I was getting good results until I tried Calumet, thc moderate-priced quality brand . I have used Calumet for years, and every baking is a big delightful surprise . ,. Since I have been us ing Calumet Baking Powder I have wo n over ten prizes in Cake Baking contests , all in competition with man y expen conlestants. "I won four prizes last year at the Kentucky State Fair. Recently I took first prize with my Calumet Cake in competition with Royal at the Cake Baking contest held in connection with thc Cooking School conducted by Betty Lyle Wilson for the Louisville Post. "I gladly recommend Calumct to every ho usew ife for its purity, genuine wholesomeness. full economy and never-fail ing results. " Louisville, Ky . MRS. W . E . FARLEY. Des Moines, Io wa . "1 wish La Slate (or the benefit of the public that after seve ra l yea rs' expe rience with Calumet Baking Powder in fine pastry. cake and biscuit making, both a s a professional demonst rator and teacher and in the cuisi ne of m y own home . I believe that Calumet Baking Powder is the best yet manufactured. I t has never fail ed me. and I cannot say this o f Roya l. Price's or other brands now so extensivel y advert ised.-' (Signed) Sarah Wharton M oore

Chicago, III. " In all m y years of experience with food products I ha ve never found anything that has given such excellent results and satis faction as the usc of Calumet Baking P owder , and I have used a number of brands worth considering. I have had Calumet Baki ng Powder tested chemically a nd nnd that perfect neutralization occurs in the process of baking and it gIves one a pure wholesome baking, I have a lso tes ted it fo r a numbc r o f years practically and il has never fai led me, and I heartil y recommend Calumet Baki r18 Powde r to anyone wishing a pure , wholesome baking powder and one that has effIciency :' (Sig ned ) Anna B. MacLouth . Calumet B aking Powder has been tested both chemically and practically by lending physicians. chemists. and chef. and is recommended by all who have invest iAorcd it . as bei ng a high-grnde ba king f"'K}wder of rare merit a t a reasonable price.

?he J/ome o/7Jze.UIol"lds l:'eatest Eak.l-'wPowdel' This immense plant, located in Chicago, is the largest, finest, and most sanitary baking powder plant in the world. It is devoted exclusively to the manufacture of Calumet Baking Powder. In this plant are also located the general offices, model kitchen, model bakeshop, and laboratories.

.. What Marian Cole Fisher says about Calumet-READ IT!





2lNnrilln orale Jlfisqer ~"ltins ~xp.rt TEACHER OF



Dear Housewife : Actively engaged as you know I have been for a great many years in Home Economics and Domestic Science. it often becomes necessary for me to make exhaustive studies. careful tests and scientific analyses of food values and different products. To the question of Baking Powder which has been foremost in the minds of millions of housewives. I have given very serious study. I find that Calumet Baking Powder comes more nearly reaching the height of perfection than any of the endless brands of Baking Powder I have ever used from the standpoint of efficiency and economy ; and in fact from every angle. it gives absolute satisfaction and delightful results. Carefully follow the directions given for the use of Calumet Baking Powder . If you will do this. you will accept it as your standard of baking powder. also you will see from experience as I have why Calumet .is called the world' s grea test baking powder. Sincerely .

Jh cup shortening I Jh cups suga r

I teaspoon vanilla 7 tablespoops wate r 3 eggs 3 Yo cups sifted flour I cup chopped dates I level teaspoon Ca lumet Baking I cup chopped nuts Powder X" teaspoon soda Sift flour three times with baking powder and soda. Cream shortening, add suga r, beaten eggs , dates, nuts and van illa . Add dry ingredients a lte rnate ly with water a nd mix tho roughl y. D rop from tip of spoon on greased pan I inch apart. Bake in a mode rate ovcn (375° F .).

3i cup shortening I

cup suga r



teaspoon each of cloves, a llspice and cinna mon I cu p seeded raisins '1. tablespoons chopped citron ;1 level teaspoon sa lt I

X cups ifted flour I Icvel teaspoon Calumet Bak ing Powder Cream shortening, add suga r. Add we ll-beaten eggs; mix we ll. Sift dry ingred ients together and add slowly to the fir t mixture. Dredge fruit wit h flour a nd add. Drop by spoonfu ls on grease'! tins, b:l ke in hot oven (375° F .). I

FROSTI GS Jh cup suga r

I cup crea m 3 cgg yolks cup chopped nuts Mi x togethe r flou r and suga r. Add cream, a nd cook over hot water until t hickened . R emove from fire, add beaten egg yolks. R eturn to fire a nd finish cooking. When cold add nuts and spread between laye rs, cover top and s ides with boiled frosting.


tablespoons flour


grange (S-eCI.111 c!lc;ng White of I la rge egg, juice of r o range, '1. cups confectioner's suga r. Put egg qrrd orange juice in deep bowl, add suga r gradua ll y, beat until crea my a nd of consistency to spread . Spread on cake when cool.

§3o;led c!lcing cups suga r Yo cup wate r

tablespoon corn sy rup egg whites Yo teaspoon flavoring Boil suga r, water and sy rup until it spins a thread . P our slowly over t he stiffly beaten egg whites. Add flavoring and beat until stiff enough to spread. I '1.



y. cup suga r I y. teaspoons cornst a rch



Spcck sa lt

y. cup


ta blespoon but ter cgg yolks o r I whole egg lemon

watc r Mi x t he d ry ingredients , add thc slight ly beaten egg yolks o r who le eggs, the juice a nd grated lemon rind a nd wa te r. Cook in a d ouble boile r unt il t hick. Add but te r a nd spread bet ween layc rs o f ca ke.


y. cup brown suga r

cup g ranu la ted suga r

y. cup wa te r

I egg white Boil suga r and wa te r wi thout sti~ring unt il it ha irs. Beat cgg white unti l stiff. Pour on gradua ll y the syrup, beating consta ntl y. Continue beating frosting unt il cool a nd stiff. Add a couple o f drops of vanilla a nd spread on cake.


Yl cups granu la ted

YJ cup

Y.l cup but te r

suga r


brown suga r

cup m il k ta blespoon corn syrup M ix ingredicnts, add one-ha lf of butte r. Boil unt il a soft ba ll is formed in co ld wa te r . Add rest o f buttc r. Lct sct until a lmost cool. Beat unt il o f consi tc ncy to sprcad . Oneha lf cup o f nuts may bc addcd . I

@hocolate g dge !Josf;ng t ablespoons melted chocolate ta blespoon butter I ta blespoon corn syrup M ix suga r, milk, corn sy rup, and when boiling add the melted chocola te. Cook unt il a soft ba ll is fo rmed in cold watc r. Thcn add buttc r a nd when cold bea t unt il crea my and st iff enough to sp read. 2

cups suga r


:y.( cup milk


@OCOa1'1'11ti g osl;ng 3 cups confectioner·s suga r tablespoon lerr.on juice Beat egg whites and add suga r gradua ll y. Continue beating a nd add lemon juice. Spread on cake and sprinkle with cocoa nut. 2

egg whites


One-ha lf pound of figs chopped fine, 6 ta blespoons of sugar, Yl cup of orange juice, rind of ha lf an orange; cook in double boiler unt il the t hickness of crea m. THE SALE OF CALUMET IS



(Jeep !!at !1-y;ng fa t fr ying is cooking b y mea ns of immersion in dccp fat ra ised to a tcmpe rature D EEP of J F. Three pounds of lea f la rd o r a good vegetable fa t a re re qu ired for 50°-400°

deep fr yi ng. A hea v y iron kettle is the best cooking utensil to use. G rea t ca re should be taken that the fat is of the rjght tempe ra ture. I f not t he food will ab orb fa t . Da not fry too much a t one time, not onl y beca use it lowe rs the tempe rat u re of the fat . bu t it ma y ca use it to bubble ove r the sides o f the kettle. It is not the fa t ·tha t boils but the water which the fat has received from the foods. All fried foods should be dra ined on b rown pape r to prevent greasiness.

c!/(ules !or CCesl;ng (Jeep

g .t !O,,. [J-Y;l1g

I. Drop an inch cube o f bread, from soft pa rt o f loa f into the fat . I f it is golden brown in one minute the fa t is a t the right tempe ra ture fo r fr ying a ny bat ter o r dough. 2. If an inch cube o f bread becomes golden brown in forty seconds, the fa t is then of the right temperatu re for fr ying a ny cooked mi xture.

@a/ul1'l et (Jo1Agl'u1.uls cups si fte d flour J,{ teaspoon cinnamon level teaspoons Calumet Baking J,{ cup suga r Powder I ta blespoon melted shortening J1 level teaspoon sa lt I egg J,{ teaspo n nutmeg J,{ cup mil k Sift flou r t hree t imes with baking powder, salt and spices. Combine suga r, beaten egg, melted shortcning and d ry ingredi ents a lte rnately wit h t he mille Turn on a well floured boa rd and roll J,{ inch thi ck. Cut wi t h doughnut cutte r a nd fr y in deep ho t fa t unt il a golden brown. 2


011eat ~" oc(uei1es cups cold chopped meat 4 ta blespoons flour J,{ level teaspoon salt J tablespoons shortening ;.i teaspoon pepper I cup m ilk F ew drops onion juice M a ke a white sauce of t he shortening, flour a nd mil k. Cook unt il t hick. Add season~ ing and meat . When cold fo rm into croquettes and fr y in deep fa t until brown. 2

cup sifted flour 2 tablespoons suga r le vel teaspoon Ca lumet Ba king I egg Powder J,{ cup milk J1 level teaspoon salt Sift dry ingredients. Add beaten egg, milk and bea t until smooth. Fry unt il a golden brown in hot deep fat. I I





Qf}!zct{e~(lJ (~13est bylCst "lC.;a! Q!zOLV

~ ~, ~


Make pla in fr it te r batte r. T ake large cook ing apples, peel, co re and quarter. Cook a few minutes in a medium syrup. Remove from sy rup a nd d ip each quarter in fritte r ba tte r. Fry to light brown in deep fa t.


tablespoons suga r mil k "2. eggs. beaten sepa rate ly P owde r J4 level teaspoon salt Si ft flour, baking powder, 'salt a nd suga r three times, then add m ilk and well-beaten eggs. Dip frui t into ba t ter a nd d rop in kettle of deep hot fat. like ot her fritters. I I

cups si fted flou r

y. level teaspoons Ca lumet Baking


y. cup

@ont g ;Ue1-s cups com "2. beaten eggs level teaspoons Ca lumet Baking tea poon peppe r P owder y. cup mil k I y. cups sifted flour I ta blespoon mel ted shortening y. level teaspoon salt I tablespoon suga r S ift dry ingredients thoroughl y, add beat en eggs, mil k, shorten ing and corn. Beat well and d rop from t ip of spoon into hot fat . F r y unt il light brown. "2. "2.



cup s ifted flour y. level teaspoon salt level teaspoons Ca lume t Bak ing y. cup mil k Powde r I cup cooked rice "2. tablespoons suga r I egg Sift dry ingredients three times. Beat egg, add mil k , rice a nd combine with the dry ingredien ts. Drop from tip of spoon in hot fa t and fr y until light brown. I


cup sugar y. level teaspoon gra ted nutmeg egg yolks, well beaten 4 level teaspoons Ca lumet Baking "2. egg whites, beaten stiff P owder 4 cups si ft ed flour I cup mil k Crea m suga r a nd egg yolks, a nd add egg whites. Sift together thoroughly flour, nutmeg, baking powder and salt, a nd a dd a lte rna te ly with milk to fi rst mi xture. Place on floured boa rd, ro ll thin a nd cut in pieces three inches long by t wo inches wide ; make four one-i nch gas hes a t equa l inte rva ls. Take up by running finge r in and out of gashes, lowe r into dee p hot fa t and fry. T a ke up on a skewe r, drain on brown pape r a nd roll in powdered sugar, if desired. I






Calumet lJouyflnllts ~

cfl?es PASTRY


ASTRY is divided into two classes. First, Puff Paste-&cond, Pla in P aste. Puff Paste, which to many seems difficult to prepare, is seldom attempted b y anyone except profeS3ionals. One who has never handled a rolling pin, however, is less liable to fail under the guidance of a good teacher, than a n old cook who uses too much force in rolling the dough. A cold room, cold ingredi ents, rapid work and light touch are necessary.

To assure successful pas~ry for pies: I. Use cold water, cold utensils and have the kitchen cool. 2. Work quickly, mix very little, as kneading toughens. 3. Flour the board as little as possible. 4. Do not turn past ry and ro ll on both sides. 5. Have oven very hot (400°-450° F.) for baking pastry. 6. To prevent lowe r crust from absorbing the juice-sprinkle with flou r, suga r or corn flakes. 7. Shortening: Vegetable shortening, la rd or butter substitute can be used. Pie crust is often made without baking powder, but it requires much skill a nd practice as well as more shortening to make it tender and flaky . When a plainer and more economica l crust is desired , the use of a little baking powder wi ll produce the results required. If pastry flour is used the results will be found more sa tisfactory.

3 cups sifted flour y. level teaspoon Ca lumet Baking 1 level teaspoon salt Powde r Water I cup shorte ning Sift dry ingredients, cut in sho rtening, add just enough co ld water to hold the ingredients together. Bake in a hot oven (400° F .).


2 eggs 3 tablespoons sugar


level teaspoon salt

y. cups milk

F ew gratings nutmeg Beat eggs slightl y, add sugar, beat we ll and then add salt and milk. Line plate with plain paste. Strain in mixture, and sprinkle with few gratings of nutmeg. Bake in a quick oven at first to cook bottom crust . Decrease the heat , as egg and milk in combination need to be cooked at a low temperature (250°-350° F.) until a s ilver knife comes out clean. EVERY INGREDIENT USED OFFICIALLY APPROVED BY U. S. FOOD AUTHORIT IES 25

y. cup suga r cups seeded ra is ins 1 y. cups boiling water y. levcl teaspoon salt

3 tablespoons orange juice tablespoons lemon juice 1 tablespoon grated lemon rind 2, tablespoons cornsta rch 1 tablespoon grated orange rind y. cup walnut meats Cook raisins in boiling water five minutes; pou r into suga r and cornstarch which have been mi xed together. Cook until thick. R emove from fire, add other ingredients and bake between two crusts. 2,




cups hot water egg yolks Grated rind of one lemon Juice of one lemon 2, tablespoons butter M ix dry ingredients and add to hot water, cook until thick. Add beaten egg yolks and cook a few minutes longe r. R emove from fire, a dd lemon juice a nd turn into baked crust; cove r with meringue and brown at a low temperature (3 00° F.). cup sugar

y. level teaspoon

salt 3 tablespoons cornstarch 2, tablespoons flour


}1 teaspoon allspice }1 teaspoon cloves




cup stewed pumpkin

y. cup suga r


y. cups milk

}1 teaspoon ginger

Beat eggs, add suga r, pumpkin a nd spices. Mix thoroughly a nd thcn add milk. Bake in a pie crust.

}1 level teaspoon Ca lumet Baking

3 cgg whites 6 tablespoons sugar

Powder }1 teaspoon flavoring

Bcat egg whi tes until flu ffy, add dry ingredients gradually and beat until stiff. Spread ovc r pie a nd bake in a slow oven (3 00° F.) until brown.

grape O11er;ng'llte cf}J;e 4 cups purple grapes

2, tablespoons flour who le eggs 1 teaspoon lemon juice ~ cup sugar Speck salt Cook the grapes a few minutes. Press through a coarse sieve to remove seeds. Separate t he eggs and to the yolks add the sugar, Rour and salt. Mix well , and pour into a pan lined with a crust. Bake in a moderate oven (350°F). When done cover with a mcringue made from the 2, egg whites and brown slowly in a cool oven. 2,




@ooking cfuggesfioll£s Salt- To keep salt so it can be easily shaken from the cruet, mi x I teaspoon o f corns~arch with each cup of salt . Ovens--In all houses the oven should be well sc rubbed out a fte r cooking, with hot soda water and soap. Any ha rd subst ance which is caked on to bak ing sheets should be scraped off with an old knife. It is rea lly very simple to ha ve the oven sc rubbed out while it is still hot, after baking a joint, etc., and many disagreea ble smells a re avoided by this practice. For this purpose a long-handled brush is useful. With it the back wall of an oven ca n easily be reached and the dange r of burnt hands avoided. Flour-Flour belongs in a bin or barre l raised a few inches from the floo r. While whea t flour may be obta ined in qua ntit y, corn meal or graham flour should only be purcha cd in sma ll quantities a nd kept in tin or glass. M eat- T ough meat may be made tender by pounding, slow cooking or placi ng it a fcw minutes in vinegar water. Milk-Be fore heating milk rinse out the saucepan with a little hot water (never boil milk); it will prevent the milk sticking to the bottom of the pan. Roast Lamb- Add seve ral qua rters of apples, when roasting la mb. Gi ves a delicious flavor. Fowl-When roasting fowl, place breast side down in roaster, so the juices wi ll penctratc the breast which is usually dr y. Cake Pans-Do not grease pans, but cut white or wrapping pape r to fit pa n. When ca kc is done paper comes off ver y easil y, and cake does not st ick. M eringue-Add suga r to unbeaten egg white then the baking powder. Whcn made in this way the egg whites appear more like whipped cream.

O{;{chen Qfelps T eapots that a re made of metal, if unused for some time, will often give a musty flavor to the tea when next used . This may be prevented by placing a lump of suga r in the teapot before putting it a wa y. The water in which cabbage has been cooked should not be poured down the sink or if this must be done the sink should be rinsed with wate r containing powdered charcoal or a little chloride of lime. All kitchen supplies should be kept in glass jars, the different sizes each to them c\ ve . H ave covered crockery dishes for use in the ice box and see that they a re sca lded when washed . Use these ja rs whenever practical in the ice box, especially to keep fish, oysters, lettuce or parsley, a nd, in fact , an y food with a st rong odor or any food which may become impregnated with the odo r of other foods. To Remove Odors/rom fce Box, Cupboard or Pantry, elc. -Fill a dish with boiling water, place in ice box, a nd drop in a piece of charcoal. A lump of charcoal left in a closed bottle or jar will keep it from becoming musty . Boiling liquids, jellies or fruits ma y be turned into glass without breaking the vessel if you press the bowl o f a spoon on the bottom while filling. Cereals- Cerea ls should be emptied in their proper receptacles of tin or glass a nd closely covered to prevent insects getting in. Coffee should go immediately into a n airtight ca niste r in order to keep its aroma. Olive oil should be put into a cool, dark place; a nd salt, baking powder, soap a nd cheese in dry places. THE SALE OF CALUMET IS



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