RED Short Film Production Plan

July 26, 2017 | Author: blankstage | Category: Filmmaking, Leisure, Arts (General)
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Here is the winning production plan from the 2012 Get Connected Production Plan contest....




Table of Contents 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Concept Script Cast Crew Locations Budget Promotion

Concept Loosely based on the fairy tale “Little Red Riding Hood” by Charles Perrault, RED is a stylized thriller that blends a Southern Goth setting with Victorian era parlour tricks. A young woman travels to visit her sick Grandmother when she stumbles upon a juggling rogue quick to intercept her plans. Through fire breathing, magical flowers, and blood stained windows, a history of malice and deceit is pieced together for one final chase through the woods.

With a cast and crew made up entirely of Atlanta based artists, RED will be staffed by a mixture of 3 local production companies, geared by local production facility PC&E, and provided the perfect Southern Gothic backdrop by the Georgia forests.


OPENING CREDITS MONTAGE INT. RED'S HOUSE- DAY A girl's hands pack various items into a basket: bottle of red liquid, bread/cake, herbs and concoctions. Creepy music plays over. Her hand grabs a red cape off a hook on the wall. As she puts on the cape, RED's face is revealed. Stylized freeze frame on her face as the name "Red" flashes on the screen. She resumes walking through the house and looks at a photo of GRANDMA on the wall. Stylized freeze frame on the photo as the name "Grandma" flashes on the screen. EXT. STREET- DAY Red walks through the streets. The WOLF, a tall, slender man wearing a suit, top hat, and carrying a cane with a serpent head, notices her. Close up on his eyes which reflect a red hooded figure passing by in each eye. Fire erupts from the Wolf's mouth. Stylized freeze frame on his face as the name "The Wolf" flashes on the screen. He leaves to follow her, revealing an old-timey ad for Woodsman Brand Axe Blades ("The Better to Cut With!"). We zoom fast to the ad, close up on THE WOODSMAN, stylized freeze frame on the photo as the name "The Woodsman" flashes on the screen. Red turns a corner; after a moment The Wolf comes into frame following her. EXT. EDGE OF WOODS- DAY Red enters the dark, bleak woods. Her red cape stands out in the gray surroundings. EXT. DEEP IN WOODS- DAY Red suddenly comes upon a Victorian-era circus setup in the middle of the woods. There are benches, decorations, and leaning against the tree is The Wolf, dressed in old-style circus clothes and juggling with ease. His cane leans near him on the tree. He stares at her. WOLF Did you come for the spectacle?

RED No, I'm going to my Grandma's house. It's over the river. Through the woods. WOLF That's a shame. You should see what I can do with fire. Suddenly the regular bowling pins he was juggling are on fire. Red awkwardly tries to leave. The Wolf abruptly stops juggling. WOLF (CONT'D) Wait! You should pick her some flowers. She looks to one side. The woods are bleak and desolate. The Wolf gestures with his cane to a magical patch of flowers that have appeared. She hesitantly walks over to the patch, plucks a flower from the ground and examines it. She turns to The Wolf, but everything has disappeared. The flower drops to the ground. EXT. ELSEWHERE IN THE WOODS- DAY The Wolf walks towards the camera in slow motion. Fire erupts from his mouth. A red cape materializes. He flourishes it and pulls it on. INT. GRANDMA'S CABIN- DAY There is a knock at the door. Grandma shuffles over to the peephole. She looks through the hole and sees "Red" outside, her hand grasping a familiar cane. "Red" enters, greeted by Grandma. Expressionless, she leans in for Grandma's kiss on the cheek and walks further into the cabin. Grandma closes the door and freezes when she sees the glow of fire from behind her. Her eyes close in realization. She turns. "Red" is now The Wolf. He points his cane at her. GRANDMA Ah, Wolf. I regret teaching you such parlour tricks. CUT TO:

EXT. ELSEWHERE IN THE WOODS- DAY Close up of an axe being buried in a log. The Woodsman looks up in alarm. CUT TO: EXT. GRANDMA'S CABIN- DAY Red walks up to the house, unaware. She goes to knock on the door but it is already slightly ajar. She creaks open the door further to reveal "Grandma" sitting in a rocking chair, holding The Wolf's cane with a hungry look on her face. Red sits the basket on a table by the door. RED Hello, Grandma. GRANDMA Hello, Red. RED How are you feeling? GRANDMA Fantastic! RED But Mama said you were sick. "Grandma" is shaken. The cover may be blown. CUT TO: EXT. GRANDMA'S CABIN- DAY The Woodsman watches this exchange through a window. Not sure what to do, he pulls his axe blade up and slices his palm open. INT. GRANDMA'S CABIN- DAY RED That's an awfully big cane. Grandma slowly aims the cane and points at the basket.

GRANDMA Why don't you let me see the goodies you brought me? Red turns to get the basket. The camera pans ever so slightly to reveal the The Wolf's top hat. "Grandma" slowly rises over Red’s shoulder. Red's hand carefully grabs the handle of the basket. THUD! "Grandma" turns to look. CUT TO: The window. The Woodsman has written "WOLF" in his own blood and has slammed his bloody hand against the window. His terrified face peers in before he runs away. CUT TO: "Grandma" turns back to see the door wide open and Red gone. Fire erupts. The chase is on. EXT. WOODS-DAY The only sounds are panting and crunching of twigs, frantic footfalls in the woods. The Wolf is in pursuit of Red and The Woodsman. We see flashes of cape, close ups of mustaches, eyes, the cane. The Woodsman splits off. Red is petrified. The Wolf continues to chase her. We hear the thud of axe in skin. Red hides behind a tree, gathers her courage, and peeks around the corner. She sees The Woodsman, breathless and spattered with blood, standing over what appears to be an injured "Grandma." "Grandma's" POV: The Woodsman stares down at "Grandma". He picks up the cane and throws it off to the side. Hesitantly, Red appears and stares at "Grandma" with confusion and building hatred. The Woodsman hands her the bloody axe. GRANDMA V.O. Red... The Woodsman looks at Red. Never breaking gaze with "Grandma", she lifts the axe wildly to bring the death blow. Cut TO CREDITS.

Cast Alison Hastings


Adam Lowe

The Wolf

Sheri Mann Stewart


David Peirce

The Woodsman

Crew Writers Director/Editor Producer/Props/Set Dresser Director of Photography Music/Score Assistant Director Assistant Camera Gaffer Grip Boom Operator Still Photographer Post Sound Website Wardrobe Production Assistant/ Craft Services Sound Make-up/Hair

Sara Register & Kristin Wright Jeff Shipman Kristin Wright


Sherman Johnson Jeremy Aggers Kelly YoungSilverman Justin Snavely Brandon Simms David Peirce Dave Marder Erin Schopf Ben Holst Brandon Simms Jessi Carroll Sara Register LOCAL HIRE LOCAL HIRE IMDB IMDB IMDB IMDB

Jeff Shipman – Director, Editor Jeff Shipman is an American filmmaker and photographer. As a commercial director he's been awarded a Silver Communicator Award and a nomination for a Southeastern Regional EMMY®. His film Red Light Runners was awarded the Creative Loafing Jury Award at the 2011 48 Hour Film Project Best of Atlanta Screening. This followed his win for his film Always Remember the Little Things, which garnered the Grand Audience Award at the 2010 Best of Atlanta screening. Jeff's work has shown internationally, notably in Russia and China. In India he is known as "Jadu". As a trained painter and published photographer, Jeff studied art and theater before directing his attention towards the moving image. Studying at Georgia State University Jeff received a degree in film production and graduated cum laude. He is a member of the IFP (Independent Filmmakers Project) and NATAS (The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences). Film Electronic Eye Love Supreme Halo Eye on Terror American Standard Superhero Devil Board Doosra Kinara Underwater Bridge Inspectors Always Remember the Little Things One Way Out Windfall

Producer - Director -Writer - Editor Silhouette Pictures Producer - Director -Writer - Editor Silhouette Pictures Producer - Director -Writer - Editor Silhouette Pictures Producer - Director -Writer - Editor FA FA Films Producer - Director -Writer - Editor Silhouette Pictures Producer - Director of Photography Fishbelly Moon Productions Cinematographer Bazyl Dripps Editor Shahid Sayed Producer - Director - Cinematographer - Editor Cinematic Revolution Producer - Director -Editor Team Whatever Director Peachtree and 5th Producer – Director - Writer Cinematic Revolution Cinematographer - Editor

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Education  Georgia State University, Film, Atlanta, Georgia, 2001 Awards   

Southeastern Regional EMMY® Award, Nominated for Outstanding Achievement Public Service Announcement, 2009, The Road Ahead Public Service Announcements Communicator Award, Winner Silver Communicator Award Producer/Director, 2009 48 Hour Film Project, Grand Audience Award - Best of Atlanta, 2010, Always Remember the Little Things

Sherman Johnson, Director of Photography Sherman began his career in the camera department as an assistant where he had the opportunity to work and learn under a number of accomplished cinematographers. After experimenting with shooting on short films, he was offered his first feature, The Other Side, which he shot in 2003, and later premiered with acclaim at the 2006 Slamdance Film Festival. With his second feature in 2005, Life's a Drag, he officially stepped up to become a full time director of photography. The following year, his commercial career was launched with award winning campaigns for Brite White and Winn Dixie. Then in 2008, Sherman returned to narratives with the short films Nueva York for the Discovery Channel, which premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival, and Inventing Kin, which took top honors at the New York International Film Festival. In the summer of 2011, Sherman completed photography on his third feature, Tio Papi, shot in New York City. Sherman is based out of homes in Miami and Atlanta, frequently shoots in Los Angeles and New York, and has worked throughout the United States as well as Mexico and parts of the Caribbean and Central America. COMMERCIALS AT&T, Minute Maid, Colgate, Jack in the Box, Glade, McDonald's, State Farm, Pennzoil, Cricket Wireless, Sidral Mundet, Shulas, The Discovery Channel, Kaplan University, Paragard, Tobacco Free Florida, SPCA, Ammo, New York Racing Association, Winn Dixie, Palmolive, Nutralenda, Driving for Donors, Digicel, One Show, Florida Lottery, MTV, Miami Music Festival, Georgia Department of Transportation,, Florida's Blood Centers, Suavitel, YMCA, GE, Ashley Furniture, Brite White, Tiger Direct, Ford, Gobierno USA, Nestlé Pure Life, America's Navy, MetLife FILMS Tio Papi - dir: Fro Rojas w/ Joey Dedio, Elizabeth Rodriguez, Kelly McGillis, Frankie Faison The Other Side - dir: Gregg Bishop w/ Nathan Mobley, Jaimie Alexander With Me (short) - dir: Fro Rojas w/ Josie Loren, Melvin Lima Inventing Kin (short) - dir: Fro Rojas w/ Nikki Borges, Marc Macaulay, Melvin Lima Nueva York (short) - dir: Manolo Celi w/ Israel Hernandez, Javier Kato, Carolina Ravassa Self (short) - dir: Manolo Celi w/ Ico Manzanero Halo (short) - dir: Jeff Shipman w/ Derek Seiling, Jocelyn Donegan DIRECTORS Jorge Colón, Theresa Wingert, Manolo Celi, Charlie Mainardi, Fro Rojas, Jeff Shipman, Franco Garuti, Andrew Deleplaine, Omar Cruz, Ruth Olegnowicz, Maria Bures, Alex Messianu, Alejandro Mares, David Gregory, Sean Azze, Samuel Albis, Jose Luis Rugeles, Ryan Carr, Jim Thurmond, Andrés Cortes, Ken Burton, Adam Taylor, Derrick Jones, Gregg Bishop, Ruckus Skye

Kristin Wright, Writer/Producer /Props Master/Set Dresser Kristin Wright is a director, producer, actor, and published writer based in Atlanta, GA. With a theater background, she ventured into the film arena starring in Jeff Shipman’s experimental short Windfall to be released in the fall. This collaboration led them to coproduce their next project Always Remember the Little Things which garnered the 2010 Grand Audience Award at the 48 Hour Film Project. Their entry for last year’s 48 HFP, Red Light Runners, won Creative Loafing’s Best Line of Dialogue Award. She recently wrote, directed, and produced the short film Superhero, a finalist in the Macon Short Film Competition taking home runner-up and the Sense of Community Award.

Jeremy Aggers, Music/Original Score Jeremy Aggers is a singer-songwriter based in Atlanta, GA. After signing with the independent label Brash Music in 2009, he has toured the southeast playing his songs and sharing the stage with everyone from Langhorne Slim to Nanci Griffith. He has released 2 studio albums, “What it Comes Down To” and “Everything Behind You,” and the live album “Live at 800 East.” His songs have been featured in numerous films including Always Remember the Little Things, Red Light Runners, and the upcoming Too Late Now by Cakebaby Productions. He recently wrote and performed the original score for the short film Superhero.

Locations 1. Grandma’s House/ Woods Interior/Exterior

Luxury Loghome and Lake - Athens, Georgia Lakefront Vacation Cabin

Rental Rate: $175/night, Cleaning $70, 7% sales tax All rentals include $39 charge for damage protection policy Location: Athens, Atlanta, Central & Southern, Georgia, USA (12.25 miles to UGA stadium.) Accommodations: Cabin, 2 Bedrooms + Loft, 2 Baths (Sleeps 6-9) Amenities  Parking for RV /trailer  Wood fireplace  Full kitchen: cooking utensils, dishwasher, microwave, ice maker  Washer/dryer  Deck/patio/wraparound porch with swing  Lakefront  Spacious yard  WiFi  Private 20 acre watershed lake

2. Red’s House - Interior At this location we see close up shots of Red’s hands packing the basket, a picture on the wall, close up of Red’s face, and her cape hanging on a hook. This can be accomplished in any home by the use of our stylized set dressing.

3. Street - Exterior At this location see Red walking down a street as she catches the Wolf’s eye, and the advertisement for the Woodsman. Atlanta has many quaint streets that can lay the backdrop for our Southern Gothic give the feeling of the old South.

Budget SUMMARY Pre-Production Wardrobe Set Dressing Props Production Cast Production Staff Electrical Camera Sound Location Expenses Set Operations Make-up & Hairdressing Incidentals Post-Production Editorial Music Advertising TOTAL

$100 $25 $30 $200 $250 $100 $150 $100 $255 $50 $50 $20 $100 $50 $20 $1,500

DETAIL Pre-Production $0 $0

Writer Producer Wardrobe Costume Designer Purchases Set Dressing Set Dresser Purchases Props Props Master Purchases

$50 $50 $0 $25 $0 $30 Production

Cast Role of Red Role of Wolf Role of Grandma Role of Woodsman

$50 $50 $50 $50

Production Staff Director Assistant Director Assistant Camera Wardrobe Production Assistant/Craft Services Electrical Gaffer Western Dolly Rental Camera Director of Photography Still Photographer Sound Mixer Boom Operator Location Cabin Rental Set Operations Grip Craft Services Make-up and Hairdressing Make-up Artist Incidentals Post-Production Editorial Editor Sound Editor Music Composer Advertising Photo Editing Photo and Poster Prints Website Designer TOTAL

$100 $50 $50 $0 $50 $50 $50 $100 $50 $50 $50 $255 $0 $50 $50 $20

$0 $100 $50 $0 $20 $0 $1,500

Promotion Behind the Scenes  Photographer Erin Schopf documents entire production process  Posts collection of photos on her website (  Photos used for promotional purposes Website  Brandon Simms ( creates personalized website showcasing: o Get Connected “Short Film Production Plan Contest” o Synopsis and concept of film o Cast and crew o Behind the scenes photos o Press o Screenings Network Communities  Advertise within film and arts communities where our cast and crew are already members and can tap into their followers o Get Connected o Georgia Production Partnership o Women in Film & Television Atlanta o Atlanta Film Festival o Atlanta Shorts o Gateway Macon Initiative o Thimblerig Circus o Renaissance Festival  Advertise within production companies of where our cast and crew are already members and can tap into their followers o Fishbelly Moon Productions o Cinematic Revolution o Cakebaby Productions Social Media  Create production kit to be distributed among industry peers  Good ol’ fashioned Facebook and Twitter pages  Post trailer on Jeff Shipman’s Vimeo page ( Niche Markets  Target thriller/horror markets o Atlanta Horror Film Festival o Buried Alive Film Festival o Atlanta Goth Meetup Group  Target fantasy markets o Dragon*Con Film Festivals  Submit to film festivals worldwide, including many our cast and crew have personal connections with and have screened their own films at in the past

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