Red Shoe Diary

December 14, 2017 | Author: Mrs. Trophy | Category: Juice, Nutrition, Drink, Feeling, Food & Wine
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RULES AND INSTRUCTIONSd The challenge consists of 10 full days of cleansing, fasting, purging and special rituals all designed to increase your level of self-love. There are 3 parts to your Stiletto Rejuvenation days: Morning ritual, Midday Ritual and Evening Ritual. In addition to the rituals, your diet will consist of only raw foods, infused water and fresh fruit and vegetable juices. You may also add protein shakes or bars for additional energy if needed. You also must eliminate all noise such as TV, music, and certain people from your space for the entire 10 days. During this challenge you must be extremely mindful of your thoughts, words and choice language. Every word that leaves your mouth is subject to manifestation (becoming real) especially since during this challenge, your energy and vibration will be elevated. So think before you speak and only talk in the present, positive tense. Example: If you are hungry say: “My body needs to be nourished. I am going to eat.” Instead of “I am starving.” By speaking I AM starving… you are speaking lack, void of food and nourishment, and poverty. Those words have the potential to manifest into something that would not be favorable to you in the near or far future or in a different situation or circumstance.

Here are a few other examples of how to control your language: Wrong: “I am so tired of this” Right: “I am choosing to do something different in this moment” Wrong: “I am so broke, I never have any money” Right: “I am in the process of earning more money” Wrong: “I never get into accidents” Right: “I always drive safely” Wrong: “I don’t like that” Right: “I like that”


During this challenge, keep your home clean, beautiful and organized. Keep fresh flowers or plants around your home. Go above and beyond your normal cleaning routine to keep the energy in your home free and light. (Example: make up the bed as soon as you get out of it, every dish you use wash it immediately, wipe down the shower after you use it etc.) Look your absolute BEST at all times. Your appearance should be polished, clean and well put together. Clothes neatly ironed, coordinated etc. Hair, skin & nails clean and groomed etc. If you wear make-up wear colors and styles that are new and vibrant. Make sure you are always smelling good, looking good and feeling good! Your diet is a complete raw foods/juicing diet. This is designed to cleanse your skin, colon and organs as well as release toxins and increase your energy. This diet will also release excess water weight and waste that has settled in your system. Raw foods consist of any UNCOOKED fruits or vegetables with nothing added to them like dressing, butter, sugar etc. Meat, fish, or tofu is not permitted whatsoever. You may however include a low sugar protein shake in your diet if you need some added energy. You are to juice fresh drinks a minimum of 3 times per day. When you prepare your juice, you must drink it immediately (Do not let it sit for more than 30 minutes.) In between your juices and water; eating salads or handfuls of fresh fruits and veggies will keep you full and energized throughout the day.






Music Leisurely internet surfing Gossiping and negative conversations Unnecessary conversations or talking

Eating raw foods, salads or juicesd

Casual sex (outside of marriage or a relationship)

Taking vitamins or supplements Drinking protein shakes or eating protein bars


Listening to Inspirational/Motivational/Gospel music

Smoking/Drugs Eating meat, processed foods or sweets

Watching Workout/motivational shows or DVD’s

Partying or outside socializing

Socializing with friends who are also taking this challenge


Shopping to purchase things to add to your home or wardrobe Having sex or being sexual with a committed partner Being sexy or sexual with yourself Reading positive, motivational or inspirational books





Red apple

10 Gallons of water


Body glove, brush or exfoliating pad

Peach (Or nectarine)

Olive oil


Coarse sea salt (If desired for your showers)

Cantaloupe Melon

Small electric heater (Or the ability to turn your heat on high)


Fresh Flowers or plants

Lime Grapefruit

Fruits and veggies you will need throughout the challenge (depending on your desired juicing recipes)




Fresh Mint

Fresh beets

Lots of Lemon

Strawberries Pineapple



Fresh Basil Leaves







Ginger root






Ground cloves

Green apple

Agave nectar







%`S^S*d;38S\+^`Sd x

Immediately upon waking go into praise and gratitude for the day. (Do not ASK for what you need in this moment, simply give thanks and praise for what you already have.)


Go to your kitchen and make your first glass of infused water


Go to your sacred space or a quiet space in your home and be still and quiet for a few moments and sip your water. Contemplate on what you wish to create within that day. You can start by simply asking “What do I want?”


After finishing your water, begin your body ritual of stretching and self-massaging (Should take 10-15 minutes. You may also watch the Body Ritual video to follow along with Shanel.)


Open your daily e-mail from Shanel and watch the video for the day and follow along with the affirmations/meditations.


Go to your kitchen; prepare your first juice for the day. Drink up and make that day amazing while focusing on the highlighted element of love for the day. (Can be found in the in the journaling portion if this workbook)

%^\Ld%^+\+^`Sd x

Prepare or drink your 2nd juice of the day


Find a quiet space and sit on the floor (or upright in a chair if you are at work) and be still for 5-10 minutes


Recite your love affirmations and the affirmations that you created for yourself several times and then sit still for another 5 minutes


If you have the time and ability re-watch Shanel’s daily video that was e-mailed to you and repeat the affirmation for the day and refocus yourself.


Continue on with your day re aligned and refocused on the element of love for that day


/8S^S*dI#`8d^+3\Id x

Prepare your 3rd juice of the day and finish off the remainder of your gallon of water if there is some left.


Sit in your sacred space and write in the journal portion of this workbook. Release your thoughts, unveil your desires and explore your passions. Do not wonder or worry about what to write. Put the pen to the paper and let your spirit flow.


Take a few moments and pray and bless what you just wrote. Asking in the present, positive tense for that which you need or want to receive.


Immediately go to your bathroom and begin your rejuvenation shower (instructions below)


After your rejuvenation shower, give yourself a self-love massage with your olive oil.


Pray and give thanks for the day and go to bed immediately after.

0`?d;38S\+^`Sd x

Turn your shower water on the highest setting. Turn on your heat or heater with the door closed and let the bathroom “steam up” for about 5 minutes. While you are waiting for it to steam up, you can stretch, recite some affirmations or sit still and listen to the silence. Once it is steamed up, lay a towel on your bathroom floor and lay still and sweat for 1015 minutes.


Once your body temperature is increased and you are sweating, get in the shower and wash your body thoroughly and vigorously with your body glove or exfoliating pad. Rinse off and repeat 2 more times. (You may also scrub yourself one time with coarse sea salt if you desire. This will add to the exfoliation of your skin).


While you are in the shower, recite your affirmations, dream, think positive thoughts or pray out loud as loud as you can.


Get out and pat your body down with a clean towel (Do not completely dry off).


Then massage your olive oil into your skin for 5-10 minutes repeating “I love you” to yourself over and over.


I#`8d##^_\+^`Sd Read and repeat these affirmations out loud daily over and over again (Best time to do this is during your morning, midday and evening rituals)


I love and accept myself completely I am whole, beautiful and perfect I am comfortable being led by the Spirit of God within me I am graceful, light and free I am extremely smart and I use my knowledge wisely I can eat whatever I want and maintain my perfect weight My body is resilient, flexible, fluid and strong I am understanding, non-judgmental and accepting of others I always get what I want and need all the time, right on time Money flows to me in abundance, consistently and effortlessly I believe in myself, and so do others I am a worthy and capable of being loved My body is beautiful, supple and sexy I am important The Universe always works in my favor I am loving, kind and generous to all who enter my life I am a sexy woman Day by day in every way, my life keeps getting better and better I am a motivated, proactive person who is constantly improving I am constantly surrounded by beautiful people who add value and substance to my life I am confident and assertive I always choose the right words to say I am a very powerful person who makes a difference in the world Great opportunities always come my way and I always know which ones to take advantage of


Here is where you can create your own affirmations for specific areas of your life. Take some time to ponder on what you want to create, or reconnect to in your life. Your affirmations should be realistic to you and be written in the present, positive tense. Once you have them written here, rewrite them on separate paper or post cards and keep them with you. Repeat your affirmations 20-30 times per day out loud with belief, conviction and passion.

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