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Writing Essays of the skills you have already mastered in . Once you know how to write a paragraph,


the formula for a five-paragraph essay. Although many €ssays do not fit into the five-paragraph formula, most essays follow some pattern of organization. The formula is simply a plan to help you affange your ideas into a systematic order. lt has a recognizable beginning, middle, and end. lf you know how to write a typicalfive-paragraph essay, you will always have something to fall back on.

idea. The conclusion summarizes the main points.




an essay; an essay is just longer' Simply

BASIC PLAN OF A TYPICAL FIVE-PARAGRAPH ESSAY INTRODUCTION Background Information Gets reader's attention using one or more of the


following: Anecdotes Quotations Questions Facts and statistics Thesis Statement States the subject and focus of the essay

lst SUPPORTING PARAGRAPH first supporting point


Znd Topic Prs

details, examples, facts

cRApH porting point

3rd SUPP Topic Sentence: States third supporting pornt Provides details, examples, facts

CONCLUSION Makes final comments by doing one or more of the following:


Restating main points Asking a question Suggesting a solution Making a recommendation Making a prediction

Read the following five-paragraph essay that a student wrote about the impact of Latin pop music on the united states. Notice that the first line of each new paragraph is indented. After you have read the entire essay, label the parts on the lines provided.

Latin Pop Music Hits the United States

continuing to grow in popularity, Latin music is not just another fad; it is here to stay. Every revolution has its



1eaders,andtherecentLatininvasion,asithasbeencalled,certainlyhasafew Latin pop explosion' Singers ,t""""i"t to.k.r, ,h;; il". helped to set the stage for the ilil;GiJa Estefan, Ricky Martin, "r,JSh"kira"have bet n particularly helpful in bringing Latin beats to U.S. sound waves'

to successfully incorporate Gloria Estefan was one of the first Latin American altists hit songs across the United Latin beats and sound with Ameri."r, pof -rsic to produce States. \Vith her group' The Miami Sound Cuban sounds into her pop-inspired music recognition as a powerful Latin singer whos many American music love elped tune the American ear to Latin way for the Latin superstars developing Latin pop scene' *rrri. and continue to play

One of the more recent Latin pop sensa is Puerto Rico native Ricky Martin. Martin' Grammy awards made the singer one of the Soon after his performance, Martin began g the singer "l-i"i"g L" Vid" Loca" and "Shake Your music' In this "r respect and helped to secure his worldwid-e that quickly und ,"rp..r, Ricky Martirr r.t ih. stage for an un Americas' the afrillslra any doubts about the future of Latin pop music all over

singer The latest Latin sensation to arrive on the American pop scene is Colombian a introduced Service, Shakira. Shakira's long-awaited American debut album, IAwdrJ critics ;^il;" combination o? Latin sounds and American pop'rock that has captivated,..rrr.d her a spot in the American po ) scene. Shat
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