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============================================ ABOUT Pokémon Gaia Base ROM: 1635 - Pokemon Fire Red (U)(Squirrels) Language: English Version: 0.2.5 Released: 02/11/2015, updated 28/01/2016 Thread: To play, download a FireRed ROM and apply the .UPS patch to the .GBA file using the included NUPS or tsukuyomi programs. Version 0.2.5 ends in Precimos Island. Saves from v0.2 or earlier are NOT compatible with v0.2.5. This is unfortunate but ultimately unavoidable due to how much has been changed, updated and improved. However, extra effort will be put in to ensure compatibility in v0.3 for v0.2.5 saves. ===================== PLEASE NOTE - Surf and other moves which target all three Pokémon in double battles only affec t one Pokémon - Some Pokémon have no abilities, and are missing some moves from their OR/AS lear n sets - Some Mega-Evolutions have no sprites, and so appear as question-marks in a bla ck circle - The Mega-Evolution code has caused the following bugs: hed/MegaEvolution/issues - Battle animations may sometimes appear glitched - The "Lv." icon in the battle HUD may not appear - Mega Stones can be Knock Off'd, Trick'd, etc. - Some evolutionary methods have been changed. They are as follows: - Kadabra --Level 40-> Alakazam - Machoke --Level 42-> Machamp - Graveler --Level 36-> Golem - Haunter --Level 40-> Gengar - Onix --Level 40-> Steelix - Boldore --Level 42-> Gigalith - Clamperl --Level 38-> Huntail - Clamperl --Regal Stone-> Gorebyss - Seadra --Regal Stone-> Kingdra - Poliwhirl --Regal Stone-> Politoed - Slowpoke --Regal Stone-> Slowking - Scyther --Regal Stone-> Scizor - Feebas --Regal Stone-> Milotic - Electabuzz --ThunderStone-> Electivire - Magmar --Fire Stone-> Magmortar - Sneasel --Level 35-> Weavile - Eevee --Shiny Stone-> Sylveon - Eevee --Level-up with any Fairy-type Move-> Sylveon - Eevee --Moon Stone-> Umbreon - Eevee --Sun Stone-> Espeon - Eevee --Level-up in the third floor of Frostbite Cave-> Glaceon - Eevee --Level-up in Nemesis Cave-> Leafeon - Happiny --Level 15-> Chansey - Gligar --Level 36-> Gliscor - Magneton --Level-up in the Telmurk Warehouse with the electromagnetic generator-> Magnezone - Nosepass --Level-up in the Telmurk Warehouse with the electromagnetic generator-> Probopass


Shelmet --Level 36-> Accelgor Karrablast --Level 36-> Escavalier Porygon --Level 32-> Porygon2 Porygon2 --Level 42-> Porygon-Z Spritzee --Level 28-> Aromatisse Swirlix --Level 28-> Slurpuff Rhydon --Level 55-> Rhyperior Gurdurr --Level 42-> Conkeldurr Scraggy --Level 30-> Scrafty Joltik --Level 25-> Galvantula Glameow --Level 22-> Purugly Shuppet --Level 25-> Banette Phantump --Level 25-> Trevenant Pumpkaboo --Level 28-> Gourgeist Duskull --Level 30-> Dusclops Dusclops --Dusk Stone-> Dusknoir Spheal --Level 24-> Sealeo Sealeo --Level 40-> Walrein Bergmite --Level 30-> Avalugg Swinub --Level 24-> Piloswine Vanillite --Level 22-> Vanillish Vanillish --Level 36-> Vanilluxe Snorunt --Level 30-> Glalie Goldeen --Level 22-> Seaking Snover --Level 35 -> Abomasnow Mienfoo --Level 33-> Mienshao Golett --Level 34-> Golurk Cubchoo --Level 30-> Beartic Skorupi --Level 37-> Drapion

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