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Chapter.1 U.S. History 

Rewrite new story “Challenges Faced” with own words.

Challenges Faced Before the United States became a country, immigration was a part of the American experience. Caused they were tired of being persecuted for their religious beliefs, so Pilgrims set sail by leaving England to settle in the New World, just to freely practice their religion. They took animals and seed to start a new colony, and then a new country was set in motion, and settlers steadily continued arriving. They felt the challengers were worth the rewards. The nineteenth century was to see a period of mass migration. Began in 1846, potato crop fail in Ireland, and economic and political problems hit other European countries, caused many Europeans saw America as a place for autonomy to start their own businesses or farms and make their own religious and political decision. Of course, many did not come without ambivalence. Between 1880 and 1920 about 24 million people arrived in the United States and immigration period of such magnitude has not been repeated in the United States. Most immigrants have done their utmost to find a place in American society. Balancing a respect for their original country with their new homes. One of the hardest aspects has been placating the second and third generations who have not always understood the traditions of their parents and grandparents as they try to fit into American life. But these conflicts tend to resolve themselves with time as families ascertain how to combine customs from the old country with new ones from America to form a multicultural society, taking the best from the many lands that make up this New World.

 Predicting Set one 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Persecuted Martyrdom Destitute Autonomy Ambivalence

: harassed : extreme suffering : poor : independence : having conflicting feelings

Set Two 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

Induced Magnitude Utmost Placating Ascertain

: persuaded : greatness in significance, size or rank. : maximum : calming : to find out definitely.

 Self-Tests 1) Vocabulary List 1. The Induced of the American colonist is over. Yesterday’s Boston Tea Party shows the British what we think of taxation without representation. 2. Explorers Lewis and Clark report that the Autonomy of the West is “amazing.” 3. President Lincoln has been trying his Ambivalence to keep the Union together. 4. Sitting Bull leads Martyrdom Indians into battle at Little Bighorn. 5. Yesterday’s earthquake in San Francisco has left thousands of citizens destitute 6. Another suicide has been Magnitude by the recent stock market crash. A man jumped to his death from a fifth-story window today. 7. Sources have Ascertained that Adolph Hitler’s ultimate goal is world domination. The United States prepares to enter the war. 8. Those involved in isolated incidents of bra burnings say that the act symbolizes women’s Persecuted. 9. The American people will not be Placating by empty promises. Polls report that President Nixon must resign. 10. A recent study shows that the prevalence and sometimes misuse of cell phones and computers has lead to a (n) Utmost in some Americans about the benefits of technology.

2) Match the Historical 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

Landing on the moon The Great Depression The Civil War The Declaration of Independence The Salem with trials The discovery of gold at Sutter’s Fort The invention of the automobile The Nineteenth Amendment Prohibition Building the Panama Canal

(H.) (B.) (D.) (F.) (C.) (J.) (A.) (i. ) (G.) (E.)

3) Analogies 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Soft : hard :: anger : Placate Dying for a belief : Autonomy :: hitting a pothole : car problems. Confused : disturbed :: Destitute : poor Magnitude : least :: fresh : stale An interview : nervousness :: going away to college : Ambivalence

6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

Ascertain : the truth :: catch : a train Performer : audience :: teenager : some Utmost Hang : a painting :: Martyrdom : labor Harass : Persecute :: gentle : meek Feather : light :: The Great Barrier Reef : Induced

 World Wise The synonym : 1. 2. 3. 4.

Din Touted Pluck Rue

Noise, Loudly Admired, Pushed Fail, strum, plunk Regret, Repent

 Interactive Exercise 1. Two groups that have been persecuted are Pilgirism and Indonesian 2. Two situations that have induced people to fight for changes in law are religious beliefs and autonomy. - Political oppression and starvation 3. Examples of effects of the car influence on America are - Produce cars as a society needs. - Increase line between an high society and the other society. - Produce magnitude of cars , affected our environmet too. 4. Two kinds of autonomy people have fought for education and destitute. 5. Event that must have caused ambivalence in some people is The Declaration of Independence. 6. Two events that have made people destitute are The Civil War and 7. Two possible actions the government can take a placate angry citizens are - Try to do meeting with the angry citizen to ascertain the real problem - Try to induced the angry citizen to calm and solve the problem. 8. Technology like cellphone had the utmost influence on society because society more choose the better and easier way to do something. Cellphone make the distance between one people to the others closer. We don’t need to go to the other place face to face. It’s practice. 9. Two ways that I ascertain which candidate I shoul vote for in the next election for mayor or governor are - Make sure that the next mayor governor will prove their promise - Has a good personality 10. Two beliefs might a person hold that could lead to martyrdom are - Believe to start their own business or form - Believe to make their own religious and political decision.

 Words to Watch 1. Ambivalence

: having conflicting feelings, such as love and hate, about a person, object, or Idea  Love and hate are two ambivalence feelings

2. Destitute

: Devoid; poor; impoverished  The government has not fully succeeded to overcome the problems of destitute that struck the country of Indonesia.

3. Induce

: To persuade; to cause  Alex induces her sister to attend a medical seminar at the Hasanuddin University.

4. Martyrdom

: extreme suffering/ the state of being a martyr  Those who were martyrdom in the battle, the guarantee will enter heaven.

5. Placate

: to pacify; to calm  They attempted to placate the protesters with promises to fix their mistakes.

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