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August 17, 2017 | Author: Raymond Cruzin | Category: Emission Standard, Air Pollution, Clean Air Act (United States), Pollution, Natural Environment
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Submitted to: Dr. Liza Bautista – Patacsil

Submitted by: ECE/EE GROUP, A01

ARTURO, Ramos Alvezo CRUZIN, Raymond B. DE JESUS, Maria Kathreena B. DELA CUEVA, Diane DUDANG, Ivan Kemuel GALLAGA, Krizelle Anne LAYA, Lara Mae E. MELGAR, Arjay MENDOZA, Alyssa Elaine RUAZOL, Pamela Loraine SABANAL, Paul John M. STO. DOMINGO, Jeziel Dandy C.

REACTION PAPER ON RA 8749 JUNE 26,2012 Key Areas of RA 8749 RA 8749 or Clean Air Act of the Philippines of 1999 is the law governing about regulating and monitoring of the air pollution in the Philippines. It provides a complete air pollution control policy endorsed in agreement to the policy stated in Section 16 Article II of 1987 Constitution that “The State shall protect and advance the right of the people to a balanced and healthful ecology in accord with the rhythm and harmony of nature.” Some of the main categories of the sources of air pollution are stationary sources designated to DENR (any building or fixed structure that emits any air pollutant) and mobile sources designated to DOTC (any vehicle propelled by combustion of carbon-based, operated for the conveyance of persons or transportation of property goods). The Clean Air Act was intended to control air pollution by reducing emissions from the mobile sources which account for 80% of the air pollution and from stationary sources which account for the remaining percentage; cultivating fuel quality to reduce or remove lead in gasoline and sulfur in diesel; reduction for traffic congestion and improvement in traffic flow; establishment of new innovation for quality monitoring, evaluation, and forecasting; and preventing other sources of pollution such as garbage burning and smoking. Flaws and Weaknesses of RA 8749 In May 25, 2001, the banning of nationwide smoking was not implemented. Tobacco Smoking has great contribution to the air pollution nationwide and causes lung cancer and mouth cancer. Certain personalities such as a congressman and IBP president were seen smoking and inside the session hall which was written in a newspaper with a caption of "A LAWMAKER A LAWBREAKER. Another flaw is that there is inaccuracy with the emission standards. During the emission testing, technicians can manipulate the results of the test by adjusting the engine. This has been made a practice in most emission testing facilities and results to the said inaccuracy. Focusing on motorcycles and tricycles one roots of the problem is the registration process. Compliance with emission standards is a condition for the registration of all vehicles. Suggested ways for better implementation of RA 8749 Have better technology to improve fuel quality to reduce or eliminate greenhouse gas emission; implement improved emission standards; the government should strictly and effectively prohibit “smoking ban” in public areas; the issuance of permits should be strictly given only to those who pass the emission standards; strict implementation of the law; permits should come from authorized people; educating drivers and traffic enforcers to climate change; addition of traffics enforcers with expertise on environmental management; strict implementation of standard tests to emission testing center and increasing the number of licensed emission test center; annual random emission tests on jeepneys, bus companies, logistics companies or any different companies that has large number of vehicles.

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