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February 17, 2019 | Author: Mr. Curious | Category: Directory (Computing), Technology, Computing
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RE4UHD EVD Tool Tutorial by Mr.Curious Tools by Son of Persia...


RE4UHD EVD Tool 2018 Tools created by Son of Persia Tutorial prepared by r!"urious

 Another interesti interesting ng file that that is embedded embedded in the UDAS UDAS archive archive is the .EVD file. file. This file file is responsible responsible for for the player cutscenes we see in game (and also in the movie browser. These cutscenes are rendered in real!time using" # ! room$ player$ and EVD models. % ! EVD &'T  E)) files (for lighting  effects * ! EVD )+V  SE, files (for player animations  camera pan-oom /! other misc files.

U#DERST$#D%#& U#DERST$ #D%#& THE EVD '%(E So what is an EVD file0 The EVD file is a container file (li1e the S2D or UDAS files$ that contain numerous other files that wor1 together. 3asically put$ it is a bunch of SE,  )+V files that call on 3'4 models present in the EVD folder along with some &'T  E)) files for lighting  effects. 5e can edit these files with the E))  &'T tools to our li1ing. The )+V and SE, files can not be edited presnetly so we are stuc1 with whatever movements the sub6ects of the cutscene are ma1ing.

ED%T%#& THE EVD '%(E 2any of you might as1$ 7what is the purpose of editing this file7. The answer varies on what we are trying to accomplish$ but for the most part it might be to insert a custom model into a cutscene. )or e8ample$ if we have a custom Ashley model for the 49+ Ashley that follows us around in the game$ that same model will not load for cutscenes so we would need to edit the EVD file to have our custom models present in cut scenes. 'f we wish to have our custom model(s appear in cutscenes we have to edit the 3'4 files in the EVD file (using the  RE4UHD)*%#)Tool)2018!e+e . This can be a long process as we have to do this ):; EVE;< EVD )'&E T=AT +:4TA'4S :U; 2:DE& . That being said there are recent developments by ;a>r and

myself that allow us to use a single 7master7 model for all cutscenes using the +ompanion D&& by ;a>r. )or the time being we will e8plore the basics of the folder structure and how models are used.

H,- ,DE(S $RE USED The EVD file uses cut scene models that differ from the player models that we see in the game (the only e8ception to this is &eon. )or cutscenes$ the EVD file uses &eon7s body 3'4 model ( pl08)000!*%# . pl08)001!TP($ but then uses EVD 3'4 models for &eon7s head. The rest of the player  enemy models all use EVD 3'4 models that are contained in the EVD file. &i1e other player models in the game$ EVD models are separated into numerous parts that use different models li1e hands$ head$ hair$ clothing etc. 'f we are to add custom models we must ta1e this into consideration.

'%(E E/TR$"T%,# To e8tract the EVD file we place the file in the same folder as the RE4UHD)EVD)Tool!e+e along with the !bat files. To e8tract an EVD file simply double clic1 the EVD)E+tract!bat file and wee see that a folder is created with the name of our EVD file. E+aple  A folder named r23s00 is created in our wor1ing directory when we e8tract the r23s00!ed file. 'nside this folder are sevral foldersand subfolders" e5e05   5pl025 etcodel5et125 eent5odel5e0000   5e0100   5e0200   5e000   5e2600   5eb700   5235s005ca   5e000a   5et1200   5et1210   5et1220........(many folders here ob5effodel (and a file r23s00!9dr  which  which is an inde8 fo all teh files in the EVD

Each EVD file will have variations of these folders depending on their contents. 't should be noted that each EVD folder sturecture will be the universal$ but some files-subfodlers will not be present in all e8tracted EVD files as they are contain different models  scenarios. So in the e8ample above in the eent5odel5 subfolders we can see all the 3'4  T9& files for the player  enemy models we see in the cutscene. There are also sometimes models for weapons in this directory as well. All of these 3'4 files can be edited using the RE4UHD)*%#)Tool)2018!e+e (see 3in Tool tutorial for usage.  'n the e8ample above models for Ada  Sadler Appear in % directories e5 and eent5odel5 so there may be times we need to edit models in several directories. ' am not aware of all the reasons for having similar models in different folders. 5e simply have to investigate this for ourselves by editing the models and to see what changes are reflected in the cutscene after repac1ing. ;eplacing models in the EVD follows the same principles outlined in the RE4UHD *%# Tool Tutorial which

e8plains that all of our models need their T9&(s to point to the correct te8ture pac1ages$ which in the case of the EVD files are not in the room .pac1 files but in their own !pac: file. 'f we loo1 at the T9& files for the 3'4 models in eent5odel5 subfolders we see that in this e8ample the models call on" 0d23000!pac: 00 30 2 0D 0$ #% */ [email protected] B ># >> >> >> >+ >> >> >> #/ >> >> >> >> >> >> >> B> >> B> >> >E >> >> >> *B >> >> >> ># >> >> >> ># >> >> >> ># >> >> >> ># >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >> 00 30 2 0D 0$ >> >> >> This means that if we are using the 3'4 tools we should repac1 with 0d23000 as the te8ture pac1 file ! 't should be noted that all player  enemy models have the same name in all EVD folders. E8ample" e0000 ! &eon e0100 ! Ashely e0200 ! Ada e0400 ! &uis e000 ! Sadler  (the rest will yours to discover upon e8tractionC

'%(E REP$";%#& :nce all of our edits are complete we can simply use the EVD)Repac:!bat file to reapc1 the EVD file. Then the last step is to place our new EVD file in the  Resident Eil 45*%,45Ed folder remembering to either rename the original evd file .lfs version to .lfs !ba:$ or deleting-moving the original. ;emember we can use the 2ovie 3rowser in the game to preview our custom cutscenes without having to load the room in the 2ain ame. So that7s pretty much it for this file since we can not edit the SE,  )+V files. 5e can use the (%T  E'' tools to alter the lighting  effects if we wish. To do so simply ma1e your edits using those tools$ and repac1 the EVD file. 't should be noted that the room models we see in the cutscnes are actually using the r888.udas S2D for the room. 'n thse case of using a master EVD file$ this will be e8plained another time in a separate tutorial that will accompny the companion D&& or on the ;esident Evil 2odding website. =appy 2oddingC

r!"urious 12 < 2018 9ttps==>>>!youtube!co=user=:alaal:a:id= 9ttp==residenteiloddin?!boards!net=user=6632

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