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RE4UHD ETM-ETS-ITM-ITA Tools Tutorial by Mr.Curious Tools by Son of Persia...


ETM – ETS – ITM – ITA MODDING Tools by Son of Persia Tutorial by Mr. Curious 201

Intro!u"tion When modding RE4UHD we will be dealing with many different file types that are all packed inside the UDAS files of the different rooms that are located in the ST folders of the !"#4 directory$ Essentially UDAS files are container files that ha%e lots of other files inside them$ &any of these files inside the UDAS files are also container files that ha%e more files inside them$ Son of 'ersia has created tools to open most of these files for  (se to eamine the contents of$ The most important file we deal with when stage modding RE4UHD is the UDAS file mentioned abo%e$ This file (s(ally comes with an #$S etension which we can open (sing the %ui"&'MS Tools $ #nce we ha%e (npacked the #$S o(r (DAS  files are ready to work with$ Using the (DAS tools by Son of 'ersia to etract the UDAS archi%e shows (s a %ariety of files)

Des"ri)tion of Tutorial *oals "n this t(torial we will be dealing with the placement of items *keys+ amm(nition+ weapons+ treas(res etc, thro(gho(t the game+ and the models they may be placed in *breakable - mo%able items,$ .or this t(torial we will be dealing with + ,ain file ty)es-  as well as some other types associated with these 4 main types) ITM / &odels of items like treas(res+ weapons - amm(nition$ ETM / &odels of breakable *and mo%able, ob0ects like barrels+ %ases+ boes+ ladders - doors$ ITA / .ile responsible for coordinates "T& ob0ects ETS / .ile responsible for coordinates ET& ob0ects *and some lights,

$ile Ty)es E)laine!  An interesting interesting thing thing abo(t abo(t the 4 file types types we are going to be dealing dealing with is the relationship between these

files$ ITM - ETM files are containers that are archi%es of model files and tet(res palettes$ ITA - ETS files are data sets that control the coordinates of these models$ ITM / &odels - Tet(re 'alettes 1 ITA / 2ocations of the "T& models ETM / &odels - Tet(re 'alettes 1 ETS / 2ocations of the ET& models

ETM ETM items are mostly those that are breakable or mo%able+ s(ch as ladders+ windows+ barrels+ boes etc$$$ almost anything that can be broken or mo%ed by the hand of the player$ There are other ob0ects that the player interacts with that are not in the ETM file tho(gh+ like for eample+ some lockers - cabinets+ which which open with the help of the AE/ file$ Simply p(t+ ETM files are what can be destroyed by the 3hand3 of the player and what can be mo%ed) rates+ barrels+ eplosi%e barrels+ dr(m cans+ ladders+ window glass+ doors+ chests+ bl(e coins+ lamps bird5s nest etc$

 As eplained eplained abo%e+ abo%e+ some some files in the UDAS UDAS are ar"ial files + and the ETM is one of them$ "nside the ET& archi%e are se%eral types of files) 'IN / model files TP# / Tet(re 'alette files E$$ / Effect files $C/ / Animation files SE% / Se6(ence files  All of these these files files work together together to to make ET& ET& models different from stage stage models$ These files files allow for ET& models to be broken+ mo%ed+ and altered or transformed$

ETS Essentially+ the ETS file is what go%erns where ETM items are placed in the game$ Some ET& items are linked to lights+ which can be placed aro(nd a room (sing the ETS file+ b(t this will be eplained in another t(torial on (sing the #IT Tool. Remember+ the relationship of ETM to ETS is almost eactly that of the relationship of ITM to the ITA) "T& / &odels - Tet(re 'alettes 1 "TA / 2ocations of "T& models ET& / &odels - Tet(re 'alettes 1 ETS / 2ocations of ET& models

ITM  As eplained eplained abo%e+ abo%e+ some some files in the UDAS UDAS are archi%al archi%al files+ files+ and the the ITM is one of them$ "nside the ITM archi%es are the !"7 models - T'2 files *tet(re palettes, for the items go%erned by the ITA file+ howe%er this does not mean that the data of all items are contained$ #nly the item data which is decided to be (sed in the room in ad%ance is prepared$

ITA ITA files manage the coordinates+ amo(nts+ and other %al(es of items can be collected by the player in game$ &ost items that are collectable are handled by the ITA with the eception of a few items that are handled by the AE/ file$ There is a relationship between ITA other files+ s(ch as ITM- ETM-  and ETS that will be eplained in this t(torial$ The first thing to (nderstand is what the ITA is responsible for) 8 placement of "T& ob0ects *treas(res+ amm(nition+ weapons+ g(ides+ 8 the amo(nt of these "T& ob0ects 8 the coordinates of these "T& ob0ects 8 the a(ra that s(rro(nds these "T& ob0ects

7ow that we ha%e defined the file types we are ready to start working with them$ !elow is a short inde of the t(torial chapters) ETM 1  3or&in* 4it te ETM file 2  Pre)arin* Tetures 5  About ETM E$$ files +  E!itin* te ID6 file 7  8e)a"&in* te ETM ETS 9  3or&in* 4it te ETS file :  Des"ri)tion of ETS offset alues   8e)a"&in* te ETS file ITA ;  Intro!u"tion to te ITA file 10  Definition of ITA alues 11  3or&in* 4it te ITA file 12  3or&in* 4it te ITA < ETS file to*eter  *p(tting items into the ET& models, ITM 15  3or&in* 4it te ITM file 1+  E!itin* < re)a"&in* te ITM ,o!el MISC 17  Creatin* "usto, ITM < ETM ,o!els 19  A note on te =Master= teture file 1:  ITEM #IST

1  3or&in* 4it te ETM file Working with the ET& is fairly straight forward+ and (ses the same principles o(tlined in Son of 'ersia5s &odel "mporter1Eporter toolset$ http)11residente%ilmodding$boards$net1thread194:;1re48model8importer8eporter8toolsetD?'IN?Tool?201.ee e et1100.s,! et1100.,tl ++00022"

This tells the tools to make a !"7 - T'2 (sing the S&D and &T2 file+ pointing to 44>>>99c $pack file$ Since the tet(re refference is assigned in the S&D there is no need to enter tet(re ids in this $bat file$ GNOTEG "f yo(r new ET& file has more than one tet(re be s(re to check the TS file that is generated after eec(ting the 'IN?8e)a"&?ETM.bat file$ "n this eample the TS file sho(ld read) file =C; / >=C;$dds b(t if yo( are (sing more than tet(re it might read) file =C; / >=C$dds file =C / >=C;$dds *this scenario wo(ld apply the tet(res  in"orre"tly,  Abo%e is an eample eample of tet(res tet(res getting getting mied mied (p$ We can correct correct this in 9 different different ways$ ways$ #ne is is to simply rename the tet(re files according to how they are named in the TS *so in the case of the abo%e eample yo( wo(ld rename >=C;$dds to >=C$dds and rename >=C$dds to >=C;$dds and repack $pack file, #R$$$$ yo( can simply make s(re that the tet(re order in the &T2 file is in SE%(ENTIA# O8DE8 before eec(ting the 'IN?8e)a"&?ETM.bat file. Eample of proper order of tet(res in .MT# file before repacking) J J et1200.,tl J ne4,tl sto"&.!!s illu, 2 ! 0.00000 0.00000 0.00000 a 0.200000 0.200000 0.200000 s 0.000000 0.000000 0.000000 e 0.000000 0.000000 0.000000 Ns 0.000000 ,a)?! 0159.!!s ne4,tl sto"&2.!!s illu, 2 ! 0.00000 0.00000 0.00000 a 0.200000 0.200000 0.200000 s 0.000000 0.000000 0.000000 e 0.000000 0.000000 0.000000 Ns 0.000000 ,a)?! 015:.!!s

ne4,tl sto"&+.!!s illu, 2 ! 0.00000 0.00000 0.00000 a 0.200000 0.200000 0.200000 s 0.000000 0.000000 0.000000 e 0.000000 0.000000 0.000000 Ns 0.000000 ,a)?! 015.!!s

&aking s(re yo(r pack file tet(res are in se6(ential order like abo%e will create a proper TS o(tp(t$ So after we ha%e s(ccessf(lly regenerated the ET& model that points to the correct tet(res in o(r new room+ we m(st then mo%e *or copy, these new !"7 - T'2 files to the working directory of the room we are (sing mentioned at the beginning of this t(torial+ r22"?10 *or whate%er room yo( are working with as the destination,$ #nce we paste these files into that directory+ the net step is to edit the $ i! file that was generated by the 8E+(>D?ETM?Tool.

5  About ETM E$$ files When we are dealing with breakable ob0ects there are other files that get (sed beside ET& - "TA+ most often this is the E.. file . When mo%ing an ET& item from one room to another room we m(st consider the other files that are associated with the ET& model+ s(ch as animations or effects$ "n this eample we need to edit the  E$$ file TP# in order for o(r new model to work properly$ The ET& E.. files ha%e TP# files inside them+ and these E.. T'2 files m(st call the new room pack file - model tet(re n(mber the same way the !"7 T'2 files do$ Since we do not edit the E.. files the same way we do with !"7 - T'2 files as shown abo%e+ a new method is re6(ired$ "n order for the E.. T'2 files to point to the correct room $pack file - tet(re+ we m(st man(ally edit the E.. T'2 files with HEI editing software$ Using the E$$ Tool pro%ided in the Son of 'ersia Toolkit - we will etract the E.. file that is from o(r ET& file *in this eample+ we are editing et11.effF$ Using the same method as seen abo%e when etracting ET& files+ we etract the ET& E$$ file into a new working directory$ #nce etracted+ we will see a new folder called et11 has been created+ along with a new .i! file *in this case we do not need to add anything to the et== folder+ so we will not edit the .i! file, "nside this et11 folder we see that there is a 3 Effe"t ,o!el3 folder that has been created$ "n this Effect model folder we will see se%eral TP# files *and !"7 files,$ These are the T'2 files that we m(st man(ally edit to reference o(r new room pack file - tet(re n(mber in order for the tet(res of the ET& model to display properly$ Ea,)le of ,anually e!itin* an E$$ TP# file 4it >E6 e!itin* soft4areK =9 C4 J; : >= >> >> >> > >> >> >> =4 >> >> >> >> >> >> >> :> >> 9> >> >E >> >> >> C: >> >> >> >= >> >> >> >= >> >> >> >= >> >> >> >= >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >> 01 01 00 ++ 4 4 >>  >> >> >>

The %al(e in red is the room pack file n(mber of the original file *in little Endian order,$ The %al(e in green is the HEI %al(e of the tet(re n(mber in this pack file$ So in this eample the T'2 points to ++000101 pack file+ tet(re 00:5$dds *+; in HEI / :5 in decimal,$

So if we want o(r new E.. T'2 to point to another room pack file *44>>>>99c in this eample,+ we m(st man(ally edit the T'2) =9 C4 J; : >= >> >> >> > >> >> >> =4 >> >> >> >> >> >> >> :> >> 9> >> >E >> >> >> C: >> >> >> >= >> >> >> >= >> >> >> >= >> >> >> >= >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >> 2C 02 00 ++ :: :: >>  >> >> >> * in HEI / 159 in decimal,  After we we ha%e made made the changes changes to A22 the T'2 files in the Effect Effect &odel &odel folder and and sa%ed+ sa%ed+ we m(st m(st then repack the E.. file with the E.. Tools+ and then copy this newly generated E.. file to o(r r22"?10 directory to replace the old E.. file of the same name$ 7ow o(r E..+ !"7 - T'2 files ha%e all been modified to point to the correct room $pack file+ and we are ready for the final step) the "DI file$

ETM 'IN $I#ES 3IT> NO TP# O$ T>EI8 O3N "f o(r ET& model does not ha%e a T'2 file of its own with the same name this means that the E$$ TP# is (sed a refference for the !"7 file for the ET& model$ "f we want the correct tet(es to be (sed for ET& !"7 files that dont ha%e their own T'2+ we m(st edit the E$$ TP# to point to the correct tet(re$ This is done by etracting the effect with the E$$ Tool which will generate a folder called 5 Effect Model' and inside there are will be a !"7 - T'2 file for the E..ET model+ b(t this T'2 is also use! by te ,ain ETM 'IN ,o!el  so we m(st (se the 8E+(>D?'IN?Tool?201.ee to etract the !"7 - T'2 files to get an S&D - &T2 file$ #nce we ha%e done this we simply import the S&D into a Cd program+ apply the correct tet(re*s, that points to o(r working pack file+ and then eport the S&D *as well as the #!B file if (sing &ilkShape to create the &T2 file,$ We then (se the 'IN?8e)a"&.bat file to create a new !"7 T'2 file$ The last step is to repack the E$$ file  with the E.. Tool and then copy the newly generated E.. file back into the ET& folder and repack the ET& file with this new E.. file$

+  E!itin* te ID6 file  A list of all files inside the the ET& file is generated generated in the the .i! file when we etract an ET& file (sing the 8E+?(>D?ETM?Tool$ This ser%es as an inde of all files in the ET& archi%e+ 0(st like many other .i! files+ s(ch as UDAS archi%es$ "f we add new files into o(r etracted r99c?=> folder+ we m(st (pdate the $i! file to reflect these changes+ keeping in mind the $ileCount and the file ty)es$ "f we look at this eample of an .i! file+ we can notice the different file types) $ileCount /  .ile?>? 11 11 / r99c?=>Ket==>>$ t)l .ile?=? 11 11 / r99c?=>Ket==>>$ bin .ile?9? ; / r99c?=>Ket==$ eff  .ile?C? 12 12 / r99c?=>Ket>;>>>$ f" .ile?4? 12 12 / r99c?=>Ket>;>>=$ f" .ile?J? 15 15 / r99c?=>Ket>;>>>>$ seB .ile?;? 15 15 / r99c?=>Ket>;>>=>$ seB

 Abo%e in line = with .ile?> .ile?> we see see that 11 is the type for TP# files  Abo%e in line 9 with .ile?= .ile?= we see see that 11 is A2S# the type for 'IN files  Abo%e in line C with .ile?9 .ile?9 we see see that ; is the type for E$$ files  and so on$$$$$$ So when adding new model entries into the .i! + make s(re yo( (se the correct ty)e when yo( add them+ and also (pdate the $ileCount %al(e to reflect how many files are in the folder$ #(r model files are now

repacked+ and o(r $id file is (pdated$ All that is left is to repack the ET& file with the

7  8e)a"&in* te ETM We are almost finished now$ All that is left is to repack the r22"?10 folder (sing the ETM?8e)a"&.bat file$ #nce this is complete we simply copy the newly generated r22"?10.ETM file and place it in o(r r99c UDAS folder+ replacing the old r22"?10.ETM file$ We are not ready to repack the UDAS folder 0(st yet+ as there is a second file that determines 3>E8E o(r new ET& models will be placed in the room when we load the game$

(stom ET& files canbe read abo(t in chapter 17  Creatin* "usto, ITM < ETM ,o!els

9  3or&in* 4it te ETS file  #nce we ha%e packed all o(r new model - eff files into the ET& *or we are simply dealing with already eisting ET& models that are nati%e to the room,+ we are ready to (se the ETS file to tell the game engine where we want these ET& models to be placed$ As eplained abo%e - the ETS file is what go%erns where ETM items are placed in the game$ To place ET& items in the game we (se the Son of 'ersia ETS Tools. 2ike many of Son of 'ersia5s tools the ETS tool can etract files into 9 working filesL .tt file that is accompanied by an .obL file that we can edit in Cds&a$ The .tt file contains some model data *like position+ rotation+ and which ET& model to (se, while the .obL file handles the placement for their relati%e .tt file entries$

$ile Etra"tion To etract an ETS file simply place the file in the same folder as the 8E+(>D?ETS?Tool.ee and do(ble click on the ETS?Etra"t.bat file$ #nce this is complete yo( will see that a new folder has been generated$ "nside this new working directory are the aforementioned .tt file and .obL files$ We are now able to edit the parameters in the $tt file and1or edit the locations of $ob0 files$ .or more information on this part of the process please see read the ‘Understanding the extracted OBJ files’  section of the (niersal Con"e)ts  doc(ment that is pro%ided with this release$

Ea,)le of etra"te! ETS .tt file ) EntryCount @ 2

M Entry > Mo!el?ETM?Nu,ber @ 00 [email protected] 00 &odelScale?I / =$>>>>>> &odelScale? / =$>>>>>> &odelScale?F / =$>>>>>> &odelRotation?I / >$>>>>>> &odelRotation? / 8>$>>>>>> &odelRotation?F / >$>>>>>> &odelTranslation?I / C:4$9;4>>: &odelTranslation? / ;4>J$JC949 &odelTranslation?F / 49>>$>>>>>>

M Entry = Mo!el?ETM?Nu,ber @ 011 [email protected] 01 Mo!elS"ale?6 @ 1.000000 Mo!elS"ale? @ 1.000000 Mo!elS"ale? @ 1.000000 Mo!el8otation?6 @ 0.000000 Mo!el8otation? @ 0.000000 Mo!el8otation? @ 0.000000 Mo!elTranslation?6 @ 1::2.05 Mo!elTranslation? @ 57:99.09 Mo!elTranslation? @ 5:;++.9;;

:  Des"ri)tion of ETS offset alues *lines with M will not ne read by the toolset and are for reference notes, Mo!el?ETM?Nu,ber ) This %al(e is always the first 9 digits or letters of the model file$ .or o(r working eample we know that the barrel model is et1100.bin- so our ,o!el is nu,ber isK 011

Eamples of other models) &odel?ET&?7(mber / >== / et 11>>$bin &odel?ET&?7(mber / >: / et 0>>$bin &odel?ET&?7(mber / >: / et 0>>$bin &odel?ET&?7(mber / >=D / et 1!>=$bin Mo!el?ETS?ID .or e%ery new entry in the ETS .tt file we m(st increase the Mo!el?ETS?ID %al(e$ The data for these entries are in >E6 %al(es$ This %al(e is sometimes referenced by the "TA file+ b(t more on this can be read abo(t later in "a)ter 12  Working with the ITA  ET! file together" EntryCount .or e%ery new entry in the ETS .tt file we m(st also increase the EntryCount %al(e at the top of this file$ *0(st like the .i! file mentioned abo%e,$ The data for this entry is in DECIMA#  %al(e$ Mo!elS"ale .or what e%er reason " was not able to get this f(nction to ha%e any effect$ &odels sho(ld then be scaled accordingly in the Cd editing software$ Mo!elTranslation This f(nction sho(ld onl# $e %sed if we are not %sing the "o$& file to handle the coordiantes of o(r ET& model$ &odel Translation is simply the I  F coordinates of the model (sed by Cds &AI *or whate%er CD software yo( are (sing,$ "f the %al(es are set to 0.000000+ then this means that the position of the model is determined by where it is sa%ed in the Cd application$ "f an ITA item is linked to an ETS entry+ the $ob0 file coordaintes or &odel Translation coordinates will point to where the linked item will spawn$

  8e)a"&in* te ETS file So once we ha%e made edited or made any new entries in to the ETS file that point to o(r newly created model*s,+ we then ha%e to repack the ETS file (sing the ETS?8e)a"&.bat  file+ and then copy1mo%e the

newly generated ETS file to the working (DAS directory of o(r new room *in this eample r22" (DAS ,$  After this this we can can repack the UDAS UDAS file and and load the game to see o(r o(r newly created ET& modelN modelN NOTE  8 "f an item still does not show (p after all of this it means that there is still another file from the original room that is re6(ired for the model to work$ Rather than simply go thro(gh each one it is often easier to simply copy all the E..+ [email protected]+ and . files o%er from the original room to o(r new ET& file+ making s(re that we also add their entires to o(r ET& id file as well$

;  Intro!u"tion to te ITA file  As described described abo%e+ abo%e+ ITA files manage the coordinates+ amo(nts+ and other %al(es of ite,s- treasures4ea)ons < a,,unition tat "an be "olle"te! by te )layer in *a,e. B(st like the ETS file+ the ITA is not archi%al file+ b(t instead acts as a direcotry of %al(es$ Also like the ETS+ the "TA Tools generate an .O' file which can be (sed to handle the coordiates of the ob0ects+ treas(res+ weapons - amm(nition,$ With Son of 'ersia5s tools+ the "TA is handled in the eact same way as the ETS+ b(t contains m(ch more data$ The ITA file has many f(nctions+ so the data that goes along with it is deep$  An important important thing thing to (nderstand (nderstand abo(t the the  ITA is that it works together with the ITM file$ The "T& file is another archi%al file that contains all the models *!"7, - tet(re palettes *T'2, for the ITA items we see in the game$ "f we want to introd(ce new ITA items into a room+ and this room does not already ha%e the models for these new items in the ITM archi%e+ then the game will crash or the models will be in%isible$ "f we simply want to p(t items into a room in the game that already ha%e models in the "T& archi%e+ then there is no need to edit the "T& file$ There will be instr(ctions on how to copy "T& models f(rther on in this t(torial+ b(t first let (s obser%e the %al(es of the "TA file$

10  Definition of ITA alues Ite,DataCountQ B(st like the EntryCount in the ETS file+ or the $ileCount in the ET& file+ the Ite,DataCountQ is an inde of how many  ITA entries are in the .tt file that is generated (pon etraction$ Each time a new entry is added to the .tt file+ we m(st increase the Ite,DataCountQ$ al(es for this entry are in DECIMA# %al(e$

Cate*oryQ There seem to be different categories for "TA entries+ b(t it is (nclear how many different ones there are$  An eample eample of a different type is in room r99c$ r99c$ "n this room "TA file+ the entries entries for Ite,Nu,berQ / 0+;+ which is described as 3shooting gallery3 in the "TE& 2"ST$ The Cate*oryQ %al(e for this is 02. #b%io(sly this is not an obtainable item+ b(t is perhaps rather a set of different type of items$ "f we wish to ha%e enemies spawn items the Cate*oryQ %al(e m(st be set to 02 and the A))earan"eTy)eQ m(st be set 01$ See ETS?IDQ section for more information on this$  Also+ Cate*oryQtype 02 entries are (sed for ineteracti%e ob0ects$ #ne eample is the ob0ects that fall s(ch as Spinels or the Dirty 'endant$ These items will fall straight down (ntil they hit the ob0 model of the EAT file$ .or .alling ob0ects (se  Offset152..157Q @ 010  Another  Another eample of type 02 entries are those "TA items that appear in cabinets+ lockers+ chests etc that ha%e mo%ing doors$ The "TA item does not appear (ntil the AE e%ent that triggers the mo%ement of the model is acti%ated$


This %al(e indicates the item n(mber in HEI %al(e$ 9 / arrows+ >; / green herb+ etc$ 'lease see the ITEM #IST at the bottom of this doc(ment for item %al(es$

8an!o,nessQ Setting as to whether the item appears randomly$ When the %al(e / 00 it is fied+ when it / 010 the item does not go o(t+ or it randomly changes to another item$ This randomness only applies to items linked to ET& items$ Please note that the value of Ite,Nu,berQ must be a value of 01 01 to  to 05  and  and that the A,ountQ is set to the randomiOer randomiOer will will not take into acco(nt acco(nt add x or the randomizer will not work with ETM items !!  Also+ the newly added items from the ITM file+ as it will only select items nati%e the map - player$ Eample of this is that if we are (sing a Pra(ser mod in main game+ and e%en if we ha%e added bow arrows to o(r ITM+ the randomiOer will still not consider these items when making a random selection$ RR Interestin* fin! RR if we (se Ite,Nu,berQ Ite,Nu,berQ @  @ 00  and 8an!o,[email protected] 010 for boed or barreled items we get a s(rprise snakeN

A,ountQ 8  Amo(nt of of items for for amm(nition$ amm(nition$ al(es al(es are in in >E6.

A))earan"eTy)eQ When the %al(e of  A))earan"eTy)eQ is 02+ this indicates that the ob0ect is inside a breakable container  *like bo+ %ase+ barrel etc,+ and that the position - type of breakable container are now managed by the ETS file+ b(t the contents are still managed by ITA file$ "f %al(e is 00 / item always appears "f %al(e is 02 / item does not appear (ntil the bo+ barrel is destroyed$ "f %al(e is  01 / it will not appear (nless yo( defeat the enemy

ETS?IDQ When the %al(e of  A))earan"eTy)eQ is other than 00+ the ETS IDQ %al(e indicates which breakable container or enemy the item is associated with$ "f the A))earan"eTy)eQ is set to 01 then the ETS?IDQ %al(e is the ene(# id n%($er listed in the E2S file *b(t m(st be inp(tted as HEI %al(e,$ "f we wish to ha%e enemies spawn items like this the Cate*oryQ %al(e m(st be set to 02. About )la"in* ite,s in te ene,yK A))earan"eTy)eQ / m(st be set to / >= Cate*oryQ m(st be set to / >9 then the following %al(e for ETS?IDQ is act(ally the enemy "D in which the item will be stored$ Ea,)leK ETS?IDQ / >= *enemy "D, $$$$$ $$$$$ Ite,Nu,berQ / > *r(by, A))earan"eTy)eQ / >=  this means now the item is stored in an enemy$ *= in HEI / 9:,$ Enemy "D 9: in emleon>> for 9: is chainsaw g(y that has the r(by$

Ite,TranslationQ oordinates of the item in I++ F whne not (sing the $ob0 file$


The arrangement angle of the item I++ F$ al(es in the range of >8=>>> sho(ld show a noticeable difference in item angle position$

Data'lo"&In!eQ This "D n(mber is (sed as an in%entory list for item entries$ These n(mbers occ(r in se6(ential order from the start of the "TA file with a %al(e of 00 to the last entry n(mber$ al(es are in HEI$ S)e"ial noteK "f we want items to spawn infinitely *o%er - o%er+ e%en after the item is collected, we can repeat the Data'lo"&In!eQ %al(e for the last entry+ keeping in mind tho(gh that the item of the first entry of repeated entries will disappear in game when the se"on! item is collected in game$  Eample if we (se a Data'lo"&In!eQ of 05C fo(r times in a row+ (sing gold bars the =st time+ and hand cannon ammo for the 9nd repeated entry+ T&' ammo for the Crd repeated entry+ and flash grenade for the 4th repeated entry+ each of the items will be infinite E6CEPT the gold bars *=st entry,$  A workaro(nd workaro(nd for for this is to simply (se something something we we donQt need need to be infinite for the first first item+ like like gold bars$ .or infinite items we m(st also change the %al(e of Offset129..12:Q *see below for description of this offset,$ Anoter tin* to note ) Sometimes we m(st skip an entire Data'lo"&In!eQ entry %al(e as sometimes it will simply lea%e (s with nothing showing (p in the game$ " do not know why this happens b(t if we are trying to create an entry and it simply will not show (p in game we sho(ld try the net Data'lo"&In!eQ n(mber to see if it works$ &ost of the time it will sol%e the iss(e$

AuraTy)eQ indicates the type of light beam or sparkle associated with the item AuraTy)e ,o!ifiersK >= 8 small glint >9 8 small gold light col(mn *with sparkle, >C 8 small white light col(mn *no sparkle, >4 8 small reen light col(mn *herbs, >J 8 small Red light col(mn *ammo, >; 8 3 3 3 3 3 3 > 8 !" !" white white light col(mn >: 8 small white light col(mn *with sparkle, > 8 big yellow light col(mn *bon(s time,

Offset129..12:Q 7ot s(re what this does eactly$ "nfernal described it as some kind of script "D$ "f we are to (se infinite items+ this %al(e m(st change with each new entry$ Simply increasing the %al(e by = each time did not always work for infinite items$ What did seem to work was to (se a %al(e that incl(des a letter s(ch as 1A1'-1C- 1D- 1E + 1$+ then 2'- 2C- 2D  etc$ IMPO8TANT  if 4e !o not "an*e tis alue for ea" entry so,eti,es 4en 4e brea& o)en ETM ite,s li&e boes- barrels < ases et" tey 4ill not a))ear. &ore research is re6(ired for this offset

Tri**eronePositionQ This is the 4 point I  coordinate data of what triggers the message to 5take5 the item$ This part of file is handled by the .obL file that is generated when the file is etracted *see eatraction instr(citons below, "f this area is made too large it might interfere with other AE/ e%ents or SAT e%ents like 50(mp down5 or 50(mp o%er5$ "t is important to note that there seem to be 2 ty)es of $ob0 files that are created for this section$ The first type is a traditional : point s6(are8shaped polyhedreon that we can walk thro(gh$ These seem to work

well+ howe%er the second type seem to beha%e a little bit differently$ The second type appear as illongated polyhedrons that all connect to the >$>$> coordinate which then etend to where the item wo(ld be placed$ " ha%e ha%e %arying degress of s(ccess when these types appear$ Also " am not able to tell why there are dfferent 9 types of models that are geenrated$

Offset159..15;Q @  Tri**er8a!iusQ. This %al(e determines the range of how close we need to be to the ob0ect before the #SD shows (p that says 5TAPE5$ 'lease note that EAT data will pre%ent the ability to collect the item if the bo(ndary is between the TriggerRadi(s bo(ndary and the player$

11 3or&in* 4it te ITA file 7ow that we ha%e a an (nderstanding of what the different offset %al(es are for the "TA file+ we can learn how to place items into the rooms in the game$ !y placing the etracted ITA file into the folder with the 8E+(>D?ITA?Tool.ee we etract the file (sing the  ITA?Etra"t.bat  file$ Repacking the "TA is the same process as the ETS file+ simply (sing ITA?8e)a"&.bat- and then copying the newly generated "TA file to the working UDAS directory$ B(st like the other eample with the  ETS tool abo%e+ the ITA?Etra"t.bat creates an .obL file for the coordinates of the item and triggerOones+ as well as a  .tt file with the name of o(r room$ .or this eample) r22"?27.tt. This eample file contains ITA entries for the room we are working on+ and like the ETS file+ we can simply add new entries into this .tt file to add new items into the game$ .or this eample " will only list 9 "TA entries with notes in red red)) Ite,DataCount / 9 *n(mber of entries in this eample "TA file, al(es are in DECIMA#

M "tem Data > *lines with M are not read by the Son of 'ersia toolsets, M new T&' ammo Cate*ory / >= #ffset:$$== / >$>>J4C9 #ffset=9$$=J / =>>>$>>>>>> #ffset=;$$= / J>$>>>>>> Tri**eronePosition>?I / 8C:=$C49: Tri**eronePosition>? / 944$:CC:4 Tri**eronePosition=?I / ===:$;J;:9 Tri**eronePosition=? / 944$:CC:4 Tri**eronePosition9?I / ===:$;J;:9 Tri**eronePosition9? / 4$:C4=>; Tri**eronePositionC?I / 8C:=$C49: Tri**eronePositionC? / 4$:C4=>; #ffsetJ9 / >C Data!lockType / >C Data'lo"&In!e / >> *first entry in the list+ so we (se >>+ net entry is >=$$ HEI A2UES, #ffsetJJ / >= #ffsetJ; / >9 #ffsetJ / >= #ffset;:$$; / >: A))earan"eTy)e / >> *"tem always appears, ETS?ID / >> *item is not associated with ETS file or resides in enemy if AppearanceType / >=, #ffsetC / >9D

#ffset4 / >> #ffsetJ / >> #ffset;$$ / >> #ffset:>$$:C / >> #ffset:4$$: / >> #ffset::$$= / >>  ?I /  / C=9::$C=; *I coordinates, This is only (sed when not (sing the $ob0 file Ite,Translation ?I  ? /  / C=C:J$= * coordinates, This is only (sed when not (sing the $ob0 file Ite,Translation ?  ?F /  / C:;C$9J *F coordinates, This is only (sed when not (sing the $ob0 file Ite,Translation ?F Ite,Nu,ber / >9> *T&' Ammo, Randomness / >> Offset122..125Q / >> S"ri)t IDF  Amo(nt / >;4 *=>> b(llets$$ %al(e of ;4 in HEI / =>>, Offset129..12:Q @ 02' AuraTy)e / >= *small glint coming from ob0ect, #ffset=C>$$=C= / >=>> #ffset=C9$$=CJ / >> Offset159..15;Q / >$>>>>>> 8ADI(S O$ T>E T8IGGE8 TO O'TAIN Ite,An*le?6/ >$>>>>>> Ite,An*le? / 8>$>>>>>> Ite,An*le? / >$>>>>>> #ffset=J9$$=JJ / >>$ M "tem Data = M new barrel = ategory / >= #ffset:$$== / >$>>J4C9 #ffset=9$$=J / =>>>$>>>>>> #ffset=;$$= / J>$>>>>>> Tri**eronePosition>?I / 8C:=$C49: 944$:CC:4 4 Tri**eronePosition ? / 944$:CC: ===:$;J;:9 9 Tri**eronePosition ?I / ===:$;J;: Tri**eronePosition=? / 944$:CC:4 Tri**eronePosition9?I / ===:$;J;:9 Tri**eronePosition9? / 4$:C4=>; Tri**eronePositionC?I / 8C:=$C49: Tri**eronePositionC? / 4$:C4=>; #ffsetJ9 / >C Data!lockType / >C Data'lo"&In!e / >= *>= is the second entry for o(r "TA file+ the first being >>, #ffsetJJ / >= #ffsetJ; / >9 #ffsetJ / >= #ffset;:$$; / >: A))earan"eTy)e / >9 *is inside a breakable ob0ect, ETS?ID / >CJ *item location+ rotation - breakable container are now controlled by the entry in the ETS file with cooresposing &odel?ETS?"D/ >CJ, #ffsetC / >9D #ffset4 / >> #ffsetJ / >>

#ffset;$$ / >> #ffset:>$$:C / >> #ffset:4$$: / >> #ffset::$$= / >>  ?I /  / >$>>>>>> *I coordinates+ now controlled by ETS, Ite,Translation ?I  ? /  / >$>>>>>> * coordinates+ now controlled by ETS, Ite,Translation ?  ?F /  / >$>>>>>> *F coordinates+ now controlled by ETS, Ite,Translation ?F  / > *rifle ammo, Ite,Nu,ber  / Randomness / >> #ffset=99$$=9C / >> A,ount  / >J Offset129..12:Q @ 02C AuraTy)e / >= #ffset=C>$$=C= / >=>> #ffset=C9$$=CJ / >> #ffset=C;$$=C / >$>>>>>> Ite,An*le?6/ >$>>>>>> Ite,An*le? / 8>$>>>>>> Ite,An*le? / >$>>>>>> #ffset=J9$$=JJ / >> "n the eample abo%e we ha%e 9 entries+ the first being T&' ammo that always appears at specified location+ and the second entry being riffle ammo that is inside a barrel$ Adding items to the "TA  .tt file has the same principles as adding items to the ETS file$ We m(st increase the Ite,DataCount for each new item added to the file+ while also increasing the Data'lo"&In!e -Offset129..12:Q%al(es with each new item$ Remember that the Data'lo"&In!e - Offset129..12:Q %al(es are in HEI and the Ite,DataCount is in DE"&A2 %al(e$ Tri**eronePosition do not really need to be edited+ as the items will still be attainable if we simply copy these %al(es from the pre%io(s entries$ #btain Ite,Nu,ber from the "TE& 2"ST at the bottom of this doc(ment$ While dealing with the "TA we ha%e to sometimes consider that the ITA file does not work alone$ Sometimes it works with data from other files s(ch as the ETS$ "n the second entry in the eample abo%e+ the ETS is called in to control certain aspects of 9nd "TA entry$

12  3or&in* 4it te ITA < ETS file to*eter  *p(tting items into the ET& models, When we (se breakable ob0ects in the game we may wish to place items inside them to be collected once the ob0ect is broken$ As stated abo%e+ the "TA file will sometimes work together with the ETS file for this p(rpose+ so we will be dealing with both the ITA - ETS files for placing o(r "TA items into ET& models seen in the game$ 8e,e,ber ) ITM / &odels of items like treas(res+ weapons - amm(nition ETM / &odels of breakable *and mo%able, ob0ects like barrels+ %ases+ boes+ ladders - doors$ ITA / file responsible for coordinates "T& ob0ects ETS / file responsible for coordinates ET& ob0ects *and some lights,

"f we want to place items+ treas(res+ weapons+ or amm(nition into ET& models+ we ha%e to edit the "TA

entry first$ Using Son of 'ersia5s tool for placing new "TA items in the game is simple+ b(t if we want to ha%e them inside breakable ET& models+ we ha%e to ad0(st the following offsets in the "TA file) 1. A))earan"eTy)e 2. ETS?ID

2ets look at each of these indi%id(ally) A))earan"eTy)e) "ndicates that the item is in something+ s(ch as a bo+ barrel+ or %ase$ "f the %al(e of A))earan"eTy)e is >> / item always appears$ "f the %al(e of A))earan"eTy)e is >9 / item does not appear (ntil the breakable ob0ect is destroyed$ "f the %al(e of A))earan"eTy)e is >= / it will not appear (nless yo( defeat the enemy$

When the %al(e of  A))earan"eTy)e is >9+ this indicates that the ob0ect is inside a an ET& model+ and that the Ite,Translation *position, and type of ETM ,o!el are now ,ana*e! by te ETS file + b(t the contents are still managed by ITA file$ ETS?ID When the %al(e of  A))earan"eTy)e is other than 00+ the ETS?ID %al(e indicates which ETS entry is responsible for the controlling the "TA item$ An eample of this wo(ld be+ if o(r ETS?ID / 057 in o(r ITA entry+ then we wo(ld look at o(r etracted ETS  .tt file for te sa,e roo, and find the entry that has the Mo!el?ETS?ID/ >CJ $ We then edit this ETS entry to change the position+ rotation+ and type of ET& model (sed to control the "TA entry+ and then finally+ repack the ETS file+ "TA file+ and finally+ repack the UDAS file$

Ea,)le of ETS entry lin&e! 4it an ITA fileK M Entry JC *!arrel 9,  / >== Mo!el?ETM?Nu,ber  / Mo!el?ETS?ID/ >CJ &odelScale?I / =$>>>>>> &odelScale? / =$>>>>>> &odelScale?F / =$>>>>>> &odelRotation?I / >$>>>>>> &odelRotation? / 8>$>>>>>> &odelRotation?F / =:>$>>>>>J &odelTranslation?I / 8=J9;9$CJ4 &odelTranslation? / CJ=4$J: &odelTranslation?F / C;:=$= "n the abo%e eample we see that the ETS is calling the ETM model with the Mo!el?ETM?Nu,ber  /  / >== which gi%es (s a barrel *ET& model et==>>$bin,+ and we see it is linked now to o(r   ITA file with the Mo!el?ETS?ID/ >CJ data entry+ beca(se the "TA file entry for ETS?ID offset is set to 057- te sa,e as tis ETS entry- Mo!el?ETS?ID/ >CJ$

15  3or&in* 4it te ITM file "n this section of the t(torial we will work on copying eisting "T& models - repacking them with new tet(res$ The process is almost identical to that demonstrated in hapter ) * Working with the ETM file"

NOTEK This section can be skipped if we are (sing the  (>D## by 8a0r which permits (s to (se a &aster "T& file that loads all items into memory$ This permits (s to (se any item wihto(t ha%ing to repack "T& files for each room$

 As mentioned mentioned abo%e+ abo%e+ the "TA calls calls on models models from the the "T& file+ file+ so if the the "TA for the room we are working working on has an entry for a certain item+ we m(st make s(re that the model for this item is p(t into the ITM file for the same room that we are working on+ otherwise the game will crash$ Also we m(st make s(re that these "T& models call on the correct tet(re packs as well or the game will crash$ The same principles abo(t tet(res o(tlined in hapter 5 + * ,re-aring Text%res' applies to ITM models$

Ea,)le of ,oin* an ITM ,o!el to anoter roo, "n this eample we are going to (se the 8E+(>D?ITM?Tool.ee to etract the  r552 "T& file *which creates the folder r552?0;.ITM,+ find the Bet Ski key 'IN - TP# files in that etracted folder+ and then copy the 'IN < TP#  files o%er to another room "T& file$$*in this eample we copy to room r22"?0; etracted folder,$ To do this+ we first we m(st na%igate to an etracted UDAS folder that contains the "T& file that contains the "T& model we want to copy$ An easy way to locate the model we want to copy o%er to the new ITM is to simply find a room in the game we know has the model we want$ .or eample+ we know there is a shotg(n in room  r101+ so if we want to copy this model to different room "T& file+ we can etract the r101 ITM file from the 8101 (DAS archi%e+ etract the "T&+ and copy the model file 002C from the etracted folder$ We know that 002C is the shotg(n model beca(se the %al(es (sed by Son of 'ersia5s  ITM Tool create file names identical to those (sed by the %al(es shown in the "TE& 2"ST *see bottom of this doc(ment,$  A## file n(mbers for models (sed by "TA+ "T&+ ET&+ ETS will be the same thro(gho(t all Son of 'ersia tools$ Eample of locating a desired model) "f we etract the ITM file for room r552 we get a folder generated r552?0;. "f we obser%e the contents of this folder we can see model it,0.'IN  and it,0.TP# inside+ and if compare this model n(mber to the "TE& 2"ST we see that item  is the 0et8ski key$ "f we are (ns(re abo(t which model is which+ we can always generate #!B - S&D files to look at them with a CD %iewer$ 7ow that we ha%e located the desired Bet Ski model key *for this eample the model is 00.'IN ,+ we will copy it,0.'IN - it,0.TP# from the etracted r552?0; folder and paste it into a working directory *r22"?0; "T& folder,+ along with the 8E+(>D?'IN?Tool?201.ee and 'IN?Etra"t.bat file. We now (se the 'IN?Etra"t.bat file to etract o(r models in S&D1#!B file format along with a newly generated .,tl file$ The rest is %ery similar to editing models in the ET& described in chapter ) * Working with the need to do do now is edit o(r models models in Cd editing editing software+ software+ making s(re that that when we we ETM file" All we need repack that we point the tet(res to o(r room pack file *or teh master file if (sing the ompanion D22 by RaO>r, !elow is a short s(mmary of editing the model and repacking$

1+  E!itin* < re)a"&in* te ITM ,o!el 8 'lace model tet(re into working room pack file+ rename tet(re file in proper n(merical order$ 8 Repack the pack file that has the new tet(re with  2 Tool. 8 opy newly created pack file with new tet(re to I,a*ePa"&>DHI,a*)a"& folder in !"#4 dir$ 8 After model is etracted with 8E+(>D?'IN?Etra"tor.ee import to CD software for editing$ 8 "n CD application+ apply the new tet(re*s, to model from the new pack file$

8 Eport model from CD app to SMD format *with bones, - then eport to O' format to create .MT# file 8 Edit $ MT# file to ha%e all tet(res in correct n(merical order  8 Delete the 'IN- TP#  and O' file+ lea%ing only the SMD - MT# file$ 8 Edit 'IN?Etra"t.bat file to look like this) 8E+(>D?'IN?Tool?201.ee ) it,0.s,! it,0.,tl ++00022"

8 A new !"7 - T'2 are created$ opy these o%er to yo(r working "T& directory *in this case we copy the files o%er to r22"?0; "T& folder$ 8 Edit the .i! file by increasing the "temo(nt by = 8 Edit the .i! file by adding the new entry to the end of the file) Ea,)leK Ite,Count @ 7  8888 this %al(e m(st match the amo(nt of "tem 7(mbers in the id file$ "tem?>?7(mber / >> "tem?=?7(mber / >4 "tem?9?7(mber / >; "tem?C?7(mber / > Ite,?+?Nu,ber @ 0 8888888new entry for 0et ski key

8 Hit sa%e after editing the .i! file+ and then click on  ITM?8e)a"&.bat to repack "T& file$ 8 opy newly generated "T& file to working UDAS folder+ replacing old "T& file 8 Repack UDAS file$

17  Creatin* "usto, ITM < ETM ,o!els Up (ntil now we ha%e only been dealing with mo%ing eisting models that ha%e already been created by apcom$ 2ike creating c(stom player models+ it is also possible to create o(r own c(stom "T& - ET& models and place them in the game$ .or "T& models the process is %ery simple+ b(t for ET& models it can get more complicated as these models are designed to change as they break+ and therefore ha%e other files that are associated with them like animations$ This t(torial will only demonstrate how to make c(stom model witho(t animation effect files$ .or more in dpeth please see my %ideo t(torial here https)11yo(t($be12Dl!Dm#;>.: To create a c(stom "T& or ET& model+ we follow the same instr(ctions as before for each type+ remembering that we m(st make s(re its T'2 points to a properly n(merated tet(re in the corresponding pack file to the room we are working on$ B(st like before+ we m(st rename the model to the correct "T& model n(mber and place the new !"7 - T'2 into "T& or ET& folder+ edit the id file to reflect new entries+ and repack file UDAS when we are finished$ "t is e%en possible to p(t larger models inside ET& ob0ects+ so when we break them we get a giant s(rpriseN

19  A note on te =Master= ITM file  Albert+ hris+ and and " *&r$(rio(s,+ *&r$(rio(s,+ ha%e been been m(lling o%er the idea of creating creating a master "T& file that that incl(des all item+ weapaon+ treas(re+ and amm(nition model from the game *this file incl(des a master $pack file as well,$ These 9 master files will be re6(ire that (sers (se RaO>r5s D22 companinon which allows for the side8chaining of files that o%erwrite files that are loaded into memmory$ Doing this makes pack files smaller to distrib(te as the red(ndant tet(res for the items will be remo%ed+ and also this will make "T& modding m(ch easier as well$ As this master file that contains all the models

- tet(res for the treas(res+ amm(nition+ and other items+ we will not ha%e to constantly be etracting the "T& !"7 - T'2 files to point to new room - pack files$ With all of o(r models pointing to the same &aster file+ it will be as simple as editing the "TA files witho(t worry$ The master "T& file will be incl(ded in this distrib(tion and can be read abo(t here) http)11residente%ilmodding$boards$net1thread1;:1master8itm8file

1:  Ite, #ist 'lease note that ,any of tese 4ill NOT 4or& properly if inserted into the game+ partic(larly those %al(es which are player models or items that were (sed in beta testing of the game like the killer w1 silencer$ All %al(es are in HEI$ >> 8 magn(m ammo >= 8 hand grenade >9 8 incendiary grenade >C 8 matilda >4 8 handg(n ammo >J 8 first aid spray >; 8 green herb > 8 rifle ammo >: 8 chicken egg > 8 brown chicken >A 8 gold chicken egg >! 8 aaa > 8 plaga sample >D 8 kra(ser5s knife >E 8 flash grenade >. 8 salaOar family insignia => 8 bowg(n == 8 bowg(n bolts =9 8 green herb 9 =C 8 green herb C =4 8 mied herbs *gVr, =J 8 mied herbs *gVrVy, =; 8 mied herbs *gVy, = 8 rocket la(ncher *special, =: 8 shotg(n shells = 8 red herb =A 8 hand cannon ammo =! 8 ho(rglass w1 gold decor  = 8 yellow herb =D 8 stone tablet =E 8 lion ornament =. 8 goat ornament 9> 8 tmp ammo 9= 8 p(nisher  99 8 p(nisher w1 silencer  9C 8 handg(n 94 8 handg(n w1 silencer 

9J 8 red 9; 8 red w1 stock 9 8 blacktail 9: 8 blacktail w1 silencer  9 8 broken b(tterfly 9A 8 killer 9! 8 killer w1 silencer  9 8 shotg(n 9D 8 striker  9E 8 rifle 9. 8 rifle *semi8a(to, C> 8 tmp C= 8 acti%ation key *bl(e, C9 8 tmp w1 stock CC 8 acti%ation key *red, C4 8 hicago typewriter *infinite, CJ 8 rocket la(ncher  C; 8 mine thrower  C 8 handcannon C: 8 combat knife C 8 serpent ornament CA 8 moonstone *right half, C! 8 insignia key C 8 ro(nd insignia CD 8 false eye CE 8 c(stom tmp C. 8 silencer *handg(n, 4> 8 p(nisher  4= 8 p$r$l$ 4=9 49 8 stock *red, 4C 8 stock *tmp, 44 8 scope *rifle, 4J 8 scope *semi8a(to rifle, 4; 8 mine8darts 4 8 shotg(nGG 4: 8 capt(re l(is sera 4 8 target practice 4A 8 l(is5 memo 4! 8 castellan memo 4 8 female intr(der  4D 8 b(tler5s memo 4E 8 sample retrie%ed 4. 8 rit(al preparation J> 8 l(is5 memo 9 J= 8 rifle *semi8a(to, w1 infrared scope J9 8 kra(ser5s bow JC 8 hicago typewriter *reg(lar, J4 8 treas(re map *castle, JJ 8 treas(re map *island, J; 8 %el%et bl(e J 8 spinel

J: 8 pearl pendant J 8 brass pocket watch JA 8 elegant headdress J! 8 anti6(e pipe J 8 gold bangle w1 pearls JD 8 amber ring JE 8 beerstein J. 8 green catseye ;> 8 red catseye ;= 8 yellow catseye ;9 8 beerstein w1 *g, ;C 8 beerstein w1  ;4 8 beerstein w1 *y, ;J 8 beerstein w1 *g+r, ;; 8 beerstein w1 *g+y, ; 8 beerstein w1 *r+y, ;: 8 beerstein w1 *g+r+y, ; 8 moonstone *left half, ;A 8 chicago typewriter ammo ;! 8 rifle V scope ; 8 rifle *semi8a(to, w1 scope ;D 8 infinite la(ncher  ;E 8 king5s grail ;. 8 6(een5s grail > 8 staff of royalty = 8 gold bars 9 8 arrows C 8 bon(s time 4 8 emergency lock card key J 8 bon(s points ; 8 green catseye  8 r(by : 8 treas(re bo *s,  8 treas(re bo *l, A 8 bl(e moonstone ! 8 key to the mine  8 attache case s D 8 attache case m E 8 attache case l . 8 attache case l :> 8 golden sword := 8 iron key :9 8 stone of sacrifice :C 8 storage room card key :4 8 freeOer card key :J 8 piece of the holy beast+ panther  :; 8 piece of the holy beast+ serpent : 8 piece of the holy beast+ eagle :: 8 0et8ski key : 8 dirty pearl pendant :A 8 dirty brass pocket watch

:! 8 old key : 8 camp key :D 8 dynamite :E 8 lift acti%ation key :. 8 gold bangle > 8 elegant perf(me bottle = 8 mirror w1 pearls - r(bies 9 8 waste disposal card key C 8 elegant chessboard 4 8 riot g(n J 8 black bass ; 8 ho(rglass w1 gold decor   8 black bass *l, : 8 ill(minados pendant  8 rifle w1 infrared scope A 8 crown ! 8 crown 0ewel  8 royal insignia D 8 crown with 0ewels E 8 crown with an insignia . 8 salaOar family crown  A> 8 rifle rifle ammo *infrared, *infrared,  A= 8 emerald emerald  A9 8 bottle bottle caps  AC 8 gallery gallery key  A4 8 emblem emblem *right half,  AJ 8 emblem emblem *left half, half,  A;8 heagonal heagonal emblem  A 8 castle castle gate key  A: 8 mied mied herbs *rVy,  A 8 treas(re treas(re map map *%illage, *%illage,  AA 8 scope scope *mine8throw *mine8thrower, er,  A! 8 mine8throw mine8thrower er V scope scope  A 8 playing playing man(al man(al =  AD 8 info info on ashley ashley  AE 8 playing playing man(al man(al 9  A. 8 alert alert order  !> 8 abo(t the bl(e medallions != 8 chief5s note !9 8 clos(re of the ch(rch !C 8 anonymo(s letter  !4 8 playing man(al C !J 8 sera and the Crd party !; 8 two ro(tes ! 8 %illage5s last defense !: 8 b(tterfly lamp ! 8 green eye !A 8 red eye !! 8 bl(e eye ! 8 b(tterfly lamp w1 * g , !D 8 b(tterfly lamp w1 * r ,

!E 8 b(tterfly lamp w1 * b , !. 8 b(tterfly lamp w1 * g+ r , > 8 b(tterfly lamp w1 * g+ b , = 8 b(tterfly lamp w1 * r+ b , 9 8 b(tterfly lamp w1 * r+ g+ b , C 8 prison key 4 8 platin(m sword J 8 infrared scope ; 8 elegant mask  8 green gem : 8 red gem  8 p(rple gem A 8 elegant mask w1 * g , ! 8 elegant mask w1 * r ,  8 elegant mask w1 * p , D 8 elegant mask w1 * g+ r , E 8 elegant mask w1 * g+ p , . 8 elegant mask w1 * r+ p , D> 8 elegant mask w1 * r+ g+ p , D= 8 golden lyn D9 8 green stone of 0(dgement DC 8 red stone of faith D4 8 bl(e stone of treason DJ 8 golden lyn w1 * g , D; 8 golden lyn w1 * r , D 8 golden lyn w1 * b , D: 8 golden lyn w1 * g+ r , D 8 golden lyn w1 * g+ b , DA 8 golden lyn w1 * r+ b , D! 8 golden lyn w1 * g+ r+ b , D 8 leon w1 rocket la(ncher  DD 8 leon w1 shotg(n DE 8 leon w1 handg(n D. 8 ashley graham E> 8 l(is sera E= 8 don 0ose E9 8 don diego EC 8 don esteban E4 8 don man(el EJ 8 dr$ sal%ador  E; 8 merchant E 8 Oealot w1 scythe E: 8 Oealot w1 shield E 8 Oealot w1 bowg(n EA 8 leader Oealot E! 8 soldier w1 dynamite E 8 soldier w1 st(n8rod ED 8 soldier w1 hammer  EE 8 isabel E. 8 maria .> 8 ada wong

.= 8 bella sisters .9 8 don pedro .C 8 0$0$ .4 8 letter from Ada .J 8 2(is5 memo C .; 8 paper airplane . 8 o(r plan .: 8 2(is5 memo 4 . 8 kra(ser5s note .A 8 2(is5 memo J .! 8 o(r mission . 8 aaa .D 8 aaa .E 8 tactical %est .. 8 aaa 9J; 8 p(nisher  9J 8 handg(n 9J: 8 shotg(n 9J 8 mine thrower  9;> 8 handcannon 9;= 8 mine thrower V scope 9;9 8 mission directi%es = 9;C 8 mission directi%es 9 9;4 8 mission directi%es C 9;J 8 mission directi%es 4 9;; 8 mission directi%es J 9; 8 mission = treas(re map 9;: 8 mission 9 treas(re map 9; 8 mission C treas(re map 9> 8 mission 4 treas(re map 9= 8 mission J treas(re map 88888888888888888888888888888888888888888888 There is a %ideo t(torial for the following tools o(tlined in this written t(torial) ETM tool tutorial 8 https)11yo(t($be12Dl!Dm#;>.: ETS < ITA tool tutorial  https)11yo(t($be1AJUO4b#4?A

'lease stay t(ned for more %ideos$ o( can check for these at https)11www$yo(t(be$com1(ser1kalamalkakid Special thanks to Son of Persia who was kind eno(gh to make these amaOing tools for (s to (se$ Also thanks to Albert for all his help with the lighting - E.. tools$ A special thanks to the now retired &aster &odder 5rOosk5 who helped pa%e the way for many of these disco%eries with his1her knowledge$ 88888888888888888888888888888888888888888888 Happy &oddingN

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