Rase Extraterestre Pe Terra

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Descripción: RASE EXTRATERESTRE PE TERRA/ ALIEN RACES ON EARTH inceput de sistematizare de Dan Mirahorian Copyright ©...



inceput de sistematizare de Dan Mirahorian Copyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved http://www.danmirahorian.ro/

Inainte de a intalni extraterestrii in filme si in jocuri aceste fiinte au fost descrise si clasificate in peste 2500 de specii in cartea secreta a KGB numita : RASE EXTRATERESTRE/ ALIEN RACES RUSSIAN SECRET BOOK - ALIEN RACES http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s9zJtdVvVXs http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_-Jsb4PodgI http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jS_wHs_Svxo the 58 RACES of the ALIEN RACES BOOK http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3J_K5vHQnlQ Rase extraterestre clasificate alfabetic/ Alien Races http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/vida_alien/alien_races00.htm#Contents Forme umanoide de viata din universul cunoscut /Humanoid lifeforms in the known universe http://www.futureofmankind.co.uk/Billy_Meier/Humanoid_lifeforms_in_the_known _universe Specii extraterestre -observate pe Pamant / Alien Species Spotted on Earth http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nIDNUmtVdAY&list=PLF2838071BFD6F264 Specii extraterestre1- Umanoizii/Alien Species 1 - Humans http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N-9xai73_n8 Specii extraterestre2- Grii si reptilienii / Alien Species 2 - Greys and Reptilians http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UWR6WE4z20g Specii extraterestre3-Insectoizii / Species of Aliens - Insectoids http://speciesofaliens.blogspot.ro/2013/04/insectoids.html http://mediathequedelufologie.wordpress.com/tag/aliens/ Rase extraterestre cunoscute - Noi nu am fost nicioadata singuri /Known Alien Races - We were never alone! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=izGuh6M1RgQ Alien Species ET Races http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a0sDbVeprwE&list=PLF2838071BFD6F264 Descrieri dupa marturii / Descriptions selon les témoignages http://benzemas.zeblog.com/17023-ovni-ufologie-les-types-d-39-ufonautes-d-39alien-rencontres/ Tipuri de astronauti intalniti /Les types d'ufonautes rencontrés http://archives-lepost.huffingtonpost.fr/article/2008/12/27/1368139_les-types-dufonautes-rencontres.html Misterioasele reprezentari se astronauti antici / Les mystèrieuses représentations d'astronautes antiques http://www.forum-ovni-ufologie.com/t12352-les-mysterieuses-representations-dastronautes-antiques Lista completa a speciilor extraterestre / Complete List Of Species http://www.moiraprefecture.com/ForteanArchive/CompleteListOfSpecies/D.html Human Genone Discovery and the Anunnaki http://www.burlingtonnews.net/anunnaki.html STAR GATE- Sumerian Star Gate

http://www.thelivingmoon.com/42stargate/03files/Sumerian_Gate.html Which ALIENS do 'Star Wars' Satellites Target? http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread831457/pg31 THE PLEIADIANS - Our Allies Against the REPTILIANS (Part 1 of 2) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e4Dg3ihbVmA (((LEAKED!!!))) RUSSIAN COSMONAUT REVEALS UFO ALIEN TRUTH http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y2LzrMgS7Xg J. L. Navarro...notes from a dysfunctional planet... http://jlnavarro.blogspot.ro/2011/06/et-alien-races.html Zeta Report - Skinny Bob http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hx3ond0SzPQ#t=110 ALIEN VIKING GODS - Ancient UFO/Extraterrestrial Life (full documentary) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VzdXZKtK9zA Alien Pictures http://alienpictures.wordpress.com/ venusieni http://alienexperience.info/blog2/blog1.php BAT BEAST OF KENT: (ENGLAND – 1963) A Praying Mantis Account - Part I by Jim G. http://www.ufobc.ca/Beyond/prayingmantis/prayingmantis_1.htm http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread649898/pg2 8ft Tall Praying Mantis Alien declared REAL by Experts! UFO http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tSrEbQOdpcs Chihuahua beings Lloyd Pye

Proof Starchild skull of Alien origin. .... mine tunnel about 100 miles southwest of Chihuahua, Mexico http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLAD0FBB2197AE9945 Aliens of Black Sea Movile Cave ecosystem Movile cave, a proof that alien life may exist? http://tahionstar.blogspot.ro/2011/05/movile-cave-proof-that-alien-life-may.html

Life without light: microbial diversity and evidence of sulfur- and ammoniumbased chemolithotrophy in Movile Cave. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/19474813 Life Without Light: Chemoautotrophically. Based Cave Biology http://www.ibiol.ro/man/2012/Diaspora/02_Sarbu_Pestera%20Movile.pdf Movile cave, a proof that alien life may exist? http://tahionstar.blogspot.ro/2011/05/movile-cave-proof-that-alien-life-may.html Movile cave is a new discovered cave at Mangalia, near the town of Constanta in the South-East of Romania, just near the Black Sea. First was discovered a small underground lake with sulfur and thermal water. Then another small related cave rooms had been discovered. The water in these underground compartments is coming from the depths of the Earth and is composed by rather small amounts of methane gas and sulfuric hydrogen. The air inside the cave is very poor in oxygen and the sun beams can not enter... and from this, all the mystery. Researchers believe Movile cave contain an ecosystem unique in the world because the creatures that evolved in there are not using the conventional resources as oxygen, sun light and indirectly the photosynthesis. In the cave were discovered small creatures like scorpions, snails, worms or bugs totally adapted to live in this environment. Some how at the base of their survival is an organic substance which rises on the surface of the water. It has nutritive properties. The most important lesson scientist learned from this discovery is that life can appear and be sustained even in the most hostile and surprising places. Is just a small hint about what other creatures may be found on the entire Universe.... Creature camp santiago (salinas puerto rico ) Herbert Schirmer Abduction, 1967 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Schirmer_Abduction Caspian Sea , Azerbaijan, 2005 Crimea, Ukraine, 2005 Texas, USA, 2005 Kentucky, USA, 1955 Michigan , USA, 1976 Puerto Rico, 1995. (Chupacabra)

Ponce, Puerto Rico, 1980

Recife, Brazil , 2005 La Pampa, Argentina, 2006 Torrent Corrientes, Argentina, 1965 Holloman AFB, USA, 1971, Santa Fe, Argentina, 1980 Santa Isabel, Argentina, 1972 J-Rod, New Mexico, USA, 1953 Indiana, USA, 1980 Varginha, Brazil ,1996 Nullarbor Plains, Australia, 2006 Korbach, Germany, 1980 Hessen Germany, 1980 Itaperuna, Brazil. 1071 West Virginia USA, 1952

Misterul tijelor zburatoare The mystery of the rods El misterio de los rods se misca cu o viteza uluitoare in pesteri, cavitati, in aer, in apa, stratosfera si in spatiul cosmic; unii le considera insecte( dar ele nu intra in ocean la adancime ci raman in apa dulce); alti le considera fiinte ori dispozitive interdimensionale

http://www.albionparapsicologia.com/t570-el-misterio-de-los-rods http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=un2JAXOfwug "Flying Rods" Strange Phenomenon! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AtkCudIdHGk alien 'rods' caught on security cam http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KsjPoOfYrYM Extra Dimensional Creatures known as Rods (Documentary) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-AqSv6kOQ3g Orbs and rods mystery http://www.freewebs.com/bibianabryson/rodsorbs.htm Sunet captat de la o tija zburatoare / SONIDO CAPTADO DE UN ROD " Coruscations in the Sky : Rods Orbs Skyfish Skyrods Faeries Plasma Nano Life http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JHs5ad_tLvI Rods Underwater Footage http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fvXR6h4Wt2Q#t=16 Dr. Robin Wooten's hypothetical ancestor of todays insects. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m7qSMJ18tIk#t=45

Rawlins Wyoming. 25 10. 1974 Carl Higdon Abduction http://beforeitsnews.com/paranormal/2013/10/carl-higdon-alien-encounterabduction-2457624.html http://alienufoparanormal.aliencasebook.com/2008/08/28/the-abduction-story-ofcarl-higdon--video.aspx http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3bKoBkWUUhs#t=116 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OWoATWCH50U#t=116

Las Vegas, USA,1976 Canary Islands, Spain , 1990 ELOHIMS- This is the oldest group of aliens in the universe that we know of. They are the ones that are at war with the Orions, which are the ones that manipulate the Greys. Charles Hall Encounters - Marii albi/ White Talls , Nevada, 1965 Charles Hall and the Tall White aliens, physical description and characteristics http://www.examiner.com/article/charles-hall-and-the-tall-white-aliens-physicaldescription-and-characteristics http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RMvhNxdJo7Q

Race Al – Gruualix

http://gigantiidacia.wordpress.com/tag/race-al-gruualix/ “They come from contellation Cetus near Deneb Kaitos Shemali. Although they are often confused with reptilians. They do not share anything with them except the appearance. Their height is around 2 meters and can live up to 350 years. This is one of 21 mentioned races that have more that 2 genders( sexes) . This race has 8 different genders and all of them can reproduce when in sexual contact with each other no matter which the purpose for their visitor to Earth is unknown. Last spotted near Lima ( Peru) in december 2004.” rase messengers visit every 300 years silver tear drop ships Race Allgruulk Aka “The Builders”

“They come from constellation Sculptor . They derive from a race of reptilians that does not exist anymore. They are specialist at building ships and other devices needed for space traveling. They are also space travellers themselves always searching for new raw materials. They can live up to 230 years and were last seen near Tokyo ( Japan) in 2005. “ Grey Aliens and their Origins and their Agenda http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cJhhJr3JiYk VORONEZH/VORONEJ ALIENS: (RUSSIA – 1989) Russie 27 september 1989 UFO Spacecraft Landing With Giant Aliens In Voronezh Russia 1989 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OxwHuue-jYE http://www.americanmonsters.com/site/2010/10/voronezh-aliens-russia/ GIANT SPACE BRAINS OF Palos Verdes, California,USA 17, August 1971 http://mysteriousuniverse.org/2011/03/close-encounters-of-the-weird-kind/ “Take the time to understand yourselves, the times draws near when you shall need to. You shall not remember this incident until we meet again.” Following this explanation these visitors from another world showed Hodges holographic images depicting a series of nuclear explosions, whereupon the big brain warned him that his species might share the same fate. Pascagoula Abduction 11.10.1973 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pascagoula_Abduction Pascagoula UFO Interview with J. Allen Hynek and witnesses 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gXaYpZIJ0dI "In Contact" The Pascagoula UFO Abduction. Directed by Charles Hickson

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FeBnI-xvJ1U Proof of Extraterrestrials, The Lost UFO Archive [FULL VIDEO] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XcTQikLeYVA UFO Files - Soviet UFO Secrets Revealed Full Episode http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MTLJMY6L2eA Complete interview with a Reptilian (Dinosauroid), Lacerta http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KeWg_qSddeE Hill Abduction, New Hampshire 19–20, 9,1961. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hill_Abduction http://www.nicap.org/waves/1961fullrep.htm John G. Fuller - The Interrupted Journey http://www.library.unh.edu/special/index.php/betty-and-barney-hill Alien Abduction: The Odyssey of Betty and Barney Hill FREE MOVIE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HW86w4ecjqg The Betty & Barney Hill UFO Abduction Story [FULL VIDEO] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CNSFgzrrb0w The UFO Incident (Full Movie) - Betty & Barney Hill Abduction (1975) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZPftWHs_tr8 Alien Abduction - The real deal - Viewers beware of intense video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W9g5uK6CsNs The UFO Masquerade - Dr Karla Turner http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bVWq7n6F_tk MURDERED for Exposing the Alien Agenda http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IL9G8gV-rOM Wikileaks : LEAKED - U.N. DIPLOMATIC BRIEFING - ALIEN GOD ARRIVAL http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZHXDdMwHzws Kathleen Marden Presents Abduction Experiencers' Perceptions of the Alien Agenda http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nrXSIX47lmM

Alien Races: RUSSIAN Secret Book http://blogs.fanbox.com/SinglePost.aspx?pbid=2209993&post=3113971&bts=50 different kinds of Aliens an... Knowledge Revolution Alien Races: Russian secret book 1st part - FanBox.com http://blogs.fanbox.com/SinglePost.aspx?pbid=2209993&post=3113917&bts=50 SMERSH nume dat de Stalin 13 ianuarie 1947 unei agentii de contrainformatii care se ocupa de interactiunea cu alte rase extraterestre Fiecare agent primea o carte intitulata : Rase extraterestre / Alien Races: RUSSIAN Secret Book imagini utilizate in jocul Mass Effect

"SMERSH" Was the counter intelligence agency in the red army formed in the late 1942 or even earlier, but officially founded on 24 April 1943. The name "SMERSH" was coined by JOSEPH STALIN. In January 13, 1947, a small book containing a description of Aliens was given to the top SMERSH Agents. That book described 58 kinds of Aliens and it had drawings as illustrations of the beings & UFO's. Throughout the years the book was updated. Photos of UFO's were added to it as well as pictures of witnesses and abductees (specially of children) but also statistics and much more! In the 1980's a copy of this book was found on a field in Buryatia (East Siberia) That copy ended up on the hands of A KGB Agent with friends on the media. After the collapse of the USSR, some (only some) of the information and images in it were leaked! Years later some of that leaked information was used as inspiration for th making of a few video games! The most well known is "MASS EFFECT", a game developed by Canadian Company Bioware - company founded by 2 doctors MUZYKA And ZEUSCHUK in 1995 with Russian ties. All this was helpful to discredit The Real Book. But The book did not "DIE" amongst Russia's top security agents! The book still exists and...is now used and updated by Russia's so -called "Special Services"! This book is called......ALIEN RACES! ALIEN RACES - RUSSIAN SECRET BOOK RACE MAITRE http://files.fbstatic.com/PostImages/0/0/55644bf7-d8c0-4d39-89fa5b25f9066946.jpg http://mysteriousall.com/2012/10/alien-races.html

The Alien Race Maitre have two home planets constellation Megopei, the fourth star solar system,. For its size, these planets are superior three times the planet Earth. Maitre race have the same height as humans. Race of "Parasites", takes the opportunity to attack on the planet. This race visited Earth for the first time back in the prehistoric period, then people were too primitive to the emergence of newcomers affected their consciousness. Therefore the kidnapping was carried out openly. It was the first kidnapping attempt, as a test material for suitability of the population of the planet for colonization and conversion into slaves. Colonization of the planet did not take place due to the protection of the Nine Governors race, but continued abduction rather than out of necessity, but in order to specify the location of the Nine Governors race, which in the eyes Maitre are just serve them a variety of races. As a race, which has reached a certain level of development, the master, according to the code of the League, has the right to discreet withdrawal of several representatives of inhabitants “neprosnuvshihsya” planets for scientific purposes. Therefore, to prevent kidnapping League can not. Earth, it is visited by about 200 times. Last visit was in September 2006. They stole ten people for slavery from the African continent. Home planets race Maitre chemical composition similar to the Earth, they are two-thirds covered by oceans. Nature family of planets like Earth’s race Maitre nature Jurassic period. The average temperature on the two planets is plus +32 ° C. Both planets are called the Large and Small. The Great and the planet are six continents covered by rainforest. Race master, after reached a certain level of life, was able to colonize the planet and turned into slaves races inhabiting them. They left off building the city central, and its representatives began to settle in solitude in private homes, with houses of similar humans, but large. One-story buildings, mostly rectangular. The Great and the planet is home to around two million individuals and forty millions of slaves from different systems. The slaves are predominantly technical support facilities. Fauna is represented by terrestrial dinosaurs of Jurassic, is the main form of life. There are several types of transitional forms of mammals, but they are not very well developed, as in planetary temperature control is not important.

Minor planet is an analogue large and home to millions of individuals and twenty million slaves. The main food of the race – the meat of various creatures, eating slaves is an anomaly, but not condemned. Maitre race is a race of hermaphrodites and reproduce, they need another one of a race. Pups are born about eight inches in length, they are placed in a special incubator, where they are taken out already capable of independent travel, then give them to training centers. Education begins with five months and lasts for about four years. By the time they reach the normal development for the representative of the race. The main subjects studied – is mathematics, navigation, mechanics and biology. In general, learning occurs only on practical subjects. The life of the race Maitre 120. To travel in space the spaceships are being built slaves. Spaceships are a hemisphere with a diameter of about two kilometers and a height of 500 meters. The ship can accommodate forty of the race masters and slaves, several thousand staff. Research activities are also involved in slaves. The basis of obedience slaves are implanted diodes that react to changes in the enzyme composition of blood. Hormone release discontent leads to blockage of the chip and the dying brain. Slaves of the race so submissive and dutiful. The total number of races Maitre 4 million individuals. In the galaxy of colonized 26 planets. Moving through space, they are caught like themselves and make them their slaves. In the Galaxy, they have two and a half thousand spaceships. On Earth they kidnapped about five thousand men. The main object of the abduction – is tourist groups in remote locations. They’ve managed to fall out with the race no one, forty thousand colonized planets. There has been a conflict of interest. Race And no one comes into the Galactic League, as well as race master, but it is a very fair race in the galaxy. They refused to join the League of motivated the independence and avoidance of situations in which you can enter ambiguous. League evasiveness on many issues makes race nobody resent the policy of the League in the galaxy. Supreme criterion race nobody is honesty and fairness, and dignity. The clash with the race Maitre happened after this race was to claim the planet, no race, open claiming that they were the pioneers. This planet is the fourth sector, which is under the influence of pirate races. Public nobody planet has its own intelligent life and its name is the only code in astronavigatsion maps. On a planet inhabited only wildlife. The planet is similar to Earth in size and chemical composition. A third of the planet occupied by the ocean. Atmosphere compared to Earth, more tenuous. Planet has huge mineral deposits and this race has attracted masters. Race Nobody has relations with pirate races, so the colonization of the planet was completely legal. Attempt to capture this race Maitre planet for resources was seen as a race nobody declaration of war. Statement by the Maitre race that he first discovered the planet is a lie that is deeply resented being in this sector of the race anybody. Nobody clans, discuss the situation felt that they insulted deserving of punishment, which is expressed in the destruction of the race. Race master, to the race no one, is poorly developed. Began the systematic destruction of all ships and Maitre of the race within the Galaxy. War was for the race Maitre shock because nobody successfully counteract race they could not. Attempts to attack ships from a distance at least a planet or space ship race nobody proved suicidal. At present most of the race Maitre try to hide from persecution in little explored corners of the galaxy, or hide in the meteor shower, sincerely believing that in this way they can avoid the danger. Maitre all of the race will be destroyed within the next three Earth years. Big and Small Planet will race Maitre stripped of the race and nobody there will be only

their slaves. No one, after the destruction of race Maitre, eliminates security system, located in the brain of the slaves and give them the opportunity to create their own civilization. Its development will not interfere with nobody. RACE MAITRE http://www.disclose.tv/action/viewvideo/117956/ALIEN_RACES_RUSSIAN_SEC RET_BOOK__EXTd_FINAL_CUT/ The WORS'T'are a race all to their own. 35'ft Tall, Maximum Muscle mass, Enhanced Brain chemistry, Immortal, and indifferent to lesser types. Creators of Humanoid drones, of many types as needed for the atmosphere they will operate in. Several of the mentioned Types are not actual beings, but were created for the planets and environments they operate in. such as Creptoids a 12 legged drone for worlds with an acidic gaseous, covering with Greviuos gravity levels. a Drawing i saw, it looked like an aracnoid whale. Wors'T' Are so old the origin of them kind is unknown to their own history. Traveled the Galaxies for near 7 Billion Earth years, Wors''T'are an Off World Type Level unknown! The smaller Armadas travel with Tubes as large in diameter as Neptune. They are like Humongous Cages, made of a metal mined out of Dark Stars and weigh Thousands of Metric tons per cubic Centimeter, and are near impervious to heat, cold, radiation waves, weapons are useless as the impact doesn't com close to the massive forces needed to influence the Super dense materials. A Diamond cutting tool would not even Polish this Ceramic metal.the cages are for repair, replenishment, re-armament, and Stowing of vessels as it makes it's way through The voids Between Galaxies, Harnessing the energy which travels the whole Universe since the first object emitted energy. Space they tell me is not empty but Completely Full of light energies, waves and pulses. How many stars can "WE" see? and the light has been coming at us for Billions of years, some of it, and has been radiating out in all directions, crossing paths with others until the whole of a Region is Filled with this Unseen energy. A tedious process to utilize, but Wors'T' say they are a Wealthy Bunch and think not of difficulties, of Technology, Time or Distances. Man is but a Single Cell. to the Abilities, Not known of this Type. The Region the came from is out in the Quasar Nets, as it was conveyed to the listening. They have been sending communications across our sector for more Time than Earth has had life. Asked if we will be able to listen in, and a chuckle that felt like an earth tremor came from one called " WERRS'T' "(an advocate allowed to entertain his amusement by amusing himself with our thought Pocessi , and questions) He sneered a simple Not for another 4 Thousand spins of our Galaxy as it was told. the units used are not even in our neighborhood as he explained the medium we would need comes from the {above-dark?} energy spectrum of a quasar. As best our mind is capable of, is...as We know of light spectrum's. radio spectrum's, and wave spectum's...They see in energy spectrum's of which we have none to refer to, nor experiment with. If the [Trap?] it is contained in on the cage were to be opened!! He stated Life in this Galaxy would Surely Perish..All forms. Well because it needs to flow in from a Quasar in low levels, and long Times, so our DNA can catch-up to the reconfiguration in order to survive. I'VE SAID ENOUGH>> and all those others are mere students in a cosmos, Only WORS'T' knows the expanse of, and the forces within it. NONE but WORS'T' ;can travel in the "Quasar Net Fields" Read more: http://www.disclose.tv/action/viewvideo/117956/ALIEN_RACES_RUSSIAN_SEC RET_BOOK__EXTd_FINAL_CUT/#ixzz2iVfYVqHR

Race Kyllimir – Auk

” They come from constellation Volans . The sightings of this race on Earth are rare. They are a Mystery . It is said that they were forbidden to visit Earth around the year 1.000 BC, but that they did not stop coming to our planet completely , because of their allies the race Maitre . Last seen on Earth december 1989.” Race Mazarek

“ They come from constellation Camelopardalis from the 1.300′s to early 1.900′s (human calendar). They were not allowed to leave their planet by other alien races. They are a very violent and predatory alien races. They have been

involved with the race Maitre as allies .They grow to 1.6 metri . Last seen on Earth on august 2001.”

RACE -SOLIPSI RAI Alien Races: RUSSIAN Secret Book 2nd Part"

Harmonious race in all aspects. They have one main leader. His name is YMARTYYN Their civilization is 2 billion years old! Once they were on the same level of development SOLIPSI RAI race has no colonies. they are focused only on the development of other planets. They come from constellation CYGNUS They do have 1 powerful weapon that...keeps all other hostile and violent races in "Order"! Race MAITRE lost 5 spaceships because of it! They say that we (human race) still have 645 options for the future of our planet! But the correct option will depend on our ability to move people into space! They are RACE "SOLIPSI RAI", but we call them... THE GREY! ANNUNAKI Aka ANUNAKENE

“Arrived from planet Nibiru . Their planet enters our solar system every 4.000 years, and not every 3.500 years (or so ) as commonly accepted they resemble the likes of men but they are bigger in stature ( 8 feet = 2.5 meters) . According to the book when they arrived on Earth …. there were already others powerful beings on Earth (with supernatural powers). The anunnaki defeated them and became the “new rules” . They genetically engineered the human species in order to… have a race of slave at their disposal! Samael and Lilith were the anunnaki’s king and quenn. They were not aware of the presence of reptilians on Earth. They only cooperate with one other alien race… The Zeta Reticulai the “Zeta “are no to be confuses with the “race Maitre ” or the race Solipsi Rai aka the Gray . Eventually the Anunnaki left Earth (reasons unknow however , before they left they created a Sub – Species of the “Zeta”. This sub-species eventually became the rulers of Egypt aka Pharaohs until…. the reptilians (by means of infiltration ) under their reign! The Anunnaki aka Anunnakene were beings that gave birth to such legends as “Giants”. They will return one day however . That date is still a Mystery . “

Race Kurs

” Believed to be directly related to the race Anunnaki. They come from planet Dillimuns. They are “behind ” the story of Enlil and Ninlil. They are aka “Gods of Lands” They were directly involved in the development of the human race. After centuries away from Earth they have recently returned. It is writen on the Arb that their own rules is among the visitors. This time they are not leaving anymore. They will have an important role on the years to come. They spend time immersed in a gold precious liquid, presumably that extends their life span.”

Alien Races: RUSSIAN Secret Book 3rd Part - FanBox.com RACE RAMAY

http://files.fbstatic.com/PostImages/2209993/0/91757836-be63-4392-93b7861d04bf7187.jpg A very peaceful race. They tried to co-exist with us!

According to the book they are the one’s that Created The Mayan Civilization by taking humans from different places on EARTH and Place them in South America. They have a very scientific temperament They taught the Mayans about Astrology and Time. They left the Mayans and the planet when this culture was At its highest in splendor! After they left the Mayans started the sacrifices and blood offerings in their name! This Race has visited us many times after that They come from CAPELLA constellation AURIGA They visited last in 2001 in Bora-Bora Male life span: 130 years Female life span: only 26 years RACE MOOVIANTHAN - KAYPHIK

http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread831457/pg31 http://blogs.fanbox.com/SinglePost.aspx?pbid=2209993&post=3114002 Aka: The "SHINNING ONES They come from constellation VULPECULA They have met with at least 2 American Presidents And many USSR and RUSSIAN high-ranking leaders! They exchange technology for the "Freedom" to conduct abductions! They had a big role in SIBERIAN and TIBETAN culture They still have bases in those areas! Hidden in inside the North face of mountains! They have colonized over 40 planets all outside our solar system! RACE DRIES (2,5 m; 20 de vizite pe Terra; rapiri; reproducere; inrobire; a treia stea din constelatia Cetus; 520 oameni furati; 2 planete baza similare Terrei ; 40 planete colonizate cu ajutorul sclavilor; 10 planete colonizate cu forta; colaboreaza cu 3 rase ); mananca hrana proteica de origine animala

Lang race

http://mysteriousall.com/2012/10/alien-races-2.html RACE LANG ELFI January 2006 New Zealand.

Have three home planet, the size of one half, the second three times, third five times bigger than the planet Earth. Colonized ten. Earth attend solely for entertainment purposes, as tourists. They have costumes that reflect the allaround and blend in with the background. So they go unnoticed. Eat synthetic food. While visiting the Earth can eat earthly food. This race is very often in the world in the early periods of its development, and did not try to hide from people. It was she who gave food stories about elves. They are engaged in kidnapping and stolen from the planet Earth for all the visits of about 10 000. People they need for their zoos. Organized for them the same conditions as on the home planet. The people there live and breed in the society of his kind. When colonizing new planets, Lang did not use violence. Colonize the planet only available with the permission of the Galactic League, but they are not an active participant. Lang race is an example of race, stopped in its development. At the highest level of technical progress in the transition to a fully automated way of life, this race has lost the desire to acquire knowledge. The representatives of this race are occupied only entertainment. True homeland of the race – the largest of the three planets, called Lang. The other two nearest planets that managed to colonize first, called Ling and Lung. Ten of the colonized planet – a planet-resorts, where everything is made just for fun. Technical progress of the race has given them the opportunity to build a space ship in the form of huge disks, up to a kilometer in diameter with a capacity of about one thousand individuals. However, these spacecraft are used only for space tourism, and some of them turned into entertainment centers. Lang civilization feature race is the equality of all of the race and the complete lack of status and benefits in the distribution of wealth. Planet Earth race Lang visited about three thousand times. The most frequent visits occurred in the era of barbarism and the Middle Ages, when the collective mind of humanity has been exposed as a hoax and various superstitions. According to the requirements of the Nine Governors race, the presence of extraterrestrial beings should be hidden from the eyes of the people. So of the race Lang used special masking suits that made them indistinguishable from the environment. Still, the representatives of this race is not always fulfilled the conditions put forward by the race of the Nine Governors, and very often, in the early periods of human civilization, to show people, thus giving rise to the legend of the elves, the existence of forest spirits and goblins. This race is engaged in kidnapping, but it is only with the voluntary consent of the person. The first case was a kidnapping, abduction, the first of the race who saw Lang. The group discovered a man exposing incredibly frightened and stole earthling, not even imagining why. Later abduction took place only after the voluntary person’s wishes to leave this planet. It is with this and have been linked to the medieval history of the people kidnapped by elves, because in this period race Lang kidnapped in Europe about 500 people. As already mentioned, the race Lang creates its planets called zoos, in which representatives of different races live in a closed ecosystem, imitating their home planet. Lang was able to steal the race from the planet Earth two thousand. Their descendants still live in zoos on planets race Lang. New abductions are necessary to update the existing set of genetic individuals. Lang is the number of race three billion individuals. This number is unchanged for half a million years. Lifespan equals Lang – 320 years. The biological characteristics of the race Lang similar to earthlings. They tend to build large cities with tall colorful houses, but often prefer solitude and life in nature. Their entry into the League was more of a political act, allowing this race to travel the

galaxy and is under the protection of the Galactic League which threatens security. The last time they visited the planet Earth in January 2006, appearing in the New Zealand. The group consisted of 20 individuals. Race Lang enjoys the culture of people, especially that part of it, which indirectly tells them stories about elves and magic. A month stay in New Zealand of the race Lang played in earth elf scenario described in the book of Tolkien. Race 2017 ” These have only contacted humans 1 time in 1935. They come from Galaxy UDFJ 39546284 estimated distance of about 13.2 billion light years ( yes … billion!). They travel using some sort of ” Worm – hole” that allows them to “bend” space. The only report of their presence was in the former USSR in 1935. Acording to the Arb they spoke a kind of a slavic dialect. They were tall , blond , had long hair and “smelled like flowers”. El – Manouk

“They come from constellation Grus near star Alnair. They are considered to be one of the most peaceful races. They created the alliance of the “5 races ” but are not part of it. Those are 5 races that protect our planet from “darker”races. According to the Arb they “coined” the sentence “5 Universes , 2500 species , 1 Race.” Last seen on Earth on september -2002.”

Race Pleyadiyans http://gigantiidacia.wordpress.com/tag/race-al-gruualix/ ” This race come from Solar System surrounding the Pleyadiyes stars. More precisely from planet Erra near the star Taygeta. They are often associated with spiritual growth. They can grow up to 2.5 meters. They practice “sex cultivation” . The distinct difference between their sexual expressions and their sensual emotions. Their source of transportation is their intergalactic spaceships which are also known as beamships. Although they still visit Earth . They have mainly remained silent since 10.000 AD. They are one of the oldest race of aliens in the known Universe.They continue to develop the mental skills necessary to eventually reach their goal… an even higher spiritual state! “ Race Kiily – Tokurt “This race come from constellation Vela , near the star Suhail Al Muhlif . They grow 2 meters high and live up to 200 years. They can shape – shift but are incredibly hard to detect . When they do it the only thing they cannot change is the size and colour of their eyes. They are one of the olders know alien races. They do abduct humans.” Race Afim

“They come from constellation Lyra . They call themselves “Afim Spiantsy” . Small in stature, blue spotty skin. Their planet is Called Crimea Ai- Petri. Their technical level of development is such…. That they can get here from their planet in 20 earth minutes! They do not need oxygen. Largest percentage of their planet’s atmosphere is hydrogen. Colonized 10 planets in non- violent ways. When they are close to humans they cannot be seen (if they don’t want to ) .

Their space ships are small and sphere like. They visit us to study “human deviation” This activity is important to them in determining the future development of the human race! “ The book of – “Alien Races” http://gigantiidacia.wordpress.com/tag/race-al-gruualix/

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