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July 18, 2017 | Author: r.m.ram234 | Category: Oracle Database, Databases, Supply Chain, Warehouse, Data Warehouse
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Mobile: +91-8892690799 +91-9440514279 E-Mail: [email protected]

Total Exp: 3.5 years, Rel Exp: 3.2 years, CTC: 3.9lpa ECTC: 5.8lpa, NP: 15days, DOB: Aug-18-84, Permanent.

CARRIER OBJECTIVE: Quest to work in a professional atmosphere which will enable me to keep in line with emerging as well as the latest technologies and provide scope for widening the spectrum of my knowledge SUMMARY:         

Having 3+years of IT experience in Data warehousing environment. Strong Knowledge on Informatica and Clear understanding of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) in Data Warehousing. Experience in using ETL Tool Informatica Power Center and its various designer tools. Developing ETL processes like Data Extraction, Transformation, and Loading using various Versions like Informatica Power Center 7.1.1 and 8.6.0. Extensively worked on Informatica Power Center Designer, Workflow Manager and Workflow Monitor tools. Experience in designing, development and testing processes of extraction, transformation and loading Successfully contributed my knowledge towards completing the projects in time with desired results Good analytical, problem solving, interpersonal, communication and presentation skills. Having Knowledge in UNIX Environment.


ETL Tools : Informatica 7.X & 8.x Databases : Oracle 8i/9i Operating Systems: Windows 2003 Server,XP. Tools : Toad.


Working as a software consultant with Wipro from March,09 to till date Worked as a software engineer with Finanix It Solutions from Oct,07 to Feb,09


B.Tech from Sri Krishna Devaraya Engineering College

Project#1 Title Duration Client

: Trade Monitoring : Aug, 10 to till date : Union Bank of Switzerland, Switzerland

Description: This project is involved in the development of data warehouse for Union Bank of Switzerland. The large investment banks needs a centralized system to monitor the transactions happened with the bank. The TRADE MONITORING project develops a global surveillance system to report the suspicious trading activities with the bank. It monitors the suspected activities through an automated reporting system. It also plays a vital role in Anti Money Laundering. The Main Process that performed in this project is Extraction, Transformation & Loading. The process on the warehouse system executes and loads the data from ORACLE source to flat, in the first phase of the project we move data from flat files to staging area (STG) of the Warehouse system and in the second phase we move data from staging area to the Warehouse system. Responsibilities:        

Extensively worked with Source Analyzer, Target Designer, Mapping Designer and Mapplet Designer. Designed Data mapping Specification Document. Designed various mappings using transformations like Router, Update Strategy, Filter, lookup, Store procedure, Joiner, Aggregator, and Expression Transformation. Worked with different sources such as Oracle, and flat files. Creating the Sessions, Workflows with respective mappings in Power Center Workflow Manager. Monitoring the Informatica workflows and if any failures, we recertified the problems. Loading Transaction data and Master data from source to target Database. Working in sync with cross-functional resources so as to ensure proper data journey.

Project #2 Title Duration Client

: Common Data Model (CDM) : Mar, 09 to July, 10 : Capital One Bank, USA

Description: Capital One Bank auto finance banking division has multiple products and diverse geographies. The Objective of the project involves creation of data mart with focus on applicant related data, analysis on application status and process of reporting to the application status related data received from various branches. The basic details were gathered in Oracle source and the same is consolidated into a target database. This data mart is mainly focusing on various aspects of different auto loan process for applicants who are applied for auto loans and to track the status of particular applicant status like under process, processed, verified, rejected and approved etc., Responsibilities:          

Involved in creation of mappings according to the business requirements Developed mappings which pull data from heterogeneous sources, transform the data into designed fact and dimensional tables Worked with heterogeneous sources such as flat files and relational sources. Used source analyzer and warehouse designer to import the source and target tables Used Informatica designer to design the source definition, target definition and transformations to build mappings Used transformations like joiner, filter, expression, lookup and aggregator are used in mappings according to the business requirements Created active and passive transformations in mappings as well as in mapplets Created various mappings for extracting, transforming and loading data from source to target Tuning mappings, transformations and data flow to optimize the performance. Involved in testing against the developed mappings

Project#3 Title Duration Client

: Supply Chain Analysis : Oct, 07 to Feb, 09 : PES Engineering, Hyderabad

Description: Supply chain management is the module which deals with supply requirement analysis of sales and distribution department. Whenever the sales and distribution department is getting any requirements from customer is collected and used to trace the track of processing status in all departments. As soon as sales requirements are collected from customer is submitted to FI-CO department for estimating the cost of the customer need. As soon as cost is finalized, the requirements are submitted to production planning department for designing analysis as the designs are committed, requirements are submitted to quality management for type of quality to be submitted to customers. based on quality selected by customers, supply on demand is send to material management. The raw material are submitted from material management is given to Manufacturing department to convert the source raw material into finished product. The finished products are internally saved into storage locations in the form of warehouse department. The finished products are transported from warehouse to sales and distribution department to deliver the products to the customers. Responsibilities:    

Extensively worked with Source Analyzer, Target Designer, Mapping Designer. Created Informatica mappings to build business rules to load data. Most of the transformations were used like the Source qualifier, Expression, Aggregators, lookups, Filters, Joiner, Sequence Generator, Update strategy & Router. Worked with different sources such as Oracle, and flat files. Creating the Sessions, Workflows with respective mappings in Power Center Workflow Manager.

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