RA 9208 Implementing Rules

March 20, 2019 | Author: Sui | Category: Human Trafficking, Sexual Slavery, Prosecutor, Prostitution, Slavery
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9208 92 08,,


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  partic particula ularly rly wom women en and chi childr ldren en fro from m nef nefari arious ous activities such as trafficking in persons;


WHEREAS,, the incidences of documented as well as WHEREAS


unreported cases of trafficking and abuse of minors and


women clearly manifest that the human trafficking is a nagging issue in the Municipality;

EXPLANATORY NOTE WHEREAS,, it is im WHEREAS impe pera rativ tive e th that at th this is co conc ncer ern n be WHEREAS, the traf traffic fickin king g in per person sons, s, esp especi ecially ally

directly direc tly and effect effectively ively addressed by this Sangguniang Sangguniang

women wom en and children children,, is a rea reall pr probl oblem em tha thatt dem demand ands s

Bayan, in order to prevent the Municipality from becoming

proactive and coordinated response at the international,

a source, transit point or destination of trafficking victims;

regional, national, and even local levels; WHEREFORE, PREMISES CONSIDERED, the local WHEREAS, the Philippine Government declared its

governmen gover nmentt of ____ ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ ____deems deems it urge urgent nt

full support to the worldwide campaign to fight trafficking

that the instant legislative measure be promulgated and

in pe pers rson ons s wh when en th the e Co Cong ngre ress ss pa pass ssed ed Re Repu publ blic ic Ac Actt

adopted, pursuant to its duty of promoting the general

No.9208, No.9 208, otherwise known as the “Anti-T Anti-Traffick raffick ing in

welfare and its mandate of protecting the well-being of its

Persons Act of 2003”, and which was formally signed

residents and constituents.

into law by the President on May 26, 2003;

WHEREAS, R. R.A. A. 92 9208 08 wa was s en enac acte ted d to in inst stit itut ute e Republic of the Philippines Province of _______________________ _________________________ __ Municipality of______________________ of____________________________ ______

polici pol icies es to elim elimina inate te tra traffi fficki cking ng in per person sons, s, esp especi ecially ally wome wo men n

and an d

chil ch ildr dren en,,


esta es tabl blis ish h

the th e

nece ne cess ssar ary y

institutional mechanisms for the protection and support of 


trafficked traffi cked persons, persons, and to prov provide ide penal penalties ties for variou various s acts of trafficking;

ORDINANCE NO._________ (Third Draft)

WHEREAS, the Implementing Rules and Regulations of R. R.A. A. 920 9208 8 wer were e dra drafte fted d thr throug ough h a ser series ies of nat nation ional al


consultatio cons ultations ns and adop adopted ted by the Inter Inter-Ag -Agency ency Coun Council cil


Against Trafficking (IACAT) on September 17, 2003;




9208 92 08,,

PERSON PER SONS S ACT OF 200 2003” 3” AN AND D ITS IMP IMPLEM LEMENT ENTING ING WHEREAS, after four (4) years of implementing R.A.


9208 at both national and local levels, there are numerous


gaps and areas of improvement in the law that have been


iden id enti tifie fied d an and d wh whic ich h ca can n be re rect ctif ifie ied d th thro roug ugh h lo loca call legislation;

BE IT ORDAINED by the Sangguniang Bayan of  the Municipa Municipality lity of

WHERE WH EREAS, AS, the pri princi nciple ple of loc local al aut autono onomy  my 

________ ____ ________ _______ ___ in regular regular session session

duly assembled, that:

enunciated in Article X of the 1987 Constitution and  the ple plenar nary y pol police ice po power wer of loc local al go gover vernme nments nts

Section 1. Short Title. – This Ordinance shall be

stated in Section 16 (General Welfare Clause) of the

known and/or cited as the “AntiAnti-T Traffic rafficking king in Pers Persons ons

Local Government Code, when viewed in relation to

Ordinance of ___________ ________________. _____. “

Sectio Sec tion n 16( 16(j) j) of R.A. 9208 and Section Section 19 of its Implementi Imple menting ng Ru Rules les and Reg Regulatio ulations, ns, adequ adequately  ately   justify the local government units (LGUs) in taking

Secti Se ction on Principles.


Stat St atem emen entt

– It is her ereb eby y


Poli Po lici cies es

and  an d 

dec ecla larred th that at th the e

loc lo cal

government of _____________________ values the dignity of 

of sexu sexual al explo exploitation itation,, forc forced ed labor or servic services, es, slavery,

every human person and guarantees the full  respect of 

servitude, or the removal or sale of organs.

indi in divi vidu dual al

righ ri ghts ts..

Tow owar ards ds

this th is

end, en d,

the th e

muni mu nici cipa pall The Th e

government shall give highest priority to the enactment of 

recr re cruit uitme ment nt,,

tran tr ansp spor ortat tation ion,,

trans tra nsfe fer, r,

measur mea sures es and the dev develop elopmen mentt of pro progra grams ms tha thatt will

harb ha rbor orin ing g or rec ecei eipt pt of a ch chil ild d fo forr th the e pu purp rpos ose e of 

promote human dignity and protect the people from any

exploit exp loitatio ation n sh shall all als also o be con consid sidere ered d as “tr “traff affick icking ing in

threats of violence and exploitation.

persons” perso ns” even if it does not involv involve e any of the means set forth in the preceding paragraph.





  _______ ___________ ________ ________ ______ __ likew likewise ise recog recognizes nizes its vital role in

(b) Child – refers to a person below eighteen (18)

addressing the problem of trafficking in persons, especially

years of age or one who is over eighteen (18) but is unable

women wom en and children children,, at the local lev level el by ins institu titutin ting g

to fully take care of or protect himself/herself from abuse,

policies and programs to prevent, protect and rehabilitate

neglect, cruelty, exploitation, or discrimination because of 

victims of trafficking.

physical or mental disability or condition.

It is al also so th the e

poli licy cy of th the e

(c) Prostitution – refers to any act, transaction,

muni mu nici cip pal  agai ag ains nst  t 

sche sc heme me,, or de desi sign gn in invo volvi lving ng th the e us use e of a pe pers rson on by

trafficking traffi cking in person persons s by penalizing penalizing certai certain n acts or 

another, anoth er, for sexua sexuall inter intercours course e or lasciv lascivious ious conduct conduct in

omissions that can be considered as violations of 

exchange for money, profit or any other consideration.

gove go vern rnme ment nt


tak ta ke


firm fi rmer er

stan st ance ce

this th is Or Ordi dina nanc nce. e. For th this is re reas ason on,, th the e mu muni nici cipa pal  l 

(d) Forc Forced ed Labor and Slave Slavery ry – refer to the

government is hereby invoking the principle of local  1987 19 87

extraction of work or services from any person by means

Constitution and the plenary police power of local 

of enticement, violence, intimidation or threat, use of force

gover go vernme nments nts exp express ressed ed in Sec Section tion 16 (Ge (Gener neral  al 

or coer coercion, cion, including including depri deprivation vation of freed freedom, om, abuse of 

Welfare Clause) of the Local Government Code, in

auth au thor orit ity y

rela re lati tion on to Se Sect ctio ion n


auto au tono nomy my em embo bodi died ed in Ar Arti ticl cle e

16(j 16 (j))


of th the e

of R. R.A. A. 92 9208 08,,

whic wh ich h


mora mo rall

asce as cend ndan ancy cy,,

debt de bt-b -bon onda dage ge


explicitly mandates LGUs to monitor and document 

(e) Sex Tourism – refers to a program organized

trafficking cases and Section 19 of its Implementing Rules and Regulations, Regulations, which clearly directs LGUs to


trav tr avel el

“enactt ordin “enac ordinances ances or issua issuances nces aimed at provi providing ding

indi in divi vidu dual als s

and an d whic wh ich h

tour to uris ismm-re relat lated ed cons co nsis ists ts


esta es tabl blis ishm hmen ents ts tour to uris ism m

pack pa ckag ages es

and an d or

  protection protection and supp support ort to traff traffick icked ed perso persons ns and 

activities, utilizing and offering escort and sexual services

adopt measures to prevent and suppress trafficking

as entice enticements ments for touris tourists. ts. This inclu includes des sexu sexual al servic services es

in persons”.

and practices offered during rest and recreation periods for members of the military.

Section 3. Definition of Terms. – As used in (f) Sexual Exploitation – refer refers s to partic participation ipation

this Ordinance: by (a) Traffi rafficking cking in Person Persons s – re refe fers rs to th the e


pers pe rson on


pros pr osti titu tuti tion on


the th e

prod pr oduc ucti tion on


pornographic materials as a result of being subjected to a

recrui rec ruitme tment, nt, tran transpo sporta rtatio tion, n, tra transf nsfer er or har harbor boring ing,, or

threat, thre at, decep deception, tion, coer coercion, cion, abduction, abduction, forc force, e, abus abuse e of 

receipt recei pt of perso persons ns with or without the victim victim’s ’s consent or

authority, debt-bondage, fraud, or through abuse of victim

knowledge, within or across national borders by means of 

‘s vulnerability.

thre th reat at or use of fo forc rce, e, or ot othe herr fo form rms s of co coer erci cion on,, abduction, fraud, deception, abuse of power or of position,

(g) Debt Bondage – refers to the pledging by the

taking advantage of the vulnerability of the person, or, the

debtor deb tor of his his/he /herr per person sonal al ser servic vices es or lab labor or tho those se of a

giving or receiving of payments or benefits to achieve the

person under his/her control as security or payment for a

consent of a person having control over another person for

debt, when the length and nature of services is not clearly

the purpose of exploitation which includes at a minimum,

defined or when the value of the services as reasonably

the exploitation or the prostitution of others or other forms

assessed is not applied toward the liquidation of the debt.

(h) Pornography – refers to any representation,


To un unde dert rtak ake e or or orga gani nize ze to tour urs s an and d tr trav avel el

through publication, exhibition, cinematography, indecent

plans consisting consisting of touris tourism m or activit activities ies for

shows, information technology, or by whatever means, of 

the purpose of utilizing and offering persons

a per person son engaged engaged in rea reall or sim simula ulated ted exp explic licit it sex sexual ual

forr fo

activities or any representation of the sexual parts of a


person for primarily sexual purposes.


porn po rnog ogra raph phy y


sexu se xual al

To ma main inta tain in or hire hire a pe pers rson on to engag engage e in prostitution or pornography.

(i) Local Committe Committee e – ref refers ers to the Local  Committee on Anti-Trafficking and Violence Against 

pros pr ostit titut utio ion, n,


To adopt, adopt, or facilit facilitate ate the the adoption adoption of of persons persons

Women and their Children (LCATVAWC) established 

for the purpose of prostitution, pornography,

under Section 7 of this Ordinance.

sexual sex ual exp exploit loitati ation, on, for forced ced lab labor, or, sla slavery very,, involuntary servitude, or debt bondage.

(j) Local Task Task Forc orce e – ref refers ers to the Local 


  Joint Joint Task Forc orce e Aga Agains instt Traf raffic fickin king g in Pe Perso rsons ns (LJT (L JTF FATP TP))

crea cr eate ted d

unde un der r

Sect Se ctio ion n



To recruit recruit,, hire, hire, adopt, adopt, trans transpor portt or abduct abduct a person, by means of threat or use of force,

this th is

fra rau ud,


dec ecei eit, t,

viol vi olen enc ce,

coe oerrcio ion n


intimi int imidati dation on for the pur purpos pose e of rem removal oval or sale of organs of the said person.

(k)) Co (k Coun uncil cil – re refe fers rs to th the e In Inte terr-Ag Agen ency  cy 


Council Against Trafficking in Persons (IACAT).

To rec ecru ruit it,, tr tran ans spo port rt or ad adop optt a chil ild d to engage in armed activities in the Philippines or abroad.

Section 4.   Acts Acts Pun Punishab ishable le under R.A. No. 9208. - (a) The following shall be unlawful and penalized

(b)) Th (b The e fo follo llowi wing ng sh shal alll al also so be un unla lawf wful ul an and d

as acts of trafficking in persons: persons:

penalized as acts that promote trafficking in persons: 1.

To recruit, recruit, transp transport, ort, trans transfer; fer; harbo harbor, r, provid provide e or receive a person by any means, including


To knowin knowingly gly leas lease e or suble sublease ase,, use use or allow allow

those done under the pretext of domestic or


over ov erse seas as

emp em plo loym ymen entt

apprenti ce ceshi p, p,





buil di di ng ng


trai tr ain nin ing g


establishment for the purpose of promoting

pur po pose


trafficking in persons.

or the


prostituti pros titution, on, porn pornograp ography, hy, sex explo exploitation itation,, force labor, slavery, involuntary servitude or


unis un issu sued ed,,

debt bondage.


To pr prod oduc uce, e, to print print and issue issue or distri distribu bute te tamp ta mper ered ed

cert ce rtif ific icat ates es,,   To intr introduc oduce e or matc match h for money, profit, or


fake fa ke

regi re gist stra rati tion on

coun co unse seli ling ng

stic st ick ker ers s

and an d

certificates of any government agency which

material, materi al, econo economic mic or other consideration, consideration,

issues these certificates and stickers as proof 

any person or, as provided for under Republic

of comp compliance liance with gover government nment regulatory regulatory

Act No.6955, any Filipino woman to a foreign

and an d

nation nat ional, al, for mar marriag riage e for the pur purpos pose e of 

prepr e-de depa part rtur ure e

requ re quir irem emen ents ts

forr fo

the th e

purpose promoting trafficking in persons.

acquiring, buying, offering, selling, or trading him/her for prostitution, pornography, sexual exp xplo loit itat atio ion n,

for orce ced d

lab la bor or,,

sla lave very ry,,

involuntary servitude or debt bondage. 3.




cont ra ract

marr ia iage ,


To ad adve vert rtis ise, e, pu publ blis ish, h, pr prin int, t, br broa oadc dcas astt or dist di strib ribut ute, e, publ pu blic icat atio ion, n,




caus ca use e prin pr inti ting ng,,

the th e

adver ad vertis tisem emen ent, t,

broa br oadc dcas asti ting ng


distribution by any means, including the use

simu si mulat lated ed,, fo forr th the e pu purp rpos ose e of ac acqu quir irin ing, g,

of information technology and the internet, of 

buying, offering, selling, or trading them to

any an y br broc ochu hure re,, fl flye yer, r, or an any y pr prop opag agan anda da


material that promotes trafficking in persons.

expl ex ploi oita tati tion on,,

pornogra ph phy, forc fo rced ed

labo la bor, r,

sexual or

slav sl aver ery, y,

involuntary servitude, or debt bondage.


To assist assist in the conduc conductt of misrepr misrepresen esentati tation on

or co conf nfed edera erati ting ng wit with h on one e an anot othe herr. It is

or fr frau aud d fo forr pu purp rpos oses es of fa faci cilit litati ating ng th the e

dee eem med

acquisition of clearances and necessary exit

committed against three (3) or more persons,

documents docu ments from gover government nment agencies that

individually or as a group;

are ar e

mand ma ndate ated d

regi re gist stra ratio tion n pers pe rson ons s


and an d

forr fo

the th e

prov pr ovid ide e

com omm mit itte ted d


larrge la

scal sc ale e


prepr e-de depa part rtur ure e

serv se rvic ices es

forr fo

depa de part rtin ing g

purp pu rpos ose e


prom pr omot otin ing g


When Wh en the offe offend nder er is an ascen ascenda dant nt,, paren parent, t, sibling, siblin g, guardian or a perso person n who exercise exercise authority auth ority over the trafficked trafficked person or when

trafficking in persons.

the offense is committed by a public officer 5.

To fa faci cili lita tate te,, as assi sist st or he help lp in th the e ex exit it and

or employee;

entry en try of pe pers rson ons s fr from om// to th the e co coun untr try y at 5.

intern int ernatio ational nal and loc local al airp airport orts, s, ter territ ritoria oriall bou oun nda dari ries es

and an d

poss po sses essi sion on


sea eap por orts ts unis un issu sued ed,,

When Wh en th the e tr traf affi fick cked ed pe pers rson on is re recr crui uite ted d to

are ar e


engage in prostitution with any member of 

tamp ta mper ered ed


the military or law enforcement agencies;

who wh o

fraudulent travel documents for the purpose 6.

of promoting trafficking in persons.

When the offender is a me mb mber of the military or law enforcement agencies; and



confi sc scat e, e,

pass pa sspo port rt,,

trav tr avel el



docu do cume ment nts s


the 7.

pers pe rson onal al

When Wh en by rea reaso son n or on occ occas asio ion n of the the act of  of 

traf tr affi fick cked ed

traffi tra fficki cking ng in per person sons, s, the off offend ended ed par party ty

person per sons s in fur furthe theran rance ce of tra traffi fficki cking ng or to

dies, becomes insane, suffers mutilation or is

preven pr eventt the them m fr from om lea leavin ving g the cou countr ntry y or

afflicted with Human Immunodeficiency Virus

seekin see king g red redres ress s fr from om the gov govern ernmen mentt or

(HIV) (HI V) or the Ac Acqui quired red Imm Immun une e Def Defici icienc ency y

appropriate agencies; and

Syndrome (AIDS).

docu do cume ment nts s


conce al al,


belo be long ngin ings gs



(d) Confidentiality. – At an any y sta tag ge of th the e

othe ot herwi rwise se,, or ma make ke us use e of of,, th the e lab labor or or

investigation, prosecution and trial of an offense under RA

services or a person held to a condition of 

9208, law enforcement officers, prosecutors, judges, court

invo in volu lunt ntar ary y

personnel perso nnel and medic medical al prac practitione titioners, rs, as well as partie parties s to


know kn owin ing gly

ben enef efit it

servi se rvitu tude de,,

from fr om,,

fina fi nan ncia iall

forc fo rced ed

labor lab or,,


the th e ca case se,, sh shal alll re reco cogn gniz ize e th the e rig right ht to pr priv ivac acy y of th the e


trafficked person and the accused. Towards this end, law (c) Th The e fol followi lowing ng are con consid sidere ered d as qualified

enforcement officers, prosecutors and judges to whom the complaint has been referred may, whenever necessary to

trafficking in persons:

ensu en sure re a 1.

When Wh en the the traf traffic ficke ked d perso person n is a child child;;

fair fa ir an and d

impa im part rtia iall

proc pr ocee eedi ding ng,,

and an d

afte af terr

considering all circumstances for the best interest of the parties, order a closed-door investigation, prosecution or


When th the e

adop ad opti tion on is ef effe fec cte ted d

thrrou th oug gh

trial tr ial.. Th The e na name me an and d pe pers rson onal al ci circ rcum umst stan ance ces s of th the e

Republic Act No. 8043, otherwise known as

traf tr affi fick cked ed pe pers rson on or of th the e

the “Inter-Country Adoption Act of 1995” and

information tending to establish their identities and such

sai d

circumstances or information shall not be disclosed to the

adopt io ion

prostitution, exp xplo loit itat atio ion n,





pornogra ph phy, for orce ced d

lab la bor or,,



acc ac cus used ed,, or an any y ot othe herr


sla lave very ry,,

involuntary servitude or debt bondage;

In cases when prosecution or trial is conducted behind closed-doors, it shall be unlawful for any editor, publisher,


When Wh en the the crime crime is is commi committed tted by a syn syndic dicate, ate,

and rep report orter er or col colum umnis nistt in cas case e of pri printe nted d mat materia erials, ls,

or in la larg rge e sc scal ale. e. Tra raff ffic ickin king g is de deem emed ed

announ ann ouncer cer or pr produ oducer cer in cas case e of tele televis vision ion and rad radio, io,

committed by a syndicate if carried out by a

prod pr oduc ucer er an and d di dire rect ctor or of a fil film m in ca case se of th the e mo movi vie e

group of three (3) or more persons conspiring

indust ind ustry, ry, or any per person son uti utiliz lizing ing tritri-med media ia fac facilit ilities ies or

information technology to cause publicity of any case of 

trafficking in persons.

Pres Pr esid iden entt


the th e

Sang Sa nggu guni nian an

Kaba Ka bata taan an

Federation 

GAD Focal Person

(e) Any person who buys or engages the services

LCPC Representative

of trafficked persons for prostitution shall be penalized for

use of trafficked persons. persons.

 Three (3) NGOs or faith-based organizations, which have a proven record of working for and advocating advocating the right rights s and concerns concerns of 

Section Sectio n 5. Pena Penalties lties under R.A. No. 9208. –

wome wo men, n,

 The afore-mentioned acts shall be penalized in accordance


chil ch ildr dren en

and an d

over ov erse seas as

Fili ilipi pino no

with the provisions of Sections 10 and 11 of Republic Act No. 9208.

(b) The committee shall convene at least once a month, and it may call for such special sessions as it may

Section Sectio n 6. Role of the Local Government of  _______________________.







deem necessary. necessary. A majority of its members shall constitute a quorum to conduct official business.

international and national efforts to address the problem of tr traf affi fick ckin ing g

in pe pers rson ons, s, th the e

loca lo call

gove go vern rnme ment nt of 

  _________________shall _________________shall implement programs, services and

(c) The MSWO shall serve as the secretariat of the Local Committee.

activities that will contribute to the prevention, protection and rehabilitation of trafficked persons in the municipality,

Sec ecti tion on


Functi on ons


t he he

Loca l  

pursuant to Section 16(j) of R.A. No. 9208 and Section19 of 

existi sting ng Lo Local cal Com Committ mittee ee on An AntitiCommittee. – The exi

its Implementing Rules and Regulations.

Violence Against Women and their Children shall address and conside considerr the following following agenda, agenda, in add additio ition n to its

Section Sectio n 7. Implementing Agency Agency.. –  (a) The

present functions and duties:

Local Committee on Anti-Trafficking and Violence Against Wome omen n and the their ir Chi Childr ldren en (LCATVAWC) sh shall all be th the e prim pr imar ary y

arm ar m


the th e

muni mu nici cipa pall

gove go vern rnme ment nt



the th e

municipal program to prevent and suppress

implementation of the provisions of R.A. No. 9208 and this Ordinance. Its com compos positi ition on sha shall ll inc includ lude, e, but not 

trafficking in persons b.

limited to the following:

Chair:: Chair


Coordi na nate muni mu nici cipa pall





i mp mpl em ementati on on

gove go vern rnme ment nt’s ’s


prog pr ogra rams ms

the and an d

activities on anti-trafficking, as enumerated


under Sections 6, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, and


Vice Vi ce

Formu Fo rmulate late the the compr comprehe ehensi nsive ve and and integra integrated ted

16 of this Ordinance Chair Ch air::

The Th e

Chai airr

of th the e

Sang Sa ngg gun unia ian n


Discu Dis cuss ss with with neig neighb hborin oring g LGUs LGUs the via viabil bility ity of  of  grouping together and pooling resources for

committee on women and family

a more effective delivery of the mandatory services under RA 9208

Members:: Members d. 

Municipal Social Welfare Officer (MSWO)

Municipal Planning Officer

Muni Mu nici cipa pall

Gove Go vern rnme ment nt

Oper Op erat atio ions ns

Rec ecom omme mend nd releva relevant nt polici policies es or le legi gisl slati ative ve measures to the Sanggunian Bayan


Lead Le ad the the prepa preparat ratio ions ns and and activi activitie ties s for the


celebration of December 12 of every year as

Municipal Health Officer 

“National Day Against Trafficking” Trafficking”

Municipal Employment Services Officer 

Chief of the local Philippine National Police

LGU per person sonnel nel inv involv olved ed in ant anti-tr i-traff affick icking ing


programs and/or activities

President of the Liga ng mga Barangay


Cond Co nduc uctt an and/ d/or or prov provid ide e fo forr th the e tr trai aini ning ng of 


Establish Estab lish a sex- and age-d age-disagg isaggregat regated  ed 

report rep ort to the IACAT IACAT on the sit situat uation ion of traf traffic fickin king g in

data base on cases of trafficking in persons

persons within the municipality, as well as on the policies and programs instituted to respond to the problem.


Submi Su bmitt an ann annual ual rep report ort to to the the Coun Council cil


Perfo Pe rform rm suc such h other other rel relate ated d func function tions s or tas tasks ks as may be imposed by law or ordinance.

Section Sectio n 11. Visita (a)) As an Visitation tion Powe Powers rs. – (a incide inc ident nt to its mandate mandated d du duty ty und under er Sec Section tion 9 of thi this s Ordina Ord inance nce,,

Section 9. Monitor and document cases of 

the mu munic nicipa ipall

govern gov ernmen mentt

shall sh all

conduc con ductt

inspec ins pectio tion, n, in coo coord rdina inatio tion n with pr prope operr aut author horitie ities, s, of 

trafficking in persons. – (a) The municipal government

houses, buildings, or establishments reported as being

shall monitor and document cases of trafficking in persons

used for trafficking activities.

within its territorial jurisdiction. (b)) Th (b The e un unju just stif ifiab iable le re refu fusa sall of th the e ow owne nerr or (b) Any person who has any knowledge or learns

person in charge of any house, building, or establishment

of facts or circumstances that give rise to a reasonable

to submit the same for inspection by municipal authorities

belie be lieff th that at a pe pers rson on will be be,, or ma may y be be,, or ha has s be been en

shall give rise to the  prima facie presumption of willfully

trafficked shall immediately report the same, either orally

impeding imped ing and/or obstr obstructin ucting g the mandated duty of the

or in wr writ itin ing g or th thro roug ugh h ot othe herr me mean ans s to th the e Lo Loca call

muni mu nici cipa pall

Committee, the nearest police or law enforcement agency,

trafficking cases, and may expose said owner or person in

or the Municipal Social Welfare Office (MSWO).

char ch arge ge to po poss ssib ible le pr pros osec ecut ution ion fo forr vi viola olati tion on of th this is

gove go vern rnme ment nt


moni mo nito torr

and an d

docu do cume ment nt

Ordinance. (c) The Mun Munici icipal pal Hea Health lth Off Office ice sha shall ll lik likewis ewise e assist in the monitoring function by reporting to the police

(c) The Loc Local al Com Commit mittee tee sha shall ll for formul mulate ate the

or law enforcement officers or the MSWO any suspected

proper guidelines and protocols that will be observed in

cases cas es of traf traffic fickin king g in per person sons s for pu purpo rposes ses of sex sexual ual

the exercise of this power, in order to ensure compliance.

exploitation explo itation,, incid incident ent to the cond conduct uct of the STD/ STD/HIV/ HIV/AIDS AIDS monitoring test, daily hygiene check-up and other similar medical examinations.

Section Sec tion 12.

Canc Ca ncel ella latio tion n


lice li cens nses es


establishments which violate the provisions of R.A. No. 9208. – (a) The Office of the Municipal Mayor shall

(d) The concerned local government officers shall

effect eff ect the can cancel cellati lation on or rev revoca ocation tion of the bu busin siness ess

also contribute to the monitoring function by reporting to

permits and/or licenses of any individual or establishment

the police or law enforcement officers or the MSWO any

found to have violated the provisions of R.A. No. 9208.

suspected cases of trafficking in persons for purposes of  forced forc ed labor, slavery or involu involuntary ntary servitude, servitude, incid incident ent to

(b) All All indiv individual iduals s or establ establishme ishments nts apply applying ing for

the conduct of inspection of sweatshops, poultry, piggery

new bus busine iness ss per permit mits s and and/or /or lic licens enses es or app applyi lying ng for

and other agricultural structures, or other labor-intensive

renewal thereof shall sign a written undertaking that they


shall not employ minors and women who are victims of  trafficking. Bars, nightclubs, videoke/KTV bars, and other

(e) All other local agencies or offices, including bara ba rang ngay ays, s, re rece ceiv ivin ing g

repo re port rts s

of su susp spec ected ted ca case ses s


similar sim ilar est establ ablish ishmen ments ts pr provi ovidin ding g adu adult lt amu amusem sement ent or entertainmen entert ainment, t, as well as sweats sweatshops hops,, poul poultry, try, pigg piggery ery

trafficking within the municipality, shall furnish the MSWO

and other agricultural structures, or other labor-intensive

with an incident report for monitoring and documentation

esta es tabl blis ishm hmen ents ts,, sh shal alll be re requ quir ired ed to ke keep ep co copi pies es of 


Nati Na tion onal al

Stat St atis istic tics s

Offi Of fice ce

(NSO (N SO))

auth au then entic ticate ated d

birt bi rth h

certificates of all employees as proof of age. (f) The MSWO shall document a reported case of  trafficking in persons in all its stages up to its termination.

(c)) (c dormit dor mitorie ories s

Sect Se ctio ion n

10.. 10

boar bo ardi ding ng

hous ho uses es,,

pens pe nsio ion n

and sim similar ilar est establ ablish ishmen ments ts

thatt tha

hous ho uses es,, provid pr ovide e


temporary or permanent lodging facilities for the purpose

LCATV LCA TVAW AWC, C, thro through ugh the MSW MSWO, O, shall submit an annu annual al

of generating any rental/lease income, shall be required to

Repor Re portor torial ial

Duty  Dut y .

Alll Al

apply for busin business ess permits and/or licenses. The owner,

(d) Within one (1) month from the adoption of this

proprietor or manager of any such establishment applying

Ordinance, the LCATVAWC LCATVAWC shall convene a meeting with all

for new business permits and/or licenses or applying for

the members members of the Local Task Task Force Force for the spe specif cific ic

renewal thereof, shall sign a written undertaking that they

purpose of developing the guidelines and protocols for the

shall not engage in any acts, which promote trafficking

effect eff ective ive coo coordi rdinat nation ion in the con conduc ductt of su survei rveillan llance, ce,

such suc h as, but not lim limite ited d to, allowing allowing the us use e of their

investi inv estigat gation ion and res rescue cue ope operati rations ons on tra traffi fficki cking ng in

premi pr emises ses to traf traffic ficke kers rs and the their ir vic victim tims. s. The own owner, er,


manager manag er or prop proprietor rietor of such establishmen establishmentt shall have the th e

mand ma ndat ator ory y

duty du ty to rep epor ortt

susp su spec ecte ted d

case ca ses s

(e) To fac facilit ilitate ate the suc succes cessfu sfull pr prose osecut cution ion of 


trafficking to the LCATVAWC.

trafficking cases, the LCATVAWC shall establish a witness protection prot ection and support services program for victim victims s of 

(d) The refusal and/or failure to sign the above-

trafficking that shall include, but not be limited to, the

mentioned undertaking, or the subsequent violation of the

establishment of a safe house for rescued victims, basic

same, or the failure to keep employees’ birth certificates

welfar welf are e and legal ser servic vices, es, inc incent entive ives s in the form of 

as req requir uired ed un under der par paragr agraph aph (b), or the pos posses sessio sion n of 

financial support or alternative livelihood opportunities.

falsified birth certificates in the records of employment, Section 14. Deputizing the barangays. – (a)

shall sha ll con constit stitute ute a gr groun ound d for the immediate immediate denial denial or cancellation of the business permit and/or license of the

The Th e

muni mu nici cipa pall

individual or establishment concerned.

bara ba rang nga ays


gove go vern rnme ment nt

may ma y

main ma inta tain inin ing g

depu de puti tize ze

regi re gist stri ries es


the th e loca lo call

residents recruited for employment elsewhere, their Section 13. Ensure effective prosecution of  municipal cipal government government shall trafficking cases. – (a) The muni

resp re spec ectiv tive e

desti de stina natio tions ns,,

the th e

ident ide ntit itie ies s


the th e



recruiters, and other relevant data.

ensure ensu re the effect effective ive prosecution prosecution of cases of traffi trafficking cking in (b)

persons committed within its territorial jurisdiction.

T he he

barang ay ays


authorized to require all prospective recruiters to (b) For thi this s pur purpos pose, e, the there re sha shall ll be cre create ated d a

first apply for a barangay permit before engaging in

Local Lo cal Joi Joint nt Task Fo Force rce Aga Agains instt Traf raffic fickin king g in Pe Perso rsons ns

any recruitment recruitment activi activities ties in their respective respective areas

(LJTFATP) to be composed of: (1) the Municipal Attorney,

of responsibili ty ty..

or in his/her absence, the Chair of the sanggunian

Section Sectio n 15. Info Informatio rmation n camp campaign aign again against  st 

committee on peace and order , as chair, and (2) one

personnel/ perso nnel/repr representa esentative tive each from the muni municipal cipal police

trafficking in persons. – (a) The municipal government

office, off ice, reg region ional al off office ice of the Bur Bureau eau of Imm Immigr igratio ation, n,

shal sh alll

regional regi onal office of the National Bure Bureau au of Invest Investigatio igation, n,

trafficking traffi cking in pers persons ons through the estab establishm lishment ent at the

regional regi onal office of the Department Department of Social Welfare and

municipal muni cipal hall of the Migrant Advisory and Infor Information mation

Development, Municipal Social Welfare Office, Office of the

Netw Ne twor ork k

State or Municipal Prosecutor, and at least three (3) non-

Depart Dep artmen mentt of Int Interi erior or and Loc Local al Gov Govern ernmen mentt (DI (DILG) LG),,

government organizations with a track record in working

Philip Phi lippin pine e

and/or advocating on the issue of trafficking in persons.

Filip ilipino inos s Ove Overse rseas as (CF (CFO), O), NGO NGOs s and oth other er con concer cerned ned

unde un dert rtak ake e



info in form rmat atio ion n

des esks ks,,

Inform Inf ormatio ation n


camp ca mpai aign gn

coo oorrdi din nat atio ion n

Agenc Ag ency y

again ag ainst st

with wi th

(PIA), (PI A), Com Commis missio sion n

the th e


agencies, organizations and individuals. (c) The Loc Local al Task Fo Forc rce e sha shall ll coo coordi rdinat nate e all efforts effort s in the cond conduct uct of surve surveillance illance,, invest investigatio igation n and

(b) Th The e mu munic nicipa ipall gov govern ernmen mentt sha shall ll con conduc ductt

rescue res cue op operat eration ions s of tra traffi fficki cking ng cas cases. es. It sha shall ll lik likewis ewise e

information dissemination activities at the barangay level

closely collaborate with the LCATVAWC in the formulation

and coordina coordinate te su such ch act activit ivities ies with the BCP BCPCs Cs and the

of plans and programs for the prevention and/or reduction

DILG. Information dissemination activities shall likewise be

of traffi trafficking cking in person persons. s. For this purp purpose, ose, the Loca Locall Task

conducted in schools, churches and communities.

Force shall convene at least once a month. (c) In par partne tnersh rship ip with the PIA PIA,, the municipa municipall gove go vern rnme ment nt

shal sh alll

prod pr oduc uce e

and an d

publ pu blis ish h

info in form rmat ation ion,,

education and communication materials about trafficking

Section Sec tion 18.

Enactm Ena ctment ent


supple sup plemen mental  tal 

in persons such as, but shall not be limited to, primers,

ordinances and issuances. – The municipal government

flyers,, broc flyers brochur hures, es, post posters, ers, stick stickers, ers, televis television/r ion/radio/p adio/print rint

shall formulate and promulgate supplemental ordinances,

adverti adv ertisem sement ents, s, and web websit sites, es, whi which ch sha shall ll be mad made e

resolu res olution tions s or ex execu ecutive tive iss issuan uances ces aim aimed ed at pr provid oviding ing

avai av ailab lable le in pi piers ers,, po port rts, s, ai airp rpor orts ts,, bu bus s an and d jee jeepn pney ey

supp su ppor ortt

term te rmin inal als, s, an and d

measures to prevent and suppress trafficking in persons

othe ot herr

simi si mila larr

plac pl aces es wh wher ere e

acts ac ts


trafficking may be committed and/or facilitated.

Sect Se ctio ion n

16.. 16

Enco En cour urag age e

The Th e

adop ad optt

nece ne cess ssar ary y

within its territorial jurisdiction.

and an d

(a)) communitycomm unity-based based initiat initiatives. ives. – (a

to tr traf affi fick cked ed pe pers rson ons, s, an and d

supp su ppor ort  t 

Secti Se ction on

19.. 19

Stre St reng ngthe thenin ning g


exis ex isti ting ng

muni mu nici cipa pall

bodies. – The municipal government shall exert efforts to

govern gov ernmen mentt sha shall ll enc encour ourage age and sup suppor portt com commun munity ity--

strengthen stren gthen,, activa activate te and mobil mobilize ize exist existing ing comm committees, ittees,

based initiatives which address the issue of trafficking in

councils, coun cils, similar organizations organizations and speci special al bodie bodies s at the


local level to prevent and suppress trafficking in persons

(b) It shall provide financial support and technical

Section Sec tion 20. Pe Penal nalties ties and Sa Sancti nctions ons for 

assistance to BCPCs and qualified and accredited NGOs

Violations Viol ations of this Ordin Ordinance. ance. – The following acts or

and POs that are engaged in activities for the protection,

omissions omiss ions shall be deeme deemed d violat violations ions of this Ordinance Ordinance

recovery and reintegration of victims of trafficking.

and shall be subject to the imposition of the corresponding penal sanctions:

Section 17. Mandatory services to trafficked   persons. – (a) Pursuant to Section 23 of R.A. No. 9208, the


Any An y

publ pu blic ic

offi of fici cial/ al/of offi fice cerr

who wh o




has ha s

any an y



munic mu nicipa ipall gov govern ernmen mentt sha shall, ll, in coo coordi rdinati nation on with the


concer con cerned ned gov govern ernmen mentt age agenci ncies, es, mak make e avai availab lable le the

circumstances that give rise to a reasonable

following mandatory services to trafficked persons.

belief that a person will be, or may be, or has been bee n traf traffic ficke ked, d, an and d fai fails ls to imm immedi ediatel ately y


Emerge Eme rgency ncy shelt shelter er or appr appropr opriate iate hous housing ing



repo re port rt su such ch to th the e LC LCA ATV TVA AWC or ot othe herr concerned agencies shall be penalized with a fine fi ne of P 2, 50 500. 0.00 00 or  impri imprisonme sonment nt not


Free le leg gal ser ervi vice ces, s, wh whic ich h

shal sh alll

inc in clu lud de

exceeding 6 months.

information about the victim’s rights and the proce pr ocedu dure re for fili filing ng com compla plaint ints, s, cla claimi iming ng


If the offender above is a private person, the

compensation and such other legal remedies

pena pe nalt lty y sh shal alll be a fi fine ne of P2 P2,, 50 500. 0.00 00 or 

available availab le to them, in a langu language age understood understood

imprisonment not exceeding 3 months.

by the trafficked person 4.

Medica Med icall or or psy psycho cholog logica icall serv service ices s


Live Li velih lihoo ood d and and skill skills s train trainin ing g


Educat Edu cation ional al assist assistanc ance e to a traffic trafficke ked d child. child.


 The owner, manager, or person in charge of  any house, build building, ing, or estab establishm lishment ent who refuses, without justifiable reason, to submit said sai d pr premi emises ses for ins inspec pectio tion n by mu munic nicipa ipall authorities as provided under Section 11 of 

(b) The Municipal Social Welfare Office shall be

this Ordinance Ordinance shall be penal penalized, ized, at th the e

the lead agency in the coordination and provision of (1),



(2),, (4) (2) (4),, (5) and (6) (6).. On the oth other er han hand, d, the Mu Munic nicipa ipall

canc ca ncel ella lati tion on

Attorney’s Office shall lead in providing (3).

business busin ess permi permitt and/o and/or r licens license e issued 


with the th e

immediate corr co rres espo pond ndin ing g

by the mun munici icipal pal gov govern ernmen ment. t. At the (c) All efforts shall be made to ensure that 

the e of offe fend nder er sh shall all be second secon d instan instance, ce, th

the above services will be rendered in child-friendly 

puni pu nish shed ed

and gender-sensitive manner.

obst ob stru ruct ctin ing g muni mu nici cipa pall

forr fo the th e

willf wil lful ully ly

impe im pedi ding ng

mand ma ndat ated ed

gove go vern rnme ment nt


duty du ty

and/ an d/or or of

moni mo nito torr

the th e and an d

document trafficking cases, with a fine of P2,

Municipal Treasury to cover the first-year implementation

500.00 or imprisonment of 1 month.

of this Ordinance. Ordinance. Thereafter, Thereafter, the amoun amountt equiv equivalent alent to 10% of the Gender and Development (GAD) funds from the


 The unjustifiable refusal and/or failure to sign the th e

writt wr itten en

unde un dert rtak akin ing g

requ re quir ired ed

Internal Revenue Allotment (IRA) and 10% of GAD funds

unde un derr

from fr om any Off Officia iciall Dev Develo elopme pment nt Ass Assist istanc ance e (OD (ODA) A) sha shall ll

Section 12 (b) and (c) of this Ordinance, or

cons co nsti titu tute te th the e an annu nual al bu budg dget et of th the e LC LCA ATV TVA AWC fo forr

the subsequent violation of the same, or the

purposes of implementing this Ordinance.

failure to keep employees’ birth certificates as re requ quir ired ed un unde derr Se Sect ctio ion n 12 (b (b), ), or th the e

The funds allocated for this purpose shall accrue

possession of falsified birth certificates in the

excl ex clus usiv ively ely to th the e pr prog ogra ram, m, in ac acco cord rdan ance ce wi with th th the e

records reco rds of employ employment, ment, shall be penali penalized, zed,

guid gu idel elin ines es

at the fir first st ins instan tance, ce, wit with h imm immedi ediate ate

Commission on the Role of Filipino Women (NCRFW).

canc ca ncel ella lati tion on


the th e


the th e

matt ma tter er

issu is sued ed


the th e

Nati Na tion onal al

corr co rres espo pond ndin ing g

business busin ess permi permitt and/o and/or r licens license e issued 

Section 23. Repealing Clause. – All ordinances,

by the mun munici icipal pal gov govern ernmen ment. t. At the

resolutions, executive issuances, or rules and regulations,

the e of offe fend nder er sh shall all be second secon d instan instance, ce, th

or parts thereof, whose provisions are inconsistent with or

punished with a fine of P2, 500.00.

contrary to the provisions of this Ordinance, are hereby deemed repealed, amended, or modified accordingly accordingly..


In case of judgment of conviction and  the competent court of justice deems it    pro prop per


imp im pos ose e

the th e

“com “c ommu muni nity ty se serv rvic ice” e”,,

pen ena alt lty y

the LG LGU U


shal sh all  l 

Secti Se ction on

24..   Applicabi 24 Applicability lity

Clause. Clau se. -


provisions of existing ordinances, resolutions, or executive orde or ders rs de deal alin ing g wit with h re relat lated ed su subj bjec ectt ma matt tter er su such ch as

recommend to the judge that said term

prote pr otectio ction n aga agains instt chi child ld lab labor or and exp exploi loitati tation, on, ant antii-

should include but not limited to such

violence against women and children, and the like, which

activities activ ities as treetree-planti planting, ng, cleani cleaning ng of 

are not con contrad tradict ictory ory with thi this s Or Ordin dinanc ance, e, are her hereby eby

  publi public c stre streets, ets, can canals als or oth other er pub public lic

adopted as an integral part of this Ordinance.

  places, places, dredg dredging ing of local rivers, lak lakes, es, or






Section 25. Separability Clause . – If, for any

collection of garbage, and that contact 

reason, any section or provision of this Ordinance is held


unconstitutional or invalid, the other sections or provisions




th e

trafficking victim/s should be avoided at 

hereof shall not be affected thereby. thereby.

all cost.

Section 26. Effectivity. – This Ordinance shall Section Sectio n 21. Rew Rewards ards and Incen Incentives. tives. – (a)  The Local Committee shall institute an incentive scheme whereby monetary rewards may be given to persons who provide prov ide vital infor information mation that lead to the preve prevention ntion or supp pprres essi sion on


traf tr afffic icki kin ng

acti ac tivi viti ties es

and an d


the th e

apprehension of offenders involved therein.

(b) Lik Likewis ewise, e, awa awards rds and rec recogn ognitio ition n sha shall ll be given to perso persons, ns, orga organizati nizations, ons, or establ establishme ishments nts that champion cham pion or supp support ort activities which contribute contribute to the prevention or suppression of trafficking in persons.

Section 22. Appropriation. – The initial amount of ___________________Pesos is hereby appropriated out of  the Gener the e General al Fund (Sta (Statutory tutory Obli Obligatio gations) ns) of th

tak ta ke ef effe fect ct af afte terr th thir irty ty (3 (30) 0) da days ys fr from om th the e da date te of  completion of its review by the Sangguniang Panlalawigan and its publication in a newspaper of local circulation.

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