Ra 7586 Nipas Act

August 7, 2018 | Author: Cleo Buendicho | Category: Protected Area, Biodiversity, Conservation, Sustainability, Natural Environment
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Ra 7586 Nipas Act...


RA 7586: Protected Areas System in the Philippines 2014-07-30

RA 7586: Protected Areas System in the Philippines [1]

Albert P. Aquino and Alyssa Joy H. Vitto [2]


The Philippines is renowned as one of the countries with the hihest le!el of  biodi!ersity in the world. As a "atter of fact# it has $2# 1%% described species# half of which are ende"ic. &t is a ho"e for "ore than 1# 1'( terrestrial species )*+, are ende"ic- and it has a floral biodi!ersity of 1(#(((1*#((( species )"ore than half are ende"ic- )/0PA )/0PA34# n.d.-. /urin the 5(s# the effects of deforestation and loss of  habitat were already e!ident due to the "a6or e7portation of ti"ber. &ndustriali8ation and continuous unwise use of resources threatened the country9s ecoloical balance. /ue to this# althouh the country has "any ende"ic species# so"e of these life for"s are critically endanered such as the infa"ous Philippine eale# Philippine crocodile# and ta"araw )/0PA34# n.d.-. To conser!e the en!iron"ent and protect the country9s biodi!ersity# biodi!ersity# efforts were "ade to ratify the constitution and to for"ulate new laws to pre!ent en!iron"ental deradation )Vi:a et al.# 2(1(-. &n 1+5%# the Philippine ;tratey for ;ustainable /e!elop"ent was drafted by the /epart"ent of 0n!iron"ent and atural esources )/0- with the ai" of achie!in sustainable de!elop"ent. To attain this oal# the interated protected areas syste" was for"ulated )Philippine pri"arily ai"s ?to secure for the @ilipino people of present and future enerations the perpetual e7istence of all nati!e plants and ani"als throuh the establish"ent of a co"prehensi!e syste" of interated protected areas within the classification of national par as pro!ided for in the =onstitutionB .['] The &PA; act co!ers all protected areas whether terrestrial# coastal or "arine. ;ince 1++2# a total of 2'* protected areas co!erin $.2' "illion hectares and .22 "illion hectares buffer 8one were o!erned under the &PA; &PA; Act )/0# 2((+-.

 ational interated protected areas syste". This refers to ?the classification and ad"inistration of all desinated protected areas to "aintain essential ecoloical  processes and lifesupport syste"s# to preser!e enetic di!ersity# to ensure ensure sustainable use of resources found therein# and to "aintain their natural conditions to the reatest e7tent possibleB.[*] possibleB.[*] =ateories and criteria in the deter"ination of appropriate cateory of a protected area. Cisted in ;ection ' of the &PA; &PA; Act are the followin cateories of protected areasD )1-strict nature reser!e# )2-natural par# )'-natural "onu"ent# )*-wildlife sanctuary# )$-protected landscapes and seascapes# )>-resource reser!e# )%- natural  biotic areas# )5- and other cateories established by law# con!entions con!entions or international aree"ents which the Philippine defined buffer 8ones as ?outside the boundaries of  and i""ediately ad6acent to desinated protected areasB. These areas "anaed by PAE4 ser!e as a social fence and source of inco"e for local co""unities near the  protected areas )PA)PA- in order to "ini"i8e or pre!ent har" to the PAs. PAs. &ndienous cultural co""unity. A %$5> and the &ndienous People ihts Act )&PA- refers indienous cultural co""unity )&==- as ?a roup of people or ho"oenous societies identified by selfascription and ascription by others# who ha!e continuously li!ed as orani8ed co""unity on co""unally bounded and defined territory# and who ha!e# under clai"s of ownership since ti"e i""e"orial# occupied#  possessed and utili8ed such territories# sharin co""on bonds of lanuae# custo"s# custo"s# traditions and other distincti!e cultural traits# or who ha!e# throuh resistance to  political# social and cultural inroads of coloni8ation# nonindienous reliions and cultures# beca"e historically differentiated fro" the "a6ority of @ilipinosB. &==s who are dwellin in PAs since ti"e i""e"orial are i!en the title for ancestral do"ains. Accordin to &PA law# law# they ha!e the riht to continue their cultural and spiritual  practices inside the PAs. PAs. Tenured "irant co""unity. Tenured Tenured "irant co""unity accordin to &PA; &PA; Act is a roup of people li!in l i!in within the PAs PAs fi!e years before it was desinated as a PA. This roup of people are solely dependent on the PA for their econo"ic acti!ities. ac ti!ities. Eanae"ent plans. Accordin to ;ec.+# "anae"ent plans are de!ised as a plannin stratey that shall ser!e as a uideline for pro"otin the adoption and i"ple"entation of inno!ati!e "anae"ent techniques necessary for o!ernin each protected area. This uideline shall also include the protection of &==s and tenured "irant co""unities as well as the close coordination with local officials and pri!ate sectors. Protected area "anae"ent board. The Protected Area Eanae"ent 4oard )PAE4- is co"posed of the eional 07ecuti!e /irector# one representati!e for Autono"ous eional
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