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August 21, 2017 | Author: Chip SIngle | Category: Unit Testing, Computer Program, Control Flow, Computer Programming, Software Development Process
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Question 1 of 20

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………. Developer reviews code for accuracy

A.Design check B.Requirement check C.Technical check D.Desk checking

Question 2 of 20

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………It is a review where the author lead team through a manual or a simulated execution of the product using predefined scenarios

A.technical reviews B.inspection C.walkthrough D.checklist

Question 3 of 20

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Khi viết white box test case, chỉ cần viết đầy đủ số lượng test case thỏa statement coverage thì số test case đó đã thỏa điều kiện branch coverage

True False Question 4 of 20

What are the items that have to have in unit test case

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A. Input data B. Test case description C. Expected result D. The actor that take the test

Question 5 of 20

"Cho đoạn code sau : public bool ValidateEmail(string strEmail) { //Check null or empty if (string.IsNullOrEmpty(strEmail)) { return false; } //Check required character bool blnRequireChar = false; for (int i = 0; i < strEmail.Length; i++) { if (strEmail[i].ToString().Equals(""@"")) { blnRequireChar = true; } } //Check incorrect character for (int i = 0; i < strEmail.Length; i++) { if (char.IsLetterOrDigit(strEmail[i])) { continue; } else if(char.Equals('.',strEmail[i]) || char.Equals('@',strEmail[i])) { continue; } else { return false; }

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} return true; } Đoạn code trên cần ít nhất bao nhiêu test case?"

A.5 B.7 C.8 D.6

Question 6 of 20

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Regardless of whether a review is called an inspection or a walkthrough, it is a systematic approach to examining source code in detail

True False Question 7 of 20

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A unit is the smallest testable part of an application (In procedural programming a unit may be an individual program, function, procedure, etc., while in object-oriented programming, the smallest unit is always a method)

True False Question 8 of 20

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Bước Equivalence partitioning của Black Box Test bao gồm những việc nào sau đây

A. Anticipate that errors are most likely to exist at the boundaries between partitions B. A limited number of representative test cases should be chosen from each partition

C. Behavior of software is equivalent for any value within particular partition D. Divide the input of a program into classes of data from which test cases can be derived. This might help you to reduce number of test cases that must be developed.

Question 9 of 20

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The exact scope of a unit is left to interpretation. Supporting test code , sometimes called ………., may be necessary to support an individual test.

A.All of above B.Conjucture C.RemUnit D.Scaffolding

Question 10 of 20

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The most common approach to unit testing require drivers and stubs to be written

True False Question 11 of 20

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What's is "Decision coverage" ?

A.Each branch in the logic visited by a test B.Each path through the logic is visited by a test C.Each statement in the program will be visited by test

Question 12 of 20

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Unit Testing Conductor là Testing team

True False Question 13 of 20

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Which of the following is appropriate as a description of boundary value analysis?

A.A method where boundary values are identified for the data entered into the system and used as test data B.A method where equivalence class border values are used as test data C.A method of analysis for identifying input values that do not produce errors but are on the borderline D.A method of testing where boundary values that can be entered into the system are analyzed

Question 14 of 20

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A black box test is a type of testing technique used in software development. Which of the following statements accurately describes a black box test?

A.A black box test is based on the internal specifications that describe the internal structure and logic of the program. It is mainly performed by the program developer him/herself. B.The objective of a black box test is to execute all of the instructions in the program at least once. It is mainly performed by the program developer him/herself. C.A black box test analyzes the source program and tests program control flow and the flow of data such as variables. It is mainly performed by third parties and not by the program developer.

D.A black box test tests whether or not the program functions as the designer intended. It is mainly performed by third parties and not by the program developer.

Question 15 of 20

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……. A series of probing question designed to review a predetermined area or function

A.Meeting list B.Checklist C.Minutes D.Plan list

Question 16 of 20

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Unit testing is commonly automated, but cannot still performed manually?

True False Question 17 of 20

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……… reviews: Review conducted during the system development process, normally in arccodance with system development methodology. The primary objective of design reviewes is to ensure compliance to design methodology.

A.Technical B.Design C.Requirement D.Process

Question 18 of 20

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Unit Test should be conducted for each module (class or function) after code review has been done

True False Question 19 of 20

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……….. Review. A review process that uses peer to review that aspect of the systems development life cycle with wich they are the most familiar. Typically the ……reviews offer compliance to standard, procedures, guidelines, and the use of good practices, as opposed to efficiency, effectiveness, and economy of the design and implementation

A.Technical B.Peer C.Requirement D.Design

Question 20 of 20

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Unit Testing is to validate that individual units of software program are working properly.

True False

Question 1 of 20 What's is "Decision coverage" ?

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A.Each branch in the logic visited by a test B.Each statement in the program will be visited by test C.Each path through the logic is visited by a test 0.0/ 5.0 Points

Question 2 of 20 The two major quality assurance verification approaches for each life cycle phase are ………

A.Technical check B.Requirement check C.Technical review D.Design check

Question 3 of 20 Unit test is implemented by Development team to

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A. Reduce the Quality Effort & Correction Cost B. Create related documents: Unit Test cases, Unit Test Reports, … C. Detect defects and issues early D. Ensure quality of software unit 0.0/ 5.0 Points

Question 4 of 20 Which of the following is the appropriate description concerning standardization in programming?

A.It is effective for clarifying the standard execution time of a program to promote the creation of efficient programs. B.Its purpose is to define rules about common items that are independent of programming languages. C.Its original purpose is not to limit an individual programming style, but to easily achieve the effect of optimization provided by a compiler. D.Defining programming conventions is effective for preventing errors that programmers tend to make.

Question 5 of 20 "The below function calculate square of number

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Public static integer Square (integer intNumber){ Try If input
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