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Case 1: Parkin Laboratories: Sales Target Dilemma 1. Critically Critically review review the sales performa performance. nce. Have Have appropriate appropriate targets targets been been set for the dierent zones?

2. What factors factors does Parin Parin !aborator !aboratories ies need to consider consider when deciding deciding on its its sales targets?

". #s it appropria appropriate te to revise revise the sales sales targets targets in the last $%arter $%arter of the year? &%ggest the revised targets for 'ctober to (ecember 2)12. What factors may impede b%y*in for these targets from the regional sales managers+ district sales managers and medical representatives?

,. What What sales promot promotion ion strateg strategies ies can Parin Parin follow follow to help the sales force force in achieving these targets?

-. #s it the right right time to la%nch la%nch a new prod%ct prod%ct? ? What are are the advanta advantages ges and disadvantages of a new prod%ct la%nch?

Case 2: Parkin Laboratories: Sales Force Efectiveness 1. What is the role of a medical representative /0 in pharmace%tical selling?

(isc%ss the evol%tion of pharmace%tical selling in the last decade. 2. Critically eval%ate the performance of Parin !aboratories high*performing

/0s+ /0s+ aver averag age* e*pe perf rfor ormi ming ng /0s /0s and and low* low*pe perf rfor ormi ming ng /0s. /0s. How How can can the the company improve the prod%ctivity of its /0s? ". What is sales force eectiveness &34? What are the ma5or drivers of &34?

How can &34 help Parin to increase the e6ciency and eectiveness of its sales force? Sales force? Sales Force Efectiveness is a strategy that enables the sales orce to target bulk o its efort efort towar towards ds highly highly prota protable ble custom customers ers and and limit limit covera coverage ge o less less prota protable ble physic physician ians. s. It involv involves es around around sales sales team team strate strategy gy,, talent talent manag managem ement ent,, remuneration and support processes. What is Sales Sales force force eectiv eectivenes eness(SFE s(SFE)) in the pharma pharma context context?? SFE SFE is all all abou aboutt keeping your company ahead o shiting market dynamics by rapidly developing and evolving new sales models around physician access and detailing channels. Its very important to develop physician trust and condence around all aspects o the pharma busi busine ness ss.. SFE SFE in phar pharma ma is also also achi achiev eved ed when when cros crosss unc uncti tion onal al depa depart rtme ment ntss complimen complimentt during during the critical product product launch launch phase. phase. !his helps management management review on"the on"the"#y "#y peror perorma mance nce analys analysis is and keep keep up compli complianc ance e with with the ever"i ever"incr ncrea easin sing g regulatory changes.

What benets can be derived from Pharma SFE? $bility to responds to pressures rom customers, competitors % changing economy. &anagement has greater control over the si'e and structure o the sales team. (romotes coaching, eedback, recognition, and training to the team &edical reps can better target, prioriti'e, assess physician needs and develop solutions around those needs First line managers benets rom listening, persuading, and closing deals Sales reps develop their competencies according to the current market needs )rowing physician satisaction and lo

,. What are Parins ma5or &34 implementation iss%es? How can companies

implement &34 more eectively?

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