September 18, 2017 | Author: Anand Kumar E | Category: Stress (Biology), Self-Improvement, Performance Appraisal, Employment, Psychological Concepts
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Personal profile: 1. Name: 2. Gender: Male


3. Age : Below 20Yr



above 30

4. Marital Status: Married Unmarried 5. Designation : 1. Admin 2. HR 3. Finance 4. Engineering 5. Projects

How do you feel about the physical working conditions of the organization? a) Highly satisfied b) Satisfied c) not known d) dis satisfied e) high dissatisfied. How do you feel about psychological working condition of the organization? a) High amicable b) cordial c) neutral d) strained e) very poor What is your opinion about training programmes conducted in organization? a) Excellent b) good c) better d) bad e) worse How do you feel about package provided by organization? a) Highly satisfied b) Satisfied c) not known d) dis satisfied e) high dissatisfied How do you feel about job a) Challenge b) interest c) routine d) monotonous e) boring. Do you agree that you can complete work with in specified time a) Yes b) No Do you agree that your work load is high a) Highly agree b) agree c) not known d) dis agree e) high disagree. Do you feel any stress in your job? a) Yes b) no

I very often feel that I am being neglected when I am in the team a)

Yes b) no c) sometimes

Do you feel that under considerable tension I can do my work. a) Yes b) no c) sometimes I often hesitate to start something new because I feel that I will not be successful and scolding a)

Yes b) no c) sometimes

Are you satisfied with your current employers? a)

Yes b) No

What you feel about your superior-subordinate relationship? a) Excellent b) very good c) Good d) Average e) poor I find it extremely difficult to take decision? a) Yes b) no c) sometimes In your opnion which of the following factors cause more stress a) Role over load

b) Role under load

c) Interpersonal relationship

What kind of stress you feel suffer in job a) Physical

b) mentle

c) both

What level of stress you feel in your job a) Very high

b) High

c) Neutral

d) low

e)Very low

Do you suffer any physical inconvience in your job a) Yes

b) no

If yes, what kind of it Headache


Digestive problems Nervousness Hyper tension

What type of Motivation helps you to reduce your stress a) Better Designations b) Job rotation c) Job security d) Advancement e) Recognition Do you feel that job stress will effect your performance

a) Yes

b) No

c) Sometimes

Is Grievance handling procedure is provided by your organization a) Yes

b) No

If Yes, What type of method The open door policy

Compliant Boxes

Opnion Surveys

Exit Interviews

Any biased shown by the management in assessing the performance a) Yes

b) No

If Yes, Reason______________________________ What type of performance appraisal method done in your organization a) Paired comparison b) Ranking method c) 360 degree appraisal d) Field Review method e) Critical incident method What kind of strategies personally you have taken to overcome your stress a) Exercise b)Music c) Meditation d) Walk for sometime e) Spend time in other activities Which of the following programmes conducted in your organization to overcome stress a) Training and development b) Employee counseling c) Autonomous work groups d) health clubs How often you say the word “I am busy or I am having hard time” at the work place a) Very often b) often c) Rarely d) very rarely e) Never How do you feel about pay package provided by organization a) High satisfied b) satisfied c) not known d) dis satisfied e) high dis satisfy Kindly suggest your ideas to reduce your stress __________________________________________________

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