Questionnare on Food Satisfaction of College Canteen

April 14, 2019 | Author: thuansingkp | Category: N/A
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Is food served at college canteen satisfies the students?...



Research on food satisfaction of college canteen Thi s sur sur vey vey i s for studies purpose purpose onl onl y and in f ormation provided provided by you you wil l be kept kept confi denti denti al. Pl ease ase f eel f r ee and ti ck in si de the box accordi accordi ng to your opi ni on.

Q. No.1.Rate the following according to your importance while consuming food: 1*





Presentation; (Cleanliness, (Cleanliness, how it is being served)

Taste: Availability:  Nutritious: Price: Quantity;  No. 2. How many courses of meal do you take in DBIM canteen in a day? a. Breakfast.

b. lunch

c. dinner

d. all

Q. No. 3. Rate the the following according to your your satisfaction. (Star out of 5) 1*





Cleanliness and Hygiene Food Varieties  Nutritious Quantity Price Q. No. 4. Yes

Does the food provided at DBIM canteen served the purpose of your expectation? NO

Why or why not? Reason:

Conclusion: From the survey we conducted we found out that:The majority of the respondents, while having food derived satisfaction from the taste. However in DBIM canteen the respondent rate very low for the taste. The highest rating goes to food varieties which the respondent does not give much important to while having food. The food at DBIM canteen is not satisfactory

Causes: Taste of food is not satisfied at DBIM canteen

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