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August 18, 2017 | Author: Patrick Velasco | Category: Digital Television, Mass, Physics, Physics & Mathematics, Nature
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GEAS 1. A flexible digital television (DTV) transmission system capable of providing three level hierarchical modulation (audio, video, data services) to fixed, mobile and handheld terminals without providing any additional transmission facility. a. Digital Video Broadcasting- Terrestrial (DVB-T) b. Integrated Services Digital Broadcasting- Terrestrial (ISDB-T) c. Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB) d. Integrated Services Digital Broadcasting (ISDB) 2. A single bond consists of one sigma bond, while a double bond consists of _____ and _____ bond. a. beta; sigma b. sigma; pi c. alpha; sigma d. alpha; sigma 3. In project management, what refers to the method of determining the early start and finish time in the project network? a. Backward pass b. Control pass c. Balanced pass d. Forward pass 4. Using absolute temperature scale the freezing point of water is ANSWER: 273 K 5. A doctoral degree is equivalent to how many additional credit upon the completion of the degree? a. 35 b. 50 c. 45 d. 30 6. For corporation, the subscribed capital is how many percent of the authorized capital? a. 12.5% b. 25% c. 6.25% d. 50% 7. What is the charge of alpha particle? a. +1 b. +2 c. +3 d. +4 8. Sound interference may lead to a. resonance b. decibel c. beat d. reverberation 9. What is the force of gravitational attraction between two 132-lb students standing 1 m apart? a. 2.4 x 10-7 N b. 4.0 x 10-7 N -9 c. 8.8 x 10 N d. 1.6 x 10-6 N 10. Which of the following would be different in a ground state and excited state neon atom? a. number of neutrons b. number of electrons c. electron configuration d. atomic weight 11. According to the NTC Memorandum Order 03-07-09 the validity period to prepaid loads corresponds to the amount of prepaid load purchased for mobile phones. What is the minimum validity application period for a purchased load of more than P100 but less than P150? a. 40 days b. 45 days c. 60 days d. 75 days

12. What is the minimum age for a person with valid certificate of registration or professional license for him/her to become the chairperson of the PRC? a. 30 b. 35 c. 32 d. 40 13. A 1 kg block is suspended into a 5 m string. Find the time period. ANSWER: 4.4857 sec (if not seen 1.4278 sec) 14. Austenite can be made into bauxite by _____. ANSWER: rapid cooling 15. The mass is suspended on a spring. The reaction force to the force of gravity from the Earth acting on the mass is the force exerted by the ______. a. Mass on the spring b. Weight on the spring c. Weight on the Earth d. Mass on the earth 16. How much heat is needed to melt ice with mass of 0.72 kg initially at -10C to transform to liquid at 10C? (C =2220 kJ/ kg-C) a. 260 b. 270 c. 280 d. 290 17. Reverse of carnot cycle? ANSWER: Refrigerator 18. What is the molar heat capacity at constant volume for a diatomic ideal gas at temperature expressed in J/K/mole? a. 22.8 b. 20.8 c. 21.8 d. 19.8 for monoatomic: cv = 3/2 R for diatomic: cv = 5/2 R 19. Dalton is unit of molecular mass. One Dalton is equivalent to how many MeV. a. 911 b. 941 c. 931 d. 921 20. One of the indicators are phenolphthalein when mixed with acid, acid will turn into a. colorless b. red c. magenta d. pink 21. Which is/are true about rotational moment of inertia? I. it is defined only for systems with discrete particles II. it is the same for all sizes III. the mass and its distribution in a given axis determines its moment of inertia a. I and III b. I and II c. I only d. III only 22. Which of the following ferrites is stable only at high temperature? a. Alpha Ferrites b. Beta Ferrites c. Gamma Ferrites d. Delta Ferrites 23. Which of the following is the x-ray wavelength? a. 1picom-10nanom b. 10picom-10nanom c. 100picom-10nanom d. 1000picom-10nanom 24. Average hardening temperature of steel. a. 1375 – 1575 oF b. 575 oC

c. 1375 – 1575 oC

d. 575 oF

25. Total number of CPE units for registered ECE/PECE/ECT professional shall be _______ in three years. a. 15 b. 5 c. 60 d. 30 26. Platinum, gold, and silver. Which of the following is considered noble metal? a. Niobium b. Vanadium c. Zirconium d. Iridium 27. Velocity of centripetal force, given: m=100g, r= 50cm, f=1N. 28. In a hydrogen atom an electron in any excited state which returns to ground state will emit ultraviolet line spectral found in the? a. Balmer series b. Bohr series c. Lyman series d. Planck series 29. What is the maximum wavelength emitted by the sun? Using Wien’s law assuming the temperature of the sun is 6000K. a. 55.29×10-11 m b. 0.4878 µm c. 1.66 nm d.3.897×10-7 m 30. Memorandum no. of provision of cellphone jamming devices by the NTC. a. 001-02-2010 b. 002-02-2009 c. 001-03-2010 d. 002-04-2009 31. Unit of radioactive activity a. Millikan b.Becquerel c. rems d. Segre 32. In annealing, ___________ is the ratio working temperature to the to the melting temperature ANSWER: homologous temperature 33. Equivalent to one disintegration per second. ANSWER: Becquerel 34. It is a fully deoxidized steel, that is, oxygen is removes and thus porosity is eliminated. a. filled steel b. Semifilled steel c. Killed steel d. Semikilled steel 35. DO 88… requiring supervision of ECE ANSWER: 1kW 36. Superalloy… used in jet engines and reciprocating engines ANSWER: heat resistant 37. Super invar… ANSWER: Cobalt 38. In making transformer cores, a soft magnetic material is which can be easily magnetized and demagnetized is required. The alloy suitable for this purpose is the iron-silicon alloy. This contains ___ percentage by weight silicon. a. 3% b. 6% c. 7% d. 10%

39. Baryons consist of how many quarks? a. 1 b. 2 c. 3 d. 4 40. Not a refractory metal a. lead c. molybdenum

b. tantalum d. tungsten

41. The assignment of Nickel in AISI-SAE steel designation is _______. a. 20xx b. 12xx c. 13xx d. 23xx 42. What percent of copper is used in Nordic Gold? a. 96 % b. 92 % c. 78 % d. 89 % 43. 50 m/s 0.150 kg De Broglie λ a. 1.21 X 10-10 b. 4.11 X 10-7 -10 c. 1.23 X 10 d. 8.854 X 10-35 44. SORP output power of radio a. 10 W b. 25 W c. 5 W d. 50 W 45. A negotiation which yields always to win/win results a. secured b. principled c. privileged d. bargained 46. JJ Thompson’s atomic model ANSWER: Plum Pudding 47. A rope with 1kg block attached to its end has a length of 5m. Find the time period to make it swing. a. 1.43 sec b. 0.22 sec c. 9.63 sec d. 0.63 sec 48. Temperature of a gas is directly proportional to _______ of molecule of a gas. a. average velocity b. average kinetic c. sensible heat d. coefficient of expansion 49. A 40g of ethanol sample is mixed with 60g of methanol sample. A mole of ethanol and methanol has a mass of 32g and 46g respectively. What is the mole fraction of the solvent? a. 0.51 M b. 0.6 M c.0.96 M d. 0.7 M

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