PTI Policy for Persons with disabilities

July 29, 2018 | Author: Insaf.PK | Category: Accessibility, Disability, Hearing Loss, Language Interpretation, Physical Therapy
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PTI Policy for Persons with disabilities...


Policy Paper for Persons with Disabilities ‘Everyone has a voice that needs to be heard’

June 26th, 2018

Underr lea Unde eade ders rs hip of Imra I mran n K ha han n C ha hair irm man P TI  Policy Team Lead: Zaigham M. Rizvi

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Disability Definition and Categories



Facts / Statistics: Global vis-à-vis Pakistan



Disability related policies and legislations’ chronology in Pakistan Pakistan


Chal Challe leng nges es faced aced by per persons sons with with disa disabi bili liti ties es


PTI’s Action Plans



06-07 08 09-20

Objectives Objective of this   PTI’s  Policy for Persons with Disabilities (PwD) is to promote, protect and ensure the full and equal enjoyment of all huma hu man n ri righ ghts ts an and d fu fund ndam amen enttal fr free eedo doms ms by al alll pe perrso sons ns wi with th disabilities, and to promote respect for their inherent dignity. (as per UN CRPD*). CRPD defined Persons with disabilities as: “Persons   with disabilities include those who have long-term physical, mental, intellectual or sensory impairments which in inte interracti action on with with vario arious us barr barrie iers rs may may hind hinder er thei theirr full full and and effective effective participation in society on an equal basis with others.” *Convention on the Right of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD)

Definition of Disability and Catego Categories ries •

It is important important to define define disability disability,, and issue Disability Disability Certificate as per agreed definition to avoid any misuse of allocated resource for persons with disabilities. And to ensure that priority will be given to those who are in genuine need. While a disabili disability ty may be  Mild, Moderate, or Severe in natur ture, it needs eds to have a nation ionall ally acce accep ptable defin definit ition ion,, awar awarene eness, ss, and subse subsequ quen entt certi certifi fica cati tion on and registration accordingly.

Definition of Disability and Catego Categories ries •

PTI, in consultation consultation with stak stakeholders eholders will redefine redefine persons with disa disabi bili lity ty as “someone   wh who has impairment that has a substantial and long-term adverse effect on his/her ability to carry out day to day activities in one or more of the following areas: •

  Mobility Manual dexterity Physical coordination coordinati on   Continence Ability to lift, carry or move everyday everyday objects Speech, hearing or eyesight Memory or ability to concentrate, concentrate, learn or understand Understanding Understanding of the risk of physical danger (As defined by American with Disability Act  – ADA)

Statis Sta tistical tical FACTS - 1 •

The World Health Organization Organization (“WHO”) estimates estimates that 15% of the world’s world’s population is affected by some kind of disability, while 2- 4% of the world’s population experience significant difficulties in basic functioning.

In Pakistan, Pakistan, the number of PWDs, as per National National Census of 1998, is 3.28 million (2.49% ) of the population, of which 42% are Females and 58% are Males. The '98' Census greatly greatly underestimat underestimates es PWDs with severe disabilities since the census covered PWD through one question only. only. In Pakistan, Pakistan, the distribution of Persons with Disabilities (“PWD”) is as follows: Phys Physic ical al disa disabi bili lity ty 19% 19% Mentally challenged - 14% Multiple Multiple disabiliti disabilities es - 8.2% Visu Visual ally ly impa impair ired ed 8.6% 8.6% Hear Hearin ing g impa impair ired ed 7.4% 7.4% and and Other Other disabi disabilit lities ies - 43.3% 43.3% Disability in urban areas is 34% and in rural areas is 66% i.e. a ratio of 1:2 •

Statis Sta tistical tical FACTS - 2 •

The WHO World World Disability Report of 2011 recommends steps steps for betterment betterment of PWDs by: Creation of enabling environments; environments; Development of rehabilita rehabilitation tion and support services; services; Ensuring adequate social protection; Creating inclusive policies and programs; and Enforcing new and existing standards and legislation legislation that benefit benefit PWDs community. •

PTI believes Pakistan needs to follow this model.

Disabled Persons (Employment and Rehabilitation) Rehabilitation) Ordinance, 1981

 National Policy for Persons with Disabilities (2002)

 National Plan of Action for Persons Persons with Disabilities, 2006

 The Accessibility Code of Pakistan 2006

 Some other measures: Special Citizens Act, 2008 Special Citizens Citizens (Right to Concessions in Movement) Movement) Act, 2009 Duty Free Import of Car Facilitation Facilitation in Banking Services •

Pakistan Pakistan signed and ratified UN Convention Convention on the Right of Persons Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) and some efforts has been made to implement CRPD. Afte Afterr 18th amend amendmen ment, t, Disab Disabilit ility y has has becom become e a provi provinci ncial al subje subject. ct. Following acts have been passed by different assemblies: •

Sindh Empowerment Empowerment of PWD Act XLVIII XLVIII of 2018 June 11 2018 The Baluchistan Persons Persons with Disabilities Act, No II of 2017 Disabled Persons Persons (Employment and Rehabilitation) Rehabilitation) (Amendment) act 2012 Khybe Khyberr Pa Pakh khtun tunkh khwa wa Disabl Disabled ed Pers Person onss (Emplo (Employme yment nt and Rehab Rehabili ilita tatio tion) n) (Amendment) (Amendment) Act, 2012 Pakistan Pakistan Disability Act ( in process at National Assembly)

Relevant Disability Acts/Regulations in Provinces and at the Center will be harmonized in the larger interest of PWDs and for their proper and effective implementations.

1. Negative Negative attitude attitude toward toward disability 2. Barrier created created by Policies and systems systems 3. Inaccessibl Inaccessible e infr infrast astructu ructure re and transport transport 4. Inaccessibl Inaccessible e info informat rmation ion and communica communication tion 5. Limited access to education and employment / self-employment 6. Limited Limited access access to social services services and health care care 7. Limited access to sport and recreational recreational activities PWD proudly say that they: •

Excel in other faculties/abilities faculties/abilities

Mazoor hain Majboor Majboor nahin

TV Anchor at Hum News News on and on

According According to the World World Health Organiza Organization tion (WHO), (WHO), around 15% of the world's population have some sort of disability, whereas the prevalence of disability in Pakistan was estimated in 1998 Census as 2.49%. Comp Compar arin ing g to WHO WHO 15% 15% esti estima mati tion on our our esti estima mati tion on does does not not seem seem correct.  Reason being, there was only one question on Disability in the Census Form and also people feel shy calling their child as Disable. Effe Effecti ctive ve policypolicy-mak making ing requir requires es reliable reliable,, valid valid data data on all aspects aspects of  disabi disabilit lity y. There There is no stand standard ardiz ized ed instru instrumen mentt for for data data collect collection ion in Pakistan on disability that provides comprehensive data. At very very firs first, t, Disab Disabil ilit ity y Disa Disaggr ggreg egat ate e Data Data is requ requir ired ed,, sinc since e with withou outt accurate data no planning could be done.   Previ Previous ous Gov Govt. t. mis missed sed the chance to collect this data in recent census despite the Court Order. PTI will ens ensure ure an ex exten tensiv sive e surv survey ey to col collect lect disabilit disability y dis disaggr aggrega egated ted data, on the basis of “W “Washin ashingto gton n Ques Questions tions”” and other standards.

177 count countrie riess have have ratifie ratified d the UN Conve Conventi ntion on for the Right Rightss of  Persons Persons with Disabilities (CRPD), including Pakistan. Pakistan. The CRPD CRPD aims aims at at ensuri ensuring ng the the persons’  with disabilities to enjoy equal human rights as others. Its objective is “to promote, protect and ensure the full and equal enjoyment of all human rights and fund fundam amen enta tall free freedo dom m by all all per persons sons with with disa disabi bilit litie ies, s, and and to promote respect for their inherent dignity”. PTI will fully endorse endorse the UN Declaration Declaration,, and will provide provide needed ins institu tituti tion onal al arr arrang angemen ements ts to ensu ensure re tha that its its pro provisi vision onss are effectively followed and observed by all the stakeholders. PTI will design design compreh comprehensiv ensive e national national disability disability laws laws in line with the UN convention for the rights of persons with disabilities

Mass aware awareness ness campaign campaign on print print and and electronic electronic media, media, with with help of celebrities. IK will lead this campaign as the highest celebrity of Pakistan. Pakistan. Disa Disabi bili lity ty equi equity ty Awar Awaren enes esss for all all chil childr dren en and and yout youth h via via educational institutes. And disability awareness topic will be included at all level of govt. employees’ training. National and Provincial Provincial Awards Awards for extra-ordinary extra-ordinary achievements of persons with disability will be initiated, and their positive work for the society will be promoted. Awar Awarene eness ss Progra Programs ms for PWDs PWDs would would be put in place for the better understanding of their rights/privileges, and how to get those rights implemented.

PTI will will ensure that development of different different governing policies and system will not make barrier for persons with disabilities. And And exis existi ting ng poli polici cies es and and syst ystems ems that that crea creatte barr barrie ierrs for person personss with with disabi disabilit lities ies will will be chang changed ed to remov remove e barrie barrierr. Such as: ATM Card activation activation system system will be made accessible for people with hearing loss. Single signature signature bank account account opening will be made possible for for people with blindness. Biometric Thumb Impressions, linked to NADRA system installed at Bank could be used to authenticate credentials as needed.

Policy Polic y Monitori Monitoring ng Cell will be set at the hig highes hestt level, level, which will wi ll we welc lcom ome e an any y su such ch id idea eas/ s/pr prop opos osal al fr from om Per erso sons ns wi with th Disabilities.

Accessibility for for persons persons with physical, physical, visual, hearing disability disability,, in all built environments i.e. building, roads, paths, parks will be ensured. All exist existing ing public public places places will be made made accessi accessible ble to person personss with with disa disabi bili liti ties es,, grad gradua uall lly y by ensu ensuri ring ng impl implem emen enta tati tion on of  Pakistan Pakistan Accessibility Code.   Acc Accessibility requirements for new incorporated into construction contracts.




Easy asy eva evacua cuation tion and and acces ccessi sibl ble e emer emerg genc ency alert lert system (specially for persons with hearing disability) will be ensured in hostels, hotels and other building. To enhance accessibility accessibility with innovativ innovative e solutions solutions in building building infrastructure, accessibility and universal design topic will be promoted in academia.

A policy icy on imp importe rted and local built public lic transport will be developed, to ensure all imported public transport accessibility for all. Peo eopl ple e wh who o ar are e de deaf af wi will ll be gr gran ante ted d dri drivin ving g li lice cens nse e af afte terr pr prop oper er training and testing, testing, as is i s done in other countries. Enc Encoura ourage ge loca locall acce access ssib ible le vehi vehicl cle e deve develo lopm pmen entt in publ public ic priv privat ate e part partne ners rshi hip p with with ince incent ntiv ive e for motor motor vehi vehicl cle e indu indust stry ry to deve develo lop p accessible local transport (bikes, car, van). Wheelc Wheelchai hairr, includ including ing electri electricc motore motored d wheelc wheelchai hairr for for person person with with sever disability will be ensured, either free or on soft loans. Until public public transport become accessible, tricycle , 3-wheel motor bike bike will be offered to people with physical disability, who are in need but cannot afford the same. Fund for easy installments and interest free loan to buy such bike will a allocated.

Policy on captioning captioning / subtitle and Sign Language Interpretation Interpretation for TV channels channels and film maker will be developed. Initially 10% live programs and 100% recorded program will be made accessible for people with hearing disability. For TV News and Breaking News, Sign Language Interpreters Interpreters will be provided. provided. All public and private service provides will will be made reachable by text messaging. messaging. Special access to helpline via sign language video call will be made. Cell Phones to facilitate texting by deaf persons, and smart phones with built-in WhatsApp for word-to-voice facility. etc will be made available and promoted by cell phone companies. To fill fill the gap and provide provide necess necessary ary trained trained human human resour resource ce for for real real time time captioning and Sign Language Interpreting, special diploma / certificate course will be organized. Sign Sign Langua Language ge Inte Interpr rpret eter er will will be a recogn recogniz ized ed prof profess ession ion,, and certif certifica icatio tion n programs programs will be launched for that.

PTI recognizes recognizes Pakistan Pakistan Sign Language as a Language Language of deaf community. community.

PTI will will give special special care to ensure ensure that that every child child with disabili disability ty will have access to education, near to their homes, preferably in mainstream or in special education center, center, where required. Nece Necess ssar ary y trai traine ned d huma human n reso resour urce cess and and equi equipm pmen entt will will be made made available. This include brail printing and screen reader for children with visual disability, and Sign Language (SL) Interpreters for children who are deaf. Hearing Aids, batteries and speech therapist would be made easily available for children who are hard of hearing. To ensure ensure avail availabi abilit lity y of quality quality teache teachers rs and techni technical cal staf stafff, teache teacherr training program under international exchanges will be organize. All All the the test testin ing g and and exam examss will will be made made acces accessib sible le for pers person onss with with disa disabi bili liti ties, es, incl includ udin ing g prov provis ision ion of writi writing ng assis assista tant nts, s, Sign Sign Lang Langua uage ge interpreter, extra time, etc.

PTI believes making PWDs a productive part of society, society, and we •

PTI will ensure disability disability job quota fully enforced enforced in public and private private sector. For monitoring, enforcement cells will be established at PM and CM secretariats. For For self self-e -emp mplo loym ymen ent, t, PTI PTI will will empo empow wer PW PWDs Ds with with nece necess ssar ary y knowledge, skills and funds by micro financing and interest free loans. Monthly Monthly Income Income support support under BISP BISP will be provided provided to to the families families having child with sever disability, who cannot do any job. Empl Employ oyme ment nt quot quota a will will be ensu ensure red d at diff differ eren entt leve levels ls,, based based on competen competence ce and merits. merits. Hiring of PWDs only at lowest lowest ranks ranks will be discouraged. Organiz Organization ationss not complying complying with employment employment quota quota mismatch mismatch will be required to contribute balance matching funds to Disable Persons Empowerment Fund/Progra F und/Programs. ms.

PTI will also ensure: •

Access to to concessional concessional health care services to all disability categories categories with specific provisions for those most vulnerable. Rehabili ilitation programs will ill be ini initiated and supported by experienced clinicians. Occupational therapy and physiotherapies will be provided by the health sector where appropriate. appropriate. Spec Specia iall Healt Health h Insu Insura ranc nce e Policy olicy in publ public ic priv privat ate e part partne ners rshi hip, p, for persons with disability will be consider. Lead Leadin ing g Govt Govt Hosp Hospit ital alss will will be ask asked to arr arrang ange Sign Sign Lang Langua uag ge Interpreters Interpreters to facilitate facilitate treatment treatment of deaf persons. Hostels Hostels will be developed developed for for PWDs with severe severe disabilities disabilities,, whose parents had died and there is nobody to take care of them, like in the West/USA

We are proud proud of our sportsmen/women with disabilities. •

Blind Para climber (global recognition),

Blind Cricket Team (World Cup),

Deaf Cricket Team (World Cup),

Wheelchair Cricket, first such team in the world

PTI, TI, in colla ollabo borration ion with with nonnon-go gov vernm ernmen enttal org organiz aniza ations ions,, philanthropists and private corporations, will prioritize participation of PWDs in physical fitness and sporting activities/events. PTI PTI will will facil acilit itat ate e incl inclus usion ion and and acce access ssib ibil ilit ity y of PW PWDs Ds in plac places es of  spor sports ts,, gyms, yms, and and recr ecreati eation on cen centers ers, and and would ould fost oster thei theirr integration integration in national and international sports programs. Recreational and tourism activities for persons with disability will be prom promot oted ed thou though gh Pakis akisttan Touri ourism sm Depa Depart rtme ment nt.. Priv Privat ate e tour tour operator will be encouraged to make their tour accessible for all.

Reha Rehabi bili lita tati tion on Prog Progrrams ams will will be init initia iate ted d and and supp suppor orte ted d at hospitals and clinics in the Public as well as in the Private Sector. Volunteer olunteer assistan assistance ce will be considered considered to support and train train the family of children with intellectual disability, slow learning and Autism in poor and deserving families. Free and subsidized subsidized medical treatment, treatment, services and medicines will be provided for treatment of Mentally Challenged Persons in poor and deserving families. Emph Emphas asis is on earl early y scr screenin eening g and and diag diagno nosi siss by expe experi rien ence ced d clinicians would be made. Ongoing Ongoing and regular regular assessments assessments of needs, needs, physical/ physical/ dietary/ dietary/ emotional/ educational would made.

Reha Rehabi bili lita tati tion on Prog Progrrams ams will will be init initia iate ted d and and supp suppor orte ted d by experienced clinicians. Occupational therapy and physiotherap physiotherapy y to be provided by the health sector where appropriate. appropriate. Free medical medical provisi provision on for mentally mentally challeng challenged ed children children of the poor. PTI would would encour encourag age e resea researc rch h and progra programs ms to address address the challenge of “Autism” and “Asperger's Asperger's Syndrome” Syndrome”.

Access complete Policy document at our website http://www.pti.............................

PTI Wing for Persns with Disabilities Team Lead and Volunteer for PwDs

Zaigham M. Rizvi [email protected] zaigham2 [email protected] Chairman: Sir Syed Deaf Association, Islamabad Patron: Sargodha Deaf Association Patron: Pakistan Association of Deaf, Karachi Patron: Deaf Islamic Center, Lahore Serving Servi ng Pers Persons ons with Disa Disabili bilities ties for the last 35 years Secretary Gene Secretary General: ral: AsiaAsia-Pacif Pacific ic Unio Union n for Hous Housing ing Fina Finance-A nce-APUHF PUHF ( Served/Serves as Housing Adviser/Consultant to: World Bank/IFC, UNHABITAT, CMHC-Canada Affordable Housing Institute-USA (AHI) Encludes-USA Encludes-U SA (ShoreBank  Int’l  ) State Bank of Pakistan (The central bank)

The information has been compiled by Mr. Rizvi from self study and from different sources. He is grateful to all those serving this noble cause in some form or the other.

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