PT3 Speaking Ideas by 3.6 2016 (smk convent muar)

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PT3 Spoken Interaction Ideas by 3.6

-A famous Malaysian that I admireAmong many famous Malaysians, I admire Lee Chon Wei the most as he is the pride of Malaysia. Lee Chong Wei is not only famous in Malaysia but wellknown worldwide for his talents in badminton. This is because, he had been world’s best badminton player for a few years. Back then, he went through many badminton trainings and practiced endlessly. As a result, all his hard work paid off and now he is a successful person. He received abundant of trophies and awards. I look up to him as my idol because he is the reason I started to play badminton. He is my role model in badminton. Moreover, seeing him playing badminton gives me the spirit to be more like him. In the future, I would like to follow his footsteps and become someone who is successful. Also, I shall keep supporting him as always.

Fast Food I am very familiar to fast food as I enjoy eating them. There are a wide variety of fast food such as French Fries, fried chicken, pizza, hamburgers and so on. Nowadays, fast food has become a popular trend for people from all walks of life. Most of the people love fast food as it is very tasty, convenient and easy to eat. However, behind this mouth-watering fast food, they also have some disadvantages that we are unaware of. For example, we will get some diseases such as diabetes, cancer and obesity if we eat too much of fast food. This is in the light of fact that fast food contains preservatives, salts, fats which are harmful to our body. Hence, we should limit ourselves from consuming too much of fast food. AN OCCUPATION As for me, I know a lot about being a doctor because I want to be one. This is my ambition since I was 5 years old. I know this occupation from the book that I had read. Doctor gives treatment to people who are sick. They save people’s lives. As I know, they are caring and good people.First,they will treat and identify people who are sick.Later,they give medicine to cure them. This occupation can help many people in this world and help them to live longer. It is a good work and this inspires me to become a doctor.

Ambition I want to become a lawyer since I was young. My uncle is a lawyer so I would like to follow his footstep to become a lawyer. It is relevant to my characteristic. When I was in my primary school, I was a prefect. I like helping people who are in the trouble and I cannot stand watching other person goes against the laws. I am

very happy that I can do good deeds. Those bad people will get their punishment and we can live in the society peacefully. I will study hard to pass my result in flying colours. Practise make perfect, I will learn with my uncle to achieve my ambition.

Cheating in examination The students cheat in examination because they did no prepare for their examination. They usually write their answers on their hands or copy the answers in a piece of paper and keep the paper at a place that teacher will not notice. When I see someone cheating in the examination, I will tell the teacher that the student is cheating. Cheating is wrong because the examination is used to assess the students. Besides, this is unfair for another student because they work very hard to get the good result but others who are cheating can get the good result. If the students cheat, there is no meaning to have an examination. Therefore, we should not cheat in examination. Computer Computer is a modern invention invented by human. People are always using computer to do their work. For me, I have a computer in my room. It is my birthday present. I love my computer very much. I usually use it after school. I surf the internet to search for some information using my computer. During my free time, I use it to play online games. Besides, I can use my computer to do my homework that given by my English teacher. Every night, I like to listen to music if I have done all of my works. I also like to chat with my friends on Facebook by using my computer. I think that a computer is very useful. It gives people many conveniences. We can pay bill with computer. We can watch movie with computer. Thus, we can save time from going to cinema or banks. We can do our work efficiently. Festival That I Celebrate. As a Muslims, I celebrate Hari Raya Aidilfitri once a year. Usually, I buy new clothes for Hari Raya. I visit my grandparents in my village. On the morning of Hari Raya, my family and I perform Solat Sunat Hari Raya. Then, we seek forgiveness to each other. I think it is good to have open houses to get to know others and to strengthen relationship with each other.

Illegal racing Nowadays, we often heard about illegal racing. In my opinion, illegal racing is not a good activity because it can cause many accidents which may lead to

casualties. I don’t like illegal racing and if my friends join this negative activity, I shall advise them by telling them the bad effects of joining illegal racing. The authorities should cut down illegal racings by adding more bumps on the roads. Besides, the police should patrol the areas more frequently.


I always eat fruit or vegetables because they aremy favourite food and can make me healthy. I eat fruit or vegetables about 3 or 5 times in a week. I always eat a slice of papaya, a slice of pineapple and mango. I also eat rambutan,langsat,mangosteen and so on during the fruit season. There are many other foods which are healthy for us too. For example,bread,milk, fish,meat,butter and so on. The benefits of eating healthy food are making my body strong and keep us away from diseases. LISTENING TO SONG Listening to music is my favorite activity and I also take it as my hobby. During the leisure time, I will play the songs on my smartphone and starting to enjoy the melody. My favorite song is “Night Changes” which was sung by One Direction. Therefore, I will choose listening to music as my hobby I think that the melody can make me feel comfortable and peaceful. Moreover, by listening to music I can get more advantages and benefits. From that, I can release my stress and tension when I am facing problems. Besides, I also take it as my entertainment because I can enjoy the music and feel more overjoy and rejoice. Lastly, I will end my talk with thank you. LISTENING TO SONGS

I am a person who loves to listen to various genres of music. I will listen to songs every day. My life will never complete if I do not listen to music. Since I love Korean pop, I always listen to the songs of this genres. I always listen to the Korean boy group called Exo.I love to listen to a song entitled Monster which was released on 9th June 2016.The reason why I love to listen to Monster is because this song has a good and refreshing melody that make myself feel not sleepy or weak when I am doing my homework. At first, when I start listening to music, I didn’t notice the benefits of listening to it but after a while I had discovered it.Firstly,I can learn new languages if I listen to music such as Korean and

Japanese languages.Next,music can make myself feel calm and all my stresses will be thrown away. Saving Habit I have the habit to save my pocket money because it is a good habit. Every day, I usually get RM3 as my pocket money to school but I will keep RM1 as my saving. This habit brings a lot of benefits for me. It is because of I save money every day, I have saved can help me in the future when I face financial problem. This habit can also help me in my education. Besides, I can also buy the things that I like even though it is expensive. Apart from that, having this habit can reduce my parents burden especially when I want to further my studies. Smartphone Now, everyone has a smartphone even children because it is convenience and it also cheaper than a computer. I also have a smartphone. It was my birthday present last year. I always use my phone to surf internet like Facebook and Instagram. I also use it to watch drama series or movies to relax my mind. Besides, my father bought it to me after seeing me having difficulties in doing my homework. I can search the internet to solve the problems. As for me, I don’t suggest student to bring smartphone to school because they will pay attention when the teacher is teaching. The crime will occur if all the pupils bring smartphone to school. So I don’t pupils to bring smartphone to school.


Smartphone is a very useful gadget in this advance world. What come’s to mind when the word smartphone is mentioned? Picture of a gadget or a device that human used in their daily lives would have cross the minds of many. Smartphones have many boons and banes that we should be aware of. Let me start of, by listing out the advantages of the smartphone. Smartphone is used as a communicating device. We could save our time rather than posting a letter or writing an email to friends and family members. Besides that, with just a smartphone, all the information and the news around the world are just at our fingertips. On the other hand, there are also many disadvantages of smartphone such as inappropriate website, scam, hacking, and the list goes on. Smartphone is not a necessary thing that we must have in our life. A person can live without a smartphone, for example like me. I don’t own a smartphone but I still like to own one. Iphone would be the brand or model of smartphone that I want. If there is a person who ask me that”. Do you think students should bring their smartphones to school? “. Without a tinge doubt, my answer will be ‘no’. it is because

smartphone will be a distraction to the students when the teacher is teaching. For example, when the teacher is teaching at the front of the class and the students are busy using their smartphones which is really disrespectful. Before I end my talk, this are the things about a smartphone. With that I thank you.


As a student, I celebrate Teachers’ Day on 16 th May in every year. The purpose of having Teachers’ Day is to celebrate those who had teaches us with passion and thanked them because of their effort until I have success. I usually design an appreciation card to thank my beloved teacher. My school usually organizes some activities such as, traditional costumes competition, playing musical chair, singing competition and so on. MY AMBITION Well, I am going to talk about my ambition. My ambition is become a good, and responsible secondary school science teacher. When I was young I don’t like this subject very much but when I saw my science teacher taught me with her golden heart. I suddenly love this subject, if I do not understand, she will teach me again without scolding me. A part from that, this job enables me to get close to the students. I will teach them very hard, when I saw their results are good, excellent, I will be happy too. Being a teacher is a meaningful thing. When I think about I am going to teach the pupils, I will feel so happy. That is the main reason I want to be a teacher. TOURISM IN MALAYSIA Malaysia is a multicultural country and there are many popular tourism destinations in Malaysia that attract many tourist from the other countries to visit. For examples, there are A’Famosa in Malacca Rainbow waterfall in Kuantan , Tioman Island in Mersing . I think the tourists like to visit Malaysia because Malaysia is special since it has many races which other countries do not have. Tourists usually take pictures or buy the souvenirs when they visit an interesting place. They will also enjoy the local food which they never tasted before. Tourism is an important activity for our country because this will help to improve our country’s economy. Besides, tourism will also improve the image of our country.

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