PT. J.CO Donuts & Coffee Business Plan in Argentine

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PT. J.CO Donuts & Coffee Business Plan in Argentine...


PT. J.CO Donuts & Coffee Business Plan in Argentine

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PT. J.CO Donuts and Coffee was founded by Johnny Andrean. J.CO products are donut, coffee and tea, hot or cold and yogurt. J.CO have outlets in many cities in Indonesia and several outlets in Malaysia, Singapore, China, and Philipine.

Product 


• Coffees

• Yoghurt


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)   

J.CO Safari J.CO Reach Out J.CO Care

SWOT Analysis Strength:  Donuts are made by using a modern machines.  Almost half of the raw materials are imported, chocolate from Belgium and milk imported from New Zealand. Coffee beans for drinks imported from Italy and Kosta Rica.  Concept “open kitchen”

Weakness:  Not standing alone yet outside the mall as Dunkin Donuts that already have selfsupporting Cafe that has a lot of stand alone outside the mall. Opportunities: Award  the best brand with product innovation.  Best Donut, 2006" in Free Magazine 2006. In 2008, J.CO Donuts & Coffee was awarded "The Integrated Marketing Strategy Champion 2008" in the SWA business magazine and Markplus & Co.  DISC AWARD 2008 for the category of Breakthrough Campaign in Food & Beverage.

Threats:  J.CO, be imitated by the Malaysian citizen, he found Big Apple. Competitors  J.CO Donuts & Coffee has some competitors: I-Crave and Krispy Kreme, and Dunkin Donuts

THE MARKETING PLAN Target Market Our target market are Argentine's people, from middle to upper class. J.CO Donuts & Coffee targeting the middle to upper social classes with the modern lifestyle, fond of social activities like hanging out in the cafe, and fond of food and beverages with premium brand. Children to adults (4-50 years) can consume our products. Because J.CO offer donuts that are not only delicious but also healthy. Because, J.CO not just use the sugar, but also honey and dark chocolate is good for health so it's not too sweet and healthy to eat.

Expected Sales To start marketing, we opened 10 outlets J.CO in Argentina’s mall or Plaza. Each one of our outlets targeting 1000 donuts, and 500 coffee / yogurt sold each day. In the first year, 80% we are sure will be sold in each day, and will increase each year.

Packaging Component To simply the sales, the box of donuts, coffee, and yogurt will be translated in Spanish and English. On the list of menu at outlets also written in two languages ​(Spanish and English). Also, J.CO website that available several languages ​(Indonesian, England, Argentina, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, China). So it will be easier for Argentina people who did not understand English.

Promotion Mix We use Mass Media in Argentine, such as TV, Radio, News Paper, Magazine, Banner. And then we use Social Network like Facebook, Twitter, and we also have a website. J.CO has a special website: that provides a variety menus inside the complete content to answer the curiosity of enthusiasts J.CO and web design is very appealing.

J.CO also have a twitter account for the media promotion of highly innovative and practical @ JcoArgentine, in this account provide delivery services, in addition to facilitate the costumer to find out the new products from the twitter account. J.CO also provide some promo on Facebook fan page “J.CO Donuts and Coffee”.

customers can buy donuts per seed or per package. there are package for half a dozen, one dozen and two dozen. Per seed = AR$ 3.25 ½ dozen = AR$ 19.50 1 dozen = AR$ 33 2 dozen = AR$ 54.50

Methods of Payment Can be paid in cash, or by credit card. J.CO donuts & Coffee in cooperation with certain banks.

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