PSLE Situational Writing Preparation

August 20, 2017 | Author: Liling Cassiopeia | Category: Medical Specialties, Diseases And Disorders, Wellness
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Albert Li Jia Wei

Situational Writing PSLE 2009 PSLE preparation

Albert Li

COMPLAINT To Mr. M Chan (Head of Resident’s Committee) I am Sulin and my grandmother lives in block 128. She finds it very inconvenient that the shops are currently closed and the post office has been relocated some distance away. My grandmother is old and moving about is definitely a labor to her. In addition, she has also been affected by the dust and noise. She has been coughing incessantly recently and she cannot take her afternoon naps in peace because of the upgrading works. I suggest that the resident’s committee can consider relocating the shops and post office temporarily to somewhere near its original location so that the residents would not be affected by the upgrading works. Thank You. Yours sincerely, Sulin

To the manager, I was at Jasper fashion on 2nd June 2009, during the annual Mega Sale; I purchased two T-shirts and a pair of jeans summing up to $220. However, while I was paying, the cashier rudely told me that there was no discount for any of the items that I have bought. However, it was clearly stated on your advertisement that there was a 50% discount on all T-shirt and a 30% discount all jeans. I decided to let the matter rest and I asked for the free gift. But the cashier also told me that there was no free gift. It was however stated on your advertisement that there was a free gift if we spent above $200. I was immensely displeased then. The advertisement that you gave out was very misleading and I hope that you would take the necessary actions and make sure that your cashiers are aware on what was stated on the advertisement to prevent such things from happening again. Yours sincerely, Mrs. Nathan

To the manager of the personnel department of Golden Taxi Service, I took a taxi on 4th August at about 7pm. The taxi licence number was SHB 5554X. I hailed the taxi and I told the driver my destination – Jurong West St 24. He drove off without a word. Along the way , I realized that he was not travelling by the usual expressway route, so I suggested to him that he might consider taking the expressway, but he was silent for a while and then, he shouted at me to keep my mouth shut as he know which is the best way. I was so shocked that I could not utter a word. When he finally arrived at the destination, I was paying the taxi fee when he rudely demanded for an extra $2 for the ERP gantry, but I was sure that he did not pass though any ERP gantries since he did not go on the expressway. I did not want to get into an argument with him, so I gave him the extra $2. Just as I was halfway out of the taxi, he started moving off. I shouted at him and he stopped for a while, but before I could close the door properly, he sped off. This is the worst taxi ride I have ever had and I would hope you would take the necessary actions against the taxi driver and discipline all the drivers in your company so that they would not tarnish your company’s reputation. Yours sincerely, Mrs. Ong

Dear Chillers’ COE, Mr. Francis Jose,

RE: The bad experience at your store I am writing to complain about the poor service I received at your store’s Serangoon branch on 21st September. To begin with, we waited for fifteen minutes before we were attended to. Even then, the waiter, named Patrick looked haughtily at us. When we ordered the chocolate mint fantasy tower, he then impolitely told us that the stall had run out of chocolate mint. So, we changed our order to chocolate and cherry delight. Then, he retorted that he had already said that the stall had run out of chocolate, but we were very sure that we were sure that he only said that the stall was out of chocolate mint. Finally, after waiting for about waiting for twenty minutes, our order finally arrived. The waiter rudely dumped onto the table and the milkshake even spilt out. We were horrified! This is the first time that I have ever experienced such treatment in your chillers’ stall and I am rather disappointed. I hope that you would take the necessary actions against the waiter, Patrick and make sure that your waiters know the correct way to attend to the customers. Yours sincerely, Harriet Ong Soh Soh

COMPLIMENT To the manager of Randy’s café,

I am Lilian Koh. I patronized your café yesterday with my friend Joyce yesterday. We found that your waiter was very well-mannered and was well aware of the specials of the day. Both my friend and I got the set lunch and we found that every course was well prepared and delicious. The cost of the meal was also very affordable and T never thought that those five courses would only cost $14.50. The ambience f the restaurant was also very elegant. The ambience together with the cost and the delicious meal, I feel that it was definitely an unforgettable dining experience at your café! We will definitely be patronizing your restaurant in the near future! Yours sincerely, Lilian Koh

Tress Bess Shampoo By: Amelia

There are many products of TressBess available, including ‘Care and Repair’ for dry and damaged hair, ‘Colour and Shine’ for colored hair, ‘Silky and Straight’ for frizzy hair, ‘Itch no more’ for sensitive scalps, ‘Volume’ for lifeless hair, ‘Make waves’ for curly hair, ‘Shine on’ for hair that is in good condition and ‘Fresh’ for greasy hair. I tried the product ‘Colour and shine’ and ‘Fresh’. I found the products very useful. It was also very effective. All thanks to TressBess, my hair is in excellent condition. Their new easy-toopen lid also very helpful and the bottles also come in funky colored bottles. The two bottles only cost me $12.90 in the introductory fair instead of the usual $15.40. The offer will end on the 15th of June. I think the price is very reasonable too. These products can be bought in all stores and supermarkets. I encourage all readers to buy it as I find it very useful and worth the money paid. The effect of the shampoo can also be seen very quickly!


I went to watch the National day parade; it was very exciting and an unforgettable day. Firstly, it was the ceremonial march past by 21 contingents. They marched perfectly in line, it was amazing. Following, it was the Aerial display by the Singapore Air force as the ever-famous f-16 takes to the sky again in the national day salute. After that was the diving parachute by our Singapore’s brave commandos as they parachute from airplanes, landing right onto Padang. It was definitely a breathtaking moment for everyone. Then, it was the Unity in Song. A combined school choir of 400 students as they unify the crowds with songs! Everyone started singing and I was of no exception. I was wowed by the next item, Colours of joy as the students of the North Zone combine secondary school put up a colorful song and dance item. Next was the Healthy, Wealthy and Wise item. I was dazzled by the dexterous and skilful young athletes from the East zone primary school as the performed heart stopping antics. At the end, we gave them a standing ovation. After that was the item, through the years as I listened attentively to the Singapore Story brought to life by the Young committee of Singapore. Following, it was the Grand Finale as we sang together, the National day theme song, ‘Together we dare’. And as the call of ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY’ to Singapore, there were fireworks of a rainbow of colours. In general, I believe that the parade was well prepared and was very interesting. I enjoyed the fireworks the most as they were pretty and also a meaningful call to Singapore, wishing her a happy birthday, and hereby, I still want to tell Singapore, ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY’!

To: ‘Food Paradise’, restaurant manager, Mr. Gary Goh Dear Mr. Goh,

I would like to compliment your restaurant, in particular, the good service that your restaurant provided to me and my friend. The waiter’s kind arrangements on the day of promotion helped us receive a 20% discount even though we did not come pass the discount coupon from that day’s paper. He was also very polite as we took our order. Also, I would wish to compliment the chefs on their wonderful cooking since the rosemary chicken and the grilled salmon tasted heavenly. We are also very pleased with the reasonable price at your restaurant as the food was very affordable and that made the meal a pleasant one. Thank you for the good meal. We will patronize your stall very soon! Yours faithfully, Andrea Ng

MEMO Dear Mr. Kang,

This is a rundown on the things that you would have to do for the week. There will be a several meetings and appointment that you would have to attend. On Monday, you have a meeting with the managers from the various departments in the conference room at 11 am. On Tuesday, you have a lunch appointment with the director of Klang’s international. On Wednesday, you have to attend a meeting with Mr. Chaim and his board from Cowin Marketing at 10 am. Lastly, on Friday, you have tea with Mr. Takada from the Japan’s branch of Byson Products. There are also two reports for you to go through, one is the biannual report from the salesdepartment and the other is from Mr. Benjamin Lim, Head auditor. There is also a proposal from the design department regarding a new engine for your perusal. Mr. Taylor would be arriving on Thursday. His visit is very important as he will have the news from the Paris conference, Vivian


Recently, I have received a complaint from a regular library user of the library’s noisy environment. Therefore, I would like to write this memo to remind all of you on what you should do. Firstly, do take note of the children who are running about the library. Not only those in the children section, but also at other parts of the library. Secondly, please remind students who meet up at the library and sit in groups on the floor near the shelves, talking loudly. Please ask them to kindly keep their volume down. Not only are they disturbing other library users, but they are also preventing other library users from getting the books from the shelves. Next, I would like to remind library officers to station themselves near the computer station themselves near the computer terminals during peak hour to prevent computer hogging. Lastly, please also pay extra attention to book with torn or missing pages. Mrs. Stella Pan Head librarian, Sennet Town Library

SPEECH Good morning residents of the housing estate,

Today, I am going to talk to you about a disease – the dengue fever. You may ask what it is. Well, dengue fever is a flu-like illness spread by the bit of the Aedes mosquito. Dengue fever usually starts with high fever, rash, severe headache, pain behind the eyes, and muscle and joint pain. Nausea, vomiting, and loss of appetite are common. A rash usually appears 3 to 4 days after the start of the fever. Complete recovery may take up to as long as one month. Most dengue infection result in relatively mild illness, but some can progress to dengue hemorrhagic fever. With dengue hemorrhagic fever, the blood vessels start to leak, causing bleeding from the nose, the mouth and the gums. Unless there is prompt treatment, the blood vessels can collapse. This can cause shock. Dengue hemorrhagic fever is dangerous as it can be fatal. Dengue is spread by the bite of an Aedes mosquito. The mosquito spreads the virus by biting an infected person before biting another uninfected person. The virus is thus transmitted from an infected person to and uninfected person. Anyone who gets bitten by an infected mosquito can get dengue fever. Risk factor for dengue hemorrhagic fever includes a person’s age and immune status, as well as the type of infecting virus. Fortunately, dangerous as it is, the disease can be prevented. To do so, look around your house and discard items that can collect stagnant water. Pay special attention to used pails, and flower pots. Change the water of vases regularly. I there are drains outside your house, make sure the water does not lie stagnant in them. By doing so, you are not only preventing yourself, but also preventing others from getting dengue fever. So let us work together and prevent it as everyone has a part to play. Thank you for listening and have a good day.

Good morning students,

I am Mr. Prakash from the public utility board. Today, I will be touching on the subject of water conservation

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