Protecting and Cleaning the House From Magic and Jinn

July 27, 2017 | Author: Mohammed Ghouse | Category: Jinn, Door, Abrahamic Religions, Qur'an, Religion And Belief
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Ruqyah  House  Cleaning,  Protection  Process    (to  remove  jinn  and  magic)   This  process  is  a  combination  of  methods  from  3  different  Raqhis,  Sh.  Sharif  (UK),  Sh  Saud  (Saudi),   Abou-­‐Oubeydillah  (Saudi)   Collated  and  Authored  by  Abu  Hurairah  

The house cleaning process is in 2 parts, a warning part and a cleansing, protection part.

The  warning  part     This involves giving verbal warnings to any jinn that maybe in your house. There could be jinn living harmlessly in your house, they could have been there for a long time and do not have any bad intention to you or your family. So as Muslims we must warn them before cleansing the house. E.g. we cannot go around attacking innocent jinn, animals or humans without warning them first as we will be answerable on the day of Judgement. For 3 days, two people must warn the jinn in the house to leave.

Method   (It is preferable to be in a state of Wudu and recite the 3 Kuls & Ayat al Kursi on yourself) Open all the windows and doors at Asr time and go to every room, and say the following “ by the command of Allah, this is my house and the jinn must leave and find somewhere else to live”. also add that “'I implore you by the covenant taken from you by Sulaiman Ibn Dawud not to harm us, nor to appear to us” and say ” we don’t want to harm the jinn, but after 3 days we will spray ruyqa water with Quran recited on it and it will hurt you, so they should leave” PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT 2 people do the above procedure, there have been rare cases when patients have done this alone and the jinn attacked them as the jinn have insisted that the house belonged to them. Close the windows, doors just before Magrib time .Anyway it is the Sunnah to close all the doors and windows of the house at Magrib time to stop new jinn entering the property. InshaAllah any jinn residing in your home should leave, they should escape your house during this 3 day period. MAKE SURE YOU DON’T MISS A DAY IN BETWEEN, this procedure should be carried out over 3 consecutive days.

Evidence  for  the  Manner  of  Warning:     Abdurrahmaan Ibn AbeeLaylah quoted his father, saying: The Prophet ~ said: "If a snake appears in your house, say to it: 'We ask you by the covenant of Noah and the covenant of Sulaiman Ibn Dawud not to harm US ... ,,95 Al-QadhiIyaad, may Allah have mercy on him, said: "Ibn Habib reported

95 Abu Dawud (5260), at-Tinnidhi (1485) and an-Nisa'i' in "Al-Kubra" (10504); its Isnadis Da 'eef. 75 The Prophet ~ said: 'I implore you by the covenant taken from you by Sulaiman Ibn Dawud not to harm us, nor to appear to us.'"

Cleansing,  protection  part   So we have given the jinn 3 days to leave, if any remain then on the day of judgement we cannot be held accountable as we gave sufficient time and warning. For the cleaning part, you will need to have some ruqyah water. Ensure that any magic found in the house is removed as this will invite shaitans,e.g. taweez on string hanging , taweez on poster, pictures, (anything that has a square grid of numbers and letters), Iron nails that a magician has asked you to hammer into the walls,etc

How  to  prepare  Ruqyha  water         Get  a  large  bottle  or  jug,  fill  it  with  water  (  ZamZam  water  is  best,  then  rain  water,  if  not  then  still   mineral  water).   Follow  the  instructions  below,  recite  Surah  Fatiha,  the  3  Kuls,  Ayat  al  Kursi  X  7  times  each.  Blow  into   the  large  bottle  or  jug. Keep the bottle or jug safe, from this bottle pour the water into the spray bottle. ( The bottle or jug should have be sufficient enough to fill the spray bottle 3 times, as you will need to spray your house for 3 days).

Performing  the  cleaning,  protection  part   Follow this procedure for 3 days consecutively immediately after the 3 day warning period.

PLEASE ENSURE THAT 2 PEOPLE IN A STATE OF WUDU do this cleansing procedure, One person to spray the ruqyah water and the other should be making continuous dhiker aloud whilst moving along with the sprayer. Dhikr could ayat ul kursi or the 4th kalma etc. There have been rare cases when patients have done this alone and the jinn attacked them as it insisted that the house belonged to the jinn. While you spray say Bismillah aloud to warn any jinn before you spray in that direction as the ruqya water will burn them.

For the following three days JUST BEFORE MAGRIB:1. Start at the main door/entrance of the house. 2. Spray the water first around the door frame starting at the bottom right corner and then 3 times on the door itself whilst reciting Bismillah. 3. Then start to spray the water along the skirting board from the bottom left of the door moving along until you reach a corner. 4. Spray the ceiling corner 3 times. 5. Then continue along the skirting board going around the door frames and doors as well as window frames and windows. 6. Spray windows as you do the doors. 7. Enter all rooms of the house in this manner EXCEPT the BATHROOM. DO NOT spray inside the bathroom just the outside around the door frame and the door itself. 8. Go round the whole house moving towards the left direction until you end up back at the main entrance on the right hand side. 9. Spray ruqya water around the house using the pre prepared ruqyah water. get a large prepared spray bottle of ruqya water and spray the around the whole house, spray along the skirting board or similar as shown in the figure below. Also the top corners of the walls (the top four corner of the room) and also around the window frames and on the windows 3 times as well as around the door frames and on the doors 3 times whilst reciting bismillah. About a ¼ of a litre should be enough for the whole house per day. You can buy a small empty spray bottle from garden centres or cosmetic shops.

You don’t have to spray each inch of the house, just the ceiling corners and 3 times across the doors and windows. It’s easier to explain via the illustration below, the blue colour is where you should spray.

Also recite or less preferable play surah Bakarah in the house so it can be hear in every room every 3 days, you can leave it playing while you go shopping or drop the kids off to school. Lastly recite the Azan in a loud voice at the time of each salat.

The purpose of spraying the house with ruqyah water and reciting Quran is to remove the jinn and ensure they do not come back into the home.

Using bath salt + warm water method

If you suspect that someone has placed magic in your home, or you keep on seeing jinn (dark shadows, dark shaped beings, hearing odd noises etc), then you can use this method as it will have a stronger effect. Either buy or create your own ruqyah bath salts,­‐pack/ruqyah-­‐bath.html     Mix  a  small  packet  of  ruqyah  bath  salts  into  a  bucket  of  warm  water,  you  can  add  a  few  spoons  of   vinger,  then  spill  this  water  directly  outside  your  house  e.g  the  front  and  back  garden,  outside  walls   of  the  house.  If  your  house  has    marble  or  wooden  floors  (non  carpeted)  ,then  use  a  new  &  clean   mop    and  mop  the  floors  with  the  ruqyah  water+bath  salt  mix.    

You can also put this mixture into the small spray bottle and spray you house. Continue these processes until you not longer feel scared in your home and the jinn no longer appear in your home. Allah knows best,

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