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November 8, 2017 | Author: Dragan Davidović | Category: Orgasm, Prostate, Massage, Medical Specialties, Medicine
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and Correct Prostate Massage

What does prostate massage have to do with your health?

What if someone told you that they would give you the absolute bes liquid to heal your gland? A liquid so healing and so powerful that nothing else in all of medical history has ever been able to compete with it? A liquid that is non toxic, and a liquid that is responsible for every cure that ever was?

Would you believe it even existed?

Would you want it?

Would you use it? Would you pay a lot for it?

Well, you already have it! That liquid is your blood. Hard to believe, but it is true. It is the greatest and, actually, the only real healer in the whole world.

And, the way you get this healing life giving liquid to your weak sick gland is with correct prostate massage. The Drug Myth

There is no laboratory chemical that ever healed anything. Yes they can kill bacteria and germs and viruses. But no laboratory chemical ever healed anything. If you've been on prostate medication for a length of time you've learned this the hard way. You are still not well. That's why you're reading this.

You must understand this key point before you can ever expect to attain serious health:

The body is self healing. It is the only thing that has ever healed anything and everything. All other "remedies" only are there to assist t body in it's functions. Most of them cause more harm than good.

The healing is ALWAYS done by nature and fresh healthy blood.

But, even if the blood is healthy, when it can not reach your prostate gland in sufficient quantity, your gland will not be able to heal itse and will eventually suffer from a variety of diseases. That is why most modern men eventually require some correct prostate massage.

The Cause of Most Problems

The cause of almost every (99%+) problem in this area is: Lack of blood flow and/or unhealthy blood. Too much sex can also cause all kinds of problems and pain here.

Get more oxygen and nutrient rich blood specifically to this area and most of these problems will disappear!

Specific correct physical rubbing and pushing greatly increases the flow of blood into the gland more effectively than any other treatmen in existence. It is the absolute #1 aid in healing this gland.

This specific massaging will help promote healing in:







Erectile Dysfunction

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It is unquestionably the best treatment for virtually every malady of this gland. The reason is: nothing else cleans and nourishes it as effectively. Nothing. Modern lifestyle is the prime cause of almost all of our physical problems. Constant sitting, incorrect deficient foods, and too much emphasis on constant sexual performance are the main factors in ALL prostate diseases.

These things all poison and suffocate the cells in the gland. This is what creates the diseases or the breeding ground for the bacteria tha cause the disease. Poison your gland enough and you'll most likely create cancer there. It's no mystery. The First Step

The first step in relieving problems caused by congestion here (poor blood flow) is always specific correct massage. If you will get the blood flow moving, half the battle is done. Then, you will need to clean up your diet with a natural diet, get the extra nutrients you may need from prostate health supplements, moderate your sex life, get some exercise (any kind you enjoy) and 99.9% o prostate problems will vanish. It doesn't matter what they are. Why It Works!

The reason these steps are so effective is that the body was designed to be 100% healthy. But, in our "civilized" cultures we do so many unnatural things everyday that block the body's ability to function properly. Disease is always the result.

Specific treatment like this should not be required for health. But, it counteracts a lot of the life suppressing things we all do each day, l sit far too much and move our bodies far too little.

This gland is probably the must vulnerable organ in the male body. That is why it is the number one cause of male health problems.

The natural remedy of increased blood flow seems far too simple. There are so many drugs with very long mysterious names that we ca not even pronounce. Shouldn't those be better? No, those are designed to relieve symptoms and make money. They may suppress symptoms, but they do not make you healthy. You must learn the difference if you are to be truly well.

The reason specific massage is the most effective way in helping relieve these specific problems is that it gets the blood moving through the area better than any other treatment can. It's so simple that people can hardly believe it. They seem to believe difficult, expensive, mysterious things work better. Not true. The truth is: Increasing blood flow here will do more good for most men than any other treatment. It's Now Up To You

So, now it is up to you. Read the pages on this site. Learn how to do a correct prostate massage as well as the supplementary massage Learn which foods and supplements really make you healthy. And, most important: Take the necessary action! Do your prostate massages. Just reading them isn't enough. Good health comes from correct action. Get well once and for all!

You can do it!

Be Well.....


© - All Rights Reserved

Prostate Massage - Success Stories! -

This page features the success stories of you, my readers. Obviously these are stories from those who have been here before and have come back with their good news!

I hope you will return in the near future with your own success story and share it with us.

Success Stories! Provided Me With the Relief I have Been Seeking!

After enduring prostatitis for 3 years, your site has provided the relief I was seeking. I tried the sitz bath method immediately after findi your site and experienced instant relief! I've since been doing the Primary Massage and your Massage #2, along with The Miracle Exercis as detailed on your site and now barely feel any discomfort. Your site is a life-saver! Before I found your site, I felt miserable from the pain, but now after barely 3 weeks the difference is like night and day... thank you so much for making this website available!!!! Mario Ciano - Seoul, Korea

Success Stories! BPH Relief!

Hi William,

I have BPH... I was up usually 4 or sometimes 5 times each night to relieve myself... My regime included some simple prostate massage and supplements for the past 10 months... now I'm up usually just once each night!... I sleep 5-6 hours straight... I feel so much more refreshed each morning.... What a blessing... H. Mutavich W. Palm Beach, Fla.

Success Stories! Erectile Dysfunction (ED) Cured!

Before I have a semi erectile dysfunction, semi because I can sometimes get an erection (about half of the time). I then learn about the massage techniques, and I started doing it every other day. After a few weeks, I got cured from my erectile dysfunction! These techniques, as you teach them, are very effective... Ralph - Phillipines

Success Stories! From A Professional Therapist:

Hello William,

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I am a professional prostate massage therapist who has been practicing for over 9 years helping gentlemen who have prostate issues. Their problems range from no problems, just curiosity, to severe problems. It is very rewarding to hear from my customers shortly after their sessions telling me how relieved they are that they have greater function and less pain...

Just remember, just because this gland is tucked away doesn't mean it doesn't need attention. I have worked on gentlemen everyday fo

years and believe me, the benefits are huge.

I Highly recommend this site and the information it contains!!

Diane - Houston, Texas

Success Stories! Prostatitis Relief!!

Dear William,

Thank you for your information. It is plain and simple to understand...

I used to have long chronic bouts with recurring prostatitis. It made me grouchy and irritable all the time. Plus, I was always thinking there was something terribly wrong with me. I'd go to the doctors prepared for the worst and they'd always tell me I was OK. Pain killers never really did much good. But, I don't use the prescription ones anyway.

Since I stared using these massages and silver water, my bouts are far less frequent and much much shorter in duration... I usually only get it (prostatitis) when I stop doing the massages for a long period of time.

Thank you for the great information. Sincerely, Millard O. - Miami, Fla.

Success Stories! Myths Busted

I am really impressed with the information on this prostate health site.lot of myths busted....know what the reality is....Go through the whole site. Santhosh - Bangalore

Success Stories! The Easiest and Most Inexpensive Treatments!

I came to this website by mistake and not knowing that I would find the solution to my 12 year prostate problem and Mr. William I give great thanks to you for helping me with the easiest and most inexpensive prostate treatments that honestly work and may god bless you and as for me I feel great!

Moe - South Africa

Success Stories! Excellent!

Hi, Thanks for this website on prostate massage. It is simply excellent !

Neal A. - Palo Alto,CA

Success Stories! Your Website Got Me Back On Track

I just came across your website "prostate massage and health" and wanted to say WOW! What a great job well done! The information w so helpful... Wow what can I tell ya. I am only 25. I really thought I had ED but after reading all of the information on your website I thin its just that I had not been taken care of my body as well as I should have....

....Your website has got me back on track...

Again thank you so much for all this information, I love your website! Ryan

Success Stories! It Was A Lifesaver

...... thanks so much for this informative site - for me, it was a lifesaver and part of divine intervention to help me avoid a prostate biops

Richard Newsing - Orlando, Folrida

Success Stories! These Massages Have Made Our Sex Life So Much Better

It took awhile as I think my wife thought I was trying to just add prostate massage to our sex life but she finally decided to assist me an what a difference!! I feel so much better and yes these techniques have made our sex life so much better so to be able to improve my prostate health and our sex life at the same time has been truly amazing! Greg - Charlotte NC

Success Stories! A Much More Pleasant Sexual Life

Recently diagnosed with a slightly enlarged prostate I came to your site to see what could be done and found more information than I ever dreamed.

I never knew a proper diet could help so much with proper prostate function and I found your information on the silver water extremely interesting and looked into that even further and have found that Dr. Gordon Pederson has been given a patent for his silver products th have also recently been FDA approved!

That is amazing! A proper diet and correct massage techniques along with the use of the silver have me on my way to a much more pleasant sexual life.

Thanks so much, Lew

Success Stories! From Hungary

Everybody says there is problem with this gland. Well I realized why it started happening in this century. Because we are all sitting on it! So easy. No bacterial infection. Just physical strain! It is not designed to sit on it! So TRUE! Try an external prostate massage every day after office work. All symptoms will go away.

Patrik Laszlo - Hungary

Success Stories! I Have Finally Found Relief

I am so glad I stumbled on this website!! After 10 years of suffering from intense prostate pain, intermittently, I have finally found relief and I am almost cured!! It has resulted in a dramatic improvement of my mood and emotional well-being as well!!!

Jason C. - Montreal, Canada

Success Stories! The Best!

I have been all over the net and this the best site about real relief for prostate problems thus far!

Tony B. - Minneapolis, MN

Success Stories! Bent Penis Straightened

I found the "bent penis" page on your website here. I have always had a slight curvature, and I have had past partners make fun of me other people...(no longer with that person)...however have always wanted a Straight Arrow Howie... and I recently tried the 'Traction' has already lengthened in just 4 weeks...but I must say the curve is still I am patient and feel that there will be a may be that I end up at 8" and still have a the curve as I'm at 7.5 inches we'll see...I'm quietly confident that this typ of therapy can resolve my life long bent penis stated I am already at 7.5 by 7 in circumfrence...just want it totally straight now Who would have thought I'd find this great and important information on a prostate massage and health website? I'll report back in the next month with some photos...BTW my wife has stated that my member reaches the top now...first time for that one! J. Smith

So now my new friend, it's your turn to tell me:

Has This Site Helped You? Your story is important! Your story or Your comment may be the inspiration one man needs to take the action he needs to feel well and pain free again. Your past problem may be his present problem. The way You tell it may be what makes sense to him. So, if this site has helped you in any way, please take just a minute or two to "pay it forward" to the new guys. Tell us your story. Or, just leave a short comment. Thanks from me and from those you'll be helping!

Be Well..... ~ William

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Prostate Pain Relief

when you need it NOW!!

Prostate pain is making you suffer! You don't feel good.You need relief NOW! You've had an exam from your Urologist. He says you're fine.

But, you don't feel fine! You hurt! A lot! It's ruining your sleep. Your days. And your life! You don't know what to do. Nothing so far has been making you really feel any better. And, that's why you're here on the net. You've Come to the Right Place!

Prostate pain, it's causes, and how you can learn to prevent it, I discuss in the other articles you see in the NAV bar on the left side of th page.

I'll even talk about reversing BHP.

For the best long term results you are also going to need to learn to do theinternal prostate massage.

But first, You Want Prostate Pain Relief NOW!

So, here I'll only explain what is happening and how to Soothe Your Prostate NOW!

O.K. Here's the story: These relatively sudden prostate pain attacks, that show up as 'nothing' in an exam, are almost always due to swollen tissue, congested blood and accumulated metabolic waste products. You may even be in excellent general health. But, if your blood flow is too greatly diminished or cut off, you are going to suffer. It's like when you sit in a strange position too long and your leg or foot falls asleep. The circulation was cut off too much. It hurts, feels tingley, numb, etc...

When you do that to a gland or organ (like your prostate), it hurts even worse. To relieve these problems, you have to get the blood moving! Reduce the swelling. And, Remove the poison (the accumulated metabolic


There Are Reasons Why The Swelling Causes So Much Prostate Pain

Your gland has a covering around it that is like a skin. This skin is called fascia tissue. When the gland swells too rapidly this skin is force to stretch more than it is able to.

Internal fascia (just like your skin) has only a certain amount of stretchability. Take hold of the skin on your arm. Start pulling outward. When it starts to hurt, pull a little harder. Then hold it there. Feel how it keeps hurting? Does it hurt A LOT?

When there is swelling in your gland, this is what is happening to the fascia that is covering it.

Now, pull just a little less hard. Notice how much less it hurts? A lot less! Right?

O.K. You can let go now.

Did you see how a little less pressure can bring a lot of relief? The same can be true for what is happening in your body. Another problem with blood congestion is: Lack of blood flow causes toxins to accumulate in an area. These toxins (metabolic waste products from every living cell) actually start to poison the area and cause varying degrees of inflammation, irritation, and discomfort. [?] Subscribe To This Site

If your gland hurts and you are suffering from this type of swelling and blood congestion, This Is What You Must Do To Get Rid Of The Prostate Pain

You must reduce the swelling in your gland

Take the pressure off the fascia and off the organ itself

Remove the accumulated toxins.

This is not as complicated as it sounds. In fact it is quite simple and pleasurable to do!

To do this, you have to move the congested blood. You have to get the blood moving freely again!

The really Good News is: You don't have to reduce ALL the swelling togreatly reduce your prostate pain! Just a little less swelling can often reduce most of your prostate pain. It may even relieve your prostate pain completely. Just like when you pulled less hard on your skin in the test example above. Picture a traffic jam on the highway. You know how upset and miserable one of those can make you, right? You sit there for the longest time getting more and more irritable. But, as soon as you pass the the cause of the jam up and start cruising at 60 or 70 mph again, don't you suddenly feel Amazing Relief! All is well with the world again and the upset goes away. The same is usually true for your prostate pain! Get the blood moving again, reduce the swelling, and you will feel better!

There Are Two Very Very Effective Methods To Do This:

method one: The SITZ BATH

This is a very old treatment for prostate pain dating back hundreds of years. It is also still one of the earliest, yet, still most effective remedies for prostate pain.

The Sitz Bath is very different from just taking a hot bat. The Sitz Bath brings a great flow of blood to a specific area. The regular hot bat is pleasant and generally increases circulation throughout your body. But, a regular hot bath is not nearly as effective on localized pain. Like prostate pain.

The Sitz Bath was originally performed in a large wash tub before there was indoor plumbing. It was specifically used for prostate pain as well as hemmorhoid pain, menstrual pain and bowel pain. Today, with the modern bath tub, it is much easier to do. The Sitz Bath ishighly effective and very soothing! It is also extremely pleasurable to do. It will increase the circulation to your prostate gland. And, it seems to just melt the prostate pain away! Like Magic!

You'll need a deep bath tub. One you can sit in and have the water come up just over your belly button. You want hot water to cover the entire area where you are experiencing your prostate pain. If your bath tub does not allow the water to get that deep (because of the overflow opening), get a flat rubber sink stopper at the hardware store. They look like a flat 4 or 5 inch round disk.

Unscrew the covering from the overflow. Place the rubber disk over the hole. Put the cover back over the rubber stopper and scre it back on (make small holes in the rubber stopper for the screws to go through). This will seal off the hole and allow you to fill the tub deeper. (Just be sure to keep an eye on the tub when it fills or it can overflow!)

Then fill the tub with the hottest water you can comfortably stand. Feel it, with your hand under the faucet, as it runs into the tub. If it is not too hot for your hand it will not be too hot for your body. It should never be painful. If it is too hot and it will burn you. Then you'll have more problems!

But Hot! Not warm. Warm will not penetrate and do the job. You will see the skin on your hand redden after being in this water for a couple of minutes. That Is The Reaction You Want!

It indicates a great stimulation of blood to the area. You want the blood to Flow!

Now, when the tub is full enough, shut off the water and get in it. It will at first feel too hot. That is only an initial reaction. If the water d not burn your hand while filling the tub it will not burn your body.

That is why you constantly feel the water as the tub is filling. You want the water to heat you, not burn you. You can make this a bubble bath, a mineral bath, a scented oil bath, or just a plain water bath. Whatever makes you happy is the right thing!

I personally add a little pure pine needle oil. It is a very relaxing and soothing fragrance often used in aromatherapy. It makes the whole room smell like a pine forest! Lavender is also especially good. It is specifically used to release tension in the practice of aromatherapy. A small amount works wonders after a stressful day! Don't scoff at this. Happiness produces Endorphins in the brain. These endorphins can greatly reduce the suffering prostate pain can cause. Now, This Is Very Important:

Once you are sitting in the tub, lean backagainst the end and take your hands and feet out of the water. Prop your feet up on the opposit end of the tub or the wall. Place your arms up on the side of the tub. You ONLY want the middle section of your body in the water. The area where you have the prostate pain.

This will concentrate the heat into the area around your gland and force the blood to flow there.

If you put your whole body into the tub, the bath treatment will not work properly. You want to make the blood flow heavily into just one specific area. That is why you concentrate the heat there.


Just relax and feel how good it feels in there. You'll notice the tensions start to loosen almost immediately. The prostate pain itself seems to relax. You don't rub or massage anything in here. Just relax and let the heat do the work.

Take a pleasurable book in with you. Put on some soothing music if you want. If you just prefer to relax and enjoy the silence, that's goo too!

Do not do work or conduct business of any kind while you are in the tub. That will stress your system to a greater or lesser degree.

All Stress Constricts The Blood Vessels and Reduces The Blood Flow

So, relax! This is your Spa Treatment. In famous European Health Spas people pay $150 for one of these baths. So relax and enjoy it. No only will you feel better, you are saving $150!

You're going to be in this bath for 30-40 minutes. Longer, if it makes you happy. But, 30 minutes minimum! Because, it takes a while for the heat to penetrate all the way in.

It has to pass through your skin, your fatty layer, and your muscles before it even reaches your prostate pain. But, it will get there! Every once in a while, shift your body around a little bit so that the water moves (keep your hands out of the water. You want the heat going to only one area.). You'll feel the water warm up a little as you move. That's what you want. It shows you, also, that the heat from the previous water was absorbed into your body!

That specifically supplied heat is what will make your blood flow better and ease your prostate pain.

After a while you will start sweating. The more the better. Keep some cool water by you to drink. Drink as much as you want.

After about 15-20 minutes, you will notice the water has cooled a bit. Let some water drain out of the tub and add more hot.

Always Keep The Water As Hot As You Can Comfortably Stand

After 30-40 minutes (more if it makes you feel good) put you legs in the tub. Sit up. Pull out the stopper and let the water drain from the tub while you are still sitting in it.

Then, when the tub is empty, Stand Up SLOWLY. Your body will be hot and overheated.

If You Get Up Too Fast You May Faint

So, get up slowly and carefully. If you feel light headed on the way up, Sit Back Down and wait until you have cooled off some before getting up again. There is no rush. Take your time.

Once you are standing, turn the shower on full force COLD only! No Hot water.

Direct the spray on your prostate pain area and rub the area gently for a count of 15-20 seconds while the ice cold water is spraying it.

That ice cold rinse will be just like when you squeeze out a sponge! It will cause a short quick constriction of the blood vessels. That reall squeezes out the old blood and toxins! The heat retained in the rest of your body will quickly open them up again. Circulation will increase Dramatically! You will see your skin has turned red! That's perfect. How is your prostate pain now? Is it feeling better?

Once you're used to this, it will feel GREAT! You'll look forward to the end of your bath and the refreshing cold spray. The first time you d it, it will be a real shocker!

Now, take a pleasantly cool shower and dry off. You're done! Notice How Much Better You Feel!

Not only is the prostate pain greatly reduced. Notice how nice you feel all over! More relaxed, calmer, happier. Isn't that Amazing?!

It's your own private prostate pain spa treatment! You can do it anytime you feel the need or desire.

Also keep in mind, your prostate pain most probabally did not develope in just one day. So, it probabally won't totally disappear and nev come back again after just one bath. That would be nice! But, it is most probabally not reality.

However, the Sitz Bath can be very very soothing and make you feel much better NOW! It can have

A Truely Remarkably Soothing Effect On Your Prostate Pain.

The whole idea is to feel better. Day by day. Right now you just want to reduce the terrible hurting. But, in the long run you want the prostate pain to go away completely. You're going to have to work on that. Day by day. The other chapters in this site will show you how So be sure to read them!

After your Sitz Bath, try not to sit in a chair right away.

Sitting in a chair is the most injurious thing that we do every day to this area of our bodies. Instead, lounge on a recliner or the couch. O sit cross legged on the floor.

Be sure to drink 1 or 2 large glasses of water. You've sweated a lot and you also want to move those old toxins to the kidneys and out of your body.


This method is also an excellent treatment for soothing prostate pain right away!

If you travel or work in an office all day, this method can be used almost anywhere you have access to an electric wall outlet. And,

In Stubborn Cases, This Method Is Often More Effective!

You'll need a BIG Heavy Duty back massaging vibrator. Not a small one or a battery operated one. A BIG One! A powerful one that plugs into the wall. The one I used for my prostate pain problem was the Thumper Mini Pro II. This particular massager has worked very successfully for everyone I have recommended it to. But, it is a lttle pricey at $189.

Recently I discovered the ObusForme. I think it is the best buy on a good electric massager. It seems to work just as well as the Thumpe for prostate pain. And, it's much more economical!

If your budget is a little tighter, Amazon also has the Sunny Fitness Massager for just $17.99. It will do a decent job and can bring you some very blessed relief!

Your massager needs to be able to reach in deeply where you are having your prostate pain. It has to be able to penetrate past the skin, fat and other tissues. It has to penetrate effectively into the prostate pain area. And, it has to be able to run for a long period of time.

If you don't get a powerful one, you won't get the results you desire. Either lie down or sit on the floor in Japanese sitting position (Kneel. Then sit back on your heels. If that is too uncomfortable, turn the bottom side of your toes down to the floor. This will raise your heels up and make it easier.) Spread your knees wide apart.

Turn the Big vibrator on and adjust it to a high (fast) vibration. The slow vibrations don't work nearly as well.

Place The Vibrator On Your Prostate Pain Area

The reason I say prostate pain "area", is that your gland could be feeling discomfort because of a problem in the surrounding area.

Now, just gently press in on the painful area. Move the vibrator around a little as you do. Just relax and keep doing this for about 20 minutes.

Breathe comfortably and deeply as you do this. See the blood and fresh oxygen moving into the prostate pain you as you are massaging and inhaling. As you exhale see a bit of the prostate pain flowing out of you with your breath. If you're not familiar with using visualization, this may sound really silly! However, mental visualization has been proven over and over again to increase results by up to 400% in clinical studies of all kinds. So, please use it generously!

Then, start moving the vibrator to the surrounding areas. Go side to side from your belly button. Go over the pubic bone. Go to either sid of the pubic bone. There are many connecting nerves and blood vessels in these areas.

Increasing the blood flow and nerve energy to these surrounding areas will greatly benefit the blood flow and nerve flow to your gland.

Do the area between your testicles and your anus. If you feel in this area with your fingers you will feel something like a thick rope there

This area is called the perineum. The perineum is where your nerves and vessels run from your penis to all your sexual glands. A lot of prostate pain has been traced to problems in this specific area. Specifically from bicycle seats. All the important nerves run through there. Massaging the perineum increases the blood flow and the healing nerve energy flow to the entire sexual and urinary system. It is, at the same time, very soothing! You also have important lymph glands in this area (between your legs) which keep the blood clean. You should gently massage this area daily if you are having prostate pain or problems. Clean lymph nodes make cleaner blood. Less irritation. Less pain.

After you have given the surrounding areas a short massage, return to the prostate pain area. Spend 30-40 minutes on the whole massage. It will take that long to reach into the painful areas and affect them correctly.

This Massage May Stimulate You Sexually And Cause You To Get An Erection.

You are getting fresh blood and energies into areas that have been suffocating. If you have been suffering from impotence or low sex drive, this could be very exciting.

But, if you are hurting, Do Not Be Tempted To Climax! Do not put the vibrator on your penis. This WILL make you climax.

Climax will cause a reaction that in a few hours will have your gland swelling with blood, causing more potential prostate pain. Right now you are trying to move the blood out and reduce the swelling.

If you get an errection, just keep massaging the abdominal area and surrounding areas. The erection will gradually subside.

After 30 minutes or so, You Are Done!

Notice How Much Better You Feel!

With the stimulation of your vibrating massage treatment you have increased the circulation. Moved the old blood and irritating metabolic waste products. You have brought fresh new oxygen rich healing blood to your sore gland and surrounding areas. How is your prostate pain now?

Stand up and notice how much better you feel all over. I'll bet you even feel lighter and refreshed. Am I right? Isn't that amazing?!

The reason you feel better all over is that your blood and your nerve energies are moving more freely.

When Nerve Energies Get Stuck, The Whole Body Suffers.

Freeing nerve energies is the very basic principle of accupuncture. Your blood must circulate well for you to feel well and have good health. Your nerve energies must move freely also. If all your nerve energy was blocked you could not even blink your eyes.


You have moved a lot of toxins and you want to flush them out of your system. So, after either of these two soothing treatments, drink 1 or 2 large glasses of pure water. Relax and breathe deeply as you go about your day or evening. These methods can be used anytime you are suffering from prostate pain.The results usually last for days. But until you clear up the underlying conditions that are causing your trouble, you will continue to have attacks of congestion, swelling and varying degrees of discomfort. So, please be sure to read the rest of the chapters in this site and learn tomake yourself prostate pain free and Healthy!

Be Well..... ~ William

© - All Rights Reserved

Prostate Massage

doing it correctly gets maximum results!...

[?] Subscribe To This Site

Prostate Massage Could Be the Answer to Your Prayers!

Correct technique, however, is usually the difference between success and failure.

Here you will learn the most effective methods. You'll learn how to obtain the best results, and enhance your health!

When your gland is truly healthy, you won't even be aware that you have one.

Getting The Best Results!

Prostate massage done incorrectly will get you little or no results. And, you could injure yourself severely. Done correctly, there is almost no chance of harm.

Prostate massage is also most effective when you do it yourself! The reason is when you do it yourself you will be able to apply the correc amount of pressure to all areas. This is something that you would have to explain to whomever else might do it for you.

Prostate massage done yourself also will save you a tremendous amount of money on a specialized therapist.

What You Need To Do

for Maximum Effectiveness

The internal prostate massage is the famous "finger up your butt" method. Crude, but graphically correct.

Unfortunately, your own finger is not the most efficient instrument for this. Unless you have extraordinarily long fingers, it is difficult for u to reach more than the tip of our own gland because of the angle of reach.

Prostate massage done by another person (who has even just normal length fingers) can be quite effective because they are able to reach in more deeply with them.

However, when doing a prostate massage for yourself, to get the proper stimulation to the entire gland, you're going to need something a little longer than a normal finger.

Historically, many different items have been used, from cigar tubes and dildos to carrots. The Instruments

Prostate massage, done by yourself, is best and most easily performed with a proper instrument.

The best common instrument I have found for this is the musicians wooden drumstick with a nice rounded back end.

Go to your local music store and get one with a nice smooth rounded end (don't use the pointed end). Get one about the width of your finger, they slide in easily, have no sharp edges, and they will not be too fat or too thin. Prostate Massage Preparation

OK. FIRST, try to go to the bathroom and try to have a bowel movement. You want an empty bowel for this. If you find you just can't go, it's OK. It means there probably isn't much if anything in there.

Next: Unroll a condom over the large blunt end and lubricate it well with some KY Jelly. It is the best lubricant for this and it is what your doctor uses during your exams.

Now, get on the floor on your hands and knees like you are going to crawl. Slowly And gently, GENTLY is the key word here, insert the lubricated drumstick into your anus about 4-5 inches. That's usually far enough.

Your gland is located right there, toward your belly, right next to your bowel where the drumstick is. If you want the best possible instrument made especially for this, get yourself an Aneros Helix. I'll explain more about this instrument as we go on. Correct Motion Makes ALL The Difference

I've made a special prostate massage video for you so that you can learnexactly how you should maneuver any proper device correctly once it is inside your rectum. I suggest you click the link and watch it after you finish reading this page. It is enormously helpful!

So now, first we'll proceed using a drumstick.

Now, just put a little pressure forward, toward your gland, with the drumstick. It will be tender. Remember: work GENTLY and gradually. Maintaining the light pressure, slowly slide the drumstick back out about 1 1/2 inches. Just as if you were using your finger. This is also the process and procedure used for milking the gland. So don't be surprised if some fluid comes out of your penis.

You will feel when you have moved past it. It is small. Usually about the size of a walnut. And the intense sensation will stop once you are past it.

Release the pressure. GENTLY slide the drumstick back in and repeat a comfortable number of times (5-10).

This process may cause a lot of sexual stimulation and feel highly erotic.

Don't Worry If You Get A Very Strong Erection During This Process

Forget about the erection! It is sometimes a natural response when these nerves are stimulated. It will subside shortly. Stay with the massage (5-10 times).

Then, slide the drumstick in again and place a gentle pressure on the gland, but just hold it there this time for a count of 7. Then give it a little jiggle and release the pressure. Wait a full minute and do this last little pressure and jiggle one more time. You're Done! Not so difficult, was it? Now, The Easy Way!

That was the exact prostate massage method I have taught for the past 25 years.

About five years ago, however, a device was invented that makes the entire process much easier. It will also enable men who can not comfortably reach their anus to do a wonderful treatment all by themselves.

This new instrument to massage and strengthen the area with is called the Aneros Helix (that I mentioned above). There are a variety of Aneros models in different sizes. I found the Helix to be the correct size for most men.

Don't just click on the link and look. Get one! I'm not kidding.

If you're serious about prostate massage and feeling better, this is the absolute best item I have found in the 20 years I've researched tools for body work.

Do yourself a real favor: Go back now and get one. You'll never regret it!

Just click on the link. Then click "Add To Cart". It will take you through a few simple steps that get it sent to your door. The site is secure. And, you're buying directly from the manufacturer.

Prostate massage can be a highly erotic experience. So, these devices are more often sold as sexual enhancement toys.

But, make no mistake, these are the:




prostate massage devices you can use to improve the condition and health of your gland.

I'm sorry I waited even a day to get mine.

You know how much your gland is bothering you. If you don't do anything about it, it will only get worse over time. Guaranteed!

So go back and get one for yourself now. See what an amazing difference it makes in your life!

Prostate massage with an Aneros is just so darn easy. And pleasurable! You will also strengthen and tone all the sexual muscles. And, you will also strengthen your bladder control.

The Aneros is also "Hands Free" once it is inserted. This is of enormous importance if you can not easily reach your anus.

With the Aneros you don't have to be a contortionist to do a perfect prostate massage! Medically Researched and Designed

All the Aneros models are medically researched and designed.

The Helix model is the right size for most men. But, they have smaller and larger ones for smaller and larger men. I find the Helix suits more than 90% of men. They are made of an FDA approved hard non-porous plastic material calledAcetal. They are anatomically tailored to the male body and the design is patented.

The Aneros devices are ultra safe to use because you can not put the Aneros in too far or apply excessive pressure when used correctly. You simply slide a well lubricated Aneros into your anus. Once within the anus, the Aneros works each time you squeeze your anus muscles (sphincter muscles).

The anal sphincter muscle contractions accurately and gently guide the Aneros over your gland.

This massages and stimulates the prostate's neural plexus (nerve center).

Easy Hands Free Operation!

Prostate massage with an Aneros is an easy hands free operation. You just squeeze your anus muscles and the Aneros does the entire job all by itself, gently and easily.

At the same time, the external knob will gently stimulate the sensitive area between the scrotum and the anus (perineum). The perineum is an important acupressure therapy spot.(The important nerves that control the sexual organs, including those controlling erection, orgasm, and ejaculation, all come together at the perineum.) Prostate massage with an Aneros works so well and feels so good that they have become used more frequently as sex toys than healing devices. But, the Aneros devices are so well designed that they are patented under the category of "medical-surgical internal pressure applicators".

They are without question, the absolute easiest instruments to use for a prostate massage.

The important thing is, not only are these a pleasure to use, they provide amazing health benefits! If you suffer from chronic problems in this area, using this Aneros Prostate Massage Device could be the most soothing and healing treatment for you.

I simply can not say enough good things about it!

I think I have made my point...... Prostate Massage Has Powerful Rejuvenating Effects!

Here's what you will experience: Right after you finish your session, you'll feel like you just had a workout! The large amount of nerve stimulation will leave you a little exhausted.

You may feel a bit better. Even pleasantly relaxed all over.

But, if you've been experiencing pain there, you will probably be a little sore. Even though you were GENTLE (our most important concept here!).

The next day you will probably be a little MORE sore than you were. Don't be alarmed. If you were gentle, this means you did the process well. And very effectively! The reason for the soreness is that you had a lot of stagnant toxic blood there that is now moving. The trapped poisons are now being released and irritating the already inflamed tissues. So it hurts a bit more.

Then why would you ever want to do this?? The reason is, you will have stimulated the blood flow to this greatly neglected area. And you have brought a lot of fresh new blood to it. In a day or two that stagnant toxic blood will be replace by fresh blood with a better flow and

Soon You Will Feel Better Than You Did Before!

Prostate massage the first time is the hardest. Each following one will leave you feeling better and better. It is not so much your gland itself that you are working with this process. You are actually working on improving the blood flow to it. You are relieving the congestion. The increased blood flow is bringing a greater supply of nutrients and oxygen. And you are now giving it a chance to really heal itself.

Some men become pain free after only one of these sessions!!

Prostate massage is best done at the end of the work day when you will be able to relax afterward.

Remember to breathe DEEPLY while you are doing it. Prostate massage will cause a LOT of sensation and use a lot of nerve energy. So, you must breathe deeply during the process to supply your blood with plenty of oxygen. This will give your body and nervous system the energy it needs. After Your Session

Afterward, eat something. The high sensation will use a lot of nerve energy and some food will help to restore your energy quickly. Then, relax and get a good night's sleep!

Prostate massage is most effective and most successful when performed regularly. But, do not do it more than two or three times a week Just like anything you can over do it. If you were very sensitive, give it at least 3 days between sessions. It takes a few days for the whole cycle of cleansing to finish and for the tissues to recuperate (just like exercise).

When your blood and nerve energies are moving freely,

You Will Feel Better All Over And Have More Energy!

When you suffer from constant or chronic pain, your body sends a LOT of blood and nerve energy to the area in order to heal it. The bloo and energies can get stuck there. They need to get moving again in order for the body to normalize. Releasing stuck nerve energies is what acupuncture is all about. In acupuncture, the belief is that when the nerve energies are flowing normally, the body will function normally and heal itself.

Prostate massage done correctly will get your blood and nerve energies moving again!

With it, you will be giving your body a much better chance to heal itself! So, remember to do your prostate massage regularly!

Be Well.....


© - All Rights Reserved

A Prostate Massage Video That Can Really Help You!

- Incorrect Technique Can Hurt You! and cause you more problems than you have now...

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The prostate massage video I will be showing you is a supplement to view when you're learning to apply the internal techniques you have been studying here. It will show you how to rub the gland correctly and effectively. And how not to poke at it. This is so very important to your success!

In this prostate massage video I tell you how poking the gland is the biggest mistake most men seem to make with the internal techniques.

And this mistake can cause you a lot a pain and suffering. It can even make your condition worse if you get too rough.

This prostate massage video will teach you correct technique!

Correct rubbing is soothing and greatly helps the healing process! And, it is extemely easy to do when you just know how! This prostate massage video will also enable you to learn the correct motion for all internal work, whether done with a finger or an instrument.

By using the correct motion with the internal techniques you will be able to give yourself the most beneficial prostate massage possible!

Feeling Better NOW!

There are dozens and dozens of prostate massage videos on line. Most are really useless. Some are even extremely hurtful and absolutely wrong! Almost every one I looked at is of an erotic nature designed to sell you a sex toy for "The most mind blowing orgasm you'll ever have!". Baloney! They seem to care nothing about prostate health.

Now there's nothing wrong with creating unbelievably intense orgasms if that is your intention.And, if you are healthy enough to stand the possible strain to your gland and your heart.

For older men, and men of weaker constitution, some of those methods can cause a heart attack! So Beware! There are only a couple of prostate massage videos out there that give really good instruction on how to perform an actual revitalizing technique. And they are not easy to find. Nor, do they explain how to reach the whole gland. That is why I made this prostate massage video for you! Deciding On Your Goal

First you have to know your intention. And there are really only two here:

1) Extreme Orgasms 2) Improved Prostate Health

When your gland is not feeling well your intention should be to:


Cleans and


your gland.

It is NOT your goal to stress it out and irritate it with more orgasms. That would be sexual suicide for you!

If You Are Currently Having Problems With You Gland Beware Of Sex Toys!

But, wanting more orgasms is what most sex toys will do for you if you are currently experiencing problems in your gland.

If you are experiencing problems here, you want to get your gland healthy and well first. That requires blood flow, moderate exercise and rest. As well as good food and plenty of clean water.

This prostate massage video will show you how to work your gland properly for safety and optimum healing results. So now it is time to take a few minutes to watch this prostate massage video I have made for you. It may be the most important thing you ever learn about helping this gland feel normal again.

That was simple and easy, wasn't it? A picture (or video!) can be worth a thousand words... And now you know for sure how to do it properly!

Correct Technique Is What Makes All The Difference Between Success and Failure!

My prostate massage video shows you how to both be gentle and effective during the process. That is key!

Unfortunately, here's the down side. As I explained in this prostate massage video, the reality is: It is extremely hard for a man to get his hand in a position where his own finger can penetrate deeply enough to reach more than just the bottom tip of his own gland.

That is fine for sexual arrousal. But, it won't do much to help the gland. A normal gland is not very big (about the size of a walnut). So an extra half inch or so of penetration with the finger makes a huge difference on how much of your gland you will be able to reach.

The finger method is best done, therefore, by a partner with average to long fingers.

And this is why selftreatment is typically done with an instrument of some type. I will discuss instruments to you shortly.

The Benefits of Doing Your Own Massaging

Doing your own treatments is the most efficient and often the most effective. The reason is, you'll have complete control of the entire process at all times. A prostate massage video is not enough by itself. You need to learn the technique the video teachs. But you also need to know exactly what you are doing once you are inside. That is whyit is so important to read the instructions on correct self prostate massage technique as well as watching this prostate massage video.

This prostate massage video was made as a supplement for the materials on this website. Not the other way around.

As I said, for best results, you should learn to do your treatments yourself if you can (with a proper instrument). The Technique

This prostate massage video shows you what I call the "come hither" motion. Not a screaming come here. A a slow sensual "come hither". That makes it easier to remember, doesn't it?

And that's the idea of the little catch phrase. I want you to remember it correctly. This slow, easy, gentle movement is so important to see and understand. It can be the difference between success and failure in your efforts. If you watch this prostate massage video a couple of times and try it outside of your body on a walnut, or your knuckle, you will get a really good feel for how you will be touching your gland with whatever type of instrument you use. You will quickly learn how easy it is to do. AND, you will do it correctly. That is the whole point of this page and this prostate massage video: I want you to have success!!

Correct technique brings the best and fastest results!

As I said, your own finger just won't go in far enough (because of the angle of your hand) unless you have exceptionally long fingers.

This prostate massage video's "come hither" motion, however, does apply to every method of internal work. So once you learn it, you will be able to apply it with your finger or any appropriate instrument you use.

The Importance of Using The Proper Equipment

In this prostate massage video I explain using various instruments. But, it is very important to use a safe instrument when you do your own treatments. No glass or anything with sharp or rough edges should ever be used.

Through out history many items have been used from cigar tubes to carrots. I know, that sounds funny and weird. But they worked. They made men feel better. And when we are in enough pain we will try most anything to reach the area and soothe it. I discovered the drumstick method decades ago out of necessity. There were no good specific tools manufacturd just for this at the time. The drumstick was a magnificent tool because of it's shape and size (it's about finger width). And, with a drumstick, any man can adjust the length of insertion to his own needs. It was also smooth and unbreakable. This made then drumstick quite effective for almost every man!

Although the drumstick will never bend like a finger, you can still learn to make a nice even "come hither" arc with the end of the drumstick, as I show you in this prostate massage video. It doesn't have to be a large arc. Just a nice rub over the entire side of the gland.

Remember: NEVER poke at your gland. Rub it! This is so critically important to doing the process correctly that I can not overemphasize it. The Aneros

This little device came on the market about five years ago. It's just wonderful and I really suggest every man get one. They are even better than the drumstick. The company makes a whole bunch of different ones, but the Helix model (shown above) seems to fit most of us just right.

If down the road you find you want a bigger or smaller one you can always get that later. They are very inexpensive.

But, I truly suggest you start with a Helix today (Not six months from now when you're wondering why your gland never feels any better.) if you don't already have one. You will never regret the purchase of it.

On the other hand, if you don't get one, you're really making your own life harder than it should be. So do yourself a favor. The Helix

What is so especially nice about the Helix is it enables virtually any man to do an effective job all by himself. Hands free! Even if he has difficulty reaching his anus. I use one myself. It is far easier than the drumstick. The best part is: with a Helix you don't have to worry about going too deep or not deep enough. The Helix, for most men, will land right on your gland where you want it to.

There are other models to choose from. But, the Helix seems to be the best for most men. AND, a wonderful very gentle "come hither" motion will be gently created, hands free, with just the gentle contraction of your anal muscles. It doesn't get any easier than this! Using your hand and adding a little arc with the Helix when you progress (as I show you in this prostate massage video) will intensify the action. The device costs only about $70. It is made of medical grade materials. It will last you a lifetime. It is the easiest and best way to reach your gland safely and effectively. A Few Cautions:

Remember: Don't over do it with the Aneros. Or any device (including a finger). Just a gentlelittle arc really changes the depth of the massage. You will feel it for sure. So progress slowly.

And know when to be finished.

It doesn't take real long to be effective. Never continue if you are causing yourself pain. It doesn't matter if you have been working for 1 minute or 20 minutes. If you start to experience pain lighten up or stop all together. Then try again another day.

This isn't a competition. And every man is different. Progress slowly. Learn to work with your own body. Also, as word of safety, get a good exam from your doctor before beginning. Make sure you don't have any condition(s) that would keep your practice from being a safe and healthy one. Very few men have such a condition. It's rare. But, sometimes there is such a condition. If you are one of the few men who can not do internal work, stick with the exterior techniques and the exercise. You will still get significant reasults. It may just take a little longer. The Extremely Intense Orgasm! - Be Careful!!!

A little sideline here for those who came here to learn how to increase their orgasm intensity:

It's true that stimulating your gland during sex will increase the intensity of your orgasm. It can even give you an outstanding extreme orgasm all by itself. And that's great if your body is up to it! But this prostate massage video and this site are about helping your body regain it's health. They're here to help you find a way to help your body heal itself, to help soothe painful conditions, not to make your condition or your pain worse! The main principle here with us, is that our tired, sore, sick glands need to be gently cared for, cleaned, and nourished. As I said, NOT poked and further punished! Please, do not poke at your gland. Ever! I guarantee you'll be miserable if you do. And you may seriously hurt yourself if you poke it too hard!

Poking can actually bruise your gland and make a painful or enlarged condition get worse. It can also hurt a completely healthy gland. So gently Rub. Never poke! OK, I think I've made that point clear now..... The Digital Rectal Exam

Unfortunately, here's where we often get poked! And it hurts... So many men fear any kind of internal work just for this reason. And that's a shame. But, totally understandable.

I swear, so many men have told me their digital rectal exam was like being impaled! They hurt like hell and left those men sore for days. And then they are told that is the way the gland is massaged. Wrong!!

Who would want to do a massage if it felt like that??? Really.... And that is not the way it should be done! And it is not the way it has to be done. Poking and being rough with your gland will only cause you pain, as you probably remember if you've been one of us unfortunate enough to receive that kind of digital rectal exam.

Women doctors and sex therapists are generally much gentler and more sensitive to our problems. There is nothing wrong with a male doctor having the same gentle bedside manner. Many good ones do. If yours doesn't, I suggest you tell him to be gentle with you. Or, find a good one who is. Your Partner

I strongly recommend you share this prostate massage video with your partner. She can be a great aid in your recovery.

There is also a prostate massage video by a lovely professional sex worker named Jaiya. Jaiya's prostate massage video doesn't cover the aspects of using the necessary instruments for self treatment as the one I made for you does. Her's is designed to show your partner how to do the process. And this is why it is so valuable.

Seeing another woman involved in this process can make your woman feel very much OK with the whole process and help her realize there is nothing weird or taboo about it.

In fact, with Jaiya's prostate massage video, a woman can see what a wonderful helpful, health giving experience this can be. Rejuvenation!

Now that you've learned the technique in this prostate massage video, let's learn to apply it most effectively.

It is most healthful and rejuvenating to properly massage your prostate gland, without ejaculation, and without intercourse or any other sexual stimulation.

This applies for:






Any other disorder

When you are trying to help rejuvenate your gland with these techniques, you want only to clean and nourish it with increased blood flow. You do not want to tax it! Remember: Too much ejaculation and too many orgasms will exhaust your gland and make it weaker and prone to even more pain and more problems. If you are getting too sexually aroused during the process, you can do a prostate milking to take away the erotic desire and keep on course.

Do It Right! - Feel Your Best!

This prostate massage video can really help you in learning to perform the internal techniques I teach on this website most effectively. That is why I made it for you! So watch it as many times as you need to until you have certainty on the correct process. Then and come back and watch it again any time you feel a need for review.

If you've taken the time to watch my prostate massage video, and you've read the simple instructions I have outlined in the articles here, you are well on your way to performing the most effective health giving prostate massages possible!

Be Well..... ~ William

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External Prostate Massage to Help Yourself Become Pain Free!

External prostate massage is the refreshment you should begin each day with! By increasing the flow of fresh blood,

This External Prostate Massage Can Greatly Help The Healing Of Your Pain and Problems!

This skin surface technique combined with the internal work can help you become pain free more rapidly! And, it can help you stay pain free!

This technique is not intended to replace the internal work. The deep direct internal work is by far the best technique for deep long term benefits.

External prostate massage is excellent for daily use and for maintaining your health in this area. It Will Only Take You About 5 Minutes Each Morning

And, external prostate massage will greatly enhance the results of the internal prostate massage. Once you are feeling pain free, this simple method of deep rubbing can help you stay that way. Do it at the end of your morning exercise or before you get out of bed. You can also do it before bed each night or after you have been sitting for too long a time.

O.K. Are you ready? Let's do it!: Place your hands over your pubic bone. Finger tips should be facing and touching each other.

Using only your 3rd and 4th finger tips, push down gently into your skin.

Keeping your finger tips together, pull with the fingers of your right hand about 1 1/2 inches to the right. The skin on your abdomen will move with your fingers. Go as far as your skin will comfortably allow.

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Then, with the fingers of both hand still touching, pull with the fingers of the left hand an equal distance to the left.

Now, just keep going back and forth in this way. Do this for about one minute.

After that, move your fingers about an inch higher on your abdomen.

Repeat the back and forth movements for another minute or two.

Then move up another inch and repeat.

Then another inch and repeat. Keep working up an inch at a time, until you are right up on your belly button.

After you have finished the area up at your belly button, start back down at the pubic bone and work your way back up again.


Be very gentle over the gland itself. You'll know when you are there. It is the most sensitive area midway between your pubic bone and belly button. Our gland here does not like hard deep pressure. It is not like muscle tissue. It is more fragile tissue than the surrounding muscles and skin. You can hurt it if you rub it too hard. So, BE GENTLE!

After you've done this complete process through twice, separate your hands and place all four finger tips of each hand firmly into the skin on either side of it.

Rub these areas with big deep circular motions. Again, the skin of your abdomen will move with your fingertips. Give these areas a nice deep rub! You can press in more deeply here than you did on your prostate.

This last work will really get the blood moving!

The whole purpose of this is to bring some new fresh circulation and life to this area and keep it fresh, pain free, and healthy.

This short morning external prostate massage will actually help your blood move better through your gland all throughout your day.

This Means Less Pain For You

Use the external prostate massage daily as part of your complete prostate treatment program. It will help you become and stay Pain Free!

Be Well.....

~ William

© - All Rights Reserved

Peripheral Prostate Massage: The Missing Link! When it comes to prostate health and well being, the Peripheral Prostate Massage is

One Of The Most Exciting Discoveries Ever!

The internal prostate massage is by far the best and most effective massage for your prostate.

However, there are times when the internal prostate massage just does not seem to be solving the problems. Especially when you are also noticing other similar aches and pains near your prostate gland. You feel this pain in the pubic bone area, the areas surrounding your prostate gland, and your testicles (there is actually a condition known as 'achey ball syndrome'. It can cause some severe pain! It occurs when the blood supply is being cut off from your testicles.).

The reason for these aches and pains is usually that

The Blood Supply Is Being Blocked Before It Ever Even Reaches Your Prostate.

Just like when your leg 'falls asleep' from sitting in a strange position for too long.

Whenever you cut off the blood supply to any part of your body, you will suffer! Your prostate can be especially vulnerable. Sitting in a

chair for too long at one time is the primary cause of blood stagnation in your legs and lower abdomin.

A lot of sitting in a chair pinches your blood vesseles and restricts the blood flow in your lower abdomin very much. The older your are, the worse it is. And, the more problems it causes. Major blood vessels that supply blood to your prostate are often pinched closed inches away from that area. If this is the case, massaging just your prostate area will not remedy the flow where it needs to be remedied. That means the pain will not go away until you get the blood moving in the area that is causing the problem.

A Peripheral Prostate Massage will reach these areas!

Pain is also known to radiate. A congestion in one part of your body can appear as a pain in a nearby area. In the practice of NMT (Neuro Muscular Therapy or 'nerve-muscle therapy'), the therapist will commonly work on areas near the pain or many inches away from the pain to relieve a problem.

And, this is where the Peripheral Prostate Massage can work seeming Miracles!

Sitting Is One Of Your Worst Enemies!

If you sit constantly in a chair all day long, it is almost impossible for you not to have circulation problems. We developed as hunters and gatherers. All day long our bodies moved. Sitting was more brief. Rest was lying down in sleep. Our blood moved much much more freely than it commonly does in our civilized way of life today.

Most of us sit all day long. You sit down for breakfast. Sit in your car on the way to work. Then in your office chair most of the day.

Then you sit in your car on the way home, where you sit down to dinner. Then you probabally sit and watch the news or some TV. And, if you are lucky enough to go to a friends house one night, the first thing they say is, 'Come in!Please, SIT DOWN!' Whew!! That's a lot of sitting! Just because we are alive and our hearts are beating we assume our blood is moving as it should. In our civilized life style, it often is not flowing freely to different areas in our bodies.

Did you ever fall asleep with you head on your arm and wake up to find you could not move your fingers? [?] Subscribe To This Site

That is what happens to you when you sit in a chair for too long. Your Prostate Just Does Not Get Enough Blood.

You are pinching off soo many vessels all day long! And that causes all kinds of problems, pains, and discomforts!

Without a constant supply of fresh blood nourishing oxygen rich blood, your body suffers. That suffering manifests itself as pain. Get rid of the problems that cause the pain and the pain will go away.

Use the magic of a Peripheral Prostate Massage to do this! That is why massage therapy is so popular and so pleasant. Your blood tends to stagnate in areas where the muscles are not being used or where there is injury.

The Correct Massage Gets Your Blood Moving Again!

That's all massage treatment really does. Massage gives stimulation to an area. It moves the blood and helps it get moving on it's own again. The fresh blood is what is really making everything feel so good after a massage!

You may say you used to sit all day without any problems. Well, you've had years to screw up your circulation. And, when you were younger, your blood vessels (just like your skin) were very firm and elastic. The blood vessels could make nice rounded curves when you bent them (like a new rubber hose!) When we get older (or just abuse ouselves too much), our vessels are more like plastic drinking straws. When you bend them too much they collapse easily (just like when you bend a drinking straw too far and it colapses in a spot). Then the blood has a very hard time getting through. And it moves very slowly.

So, if you sit a lot, you must regularly take time move your blood around. You need to get up regularly and move around. And you need to

regularly use some peripheral prostate massage.

If the internal prostate massage treatment is not working effectively enough,

A Peripheral Prostate Massage May Be The Answer For You!

If that is the case, your prostate is literally suffocating and is screaming for help! That is what the Peripheral Prostate Massage does. It increases the flow of blood and oxygen in the surrounding areas when it gets diminished. If you are in pain now, you will have to take some extra time each day to do some massaging and get the blood moving freely again. Just because you stand up once in a while, it does not mean the blood just rushes back to the congested areas.

The areas where it was blocked are also short of power now from lack of sufficient blood and fresh oxygen. They often need some stimulation to get moving properly again. If you sit a lot regularly, you will need to massage regularly. That is what the Peripheral Prostate Massages are for.

There are four Peripheral Prostate Massages: -- The Abdominal Peripheral Prostate Massage -- The Inner-Thigh Peripheral Massage -- The Anal Peripheral Massage -- The Perineum Massage I have separated them into different pages to make downloading faster. Just click on them one section at a time. They are easy to learn and do. They also feel very good! You may not need all of them. Experiment with all the different Peripheral Prostate Massages. Discover which one(s) makes you feel the best. Those are the ones for you!

Be Well..... ~ William

A Very Special Message for You! If you have been reading my website you know I do not recommend many products.

But, here is one I think you will be really happy you purchased. So don't miss out on this one!

This is a very special peripheral prostate massage tool that you may really find very helpful. It has gotten some very fine results for most men that have used it.

It does not replace the internal massaging I recommend. But, it can be a GREAT asset to it!

It is also a wonderful way to refresh your gland when doing internal work is just not possible.

I think every man should have one! You Just Sit On It And Relax!

This item is called the Prostate Cradle. It is almost too easy to use. You just sit on it and relax!

And if you travel or need some extra prostate help during your long days in the office, this can be an especially great item to have with you.

This is also a wonderful and important item for men of very advanced age and men who can not do internal massage for any reason. So please, take a few minutes to check the Prostate Cradle out. It comes with a money back guarantee. So you have nothing to lose trying it.

For an easy, refreshing, highly effective external perineum and peripheral prostate massage just click on the picture below:

© - All Rights Reserved

What Can The Prostate Cradle Do For You?

The Prostate Cradle is a wonder ingenuous device invented by Adam McVay, a certified massage therapist.

It will not replace the traditional internal prostate massage. But, it can be a real help in the road back to prostate health and in maintaing a healthy pain free prostate gland. What Most Of Us Don't Know

92% of modern men have too much tension in theirpelvic floor. This tension constricts the blood flow and can cause all kinds of problems including prostate pain, testicular pain, and pelvic pain.

Using the Prostate Cradle can help reverse this situation and create a lot of relief for prostate sufferers. What It Can Do

The Prostate Cradle works on the perineum. It also affects the acupressure point that leads to the prostate gland. Using the Cradle can:

 

Stimulate the nerves that lead to your prostate gland and all your sexual organs

Relax tension in the muscles of the perineum

which will:

Help increase blood flow to the prostate gland

What The Prostate Cradle Can Not Do

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The Prostate Cradle will not massage the prostate directly. This can only be accomplished with the traditional internal prostate massage or the External Prostate Massage. But, this cradle can be a worthwhile aid in your prostate massage program. And I recommend trying one out because they only cost $50. And your satisfaction is guaranteed or you get your money back.

It can be a very helpful tool in your prostate health program. Using The Prostate Cradle

The Cradle is EXTREMELY easy to use. You sit on it! It is shaped to fit the body just right. You can also move around on it a little for added effectiveness. My only WARNING is this: Use it Gently!! Use plenty of padding over it to start. If you use it too aggressively (with no padding), especially at first, you can cause yourself the same problems that come from bicycle seats.This could mean a sore perineum or very sore


If you apply too much pressure you can also bruise your perineum and that will hurt! That's why you use padding.

If you use it gently (with lots of padding) to start it should be a very pleasurable experience. It's nice! It can be very refreshing! It can be ideal for men who travel and don't have the ability to perform an internal massage. Or for men (most of us) who sit too long each day and need to refresh the blood flow to their prostate and pelvic area. Should You Buy One?

I think so. If you suffer from prostate issues you know what one doctor visit costs. About $200-$300. For about $50 you can have a tool that can bring you a lot of possible pleasure, comfort, and pain relief. Especially when you are not able to perform your regular internal massages.

And, the Cradle should last you for many years.

As I said, it will not replace the traditional internal massage. But, for only about $50, it's definitely worth a try. The new model is made from silicon. It is very soft and spongy and is so much better than the original, that if you have one of the original ones, I suggest you try out the new one. You'll be pleasantly surprised! And get the cushion cover (carry case) with it. The case makes a wonderful pad to put over it (to soften and distribute the pressure) and you can get that for only an extra $6 when you buy them together The case also makes your Prostate Cradle inconspicuous when you are not using it. That way everyone visiting your home doesn't ask you, "Oh what's this thing for?". Tell Me What YOU Think!

So try one out! I'd like to know your personal experience with the Prostate Cradle. And, after you've used one for a while, write to me: [email protected] and tell me what you think of it!

Be Well.....

~ William

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Without This Prostate Exercise, You May Never Achieve Complete Prostate

Health This one single prostate exercise is so effective, it may do more good for your prostate health than any other exercise known!

Keeping the muscles in your abdomin toned is a must if you are going to have radiant health. All the organs are favorably affected by the strenghtening of the surrounding muscles and the increased blood flow that results.

Combine this prostate exercise with correct prostate massage , and you are going to notice some Major Improvements In The Way You Feel!

Unless you are a confirmed bodybuilder, sit ups, crunches, and television advertised ab machines will eventually bore you to death and you will stop doing them. They are not even the best way to create superior internal circulation!

The Miracle Prostate Exercise is far more effective! The exercise actually exercises all the muscles around your prostate. This is a lot of muscular area! This is what will dramatically effect the blood flow to your prostate. Much more so than trying to exercise just the tiny prostate muscles themselves. Your prostate itself will be getting a gentle massage during the exercise. And, because of the large amount of muscles in your abdomin, the blood flow to your prostate will actually be enhanced much more than trying to exercise just the prostate on its own. The fresh oxygen rich blood is what we want your prostate to have. That is what brings the new life energies and nourishment to your prostate. That is what revitalizes you and makes you feel good! It Is Simple And Easy

You can do this prostate exercise anytime, anywhere. You won't build up a sweat or even wrinkle your clothes. And, it will have a rejuvenating massaging influence on all your abdominal organs as well as your prostate. And, if that is not enough, if you are overweight you will probabally lose 2 or more inches on your waistline. Without cutting calories from your diet!

WOW! That's so good there should be an infomercial for it!

But, this prostate exercise is FREE! You simply have to do it. Regularly. Every day.

Just because this prostate exercise is simple and does not take much time, that does not mean it is not Highly Effective! Bodybuilders are known for exercising 6-8 hrs every day in the gym trying to make their muscles be the best they can be. However, recently, the Mr. Olympia (king of all bodybuilding competitions) was won by a man who spent only 45 minutes a day, and only 3 days a week training.

In that time he created the best built body in the world! He simply knew what exercises were most effective! And, now you will too!

That is what you are going to learn here. What the most effective prostate exercise is.

Because this prostate exercise is so simple and easy There Is No Excuse For You Not To Be Feeling Better!

So let's get to the exercise!

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Stand up. Take a few deep breaths. Then exhale until all the air is out of your lungs. When the air is out, don't breathe in. Instead, suck your stomach in and UP as high as you can into your chest. Use your hands to help lift UP. In and Up.

Up is most important. You will be reversing the negative effects of gravity here. Too much gravity squashes your organs. Your prostate is on the bottom of that pile! So pull UP!

Remember, with this prostate exercise, your are exercising all the muscles in your abdominal area!

Give your sides a squeeze or two. There are a lot of blood vessels running through there. Refreh them too!

Don't breathe in yet. Pull up some more. As hard as you can! Feel the muscles all the way down to your pubic bone lifting.

Feel the muscles in your lower back and side tighten and help lift. CONCENTRATE! It's very important that you feel what is happening.

Then, Relax! INHALE! The Entire Process Will Take Only 10-15 Seconds!

That is long enough. Don't overdo it! Wait about 1 or two minutes. Then repeat the prostate exercise. It is very important to take the little break in between the exercises. It gives the muscles time to recouperate and fill with fresh blood and oxygen again. After doing this set of prostate exercises, notice the immediate feeling of refreshment! That refreshment is also happening deep within your abdomin and all the internal organs, including your prostate. New fresh blood with life giving oxygen has replaced the stagnant tired blood. You have moved the blood. Exercised all the abdominal and lower back muscles. You've given a gentle massage treatment to all the abdominal organs. Brought fresh blood and life energy and stimulation to your prostate and the lower organs.

When you have prostate pain, do this prostate exercise 10 times throughout the day. Every hour or so.

Your body needs fresh healthy blood to heal itself and keep itself well.

Then through out the day, don't just let your belly sag. This pinches off the blood vessels and puts extra pressure on your prostate and causes problems. Instead, just gently keep your belly pulled in and up. Gently! In and Up. Remember, UP is most important. That's where you want your belly. (It looks real nice, too!)

This will help your circulation immensely! You will probabally find your mind feels clearer also. Fresh blood and fresh oxygen helps the entire body! The body functions as a whole. Not as separate parts. When you correctly and naturally work on making one part healthier, the whole body benefits! The first day, all of this will be great fun and highly refreshing. About day 2 or 3 it will feel exhausting! That is because all those muscles you are now using are drastically out of shape! Just stay with it. In a couple of weeks it will be so sweat!

Once you are feeling good, doing the Miracle Prostate Exercise 3 or 4 times a day will be fine. And, That Will Be Enough To Maintain The Good Feeling.

In my own life, whenever I start to feel Really Good, I get Really Lazy! Oh yeah!! I forget to do all the things that made me feel so good. Then, after a while, the discomfort and pain start to bother me. Immediately I return to this exercise. Every Hour. In a day or two, I am back to feeling well and usually pain free again! You Alone Create Your Condition

I wish I could blame it on someone else. I really do. But, it is YOU! What you do each day creates your life. Good or Bad. Do the things that create good health, you feel good! Do the things that injure your body and/or destroy health, you feel bad! There is no mystery to it! It sounds like childish advise, but it is not.

The problem is, most of us do not even realize the many things to ourselves each day that we don't even know are harmful. Like sitting in a chair all day. Who would guess that sitting in a chair all day is:

One Of Our Major Health Hazards

Why do you think there are so many prostate, lower back and digestive problems? No, sitting in a chair for long periods of time each day is not the only thing that contributes to these problems. But, it is a major contributing factor!

All that sitting puts 2 1/2 the pressure on the lower vertabrea as standing! That pressure pinches the blood vessels and nerves so that the life energys can not flow normally. It specifically pinches the nerves in the lower vertabrea #5 and #6 which send all the messages from your brain to your prostate! When you do that for 8 or 10 hours a day, how is your prostate supposed to feel? Or, function properly?Then you go home to sit down for dinner. We are a sedentary society. We no longer have to chop wood, gather water, hunt for food. All those activities are natural to our bodies and kept us healthy for thousands of years.

Movement is healthy. Most of us have slow stagnant blood and weak vessels. How do you think a body like that is going to feel?

By doing the Miracle Prostate Exercise every day,

You Can Feel Infinitely Better Than You Do Now.

Stand up regularly (if you sit a lot each day) and take 3 or 4 minutes to refresh your body with this Miracle Prostate Exercise. Try it for just one day. See what a difference it can make! You'll never want to give it up!


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You Don't Have To Suffer from PROSTATITIS Prostatitis, in common language, means pain in the prostate. It's that simple.

The pain often comes and goes without warning. It can last for a long time. And, it can be extremely painful!

If you have a bacterial prostatitis, your doctor will quickly and easily diagnose it with some simple tests. He will give you an appropriate antibiotic and that should clear it up. Or, if you don't like anti-biotics, you may want to give colloidal Silver Water a try. If you have what is called "non-bacterial" prostatitis he will let you know. Non-bacterial prostatitis is also often called: non specific prostatitis.

In common language "non specific prostatitis" translates to: "We don't really know what it is or why you have it". There is no medical remedy for non-bacterial prostatitis.

By medical statistics, there are 8 times as many cases of non-bacterial prostatitis as there are of bacterial prostatitis.

Now here's the problem: there are actually two kinds of "non-bacterial" prostatitis.

The first kind (which we will discuss on this page) is caused by congestion and lack of blood supply. Too much sex will do that. Too much sitting will also.

The second kind is actually bacterial, but is labeled non-bacterial because the bacteria are trapped inside the acini (small sacs) in the prostate gland.

These bacterial do not "shed" into the urine or semen. So, they go undetected in standard lab tests. That type of non-bacterial prostatitis (which I personally had), has been very effectively and quickly remedied with colloidal Silver Water I have suffered from both kinds of prostatitis. And, I have cleared them both up completely! This page is devoted to showing you proven ways to soothe the pain of non-bacterial prostatitis that is caused by poor blood flow. So let's get started! The Good News Is

With proper massage and care, you can relieve the pain! You can even become pain free! Even if you have been suffering from Chronic Prostatitisfor years. Or even decades! You can now find complete relief.

The Most Soothing Prostatitis Pain Treatments That You Can Use Right NOW!

If you need some relief right now, click on the chapter titled Immediate Pain Relief. These methods are immediately soothing.

They are very simple and very effective. When I first learned about these prostate treatments I was in terrible pain. Pain killers did nothing. I was very afraid. The first time I ever did the Vibrating Massage my Pain Decreased By At Least 80%!

I was almost in tears from the relief!

The Internal Prostate Massage is also very effective. But, it does not provide as much immediate soothing relief. Of course, my prostatitis pain did not disappear completely. Even though I started using that Vibrating Massage almost daily. That is because I had not remedied the cause. I just did not know I was causing it or why it was happening. [?] Subscribe To This Site

Once I learned the causes of my prostatitis problems, I learned how to remedy them with proper exercise, nutrition, and nutritional supplements. Then My Pain Disappeared!

I didn't realize I was causing all that pain from many of my daily living habits. The same holds true for you. You are causing your prostatitis problems! You're not doing it intentionally. You just don't know what you are doing each day that is actually causing your prostate pain and problems.

But, the fact of the matter is,

Things You Do In Your Daily Life Are The Cause!

Nothing in this entire universe happens by accident or mystery. Everything has a cause. Maybe not intentional. But, a cause never the less.

You should take that as the most wonderful news! Because, it means YOU can fix your prostatitis problems.

As soon as you are clear on that point, you can locate the causes and remove them. You Can Feel Good Again!

You can have great sex again! That may sound too good to be true. Especially if you have suffered from prostatitis for years, as I did. However, once I located the sources (quite a few!) of my own prostate problems, I was able to make the problems and the pain disappear. Whenever I have a recurrence of prostate pain I look at what I have been doing. How I have been living. What I have been overdoing. I can then find my answer and fix up my pain in a short period of time. What You Must Know Is:

any unnatural practices or overindulgences that are part of your life could be causing you your problems.

Life is really quite simple and pain free when we live naturally. Wild animals live long healthy practically totally disease free lives in natural conditions. Human do too. But we are Humans! We love to play with things, and change things, and tamper with things, and do all kinds of things that just are not natural and that don't do us any good. When you are young and healthy, these harmful things often seem to be the best fun! But, they take a toll. Your body pays a price for them. Pain is a sign that your body has run out of ability to pay this price and is being injured.

Correct Prostate Massage Will Make You Feel Better!

But, if you are going to get rid of the pain and problems you have to correct the unhealthful living habits that cause them. If you don't, you will never become pain free. Sorry, but it's true.

There are many things that can cause actual non-bacterial prostatitis. But,

There Are Two Specfic Things That Will Practically Always Cause You Prostate Pain

The first is too much sex. I know, that's a difficult one to give up in any way. But, if you over do it, you will suffer.

Sex is natural, and necessary, and fun, and one of the best things you can do! But, our society puts far too much emphasis on constant sex. That's not healthy.

Your prostate will try it's hardest to have sex all you want. But, it will strain and swell in the process. And that will hurt you.

So, how much is too much? That depends a lot on genetics and your own lifestyle and general health. As rule of thumb, you can take a look at what Chinese medicine (which has been around for over 10,000 years) suggests: For teenagers, twice a day may not be too much. For men in their 20s five to seven times a week is MAXIMUM. For men in their 30s, three to four times a week. 40s, twice a week. 50s once a week. 70s maybe only once a month. You must understand that your sexual apparatus is not only the most fun toy that God gave you. It has a purpose. Like any other gland in your body, if you stress it out, it will malfunction. If you are suffering from non specific prostatitis, and you are not impotent, cut back on your sexual activity. Give your prostate a chance to rest and recover. Stop stressing it out! Give the swelling a chance to subside.

Stop all sexual activity for a while and let your prostate rest until the pain goes away. If you are impotent, you can use the Chinese suggestions above for frequency of prostate milking. It still is necessary to keep your fluids moving while you are healing.

Stagnant body fluids are a breeding ground for disease. Prostate milking, unlike ejaculation, does not stress the prostate.

In most cases, impotence does not have to be permanent.


The second worst things you can do for your prostate is sit in a chair all day long. Most of us do that! It is probabally

The Single Most Harmful Habit We All Have

Who would ever suspect that sitting all day could make your prostate scream with pain? Well it can! Simply because you radically reduce

the blood supply to your lower abdomin when you sit a lot.

When you sit a lot, the blood vessels running to and from your prostate get pinched. It is like strangling your prostate!

If your job forces you to sit for many hours each day, you must learn how to combat the harmful effects of sitting. Proper prostate massage, done regularly, can do that for you! Proper massage can help keep you healthy and pain free.

You will learn how to do these prostate massages on this site! All the massages you need to know, with instructions, are listed on the Nav bar on the left of this page.

These Massages Can Bring You Huge Relief In A Very Short Time!

I'll give you complete easy to follow instructions on how to do them the very best ways.

However, you must keep these things in mind:

-- If you eat lots of sugars and processed junk all day, you are never going to feel very well again.

-- If you drink a lot of alcohol, you're killing your prostate!

-- If you never move your body around (or exercise), your chances of feeling really good again are close to zero. -- If you don't feed your body the specific nutrients it needs to regenerate itself or sleep enough, how is your body supposed to regenerate? The things you will learn here are not hard to do. They are simple. And, they don't require a lot of time. You just have to do them to have them work.You probabally won't have to do everything you will learn here. But, you'll learn what you need to know. You will learn which are the best prostate supplements for your prostate and what the best foods are to nourish your prostate. You will even learn the Miracle Prostate Exercise. This is a short and easy exercise that will refresh you throughout your day. It takes only 15 seconds to perform. And, it will make you feel better all over! The really nice part of all this is, not only will your prostatitis feel amazingly better (even if you've suffered for years!). Your entire Health and Well Being will improve dramatically by taking proper care of your body. You will sleep better, you will have more energy, you'll be more alert, and you'll have a much improved sex life. That's no hype. That's the life you were meant to have!

Even If You Have Reached The Point Of Impotence You Can Most Likely Recover

once you start caring for your prostate properly.

You can feel better! Much Better!

You can even feel great again!

You don't have to suffer from prostatitis!

It's all up to you!


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With Prostate Milking

You Can Overcome Pain and Impotence!

Correct Prostate Milking can bring you great relief if you suffer from pain or impotence! The best way to perform this practice is with a correctly doneinternal massage. When you apply adequate (just NOT too much!) pressure during this process, your seminal (prostate) fluid is squeezed out. Or, "milked". It is that simple! Always be gentle when you are doing this. Sometimes, no fluid will appear to pass. You may not have enough in there to see any come out. Do not keep pushing harder and harder. Glandular tissue is much more delicate than muscle, skin or intestinal tissue. It tears more easiy. Too much pressure you can damage your gland and/or even tear the connecting urethra. So, always be gentle! I can not emphasize this enough. Now, the best instruments I have ever found for prostate milking are theAneros devices. They are highly effective and inexpensive. If you don't already have one, you should. The Helix model is my first choice for myself and it seems to work best for most men. Every man I know of, who has used an Aneros, and the techniques I teach, has found the relief he was looking for. And that's saying a lot!

There Are Many Benefits In Prostate Milking

First, for health in this area (or anyplace in your body), it is very important to keep the blood moving. And, it is also important to have a regular release of your seminal fluid. This practice acheives these goals. Both of these things are necessary in keeping you healthy and Pain Free!

"Non-Bacterial" Prostatitis and Pain

Your gland is built of tiny structures called acini, or sacs. When the fluid inside is stagnant or unhealthy, bacteria can grow in these sacs. Once that happens, the acini can become inflamed and swell. This swelling can cause the sacs to close off.

When the acini close off, these bacteria do not "shed". That is why they may not show up in normal medical testing. However, the tests often do show that your body is producing antibodies for bacteria that "do not exist". As more and more of these acini close off, your gland swells. This can eventually cause you lots of pain, as well as urinary and sexual problems. Prostate Milking brings fresh new blood to the acini. It helps you to pass the seminal fluid accumulation in your acini. The movement and repeated pressure/no pressure helps the acini to open and release the bacterial content. And this enables your body to perform its own cleaning and healing processes.

When You Are Healthy You Have No Pain!

Pain is simply the body's indicator that something is wrong or damaged inside.

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Now, if you are suffering from painful swelling due to prostatitis, the benefits Prostate Milking have over ejaculation are very big! As you already know: swelling hurts! It can hurt a lot!!

Ejuculation can make it hurt more! Ejaculation is caused by muscular contraction. These muscles basically get a "workout" every time you ejaculate. Shortly afterward this "workout" these muscles swell. This extra swelling can increase your pain. Prostate Milking, on the other hand, empties the seminal fluid without exercising the muscles. That emptying relieves the "need to ejaculate" and does not cause the muscular swelling. It also, for some reason, keeps your gland (or brian) from thinking it needs to work hard to recharge again. So it does not overwork or swell either.

It is the internal pressure from the fluid inside your gland that makes you "horny". Your body is basically saying it is full and it is time to have sex.

When you release the fluid inside, that need is fulfilled and your system relaxes. The "need to ejaculate" or horniness, goes away.

Cutting out all sex is not normal, natural or healthy. Sex is very good for you. But,

Too Much Sex Will Cause You Pain!

Be kinder to your body. When you are suffering from prostatitis and you feel a real need for sexual release, try Prostate Milking. It can help give you both the release and the rest you need in this area. And, it will bring fresh new blood and fresh oxygen that help your body in its own healing processes. You can easily do an excellent regular Prostate Milking for yourself.


If you are currently impotent, Prostate Milking is a must for you if you are going to keep your seminal fluids moving. It also is extremely necessary to keep your sexual system toned and as healthy as possible. If you don't you are increasing your risk of cancer here due to accumulated toxicity.

If you currently have no serious disease or if you have had no surgeries down there, Prostate Milking, rest, proper nutrition and rejuvenating sexual health supplements: Will Undoubtedly Return Your Sexual Function To You

Almost all impotence (that is not a result of disease or surgery) can be traced back to neglect or abuse (overuse). Even when that neglect or abuse is unintentional. A Healthy Male Can Have Good Pain Free Sex Into His 80s And 90s!!


Prostate Milking is usually done instead of regular sexual activities (intercourse or masturbation). You do it in a slightly lesser frequency than you were normally having sex. This gives your sexual system a chance to rest and recuperate more quickly.

Before using this or any kind of personal treatment, please consult with your doctor. Make sure you don't have any pre-existing condition that would make this practice unsafe for you.

Then Enjoy The Benefits!

Applying the simple, yet powerful program you have learned on this page, can help you toward having a:

Renewed Sex Life

Urinary Control and a

Pain Free Gland

Be Well!.... William

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You Never Have to Suffer From BPH Again!

All men who live past 40 will get BPH.

BPH (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia) is only a problem when your prostate grows too much. Then it can cause you all kinds of urinary troubles. But, you know that already.

That's why you're here!

From about age 50 there are tens of thousands of men who have had their lives permanently changed by incontenence, impotence and infertility due to BHP drugs and surgery. Drugs and surgery have their time and place. Unfortunately too many men have resorted to drugs and/or surgery(s) when there are much more simple natural remedys for BPH.

Over and over again, in clinical testing, these natural remedies have:

Proven To Be More Effective Than Drugs Or Surgery

These natural food remedies both stop the progress of and REVERSE Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia. And it all happens with NO SIDE EFFECTS.

Your body chemistrys change somewhat as you age. In a nutshell, your body starts making more of this and less of that.

BPH occurs when testosterone starts getting converted into dihydrotestosterone. Dihydrotestosterone makes your prostate grow. Dihydrotestosterone is formed from testosterone by a chemical catalyst (produced by your body) known as 5-alpha-reductase.

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By inhibiting the formation of 5-alpha-reductase, dihydrotestosterone is not created and your prostate cells are not encouraged to grow. When the cause of BPH was identified, the drug companys jumped right on it. They knew that if they could make a drug that inhibited the formation of 5-alpha-reductase, they could make billions from the millions of men who suffer from BPH.

Let's look at the drugs.

Let's look at the surgerys. Let's look at nature's way.

The Drugs: Finasteride is a chemical put out by Merck & Co. It came out in 1992 and is sold as Proscar®. This drug actually can cause a lot of decrease in BPH symptoms. And, it was advertised as doing so.

What was not advertised was the terrible side effects of Proscar®. They never mentioned the VERY high incidence of impotence, decreased libido, and ejaculatory disorders in men taking the drug.

Now, Proscar® is used by over 650,000 men in 25 different countries for BPH. The drug costs a man about $80 per month. This means all these men are adding more than $500,000 (a half Billion Dollars!!) to Merck's bank account. Pretty lucrative business! Don't you think so?


The Drug Is So Toxic That It Contains A Warning That Pregnant Women Should Not Even Touch It!

They go on to say that only that much contact with the drug could seriously injury their unborn baby's health. They also advise pregnant women against having sexual intercourse without a condom if her man is taking Proscar®. WOW!! I find that scarey!

Another common drug for BPH is terzosin hydrochloride. It is from Abbott Labs. It is sold as Hytrin®. Side effects from Hytrin® can include sever low blood pressure, erectile disfunction, heart palpitations, dizziness, fatigue and sinus problems.

The worst part of all is that:

These Drugs Only Relieve Symptoms.

They Do Nothing To Help Reverse BPH.

While taking these drugs BPH continues to progress.

The Surgerys: When your prostate gets even bigger and you can not pee, surgery is usually recommended. You could be in such misery by then that you may even beg for it.

TURP: The most commonly known surgery is called transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP). Long term side effects of TURP can include:

reduced fertility

persistent urinary incontenance

trouble emptying your bladder completely

erectile dysfunction

ejaculate fluid is caused to be projected into the bladder instead of through the penis

TUIP: Transurethral incision of the prostate (TUIP) is a BPH surgery similar to TURP but less radical. It, however, can only be performed on smaller prostates of certain configuration. HoLEP: Holmium laser enucleation of the prostate (HoLEP) is a BPH surgery done with a Holmium laser. The results are similar to TURP, but with fewer complications. There is a shorter hospital stay, shorter catherization, and shorter recovery time. Green Light PV: --This has proven to be the best of the surgerys!-- And, by far, the least invasive. If your prostate is just too big to shrink, this method of treatment may be what you need.

Green Light PV stands for Selective Photo Vaporization of the Prostate. This procedure is done with an 80-watt laser. In the procedure the laser is used to vaporize some of the excess tissue in the prostate gland which is blocking or holding up the flow of urine in the urethra.

The operation is done through a catheter using a tiny laser. Approximately 2 millimeters of the prostate tissue that surround the urethra is vaporized. This removes the pressure on the urethra that causes urinary problems.

A five-year study by physicians at the Mayo Clinic, in Rochester, Minn., published in the U.S. Journal of Urology in April 2003, found the Prostate Vaporization procedure resulted in virtually zero post-operative pain, bleeding, incontinence or impotence.

The Major Benefits of Green Light PV:

It is an outpatient procedure that takes only about 1/2 hour!

Usually provides profound and long term relief

Without the drastic side effects of a surgical reaming out of the prostate gland (TURP)

There is almost no risk of infection

Nothing is cut. The problems of impotence, incontinence, nerve damage, etc. are virtually eliminated!

A Note Of Caution:

Research your Urologist. Make sure he is skilled and experienced in Green Light PV.

Green Light PV is an excellent but relatively new procedure for BPH. There are not a lot of experienced practitioners yet. All that is required of a Urologist is a weekend course on the procedure. That is it. They are then allowed to perform it on anyone they choose.

I have received reports of men having terrible complications from this procedure by Urologists who took the course, but have no real history of experience performing the operation. Complications as bad as the ones from TURP, and worse!

Talk to your Urologist. Do not be afraid to offend him with questions. It's your body and your future health that is at stake. Ask him how many successful procedures he has done. It should be at least 60. Preferably 100 or more. Then, ask how many had complications afterward.

Don't let anyone brush you off like this is a simple minor procedure. It is still a surgery. Done incorrectly it can be a nightmare.

Done correctly, Green Light PV can be a magnificent proceedure and a real blessing for advanced BPH sufferers! For more information, click here: Green Light PV for BPH. They also refer doctors who do the procedure.

It is also important to note: After The Operation Further Operations And Treatments May Be Required

Your prostate gland can continue to grow from BPH despite previous treatment. This is because you have not changed the living patterns you have that caused your BPH condition. It follows with the classic statement: "If you continue doing the same things, you will continue to get the same results". Therefore, you now must learn how to take care of your prostate so that BPH reverses and does not return. Here is Nature's Way to Prostate Health:

Nature's Way: These natural nutritional prostate BPH therapys have been clinically and empirically tested time and time again. The results continually show that these natural foods are: Safer And At Least 50% More Effective Than Drug Therapy

I'm not preaching a religion here, but, in the Christian Bible it states that "there is every herb on this earth to heal every disease of men".

The great Thomas A. Edison said, "Let your food be your medicine".

Two pretty good sources! Well, here's where you'll find the studies that show this to be true:

Saw Palmetto: First, you must know about a plant named Serenoa Repens. It is commonly called Saw Palmetto. The berry is used.

Saw Palmetto is the oldest male urinary treatment known in the herbal pharmacia. It was used effectively by the American Indians long before there were any drug companys or drug stores.

Pharmaceutical companys produce BPH prescription chemicals (drugs) that try to stop the production of 5-alpha-reductase (the catalyst

that transforms testosterone into dihydrotestosterone). These chemicals can cause the terrible side effects outlined earlier.

Saw Palmetto stops the production of 5-alpha-reductase:

With Absolutely No Side Effects

Let me repeat that: With absolutely no side effects!

Miraculous? Yes!

Simple? Yes!

Inexpensive? Yes!

As Nature intended? Yes!

At least 16 scientific, double blind studies comparing a placebo with Saw Palmetto have been conducted.

Every Study Has Shown That Saw Palmetto Reduces Prostate Size!

Saw Palmetto was also shown to improve urination, urine flow, and reduce pain!

The clinical studies on BPH by Merck & Co., for the drug Proscar®, resulted in less than 50% of the men evaluating it as effective. Similar studies conducted on BPH, for Saw Palmetto, found that 90% of the men taking it were completely satisfied with the results. Saw Palmetto is not fast acting, however. It may take 6 months of daily use for you to notice changes.

Pygeum: Here is another wonderful and famous herb that has been used around the world to treat BPH. It was found that: Pygeum can REVERSE BPH Successfully!

Men have noticed improvement with pygeum has been noted in as little as 30 days.

In both American and Chinese herbalogy herb combinations are found to be superior to and generally more effective than herbs used by themselves. Pygeum is traditionally used together with Saw Palmetto.

The combination of Saw Palmetto, Pygeum, and Zinc is considered the Premier herbal combination for prostate BPH.

Glycine, Leanne, Glutemic Acid: These are three amino acids (basic proteins).

In clinical study, these three amino acids were used alone to treat BPH symptoms. No other prostate treatments were used. The men studied found they had 80% less night time awakenings. More than 70% of the men said they had a reduction in the need to urinate. The amino acid combination does not cure or reverse prostate BPH, however. They are mentioned here just for the comfort they were found to give. Vitamin B-6: This is part of the B complex group. It is often referred to as the universal carrier or catalyst vitamin. Among the many things it does, B-6 has a direct effect on prolactin levels. It reduces them them safely naturally. Reducing prolactin prevents the conversion of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone. And, it is the dihydrotestosterone which causes your prostate to grow.

B vitamins work together. That is why they should always be taken together. They come as a B complex vitamin supplement.

Taking only one B vitamin can cause an imbalance and/or deficiency of the others.

Zinc: This is the famous "Male Mineral". It is why oysters were considered such an aphrodisiac! Oysters are high in zinc. Zinc is involved with your male hormones, your seminal fluid, and sperm production. A zinc deficiency can cause impotence and prostate


Your prostate requires Zinc more than any other organ in your body. It also prevents the formation of dihydrotestosterone.

Essential Fatty Acids: We commonly call these "Fats!" Healthy natural fats are not only good for you, healthy fats are necessary for your survival.

Contrary to modern myth, fats are NOT the cause of heart disease and stroke. It is trans fatty acids (hydrogenated oils), and a body's inability to metabolize fats correctly, that cause the clogging in your veins and arteries.

This metabolic inability is usually caused by sugar consumption and poor nutrition. Stress can also play a part in this. The Eskimo people consume a diet that is 70% fat. Before the introduction of sugar and alcohol to their diet, arteriosclerosis and cancer were unheard of! These people had no "health education". They simply had radiant health! Fish oils contain Omega 3 EPA and Omega 3 DHA. These are prime nutrients for your prostate as well as your circulatory system. Fish oils are highly anti-inflamatory! That means fish oil: Soothes Your Entire System!

They provide nutrients in abundance that you do not get elsewhere. Fish oils also promote a general feeling of well being. In Scandinavian countrys, where the diet is high in fatty cold water fish, clinical depression is non existant!

Shortly after my first couple of teaspoons of fish oil, I noticed a really nice feeling of general well being! It works that well.

And, fish oil contains "the good fats" that are necessary to your prostate health.

Carlson's Fish Oils have proven to be the finest quality you can get. Prostate Tissue: In ancient cultures, when a person was sick with a weak heart, the fed him animal hearts. If he couldn't breathe well, they fed him animal lungs. If his sexual powers were weak, they fed him testicles.

All Of These Things Were Very Effective In Healing

It only makes sense. The perfect nutrition, something with all the exact necessary elements for an organ, would be the exact same organ from another animal.

Nature's Helper Massage: To get the most from your nutritional prostate supplements you need good circulation. Good blood flow.

The best way to directly increase the blood flow to your prostate is withcorrect prostate massage. With correct prostate massage you can expect to:

See Results 2 to 3 Times More Quickly!

Correct prostate massage has also been found effective in reducing the constant need to urinate. And it has been reported to lessen the freequency of night time trips to the bathroom.

Conclusions: What makes the most sense? What appears to be safest and most effective?

With all the evidence from history and scientific clinical studies, the conclusions must be left to you.

In my own case, I suffered from almost unbearably from prostate swelling and pain, impotence, and overly freequent urination at the ripe old age of 33. Drugs never had much appeal for me. I searched out all the natural healing methods I could find (before the internet it was no easy task!).

Today at 54 I am virtually pain free! I enjoy regular sex. And, I pee 24 ounces at one time!

My own daily nutritional support of prostate supplements includes: -

Saw Palmetto extract 320mg Pygeum 100mg Bovine Prostate 500mg Pure Fish Oil 2 teaspoons Zinc 15mg

I hope this BPH information will be of help to you on your way back to health!...

Be Well.....



If you have come to this page, you are probably over 40 and being warned to have regular PSA tests and often a Prostate Biopsy.

To learn more about this dangerous practice and the actual real meaning of PSA results please take a look at these links:

Your PSA Levels are NOT an Accurate Cancer Indicator A Prostate Biopsy Can Be Hazardous to Your Health

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So You Have A Bent Penis

So, you have a bent penis. Scary, huh? Every sexual thing that is abnormal scares the crap out of us! And then we hear about surgery! Even worse!

Well, 99.99% of the time:

This Condition is Very Easy To Fix!

Even if it is very bent and grotesque! And, surgery is not the best way to fix it!

Bent Penis is classified as Peyronies Disease. Named after the French physician Francois de la Peyroni. The man who figured out what causes the bending. Peyronies Disease is not the same as Hypospadias which is a birth defect.

But, Bent Penis Is NOT Actually A Disease

Bent penis or "Peyronies Disease" is actually a condition. Like a callous on your foot. Or a scar from a burn. It is scar tissue plain and simple ("fibrous plaques" is the fancy technical term. The one that is supposed to make it sound really serious. Therefore: expensive.).

Bent penis is a simple condition that is very easy to fix.

Scar tissue is very hard tissue. It does not stretch much.

It is the hard scar tissue that restricts the stretching of the skin on part of the penis. This makes the penis bend in the direction of the scarring when the other penile tissue expands (during erection). That's all there is to it.

Bent penis is no more a disease than any other scar. If you cut your hand deeply, and it forms a big scar when it heals, do you have a disease? Of course not! What about a callous on your foot? Oooo, are you now diseased? Ridiculous!

But, it scares the bejesus out of us! It really is almost never serious. But, it can look and feel absolutely awful! Almost Never Serious

Although extremely rare, sarcoma of the penis (a form of cancer) can look similar. Your doctor will consider this if the lump enlarges very rapidly or develops in an unusual manner. It's very rare.

With that ruled out, you have a scar. That's all. Or a some scars.

If people can get you to believe you now have a serious "disease" they stand to make a lot of money off you. Thousands!

"Disease" is the single most profitable business next to religion and oil. Anything that can be made into a "disease" stands to make great bucks for the medical industrys. But, for about $300 almost every bent penis can be straightened very satisfactorily. Almost every one.

Now, the surgery for bent penis is about $6000.

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Bent Penis Surgery

And, it comes with all kinds of possible side effects and complications, like erectile dysfunction, impotence, inability to hold an erection, decreased sensation (causing inability to orgasm), infection... on and on.

But, from a profit standpoint, which would you rather sell? There is also a new ultrasonic (good word!) approach that is supposed to break up the scar tissue so the skin can expand. It is Called: Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy.

Studies in the UK and Germany have shown that Extracorporeal (outside the body) Shockwave Therapy can reduce penile deformity in established, stable disease.

This is the same technique that has been used to smash kidney and gallstones for many years. Treatment is given in several sessions on an outpatient basis. This technique is not yet widely available and is still under investigation.

Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy claims to have less damage to the penis, but is still a nice multi thousand dollar ordeal. And, it is not nearly as good as traction.

The Cause

As you've learned, almost always (even in somewhat grotesque circumstances) a bent penis is really no different and no more serious than any other scar on your body. So, you can stop worrying. Your not a freak. It is estimated to occur in about 4% of men over 40. It usually occurs between the ages of 40 and 60. But, can happen at any time. Even to very young men.

The cause of a bent penis is not always known. Between 10 and 25 per cent of men with bent penis have Dupuytren's contracture. (Dupuytren's contracture is a claw-like deformity in which the little finger, the ring finger and, sometimes, other fingers bend over towards the palm of the hand.)

Genetics, injury, circulatory problems, diabetes seem to increase the chance of bent penis. Any trauma or even physical abuse can cause it. Injections into the penis for erectile dysfunction increase the chance of it. Even rough sex can do it. The penile tissues are delicate and break down easily. Scar tissue is a harder more protective tissue. So multiple small "insignificant" injuries can cause the problem.

That is also why it appears more often later in life. Cumulative trauma effects.

Bent penis can also cause great problems during intercourse, causing pain to either partner.

You don't have to suffer with a bent penis.

A Bent Penis Is Easy to Fix!

The good news is that the condition of bent penis is quite easy to fix.

However, it takes time. Plan on 6 months to 2 years, depending on the severity of the scarring. The technique that has been used most effectively to stretch out the scar tissue is called "traction". Properly done, penis traction has none of the possible side effects of surgery.

Penis traction and penis stretching has been practiced for thousands of years by various African tribes.

Skin stretches. By gradually stretching the skin (or scar) it will get longer. By stretching the skin to the point where it gets microscopic tears, new cells form and the skin actually becomes longer. So does the scar.

Skin stretching has also been used to stretch out lips (like some of the African Tribes do to hold 8" plates in their lips) or earlobes (popular with some of the "punk" kids). Now because scar tissue is not as elastic as the surrounding tissue, the scar will stretch and "tear" long before the surrounding normal skin. This is how it is equalized. When the skin of the scar is as long as the normal surrounding skin (during erection) there will no longer be a bent penis. IT IS THAT SIMPLE!

That's all there is to it! The Method

There are numerous penile traction devices, penis extenders, etc... on the market. You want one that is medically proven and dependable. You don't want to cause more damage to your penis. So, don't try to save $50 or $100 dollars on a "cheaper" model. If you do, you may injure your penis permanently and irreparably.

I have researched 23 penile traction devices (commonly called penis extender). There are only two that met all my requirements for quality. These two units are well made, easy to use, durable, medically approved, and guaranteed by the manufacturer. They are SizeGenetics and Pro Extender. Either one works very well.

Either one should solve 99% of all bent penis problems, safely and easily.

They can be worn comfortably and unnoticed under most clothing. Since the only way to actually extend you penis is through penis traction (the only safe way), these devices are usually sold as penis extenders.

But, they will straighten out almost any bent penis.

But, they are The Absolute Best penis straighteners in the world!

There are a lot of copies that look almost exactly alike. But, if you buy one of those and it breaks on your penis, you can cause severe damage to your organ. Is that worth the risk?

So, if you're suffering and embarrassed about having a bent penis, there is a simple safe answer to your problem.

Using one of these devices can straighten out virtually any penis with time and patience.

And that is the key to solving your bent penis problem: time, persistence, and patience. Don't Try To Rush The Process!

You'll only cause damage. Work gently and steadily. It works! You'll have your bent penis straightened out before you know it!

Be Well.....


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The Best Natural Male Enhancement

The Best Natural Male Enhancement would be that which gave you the longest, widest, hardest erection. And even made you look bigger when you were flacid and wearing clothes.

- The method would have no adverse side effects.

- It would work for virtually everyone who ever tried it.

- It would be guaranteed to work. - And, the results would be permanent!

Would you agree with that being the Best natural male enhancement?

Pills, Patches and other NONSENSE That Don’t Make Your Penis Grow!

These things can puff your shaft up if you’re having erectile problems. They are vasodialators (they open up the veins and arteries enable more blood flow).

The natural ones work much like Viagra and Cialis only the natural ones are much milder and have less likelihood serious side effects. Like heart attack, stroke, and blindness to name a few. The risk, however, is still there.

But your dick won’t grow from these things. Not from ANY of them. How Those Things Work [?] Subscribe To This Site

The best natural male enhancement will NOT be found in any pill, patch or other nonsense. Let me tell you what those things do: They increase the blood flow to your penis. So, it gets more pumped up. That’s it. If that is your goal, these are for you.

But, these pills and patches and creams, etc... will NEVER grow your shaft even 1/8 of an inch.

Sure, people claim 3’ of growth in the ad. It makes them a LOT of money.

Let’s be real. If your penis grew 3’’ why didn’t your nose? Or you breasts? Or your ears?

Have you ever heard of a pill that makes any of these things grow? Of course not! Let’s not be stupid and let’s not be fooled. Don’t Be Fooled By Advertising Hype

It is all advertising and marketing hype to get your hard earned dollars.

In order for your erections to get bigger you have to create more tissue and/or more supple (stretchable) tissue. Period. If you don’t believe me, then try all those things and come back here after they have all failed for you and you’ve wasted a lot your hard earned money. Then you can actually get a bigger cock for real. And, it will be permanent!

Not For Everyone

Even the best natural male enhancement is not for everyone.

It’s just not every man’s desire. Or need. Most men are big enough or happy enough with what they have. A Small amount are actually way too big and scare women away.

You will never ever achieve a penis this big by any method! Nor would you want one. Most women would not even consider sex with a man this large. A penis like this only comes from a certain flaw in genetics.

Yes, I know, if you’re small in this area that would only be too fine, right? Well, not exactly. Those men never really get to put the entire shaft in and get very frustrated by that.


However, some men just want a bigger dick!



And, if this is you, there is nothing wrong with that. So don’t let anyone else’s opinion keep you from your happiness if you’re not hurting anyone.

Male sexual enhancement, or, getting a big dick is nice! It feels good! It makes sex better. It’s more pleasing to your woman.

You just want to be sure you do it safely and correctly. Who Can Benefit

When we talk about the best natural male enhancement we’re not talking about whiter teeth, bigger muscles or more hair on our heads.

The best natural male enhancement means: getting a bigger thicker harder penis. The terminology is just the “politically correct” way of saying things these days.

Enhancing the size of your cock is like any other cosmetic adjustment.

If you feel better about yourself

If you are happier

If having a bigger penis gives you more self confidence

then it might just be one of the best things you can do for yourself! And you shouldn’t let anyone else’s opinion on the subject stand in your way. It’s your body and your life. And you deserve to be as happy as possible.

And, if this makes your partner happier too, then it’s even more worth doing!

Just Do It Safely!

With the best natural male enhancement methods you will learn how to do it safely!!

This is vitally important. You want to enjoy your results, not suffer from them. Penile injury can occur when penis enlargement is attempted haphazardly or incorrectly. With the best natural male enhancement methods you will learn how to do the job

most effectively and most safely.

I can not stress enough how important safety is!You are smart in taking the time to read this article and understanding it.

What you will learn here can be the difference between your having a pleasurable life long success OR a miserable constantly embarrassing and painful failure.

The Safest and Most Effective Method and Medically Endorsed

The best natural male enhancement is also the safest and most effectivemethod for enlarging your penis.

Natural male sexual enhancement done correctly has proven to surpasses surgery and every other form of male enhancement for safety and effectiveness. Natural male sexual enhancement using correct traction is so good in fact that the best natural male enhancement method is medically endorsed in 29 countries worldwide! as the finest way to fix a bent or curved penis!

The method is actually ancient! It dates back thousands of years. It works like this: Human soft tissue: skin, muscles, tendons, ligaments, etc... can be stretched and made permanently larger over time.

In fact most of the soft tissues can be made longer by stretching. I’m sure as a kid in school you saw the pictures of tribes in Africa who could put large 6 and 8 inch plates in their lips.

They did this by constantly stretching their lips with larger and larger plates. They consider this a great form of beauty and sexual desirability (there is no accounting for individual senses of attractiveness and beauty.....).

How This Applies to You

With the best natural male enhancement the same stretching principle is true for your pecker.

If you keep stretching your penis methodically day after day you will not only make it more supple, you can actually make it bigger and wider. The results are superior to using surgery and there are none of the side effects of a surgery. Surprisingly, it costs very little for the best equipment available! About $400 total. For a surgery you can expect to spend between $9,000 and $12,000. For the surgery required to repair penile injury from using dangerous methods or poor quality equipment you can expect to pay another $6,000 to $15,000. The Risks and Dangers

The only real dangers in stretching your penis are: - Pulling Too Hard - Pulling Incorrectly - Cutting Off The Blood Supply In The Process

These are all serious considerations. And each one could cause serious damage to your precious pecker.

On the other hand, if you don’t give your shaft a real stretch, it will never grow.

The best natural male enhancement, used correctly, will eliminate all these dangers if you have a normally healthy body.

This form of natural male sexual enhancement is very convenient, super effective, and super safe method to accomplish our goal here.

What Is The Best Natural Male Enhancement Method?

The best natural male enhancement is done with the penis traction device developed in 1994 by Dr. Jorn Ege Siana, M.D.

Dr. Siana is a penis surgery specialist. He is also the founder and a director of the Scandinavian Clinic of Plastic Surgery in Denmark and Germany.

Dr. Siana developed this traction device for use after penile surgery to keep the penis from getting any strange curves or bends.

He then found the device could also straighten a curved or bent penis. He then went on to find that it could also be used to lengthen a penis.

And not just a little. But a sizable amount! These devices have been shown to be able to lengthen a normal penis well over an inch and increase the girth (thickness) as well.

The Best Natural Male Enhancement vs Surgery

We are all too quick to jump into surgeries these days because... I don’t know why. Probably because most of us seem to want fast easy answers to everything.

Most of us don’t know that for many physical improvements or modifications there is just a better way of doing things.

Male enhancement is one of these things. It turned out the best natural male enhancement gives superior results to surgery without the possible hideous side effects which include but are not limited to:


Lack of sensation

Inability to achieve an orgasm

Erectile dysfunction


A shorter though wider penis

Damage to the urethra (tube that carries urine and semen from the body)

Scarring (which could cause the penis to bend severely if the scar hardens later on)

This is the reason natural male enhancement (by correct traction) is now medically endorsed and recommended as the number one method in 29 countries world wide.

Other Methods

Other stretching methods have been shown to be unreliable in the way they pull the tissues. Other methods and inferior equipment have often caused a bent penis, strangulation and broken blood vessels in the tip of the shaft, and other penile deformities that too often are permanent. A Special Bonus!! This best natural male enhancement method has also been shown to improve erectile function in many men. In other words, getting a harder stronger erection!

WoW! Nice bonus, huh?

The Real Thing and The Rip Offs

So now that you know what the best natural male enhancement method is, what equipment is best to use? If you have done some research before finding this page, you have undoubtedly read a bit about traction units. A BIG problem with many of these is that when something is as successful and as popular as penis traction, a LOT of companies try to jump on the band wagon and produce a similar item in order to make a fast easy dollar.

This is beneficial when the item is improved. The problem with the penis traction device is that it is so simple in design and so effective that there isn’t really much room for any kind of improvement.

So: the marketers make devices that cost a little less. This invariably results in a unit of inferior quality. What This Means To You

This means that you run the risk of severely damaging your member due to poor function, malfunction, or breakage.

The cost difference between the cheap models and the best medically recommended units in the world is only about $200!

Now, is it worth saving $200 if you permanently damage or disfigure your penis? Or to wind up requiring a $6,000+ surgery to repair the damage. Not to me!

Which Traction Units are The Best?

During my research on the best natural male enhancement, I researched every penile traction device I could find. To date there are about 24 of them. Many made by the same manufacturers.

There are only two that I found to meet all of my personal requirements for safety and effectiveness.

These are the Pro Extender and Size Genetics units. These are magnificent units constructed of the best materials.

Both of these units are:

Medically recommended

Classified as Class 1 Medical Devices

Made of the best Medical Grade Materials

endorsed with the "CE" seal. This is a stamp of safety given to medical devices by European Health Authorities.

Guaranteed by the manufacturer to give you results

I have been telling men about these particular units for almost five years now. And they are getting the results men want! The Best Natural Male Enhancement

Most men these days, who want to enlarge their penis, seem to want the best natural male enhancement they can find.

The possible side effects from other methods are just not appealing to most of us. And risking them is just not necessary. The whole idea of getting a larger stronger penis is to enjoy it. To make life happier and more fun. Not to pay for it suffering with adverse, and too often permanent, side effects.

Why It’s The BEST!

The best natural male enhancement also just happens to be the BEST method of all. Why? Because correct penis traction with a high quality traction device:

Is The Most Effective Method (gets the longest results of all


effects with a normally healthy body)

Is Permanent!

Is Affordable For Almost Anyone

Has Proven To Be The Safest Method (virtually no adverse side

Is It Right For You?

Is penis enlargement right for you?

That is totally a personal question and decision. And, it can be life changing!

The most important thing is: If you do it, do it right.

Then the results you get can make you happy for the rest of your life.

The best natural male enhancement is easy if you do it right. So enjoy in good health!

Be Well.....

~ William

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What To Do for a Prostate Infection

If you think you have a prostate infection, the first thing you need to do is go to your Urologist and get a check up. Find out if you actually do have an infection.

Did you know that 7 out of 8 times prostate pain and prostatitis is what doctors call non-specific prostatitis?

That means they don't know what your problem is. And what that means is: they run some tests to see if you have a prostate infection (It is most commonly done by measuring the white blood cell count in your urine and semen). 7 out of 8 times no prostate infection shows up. So, they don't know why you are in pain. And they will tell you that.

The pain could be coming from a toxic overload in your prostate gland. This can cause serious inflamation. Or, you may have a prostate infection that is hidden. Trapped in the acini (small sack like structures in the prostate). Because the bacteria are trapped in these sac, they do not "shed" (come out into the seminal fluid or urine). So, the bacteria and white cells do not show up in medical tests. Since the bacteria are hidden, the tests can't find and identify them. No prostate infection sows up. And then, your doctor doesn't know what to do for your problem.

That was what happened to me. Repeatedly. Where Did It Come From?

Well, let's see where that prostate infection came from and why you have it.

If the tests done by your doctor found a prostate infection, it is usually an STD or the result of a bladder infection. There are dozens of them. Usually an antibiotic and plenty of water will clear that up in a week or two.

But, a non specific prostatitis type prostate infection can last a man for weeks, months or years. And, it may never show up in a medical test. But, you suffer. Maybe a lot! I did. The reason so many men get this type of prostate infection is an unhealthy prostate. A dirty, polluted, filthy prostate. Don't take offense to that. It is what most older men (and a multitude of younger men) have. Why Does It Happen?

Well, your prostate gland not only produces the fluid part of your semen, your prostate gland also is a filter. An amazingly fine filter.

It is designed to filter out all the impurities in your blood stream so that the seminal fluid is a healthy place for your delicate sperm cells. It does this extraordinarily well!

But, these impurities and toxins can accumulate. And they do. And, they are most often the cause of prostatitis and prostate infection. If your prostate is not kept clean, it literally becomes a toxic waste dump where bacteria and virus of every kind can easily breed (prostate infection). These toxins are also very irritating. In an attempt to burn them out (just as your body does with fever for bacteria and virus) the prostate gland becomes inflamed.

The more your prostate has to filter out, the more prone you will be to prostate infection and prostate inflamtion. [?] Subscribe To This Site

The reason many men suffer from repeated prostate infection is that they never change their life style. They unknowingly continue to do all the things that caused the prostate infection in the first place.

Once they clean up their lives (and their prostate gland) the prostate infection problem usually seems to disappear.

Why Most Men Over 50 Have Prostate Problems

Other than STDs, why do you think very young men rarely have prostate infections and non specific prostatitis? It's because they haven't had enough time to accumulate enough trash in their prostate yet. That's why most older men have prostate problems. They have a lifetime of accumulating poisons in their prostates. And, these accumulations have not been cleaned out sufficiently. It's just like the oil and oil filter in your car. You don't ever have to change them. You'll still get about 80,000 mile on you car before the engine is wrecked.

But, if you change that oil filter every 5,000 miles or so, you're engine should last about 200,000 to 300,000 miles. Your body is the same. If you don't clean it it dies early. Why do you think there is so much cancer. Especially prostate cancer in men. It's no mystery. A Normally Healthy Prostate

In a normally healthy life in the wild, a male prostate gets lots of movement and massage from daily physical activity. It gets pure food and water. It doesn't get prostatitis or prostate infection! In primitive cultures, prostate problems are virtually unknown. When we live in out offices and factories we sit endlessly. The blood doesn't flow sufficiently enough for good health. Sitting especially constricts circulation to the prostate gland and lower abdomin.

This also causes constipation, which further pollutes and irritates the prostate gland.

So how do we change our prostate "filter"? We don't. But, we can clean it and keep it clean with correct prostate massage. Getting Relief

In our civilized sedentary lives, we must massage our prostates consciously and move the dirty blood manually or we will lives lives of pain and disease. No drug will ever fix this. If your life is very physically active, then improper diet, unprotected sex, constipation, or a very large belly is most likely the cause of your prostate infection. In any case, correct prostate massage will increase the circulation to your prostate and enable your body to clean and heal itself more efficiently. In a toxic prostate, waste material and dead cells are so abundant that bacteria grow pretty much uninhibited. There is so much garbage

there for them to eat that the white cells in your body can not kill them fast enough: prostate infection.

If there is no bacteria, then then the inflammation is just your body trying to combat the toxic overload. It is pretty much that simple.

An inflamed prostate feels exactly like a prostate infection.

What causes all this toxic material to be in there and stay there? Life style. The common civilized lifestyle causes most of our diseases. We are so used to this style of life and it is so common that we don't even know we are doing anything wrong. The Culprits

Here are the things that cause most of our disease and prostate infection:

Non Foods: Junk foods, most grains, sugars, chemical additives

Too much sitting. This restricts the blood flow to your prostate and basically suffocates it to a slow half death.

Lack of exercise and fresh air.

  

Too much stress. Some stress is healthful and strengthening. Too much stress pollutes the blood with toxins and prevents the Kidneys from cleaning the blood properly.

Along with stress is anxiety and worry. They have the exact same effect on your body as stress. They actually are types of stress.

Prescription drugs. They are ALL toxic to a greater or lesser degree. They all wind in the toxic waste dump you create in your prostate gland.

Now you can't live totally stress free. It's impossible and not natural.

But, you can cut the crap out of your diet. You can exercise and you can massage your prostate gland.

With a healthy lifestyle, most prescription drugs become unnecessary. Prostate Massage

Prostate massage, even without too many life changes, can clear up most cases of non specific prostatitis all by itself. If you do it correctly and regularly.

Prostate massage used to be a little tricky to do and get right. But, there is an instrument that has been out for some years now that makes prostate massage simple and easy. There is no longer any excuse not to do self prostate massage if you are suffering from prostate infection or prostatitis. No excuse.

The device is called the Aneros prostate massage device.

If you have been reading my site you will have seen this jewel mentioned in many of my articles. Because there is nothing better or more effective for massing your prostate gland than an Aneros.

If you frequently suffer from prostate infection your blood flow needs help. Prostate massage will give your prostate a much greater flow of blood. That, and plenty of pure water, is often all that is needed for remedying a prostate infection.

Correct prostate massage is the salvation of the prostate for civilized men. It will rejuvenate your ailing prostate like nothing else can. You will probably find proper diet and prostate massage make prostate infection a problem of the past!

Be Well....


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Most Impotence is Easily Reversible Impotence, or the currently politically correct name, "erectile dysfunction" ("ED"), are relatively simple to cure 98% of the time.

The surprising thing for most men to learn is, if you suffer from impotence (or erectile dysfunction), you do not need some pill, drug, injection, medication, special remedy or treatment. The fact is, all of those things can make the condition worse in the long run. There are many that would like you to believe that some special treatment is necessary because there is HUGE profit to be made here. Huge!

But, impotence is one of the conditions that has one of the best historys of clearing up completely with simple natural lifestyle changes.

Outside of a major disease,

There Are Only Three Significant Causes Of Impotence Or Erectile Dysfunction:

inadequate nutrition

chronic stress

prescription drugs

All psychological causes of impotence also stem from those three causes. 98% of all impotence can be cleared up when those three sources of impotence are addressed. And that holds true for clearing up 98% of the diseases that cause impotence and every kind of erectile dysfunction.

Does this all sound too simple? Surely there must be something much more to it! Well, there isn't.

Every pharmaceutical company and even every major herbal supplement company has developed at least one product designed to give you an errection. They tell you it is what you need. They make loads of money on these products because sex is the #1 best selling commodity in the world! Everbody wants it. Erectile drugs are a multi-billion dollar business! The crime in all of this is, all sexual stimulants weaken your sexual system by forcing it to perform when it is already weakened and depleated.

None Of The Commercial Impotence Treatments Cure Impotence.

They simply stimulate a system that is too weak or clogged up to perform on it's own.

When you get an errection from some pill you are not cured. You are one step further on your way to complete sexual exhaustion and possibly physical death from heart attack or stroke. Not to mention possible blindness.

All those side effects are listed by the manufacturers of the more potent pharmaceuticals.

So, you better really enjoy that chemical erection! It's a potential time bomb.

Why do you think the possible listed side effects of the major drugs are heart attack, stroke, and blindness?

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It is because you are forcing a tired weak system to perform. If you push it harder than it can stand, blood vessels literally explode from the pressure. Literally causing stroke, heart attack, blindness.

But there is fantastic profit in sexual enhancement drugs! The Cause of Impotence

Outside of disease, the cause of impotence, or erectile dysfunction, is that your body is not recharging adequately. Or, the blood supply is not sufficient. Or, you're being impaired by prescription drug side effects.

That's all there is to it. Those three things account for about 98% of all impotence.

Male impotence is currently epidemic. It is estimated that approximately 40% of the male population over 40 year of age suffer from erectile dysfunction. That's absurd! But, true.

The drugs and stimulants are not a cure for impotence (or sexual fatigue). They do not eliminate the cause of impotence.

Over Time, Erectile Stimulants Make Impotence Worse.

If you continually whip a tired horse to make it run, it starts to require harder and harder whipping to run. Eventally, when the horse has no energy reserves left, it hemorrhages and dies. The same can happen to you.

98% of Impotence Is Totally Reversible

You just have to stop doing all the things that caused the impotence and start nourishing your body as nature intended. It's really that simple.

Impotence, erectile dysfunction, "ED", is sexual chronic fatigue. Let's take a look at some sexual reality: Immediately after ejaculation, do you desire sex again? Of course not. Your sexual energy is spent. Your body needs to recouperate.

That may take you 20 minutes, a day, 3 days, a week.... Then you want sex again! But, there was that period in between ejaculations when you were indifferent to sex or didn't want sex. Maybe you could not even get an erection during that time. Even if you tried.

When your body was recharged (with more semen and sperm) you were ready to go again!

Were you impotent until then? No, your body was just in normal recouperation. Like after a swim or a run.

Do athletes compete 24hrs. a day? Of course not! Everyone knows they need time to rest and recouperate. It Seems Very Obvious

You sexual system needs time to recouperate also.

But many men think they are supposed to be able to ejaculate at any given moment. If they can't, they feel impotent. Not true.

As I've mentioned, when you really are impotent, one of three things (outside of disease) is happening:

One, your body is simply not recouperating. It can not produce enough semen or sperm (or any) no matter how long you rest.

Two, you don't have adequate circulation to get an erection.

Three, prescription drug side effects are making you impotent. The reason your system does not recouperate is that there are not enough nutrients in your body to make the all the hormones, fluids, sperm, semen, etc... that are necessary for ejaculation.

It's just like my Daddy used to say: "You can't build a brick house if you don't have bricks."

If you don't have enough of the essential nutrients to replenish your sexual system, you won't be having sex.

If you are impotent for this reason, you are either not ingesting enough nutrient rich foods, or, your stress level is so high that you burn them all up.

If you have advanced arteriosclerosis, not enough blood (and nutrients) may be reaching your sexual organs. Modern Diet Is To Blame

The modern diet is a travesty! So many non-foods (highly processed and "refined" foods). There is no way those things can keep you healthy or sexually active. Why could you eat all that garbage and function fine when you were young? Because you were young! You hadn't used up your reserves yet. The Proof of This Is:

Even today, in some of the more primitive societies the diet is all natural meats, vegetables, and fruits. Their life demands physical work and activity. In these societies there is virtually NO impotence!

Men are known to conceive children in their 80's and 90's and even at 100 years of age! (The Hunza people)

Women go through menopause when their egg supply runs out. They are no longer able to produce children.

Healthy men, on the other hand, continue to produce sperm (however slowly) until they die!

Unhealthy or malnourished men get erectile dysfunction and become impotent. The Reason Men Usually Stay Impotent

The reason men usually stay impotent is that they keep doing all the same things that made them impotent in the first place.

Impotence is also Nature's way of protecting future generations of children. If the body can not make good healthy sperm, Nature shuts the process down.

The Road Back to Vibrant Sexual Health

   

First, return to a Primitive Diet. Supplement with natural vitamins, Vitamin C, and fresh vegetable juices.

Start practicing regular correct prostate massage. Correct prostate massage will increase the blood flow to your prostate gland. This will greatly increase the speed of your progress.

Get some regular physical exercise! At least 30-40 minutes a day 3 days a week.

Eliminate all unnecessary stress from your life. (The exercise will help!) There is always some stress in ever life. And some is normal and actually healthy. But too much stress will kill you sexually and can kill you completely!

Quit your job if it is killing you! It's just a job. Get a different one.

If that means moving into a smaller house or an apartment, it will be a happier healthier one!

If you're in a terrible relationship, say goodbye! It will be better for both of you.

Eliminate every prescription drug possible. You may have to do this gradually. After 6 months to a year on the primitive diet, you will probabally be able to eliminate them all! That includes heart drugs and many diabetic drugs.

Prescription drugs kill erections.

Stop using sexual stimulants. The more sexual stimulants you use, the longer you will have erectile disfunction. If You Have Circulation Problems

Red cayenne pepper (the kind you cook with) is the best and safest blood vessel dilator on the market. In herbalogy it is often used to enhance the power of an herbal formula.

Red cayenne pepper delivers greater blood flow to all your sexual organs as well as your heart.

The herbalogists recommend starting slowly and working your way up to 1 - 2 teaspoons per day. If you start off with too much you can have some unpleasant gastrointestinal experiences (cramps, diarrhea, and bowel movements that feel like fire!). If you start with maybe 1/4 teaspoon a day and work up gradually, you'll only experience some pleasant warmth. It will also improve your digestive powers! And, red cayenne pepper is magnificent for your heart!

Red Cayenne Pepper:

- Increases the circulation throughout the body (including the penis!)

- Strengthens the heart

- Regulates the heart beat naturally

- Cleans the blood vessels of plaque (cholesterol deposits, etc...)

- Helps normalize blood pressure Many men who have had erection problems have found that red cayenne pepper alone (naturally increasing the blood flow) did the trick all by itself!

If you return to living and eating naturally, there is little doubt that you will soon be finding yourself feeling better all over (mentally too!). And, you will soon be finding yourself eager to have sex again with your fully functional hard penis!

Impotence is a condition that responds fantastically well to a natural life style.

It is not an overnight process. It took you 30 or 40 or 50 years to create the problem. It will take time to correct itself. It could be 6 months to 2 years. Maybe sooner. It depends on your current condition. Remember:

For most men, impotence, erectile dysfunction ("ED"), does not have to be permanent no matter how long you have suffered with it.

Care for your body. Care for yourself, the way nature intended. Your sex life will blossom!

Be Well.....


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Prostate Orgasm Prostate orgasm is the term used for massaging the prostate gland in order to produce a flow and elimination of seminal fluid (semen) without ejaculation. Prostate orgasm is normally used therapeutically to treat and prevent a variety of prostate disorders such as prostatitis and BPH (Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy). Even many medical professionals recommend prostate orgasm as a way of soothing and relieving prostate distress.

Prostate orgasm is also used for sexual pleasure. To intensify the orgasm in masturbation or with a partner. Medically Supported

Prostate orgasm is supported in medical circles due to the studies that indicate: men who ejaculate ( by intercourse or masturbation) more than five times per week during their twenties, suffer from less prostate disorders such as BPH, inflammation of the prostate gland, and prostate cancer. Prostate orgasm is now considered of great aid to male health and a possible way to prevent prostate gland disorders when regular sex is not available or when a man does not wish to masturbate for personal reasons. Prostate orgasm is controversial with some because they feel it is no different then masturbation and morally wrong. For those who don't have a problem there, prostate orgasm can be a great health practice! Prostatitis and BPH

In medical practice, prostate orgasm is often recommended as a treatment for prostatitis and BPH. Prostatitis occurs when there is

inflammation in the prostate gland. Prostate orgasm is said to sooth and nourish the prostate gland and relieve the painful symptoms.

Prostate orgasm is superior to regular ejaculation here because no additional swelling of the prostate occurs with prostate orgasm.

The benefit of the prostate orgasm comes from both the release of seminal fluid (semen) from the prostate gland, as well as the cleansing and nourishing effect provided by the prostate massage that is received during prostate orgasm stimulation.

Prostate Cancer

Many medical practitioners believe a prostate stimulation is a safe and highly effective way to relieve prostate conditions such as BPH, prostatitis. However, many also believe prostate stimulation can be an aid with prostate cancer. Again, a gentle prostate stimulation is recommended to achieve the prostate orgasm. Performing A Prostate Orgasm Stimulation

A prostate orgasm stimulation can be performed by a medical professional or at home.

Urologists routinely perform a prostate stimulation to gather fluid (semen) for testing.

Men unaccustomed to prostate stimulation may feel it uncomfortable. But, doctors were never known for their finesse in this area. A prostate orgasm should always be done gently. There are those who recommend a very vigorous prostate stimulation or massage when trying to achieve the strongest orgasm. That can cause serious medical injuries. Even fatality.

Whether for therapeutic purposes or pleasure purposes, gently and thoroughly is best. There is an amazing device designed just for this call the Aneros Prostate Massage Device. I use one. Everyone I know who uses the Aneros has had outstanding results! It is the best device I have found for prostate orgasm stimulation in 20 years of research. Achieving A Prostate Orgasm

A prostate orgasm stimulation can be performed alone, by a professional, or with a partner.

The most common and most effective way to perform prostate stimulation is through the anus. Traditionally, when a partner or spouse helped with the prostate orgasm stimulation, they used their finger.

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They would insert their finger into the anus and massage the prostate gland gently. The prostate is easy to locate. It is a few inches above the anus on the belly side. It is about the size of a walnut (when not enlarged) and easy to feel and recognize. The prostate orgasm is achieved by massaging and squeezing the prostate gland in a downward motion. During a prostate orgasm, semen flows out rather than being squirted out (as in a regular ejaculation). The problem with fingers is that they are usually about and inch or two too short to do the job well. It feels good, but, a finger doesn't usually reach to the top of the prostate gland and don't do an efficient job of milking the prostate gland (releasing the fluid). Aneros To The Rescue!

That is why I use an Aneros for my own prostate orgasm stimulation. It does the job completely and correctly.

As I said earlier, the Aneros is the safest and most effective instrument I have found for prostate stimulation. The Aneros is available in a variety of sizes. It reaches to the top of your prostate gland and gives a sure and gentle prostate orgasm stimulation.

The Aneros, once inserted, is hands free! It does it's job with the contraction of your anal muscles. So it tones the whole sexual system while giving you a perfect prostate orgasm stimulation! And, it improves bladder control. I find the Helix model to be the most efficient.

I truly believe every man over 40 who is serious about prostate health should have an Aneros and use it regularly. Prostate orgasm can also be a highly sensual experience. Therefore therefore the Aneros is often marketed as a sex toy. It works very very well in that capacity. But, make no mistake, an Aneros is the best instrument you will find anywhere for correct prostate orgasm stimulation or prostate


The Benefits Of A Prostate Orgasm:

prostate orgasm stimulation prevents build up of semen in the prostate gland

prostate orgasm stimulation cleanses the prostate

 

prostate orgasm stimulation increases the circulation to the prostate gland, bringing nourishment and oxygen to heal it

prostate orgasm stimulation makes masturbation unnecessary and removes the desire for it

Want More Intense Orgasms?

A prostate orgasm can be an extremely sensual experience. And can be intense! Prostate orgasm stimulation used during intercourse or masturbation will give you an orgasm that will "knock your socks off!" It is considered the same as manipulating a woman's G-spot.

Also, if you are trying to increase your semen flow during sex or masturbation, prostate orgasm stimulation will normally do that.

Be Gentle

Remember: Always be gentle during prostate orgasm stimulation. This is very important! If you are too vigorous you can injure yourself.

If you see blood in you semen, stop the prostate stimulation immediately. If the blood remains in your semen or urine, seek professional medical help.

Pain the lower abdomen is also a sign that internal damage has been done. I have performed prostate orgasm stimulation for the past 20 years with none of these problems. Everyone I have ever spoken to who has used anAneros has had none of the problems. The secret is: do your prostate orgasm stimulation gently, safely and regularly. Two or three times a week is usually enough to bring results. Your body needs time to regenerate after your prostate orgasm just as it does from any type of massage or exercise. If you have any doubts about your internal condition, check with your medical professional before you begin. Then, enjoy all the benefits of healthy prostate orgasm stimulation.

Be Well.....


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The Cause of Erectile Dysfunction

The cause of erectile dysfunction is not complex.

There are those who would like you to believe otherwise because there is huge money to be made in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. It's a billion dollar industry.

The more mysterious and complicated erectile dysfunction can be made to seem, the more money there is to be made from different erectile dysfunction treatments. You feel helpless. Unmanly. You feel you need some "product".

There are lots of people who have something to sell you!

And, if you are kept unaware of the cause of erectile dysfunction, you will buy lots of products!

It's just business to the manufacturers.

To you, it's you life and health and mental well being.

There Are Only Four Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Outside of serious illness there are only four things that are the cause of erectile dysfunction. Not hundreds. Just four.

Extended improper nutrition (malnutrition), impaired circulation, emotional stress, and prescription drugs. That's it! They are the cause of erectile dysfunction.

Even 98% of the diseases that are blamed as the cause of erectile dysfunction are nutrition and stress related. And, those diseases can normally be cleared up with a change of diet and/or lifestyle.

People ask, "What about diabetes, heart disease, arteriosclerosis, etc..." Yes, they can all be the cause of erectile dysfunction.

And, 95% of the time (or more) all these diseases can be reversed with a proper diet (Primitive Diet) and/or a change of lifestyle.

If you are going to believe that some "wonder drug" is going to solve your problem, then you are never going to get well again. Personal Abuse

The entire problem is that people want to abuse their bodies with unnourishing foods, alcohol, tobacco, prescription drugs, lack of sleep, huge stress, lack of exercise.... And then, they want some pill or magic treatment to make up for all this abuse and make everything right again. It's never going to happen. Never.

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Sure, there is Viagra®, Cialis®, Levitra®, and all the other sexual stimulants that exist. But, these drugs do not cure erectile dysfunction. They do not reverse erectile dysfunction.

These drugs stimulate and chemically force your already exhausted system to perform a function.

Drugs do not address the cause of erectile dysfunction. Each time you resort to these stimulants your system is left weaker and more depleted than it was before. Eventually, it will no longer function at all. Even with the drugs. Extreme Dangers

With these stimulants you also risk heart attack, stroke, and blindness! You will find that written warning packed on an enclosure with those products. The male sexual system requires many specific nutrients to function properly. I am going to use an analogy to easily explain the cause of erectile dysfunction. An automobile. A sexy automobile! A Ferrari sports car! If you owned a Ferrari you'd have one hot car!! It's true they are "chick magnets". But suppose you had flat tires, or no spark plugs, or no radiator? And, if you never replaced those parts, that beautiful car is not going to get you anywhere. Or attract anyone. When your sexual system lacks any of the nutrients it needs, it's not going to take you anywhere either. Lack of adequate nutrients is the cause of erectile dysfunction for most men. Now with a car, you'd know what to do. You'd go and get some fresh tires, or spark plugs, or whatever it needed, and be on your way. You'd be able to get the car running again. With your own body, you were probably never really educated correctly on what you need to make it work correctly. So when the "spark plugs" are gone, you didn't even know what they were. And, you don't replace them. You just continue on with your same old nutritionally deficient diet. You continue with your high stress lifestyle. Then, you wonder what is causing your erectile dysfunction.

It's truly that simple!

And, it's just as simple to remedy!

The cause of erectile dysfunction is most commonly: lack of adequate nutrition.

Clogged Veins and Arteries

Clogged veins and arteries are rarely the cause of erectile dysfunction in men under 50.

But, clogged veins (poor circulation) are often the cause of erectile dysfunction in men over 60, men with diabetes and of course men with arteriosclerosis and weak hearts. Now, lets look at the Ferrari analogy again. If the fuel line in your magnificent car is clogged you won't go too fast if you go at all. The engine just can not get enough fuel. If your veins and arteries are clogged up enough, your magnificent body will not get a decent erection if it can even get one at all. Your penis just can not get enough blood.

The good news is: Arteriosclerosis is reversible 95% of the time!

I know you've probably heard that clogged arteries are like clogged pipes in a house. But that's a lot of nonsense!

Veins and arteries are living breathing live structures that are capable of healing, cleaning and repair. When the diet is correct, of course. If you keep eating all the non foods that clogged them up, they will stay clogged and only get worse.

How do you clean them? A Primitive Diet, Fish Oil, and natural B Vitamins with some moderate regular exercise can reverse virtually any arteriosclerosis problem. Walking is a superb exercise for your circulation!

The process does take time. If the cause of erectile dysfunction is clogged blood vessels, look at 6 months to 2 years to see improvement. Nutritional Deficiencies

The same holds true for nutritional deficiencies. When you switch to proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle your body can and will heal itself of virtually every degenerative condition including arthritis and cancer! This has been clinically proven over and over again. There is just no big profit to be made in natural diets. No one can patent them or own them. So, you will never see them advertised for anything. The fact is (and it is proven over and over again) that a primitive diet is the most powerful "medicine" that you can find for any degenerative condition.

The body was designed to work perfectly and be self healing. People just screw it up through indulgence and lack of knowledge.

Emotional Stress

Some stress is normal, natural, and actually healthful and exciting!

Too much stress will literally destroy you. It is also a prime cause of erectile dysfunction.

If you are over stressed you must do 1 of 2 things:

1) Handle it. That means find the source of that stress. Talk it through with whomever is causing it. Work out a way to eliminate it or at least reduce it to a comfortable level. If that is not possible:

2) Disconnect from it. That could mean Leaving your job if you have to. Or your spouse if you just can not work things out. If it's your neighborhood, move. I know the answer to all that is, "But, I have responsibilities."

That's true. But, you've been responsible for your life so far and you will continue to be responsible in a new job, a new situation, a new neighborhood, etc.. If stress is the cause of erectile dysfunction for you, that stress will break you down in other ways as time goes on. Eventually it may kill you later. So, handle it now! This will improve your life and the lives of all those you love. Prescription Drugs

Prescription drugs can be the cause of erectile dysfunction all by themselves. You can do everything else right for your body and mind. Still, prescription drugs can make you as impotent as a castrated male.

Over 98% of all drugs are unnecessary. Very few people really need most of the prescriptions they consume, although they believe the drugs are lifesavers. And, if these people continue in a non healthful lifestyle, the drugs may help. Temporarily. At times, drugs do save lives and are miraculous things. 98% of the time drugs are abused. Or, used because of lack of real health knowledge and understanding. If you re-establish your health (and most people can) with a proper diet, exercise, adequate sleep, pure water and calm emotions, you will undoubtedly be able to wean yourself off virtually every drugs. That includes diabetic and heart drugs. The reason is, you body will start to function normally again. Blood pressure normalizes, the heart takes a normal steady rhythm, the pancreas produces sufficient insulin, the sexual system rejuvenates, etc. etc. etc..

This will take time. Especially with certain medications that can not be stopped "cold turkey". If you are taking any of these types of medication, tell your doctor what you are doing and request his assistance in the process. If he will not help you, there are other qualified doctors who will.

Be patient and make progress slowly. Make your changes gradually and continuously. Slowly and steadily is the key to success!

People usually want the "quick fix". The "miracle drug". It would be nice. But, in reality, there is no such thing. There never will be. You Need Pure Water!

You will also need to start drinking and cooking with only Pure Water.

What does pure water have to do with the cause of erectile dysfunction? Water is what carries the nutrients through your entire body. Water is what removes the waste products and poisons from your body. Every function of your body is dependent on water.

So, drink plenty of it! Just be sure it is clean and pure.

There can be a multitude of chemicals that may be found in city waters. A number of them are known carcinogens.

Almost all city water contains chlorine. Studies show that people who drink chlorinated water have a 93% higher risk of cancer than those whose water is not chlorinated.

There are also hundreds of other chemicals that can be found in city water supplies that can be harmful to your health.

If you think all city waters are just fine, I suggest you watch the movie "Erin Brocovich". It's quite a shocker! And, quite enlightening. Your water supply may be good or not good. You can not taste everything that is in water. The only way to know for sure is to send it to an independent lab for a full analysis. The cost of this is approximately $150-$200.

You will need to check it regularly because the contents of water tables (where the water comes from) changes. If you want to be sure you have the highest quality water in your home all of time, you will either need to distill it or get a quality reverse osmosis water purifier. Unlike a distiller, a good reverse osmosis water purifier is easy to operate and maintain. And, it can remove some chemicals that do not get removed in distillation.

A good reverse osmosis water purifier will remove the chlorine and virtually all the other contaminants from your water supply.

A very good reverse osmosis system can usually be obtained for under $400.

Recovery is Simple

Recovery from erectile dysfunction is not necessarily quick or easy. But, it is simple.

Over 95% of men who suffer from erectile dysfunction can heal themselves. The cause of erectile dysfunction is not mysterious or difficult to pin point. Recovery does not require drugs. In fact drugs will only make things worse. As you now know, outside of illness, the cause of erectile dysfunction is simply a depleted and/or clogged up system, high emotional stress, or prescription drugs.

You tune up your automobile regularly. If you don't, it eventually runs poorly or stops running all together.

Your body needs the same attention. Clean it and tune it and it will run and function beautifully! Abuse it, and you're in for a life of misery and pain. The most wonderful thing about the human body is that it is completely self healing when given the proper care! All degenerative diseases are easily reversible if they have not gone too far. All of them! That includes erectile dysfunction. So, Breathe A Sigh Of Relief!

You now know the cause of erectile dysfunction.

And, you now know what will almost always reverse the condition.

Be Well.....


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The Joy and Problems of Mastrubation

Probably the biggest problem associated with Mastrubation (also spelled: masturbation) is the preconceptions that society has placed on it through the centuries. So, mastrubating commonly causes embarrassment, shame, and guilt.

Those things alone can cause enormous physical and mental problems of all kinds. Even erectile dysfunction.

So let's start with the basics!

We Are Sexual Beings!

We are sexual beings! Sexual release is as natural to our life and health as breathing, eating and sleeping. Don't let anyone ever try to make you believe differently.

Virtually everyone mastrubates or has mastrubated. It feels very good and there is nothing wrong with doing it!

In fact, if you are not having regular sexual intercourse, mastrubation is a healthful practice.

Regular ejaculation, by sexual intercourse or mastrubation, reduces the risk of prostate cancer by keeping all the sexual fluids moving. Over Mastrubation

Over Mastrubation can cause all kinds of physical and mental problems besides prostate problems and testicular problems. Prostatitis is of course the most directly noticeable problem. You get pain in your prostate or testicles or lower back. Even your pelvis can hurt.

But here is a list of things you can experience from too much mastrubation:


Fatigue, even chronic fatigue

Male hair loss

Low back pain (it can be just a dull ache or severe!)

Eye floaters

Fuzzy vision

Memory problems

Absentmindedness (from depletion of acetylcholine)

Lack of concentration

The reason for all this is:

Too Much Ejaculation Greatly Depletes The Male Body.

The sexual act, for a man, uses up a lot of nutritional reserves. Women have it over us there. They can have almost unlimited sexual stimulation and only benefit by it. Men literally get used up! Scientific research confirms this. Too much ejaculation causes the adrenal glands and the brain to create excessive dopaminenorepinephrine-epinephrine conversions. That's the very technical explanation! [?] Subscribe To This Site

In common language: Too much ejaculation makes a man lethargic and emotionally over sympathetic due to an actual change in body chemistry. Psychological Problems

Mastrubation in young men often is performed when there is a psychological need for emotional fulfillment. This can set a pattern that carries over into adulthood and lead to chronic excessive mastrubation. This excessive mastrubation, and the resulting problems (listed above), can create further psychological problems.

Basically, these boys and men use sex as a drug.

What Is The Right Amount?

The real question is: "How much ejaculation is healthful?" Touching your body for pleasure will never do you any harm. Forcing your body to run through the entire sexual cycle too often can be devastating!

Most men do not have any idea how much is required from the body to have an orgasm with ejaculation. For a man over 30, twice a week is generally OK. Over 50 probably once a week. 60 maybe twice a month. Over 70, maybe once a month. Some teenagers (whose hormones are raging in overdrive) do it 2 or 3 times a day and are fine. There is no real rule. That's just a general guideline from ancient healing arts and modern scientific observation. They both give the same numbers. If you are experiencing some or all of the symptoms listed above, you are probably overdoing it. Try not ejaculating so frequently and notice how you feel. Keep cutting back until your feel good.

You can still enjoy sex and sexual activities. Just do not go to the point of orgasm as frequently. Stop before you cum. If you find having less sex is too difficult, stopping short of orgasm can be a lifesaver for you. It is also a great help if non-bacterial prostatitis (also called "non-specific" prostatitis) is your problem.

For non-bacterial prostatitis sufferers, less ejaculation combined withcorrect prostate massage, can help restore your body better than any other prostate treatment.

Unsatisfying Orgasms Can Lead to Over Mastrubation.

Just like eating, if you don't get satisfied all you can think about is MORE!

If you just "get right to it" when you mastrubate, your body often does not secrete enough sexual fluid and hormones to feel "satisfied". We call this a weak orgasm. It still feels good, but does not physiologically or mentally complete the job. Your body is not "satisfied". So, you masturbate again, and again until your body does register "satisfaction". This can be very debilitating to the prostate and testicles. Especially in men over 25. On the other hand, during normal intercourse, the prostate receives a good amount of massage from both your hip movement and frontal contact with the woman's pubic bone. This produces a stronger more satisfying orgasm. The Most Intense Orgasm You'll Ever Have!

The most intense orgasms happen when the nerves in the prostate are most stimulated. It is undoubtedly the most satisfying orgasm. And, probably the healthiest because more fluid is moved and more blood flows.

The prostate gland is the male "G Spot". That is why many women want to put their finger up their partner's anus to massage his prostate during sexual intercourse. This direct prostate stimulation greatly increases the intensity of the orgasm. If you have ever experienced this, you know what I am talking about.

However, a woman's finger barely does the job. Still, it can increase the intensity of the orgasm dramatically. The danger with a woman's finger, is that the woman's finger nail can cause a tear in the lining of the bowel. This can cause a very serious infection! If you want to achieve a truly magnificent breath taking orgasm,especially during mastrubation, the safest and most effective way is with an Aneros Prostate Massager.

Nothing else compares!

This device actually can:

Help you achieve the most intense orgasm possible (more intense than you probably ever imagined possible!)

Give you the type of orgasm that leaves you so satisfied that you do not over mastrubate

Improve the health of your prostate (through greater blood flow) The Virtual Vagina!

There is nothing that compares with a real live woman for sexual gratification. But, if for some reason you don't have a sex partner, the absolute best and most satisfying sex toy ever invented for mastrubation is the Fleshlight.

Fleshlights are made of a material that is remarkably similar to vaginal skin. And, you design your Fleshlight exactly the way you want it! You can select the interior texture to be smooth or very stimulating. And, you can even choose a vaginal, oral, or anal opening. They bring mastrubation to a whole new level of complete enjoyment!

When you're all alone, there's nothing wrong with taking care of your personal needs in the most pleasurable and gratifying way possible.

Moderate Regular Ejaculation Combined With Correct Prostate Massage

Can Help Maintain Your Prostate In Optimum Health!

Let your awareness of your own body and mental state be your guide. Not your sexual cravings. Uncontrolled sexual cravings can ruin you! Literally.

If you have a fulfilling sex life with a partner, no mastrubation may be necessary or desired. Or, you may enjoy mutual mastrubation as part of your sex life together.

If you are alone, or currently not in a sexual relationship, moderate regular mastrubation is healthy and natural and good for you! Don't let anyone try to convince you otherwise.

Moderate amounts of regular ejaculation is both normal and healthful. It doesn't matter whether it happens during intercourse or mastrubation.

Orgasm is a lovely gift! It is meant to be enjoyed throughout your entire life!

Be Well.....



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All About Semen

We often hear Semen referred to as "Sperm". But, the sperm cells (spermatozoa) are only about 5-10% of it.

In that 5-10% there are normally 200-500 million sperm cells. Still, it takes only one sperm cell to fertilize a human egg.

Where It Comes From

Sperm cells come only from the testicles. They take over 70 days to develop. As I said, they make up 5-10% of the semen.

Seminal plasma is made by the seminal vesicles. It makes up about 46-80%. The seminal vesicles also create prostaglandins (hormone-

like chemicals that regulate cellular activities). Prostate fluid is obviously from the prostate gland. It makes up about 14-33%. It is a thin, milky, alkaline fluid. This fluid neutralizes the acidic fluid of the vagina and uterus. This neutralization protects the sperm cells and keeps them alive. Pre-cum is made by the bulbourethral glands (also called: Cowper's glands). This, along with some fluids from the glands of the urethra, makes up about 2-5% of the total fluid. The pre-cum lubricates the urethra so the ejaculate can move easily through the penis. Composition

Semen is composed of the sperm cells and seminal plasma. Plasma is defined as: "liquid that carries suspended solids."

Besides sperm cells and a large number of hormones, there are over 30 other substances in the seminal plasma including:


- Vitamin C - Choline - B 12

 -


Calcium Magnesium Potassium Phosphorous Sodium Zinc


- Fructose - Inositol


- Hyaluronidase - Spermidine

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As Well As:

Blood-group Antigens Chlorine Cholesterol Citric Acid Creatine DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) Glutathione Purine (compound of uric acid) Lactic Acid Nitrogen Purine Pyrimidine Pyruvic acid Sorbitol Spermine Urea Uric Acid

The amount of each substance varies according to personal body chemistry, health, and diet.

What a man eats greatly affects the composition and quality of his seminal fluid. Quantity

Most men release about one teaspoon of fluid when ejaculating. Genetics play a major role in how much a man produces. And, how

frequently he can ejaculate. Quantity can also be influenced by other factors such as: The time period between ejaculations ( the longer the time, generally the larger the ejaculate). Arousal and foreplay (a longer time invested produces a larger ejaculate).

During arousal and foreplay all the reproductive glands are highly stimulated and produce semen more rapidly.

Some medications affect production. Color

The color is generally a pearly white. But, it can also be grayish or yellowish to yellow.

If it is pink or red, that indicates blood in the semen. This can scare the hell out of you! But, it is usually no more serious than blood in mucous when you blow your nose.

It usually clears up by itself in a few days. If it is persistent, you should see a physician.

Taste and Smell

The taste and smell can vary a lot from man to man. It is affected by general health, medication, and often by what you eat.

For example: Eating asparagus is known to make it taste bad. Pineapple is known to give it a nice clean sweet taste! Consistency

The consistency of the fluid can vary from watery thin to thick and globby like jelly.

The consistency is usually uniform in younger males. As a man ages he ejaculates less. Also, some of the enzymes that determine the consistency are not produced in as great a quantity. These things can cause the color to be yellowish and/or globby. It is not a serious condition. It is merely a sign of age. Disease Transmission

With the exception of herpes and genital warts, STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) are carried in the semen.

Gonorrhea, syphilis, chlamydia, nongonococcal urethritis (NGU), and cytomegalovirus (CMV) can all be transmitted through semen. This is why a condom is so vital to use when the man's sexual history is at all uncertain.

This applies also to HIV and AIDS. It is not the sperm cells that carry the HIV virus. The virus is in the seminal plasma as well as the precum liquid. If a male is HIV-positive, his semen may contain high levels of HIV, even if his blood levels show low or undetectable amounts of the virus.

Unprotected vaginal, oral, and anal sex all carry risks for HIV and STD transmission by semen. Semen Makes Women Happy!

This is just a great benefit of healthy sexual intercourse for a woman! Semen contains many mood-altering hormones (which include: testosterone, luteinising hormone, oestrogen, follicle-stimulating hormone, prolactin and several different prostaglandins). Some these hormones can be detected in a women's blood within hours of exposure to semen. Researchers have found that women, whose partners use condoms, do not experience the same sense of happy well being after intercourse as women whose vaginas are filled with semen. (Condoms, of course, are always recommended when the male's sexual history is at all uncertain.)

The study was done using the Beek Depression Inventory (a standard questionnaire for assessing mood). The Researchers say they looked for other explanations such as use of oral contraceptives, frequency of sex, strength of relationships, and personality types.

They said none of these other factors can explain the findings! Also, along the genetic line, researchers believe that the semen "high" increased the female's desire to seek out sexual intercourse with males.

That's the story of Semen!

Be Well.....


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Blood In Semen?

- Don't Panic! -

When you see your blood in semen, it is quite a shock! It only happened to me twice. But, the first time I thought, "Oh no! Now I'm dying!"

After a lengthy study, I learned that in most cases: Blood in semen,

Is No More Serious Than Blood In Mucus When You Blow Your Nose.

Hematospermia is the medical term for bloody sperm (blood in semen). Even though most of us never heard of it, it seems to have been around for a long time. Hematospermia was even written about by the father of modern medicine: Hippocrates! (born 460 bc) There are a number of things that can cause bloody sperm: prostatitis(inflamation of the prostate gland), infection, blockage, injury or impact anywhere in the male reproductive system. Many men, when they see blood in their semen, first think, "Oh no. Prostate cancer." Although it is possible, prostate cancer rarely causes blood in semen.

Actually, most blood in semen is of unknown origin. And,

It Usually Goes Away By Itself

In a Few Days.

It is quite a common occurance in sexually active men in thier 30s. But, it happens to teenagers and old men as well.

The vessels and structures in the male reproductive system are very delicate. You know this if you were ever hit or kicked in the groin (as virtually every young boy has been!). The same is true of bicycles. When your foot slips off the pedal and your testicles crash into the crossbar.. Or you get hit there with a ball in dodgeball.. Any impact there Hurts A Lot!!

If the tissues were stronger, like the muscles, a normal kick there would not be very painful. Because the testicles, seminal vesicles, urethra, prostate gland, epididymis, and the perineum are not stong tissues (like muscle), any impact or strain can cause a small blood vessel to break and put blood into the seminal fluid. What is termed "exhausted love making" can cause bloody sperm. Without sufficient semen in the seminal vesicles, the mucous membranes inside the seminal vesicles strain on ejaculation. Again, just like when you blow your nose too often or too hard, the delicate mucous membranes can rupture and bleed. If infection is the cause of blood in semen, an antibiotic can usually clear it up easily. If blockage is the cause, surgery may be required. That is not very common.

Although blood in semen is quite common, the freequency of it is impossible to calculate because most semen is ejaculated intravaginally. If The Blood In Your Semen Is Persistent

or accompanied by pain, you should go see your doctor.

Normally, however, blood in semen comes and goes by itself.

Vitamin C Bioflavonoids (not ascorbic acid) strengthen the walls of the small blood vessels. It may be a helpful supplement for you.

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If you are a vegan vegetarian and you are experiencing blood in semen, you should consider adding butter to your diet. The essential nutrients in meat fat and butter (saturated animal fats) also play an important role in the strength of human blood vessels.

Be Well.....


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SEX and Prostate Health

Sex is usually a favorite topic. But, it's not if you have prostate problems!

A Good Healthy Sex Life Is Necessary for Good Prostate Health

It is a physical need, like sleeping or eating, or breathing. For a healthy male, regular release of the prostate fluid is necessary to maintain good prostate health.

Orgasm (ejaculation) is much like eating. One of the most pleasurable necessities of life! (OK. You may rate this pleasure above eating!)

But, just like eating, if you overdo it, you suffer. If you overdo it all the time, you get weak, and sick, and you die young. It's true. It is one of the rhythms of your life. Like your heartbeat, your breathing, your eating, your sleeping...It requires moderation and a regular rhythm for best results. This is something we are not taught as young men. But, it would be a good and important thing to teach. You function best and most healthfully when: Your heartbeat is calm and regular. Your breathing is deep and even. You sleep long enough each night. You eat the right amount on schedule.

Doesn't it make sense that the same would hold true for your love life?

In a woman, it is easier to see the rhythm. The monthly cycle of ovulation and menustration. Men Also Have a Cycle

The difference is: the time frames in our cycles are much more individual and varied than a woman's.

If you are healthy, you produce a certain amount of sperm and semen in a regular period of time. Some men make a lot rather quickly. Some men take a lot longer to make a full supply. Once your body has created a full supply of semen and sperm (specific to each individual) it needs to release it. That is when you get very amorous or "horny" (in common language!). After you ejaculate, your cycle starts again.

The length of that cycle is determined by genetics, age, what you eat, and general health.

If you are healthy and enjoy sex within your own personal natural rhythm:

You Can Have Sex Well Into Your 80s and 90s Without a Problem

You just won't be having it as often. But, the male sexual system keeps on functioning if you are healthy. (Nature does have a plan!)

If your are sexually obsessed, or if you are using it as a drug (to compensate for other things), you absolutely and surely will get prostatitis, and/or heart disease, and/or become impotent.

I'll explain why for each of these: Too Much Sex: This is one of the two main reasons for the prostate gland problem referred to as "non-specific prostatitis". Translated, this means: Your doctor, after giving you a thorough prostate exam, doesn't know why you are suffering. And, he'll tell you that. Not Every Man Can Run The Marathon!

And, that doesn't mean there is anything wrong with you, or, that you are any less virile. Just not everyone can do it.

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Of the first 10,000 that finish the race, 9,995 are not as fast as the guys from Kenya. That's just the way life is!

Sex is no different. Our culture emphasizes the absolute need for constant sex. You are made to feel unmanly if you don't perform all the time. That's insane!

Also unnatural. And, it is physically and psychologically debilitating to a man.

You must make your prostate health come first.

When you have too much (Yes. There is such a thing!), you don't give your body adequate time to regenerate and recharge. And, you drain out too many nutrients from your system.

A Large Number of Prostate Problems Start This Way

Your prostate and will try to keep up with this excessive demand (your prostate produces the seminal fluid that the sperm travel in). But, with overuse, your prostate can become inflamed and swell in the process.

This enlarged prostate condition is a very painful form of "non-specific prostatitis". It can become chronic.

Even young men in their late teens and early 20s suffer from this type of prostatitis.

If that is what is causing your prostate problem, your best prostate treatment is having less sex. Even none, until things feel better.

Heart Disease: Too much sex weakens your heart. It's true. This is a concept not generally understood in Western Medicine. In Eastern Medicine, this is very ordinary knowledge and has been written about in Chinese medicine for thousands of years.

I'll explain: Your organs all work together in harmony. When one is weakened the rest are affected. They actually support each other in function. Like a happy family! And, just like in a family, when one member is especially cranky or upset, the whole family is affected.

In Chinese medicine, the heart is supported directly by the kidney or "Kidney Power" (your adrenal glands). When you have too much sex, you exhaust your Kidney Power (in Western terms, you fatigue your adrenal glands). When your adrenals are chronically low (low Kidney Power), your heart loses strength. If Kidney power is always low, your heart weakens. The weaker your heart gets, the harder it is for it to perform it's function of pumping blood throughout the many miles of blood vessels in your body.

When your heart becomes too tired or weak, you get a heart attack. (Not all heart attacks are caused by clots and cholesterol deposits!) The stories of older men dying, trying to keep up with the sexual needs of their 20 or 30 year old mistress, are not myth or fable or unusual bad luck. It is much more common than you might realize. Impotence: Sperm and semen require a lot of specific nutrition. Some of these nutrients include Zinc, Omega 3 Fats, vitamin Vitamin E. All of those nutrients are sadly lacking in the common Western diet. This has a major effect on prostate health and sexual health! Your body does not want to make bad sperm. It tries to make perfect sperm all the time. When it can not (most often because it does not have the essentail materials, ie: nutrients) it shuts down. You become impotent. Too much sex uses up the required nutrients faster than you can replenish them. Even if you are consuming enough nutrients, your prostate requires a certain amount of time to recouperate and produce semen. Eventually, when you have depleated your prostate and testicles enough, you will become impotent until your body can replenish itself again. If you do not replenish your system adequately, your sex life is over. Permanently.

So, how come you could have so much when you were 18 and feel just fine? First, that is the design of nature. At 30 or 40 you will destroy yourself sexually if you try to keep that up. By 50, you know the thought of that much sex is now ridiculous.

That does not mean you can not have wonderful excitng sex beyond 50! You just can't have sex as often.

Viagra®, Cialis® and the other sexual enhancement drugs? You're whipping a tired horse. You'll have to keep whipping it harder and harder. If you make it keep running that way, eventually you'll beat it to death. And, you'll risk heart attack, stroke and/or blindness in the process.

The Right Amount of Sex

The right amount depends on your own body. No two men are exactly alike.

It depends on your genetics. And, what you eat. How well you sleep and exercise are important. So is stress management. Highly stressed

men almost always develope sexual problems. For them, impotence is common.

If you are in generally good health, this is the rule of thumb for sexual freequency in Chinese medicine:

Teens: 1 to 2 times a day can be OK!

20s: 3 to 7 times a week is normal

30s: 3 to 4 times a week is maximum

40s: 1 to 2 times a week

50s: about 1 time a week

70s and beyond: maybe once every 3 or 4 weeks

For those who are incapable of ejaculation, prostate milking and correct prostate massage are recommended. The only way to find out what is right for you is by trial and error. Count the days between ejaculation. Keep spreading the time further apart until inflamation and pain no longer occur.

In my own case, when I was 20, I was doing it almost daily. Today, at 54, about every 4 to 5 days is ideal. Do I always keep "on schedule". No. Absolutely not. Spontaneity is important in life. I usually try to stay in rhythm. But, sometimes I'll have sex 3 times in 2 days. When I do that, I find I need about 7 to 10 days to recharge fully. When I used to get stupid, and just kept having as much sex as possible, I got prostatitis. Like clockwork. I don't like prostatitis. It hurts! I don't enjoy the pain. So, normally, I keep to my schedule. If I am totally inspired and have extra sex, I take more days to recharge afterward. When I keep to my own bodys rhythm, I never suffer! You Must Learn Your Own Rhythm

And then, you must keep to that rhythm!

As you grow older, the rhythm will change. That does not mean anything is wrong with you. That is just the way nature works.

One more very important point: Warm Up First

How? Foreplay!

You wouldn't go to the gym and start out lifting the heaviest weight possible as fast as possible. Would you? That idea is ridiculous, isn't it? You know you would tear or injur something that way. Right? You warm up first. You get the blood moving and the muscles warm. Why do men think sex is any different? Why do so many men think they can just get hard and go to it as fast as possible? That's insane! You are just begging for prostatitis that way.

How come you could do that in your teens? You could because you were in your teens. At least 20 to 30 minutes of good foreplay (with an erection) will warm everything up real nicely! You'll get a great increase of blood to all your sexual apparatus. This will energise your entire sexual system. You'll perform better, you'll feel better, you'll recouperate better, and you'll be healthier. The nicest part is, your partner will think about you differently! She'll treat you much better in and out of bed. It's an amazingly nice benefit for both of you! If you don't have a partner, read (or, enjoy the pictures in) a sexy men's magazine. Enjoy the anticipation! You won't damage yourself this way.


Learn the correct rhythm for your body. And, stick to it!

Nourish yourself properly.


Exercise and sleep well.

You'll be sexy and enjoying sex well into your 80s!

Be Well..... William

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Self Prostate Stimulation

and Good Health!

Is self prostate stimulation safe and/or beneficial? Definitely YES!

In fact doing it yourself can be much safer and more effective than if even the best health care provider does it for you! The reason for this is, if you do it correctly, you are the one in control. You will never over do it or push too hard because you know immediately (by pain response) that you are doing it too aggressively.

Self prostate stimulation is also referred to as self prostate massage or self prostate milking

Self prostate stimulation also includes any type of exterior massage done to the prostate gland.

Superior Results

Can you remember the last time you had a prostate exam? Always unpleasant. The Doctor puts on his rubber glove, lubes it up, tries very hard not to look you in the eye. Then he has you bend over and he RAMS his finger up your butt and prods your prostate unmercifully! It's like out of a bad movie!

Did you notice how uncomfortable or even painful your prostate felt after that. The discomfort can last for days.

((*note: It is OK to ask your doctor to proceed gently before he begins. He may not be more gentle, but, it may help.)) Now, would you ever inflict that pain on yourself on purpose? I hope not. And that is the first reason self prostate stimulation or self prostate massage is superior.

The second is: you can do it as long as you want to or as short as you need to. The third reason is that you can reach all the accessible areas of your prostate most easily because you can feel exactly where you are at any given moment and adjust accordingly. Your Prostate is Delicate

Your prostate gland has organ/glandular tissue, muscle tissue and fascia (the tissue that connects and covers the prostate gland.

Muscle and fascia are generally pretty tough tissue. Glandular and organ tissue is always much more delicate and more easily damaged. Doing self prostate stimulation or self prostate massage helps prevent damage to your prostate gland because you are able to be more careful than someone else might be. You know immediately if you are being too aggressive (pain). Prostate massaging and prostate milking can cause severe damage to your prostate if done too hard. In extreme cases, it can even cause death.

Now, if you want to actually see the difference in tissue strengths for yourself, try these three things:

Pull on a piece of raw chicken skin (fascia). Pretty strong? Squeeze a slice of raw steak (muscle) between your fingers. It moves but stays together. That's why we have teeth. We need something sharp and strong to tear rip it apart. Now squeeze a slice of raw beef liver between your fingers (glandular tissue). You can feel it breaking apart and then see the whole where you pinched it. It's delicate. So is your prostate gland.

That's also why impact to the testicles is so painful. The testicles are organ/glandular tissue. Pain indicates injury.

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Reduced Risk of Injury

Self prostate stimulation can greatly reduce the risk of injuring or bruising the glandular tissue.

Self prostate stimulation is also more convenient because you can do it in privacy, when and where you want. When you perform self prostate stimulation you're really going to need an instrument of some kind. Because, unless you have an extraordinarily long finger, you just can't fully reach your prostate gland yourself.

The best and safest instrument that I have ever found is the Aneros prostate massage device.

This device can be used for therapeutic self prostate massage, self prostate milking, or just healthful pleasure. Benefits

Self prostate stimulation is very beneficial to the health of your prostate. It greatly increases the circulation of blood in the whole prostate gland area.

This increased blood circulation helps clean, nourish and strengthen your prostate.

Your prostate is, among other things, a filter. It purifies the fluid of the semen so that the sperms stay healthy. Toxic overload is why prostate cancer is so prevalent in men. Their prostates accumulate so much poison and toxicity that cancer results. Like cigarette smoking. Some authorities believe that regular self prostate massage along with healthy nutrition and pure water will rebalance the normal ph (acid alkaline balance) in the prostate enough to reverse and prevent prostate cancer. Why We Need Self Prostate Stimulation

Self prostate stimulation (self prostate massage) is really a necessity for most men in our modern societies.

We sit too much and this cuts the blood flow to the prostate.

We eat too much crap. This poisons the blood.

We allow too much stress in our lives (yes we do that to ourselves). This causes too many metabolic poisons to form.

We are bombarded with pesticides on our food, and bombarded with chemical pollutants in our air and water.

All of this makes your prostate a toxic stagnant waste dump!

Your prostate has to filter out all of these things to keep the sperm healthy.

Unless your prostate gets good circulation and plenty of clean pure water, your are creating a Major Toxic Dump Site in your body. A place for all kinds of disease and discomfort to manifest.

Can you now understand why there are so many men with prostate problems?

The same holds true for a woman's breasts. They are also filter the blood. That is why so many women contract breast cancers.

You can help keep you prostate clean and healthy with regular self prostate stimulation.

Safe Self Prostate Stimulation Is Easy!

You can perform self prostate stimulation with a large number of different items. HOWEVER, some of these items can injure you seriously.

The Aneros prostate massagers are specifically designed for safe effective self prostate stimulation. Once they are inserted, they are hands free! The natural contraction of your anal muscles operates the action. They come in a variety of sizes. The MGX model will work well for most men. Many men, like myself, prefer the Helix model. It's works even more deeply. Before doing any kind of internal self prostate stimulation, get a check up by your doctor. Make sure you do not have any kind preexisting condition that will cause danger or injury from prostate massaging. Dangerous preexisting conditions are rare. But, it's always wise to check first.

Then, if you're OK to go, enjoy all the great health giving (and pleasurable!) benefits of self prostate stimulation!

Be Well.....


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Does The - Penis Enlargement Pill Really Work?

Does a real penis enlargement pill really exist? NO! Definitely not.

Can you really make your penis bigger? YES! Definitely. The Reason for The Pills

Hundreds of thousands of men are unhappy with the size of their penis.

It's much like the 90lb. weakling who wants big muscles. A bigger penis gives many men a greater feeling of self confidence or masculinity. There is nothing wrong with wanting a bigger penis. And, you can have one! You just are not going to get it with a penis enlargement pill. Or, 1000 penis enlargement pills! But, many marketers realize how sensitive men can be about their penis size. So, they make all kinds of "maybe sometimes true" claims with clever wordings that are "legal". Just not always ethical

Penis Size

Your penis size is determined by genetics. You inherit the size and shape. Like your nose.

Penis enlargement pills are basically aphrodisiacs (hormonal stimulants). Those who sell penis enlargement pills base all their "results" on men who can not achieve good strong erections. All penis enlargement pills are herbal "mini Viagra®" type products. They stimulate the production of the sexual hormones that cause blood to fill the chambers (corpora cavernosa) of the penis. The penis enlargement pill may also increase circulation and blood pressure to help this process along.

Men who already get good erections don't benefit from any of these pills. A penis enlargement pill may increase the size of your limp penis by loosening the elasticity of you skin (from multiple solid erections). But, the erectile size will be no bigger. (You'll notice the before and after pictures in the ads are not of rock hard penises pointing upward.)

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Why Penis Enlargement Pills Don't Work

When you take a penis enlargement pill the ingredients go to your whole body. Not just your penis. Your penis is made up of soft tissue (unlike bones or hair). If these ingredients could make your soft tissue grow, not only would your penis get bigger, but your ear lobes, your nostrils, your lips and your tongue, etc... etc... would grow bigger also. Cost

Penis enlargement pills usually cost about $40-$60 for a one month supply. Did you ever notice how the ads always recommend at least a 6 month purchase?

So, you're looking at a $300 cost to have a possibly longer limp penis. This makes some men very happy at the gym! But, when men are truly unhappy with their penis, they often contemplate surgery. The average cost of penis enlargement surgery is about $13,000 if there are no other corrective measures needed after the surgery. Corrective measures? Well, yes. Penis surgery can included these risks: A deformed looking penis, impotence, lumps & pits, damage to the very intricate nerves throughout the penis, loss of feeling and sensation, painful erections, loss of sex drive, horrible scarring, hideous appearance of penis, poor circulation to penis & testicles.

Now, $300 for pills starts to sound worth a try. Doesn't it?

The problem is you'll spend the $300 or $600 (a full year's supply) to try it out. At the end of that time your erections will be no bigger and you may require stimulants to even get an erection. To Really Increase Penis Size

To really increase the size of your penis (without surgery) you have to add more cells to the soft tissues. The actual tissue has to be made bigger.

This is done by constant moderately intense stretching. The method has been used by some African tribes for thousands of years. They've used this method to increase the size of their penises, lips

and earlobes.

This is how it works:

If you stretch your skin and soft tissues with the right intensity and the correct means of holding the tissues, the following two processes will happen:

1) The cells will tear apart microscopically. Gaps will form between the penile tissue cells. These gaps are like small wounds.

In order to heal they require the creation of new tissue cells. Each time these gaps heal, the penis becomes a few cells longer. 2) To compensate for this additional stress (to get stronger), the girth of the penis increases also. Therefore the penis will also gain thickness. For those two reasons, if you use penis stretching wisely (the correct stress, the correct amount of time, the right precautions), you will gain inches both in length and girth. Done too aggressively you can damage your penis permanently. By far, the best and safest way to apply an extended moderate, but effective stretch, is with a high quality penis traction device. They are called "penis extenders". Penis Extenders

Penis extenders are fantastic devices that really work. And, the results are permanent! Just like penis enlargement pills, there are a huge number of penis extenders on the market. Some are good. Some are very unsafe and even dangerous. A good unit will cost you about $299 -$500. But they are well made instruments that you can use with confidence. That is about the same price of a 6 month supply of penis enlargement pills. The difference is: With a penis extender, at the end of 6 months, your erection will have something to show for it. Quality Matters

Get a good medically approved unit. You don't want to save $100 on a poor quality one and destroy your penis.

And, forget about penis weights! You're not going to want to sit for hours, naked in a chair, with weights hanging from your penis every day. Easy To Use!

You can wear a traction extender comfortably under your clothes and go about most of your daily activities while it works. Most of the quality extenders come from Europe. In Europe, they must carry the "CE" marking. This is a stamp of safety given to medical devices by European Health Authorities.

I've done a lot of research on the units that are available on line.

The two best units, and best buys, I have found in high quality extenders are: the ProExtender and SizeGenetics. You can buy just the unit or the whole kit. The kit is fun, but the unit is all you need. They both carry the important European "CE" safety marking. They are both physician approved and recommended. And, both companies have great customer service and support!

They are the best penis enlargement devices I have found at any price.

Both are reliable, durable and work well. Just click on each one to get the full story about it.

- - Special Notice - -

$50 Discount!!

Great News!! - - - For a limited time Size Genetics is offing all my readers a $50 Discount on the absolute best penis enlarger available!


Realistic Expectations

Unlike the penis enlargement pill, penis extenders really work! But they do take time, just like building muscles take time. And, don't think you're going to start with a 3" penis and turn it into a 9" weapon! That's not going to happen. With faithful use, you can expect about 1/2 - 3/4" in added erect length after about a year. Limp length may be as much as 1-3 inches longer. But, most importantly, with the additional length you can expect some added girth (thickness). All men seem to report this.

And, The Results Are Permanent!

The reason for the added girth is: As the device continually pulls on the penis, the penis tries to become continually stronger. This adds thickness to the penile tissues. Added thickness, not length, is what gives your partner the most added stimulation. A wider penis places more pressure on her G spot and stimulates an orgasm better.

She would rather have a thick 5" penis than a 7" pencil. Girth is the whole basis of the ancient "cock ring". This simple device has been around for thousands of years. Cock rings stimulate the G spot for intense orgasms. Simple Cautions

The penis extender will do a job that no penis enlargement pill can. It will actually give you a bigger penis with permanent results. A penis enlargement pill will not.

But, use a penis extender gently and gradually. Using a penis extender is actually very much like doing Yoga. If you stretch too hard too soon you can hurt yourself. If you work up slowly and gradually, Yoga works seeming miracles.

If you stretch too hard or too long, you can damage your penis permanently. Working gradually is best.

BE PATIENT. You will get results. Permanent results!

The penis enlargement pill is really only a sexual stimulant. The penis extender can make your penis bigger!

Be Well.....


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All About Sperm

Sperm, is short for spermatozoon (plural: spermatozoa). It is the male reproductive cell. It is carried in the male ejaculate (semen).

A spermatozoon is about two thousandths of an inch long. There are about 200-500 million of them in a single ejaculation. Unlike every cell of the male body, which has 46 chromosomes (in 23 pairs), these cells have only 23 (not in pairs). The same is true for the female eggs.

When a sperm and an egg combine they once again form a perfect cell with 46 chromosomes in 23 pairs. This one cell now has all the information (DNA) necessary to produce a complete human being. The combined DNA now has all the information of the physical characteristics of both parents. Structure

The sperm cell has a head a body and a tail.

The head contains the 23 chromosomes. The body contains mitochondria (which power the tail). And the tail is what enables it to swim up the females cervix and fallopian tube(s) to her egg.

Swimming Speed

They swim about 8 inches in one hour. To do this they need to wave their tail about 16,000 times!

Not all of them come out alive or swim straight. But, if about half of them do, it is enough for fertilization. When these cells zero in on an egg the tail movement becomes more forceful and erratic. This hyperactivity is necessary to break through the two physical barriers that protect the egg. There are also certain protein molecules on the head of it that have a lock and key type action with a similar protein on the female egg. This prevents the sperm and egg of different species from getting together. Scent Sensitivity

Sperm swim vigorously in the direction of various female hormones. This is what guides them to the egg. The attraction is called "Chemotaxis". The chemotaxis attraction is extremely strong. In lab tests, even when the extract of these female hormones was diluted 100,000 times, the sperm still swam toward it! Lifespan

Sperm swim in and are nourished in the semen. Once inside the fallopian tube(s) they have a life span of about 5 days.

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This means they can be in the fallopian tube for 5 days in advance of ovulation and still fertilize the egg. The egg, unfertilized, has a life span of only about 24 hours.

In the vagina, they die in only a few hours.

In the open air, they die rapidly. Creation

Women are born with a specific and limited quantity of eggs. Usually one to two million.

Baby boys are born with a set number of underdeveloped sperm cells which are not technically sperm, yet. These cells eventually mature at puberty and they will create the reproductive type cells.

Unlike the female human who uses up her eggs, a healthy male will create sperm his entire adult life from these underdeveloped cells.

The process is called spermatogenesis.

During spermatogenesis the underdeveloped cells make exact copies of themselves. Each cell will make four copies that will then mature into mature reproductive cells.

This process happens only in the seminiferous tubules within the testicles.

It takes 65-74 days for the sperm cells to develop.

The underdeveloped original cells do not become reproductive cells. They stay in the testicles and are saved for future "cloning".

If the original underdeveloped "parent" cells are killed or damaged, the man would become sterile because he would no longer have the resources necessary to create new sperm. Temperature Requirements

To develop, they need a temperature of about 3-5 degrees (Fahrenheit) below the rest of the body. That is why the testicles hang (in the scrotum) outside the body.

The scrotum has a built in thermostat. If the temperature is too cold, the scrotum will contract and bring the testicles closer to or even inside the body.

You have seen this if you've ever gone swimming in cold water.

When the testicles get warm, you will see the scrotum hanging. If you keep the testicles too warm (from hot bathing or saunas, for example), you will kill the sperm and possibly become temporarily unfertile. Need for Quantity

Although only one male cell will fertilize a female egg, one cell can not make it to the egg on it's own. That is why a man normally delivers 200-500 million of them per ejaculation.

By swimming together they move the semen toward the egg where about 200 will finally reach the egg.

Only one is allowed to penetrate the egg. Once it does, the egg hardens it's surface so that no more may penetrate. Motility and Pregnancy

Once inside the woman, they swim from the vagina, to the cervix, to the fallopian tubes. The egg is fertilized in the fallopian tubes.

If they don't make it to the egg, there is no fertilization and no baby.

Motility (movement) can be effected by:

Not enough sperm swimming

Cells that swim slowly or not in a straight line

Swimmers that are not strong enough to penetrate the egg

Several Factors Can Reduce Sperm Motility

too much heat

long periods of sexual inactivity

poor diet

chemicals toxins

prescription drugs

Decreased Sperm Count and Chemical Polution

The male population in the USA has shown a large decrease in sperm count since the 1930s. Men today are producing only about half as much as we did just 70 years ago (ref: Environmental Health Perspectives, Vol. 101(2):65-71)

Pesticides, drugs and mineral poor soils seem to be the reasons. The human reproductive system is highly vulnerable to pesticides. Men working in agricultural areas have shown more than ten times the incidence of infertility as compared to men in other occupations.

The same applies to drugs and anesthesia (ref: Anesthesiology 54:53-56, 1981).

The Importance of Trace Minerals

Commercially grown foods not only contain the risk of pesticides, they typically have a lower trace mineral content than organically grown foods. Even medical research is finally realizing the importance of trace minerals in maintaining the human immune system and all aspects of health. The reason commercially grown foods are so low in trace minerals is that they are "fertilized" with only nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium and a selection of often less than 5-10 core minerals (instead of over 100 that occur naturally). The plants grown this way eventually deplete the soil of necessary trace minerals. The plants get weak and are attacked by bugs. Then, pesticides are used to kill the bugs.

Those pesticides get on our food and into our food. The reproductive system suffers. "Organic" farmers, on the other hand, often use fertilizers such as rock powders, marine by-product fertilizers (that naturally contain complete mineral content), and compost. Thereby constantly replenishing the soil with the entire array of trace minerals.

These plants are strong and hardy and require no pesticides to defend themselves from bugs.

Down's Syndrome

Women over 35 have a higher risk of producing eggs with too many or too few chromosomes. This condition is called aneuploidy. These eggs produce babies with Down's Syndrome.

This same chromosome risk does not appear to happen with increased age in men. Making High Quality Sperm

The following will help cultivate high quality sperm that can easily impregnate a female egg:

Eat a proper diet (the primitive diet is best). Try to eat organically grown foods if possible.

Reduce stress. Stress interferes with reproductive hormone production.

  

Exercise regularly. The body works as a whole. Exercise brings oxygen and nutrients to the entire body. This includes the reproductive system.

Correct prostate massage is also very beneficial. Prostate massage increases blood flow to the entire male reproductive system. This greatly increases sexual vitality.

Maintain normal body weight. Too much or too little body fat interferes with the production of necessary reproductive hormones.

For Healthy Sperm Avoid These Things

Chemical toxins of every kind.

Recreational drugs and prescription Drugs. They both have the same effects and consequences.

Tobacco. Alcohol in excess.

  

Saunas and Hot Baths are wonderful for your system! But, if you are having trouble conceiving a baby, the heat can be killing too many of your sperm.

Prolonged Sitting. It raises the temperature of the scrotum and closes the circulation.

Testosterone Supplements. Excess testosterone actually decreases sperm production. Anti-androgens (which are used to treat prostate enlargement and prostate cancer) also interfere with their production.

That's the story on Sperm!

Be Well!


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Can Silver Water Cure Prostatitis? In My Own Experience, - YES! Definitely.

For prostate treatment of bacterial prostatitis, colloidal Silver Water appears to have no equal!

There are two main types of prostatitis: Bacterial and Non-Bacterial (also called non-specific) Prostatitis.

If you have bacterial prostatitis, your doctor will usually give you an anti-biotic and often that will clear it up.

If you have what is called non-bacterial prostatitis, he'll give you a concerned look and tell you: "We don't know why you're in pain".

"Non-bacterial prostatitis" cases out number "bacterial" prostatitis cases by 8 to 1!

That Means Eight Times Out Of Nine, There Is No Medical Solution For Prostatitis.

But, you are in pain! So, there definitely is something wrong. And, there definitely is a reason (cause). And, therefore, a solution.

Now, there are actually two kinds of "non-bacterial" prostatitis. One kind is from poor circulation to the prostate gland. Toxic metabolic waste products accumulate there. They cause irritation and inflamation. Plus, the blood flow is so bad that the cells starve for oxygen. All of those conditions can cause pain. Sometime great pain! That type of prostatitis can usually be easily remedied with regular correct prostate massage. The other type of "non-bacterial" prostatitis actually is bacterial. But, the bacteria just do not show up in medical tests.

How come?

The prostate gland is made up of little tiny sacs called "acini". Bacteria can invade these acini and cause them to get inflamed, swell and close off. When they close off, the bacteria no longer "shed".

That means bacteria are trapped in the acini and not released into the urine or semen. The urine and semen are the fluids tested to see if you have bacterial prostatitis. So, when a test is done on these fluids, Nothing Shows Up

I personally had that kind of prostatitis. "Non-bacterial" prostatitis that was actually bacterial. I underwent test after useless test only to be told that, "We don't know why you have the pain". It cost me a lot a money to find that out.

And I had chronic prostate pain and irritation!

Then I learned about Silver Water! The man who was selling me my shampoo at the time told me about it.

He Claimed It Would Clear Up My Prostate Problem In 2 Weeks! [?] Subscribe To This Site

Why would I take the word of my shampoo salesman? I didn't. But, I am always very curious about anything that is natural and has worked for others. So, for the next 10 days I did some intensive research. Every place I checked, and everything I read about Silver Water (colloidal silver) showed the same results. These results were practically miraculous! Colloidal Silver Water is just pure water with about 3ppm (parts per million) of colloidal silver in it. That may not sound like much. But, just one ounce of 3ppm ionic Silver Water contains over 9 billion electrically charged particles of Pure Silver mineral!

Ionic Silver Water Is The Type Used.

"Ionic" means the molecules are electrically charged (the molecule is plus or minus one electron). This charge happens naturally during the manufacturing process. Colloidal means: ultra-small particles (molecularly small), suspened in solution (in this case, water). Again, ionically produced Silver Water has the smallest and most effective silver particles.

Colloidal Silver Water Was Shown To Be Effective Against Every Bacteria It Was Tested On!

And, it is also effective against virusues, yeasts, and fungi.

Here's What The Reasearch Showed:

Silver has been known to be a bactericide (kills bacteria) for at least 1200 years.

UCLA ran some tests on Colloidal Silver. Their report states: "The silver solutions were antibacterial for Streptococcus pyogenes, Staphylococcus aureus, Neisseria gonorrhea, Gardnerella Vaginalis, Salmonella Typhi, and other enteric pathogens, fungicidal for Candida albicans, Candida globata, and M. furfur and it killed every virus that was tested in the lab". A typical medical anit-biotic is normally effective against a few types of bacteria at best. Even what they call a "wide spectrum" anti-biotic is only effective on about 6-12 different kinds of bacteria.

Silver water has been found effective against over 650 kinds of classified bacteria! The famed Dr. Henry Cooks emphatically states about colloidal silver: "I know of no microbe that is not killed in laboratory tests within six minutes". Silver Water (colloidal silver) use is indicated for: pneumonia (successful even after all pharmacy anti-biotics have failed), bladder infections, swollen prostate, hepatitis, ulcers, staph infections, strep infections, tonsillitis, gonorrhea, acne, Lyme disease, Parvo virus, colds, ear infections, sore throat, flu, hay fever, allergies, diabetes, chronic fatigue, arthritis, hemorrhoids, yeast infections, herpes, syphilis, cystitis, dermatitis, dandruff, dysentery,... and virtually every disease involving bacteria, virus, fungus or yeast.

It's easy to see why Silver Water could be so beneficial to a prostate that is inflamed by bacterial invasion!

So, why then is Silver Water not so well know and not more widely prescribed? The Answer Is Very Simple:

The main reason pharmaceutical anti-biotics are the choice in the medical field is that they can be patented. Therefore, it is only profitable to the pharmaceutical companies to educate doctors in their patented medicines.

Often, other more effective remedies, like Silver Water, are pushed aside and left unnoticed. Silver is not patentable. So, it is not worth a pharmaceutical company's time to promote it. The high priced anti-biotics are given all the advertisement simply because of profitability. And, Silver Water Is Not Toxic.

The Poison Control Center of The Environmental Protection Agency reports a 'no toxicity' listing for Colloidal Silver (Silver Water). The human body easily processes the tiny atoms of Colloidal Silver and this makes silver build-up in the body impossible. Once I learned which type of Silver Water to get (3ppm ionic colloidal Silver Water made from 99.999% pure silver), I ordered a 4 week supply. Even though my friend said 2 weeks would do the trick, if it took longer, I thought a month would be a fair and realistic trial period.

I was skeptical at first, but my prostate was driving me crazy! And, I just plain do not enjoy pain!

The recommened amount for prostatitis was 5-15 oz per day. I used 5oz per day. 2oz first thing in the day. 1 oz between lunch and dinner. 2 oz before bed.

Silver Water Is Just Pure Water With Silver Ions In It.

It has no taste. It's tastes just like drinking regular pure water.

Because Silver Water tastes like pure water, had I not read all the amazing data on it, I would have thought this was the scam of all time! Just bottled water!

After 5 days on the program, the possibility of this being a scam would have seemed even more real to me, because I felt no different.

At day 7, things just seemed to feel "easier". Not cured. Just not as bad. (I thought maybe this was just wishful thinking taking over!)

But, day 8 was better. So was day 9.

On day 10 I was feeling pretty good all the time.

On Day 14 I Was Pain Free!!

I mean no pain! No irritation!

I continued with the Silver Water for the remaining 2 weeks and remained pain free. And I stayed pain free for months. When pain

returned, I used it again (for just 2 weeks this time) and again all my prostate pain went away by day 14! Just like the first time. The Reason It Works:

Colloidal Silver is a catalyst that inhibits the breathing mechanism in bacteria. They literally suffocate to death. And, they can not build up a resistance to it. At the same time it is non toxic and has no side effects. Nor does it affect the beneficial bacteria in the intestines. (anti-biotics wipe out the beneficial bacteria in the intestine) I had read a couple reports where people who took very large doses of some silver compounds for long periods of time, had the heavier folds in their skin, such as knuckels, turn grey (this is condition is called Argyria).

Experts say that condition never was reported with colloidal Silver Water. Chemically produced colloidal Silver Waters are greatly inferior. They are not as pure as the ionically produced Silver Waters. And the particles are much larger, making it impossible for the body to process them effectively.

Silver Water also seems to have a great ability to increase the ability of the normal cell to heal and regenerate.

Silver Water is so powerful against bacteria, virus, yeast, and fungus that many researchers and health practioners agree:

Using Silver Water Is Like Having A Second Immune System!

If persistent prostatitis is a problem in your life, correct prostate massage and Silver Water may be exactly the answer for you. The combination has worked seeming miracles for me and countless men who were considered "incurable".

Be Well.....


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The Primitive Diet The Primitive Diet is the diet our bodies developed on. It maintained the Human body in perfect health. All the millions of cells and structures and functions of the body were created from the specific building blocks in this diet. Nothing was missing. Nothing was antagonistic to the Body's health.

The body worked perfectly. It healed perfectly. It was almost disease proof!

The diet works equally well today as it did 100,000 years ago.

No matter what new fad diet comes along claiming to put you in some "perfect zone" or "alkaline balance" or spiritual nirvana, the primitive diet is superior. Not because I say so. Because that's how nature evolved all her magnificent animals. Including us!

When we stray from nature's design and nature's plan, "dis"-ease happens.

The Primitive Diet Is The Natural Diet of Man

And, it is the only sane diet for somone with a degenerative disease such as prostate cancer or any other cancer.

The Primitive Diet is the original natural diet of man. Not as prescribed by some "authority". But, the diet that created the perfect body we have come to practically destroy with junk foods(non foods), sugars, hydrogenated oils, and toxic chemical additives. Cancer, arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, parkinsons, muscular distrophy, et al.... Are not natural to the human body. Before agriculture (grain and sugar) these diseases were virtually unknown. These are all diseases of civilization. Their origins have been scientifically traced back to the time when agriculture began. The time when man began eating sugar (which includes grain). Today almost everyone will suffer from (succumb to) at least one of them in their lifetime.

Fortunately, the Human body is highly resilient! If these diseases are caught in time, All These Diseases Are All Reverseable!

How long that takes depends on many factors such as current health, the state of the disease and genetics. Cancer usually seems to take about 2 years to be gone. Although a positive improvement in conditon was often seen in months. The people who remained healthy, stayed with the Primitive Diet. They did not go back to their old ways. Going back to eating sugars and all the civilized non-foods causes the disease to start again.

According to anthropologists and biochemists, we began as gatherers and scavengers. We were never very naturally equipped for hunting. For hundreds of thousands of years, we ate what we could find: plants that surrounded us, bugs, ants and the remains of animals killed by the skillful and equipped predators. Agriculture began only about 10,000 years ago.

It is estimated that about 40% of our food was meat (mostly muscle meat) and about 60% vegetation.

On this diet man lived in perfect health. Perfect heath. Death was usually by physical accident, predator, or freezing.

The Primitive Diet will cause cancer cells to shrivel up and die.

A most interesting and significant part of the Primitive Diet is that it is very very low in carbohydrates. And, practically devoid of sugar.

If you have prostate cancer or any cancer, here is the significance of that information:

Cancer Cells Die In The Absence of Sugar

Cancer cells thrive on sugar. Without it, they starve to death!

Regardless of how nutritious a diet is, if it contains adaquate sugars, the cancer cells will continue to grow and multiply.

The Primitive Diet is also the absolute best source of every necessary nutrient to re-establish and maintain a healthy strong immune system and disease free body. [?] Subscribe To This Site

This Is The Primitive Diet:

Animal Protein: Meats, Eggs, Fish, Chicken, Pork, Lamb, (any animal), Hard Cheese (no soft cheese, no milk, no yogurt, etc..)

Fats: Butter, Coconut Oil, Virgin Olive Oil, (no "vegetable oil", no margarine etc..) Vegetables: Unlimited amounts of every low carb vegetable (like cabbage, all the lettuces, spinach, chard, cauliflower, celery, kale, mustard greens, asparagus, bell peppers, radishes, etc...). Very limited quantities of higher carb vegetables (potatoes, yams, corn, beans..) Nuts: Any kind. RAW fresh ones only. Cooking or roasting degrades and changes the oils and they are no good then. If you want nuts but

you can not chew them, use a nut mill or coffee grinder.

Fruit: In EXTREME moderation. Maybe 2-3 four ounce portions a week after the first six months on the diet. All fruit has sugar (fructose).

No Sugars of any kind. That includes: Sugar, honey, molasses, corn syrup, any syrup, cookies, cakes, breads, pastas, sodas, candys, jelly or jam, dried fruits, fruit juices, carrot juice, rice, wheat, rye, millet or any other grain. No Sugars!

That's It!! Very simple. Still, it can be a real discipline to maintain in the beginning. It's not like the weight loss diets where you follow it all week and have anything you want on Sunday.

This diet is for every day.

The first two to three weeks on the diet can be difficult. A person may feel tired and headachy and crave sweets like crazy!

It takes the body about two weeks to adjust and learn to burn fat and protein efficiently. Once it does, a person will usually notice:

A Significant Improvement In Energy and Well Being.

You may find many people and medical physicians scoff at the idea that diet will heal anything. The cancer survivors who used it, view it differently. Vitamin C

Substantial amounts of Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) are also used with this diet. The reason for that is: Of all the mammals on the planet, only the human, guinea pig, and one of the rodent family do not produce their own Vitamin C. Research says there was some human genetic problem (hundreds of thousands of years ago) that damaged the human ability to create Vitamin C. So, in order to get an optimal amount, we must take this as a supplement.

People love to believe and want to believe that a drug can cure anything. The Human body is far too complex for that.

A laboratory chemical (drug) is marveled at for it's power. A bite of steak is taken for granted and thought nothing of.

But, in a bite of steak there are literally hundreds of chemicals and minerals that each perform specific functions in creating new life in a human body when eaten. The same holds true for an olive, or a salad.

There is no single chemical or group of laboratory chemicals that can sustain life without real food.

As Thomas Edison said: "Let your food be your medicine".

The Primitive Diet created our bodys in perfection. It maintained them in perfect health for millions of years. It can still do that today!

Be Well.....


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About Me

Hello! My name is William Zmachinsky. Welcome to my site on prostate massage and health!

Just like you, I used to suffer from horrible prostate and sexual problems. Painful, annoying, depressing, embarassing problems. It happened to me early in my life. Twenty years ago, as a young man, I became a sexual cripple. Today, I am vibrantly healthy with great sexual strength and health! I started this site because of the encouragement from friends. Friend who improved and healed their own male health problems with some information I shared with them. It is the same information I will be sharing with you. My friends prostate health problems started to improve so much, they kept telling me I should have a web site. They would tell me that every man should have this information. Some of it, they said, was so unique they never heard it before and found it nowhere else. And: It Was Often The Simple Natural Unknown Prostate Treatments That Made All The Difference!

And, please know, this site is not a teaser site for some product or book. The information here will always be as complete as possible. I leave nothing out that you will have to pay to find out later. And this site will always be 100% FREE. That is my promise to you.

OK! Here is my story: I never even knew I had a prostate until I was in my early 30s. I was a wild young man who really enjoyed women. I liked to party hard, keep late hours, drink as much beer as I could and have as much sex as possible. Not too unusual! Then one day, while I was living my merry life, I started noticing this pain around my bladder. It wouldn't really go away. I was also peeing a lot more, but a lot less at a time. And, it burned a bit when I did. I thought maybe I had gotten some sexually transmitted disease.

So, I looked in the yellow pages and made an appointment with a prominent local Urologist. He gave me a full exam.

The results showed that I had no infections or tumors. He did say I had a slightly swollen prostate. He said, "nothing was really wrong with me". So, he prescribed some anti-inflamitory drugs and a pain killer.

A week later, I still felt no better at all. I was, however, out $310 for what I thought was a useless doctors visit. Well, maybe it was not totally useless. It was nice to know that there was "nothing really wrong with me".

But, if nothing was wrong, why was I not functioning normally and why was I in such regular pain?

I saw another Urologist after that who gave me the same diagnosis and no better results. What was I supposed to do? Then things got worse. I soon found I was up 3 or 4 times a night to pee. And, not too long after that, I became impotent! I couldn't have sex. I was barely 36 years old by that time, and sexually non functional!

That was Not OK with me! I knew if I was to get better, I was going to have to find some answers on my own.

The first thing you must know is: Prostate Disease is Not Normal

It is common. But not normal. Age is not toxic! But, the things we commonly do during those years can be very debilitating and toxic.

A man, in his natural state, has no significant prostate swelling, pain or impotence even if he is in his 80s or 90s! The problem is: These days, most of us live so far removed from natural conditions that prostate problems are practically epidemic! It is almost be impossible not to have them under modern conditions.

The good news is: In the great majority of cases, You Can Turn Prostate Problems Around and Make Them Disappear. [?] Subscribe To This Site

I started some very extensive and exhausting research on prostate pain and prostate problems. Since modern medicine was telling me there was "nothing really wrong with me", I decided to research every other avenue I could find.

I wanted to know how other men had regained their health. How some men in their 70s and 80s were having better sex lives than I was. There was no internet at the time. It was a very difficult process. There didn't seem to be a lot a available matterial on this subject. Still, pain and impotence was not what I was willing to accept. So, I perservered. Eventually I Found Everything I Needed To Know To Become Well and Sexually Potent Again!

I studied health, diet, massage, exercise, meditation and mind control. Everything I could find about prostate health. In the end, feeling well again proved not to be such a difficult task. But, finding the information took me years! You will find all that information right here on this web site. In the beginning, I had been suffering for well over a year. It was while I was studying massage therapys that I stumbled upon the healing vibrating massage. Back then, I was sometimes in so much pain that I was having trouble concentrating on anything else. Pain killers, for some reason, were not doing anything for me. When I learned about vibrating massage I immediately tracked down the best, most powerful vibrating body massager I could find. I did my first treatment as soon as I received it! It Was Like A Miracle!

I'm not kidding. My pain subsided by about 80%! And, I slept like a baby that night.

You'll learn this exactprostate treatment, as well as everything else I used to get completely well, right here on this site. (The full instructions for the vibrating massage are listed right at the top of the table of contents. The page is called, "Immediate Pain Relief" .)

My pain, of course, returned in another day. Not quite as bad. But, bad enough for me to know I had more work to do. I used the vibrating massage again. Again, it was blessed relief! I continued to use it whenever the pain acted up. But, the problem still remained. I learned the correct way to do a prostate massage. (I had been doing it wrong.) I learned about the power fresh parsley juice has in healing the prostate. I learned the magic of Silver Water. These three things got me on my way to full recovery! I noticed week by week I was getting better and better in every way! I continued with my healthy program, my massages, and taking my prostate supplements. I continued my prostate health studies and kept learning, reading and applying everything that made any sense. I experimented with every natural prostate traetment I found. Some things worked. Most did not. Sometimes there was a temporary setback. I kept with it. Eventually All The Pieces Of The Puzzle Started Coming Together

I learned the underlying causes of my prostate problems. Why nonspecific prostatitis (like mine), the kind medical doctors have no explanation for, was 8 times more prevalent than bacterial prostatitis. I found out why my BPH happened and what caused it. Why what I was doing, and the living habits I had, were actually was causing these prostate problems to happen to me.

I had unconciously and unknowingly caused my problems. And, that is the true for most men. When I made the necessary changes and added the necessary measures, ALL my prostate problems began to disappear!

After years of study and research and endless trials: I Learned How To Cure All My Prostate Problems!

The pain, the freequent nocturnal awakenings to pee, the impotence in my mid 30s. For years I had suffered. Then, I learned what was causing my problems. And, I learned how to fix them.

Today at 54 I am vibrantly healthy, pain free, sexual and I pee 24oz. at one time (instead of 3 or 4)! Needless to say, I sleep like a log and wake up refreshed!

During my years of research I read that many hundreds of thousands of men suffer from various prostate problems. I rarely ever heard anyone I know mention these problems.

This made me curious. So, I started casually asking friends and acquaintances about their prostates. Low and behold! I was amazed at what they told me! I almost could not believe the amount of men in their 30s (not to mention 40s and beyond) who would tell me the Hell their prostates would put them through!

I soon discovered that practically all men have some prostate difficulties if they live past 50! And, that:

Over 98% of These Problems Are Simple to Resolve

When I started sharing the information with friends and associates, remarkable things started happening!

Someone finally convinced me to put up a web site so that all this information would be easily availble to the thousands of men who needed it. The whole idea of a website seemed overwhelming to me! But, with the constant encouragement from friends and the help of some very good teachers: Here we are!

--I will place every significant topic concerning prostate health as well as sexual health on this site for you.-I will also show you where you can get the best prostate products. I'll let you know which are the most dependable and economical suppliers of high quality prostate supplements. Natural products that really work!

Please read all the chapters on this site. Because, Sometimes It Is The Small Or Unusual Things That Really Make Improvements Happen.

It all depend on your own personal situation and what caused your problems. Some of the information on this site is basic common knowledge and easy to find in other sources. Some, is information you will probabally find nowhere else. Like the remarkable power of Silver Water or fresh parsley juice. Those two things truely helped to change my life! There are many different reasons for prostate malfunction and pain. You may have to try a number of things to find out what thing or combination of things works just right for you. But, when you find them, your troubles will melt away. None of us are exactly the same. Your needs may be slightly or greatly different than mine. Your prostate situation may be easier or harder to resolve.

But, you undoubtly will resolve your prostate problems it if you perservere! The answers are available. There are no mysteries. You Were Designed To Be Healthy!

You are supposed to be healthy! Your body is always trying to be healthy. If you give it a chance, it will most probabally get healthy. Everything I learned on the way to curing myself, is contained on this site. I don't need to use all these remedies. I know which ones work just right for me. I had to experiment, by trial and error, to find out which ones gave me results. While I was regaining my health, I spent regular time each day massaging and soothing my prostate. Sometimes, I had unexplainable set backs. But, those became shorter and shorter. Eventually,

I Fully Regained My Health!

And, I now having good sex again on a regular basis! I don't get up 4 times a night to pee anymore. My chronic pain has disappeared. Today, my prostate health maintenance is really quite simple. It tooks me years to find the answers you have right here on this web site. It also took time and persistence using these methods to get well again.

Today I am very healthy, sexually strong, pain free and happily lustfull!

It is my wish, that by sharing all I have learned with you, that you will find your way back to complete prostate health and sexual vitality again soon!

Be well.


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Recent Articles Hello! And, Welcome!

This page is loaded with articles on prostate health care and beneficial prostate treatments. It is constantly evolving and growing.

For easy immediate access, I try to list all the major and most pressing topics on the Navigation Bar on the left side of each page.

But, sometimes it is the smaller lesser known topics, like the ones you'll find here, that may be just exactly what you have been searching for. The specific topic that relates to your own personal prostate problem or situation.

This page will link you to them. Be sure to check back regularly!

You many find just exactly what you need in an up coming article!

As I write them, I will add them below in alphabetical order. That way, you can find them easily. Just click on any title that interests you.

Be Well.....


In alphabetical order:


A Very Special Prostate Massage Success Story

Beer and Your Prostate

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The Benefit of Fish Oil - This is a must read. What fish oil can do, not only for your prostate, but for your entire body, will amaze you!

Benefits of Massage

Bent Penis

The Best Prostate Treatment

Bicycle Seats


Cholesterol Is Necessary For Prostate Health

The Deer Exercise

The Digital Rectal Exam (DRE)

Does Constipation Have a Harmful Effect on Your Prostate Gland?

Erotic Prostate Massage

Fish Oil Supplements - Which Ones and Why

Good Prostate Health and Correct Massage Techniques

Health Benefits of Massage Therapy

Hematospermia is Usually Harmless

Hemorrhoids and Prostate Massage

Hemorrhoid Treatment That Works! - Part I

Hemorrhoid Treatment That Works! - Part II

Hemorrhoid Treatment That Works! - Part III

The Herxheimer Reaction

Home Treatment of Hemorrhoids

How To Have Better Sex

Keeping Clean Inside!

The Male Deer Exercise

Male Incontinence and Prostate Massage - Part I

Male Incontinence and Prostate Massage - Part II

Male Kegel Exercises

Massage Therapy

Mastrubation - The Joy and Problems

Milking The Prostate Gland - Could save your Life!

Older Men

Over Masturbation


Penis Enlargement

Penis Enlargement Surgery

Perineum Massage

Peyronies Disease and Prostate Milking

Prostate Cancer - Learn what has really worked! And, what has not.

Prostate Drugs or Prostate Nutrition?

Prostate Health

Prostate Infection

Prostate Laser Surgery - Is It Right For You?

Prostate Massage Success Stories! - Part 2

Prostate Massage Technique

Prostate Masturbation May Save Your Life!

Prostate Pain Part 2 - Grains

Prostate Picture Pages - Part 1

Prostate Picture Pages - Part 2

Prostate Self Exam

Prostate Stimulation - Why you may need it!

Prostate Surgery - How Prostatectomy (prostate surgical removal) may cause your DEATH!

Prostate Ultrasound

Prostate Ultrasound Imaging: Advantages Over Prostate Biopsy

PSA Test - The unreliable test that can cause much more harm than good!

Red Meat is Healthy Food for Your Prostate

Repetition and Success!

Saw Palmetto

Self Prostate Massage

Self Prostate Milking

Self Prostate Stimulation


Sensual Prostate Massage

Sitz Bath - For Prostate Pain Relief

Stinging Nettle

Straightening a Curved Penis


Sugar, Grain, and Prostatitis

Symptoms of Prostate Problems

Taoist Sex - for Super Human Sexual Stamina!

Testicular Exam

Testicular Pain - When there is "nothing wrong". But, your testicles hurt like crazy!

Vitamin C and Prostate Cancer

What Is You Perineum?

When Prostate Massage Requires Extra Gentleness

Why Prostate Problems Persist

Why You Need Vitamin E for Prostate Health


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Recent Articles

Page 2

Hello! And, Welcome to page 2 of Recent Articles at Prostate Massage and Health!

The first page was getting really long. Long pages can be slow to access. And I wanted to be sure you'd have quick access to each article. So I started a second page! Here I'll continue to add articles for you on prostate health care and beneficial prostate treatments as well as articles on men's health and sexual issues in general. If you've been a regular reader, the newest articles will be here. So, be sure to check back regularly! Just like Recent Articles page 1, I will add them below in alphabetical order.

Be Well..... William

Abdominal Stretches - An Exercise for Total Well Being!

Body Work for Men

The Calcium Factor and Prostate Cancer

Choosing The Correct Personal Lubricant For Your Prostate Massage

Does Male Enhancement Work?

Do You Need a Professional Prostate Massage Therapist?

Enlarged Prostate Can Shrink - If you know what to do!

Enlarged Prostate Treatment

Food for Good Prostate Health

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How Long Do Hemorrhoids Last?

How to Have an Orgasm When You Suffer from Prostatitis

Migrane Headaches and Prostate Problems

Natural Prostate Health - How Can I Have It?

Natural Treatment for Enlarged Prostate

Penis Pain

Premature Ejaculation Cure

The Prostate Cradle

Prostate Diseases

Prostate Health and Being Rich!

Prostate Massage Therapy

Prostate Problems Symptoms

Prostate Sex

Prostate Supplements - Do You Need Them?

Prostatitis Symptoms

Sex and Prostate Health

Stop Worrying About Your Prostate PSA!

Swollen Prostate

Unknown Prostate Problems

What is The Best Prostate Health Product for Prostate Pain?

What Exactly Is The Prostate Specific Antigen?

Your Prostate Gland - What Exactly Is It? and What Does It Do?

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