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October 28, 2017 | Author: remyuntalan | Category: Millennium Development Goals, Hunger, Sustainability, Nutrition, Wellness
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A sample format of proposal for School Based FeedingProgram...


Republic of the Philippines Department of Education Region IV – A CALABARZON Division of Lipa City



“Poverty is a very complicated issue, but feeding a child isn't.” Jeff Bridges Bugtongnapulo National High School is one of the fifteen public secondary schools in the Division of Lipa City. Its student population is 536 for the school year, 2014 – 2015. Most of the students enrolled are from families with meager income. Most of the time, students having this economic background go to school in hunger, have insufficient food allowance, have no packed lunch and what they only got is a certain amount intended for transportation for going to and from the school. In the report made about the body mass index of the students, 27 students were found to have below normal BMI. The nutritional status of these students were “wasted” and “severely wasted” meaning they have inadequate intake of the necessary food nutrients. To address this predicament in student nutritional health status, the school allotted 35% of the school canteen income for the school – based feeding program. With the given number of beneficiaries, sustainability of the program cannot be maintained.

The school is taking its initiative to work out on the problem of students coming to school on an empty stomach and of students with limited resources by means of inviting and encouraging the active participation of other government organizations ( GO’s ), local government units (LGU’s), non – government organizations ( NGO’s ), professional associations, private sector groups and concerned individual to get involved in the hunger mitigation, and promoting the health and nutritional status of the students. The school believes that nutrition plays a significant role in bettering the health of students. School – based feeding program is one of the interventions that enhance student’s motivation and capacity for learning, improving learning outcomes, reducing absenteeism, and ensuring that students are able to stay in school as enunciated in “Education for All” ( EFA ) and Millennium Development Goals ( MDGs ). II. Objectives The primary purpose of implementing this program is to improve the health and nutritional status of those students having below normal BMI and of students with limited resources. Specifically the program aims to : 

increase social and emotional behavior

improve parent - student relationship

increase parent/guardian participation

increase students enrolment and retention

improve school achievements

III. Title of the Program SUSTAINABLE SCHOOL – BASED FEEDING PROGRAM School Year 2014 – 2015

IV. Program Location and Duration Bugtongnapulo National High School Bugtongnapulo, Lipa City July 2014 – March 2015

V. Collaboration and Partnership A letter of request/invitation will be sent to prospect sponsors to encourage them to enter into partnership with the school’s feeding program. These partnerships would be for purposes of mobilizing resources and enhancing the sustainability of the intervention.

Prepared by: REMY L. UNTALAN Focal Person School-Based Feeding Program Noted: MARIFE T. MORCILLA Principal I Approved: MINERVA CARAOS EPS I – H.E. OSIAS S. MONFORTE Schools Division Superintendent DepEd – Division of Lipa City

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