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September 1, 2017 | Author: Joseph Kaizer | Category: Humour, Seduction
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The Seductress program methods 1) Show scarcity, humor, not giving attention to her emotional trait, limited time, fractionation 2) Use embedded command 3) Use the role-playing method 4) Use future projection method(boyfriend destroyer/ultimate boyfriend destroyer/attraction) 5) Use covert seduction 6) Use the illness pattern 7) Use the value elicitation 8) Use the physical escalation 9) The ultimate trick

1) Method one (if she respond well) You: hey, I have the exact same shoes, but I can’t wear them out because they gave me a ticket for being in violation of breaking the ‘noise’ code. She: (starts to laugh) You: (smiling) you know, for some odd reason, I just knew you had to have a great sense of humor, despite the fact that you are attractive. She: (smiling) oh yeah? And how did you know that? (Said in a challenging tone usually) You: actually, I thought there was a very good chance you’d be like most attractive women who think they’re better than everyone else. But I really wanted to talk about high-heels today which are why I still decided to talk to you. (Said in a playfully, tongue-in-cheek manner). She: (laughs again) so you’re a funny boy, huh? You: funny ‘man’ (said with a sly smile and a quick raise of the eyebrows) She: (laughs again) You: well, you’re obviously are very attractive, and you can obviously

appreciate goof humor, which is a major point for you, by the way. But. I am interested in finding out if you possess other admirable qualities, aside from the “sense of humor” thing. She: (said with a look that seems to say, ‘ash, interesting...’) You: yep, yep, I think we should sit down for a few minutes and get to the bottom of it all, or I’m afraid I have no choice but to report you for violating that ‘noise’ code. She: hmm... I don’t want to get into any legal trouble, so I guess I don’t have much choice then, do I? You: exactly, I think there’s a coffee shop, just down the block.

1)Method 1(if she did not respond well) You: hey, I have the exact same shoes, but I can’t wear them out because they gave me a ticket for being in violation of breaking the ‘noise’ code. She: (puts this weird expression on her face that screams ‘how dare you talk, to me, the wondrous princess of beauty??’ as she keeps on walking. You: (smiling) you know, a part of me was absolutely sure that you wouldn’t have a sense of humor at all, since you’re better looking than most people. You have yourself a nice day now! (Starts walking without care)

She: (turns around to face my direction, as I’m walking away.) uhh... hey, wait...listen... I’m sorry, I’ve just had a bad day... and I’m kind of in a rush. You: (turning around to face her) are you saying that you’re not usually this rude and arrogant around people? Her: I’m really not. You: Alright... well, if you buy me a cup of coffee, maybe I’ll forgive your behavior. Maybe I’ll even tell you about this yacht that crashed into my front door last night. She: Well, I...I can’t... I have to get to the cleaners before they close. You: ok... no ‘weird yacht crashing’ sorry for you, I guess. She: Uh...well... if you can wait 5 minutes, I just have to run in there and pick a few things up..? You: Hmm… well, alright. Don’t say u never did anything for you. (Smirk) She: (smiles) okay, I’ll be out in a bit.

1)Method 1(fractionation)-to be used with ultimate boyfriend destroyer You: Do you remember the time when your best friend is just next to you, and it makes you feel tremendously happy. You feel important, appreciated and loved. Can you imagine now how that feels? (Pause) I used to, but then one day my best friend got sick and she died almost immediately she got warded in the hospital. (Pause). She was gone.

2) Method 2 You: You: you know what’s interesting? There are some people you simply cannot connect with at all (Point away) and there are some other you can connect with instantly (point your finger or hand to yourself)

3) Method 3 You: (If she is paying her full attention at you and clinging to your every word) hey, have you been hypnotized before? Cause you look a little sparkle today. She: (if she says no), okay, that’s great, what if we try a little game here? What if you try imagining yourself being hypnotized? She: (if she says yes),do you remember how was it like, the first time you’re being hypnotized?

4) Method 4(attraction mastery) You: (spoken with low intonation) give credits to her emotional trait You: (spoken with low intonation)imagine that both of us winning the Amazing Race as a couple, it was too great when we won, when we first joined the show, we are very excited as we are the only

couple in the competition, other thought we would fail, but we have proven them wrong, we have won the Amazing Race because we work together, as a couple, two bodies, with one heart, lastly, we’ve kissed each other at the very top of Mount Everest, that sensational feeling, was almost indescribable, your soft lips touching mine, while I touch your soft, tender skin. Even coldness cannot permits you from kissing me, nothing can. But surely that wouldn’t happen. 4)method 4(boyfriend destroyer sequence) You: Oh. Well, thanks for being frank. I really appreciate it. And even though I am interested in you, I still respect relationships a whole lot. It's interesting, though - how people can be in a relationship one day and then the next day, it's gone. Have you ever experienced that? Her: Yes, actually. You: It's kind of like, things are going so well and suddenly things get Uncertain because you have no idea where it's going anymore, right? Her: Yeah, I guess. You: So what's your boyfriend's name? Her: Ken. You: So, you're dating Ken (point to your left hand) and it's fun and everything... but then you break up for one reason or another. Have you ever broken up with somebody (point to your left hand again) and gone through a period of depression and you suddenly realize why your relationship got ruined? Or have you ever started looking at a guy differently and he starts to look unattractive to you?

You: It's just so strange how our minds work. However, I do want to know what would happen if this whole process happened in a mere instant (snap your fingers right in front of her face) in somebody's mind. It would kind of be like his image has vanished (wave your hand in front of her face). And each time you attempted to bring that image back, it just vanishes again. Well, that definitely means that you have started to get over him since you pushed him down your priority list. You: Or maybe you've gone out with somebody before but you've completely forgotten about him already... you probably haven't even given him a single thought in ages. So, where’s his image to you now? Her: (Points at a spot on her body) You: Is that where his image is? How interesting. So, if you wanted to completely forget him (place your palm onto the spot that she pointed at), it would make him stay in one place forever. Now, what if Ken is in that place? If you look at him that way, you won't like him anymore... you might even end up breaking up with him. You: Yeah, breaking up can be quite sad, but it can also be great because you'll have a chance to open up to somebody else for change. Like me. (point at yourself)

4)Method 4(ultimate boyfriend destroyer sequence) You: I know you've got a guy and I respect that. In fact, I appreciate it. You know, it's so rare to find somebody you want to spend time with, so it's cool that you have found that. You: “However, I know that it's possible to switch significant others from one minute to the next, as well - even if you had no plans of doing so. Yeah, I've been through it. I’m sure you’ve been through a similar experience. That's what I thought. You: Well, imagine there's this guy (make a pointing gesture to one of your palms at this point), and imagine you're dating him but you end up breaking up. Have you broken up with a boyfriend before? You: Well, what if you suddenly start thinking about your relationship

and realize there are so many things about him you couldn't actually stand? Maybe he never puts the toothpaste cap back on or he never listens to what you say. Or what if he generates feelings of letting you down, boring you or disgusting you? Has any of that stuff made you break up with a guy before? You: Sometimes, you might even reminisce about an old relationship and obsess about every little thing you hated about the guy until you start asking yourself what you ever saw in him. Did you ever think such thoughts about an ex before? You: The point is: the whole process could take ages, but what if it took place in a mere instant inside your head? Like, what if you tried to see an image of him inside your mind (try to wave your hand in her face at this point), but you just couldn't bring that image out? It would seem like something random was just breaking him into little pieces - like you simply couldn't injure his image anymore. That's actually the very first sign that he is no longer your top priority (cover your palm at this point). You: Yeah, it can be quite sad to give somebody up, but it also has its perks. See, when you give someone up, you can meet somebody new and let somebody else get to know you and your thoughts for a change. I think that's a great thing - making a connection and feeling good for the moment. You: Whenever you connect with somebody new, it's kind of like a light beam transfers from you onto them. Then, while it glows with the new connecting warmth and when the depth reaches your goal, you can open up to pleasure and desire and connection, right? Do you even remember the last time you were with somebody who really knew how to touch you and satisfy you? Wasn't it awesome? You might be surprised that images are starting to jump into your head right now - don't worry; I won't ask about them because they're probably personal - but while these images get bigger and more vivid, sounds might start to go with them. You might notice that something is lacking in your life and that you need something else, as well. Do you wake up sometimes with an intense desire in your being? What does that feel like to you?

You: At times, somebody might anger you and you might decide that it would be best to just forget them. So, where do you think that person goes when you forget about him or her? Like those people you knew back in high school or even things that you wished you could be when you got older that just never happened? Did you ever use old Windows computers? Are you good at throwing things away? Think of an ambition you had as a kid. Was there anything you wished you would become or would have? (The girl might say "model" or "actress" or "superstar".) Well, you can still make that wish come true, but where do you see that particular idea at the moment? It's kind of like a Windows Recycle Bin, really. You: All you have to do is take certain thoughts about a guy and put them in there. As a matter of fact, you might be lucky enough to get all of his images somehow that have snuck themselves into your brain and stayed there for so long. (Point to the location where the thoughts should move to in her brain.) If you look at things this way, you may notice certain feelings - like that you were wrong about him. See, sometimes you might think you love somebody and then one day, you'll suddenly realize out of nowhere that you actually love somebody else more than that. This is sad, too, but again, also a good thing...

5) Method 5 You: I have always found it easier to learn more about someone by asking what challenges to the face I what they do. It’s something I focus to do my job well, or simply to keep me motivated. So let me ask you this... is there a part of what you do for a living that’s a challenge to you?

(Next time you talk to her, use her body language and which word she focuses on)

6)method 6 (Lines which are bold below are spoken with emphasis) “Do you remember the time when you were a kid and would get sick? How did that feel?” “It amazes me that I could feel well and happy one day and suddenly feel down and out the next day. And you don’t know whether you will feel well again.” “Remember the time when you’re down with fever or a throbbing headache, and all you want to do is to lie down and rest. But the pain just doesn’t go away, and the more you fight it, the more it takes control of you.”

7)method 7

You: "What are the things that you once thought to be true, perhaps because your parents told you so, that you find to be totally false later?"

8) Method 8 (Gentle reminder: you could use either one of these or use all of it) a) Put your finger back to back with her

Respond: she’ll play with your finger or didn’t seem to care b) Put your leg closer to hers Respond: she’ll play with your legs or didn’t seem to care c) Lean against the wall, tip her balance and kiss Respond: she’ll enjoy the kiss d) Lift her hand (like you want to see something in her hand on the soling light) and pinned it to the wall before kissing Respond: she’ll enjoy the kiss e) Make a cute sound when you kiss her neck Respond: she laughs or smiles

9)Method 9

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