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Republic of the Philippines Department of Education Cordillera Administrative Region DIVISION OF TABUK CITY KALINGA NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL Bulanao, Tabuk City, Kalinga i.

Project Title: Chornat: Bringing back the Love and Trust


Date: June 30, 2016




Background: Bullying is one of the academic issues that most educators face and it is one of the most top concern of parents. Thus, our lawmakers came up with Republic Act No. 10627 known as the “Anti-Bullying Act of 2013” which protects students from bullying and other forms of violence. This law also aims for the guarantee that school being the second home of the students will be a safe place for their growth and learning. Bullying in the school compound has negative effects on individual students and on the school climate as well. The “Anti-Bullying Act” mainly focus its implementation on schools. Both public and private schools were addressed to face this concern. The Department of Education as the primary concerned agency in the strict implementation of the R.A. No. 10627 prompts all schools to adopt and conduct awareness-raising programs against bullying. This programs and activities shall involve students and teachers in creating and maintaining the school as child-friendly school.


Rationale: A Child-friendly School motivates students to come to school without any fear which will allow a healthy learning growth for the child.

A bully-free and worry-free environment make the child feel safe which is more advantageous for efficient learning and will encourage a harmonious camaraderie between students.


Objectives: 1. Preservation of a Child-friendly school 2. Maintenance of school atmosphere where love and trust reign as foundation of learning. 3. A bullying-free and violence-free environment.


Project Description: A Whole day activity which will involve all Grade 7 students of KNHS. This activity will be an orientation of the students on school policies in connection to the R. A. 10627 or the “Anti-Bullying Act” and a motivational step for students to initiate a campaign against bullying in school premises. Above mentioned whole day activity shall include orientation on school policies and program by the School Guidance Counselor and a symposium on the implementation of the R. A. No. 10627 to be conducted by Mrs. Daisy May B. Banson who shall serve as the resource speaker. Various activities that will involve all the participants shall also be conducted which is part of the motivational step for the campaign against bullying in school such as slogan and poster making that will be posted on school walls and classrooms by the participating students.


Budget: Two Thousand Five Hundred Pesos (Php 2,500.00) Activity materials: a. Pilot Super Color Marker (15 pcs. Approx.) b. Coloring materials (3 boxes Approx.) c. White / colored cartolina (20 pcs. Approx.) d. Long Bond paper (40 pcs. Approx.) e. Token


Monitoring and Evaluation: Monitoring and Evaluation shall be done by the school head and head teachers.

Prepared by: LALAINE B. YAUN Head Teacher III Makabayan Department Approved By: JAMES M. DONG-AS School Principal IV

TERMINAL REPORT PART I. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Project Title: Chornat: Bringing back the Love and Trust Project Venue: KALINGA NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL (Mini Gym) BULANAO TABUK CITY Project Implementation: June 30, 2016 Project Linkage: School Anti-Bullying Committee and Students General Objective: To orient Grade 7 Students on Anti-Bullying school policies and Implementation of R.A No. 10627 known as the “ANTIBULLYING ACT”

Specific Objective: Preservation of a Child-friendly School and Bully-free environment. Source of Fund: MOOE Method of Project Implementation: Pre-Planing activity and committee meetings. Beneficiaries: KNHS Students Lasting Impact of the Project: Impact of the said project is expected to form part of the student’s behaviour during and even after high school years. Evaluation Results: Orientation regarding the “Anti-Bullying Act” given to grade 7 students was anticipated to be that of great help in the motivational step of student in pursuing their high school years where a Bully-free and worry-free school environment was expected. A Zero Violence is assumed as end result for the School Year 2016-2017. PART II. INTRODUCTION The said project was due to the strict compliance of the R. A. No. 10627 or the “Anti-Bullying Act” that requires school to come up with its policies, programs and strategies in the implementation of the said act. Thus, this School Year 2016-2017 Kalinga National High School Anti-Bullying committee came up with a one whole day activity that expected to last the whole year round and lifetime impact program.

Project Output: Student awareness and concern for others is prompted to have a Child-friendly and Bully-Free school environment where love and trust reigns as foundation for healthy growth and learning.

Recommendation: Campaign for a Child-friendly and Bully-Free school environment shall not only be the concern of the project participants but also of the whole school structure from school Head to students, non-teaching personnel as well as parents.

Summary of Evaluation: The success of the project is the result of

the concerted efforts of all the project participants. Through each and everyone’s determination in the positive outcome of the project with the anticipation that involvement of the primary beneficiary of this project

has an upright impact to their growth and well-being as Kalinga National High School Students.

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