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September 14, 2017 | Author: João Victor Aleixo Bezerra | Category: Digital Marketing, Advertising, Social Media, Digital & Social Media, Brazil
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Projeto realizado para a entrega do Projeto 03.2 para o curso Digital Marketing NanoDegree, ministrado por Udacity....


Digital Marketing Nano Degree - 2017

Project 03.2 ~ Facebook ADS

Student: João Victor Aleixo Bezerra Project Topics:

Performance Report

Part 01 - Marketing Objectives 1) Who is the target audience of your campaign? My campaign's persona is Paulo Santana, 21 years old marketing student who lives in São Paulo - Brazil. He studies marketing at Universidade Anhembi Morumbi and has intermediate level in this area. His hobbies are: gym, running, boxing, watching TV series and read about entrepreneurship and fantasy. Paulo wants to be an entrepreneur and study abroad (USA or Canada) to enhance his professionals skills and language proficiency. However, he has a low family income and don't know many good professionals in digital marketing, so his network is extremely weak. After a deep reflection, Paulo found out that he needs to build a portfolio and practice what he learns at University, but does not know how to do it, because he does not have the opportunity to practice what he studies. (The audience target in the Facebook is shown in the next page - this audience was based on Paulo Santana) 2) What marketing objective did you aim to achieve with your campaign? My marketing objective with this campaign is to attract 5 to 10 leads per day of campaign with the Social Media Ads ebook with the $125.00 budget. However, the primary marketing objective is to increase Udacity's brand awareness in Brazil by getting 3000 Braziliam followers in the Facebook page by the end of this course (June/2017). 3) What primary KPI did you track in your campaign and why? The primary KPI of the campaign was the ebook conversion, in other words, how many people gave their email to download the Social Media Ads ebook during the campaign.

Part 02 - Campaign Summary 1) Who did you target with your Ad Set and how (demographics, location, interest, behavior etc.)? People from 18 to 25 years old from both genders who live in São Paulo - Brazil (40km radius) and speaks English, since the content of the ebook is not translated to Portuguese. The interests are: digital marketing, marketing, social media, inbound marketing, google analytics, facebook marketing, facebook adwords, entrepreneurship and internet marketing as job description. The placement was to target only people who use DESKTOP, since my main target are newcomers at digital marketing, I need to reach people who have access to content creation softwares, such as Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe Spark, Canva, 3DS Max and others. 2) What Ad Copy and Ad Creatives did you use? - Ad Copy: "Do you want to become a Digital Marketing Professional but doesn't know where to start? We have a Social Media Ads Guide that will help you reach the right audience with the right content at the appropriate time. Build a portfolio with the things of will learn from the guide and give the first step to a successful career!" - Ad Headline: "Get your free Social Media Ads Guide!" - Image Description: "Star a successful career in Digital Marketing by creating awesome projects with our complete Social Media Ads Guide!" - Ad Creatives:

Part 03 - Campaign Results 1) Present the most important metrics per ad

2) Evaluate the success of your campaign, given your marketing objectives. The results of the campaign, in my opinion, were extremely bad. Even though the marketing objetive was nearly achieved, I was expecting much more from the high budget that Udacity had offered. I am not entirely sure, but I think the location limitation was something that damaged the campaign, since I could've approached the entire country, instead of limiting it to São Paulo. However, I think there is another extremely important point to learn from this campaign. My goal was to reach English fluent people and that is considerably uncommon here in Brazil. This may explain the low engagement rate, since Brazilians have some difficulties with foreign languages. Trying to look at the bright side, I think that the 27 leads that I managed to gather are high qualified and can, easily, be turned into buying customers if the communication is conducted the right way. Besides all the points above, there is one brilliant conclusion that I could take from this exercise: you can not reach Brazilian people with English content, not even if you segment it... The CPC will be really high and the results may be disappointing. I suggest that, if Udacity wants to increase its brand awareness in Brazil, they start translating their content to Portuguese as fast as possible. 3) If you had additional budget, how would approach your next campaign? First of all, I would translate all the content, including the images' text and the copy from the ads to Portuguese, since my marketing objective is to increase Udacity's brand awareness in Brazil. Later on, I would remove the "English fluent" segmentation and would cover the entire country, instead of focusing on São Paulo. To conclude, I would monitor the campaign every day to optimize the results and make some corrections as the campaign goes. I kinda feel sorry that I did not do this with this campaign... but I learned some lessons.

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