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May 28, 2016 | Author: Viet NguyenHoang | Category: Types, Presentations
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Programme Program of Technical Plenary Session Keynote speech Tibor Kvackaj, Professor PhD., Technical Univers...


Vietnam Foundry and Metallurgy Sci. & Tech. Association

The 13th Asian Foundry Congress 27-30 October, 2015 - Hanoi, Vietnam

Technical program of AFC-13 Technical sessions

Conference room

October 28, 2015 8:10-12:10 13:30-16:30

October 29, 2015 8:10-12:10


Session Session Session Session Session Session

Session VA Session VB Session VC

Big Meeting Hall 702

Session Session Session Session Session Session

Keynote address, Plenary lectures

902 923 Lobby of 10th floor

Poster session

Lobby of 10th floor


October 28, 2015,




Plenary session, Big meeting Hall Chairs: Mr. Pham Chi Cuong, Chu Duc Khai Time Authors/Speakers Title 8:10President of VFMSTA Welcome and opening speech 8:20 Pham Chi Cuong 8:208:30 8:308:40

Prof. Hoang Minh Son President of Hanoi University of science and technology Mr. Cao Quoc Hung Vice Minister of Ministry of industry and trade

Welcoming speech

Welcoming speech


8:409:10 9:109:20 9:209:50 9:5010:20 Lunch

Prof. Yoshiki Tsunekawa

Application of ultrasonic vibration to molten metal processing-liquid sono-processing-

Coffee/Tea Break Processing of multiphase steel by Thermomechanical treatment Modeling and simulation of high pressure die casting process of magnesium alloys

Prof. Tibor Kvackaj Prof. Shou-Mei Xiong

Technical session, Room 702, 902, 923 Session I

Advanced materials, computer modeling and simulation,

Session IA, Room 702 Chairs: MSc. Kleeberg Christian,

Prof. Do Minh Nghiep



14:1014:30 14:3014:50

Sang-Hyun Cho Le Hong Thang, Tran Quoc Lap, Pham Thao, Nguyen Hoang Viet, Nguyen Minh Duc, Nguyen Thi Hoang Oanh M.Schneider, R.Stevenson, C.Kleeberg Joerg C. Sturm, Georg W. Dieckhues, Steve Sikorski, Christian Kleeberg

Development of on-line CAE execution system for smart factory ZnO-Fe Nanocomposites produced by ball milling and spark plasma sintering

Simulation of the entire core making production process Aluminium sand casting gating system optimization via systematic usage of casting process simulation tools

Coffee/Tea Break Session IB, Room 702 Chairs: Prof. Ho Young Hwang, 15:1015:30

Assoc. Prof. Nguyen Hong Hai Nguyen Thi Thu Thuy, Mechanical properties of high strength ZrO2 Le Duy Tung, (3Y2O3)-Al2O3 composites prepared by power Vu Thi Nhung, metallurgy method Dang Quoc Khanh


Pham Quang, Do Minh Duc,


Lei Xiao Kenta Kusumoto, Kazumichi Shimizu

Modeling of continuous rheo-casting the A356 alloy by computational fluid dynamic (CFD) Finite element method analysis of single impacts of spherical particles on FCD and SCI



Vu Le Hoang, Tran Quoc Lap, Tran The Phuong, Vu Thi Nhung

The effect of titanium on lowering sintering temperature and properties of alumina ceramic


Nguyen Hoang Nghi

Investigation and application of nano-sized metallic materials

Session IC , Room 902

Chairs: Prof. Genjiro Motoyasu,

Assoc. Prof. Dao Minh Ngung


Dao Minh Ngung, Luu Phuong Minh, Nguyen Dang Khoa

Application of grain refinement model to study sever plastic deformation of metal and alloy under high pressure


Dao Minh Ngung, Luu Phuong Minh, Nguyen Dang Khoa

Analysis of equal channel angular pressing of by discret velocity solution method and determination of technological parameters



In-Sung Cho, Si-Young Kwak, Min-Joo Oh Hideki Shindo Genjiro Motoyasu Takuma Sawaya, Yousuke Tamura Hiroshi Soda and Alexander McLean

Evaluation of die casting defects on mechanical properties by using 3D computed tomography

Continuous cast unidirectional solidified aluminum wires and their crystalline structures

Coffee/Tea Break

Session II

Cast irons and steels

Session IIA, Room 923 Chairs : Prof. Dr. Kazuhiko Terashima ,

Assoc. Prof. To Duy Phuong

13:3013:50 13:5014:10


Takafumi Funabiki, Kazumichi Shimizu, Yao Zhang, Kazumichi Shimizu, Kenta Kusumoto Kotaro Ona , Kazumichi Shimizu, Shoji Kiguchi, Kenta Kusumoto, Hiroya Hara

Effect of rare earth content on fatigue strength of spheroidal graphite cast iron with thin thickness Erosive wear characteristics after heat treated multi-component cast iron containing Cr, V, Mn and Ni High temperature erosive wear characteristics of high chromium cast irons



Nguyen Duong Nam, Le Thi Chieu, Ta Duc Anh, Doan Minh Duc, Pham Mai Khanh

Influence of heat intermediary process on microstructures and properties of high manganese steel Mn15Cr2V

Coffee/Tea Break Session IIB, Room 923 Chairs : Assoc. Prof. Kazunori Asano,

Assoc. Prof. Bui Anh Hoa

15:0015:20 15:2015:40 16:0016:20 16:2016:40

Kimitoshi Nakamura, Kazumichi Shimizu, Kenta Kusumoto Nguyen Van Thai, Nguyen Huu Dung, Quach Tat Bat Nguyen Van Thai, Nguyen Huu Dung, Quach Tat Bat Nguyen Duong Nam, Le Thi Chieu, Dao Hong Bach, Chu Tien Hung, Pham Mai Khanh

Session IIC, Room 902 15:1015:30 15:3015:50 16:1016:30


Alireza Modaresi Azim Safikhani, Ghasem Isa Abadi, Nser Hamidnezhad

Session III,

A study of structure and properties of austempered ductile iron (ADI) The effect of austempering conditions on the formation of structure and properties of ausferite ductile Iron (ADI) Influence of vanadium content on the microstructure and mechanical properties of high-manganese steel Mn15Cr2

Chairs : Dr. Sang Hyun Cho,

Yuta Fujidate, Sadato Hiratsuka, Hiroshi Horie, Haruki Oikawa Le Hoang, Pham Van Binh, Nguyen Van Tuong, Bui Anh Hoa Nguyen Son Lam, Bui Anh Hoa Nguyen Thanh Hoan

October 29, 2015,

Influence of shape of WC on erosive wear behavior of cast-in insertion high chromium cast irons

Dr. Doan Dinh Phuong

The effect of alkaline-earth elements on graphitization and mechanical property of high manganese graphite cast iron A study on recrystallization of ultra-low carbon steel after cool rolling

Indirect reduction of iron oxide by CO gas Investigation of the effect of type and amount of inoculant on microstructure, mechanical properties and created defects in gray cast iron used in automotive parts


Non ferrous metals and alloys


Session IIIA, Room 702 Chairs : Prof.Toru Maruyama, 8:108:30 8:308:50 8:509:10 9:109:30 9:309:50

Nguyen Van Dan, Tran Huy Nam, Tran Thanh Tam, Do Minh Nghiep Luong Van Duong, Doan Dinh Phuong, Nguyen Van Tich, Hong-Ro Lee Nguyen Hong Hai Nguyen Quoc Tuan Dae-Hwan Kim, Jae-Chan Jo, Min-Su Jo, Su-Gun Lim Muhammad Faiz Bin Zainuddin, Kazunori Asano

Prof.Truong Ngoc Than

Effect of polyvinil pyrrolidone concentration on formation of silver nanowires in anodic aluminum oxide template Synthesis of Eu2O3-doped CaAlSiN3 for red lightemitting phosphor Effects of gas injection on microstructure formation and mechanical properties of A380 aluminum alloy Effect of Sr addition on the thermal properties and microstructures of semi-solid A390 aluminum alloy Wear characteristics of pitch-based carbon fiber reinforced aluminum alloy composite under dry sliding condition

Coffee/Tea Break Session IIIB, Room 702 Chairs: Dr. Ilona Nejman ,


Robert Bidulsky, Robert Kocisko, Lukas Dragosek, Jana Bidulská, Andrea Kovacova


To Duy Phuong, Dang Huu Dung



Toru Maruyama Hiroyuki Abe Ryozo Matsubayashi Masakazu Teramura Takeshi Kobayashi Piotr Palimaka Stanislaw Pietrzyk Tomasz Sak Andrzej Cybulski

Assoc.Prof. Nguyen Van Tich Al 6060 chips compaction using a powder metallurgy technique

Effect of modification on microstructure of A356 aluminium alloy Effect of melting condition on fluidity of lead free sulfide bronze

Direct observation of removal of copper from lead bullion by means of aluminum


Session IV,

Heat, cryogenic and surface treatments


Chairs : Prof. Tien Shou Lei,

Session IVA, Room 902 8:108:30 8:308:50 8:509:10 9:109:30

Yuto Takemoto Y . Tsunekawa, M. Okumiya Masanari Watanabe Yoshiki.Tsunekawa, Masahiro.Okumiya Yuya Takegami Kazunori Asano Le Thi Chieu, Sai Manh Thang, Nguyen Duong Nam

Dr. Ha Tuan

In-process low temperature carburizing of hybrid carbon coated die-cast mold Bonding of dissimilar metal by spot welding Eutectoid transformation behavior of niobiumbased multiphase alloy Phase transformation during heat treatment of Cu-15Ni-8Sn alloy

Coffee/Tea Break Session IVB, Room 902 Chairs : Assoc. Prof. Robert Bidulsky, 9:5010:10

Nguyen Hai Quan, Vu Anh Tuan, Bui Binh Ha, Pham Mai Khanh


To Duy Phuong, Dang Huu Dung

10:3010:50 10:5011:10

Bui Binh Ha, Nguyen Hong Hai, Pham Mai Khanh Doan Dinh Phuong, Luong Van Duong

Assoc.Prof. Le Thi Chieu

Influence of heat treatment on the wear resistance of BCuAl9Fe4 alloy

Effect of heat treatment on microstructure and hardness of high silicon aluminium alloys Corrosion and castability of different bronze alloys suitable for outdoor sculptures A study of technology for multilayer of TiAlSiN/CrN super hard coating on WC-Co substrate by magnetron sputtering


Session V, Moulding materials and rapid prototyping technologies Session VA, Room 702

13:3013:50 13:5014:10 14:1014:30

Chairs : Prof. Kazumichi Shimizu

Atsushi Ito, Ryosuke Tasaki, Makio Suzuki, Kazuhiro Ohta, Kazuhiko Terashima Do Van Quang, Nguyen Nhu Hieu, Dao Hong Bach Michał Kwiatkowski, Krzysztof Żaba,

Assoc. Prof. Dao Hong Bach Sloshing suppression control during backward tilting motion of pouring ladle with weir The effect of technology parameters on the properties of rapid prototyping impeller foundry patterns The use of 3D scanning methods in design and support of foundry processes realization


Maciej Nowosielski, Marek Radke 14:3014:50

Cheol-Hee Nam, Young-Sim Choi, Jun-Ho Hong, Ho-Young Hwang

A study on the assessment of gating design of sand mold casting by water modeling experiment

Coffee/Tea Break Session VB, Room 702

Chairs : Dr. In Sung Cho,

Dr. Pham Mai Khanh


Re Mo Chang, Sheng Chi Chang, Tien Shou Lei

Investigation of permeability of full mold pattern coatings for iron castings


Jun Ho Hong Ho-Young Hwang, Sang-Hwan Lee, Sang-Mok Lee Cheol-Hee Nam

Thermal decomposition facility for the odor in a foundry



Green furan resin application for foundry


Michael Wetzel

The modern processing of bentonite-bonded molding sand in foundries

Session VC, Room 902 Chairs : Prof. Shoji Kiguchi 13:3013:50

Dinh Quang Nang, Nguyen Anh Quoc, Do Phuong Thao, Tran Son Ha


Andy Plowman, Yusman Rochamasi

14:1014:30 14:3014:50

Ilona Nejman, Maria Richert, P. Zawadzka Do Phuong Thao, Dinh Quang Nang, Tran Viet Thuong

Assoc. Prof. Nguyen Huu Dung Effect of bentonite and additives on the permeability of the lost foam coating with modifying cassava flour glue for iron casting. When barium calcium inoculants just don't give the final casting properties new age castings require The influence of mould coating on the casting metal quality Effect of additives on the properties of lost foam ceramic coating

Coffee/Tea Break


Session VI,

Foundry technology, equipment and manufacturing

Session VIA,

Room 923




Wen Hsiung Chang Chia-Hsiang Chang Tien Shou Lei Eitaro Koya, Yukihide Fukuda, Mitsunori Murakami, Atsushi Kawauchi, Atsushi Kawauchi, Sadanori Furue Sung-Bin Kim Joong-Mook Yoon, Young-Hoon Yim, Se-Ho Ahn

Coffee/Tea Break Session VIB, Room 923 9:209:40




Chairs: Dr. Sung Bin Kim,

Development of chilled alloy ductile iron roller

Mechanism analysis of sand core damage in High pressure die casting hollow parts

Numerical analysis of the vacuum effect in highpressure die-casting including the plunger process and experimental verification

Chairs: Dr. Jun Ho Hong

Nguyen Hong Hai Nguyen Tien Tai, Michał Kwiatkowski, Krzysztof Żaba, Michał Kwiatkowski, Daniel Pociecha, Rafał Cygan, Adam Sury Michał Kwiatkowski, Adam Sury Marek Wojtas Krzysztof Zaba Rafal Cygan Peter Harbo

Prof. Dinh Quang Nang

Dr. Nguyen Van Sua

Research and application of rheo-diecasting process for thick-wall components The idea of completely supervised manufacturing process of jet engine critical parts using investment casting method

Expert systems in foundry industries Lower your costs per casting by accurate moulding with DISA MATCH

Poster session 1. The influence of flux addition and casting casting condition on nickel content in castings Ngo Huy Khoa1, Pham Đuc Thang1, To Duy Phuong1, Nguyen Son Lam2 1Institute of Materials Science, Room 135, A2, No 18, Hoang Quoc Viet Stress,Hanoi, Vietnam, 2Department of Steel and iron making, Hanoi


University of Science and Technology, 2. Green furan resin application for foundry Johnny, TEMC Metal and chemical Corp., 1F-3, No.6 Alley 25 Lane 113 Sec 3 Minsheng E road, Taipei, Taiwan, [email protected] 3. When barium calcium inoculants just don't give the final casting properties new age castings require Andy Plowman, Yusman Rochamasi, [email protected] 4. ZnO-Fe Nanocomposites produced by ball Milling and spark plasma sintering Le Hong Thang, Tran Quoc Lap, Pham Thao, Nguyen Hoang Viet, Nguyen Minh Duc, Nguyen Thi Hoang Oanh 5. Effects of Sintering Temperature on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Cu-TiC composite Vu Lai Hoang, Tran Quoc Lap and Dang Quoc Khanh 6. The effect of EVA content on properties of the casting waxes in the rapid prototyping process Nguyen Minh Dat, Do Minh Duc, Do Van Quang 7. Effect of electromagnetic stirring process on the shape and size change of intermetallic phases and mechanical properties of A356 alloy Nguyen Ngoc Tien, Nguyen Hong Hai 8. The effect of EVA content on properties of the casting waxes in the rapid prototyping process Nguyen Minh Dat, Do Minh Duc and Do Van Quang


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