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Questionnaire required for interviews...



APPLICATION NO: 41500496396

SPECIALIZATION: Please put a tick to select First and Second Preference in respective Box as per your Web Form Information Operations Marketing Finance Management Management

Human Resource Management

 First Preference  Second Preference Any changes reflected from submitted online form in terms of specialization chosen (even in order of preference) will lead to application being summarily rejected 1.

Post PGPM, what will be your career plan- (Please put a tick or cross as applicable)  I will rejoin my previous employer  I will remain in the same function  I will remain in the same industry  I will move to another industry  I want to make a track change Anything other than the above(please be as I want to work towards “Internet of Things” specific as possible) How certain are you about your above Sure discussed plan?


Will you be joining the program on study leave? Yes / No/ Any other option , please be specific Yes, I will avail Leave without pay option.


Will you be sponsored by your employer for the program? Yes / No/ Any other option , please be specific No.


Post PGPM, which of the following statements best describes your Job placement scenario- (Please put a tick or cross as applicable)  I would not need any help  I will need some help  I will be totally dependent on SPJMIR Anything other than the above(please be as specific as possible)


Based on your perception, please rate your self on the Competencies listed below.

a. b. c.

(Please tick one column in each row)


Conceptual Skills (e.g. clarity of complex situations or theory; systematic thinking, vision, etc.) Analytical Skills (e.g. analytical thinking, comfort with data, modeling,etc) Managerial skills (e.g. decision making, dealing with difficult situation etc.)

Very Good 


 



Behavioural skills - Team Handling (e.g. Works effectively and co-operatively with all stakeholders, Anticipates and responds to the needs) - Communication (e.g. good listener, ability to analyze and put into perspective, give and take feedback effectively - Adaptability & collaborative working (e.g. open and receptive to changes, willingness to change, acceptability of new ideas, keeps the team along, result oriented) Leading, Managing & developing (e.g. lead and show the way, ability to interact will levels with ease, allow & nurture growth of team, groom teammates, succession planning) Problem solving & delegation (e.g. quick thinking, proactive, look ahead and plan/delegate)


How did you come to know about PGPM programme in SPJIMR ( Please put a tick or cross as applicable)  Paper Advertisement  Internet  Social Networking Sites  Alumni  Friends  Mail If others specify

Post PGPM and with specialization chosen by you, please list below the role that best describes your preferred role. (Kindly Rank your preference with Rank 1 being the most preferred role then Role 2 & 3) 1.Telecom Consulting and Business Development 2. Network and Operations Management 3. Service Delivery Management.

How have your professional experience shaped your current competencies? (please feel free to elaborate ) I was fortunate enough to handle many major projects which involved in planning, coordinating and communicating with many vendors and also with diverse BSNL officers throughout India.I have learned good analytical and problem solving skills via troubleshooting many network issues which required quick response and designing work around to minimize the downtime of the issue. I also learned Inventory and Resource Management skills as part of Planning and implementation of many projects.







Graduation 3rd Year Graduation 2nd Year Graduation 1st Year Diploma



Osmania University



Osmania University



Osmania University



S. S. C



State Board of Technical Education Board of Secondary Education, AP.

% or CGPA


Chaitanya Bharathi Institute of Technology Chaitanya Bharathi Institute of Technology Chaitanya Bharathi Institute of Technology GOVT POLYTECHNIC, Hyd.


AC Memorial High School


Rank, if any

73.41 73.26 68.22 Second

PERSONAL & FAMILY DETAILS Annual Family Income excluding your income: Father

3 Lakhs Mother


5th Class

7th class



Home maker


Briefly state in not more than 50 words:

Adversity faced in life.

Distinct contributions to the society by you or your family members.

My formative years…

Adversity faced by my family was after my elder sister’s wedding, which resulted financial problems and marital problems in my sister’s marriage. Those years meant drought in happiness in our family. I was studying diploma and decided that I will study hard and bring some kind of happiness in family. During 2013 North India floods I have taken an initiative to collect funds to donate to CM relief fund, Uttarakhand. Simultaneously pursued with management for contribution which resulted in donating one day salary of all BSNL employees to relief fund. My formative years are 3rd year of diploma and engineering college days. As it gave me right attitude during my family turbulences, which led to me securing 4 th rank in ECET and resulting a belief in me that I can achieve anything I want if I put mind to it.


SECTION B (Answer in not more than 200 words) APPLICATION NO: 41500496396

1. Explain a situation when you were a part of a team where the group process and/or intended outcome failed. What was your role, how did you contribute to the process or outcome, and what did you learn?

I was SPOC (single point of contact) from BSNL for implementing BSNL cloud one project. It was a joint venture between M/s DimensionData and BSNL. This project implementation meant that BSNL could provide Hosting services, Cloud computing Services and Managed services. My role was to design network architecture and resource planning and implementation. Which meant I had to configure in our MPLS routers and co-ordinate with M/s.Dimensiondata and NIB (National internet Backbone) BSNL Node in-charges for establishing connectivity between Data centers and MPLS NIB routers. I was also responsible for procuring inventory required from BSNL side. We successfully established 6 data centers India and launched Cloud services on April 2012. Although we successfully delivered the infrastructure for the project, we are not able to attract enough number of customer and it’s been more than 3 years are not able to capture the cloud computing market. Reason for not attracting the customers for this project is same reason for decline of BSNL since past few years. Services which BSNL is providing are not reaching the customers and many are unaware of products BSNL is providing. Pointing to the fact that marketing of product is as important as producing it. 2. Describe an instance in which you took the strongest stand of your value system. What specific values were violated and what was at stake for you?

Recently I went to trekking in Kodachadri with a group. I volunteered as sweep and my role was to make sure nobody left behind and another member volunteered as lead whose responsibility was to interact with the local guide and follow his lead. Lead will be in front and sweep will be at the end of the trek group. We started the trek and one of our group member was ill and we slowed a bit. Eventually the group was split into 2 groups, as protocol lead should stop the trek they should trace their path until the group is united. So we waited at the last milestone for more than 30minutes unfortunately no one came back for us. Fortunately we have found a local who has shown us the path up to next mile stone, where we met our group and I questioned the lead for the reason behind not following the protocol as our group was at risk without any navigation. Finally we found out that communication is not happening properly from lead to sweep. We replaced the lead and placed a mechanism such that every group member shouted number sequence after some interval.

3. Explain a situation where you have brought about any improvement either in your self, work or society.

After I joined our office, I knew that I needed to increase my knowledge so that it can help me in optimizing and innovation in my work. So I started taking networking course which was 8 hours per week for 3 months on my own expenses. I worked hard between office and networking institute, and I successfully completed Cisco certification and NIIT certification. After getting certifications I have conducted workshops for my colleagues to share my knowledge for 1 month which was attended by more than 20 officers including our senior officials. And made pavement for an order to reimburse money for certifications from our GM to encourage officials to gain certifications and increase their knowledge. After my certifications I was made part of newly created team whose purpose was to cater our internal projects which needed higher efficiency in managing and implementing them. And also for Indian government projects which are vast and complex and need skills to coordinate with diverse people across India.

SECTION C WORK-EXPERIENCE DETAILS (To be answered only if the candidate has full time work experience) NAME: GANAJI SAI KIRAN APPLICATION NO: 41500496396 1. Please state year wise progression of your career Year (starting with recent)

2nd July 2011Present 12th July 2010-1st July 2011 28th Dec 2009-12th July 2010

Duration (months) 50

Company Name



*Salary (Per annum) 800000

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited

MPLS NOC-Service Delivery

Junior Telecom Officer


Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited

MPLS NOC-Fault Management

Junior Telecom Officer



Cognizant Technology Solutions

Software Testing

Programmer Analyst


* Kindly mention the Dollar value if any as such without conversion. 2. Give a detailed description of the roles, responsibilities and achievements at your current /last place of employment.(in not more than 300 words)

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (state-owned telecommunications company 12th July 2010-Present Service Delivery –MPLS NOC Junior Telecom officer 2 nd July 2011-Present My role involves Design designing and implementingation of internal projects, as well as, of our company. Mmaintenance activities in coordination with multiple vendors of more than 250 physical nodes throughout India. This is done in coordination with multiple vendors. R so resource planning and optimization of the MPLS network are key performance indicators. . Implementation of various prestigious Indian Government projects. Working with Marketing team for acquiring new businesses. Accomplishments  Migrated Part of 4 member Team which migrated 20000 SBI Leased lines to MPLS technology in record 11 months timemonths’ time as part of a 4-member team..  Increased our core network capacity by 2.5 times by installing Huawei MNGT Core routers in 31 locations  Delivered e-governance projects in many states, which reduced cost of operations and increased their efficiency.  Implemented Cloud one project -India’s first Uptime Institute Certified Tier-III data centers with combined connectivity and IT services availability from BSNL  Successfully iImplemented National Optical Fiber Network pilot project. P, paving the way to implement broadband connectivity to over two lakh (200,000) Gram panchayats of India  Delivered National Knowledge network project,. It is a unified high speed network backbone for educational institutions in India.  Increased GSM mobile network capacity by implementing ZTE GSM Phase VII project.  Decreased expenditure for clients by implementing low cost alternative for Private Leased lines.  Decreased expenditure for our company by integrating telecom services onto single network.  Successfully pPlanned, scheduled and completed all maintenance activities of MPLS network elements throughout India.  Evaluated quarterly bills from multiple network elements vendors. Fault Management –MPLS NOC Junior Telecom officer 12 th July 2010-1st July 2011 My role involves Level 1 and Level 2 network troubleshooting of all fault incidents and rectifying it. Accomplishments

Played important role in migrating Front Desk from M/s HCL Infosystems to BSNL Enterprise call Center. Cognizant Technology Solutions Programmer Analyst – Software Testing 28 th Dec 2009-12th July 2010 

3.Please mention any academic or career gaps in your profile along with the reasons for the same(in not more than 300 words) N/A

4.Please mention any International Work Experience in your profile along with the details for the same (in not more than 300 words) N/A

PROFILE SHEET For Shortlisted Candidates Only Instructions  Format: Font – Times New Roman, Size – 11, Spacing – Single Line.  Follow the word limit strictly for each question. Answers exceeding the prescribed word limit WILL NOT be considered for evaluation.  Handwritten applications will not be considered.  When you send the form back please rename the file in this format-“Profile Sheet 1215-App No” and send it across. For eg: If your app no is 41500000000 the file should be renamed as “Profile Sheet 1215 - 41500000000”. Please strictly adhere to this format. 

Mail a copy to [email protected] with subject line “ Candidate Profile Sheet”

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