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PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the appropriate answer on the given choices. 1. As a parent and at the same time a teacher, which of the following will you do to show your cooperation to a PTA project in your school to be financed with the proceeds of the sales of the school canteen where food prices are a little bit higher? a. Bring a food for you and your children, but always make it a point to buy in the school canteen. b. Buy all your food in the school canteen but request for a discount. c. Bring food enough for you and your children but do not eat in the canteen. d. Buy all your food from the school canteen even if you cannot afford to do everyday. 2. How can you help a habitual borrower of money get rid of his habit? a. Let him do something for you in return for the money you lent him b. Direct him to others c. Do not lend him anymore d. Ask for a collateral for the cash he is loaning. 3. Periodic checks on student seatwork with a smile and pat on the shoulder effectively reinforce good study habits is an example of __________. a. Discrimination reinforcement c. Continuous reinforcement b. Variable-ratio schedule d. Fixed interval & variable-interval schedule 4. A person strives to work at a given task because of a need. Which of the following situations can make a person strive to meet his needs? a. Minimize the unpleasant consequences of student involvement. b. Utilize your own opinion as teacher in making final decisions in the classroom c. Use unfamiliar materials as examples in order to initially arouse their curiosity d. Ask pupils to submit test questions or reactions from which you can select topics. 5. The singing of the National anthem in schools is an offshoot of the philosophy of ____________. a. Nationalism c. Naturalism b. Pragmatism d. Socialism 6. The environment in order to facilitate learning must be interactive. Which of the following best typifies this kind of environment? a. The child goes out and discovers for himself some rock or fossil. b. The child listens to a lecture on fossils given by the teacher. c. The child summarizes the section on fossils in his science textbook. d. The child copies a list of facts concerning fossils on the blackboard. 7. Social development means that acquisition of the ability to behave in accordance with __________. a. Social expectation c. Social insight b. Stereotyped behavior d. Universal norms 8. When an adolescent combines ability to use deductive and inductive reasoning in constructing realistic rules that he can respect and live by, he does he perceive his environment? a. He views the world from his own perspective. b. He interprets events from a limited view. c. He does events apart from himself and other people. d. He does the world and himself through the eyes of other people. 9. Who introduced the technique of using the drawing of a man as a measure of intelligence? a. Aristotle c. Goodenough b. Herbert d. Binet

10. Which Republic Act provides government assistance to students and teachers in private education? a. RA 7784 c. RA 7836 b. RA 6728 d. RA 6675 11. The authoritarian setting in the Filipino home is reinforced by a classroom teacher who: a. Encourage pupils to ask questions c. Is open to suggestions b. Prescribes what pupils should do d. Ask open ended questions 12. Who among the following believes that learning requires disciplined attention, regular homework, and respect for legitimate authority? a. Essentialist c. Progressivist b. Perennialist d. Reconstructionist 13. The Constitutional provision on language has the following aims EXCEPT: a. To make the regional dialect as auxiliary media of instructions in regional school. b. To maintain English as a second language c. To make Filipino the sole medium of instruction d. To make Filipino the national language & medium of instruction & communication 14. The tendency to emphasize so much on school beautification to the detriment of pupil’s performance illustrates the: a. Filipino’s lack of seriousness c. Filipino’s sense of humor b. Filipino’s lack of reflection d. Filipino’s love for “porma” 15. Which is NOT a characteristic of democratic discipline? a. Child has opportunity to express his/her opinion b. Child given punishment is related to the misdeed. c. Child understands the meaning of rules d. Child obeys blindly 16. Who among the following stressed the processes of experience and problem solving? a. Dewey c. Hegel b. Aristotle d. Plato 17. When a school decides to work on a thematic curriculum which should be out of the picture? a. Peer collaboration c. Team teaching b. Integration d. Competition 18. Which characterizes the perfectionist type of students? a. Does not volunteer or initiate c. Rarely complete tasks b. Gives up easily d. Often anxious fearful or frustrated about quality of work 19. Which of the following reasons for measuring student achievement is NOT valid? a. To prepare feedback on the effectiveness of the learning process. b. To certify that students have attained a level of competence in a subject area. c. To discourage students from cheating during test and getting high scores d. To motivate students to learn and master the materials they think will be covered by the achievement test. 20. Teacher wants to teach his pupils the technique on reading for information. Which technique should be use? a. Text structure c . Story map b. Prior knowledge d. SQ3R 21. In instructional planning, which among these three: unit plan, course plan, lesson plan is (are) most specific? a. Course and lesson c. Lesson b. Course d. Unit 22. The use of drills in the classroom is rooted on Thorndike’d law of: a. Readiness c. Effect

b. Exercise

d. Belongingness

23. Positive interdependence as an element of collaborative learning means that the students must: a. Learn to depend on each other to achieve a goal b. Depend on the diligent students c. Help one another in the individual test for everyone to pass d. Be grouped heterogeneously 24. Which of the following measures should a teacher do to a principal whom she would like to file a case of sexual harassment without violating the relationship of the teacher to her superiors? a. Present the case before competent authority and prepare to prove the charge. b. Write and anonymous letter to a higher school official to denounce the superior. c. Call a parent-teacher meeting and denounce the superior. d. Encourage the other teachers & students to hold a demonstration to oust the superior. 25. Pick out the situation that illustrates the duty of a new teacher to the state: a. Take a long vacation which firmly believes she deserves after four years of diligent study before taking the examination for teachers. b. Apply for teaching job where eligibility is not required to gain teaching experience before taking the teachers board examination. c. Prepare for the wedding she and her boyfriend have long planned to be able to raise a family with children which they plan to rear as good citizen of our country. d. Take the licensure examination for teacher and an oath to do her best to help carry out the policies of the state. 26. Cooperatives are encouraged in as many groups as possible. What agency controls the different cooperatives? a. Security and Exchange Commission c. Commission on Audit b. Department of Local Government d. Cooperative Development Authority 27. Parents are up in arms on the telephone bills that pay for sex calls. What is the solution to this problem? a. The telephone company is to blame for this. b. The government restriction have no teeth c. Parents allow this to make their children modern. d. Parents, school and students should discuss this openly. 28. Society and media know drinking starts off drug addiction. What should be discussed in schools? a. Drug addiction has been traced to drinking wine. b. Nobody drinks at home except father. c. TV ads show drinking is a source of fellowship. d. High taxes on liquor will be deterrent to eventual drug use. 29. Cooperatives have branched out to consumers cooperative. Schools have included the concepts of cooperatives. Where is it practiced? a. School bookstore c. School uniform purchases b. School canteen d. Class stores 30. A student collapsed in her social studies class. It was found out that he did not eat her lunch. What principle is shown in the situation? a. Psychological need c. Somatotonic b. Physiological need d. Safety need 31. The main function of a philosphy of education is to: a. Aid the learner to build his own personal philosophy b. Reconsider existing educational goals in the light of society’s needs. c. Provide the academic background prerequisite to learning d. Define the goals & set the direction for which education is to strive. 32. Which technique(s) enable(s) a teacher to identify and eventually assists students which interpersonal difficulties? a. Anecdotal record c. Cumulative record

b. Personal inventory

d. Sociogram

33. Teachers and students can participate in these levels of computer use. Give the order of computer use from simpliest to complex? a. Computer competency, computer literacy, competency expertise. b. Computer literacy, computer expertise, computer competency. d. Computer competency, computer expertise, computer literacy. e. Computer literacy, computer competency, computer expertise. 34. Which one is considered the “Brain” of the microcomputer? a. CPU c. Video screen b. Software d. Keyboard 35. A group activity wherein one group representative presents the output to the bigger group rather than individual pupils presenting the outpu is known as: a. Consensus decision c . Jury trial b. Composite report d. Agenda 36. In what period of a child is physical growth fastest? a. Prenatal period c. Early childhood b. Early adolescence d. Pubescence 37. In the formulation of classroom regulations, which of the following should a teacher refrain from doing? a. State classroom regulation as clearly as possible. b. Enlist student aid in the formulation of clasroom regulation c. Enforce classroom regulations consistently and fairly. d. Teacher and the class should make as many regulations as possible. 38. Zero standard deviation means that: a. The students’ scores are the same. b. 50% of the scores obtained is zero. c. More than 50% of the score obtained is zero. d. Less than 50% of the scores obtained is zero. 39. Which is the least authentic mode of assessment? a. Paper-and-pencil test in vocabulary. b. Oral performance to assess student’s spoken communication skills. c. Experiments in science to assass skill in the use of scientific methods. d. Artistic production for music or art subject. 40. How does fear affect the voluntariness of an act? a. Makes the act involuntary b. No effect at all

c. Increases voluntariness d. Lessens but not destroy voluntariness

41. A group of people asserts that their culture is superior to another. This exemplifies: a. Cultural gap c. Norm conflict b. Cultural conflict d. Ethnocentrism 42. A test consists of a graph showing the relationship between age and population. Following is a series of true-false items based on the graph. Which type of test does this illustrate? a. Laboratory exercise c. Performance b. Problem solving d. Interpretative 43. Which curricular move served to strengthen spiritual and ethical values? a. Integration of creative thinking in all subject. b. Reducing the number of subject areas into the skill subject. c. Introduction of Value Education as a separate subject area. d. Re-introducing Science as all subject in Grade 1. 44. Which computer seems to have the most potential for the classroom? a. Mainframe computer c. microcomputer

b. Minicomputer

d. LPC

45. A teacher notices glaring wrong pronunciation of vowel sounds among her students necessitating more practice. Which of the following activities would be at most help? a. Dictionary use c. Assignments b. Review d. Drill 46. Which storage device is significantly more efficient in holding information? a. Hard disk c. Floppy disk b. Software d. Audio cassette 47. The Filipino tendency to resort to the easy way out from a term paper as a course requirement by hiring a ghost-writer or by passing a photocopied term paper provide which Filipino traits? a. Anticipation c. Pakikisama b. Ambivalence d. Lack of discipline 48. “No pain, no gain”. This means that: a. Only those willing to carry rhe crosses that like impose can share the joy of life. b. One should be a penitent every good friday by carrying his cross. c. The more suffering in this life, the more one is assured of heaven. d. One should look for suffering to save himself/herself. 49. Which trust on value formation is meant to help the students make use of their thinking and scientific investigation to decide on topics and questions above values? a. Value inculcation c. Value clarification b. Analysis d. Moral development 50. Which interactive teaching should be AVOIDED? a. Using “put down” strategy b. Using multiple response strategy

c. Asking more divergent questions d. Asking more evaluative questions

51. Rights which can not be renounced or transferred because they are necessary for the fulfillment of man’s primordial obligations are called: a. Alienable rights c . Inalienable rights b. Perfect rights d. Acquired rights 52. In mastery learning the definition of an acceptable standard of performance is called: a. Condition c. SMART b. Behavior d. Criterion reference 53. A negative discrimination index means that: a. More from the lower group answered the test items correctly. b. The items could not discriminate between the lower and upper group c. More from the upper group answered the test item correctly. d. Less from the lower group got the test item correctly. 54. Your teacher is of the opinion that the world and everything in it are changing and so teaches you the skll to cope with the changes. Which in his governing philosophy? a. Experimentalism c. Realism b. Existentialism d. Idealism 55. For brainstorming to be effective which one should be out? a. Making use of the other’s ideas shared. c. Non-threatening atmosphere b. Teacher’s judge mental attitude d. Openness to idea 56. Which statement on spaced and massed learning is CORRECT? a. Mass learning is better than spaced learning. b. Spaced learning is better than massed learning. c. Massed learning is as effective as spaced learning. d. Both massed learning & spaced learning are not effective.

57. A teacher is a facilitator of learning and of the development of the youth. Which practice NOT keeping with his role as facilitator? a. Considers the multiple intelligences of learners. b. Humiliates misbehaving pupils. c. Dialogs with parents and with other members of the community. d. Keeps himself abreast with educational trends. 58. Which one indicates a teacher genuine enthusiasm and pride in teaching? a. Sticking to teaching for the moment that there are no better offers. b. Telling everyone that he went to teaching for there was no other choice them. c. Engaging himself in continuing professional education. d. Belittling the renumeration one gets from teaching. 59. In writing performance objective which word is NOT acceptable? a. Manipulate c. Delineate b. Integrate d. Comprehend 60. When is giving praise INEFFECTIVE? When it: a. Uses the accomplishment of peers as the context for describing a student’s present accomplishment. b. Provides information to student’s about their competence and the value of their accomplishments. c. Focuses students attention on her own task-relevant behavior. d. Shows spontaneity, variety and other signs of credibility. 61. Which statement applies when scores distribution is negatively skewed? a. The mode corresponds to a low value. c. The mode and median are equal. b. The median is higher than the mode. d. The mean corresponds to a high value. 62. The use of the process approach gives the students the opportunity to: a. Learn to their own c. Make use of laboratory apparatuses b. Apply the scientific method d. Learn how to learn 63. A comprehension skill of higher level which may be inferred or implied from reading is: a. Picking out the main idea c. Following direction b. Nothing specific details d. Drawing conclusion 64. In the Preamble of the Code of Ethics for Professional Teachers, which is not mention about teachers? a. Duly licensed professionals c. LET passers b. Possess dignity and reputation d. With high moral values 65. What does a skewed score distribution mean? a. The scores are concentrated more at one end or the other end b. The mode, the mean, and the median are equal. c. The mean and the median are equal d. The scores are normally distributed. 66. Which is implied by a negatively skewed score distribution? a. The score are evenly distributed from the left to the right. b. Most pupils are underachievers. c. Most of the scores are high. d. Most of the scores are low. 67. A teacher discovers that a product of certain bottling company brings about damage to teeth. Much as he wants to share the products of his research, he could not because of harassment from all sides. Which teacher’s right is violated? a. Right to property c. Academic freedom b. Right to one’s honor d. Right to make a livelihood 68. Why can the calculator do arithmetic? Because a. A computer inside the calculator tells it how c. A typewriter inside does it

b. A watch inside direct it

d. A TV inside shows it.

69. On which constitutional provision is the full or partial integration of capable deaf and blind students in the classroom based? The provision on... a. Providing citizenship and vocationa training to adult citizen b. Protecting and promoting the right of all citizen to quality education. c. Academic freedom. d. Creating scholarship for poor and deserving students. 70. Teaching in the cognitive, psychomotor and effective domains is based on the concept that the learner is a: a. Moral and feeling being c. Thinking, feeling and acting being b. Material and an acting being d. Spiritual and material being 71. Both muslim and Christian value marriage but the Muslim practices polygamous marriage while the Christian practices monogamous marriage. What is this called? a. Cultural relativism c. Ethical relativism b. Acculturation d. Enculturation 72. Teacher wants to compare 2 concepts. With which technique can accomplish this best? a. K-W-L technique c. Spider web b. Venn diagram d. Histogram 73. To build a sense of pride among Filipino youth which should be done? a. Re-study our history and stress on our achievements as a people. b. Set aside the study of local history. c. Re-study our history from the perspective of our colonizers d. Replace the study of folklores and myths with technical subjects. 74. When necessary conditions are present, the use of inductive method is preferred because... a. There is greater active participation on the part of pupils. b. It gives the teacher more time to rest. c. It needs only a few instruction materials. d. Academic time is used wisely. 75. Which is the best reason why teacher begins a lesson in Math by checking and reviewing on the previous day’s assignment and provides practice and drills? a. Check if parents guide their children in the making of assignment. b. Make sure that the students understand the pre-requisite skills of the lesson. c. Prepare the students for the mastery test. d. Make learning interesting and enjoyable for students. 76. Which is a selective reading technique meant at getting at important facts very fast? a. Skim reading c. Oral reading b. Scanning d. Silent reading 77. For counseling to be successful which assumption must be AVOIDED? a. The environment must provide assurance of confidentiality. b. The student is willing to participate in the process. c. The counselor must be able to relate to the student. d. The counselor tells the student what to do. 78. Which technique is most appropriate when a teacher wants a group to agree on a plan of action? a. Composite report c. Agenda b. Symposium d. Consensus decision making 79. Which term applies to the search for related literature by computer access of data bases on discs kept in libraries? a. On-line research c. Compact discs computer research b. Manual research d. Computer research 80. Which best indicates the effectiveness classroom activities?

a. b. c. d.

The laughter and enjoyment of students. The application of concept learned in daily life The utilization of varied techniques and approaches The variety of instructional materials used.

81. The main purpose of the compulsory study of the Constitution in Philippine schools is to: a. Develop the students into responsible, thinking citizens. b. Acquaint students with the historical development of the Philippine Constitution c. Prepares students for law-making d. Make constitutional experts of the students. 82. Some students who are high in the scholastic aptitude tests have failed in College. Some who are below the standards set for admission, but who, for various reasons, were admitted, attained satisfactory standings. This proves that a. Human beings are certainly predictable b. Admission tests are not accurate, hence should not be used. c. Aptitude tests do not measure all factors important for success. d. Aptitude tests can be perfectly relied on. 83. If the teacher’s pattern in questioning consists of calling on a student then asking the question... a. All students maybe encouraged to participate. b. The student called to answer maybe able to think well of his answer. c. The rest of the class may just dictate the answer. d. The rest of the class may not engage themselves in thinking of the answer 84. In order to avoid disgrace, a pregnant, unmarried woman takes drugs to induce abortion. Is she morally justified to do that? a. Yes, it can serve her and the child from disgrace when he grows up. b. No, the unborn child can not be made to suffer the consequences of the sins of his parents. c. No, the act of inducing abortion is bad in itself. d. No, it is better to prevent the child from coming into the world who will suffer very much due to the absence of a father. 85. In which way does heredity affect the development of the learner? a. By placing limits beyond which the learner can not develop. b. By compensating for what environment fails to develop. c. By blocking the influence of environment. d. By providing equal potential to all. 86. The cultivation of reflective & meditative skills in teaching is an influence of ___. a. Taoism c. Confucianism b. Shintoism d. Zen Buddhism 87. A child refuse to obey orders or displays negativism as a development trait. How may you best handle him? a. Take evry opportunity to praise him for every positive attitude display. b. Detain himafetr office hours for him to do what he has been ordered to do. c. Insist on compliance to the same degree required of pupils. d. Avoid giving him orders or if you do and he objects take back the order. 88. Which term refers to the collection of student’s products and accomplishment for a period of evaluation purposes? a. Portfolio c. Anecdotal record b. Observation report d. Diary 89. For comparing and contrasting, which graphic organizer is most appropriate? a. Cycle c. Story map b. Web d. Venn diagram 90. Laging UMUUKILKIL sa isipan ng ama ang nasirang pangako ng anak. a. Sumasagi c. Bumubuhay b. Gumugulo d. Sumasapi

91. Huwag kang maniniwala sa bulaklak ng kanyang matamis na dila. a. Ito’y panunukso c. Ito’y pagbibiro b. Ito’t pambobola d. Ito’y pagsisinungaling 92. If a resilient child with superior intelligence is reared in a poor environment the probable outcome would be. a. No change in IQ because environment deprivation has nothing to do with intelligence. b. Slight change in IQ although he can overcome frustration and obstacles. c. Mental retardation in IQ because he is culturally deprived. d. Total change in IQ because he is culturally adjusted. 93. Which of the following is usually considered the most important factor in a child’s observable classroom behavior? a. Intelligence c. Self-concept b. Heredity d. Cultural background 94. Section 5, Article XIV, of the Constitution states that academic freedom shall be enjoyed in a. Public assemblies c. All levels of learning b. State colleges and universities d. All institution of higher learning 95. A teacher who subscribes to the pragmatic philosophy of education believes that experience should follow learning in her teaching, she therefore exerts effort in..... a. Encouraging learners to memorize factual knowledge b. Equipping learners with the basic abilities and skills c. Requiring learners full mastery of the lesson d. Providing learners opportunities to apply theories and principles. 96. Freud expounded that there is a period when young boys experience rivalry with their father for their mother’s affection. This is... a. Oedipus complex c. Achilles syndrome b. Electra complex d. Cassandra syndrome 97. Education is a life long process. This simply means that education ...... a. May take place formally or informally to enable the individual to grow b. May take place anywhere and anytime the individual so desires c. Is a continuous process of experiencing and reorganizing experinces d. Take place in the school where the individual is expposed, self-contained experiences. 98. The tendency to imitate elders is very strong in the early childhood stage. Teachers should therefore be very good .... a. Counselors c . Disciplinarians b. Role models d. Facilitators of learning 99. How is Values Education offered in the National Secondary Education Curriculum? a. Emphasized in Science and Technology c. Integrated in all subject areas b. As a separate subject d. Integrated with Technology and Home Economics

100. The NSEC orients secondary education to ..... a. The teaching of the national symbols b. The development of competencies and values for social living c. Health values development d. National development requirements & reflects search based direction. 101. The child cannot distinguish abstracts during the sensory motor period of development. Which of these techniques should a teacher apply to accommodate learning? a. Make use of the individualize instruction c. Utilize concrete objects to clarify content b. Explain the lesson very well d. Provide variety of educational toys 102. Which of these sytems of learning includes ways and methods used in preserving and building certain traditions within cultural communities? a. Non-formal learning c. Cultural learning

b. Multi-level learning

d. Indigenous learning

103. Which of the following statements is TRUE in the use of experiments and demonstrations in teaching science. a. It is valuable if used in the context of a lesson that relates observation to other information b. It should be encouraged in elementary school since the concepts they encompass are difficult for your children c. It is as valuable as teaching by lecturing d. It is less valuable than teaching through inquiry and discussion. 104. Identical twins are more alike than fraternal twins. Which of the following statements/principles supported by this? a. Environmental affects both fraternal and identical twins. b. Intelligence hinges in physical structure c. Hereditary has a part in determining intelligence. d. Intelligence is determined partly by pre-natal nutrition. 105. Which of these philosophers is reflective of that of Dewey’s which stresses the development of an individual capable of reflective thinking specifically that of being able to solve the problem he faces individually or collectively. a. Disciplinarianism c. Experimentation b. Developmentalism d. Rationalism 106. Which of the following abilities is stressed by humanistic education? a. Learn the different philosophies of education b. Develop man into a thinking individual c. Enjoy the great works of man such as the classics d. Make man distinctly civilized, educated and refined. 107. An appreciation lesson is one that is designed to lead the class to conduct and enjoy something. Which of the following statements closely approximate the meaning of the above? a. An appreciation lesson should be a lesson in values. b. Appreciation lessons help pupils weigh and clarify values. c. One cannot fully appreciate what one does not understand or enjoy. d. A teacher should plan lessons that will guide children to appreciate what is beautiful. 108. Which of the following is the best time for a teacher to set up routine activities that will contribute to effective classroom management. a. As soon as the students have established c. During his homeroom days b. Daily at the start of the session d. On the very first day of school 109. In large classes where little of the work can be individualized, the most effective and practical ways to individualize instruction to_____. a. Devise group activities which afford every pupils an opportunity to work at his own. b. Give the pupils freedom to launch individual projects. c. Assign homework and check it regularly. d. Assigned program material for out-of-class hours. 110. Which of these is the MOST important principle that a teacher should follow in initiating a program of positive reinforcement? a. Make sure the reward comes immediately after the appropriate behavior. b. Punish negative behavior and reward positive behavior. c. Provide regular opportunity for socially acceptable behavior. d. Consider peer approval and recogniton. 111. The trend of focusing attention on the child’s interests, abilitites and needs and on the improvement of community living necessitate the use of the ____________. a. Discovery approach c. Integrative approach b. Conceptual technique d. Project method 112. The best way the teacher can be sure of the appropriateness of an instructional materials is to __. a. Consider its technical quality c. Consider its availability

b. Try it out before using it in class

d. Consider its cost

113. Task analysis involves the breaking down of a learning task into subtasks or sub-skills. Given a task to retell a story, which of the following skills is NOT needed? a. To disseminate information c. To identify topic sentences b. To outline a selection d. To arranged events in sequence 114. You are assigned to teach students with varied abilities. You want to teach a more homogenous grouping. Which type of grouping will tend to benefit your students? a. Mixed ability groupings c. With-in class ability grouping b. Low ability group d. High ability grouping 115. Which of the following examples illustrate the use of questions to focus pupil attention on the key points of the lesson? a. Why are machine-made goods cheaper than those made by hand? b. What is Rizal Park known for? c. Have you ever enjoyed watching the cluds on a bright day? d. Who came while I was writing on the blackboard? 116. The new teacher entered a noisy classroom. She shouted immediately at the students desperately trying to get order and discipline. Since then the teacher has not controlled the class. Which is the most probable cause of the teacher’s failure? a. The student’s reaction to the teacher is the consequence of the behavior. b. Rules are not defined and procedures to sustain order is not put into place. c. The new teacher wants to show the class who is the authority. d. The class wants to tests the ability and patience of the teacher. 117. The educational implementation of research findings relative to the ability of dull learners and bright learners to organize and generalize is for the teacher..... a. to make the bright learners guide the dull ones in learning to generalize. b. to make the bright learners to generalize and the dull ones to memorize. c. to give the dull learners to more concrete experiences to serve as basis for generalizing. d. to give both the dull and bright learners concrete and abstract experiences to serve as basis for generalizing. 118. Which of the following will you do FIRST to establish good class management? a. Discuss the required rules for proper class behavior. b. Discuss the work plan for the year. c. Prepare a seat plan d. Train the class in the distribution of materials. 119. A student was diagnosed to have a high IQ but is failing in his academic subject. What should the teacher do to help him? a. Talk to his parents c. Talk the student & find out his problem b. Examine his study habits d. Refer him to the guidance counselor 120. When do test, inventories and career information become effective for counseling service? a. When the data generated are interpreted on time by professionally competent person. b. The psychological test result are still valid and reliable. c. When the records are updated. d. When the records are kept for ready reference when needed. 121. Which of the following is a major advantage in using arithmetic mean? a. It is more commonly used than other measures. b. It discriminates between the lowest and the highest. c. It is simple to compute. d. It is more than stable than the median. 122. In preparing a multiple choice test how many options would be ideal? a. Five c. Any b. Three d. Four

123. Learners open find it much easier to fit into a new social situation when given encouragement and support. How can this be done? a. By giving him room responsibility c. By giving him special help b. By assigning “peers or buddies” to him. d. By discovering his new interest. 124. Who expounded on the need to sudy the child carefully for individualized instruction? a. Da Feltre c. Boccaccio b. Erasmus d. Ascham 125. Which of the following will you recommended to a senior high school scholar who is impregnated by a fellow student? a. Tell her parents about her condition c. Direct her to an abortion clinic b. Stop schooling till after she gives birth d. Force her boyfriend to marry her. 126. The government prescribes a higher percentage on the administration of educational institution to Filipino citizens in order to .... a. Minimize the unemployment problem c. Protect the rights of the citizen b. Procedure globally competitive graduates d. Ensure the teaching of Filipino. 127. Teachers should bear in mind that the period of greatest mental development is from: a. 9 to 12 years c. 6 to 9 years b. 12 to 15 years d. 3 to 6 years 128. Which of the following is the best situation wherein you can balance responsibility and accountability? a. A teacher paid on an hour basis, takes her time with the subject matter till end of period. b. A teacher paid on an hour basis, teaches as much as she could for durationof the period. c. A teacher paid on an hour basis, spends most of the time on the latest gossips in showbiz. d. A teacher paid on an hour basis, entertain her students with stories till the end of the period. 129. You have a pupil who is so talkative, naughty and aggressive that he is a burden to the entire members of the class. How would you remedy this problem? a. Call the parents for a dialogue c. Reprimand him always b. Report the case to the Principal d. Talk to him seriously 130. What should a teacher do before constructing items for a particular test? a. Prepare the table of specifications c. Determine the length of time for answering it b. Review the previous lessons d. Announce to students the scope of the test 131. Under which of the multiple choice type of test can this question be classified? “Which of the following statement expresses this concept in different forms? a. Association c. Difference b. Definition d. Cause 132. Of the following types of test which is the most subjective in scoring? a. Matching type c. Multiple choice b. Simple recall d. Essay 133. In which of these research methods can the researcher control certain variable? a. Experimental c. Descriptive b. Ex post facto d. Historical 134. During the first grading period, a student obtained failing marks in five academic subjects. Which of the following tests would explain his performance? a. Mental ability c. Attitude b. Personality d. Aptitude 135. Measuring the work done by a gravitational force is a learning task. At what level of cognition is it? a. Application c. Evaluation b. Knowledge d. Comprehension

136. Setting up criteria for scoring essay tests is meant to increase their ___. a. Objectivity c. Validity b. Reliability d. Usability 137. Which of the following will you do to an examinee you caught cheating and who offered you a certain sum of money to keep quiet. a. Motion him to keep quiet & watch for him after the examination. b. Confiscate his test paper & report him to the examinationsupervisor. c. Announce to all examinees the name of the cheater. d. Ignore him but let him feel that you saw him. 138. Which of the following is the best situation wherein you can balance rights and authority? a. Allow all their only daughter’s suitor to come and go as she pleases. b. Censor all their only daughter’s suitors. c. Choose a life-partner for their only daughter. d. Caution their only daughter’s choice of a boyfriend. 139. In testing which of the following is referred to as cultural bias? a. Test items are more familiar with some culture. b. Some culture do better on tests than others. c. Test will show who is more cultured. d. Cultured people do better on tests. 140. Which is the most obvious and familiar way of reporting variability? a. Range between highest and lowest scores. b. Standard deviation c. Standard error of the mean d. Distribution of raw scores 141. The theory of identical elements in learning holds that transfer is facilitated when the ____. a. Teacher uses different teaching devices b. Learner has a mastery of specific responses c. Development task is easily identifies d. Experience is similar to the application situation 142. If this need is not met the adolescent tends to be critical and always tries to find fault. This is the need. a. For recognition c.To belong b. For adventure d. For material security 143. The way a child talks, walks of manifest, gestures may have been learned from models he had been exposed. This explains _____. a. Affective c. Social b. Insight d. Cognitive 144. Audio-visual aids are used in classroom teaching to ____? a. Help make learning more permanent c. Help clarify important concept b. All of these d. Arouse & sustain student’s interest 145. Which of the following is the MOST important purpose for using achievement test? To measure the ____. a. Quality and quantity of previous learning c. Educational & vocational aptitude b. Quality and quantity of previous teaching d. Capacity for future learning 146. Which of the different types of test covers & wide variety of objectives? a. True-False c. Matching b. Multiple choice d. Essay 147. In a multiple choice test, keeping the options brief indicates ____. a. Inclusion in the item irrelevant clues such as the use in the correct answer. b. Non-inclusion of option that mean the same.

c. Plausibility and attractiveness of the item. d. Inclusion in the item any word that must otherwise repeated in each response. 148. Which of these criteria is the most important in test constructions? a. The stem should contain the central problem b. Items should be congruent with the objectives c. A table of specification should be prepared d. Options should be of almost the same length. 149. When do test, inventories and career information become effective for counseling service? a. When the data generated are interpreted on time by professionally competent person. b. The psychological test result are still valid and reliable. c. When the records are updated. d. When the records are kept for ready reference. 150. Which of the following should a teacher do if she cannot pay the monthly installment of an appliance she got from a department store in their town? a. Reject any notice of demand for payment to make the impression that she did not receive. b. Move to another neighborhood to escape payment. c. Inform the manager of the store personally and make a satisfactory arrangement of payment on or before the due date of payment. d. Offer to return the used on the monthly installment she paid.

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