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This is a nice book describing the wonderful healing art f prime reiki(Some of its applications"protection healing ...



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Sastra Vardhana ( )

Buku Manual Prime Reiki, Oleh Sastra Vardhana (

1 INTRODUCTION Prime Reiki is also known as Pusaka Ki. It was founded and developed by M. Anton Sulistyo and Pusoko KS in a series of energy meditation exercises during December 1999 - June 2002 period. The energy is a combination of a number of different energies: 1. Traditional reiki energy from Mikao Usui lineage 2. A special type of energy exercised and practiced by a lot of martial arts practicioners in Indonesia, generically known as inner power. The exercise involves a lot of breath exercises to maximise and access the energy stored in the hara (tantien) area. This energy is somewhat ‘cruder’ than the reiki and might feel similar to Qigong or pranic energy. In Indonesia, its main use is for physical and psychic defense purposes. Please be cautious when putting this energy into action. 3. A cleansing vortex-like energy, possibly linked with the ancient Maya civilisation in South America. This energy was channeled and added to Prime Reiki by a Javanese spiritualist who prefers to remain anonymous In October 2001, M. Anton Sulistyo created Prime Moment and introduced it to the Peace_on_Earth_ reiki community, making the energy accessible through selfattunement using the Moment Method. Prime Reiki or Pusaka Ki has three levels: level one, level two (personal master), level three (master/teacher). Self attunement using Moment will give you access up to level two. To be authorised to give attunements to other people, you have to get an attunement from a Prime Reiki Master/Teacher. This document is largely a translated version of Prime Reiki Indonesian manuals, but I have taken the liberty to add and subtract a few things and restructure several separate documents into two manuals (the other is the Master/Teacher level manual). This document only covers concepts and techniques which are specific to Prime Reiki and does not cover items taught in traditional reiki courses, such as chakras, hand position or concept of attunement. Up to now, Prime Reiki is distributed for free. I got my Master/ Teacher attunement in December 2005 from one of its founders, Mr. M Anton Sulistyo. LINEAGE Prime Reiki follows the traditional Usui Reiki lineage. It is though recommended for those interested in Prime Reiki to have had some experiences with Usui Reiki. The other two energies are developed by Indonesian Masters and in application are a bit different from the traditional reiki energy. SYMBOLS You can use Prime Reiki with or without symbols. However, a large of number of energy healers are drawn to using symbols. Here is a detailed explanation of each Prime Reiki symbol. Power Triangle (Ki Triangle) It functions very much like Cho Ku Rei. This is the first Prime Reiki symbol. You use this symbol for: • Accessing the Divine / Universal energy • Opening, clearing and activating chakras

Buku Manual Prime Reiki, Oleh Sastra Vardhana (

2 • • •

Breaking up energy blockages while balancing the energy at the same time Fortifying other symbols’ energy (when used in conjunction with other symbols) Creating a protective shield against physical and psychic attacks

Purifier Triangle This is the second symbol and represents the vortex-like cleansing energy added a bit later during the development of Prime Reiki . It is comparable to Sei Hei Ki in Usui Reiki. Cleansing process using this symbol might take days or weeks until all negativities are removed. Its main use is for destroying negative energies (either physical or psychic) in one’s energy system and throwing them out of the system. You can also use it for protection from negativity. Holy Sight Triangle The third symbol. It works somewhat like Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen but is more than just that. Use it for: • Sending distant healing (use with other symbols), even continuous distant healing • Performing distant scanning (only after your third eye (ajna) chakra has been activated and your intuition sharpened) • Strengthening one’s aura system or etheric body • Increasing sensitivity of your upper (crown, ajna, throat, heart) and palm / finger chakras • Manifesting goals/wishes Kundalini Triangle The forth symbol. It works very much like Kundalini symbol in other reiki variants. This symbol will activate your kundalini, help raise it along your main energy channel (sushumna) while at the same time clear and balance the channel. OM Triangle The fifth and Master symbol, just like Usui’s Dai Ko Myo. It is used for: • Sending an attunement • Accessing the Divine/Universal energy • Opening and closing one’s aura • Sealing an attunement process In addition, you can surely use the four well-known Usui Reiki symbols

Buku Manual Prime Reiki, Oleh Sastra Vardhana (




INNER POWER One aspect of the Prime Reiki energy is what is broadly known as ‘Inner Power’ and it is quite unique among the different reiki variants. In Indonesia, a large number of traditional and modern martial arts schools either specialise in exercising and practising this particular energy or add it as one of the tools used in self defense. The most common exercise method is breath exercises combined with meditation and/or performing various body movements to activate chakras and hara (tantien). Tantien is located three or four fingers below your navel, one third inside your body from the front. If a practicioner has reached a certain level, he/she can apply the energy as extra protection during a physical combat It will also protect her/him from psychic attack (black magic, etc). Its use for self-healing is not yet proven but certainly it can be used for healing other people, both in physical or non-physical illnesses. In a physical fight, the energy will respond to negative vibration or attacking intent generated by the other side. Without this negative intent, the energy will not work. Some practicioners feel this energy is more easily activated to give protection from non-physical (i.e psychic) attacks. In vibration / frequency, you might feel it less refined than the reiki energy. Some experts feel it is on the same frequency as pranic energy.

Buku Manual Prime Reiki, Oleh Sastra Vardhana (

4 In a Prime reiki attunement, the source of the energy inside our body, in the hara / tantien area, is activated, and the energy instantly accessible. Your kundalini will also be activated and part of its energy will be used. And through regular medibreath (that is, meditation plus breath) exercises its power will be increased. No symbol is to be used in accessing this aspect of Prime Reiki energy. The energy is to be applied wisely and cautiously as its misuse could cause fatality or a very severe injury. In Prime Reiki, the inner power techniques were adapted from the exercises taught in an Indonesian martial arts school named Persebeteda Seni Nafas Indonesia (roughly translated as ‘Indonesian Art of Breathing Inner Power Martial Arts School’). This writer studied inner power from several other schools, but the techniques are largely similar. In fact, a large percentage of Indonesian reiki practicioners have had some inner power basics, many of them learned it during the inner power ‘boom’ in the late 80’s – early 90’s MEDITATION These are a number of basic meditation techniques which are used before accessing Prime Reiki energy through Prime Moment or to help cleanse your whole energy system (chakras, channels and meridians). VIOLET BREATH TECHNIQUE (Also called Blue Kidney Breath) 1. Contract Hui Yin point, place tongue to roof of your mouth. 2. Draw in a breath imagining it as white light coming down through the crown chakra, through the tongue, down the front of the body through the Hui Yin point and up the spine filling the centre of the head. Visualise the white light turning blue and rotating clockwise, then turning violet. 3. Within the violet light, picture a golden Tibetan Master Symbol (or other attunement symbol). If you are not familiar with reiki symbols, just visualise golden light within the violet light 4. Exhale gently and visualise the symbol (or the golden light) on your breath coming down through your body from crown to base chakra (or all the way to your hand and feet chakras) BREATH OF THE FIRE DRAGON 1. Contract the Hui Yin (perineum) and place the tip of the tongue to the roof of the mouth (hold throughout). 2. Take 3 (or more) kidney breaths (Sapphire blue in, white out). 3. Breathe in white mist to your root chakra. Hold breath. The white mist comes up through the nerve bundles in the centre of your spine. Your brain turns white, sapphire blue, purple and gold.

TRIANGLE MEDITATION This is a special meditation commonly practiced in inner power martial arts schools in Indonesia to activate and cleanse chakras; to activate or strengthen inner power; and to increase sensitivity to energy vibration 1. Sit down, either on the floor with crossed legs or on a chair, spine erect 2. Place both hands on the lap, palms open facing up 3. Do relaxation for a few seconds, then close your eyes and pray to God for blessings, protection and guidance 4. Place tip of the tongue to the roof of the mouth

Buku Manual Prime Reiki, Oleh Sastra Vardhana (

5 5. Inhale through your nose slowly for 10 counts, visualise universal energy coming in through all your pores and burn all physical and mental negative energies (visualise the universal energy as bright white, electric purple or golden light) 6. Hold your breath for 10 counts, direct it on your tantien area (3-4 fingers below navel), contract muscles in that area 7. Exhale through your nose for 10 counts, visualise all negativities coming out of your body NOTE: There are some special mudras you can use to help focus the energy and strengthen your personal power. You can use the Sha Mudra as taught in Karuna Ki Do (both fists joined, fingers interlocked except for thumbs and index fingers which point forward), Kai Mudra also from Karuna Ki Do (both fists joined, all fingers interlocked), Gassho (you must be familiar with this), and Inner Power Mudra (place both fists on your knees separately, clench them with thumbs wrapped by all other fingers). Choose one that is comfortable to you or you can try each and feel the difference. In reiki and other energy modalities, there are numerous meditation techniques to cleanse your energy system, heal your self, reach enlightenment, sharpen intuition, clear your aura, pacify the mind, etc. You can use Prime Reiki while performing those meditations. If you are familiar to Hatsurei-Ho, you can use the technique to get connected, cleansed and empowered by Prime Reiki. APPLICATION OF PRIME REIKI. A. Application of Reiki aspect of the Energy Similar to other reiki variants, there are numerous ways you can use the energy. Your imagination is the limit of the possibilities. Here are just a few suggestions (please start and finish by offering some prayers to God/Allah/Divine/Spirit): 1. Energy charging Create a chi ball using Ki Triangle and/or Usui’s CKR (place both of your palms facing each other 30cm apart in front of you and visualise the symbols, intent that a brightly shining energy ball is formed). Push the chi ball into your body (through heart or navel areas). Make an intent / affirmation that the ball will energise your body. You can use the same method to energise other objects or persons. You may also intent that the charging energy be increased by twofold or threefold. 2. Chakra activation a. Make a chi ball using Ki Triangle and/or CKR. Push the chi ball into a certain chakra. Affirm that it will open, cleanse and activate the chakra. Use to yourself or other persons. It is advisable that you activate your crown and palm chakras before sending energy. Also activate the patient’s crown chakra. b. As an alternative, you can use Kundalini Triangle for chakra activation. The top of the triangle should lie on the top of the head of the patient, while the base of the triangle lies on his/her tail bone. The head of the Kundalini ‘snake’ is placed on the back of the patient’s head while the 3 ½ circle is placed on the very end of the tail bone. Wait a moment then push in the symbol to the patient’s body by making a sweeping motion with the your hand up from the bottom of the tail bone to the top of the head. This will clear and balance the main energy channel. Then make a chi ball using Ki Triangle and push it into the chakra to be activated. Intend that it open, clear and activate the chakra.

Buku Manual Prime Reiki, Oleh Sastra Vardhana (

6 3. Removal of negative energies Draw Purifier Triangle and/or SHK in front of the object/patient or make a chi ball using the symbol(s). Make it as large as the object, if possible. Intend that it clear the object and remove the negativities from it. You can use CKR or Ki Triangle to multiply the strength of the cleansing energy just by intent or the use of simple affirmations (‘please strengthen the energy by threefold’) 4. Distant healing Create a chi ball using HSZSN. Intend that the energy be sent to patient (name) in (place), then do healing as if the patient is in front of you. You can of course send healing to the past or future. Alternatively, you can use Holy Sight Triangle, which is also useful for distant scanning (draw the symbol on your third eye chakra then close your eyes and try to ‘see’ the patient, trust your intuition but remember that results may vary among different practicioners) 5. Emotional balancing 1. Create a chi ball using Purifier Triangle and place it on the patient’s third eye chakra 2. Repeat 1 using Ki Triange 3. Create a Purifier Triangle chi ball and place it on the back of his/her head 4. Repeat 3 using Ki Triangle 5. Place one of your palms on the patient’s third eye (or in front of it), the other palm on the back of his/head 6. Intend that Prime Reiki energy is sent to balance his/her emotional condition. This process might take 20-30 minutes. Patient might then laugh, cry, etc For healing, you can do normal reiki hand positions using the appropriate symbols. You can also do healing without symbols, purely by intent. It is recommended that you do self healing everyday to maintain your physical and mental health. SOME ADVANCED APPLICATION TECHNIQUES 1. Advanced chakra cleansing Create a Ki Triangle and/or CKR chi ball, place it on the chakra to be cleansed. Intend that it open, cleanse and activate the chakra. Then create a Purifier Triangle and/or SHK chi ball, place it on the chakra and intend that it comb and balance each of the chakra leaves. Lastly, create a Holy Sight Triangle and/or HSZSN chi ball, place it on the chakra and intend that it cleanse the core of the chakra. This technique is derived from a theory that postulates that each chakra consists of a core in the central part and leaves at the outside. 2. Manifesting goal(s) Create a Ki Triangle and/or CKR chi ball as large as a basketball. Make a wish using a positive sentence, repeat it 3-4 times. Intend that the wish be put into the chi ball and send the ball above to be nurtured by God. You can also DKM or Om Triangle. You can repeat the whole process every week or even everyday. You can also manifest goal(s) by placing the symbols on your third eye chakra then visualise that the goal is accomplished. Make the mental vision as clear as possible, as long as possible.

Buku Manual Prime Reiki, Oleh Sastra Vardhana (

7 3. Psychic protection Similar to manifesting goal(s). Use Om Triangle and/or (Ki Triangle, CKR, DKM). Intend that the object/person to be protected be put into the chi ball and affirm that the object/person is protected from any negativity. Then let the Divine take care of it. 4. Room cleansing Create a Purifier Triangle and/or CKR chi ball. Place the chi ball on the four corners of the room. Intend that it clear the room from any form of negativity (including negative entities). Please visualise the symbols in golden or electric violet. Another technique is to create the chi ball using all Prime and Usui reiki symbols and visualise the chi ball fill up the room with its energy. It will give the room a sacral and peaceful feeling 5. Weight reduction Create a chi ball using Purifier Triangle and/or SHK. Place it on the patient’s body (throught the heart or navel chakras). Affirm that all things which cause obesity be transmuted into light. 6. Advanced protection sphere This sphere will give both physical and psychic protection. This is an Inner Power technique but using Reiki symbols. Say we are to build a protection sphere for our friend Umar. 1. First do a short meditation to connect with the Prime Reiki energy. Do not forget to offer a prayer 2. Draw Power (Ki) Triangle and CKR on all six sides of Umar (left, right, front, rear, above, below). It will create a sphere of protection energy surrounding Umar 3. Draw a large Om Triangle or DKM symbol as large as Umar, either on the front or rear side of his body 4. Draw HSZSN and Holy Sight Triangle on top of Umar’s head. Intend that the protection sphere will follow Umar anytime anywhere he goes 5. Draw Purifier Triangle and SHK on Umar’s third eye and heart chakras. Intend that the energy will dispel any fear and add confidence 6. Lastly, affirm or intent that the protection sphere protect Umar from any physical and psychic attack You can be a bit creative with the affirmation. You might affirm that anyone attacking Umar become motionless or feel the pain on his/her chest, for instance. Again please be cautious so as not to give an excessive harm to anyone. How long the sphere is effective depends much on its creator (how much power he/she can channel, how strong his/her intention is, etc). You can create a protection sphere for your self. B. Application of Inner Power Aspect of the Energy Please be warned that misuse of this energy could cause fatalities or serious injuries. Please handle with great care and responsibility. To use the inner power aspect of the energy, please be familiar with two types of breath: 1. Push-out breath, in which we apply or direct the energy as we exhale quickly through our nose 2. Pull-in breath, in which we apply or direct the energy as we inhale through our nose It is advisable that before applying the energy you perform the Triangle Meditation for +/- 10 minutes. This will increase the power inside the Tantien that we are going to use.

Buku Manual Prime Reiki, Oleh Sastra Vardhana (

8 1. Creating a self protection sphere (or fence) 1. Pray to God, asking for safety, blessing and protection 2. Make an intention how long the protection sphere will be effective 3. Perform Triangle Meditation for 10 minutes 4. Now take a deep breath through your nose, direct the breath to the tantien area (3-4 fingers below the navel), contract/harden the abdomen muscles for a few seconds. Then do a push-out breath, that is exhale quickly and forcefully through your nose while making a swift pushing motion with both your palms forward. Add affirmation using positive sentences such as ‘anyone attacking me within one-meter radius will be pushed backward’ or ‘any physical or psychic attack against me will lose its power within one-meter radius’ 5. Repeat no 4 while facing the three other directions, upward and downward (for a total of 6 directions) 6. Lastly, seal your sphere (or fence). Join your palms in the tantien area, take a deep breath, exhale slowly and affirm that the protection sphere/fence stay locked and stable as long as possible, in the Name of God 2. Creating a protection sphere / fence for another person (say for Linda) 1. Do steps 1 to 3 of creating a self protection sphere 2. Take a deep breath, hold in the tantien area, contract the muscles there for a few seconds. Now exhale slowly while one of your palm making a horizontal circular motion encircling the other palm, which is now clenched. While doing that, visualise that the clenched palm is Linda and that your moving palm is creating a protective horizontal fence around her. Add affirmation similar to creating self protection sphere. You can repeat this process 2 or 3 times to fortify the horizontal fence 3. Repeat step 2, but do a vertical circular motion instead of horizontal. You can also do this 3 or 4 times. 4. The meeting points of the 2 circles are the sealing points. Now you are sealing Linda’s protection sphere. Take a deep breath, hold in the tantien area, now exhale swiftly and forcefully, affirm that the sphere / fence stay locked and stable as long as possible, in the Name of God 3. Creating an attracting sphere This is a technique to draw / attract things to come. You might use this technique to attract buyers to come to your shop, to make a friend come to your house, to attract money or to make a wayward son return 1. Do steps 1 to 3 of creating a protection sphere, replace protection sphere with attracting sphere 2. Now state an intent (‘this sphere will attract my destined soulmate to come and introduce himself’). Then clench one of your palm and move the other, which is open, making a horizontal circle around the clenched one. At the same time inhale slowly (that is the pull-in breath), visualise that you create an attracting sphere around the object. After a full circle has been shaped, do a push-out breath to seal the cirle. You can repeat this process 2 or 3 times 3. Repeat step 2, but do a vertical motion around the object. Do not forget to seal the sphere. Now your attraction sphere has been completed. 4. Healing using Inner Power a. Breaking negative energy or blockage (also applicable to patient possessed by an entity) 1. Take a deep breath, hold in the tantien 2. Visualise bright electric lightning-like energy flowing from tantien to your palm 3. Now do a push-out breath while visualising the lightning coming out of your palm into the afflicted area of the patient 4. Repeat the whole process 10 times or as many as you like.

Buku Manual Prime Reiki, Oleh Sastra Vardhana (


b. Cleansing or energy charging 1. Do step 1 and 2 above 2. Exhale slowly while visualising the lightning coming out of your palm into the afflicted area of the patient 3. Do as many times as you like c. Sealing aura / object with Divine healing energy 1. Do step 1 and 2 2. Do a push-out breath, visualise the lightning coming out of your palm into the afflicted area of the patient. Intend that the energy stay there until the patient is fully recovered 3. Do it only once 5. Clearing your aura and increasing your charisma 1. Visualise that you are sitting or standing at the centre of a bright golden pyramid 2. Inhale slowly, visualise that the pyramid is drawing universal energy (in golden or electric purple) 3. Hold your breath in your tantien as long as you can 4. Exhale slowly, visualise that your body and the pyramid are getting bigger 5. Repeat above steps, visualise that your body and the pyramid are continuously getting bigger, as big as you want This method will clear your aura, protect you from negativities and increase your charisma. With appropriate intent and visualisation, you can use this technique to protect your belongings or loved ones. NOTE FOR INNER POWER TECHNIQUES: A number of martial arts schools in Indonesia and other Eastern countries teach their students techniques to compact, focus and direct this special energy to specific areas of the body, so that those body parts can withstand impact of hard objects (metal, wooden stick, etc), or the students can break an object of hard material (a piece of steel, brick, a block of ice, etc) using parts of.their bodies. This is not part of Prime Reiki teachings, because it takes a series of very specialised breath and physical exercises, but the possibility is there. PRIME MOMENT Founders of Prime Reiki insist that the energy be spread as widely as possible, as freely as possible. One of the most effective ways of spreading the energy is by allowing people to self-attune to this energy, freeing them from the necessity of finding a teacher. ‘Moment Method’tm is a concept of creating a bubble of a certain type of energy beyond time and space, thus allowing people to access the energy or get themselves attuned to the energy. Imagine that there is a chamber in the universe filled with a specific type of energy, and you are given permission to enter the chamber and access the energy for various purposes. That is the concept of Moment. This concept is the brainchild of Nathan Ray Stephenson, founder of Siddheartha Reiki. He created Siddheartha Moment, allowing people to get attuned to Siddheartha Reiki without the help of a Siddheartha Reiki Master. This flexible system was then refined and developed by Sami Pajunen, who created a large number of Moments, including the popular Sufi Moment and Peace Moment, through his Peace_on_Earth_ yahoogroup.

Buku Manual Prime Reiki, Oleh Sastra Vardhana (

10 A number of reiki masters began to develop new moments, which allow people to get attuned to various modalities, such as Taokan Karuna and Taokan Seichim (developed by Jason Storm), Green Reiki (developed by Nursyifa Muhammad Sapta Amalaa) and Reiki Nur Ilahi (developed by Ferizal Syukur). The only drawback of Moment that its quality depends very much on the condition of the Master at the time (s)he created it. Ideally the Moment creator should be in a very good physical, mental and spiritual health, his/her energy flowing very well, his/her heart full of compassion and his/her ego well in check. Moment is until these days quite a controversial concept, a significant number of reiki masters are doubting its effectiveness. It certainly is effective and thus the founders of Prime Reiki saw it as a wonderful facility to distribute Prime Reiki. M Anton Sulistyo created Prime Moment in October 2001, enabling those who interested to be attuned to all aspects of the energy. By doing self-attunement using this method, you have access up to level 2 of Prime Reiki. To advance to Master/Teacher level, you have to ask a Prime Reiki Master/Teacher to give the attunement. The Prime Moment ‘formula’ is inner power activation through activation of tantien chakra, kundalini activation through activation of base chakra and reiki attunement, all in a single process wrapped in an earnest request for God’s blessings, protection and guidance. You can use Prime Moment for various purposes: purifying your body and mind, activating your inner power system, increasing your power, healing etc. Yet its main use is for self-attunement. This section will discuss various uses of Prime Moment 1. Purifying your body, soul, mind and chakras 1. Pray to God, asking for His blessings, guidance and protection 2. Do Violet Breath, Dragon Fire or Triangle Meditation for 10 minutes 3. Make this affirmation I am now entering the Prime Moment. In this Prime Moment, I now ask to access the energy of Prime Moment to cleanse my body, soul, mind, chakras as a glad, free gift of God/Allah/Divine Love and Will. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. Pause for a minute, wait for the transmission to start, then affirm: I am now inside the Prime Moment and receiving the cleansing of my body, soul, mind, chakras as a glad, free gift of Spirit, as a glad, free gift of God/Allah/Divine Love and Will. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. 4. Meditate for at least 10 minutes and note any sensation you might get. The cleansing might give you warm, itchy, cold or tingling sensation on your chakras, palm, backbone or body. It is also normal to feel no sensation at all. 5. Thank God for His mercy If you are a beginner to energy work, do this process everyday for 12 days in a row. It will prepare your energy system for further attunement to Prime Reiki. If you are an experienced healer, do this process at least once before the attunement. 2. Attuning to Prime Reiki Do steps 1 and 3 above (skip the preparatory meditation), the only difference is your affirmations:

Buku Manual Prime Reiki, Oleh Sastra Vardhana (

11 I am now entering the Prime Moment™. In this Prime Moment™, I now ask the Prime Reiki™ Level 1 attunement for myself as a glad, free gift of God’s Love and Will. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. Pause for a minute, wait for the transmission to start, then affirm: I am now inside the Prime Moment and receiving these Prime Reiki Level 1 attunement for myself as a glad, free gift of God’s Love and Will. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. For activating your inner power system, increasing your inner power or sending distant healing through Prime Moment, perform exactly the same steps above (pray for protection, do preparatory meditation, enter Prime Moment, affirm that you are receiving the transmission, meditate for at least 10 minutes and note any, or lack of, sensation, close by say thanks to God ). The only difference is of course the affirmation / intent that you recite. CONCLUSION Please pay a visit to our website in and merge into milist, so that can obtain practice schedule with and other information. Please contact us: Sastra Vardhana (Spirit Of Chi) Address: Apartemen Permata Surya I Blok.A No.201, Perumahan Taman Surya V, Cengkareng Jakarta Barat (11830) - Indonesia Phone: +62-21-68656963 or 92660464, Hand Phone: +62-21-81311088060 Email: [email protected] atau [email protected] Milist: Website:

Buku Manual Prime Reiki, Oleh Sastra Vardhana (

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