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November 15, 2017 | Author: Gustavo Bautista | Category: Pride And Prejudice, Jane Austen, British Satirical Novels, Fictional Nobility
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Pride and Prejudice Story Notes

Chapter 1 o Mr. and Mrs. Bennet of the Longbourn estate. o Mrs. Bennet has been told that a "young man of large fortune from the north of England" is moving to Netherfield, an estate near theirs, and she has designs on marrying him to one of her daughters. o Mrs. Bennet says that Mr. Bennet must go and see Bingley, the new neighbor, "as soon as he comes," and that he should think of his daughters and what a good marriage it would be.

Chapter 2 o Elizabeth, as well as three of her four sisters, Kitty, Mary, and Lydia are briefly introduced in chapter two. o While in Chapter one Mr. Bennet teases his wife saying he will not visit Bingley as soon as he arrives, in Chapter two we learn that indeed "Mr. Bennet was among the earliest of those who waited on Mr. Bingley."

Chapter 3 o Bingley is invited to dinner when he returns Mr. Bennet's visit, but declines the offer, as he must go to town on business. o He returns in time for a ball at Sir William and Lady Lucas' (neighbors of the Bennet's), and brings his sisters and his friend, Mr. Darcy.

Chapter 4 o When Jane and Elizabeth are alone, Jane admits how much she admires Bingley, and that she finds his sisters, Miss Bingley and Mrs. Hurst, charming. o Elizabeth however, wonders at how her sister never finds fault with anybody, and how she can be "so honestly blind to the follies and nonsense of others."

Chapter 5 o Sir William and Lady Lucas are further introduced. They have many children, and their oldest daughter Charlotte, is a good friend of Elizabeth's. o The Miss Lucases and the Miss Bennets discuss the ball, dwelling much on the pride of Mr. Darcy.

Chapter 6 o The Bennet sisters get to know Miss Bingley and Mrs. Hurst more, and while Bingley's sisters would like to know Jane and Elizabeth better, they have no use for their mother or their two younger sisters. o Elizabeth tells Charlotte that she thinks it is good that Jane does not flaunt her good feelings for Bingley, and Charlotte says that she should show them more if she wishes anything to come of

Chapter 7 o Catherine and Lydia, the two youngest Bennet sisters often visit Mrs. Phillips in Meryton, as it is only one mile away. o From her they learn that a militia regiment is stationed in Meryton. Every day they learn more about the officers, and they soon become acquainted with some of them. Miss Bingley and Mrs. Hurst invite Jane to Netherfield for dinner.

Chapter 8 o The Bingley sisters abuse Elizabeth when she is not around for what they see as pride and a lack of manners. They feel sorry for Jane because of her family and its lack of connections to make her a good match.

Chapter 9 o Mrs. Bingley and her two youngest daughters come to Netherfield to visit Jane. Although she is now much better, it is decided that she should not be moved yet. o Lydia reminds Bingley that he said he would have a ball, and he agrees to have one when Jane is well.

Chapter 10 o Jane continues to get better and much of the day is spent in the drawing-room with reading, letter writing and music.

Chapter 11 o Jane is feeling better, and after dinner she comes into the drawing-room for a few hours where she and Bingley spend much time talking over by the fire.

o Miss Bingley asks Bingley if he is serious about having a ball at Netherfield, and he says that he is. 

Chapter 12 o Elizabeth and Jane decide to return home, but when they send a note home asking for the carriage, their mother creates reasons why they cannot have it yet. o Elizabeth talks Jane into borrowing Bingley's carriage, but it is decided that they will not leave Netherfield until the next day. o Darcy realizes that he has paid too much attention to Elizabeth and tries not to speak to her too much.

Chapter 13: o Mr. Bennet reveals that he has received a letter from a stranger who will be arriving to stay with them a few days. o The Bennet's estate will go to Mr. Collins on Mr. Bennet's death, as the Bennets have no sons.

Chapter 14: o At dinner Mr. Collins expounds on the virtues of Lady Catherine de Bourgh extensively, as well as her residence, Rosings Park.

Chapter 15: o Mr. Collins has decided to ask Jane to marry him, but when he tells Mrs. Bennet of his desire, she tells him that she expects Jane to be soon engaged to another and Collins soon changes to Elizabeth. o Lydia, Kitty, Jane, Elizabeth and Collins walk to Meryton and come across Mr. Denny, an officer acquainted with Lydia.

Chapter 16: o The Bennet's carriage takes the five sisters and Mr. Collins to dinner at the Philips' the next day, where Mr. Wickham will also be dining. Wickham and Elizabeth spend quite some time talking, and she tells him that everyone is disgusted with Darcy's pride. o Wickham tells Elizabeth that Darcy's father was "one of the best men that ever breathed, and the truest friend he ever had."

Chapter 17 o The next day Elizabeth tells Jane all that Wickham has told her. o Jane feels that there must be some misunderstanding on some side, as it is impossible that any man of common humanity could treat his father's favorite in such a way. o Elizabeth still believes Wickham, and will wait until Darcy tells her different.

Chapter 18: o It is not until Elizabeth is at the ball that she realizes that Wickham may not attend because of Darcy. o Elizabeth is then taken by surprise by Darcy, and before she realizes it, has agreed to dance the next two dances with him.

Chapter 19: o Mr. Collins finds Mrs. Bennet, Kitty and Elizabeth in the drawing room, and asks for some time alone with Elizabeth. o Elizabeth anxiously asks the others not to leave, knowing what is coming, but then decides it is better to get it over with. After Collins gives Elizabeth his reasons for wanting to marry, including that Lady Catherine advised it, he asks Elizabeth to marry him.

o Elizabeth states that it is impossible for her to accept, as they would not make each other happy. 

Chapter 20: o Collins tells Mrs. Bennet that he is not concerned about Elizabeth's refusal, but Mrs. Bennet is. o She calls on Mr. Bennet to speak to Elizabeth and talk her into marrying Collins. o When Mrs. Bennet tells Elizabeth that she will never see her again if she refuses Mr. Collins, Mr. Bennet says that he will never see her again if she accepts. Elizabeth continues to refuse.

Chapter 21: o Mr. Collins begins to ignore Elizabeth, and his attentions are transferred to Miss Lucas. After breakfast, the girls walk to Meryton and meet Wickham, who tells Elizabeth that he was not at the ball because he did not want to be in the same room as Darcy for so long.

 Chapter 22: o The next day the Bennets dine with the Lucases, and Elizabeth is grateful to Charlotte for attending to Collins. o The two are engaged to be married in a short time, and when Charlotte tells Elizabeth, she cannot believe it. o She feels that it is a mistake for Charlotte to marry Collins, and that she will not be happy. Mr. Collins returns to his parish, saying that he will return soon.

Chapter 23:

o Sir William calls on the Bennets to announce the engagement of his daughter to Collins, and now it is Mrs. Bennet's turn to think it impossible, but the family is soon convinced. o The relationship between Elizabeth and Charlotte changes, as Elizabeth feels that here can be no real confidence between them any longer.

Chapter 24 o Jane receives another letter from Miss Bingley, stating that they will indeed stay in London all winter. o Mrs. Bennet continues to speak of Bingley, and Jane confides to Elizabeth how much pain it brings her. o Elizabeth continues to speak against the marriage of Charlotte and Collins to Jane, and continues to insist that it must be the influence of Bingley's sisters and Darcy that keeps Bingley away from Jane.

Chapter 25 o Mr. Collins returns to his parish, and soon Mrs. Bennet's brother and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Gardiner arrive for the Christmas holidays.

Chapter 26 o Mrs. Gardiner warns Elizabeth to be on her guard around Wickham, encouraging her not to let her fancy run away with her and not to disappoint her father. o Mr. Collins returns to Longbourn, and he and Charlotte are married and return to Kent, after Charlotte asks Elizabeth to come and see her. o Jane has now been in London for four weeks, and has not seen Bingley or heard from his sister.

Chapter 27 o January and February pass with no great events, and in March Elizabeth prepares to visit Charlotte with Sir William and Maria, his other daughter. o They spend a night in London on the way, so Elizabeth is able to visit Jane and Mrs. Gardiner.

Chapter 28 o Elizabeth, Sir William and Maria arrive at the parsonage, and Collins and Charlotte greet them and show them around the grounds. o Collins shows everything to Elizabeth as if he is showing her what she is missing for having refused him.

Chapter 29 o The next day Collins talks about on how lucky they all are that they were invited to dine so soon after arriving. o After dinner Lady Catherine asks Charlotte about concerns, giving her advice on even the smallest details about running her house. o She then asks Elizabeth many questions, and is quite surprised to find out that they had no governess in a house with five girls. o Lady Catherine is shocked at Elizabeth and how she does not answer all of her questions

Chapter 30 o Sir William returns home when he sees that his daughter is comfortably settled with her husband.

o Now and then Lady Catherine comes to visit and advise Charlotte on how to do things differently at her house. o The party dines at Rosings about twice a week, and a few weeks later Darcy comes to visit. o Darcy soon comes to visit at the Collins', and Elizabeth asks him how it happened that her sister Jane could be in London for three months and he never happened to see her there

Chapter 31 o The bonnets are at a party o Elizabeth is paying the piano and mr. darcy seems to be getting jealous when Fitzwilliam approaches Elizabeth to have a conversation o Elizabeth notices how darcy seems to have no affection to the women he is supposedly going to marry.

Chapter 32 o Darcy goes to visit Elizabeth o Elizabeth asks darcy if mr. bingly will return to netherfield o Darcy respond by saying he wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t then excuses himself when charlotte and her siter arrives o Darcy starts visiting more frequently

Chapter 33 o Darcy appears more frequently in elizabeths life o Elizabeth wonders why darcy has been appearing more often in her life o Find Fitzwilliam waliking in the park o They both have a conversation on darcy and bingly and certain matters that deal with lady darcy o Elizabeth gets a head ache and doesn’t go to ladu catherines house

Chapter 34 o Darcy visits Elizabeth while she is alone and everyone else is visiting lady Catherine o Darcy admits his love to Elizabeth and asks her to marry him but she refuses because he separated her sister from getting married to bingly

Chapter 35 o Darcy finds Elizabeth at the park and gives her a letter explaning the situation of why he separated bingly from jane and why he mistreated wickham

Chapter 36 o Elizabeth reads the letter darcy has given her then starts to understand the reason why darcy acted the way he did toward his sister and wickham

Chapter 37 o Darcy and Fitzwilliam leave Rosings o Elizabeth is eager to return home from rosings

Chapter 38 o Elizabeth leaves lady Catherines house the spends a couple of days at mr. gardiners house

Chapter 39 o The bennet sisters meet up with Catherine and want to convince their father to take them to brighton o Lydia explains her current situation of mr wickham and how there might be a possibility of him marrying someone else instead of her

Chapter 40 o Elizabeth tells jane of the letter she received from darcy and its contents accept anything that dealt with her o Jane and eizabeth want to tell other people of the things mister wickham has been doing

Chapter 41 o Lydia is invited to go live in brighton with Mr. foster o All thought of the bonnets going together to brighton stops o Mr. Bennet acts in sarcasm of letting Lydia go live in brighton o Lydia leaves with Mrs. Foster to live in brighton o Elizabeth find new appreciation for darcy

Chapter 42 o Plan to visit the lakes while traveling gets canceled and is instead replaced by visiting Derbyshire o The gardiners leave their children in care of jane then head on their trip with jane to Derbyshire o Elizabeth gets nervous of visiting Derbyshire because darcy lives there but ater finds out that darcy is not home in Derbyshire over the summer

Chapter 43 o When Elizabeth sees pemberly woods she meets darcys mistress that nothing bad to say about darcy o Then she later sees darcy and begins to speak with him

Chapter 44 o When visiting darcy Elizabeth finds the binglys also visiting pemberly and is determined to find out what feelings beingly has for jane

Chapter 45 o Mrs. Bingly watches how darcy acts around Elizabeth then later criticizes her after she leaves pemberly

Chapter 46 o Lydia runs off with wickham and Elisabeth is tod to go home from her travels o The family starts falling apart Mr. bennet goes in search of Lydia o Elisabeth believes she is losing grace with mr. darcy

Chapter 47 o Elizabeth wonders about wickhams and Lydias relationship while traveling back home o Mrs. Bennet falls ill then elzibath takes care of her

Chapter 48 o The search for Lydia ends because they can find no clues on her where abouts

Chapter 49 o Two days after the return of mr. bennet the where abouts of Lydia ins known o Mr. wickham plans to marry Lydia only after her parents are dead so he may receive money from them

Chapter 50 o Elizabeth tell darcy of her household situation concerning Lydia and he decides to help by giving money to wickham

Chapter 51 o

Wickhham and Lydia arrive at the bonnets house with the bonnets mad at wickham

o Lydia brags about how happy she is about her marriage and how happy she is whie Elizabeth get annoyed about her bragging 

Chapter 52 o Elizabeth learns from her aunt on how darcy foud wickham and her sister and how darcy helps with payments wickham is requesting from the bonnets

Chapter 53 o Mrs. Bennet hears that mr. bungly will be coming to visit netherfield o Mr. bennet refuses to invite bingly over to their house o Bingly and darcy visit the bonnets o Bingly speaks to jane and darcy doesn’t say a word to Elizabeth

Chapter 54

o Bingly and darcy go visit the bonnets because they were invited to dinner o Bingly sits next to jane o Elizabeth wants to speak to darcy bit she didn’t get a chance to o Jane is uncertain if she will be able to marry mr. darcy 

Chapter 55 o Darcy goes to london o Mr.bingly visists more often o Mrs. Bennet tries to get jane and bingly alone on obvious attempts and she succeeds o Elizabeth walks in to the room where bingly and jane were left alone and learns that they hae gotten engaged

Chapter 56 o Lqdy Catherine goes to visit Elizabeth to speak with her if the rumors were true that she is engaged with dark o Elizabeth responds with a no then ady Catherine asks Elizabeth to promise not to get engaged to darcy if the chance comes but Elizabeth refuses

Chapter 57 o After lady Catherine is gone Elizabeth thinks about how lady Catherine might try to make darcy change her opinion on her o Mr. bennet recives a letter of congratulations on how jane is engaged to bingly and hopes that Elizabeth and darcy will also get engaged

Chapter 58 o Darcy returns from London and goes to visit jane and Elizabeth along with bingly o Darcy and Elizabeth are left alone o They speak of the past events that have occurred and darcy says he still feels the same about Elizabeth and Elizabeth feels the same

Chapter 59 o Darcy and ekizabeth get engaged o Mr. and mr. bennet are shocked to hear of the news because they always thought that elizabeth despised darcy o Mrs. Bennet end up happy knowing tha she head married of all of her three daughters

Chapter 60 o Elizabeth asks darcy why does he love her and why he stood quiet during his visits o He responds by saying that he oves her because of the way she thinks and he admit being nervous during his visits

Chapter 61 o The daughter are happily married o Later wickham start losing affection to Lydia o Lydia often asks money from her sisters

Characters o Mary bennet 

Conceited and dumb

o Mr. bingly 

Darcys best friend

Rents out estates near bennets

He is a very social person

o William Collins 

clergymen, is cousin to Mr Bennet and heir to the Longbourn estate

wanted to marry jane but later wants to marry Elizabeth

o lady Catherine de bough

she used to be beautiful

is athourative

o Georgiana Darcy 

Fitzwilliam Darcy's younger sister

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