Preparation for CSS Examination Pakistan

August 22, 2017 | Author: usman283 | Category: Test (Assessment), Essays, Science, Cognition, Psychology & Cognitive Science
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Preparation for CSS Examination Pakistan Preparation for CSS Examination Pakistan Preparation for CSS Examination Paki...


Preparation for CSS Examination Pakistan Preparation for CSS written Exam About 5000 students appear in CSS Exam every year. 600 to 900 out of the 5000 qualify the written Test. If you are the one who will appear in the coming CSS Exam, Remember that you have to compete against 5000 students in Exam. It is very easy to qualify and get higher grades in CSS Exam provided you work hard and work in directed way. Most of the students fail the test in spite of hard work because their efforts are mis-directed, they don’t know what is worth studying for preparation for CSS Exam. I will here share the experience of students who qualified the test securing higher grades so that you can benefit from it. CSS Exam is designed to check your educational skills, aptitude and competence in various aspects. In order to qualify CSS Exam you should really be an intelligent, sharp minded, alert, well-informed and well versed person. Only a book work cannot qualify the test if he is unaware of surrounding. It means CSS Exam tests both your educational skills as well as general skills. Because a big part of your COMPULSORY SUBJECTS consists of General Knowledge which is something you cannot only get from books. First we will talk about how to groom your educational skills and then general skills. You have to appear in 12 subjects, 6 out of which are compulsory and rests are Optional.

Subject-Wise Preparation for CSS EXAM CUMPULSORY SUBJECTS ENGLISH ESSAY: In English Essay you are asked to write an COMPREHENSIVE ESSAY (2500 – 3500 words) on one topic in given topics. In essay they check your writing skills, grammar, expression and thoughts. For English Essay, you must have excellent writing skills, grammatical correction and beautiful and mature expression. Try to read English Newspaper daily, English Grammar, Essays in order to groom your writing skills. CURRENT AFFAIRS: For Current Affairs, read daily Newspaper and listen to daily News. Study Relations with other countries, internal and external affairs. You should be well informed about current political and general situation. Good books like “who is who and what is what” etc are very helpful in general preparation. EVERYDAY SCIENCE: For everyday science study the books of Matric/O-level and FSc/A-level. All the questions set in paper of everyday science are extracted from these books. Questions are asked about Scientific Laws and principles, Experiments, Scientific Terms, Processes etc. PAKISTAN AFFAIRS: For Pakistan Affairs, you should study good books of Pak Studies, History, Relations with other countries, internal and external affairs, Political and general events of Pakistan, Daily News papers and other good books like “The struggle of Pakistan by I.H Qureshi” etc. ISLAMIYAT: For Islamiyat study text books (Bachelor and master level) as well as other Islamic books like Bahesht-i-Zewar etc. Learn a lot of Hadees and Quranic verses withtranslation to write them in answer as references. Study the Basic Concepts andknowledge of Islam.

OPTIONAL SUBJECTS Correct selection of papers from optional subject is very important for high marks in test. Select those subjects which you have studied in your previous classes and those subjects which you have full command on. Study books of bachelor and master level for these subjects (if possible).

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