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May 19, 2018 | Author: Edward Cruz Chavez | Category: Backup, Oracle Database, Databases, Information Retrieval, Computer File
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Descripción: practica oracle numero 8 unidad 14 15 16...


Practice 8: {Units 14, 15 y 16} Unit 14

1. Enable ARCHIVELOG mode connected as SYSDBA. - EM > Aa Aa!l !lab ab!l! !l!t" t" > Bac#$%&Recoe'" > Set$% > Recoe'" Sett!n(s - S)L> AL*ER AL*ER DA* DA*ABASE ARCHIVELOG+ ,!le te database !s !n te MO/0* state 2. *o $n $nde'stand lo lo(!c e' e''o's !n !n a%%l!cat!ons3 a%%l!cat!ons 3 "o$ can $se Lo(M!ne'. Lo(M!ne'. E4am!ne te 'edo o5 t'ansact!ons6 - EM > Aa! Aa!lab lab!l!t !l!t" " > V!e V!e and and Mana(e *'ansact!ons 7.

Sett!n( te M**R ta'(et. - EM > Related elated L!n#s L!n#s sect sect!on !on > Ad!so' Cent'al > M**R Ad!so'

- EM > Aa!lab!l!t" > Recoe'" Sett!n(s - Re!e FAST_START_MTTR_TARGET %a'amete' 8.

M$lt!%le4!n( Cont'ol 9!les - Re!e e'e cont'ol :les a'e located ,so %a'amete' cont'ol;:les - Add!n( a cont'ol :le man$all" Alte' S Mana(e C$''ent Bac#

%$1?. 'ie(ing Backup Reports.

- EM > Aa!lab!l!t" > Bac#$% Re%o'ts 11. &onitoring the Flash Reco)er* Area. - EM > Aa!lab!l!t" > Recoe'" Sett!n(s 12. Using the R&A! Co++and Line. - Sta't RMA0 and connect to te ta'(et database c,- r+an - E4ec$te con:($'at!on commands RMAN> CONFIGURE DEFAULT DEVICE TYPE TO disk+ RMAN> CONFIGURE DEVICE TYPE DISK BACKUP TYPE TO COPY+ RMAN> CONFIGURE CONTROLFILE AUTOBACKUP ON+

- /s!n( RMA0 to ma#e an !ma(e co%" o5 all te database :les


- RMA0 to 'emoe te a'c!e lo( :les a5te' bac#!n( tem $%. RMAN> BACKUP DATABASE PLUS ARCHIVELOG DELETE INPUT;

- C'eate a bac#$% o5 %'e!o$s !ma(e co%!es o5 all data :les and cont'ol :les !n te DB. RMAN> BACKUP COPY OF DATABASE;

Unit 16

/0. Check the )1reco)er23ile d*na+ic per3or+ance )ie( to get a co+plete list o3 the 3iles that need attention. - Rename data :les !le DB !s s$tdon. - *'" to sta't te DB SELECT na+e4 error  FR& )1data3ile 5"! )1reco)er23ile US"!6 73ile89# /:. Re)ie(ing the Data Reco)er*  Ad)isor. -  A)aila;ilit*  Manage  Per3or+ Reco)er*  Ad)ise and Reco)er  -
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