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Nama pelajar : _______________________________ Kelas : _________________ Question 1 Read the text below. The first line is correct .For the remaining lines; there is one grammatical error in each line. The errors have been underlined for you. Write the correct word in the space provided. An example has been given. The correct word must not change the meaning of the sentence. There are no spelling errors in this text.

Read the following fable and try to figure out the lesson a.

behind it. An story starts with a farmer’s wife sitting in front of a

a) The

b. c.

pear tree full of nightingales. There am only small fruits on the tree. The big ripe ones had been picked and sold by hers

b) c)


husband. One day the tree stopping bearing fruits. The farmer



quickly took his axe to cut it down. The tree cry out, “Please stop! I have given you many



pears.” But the farmer didn’t care. Then the nightingales said, “You wife always rests here in



the shade. Please stop!” He laughed. Suddenly a swarm of bee flew out of the



tree. “If you stop now, we will gives you delicious honey every


i. j. k.

single day.” The greedy farmers put his axe away. He wondered how he had not thought of that. So he kept the tree and grew more flowers in he garden

i) j) k)

for honey. [10 marks] Question 2 Read the following text. Then answer questions (a) – (j).



[10 marks] Question 3



g) Fill in the blanks with an appropriate word or phrase from the advertisement.




12 o’clock in the afternoon



Saturday and Sunday

(1 mark)

h) Where are the flowers from the florist from? ______________________________________________________________________ 3

SULIT (1 mark) i)

What services do you have to take your pets for to make them look good? ______________________________________________________________________ (1 mark)

j) You have to buy your father a gift for his birthday. Pick a place to go to where you can shop for his gift. In about 50 words, write an email to your sister who is away, about your choice. In your email:  Write about why you decided on that shop  Give reasons to support your choice  Add other relevant information to make your writing interesting. To: From: Dear _________________________, _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ [10 marks] Question 4 Read the poem below. Then answer the following questions.

Sad I Ams by Trevor Millum I am

I am

the ring

the battery in which no charge is left

from an empty Cola can

the starter motor which remains inert

the scrapings

the tyre on which the tread is worn

from an unwashed porridge pan

the sparking plug which shows no sign of 4

SULIT the severed arm of last year’s Action Man.

spark the carburettor choked by bits of dirt the chromium trim from which the shine has gone

I am the envelope

I am

on which the gum is gone

a garden

the Sellotape

overgrown with weeds

where you can’t find the end

a library book

the toothless stapler, springless bulldog

that no one ever reads


a stray

the dried-up liquid paper

which no one thinks to feed

that mars instead of mends

a piece of good advice

the stamped addressed reply

which no one seems to need.

that you forgot to send.

a) Why do you think the porridge pan is dirty? b) ___________________________________________________________________ ___ c)


mark) d) Why can’t the envelope be sealed? e) ___________________________________________________________________ ___ f)


mark) g) Why can’t the liquid paper be used anymore? h) ___________________________________________________________________ ___ i) j)


mark) If you see a stray animal, what would you do? k) ___________________________________________________________________ ___ l)


mark) m) Where do you think most of the items mentioned in the poem could be found? n) ___________________________________________________________________ ___ o)



p) marks]


q) 5

SULIT r) Question 5 s) Read the middle part of King Arthur’s story below. Then answer the following questions. t) u) When King Arthur returns home, he tells Merlin that he wants to marry Guinevere. v) However, Merlin warns King Arthur not to marry her as there will be a dark future for both of them. w) King x) Arthur ignores Merlin’s advice and builds a new castle for Guinevere which he names y) Camelot. z) One day, Merlin tells King Arthur that he is losing his magical powers and that he will have aa) toab) leave King Arthur. He gives King Arthur a magic sword and tells him not to break the sword; ac) otherwise King Arthur would be nothing. ad) Three weeks later, King Arthur marries Guinevere. There is a great celebration in the ae) kingdom but Morgan predicts that King Arthur and Guinevere will not be happy. Guinevere gives af) ag)Arthur a large round table. King Arthur says only the strongest knights will be able to sit at the King ah) table. ai) aj) King Arthur starts a competition to find the best knights in England. The first contender is ak) and no one can defeat him. Then, Lancelot arrives and manages to beat Gawain. Gawain al) Lancelot is named the first knight of the Round Table and soon Arthur and Lancelot become good am) friends. an) ao) During his reign, Arthur travels to the villages to see his people. They are very grateful to ap)because there is peace, harmony and prosperity. him aq) ar) as) a) Why does Merlin forbid King Arthur from marrying Guinevere? at) ___________________________________________________________________ ___ au)


mark) b) What is the name of the castle built by King Arthur for Guinevere? av) ___________________________________________________________________ ___ aw)


mark) c) How does King Arthur find the best knights in the country? ax) ___________________________________________________________________ ___ ay)


mark) d) What is the relationship between King Arthur and Lancelot? az) ___________________________________________________________________ ___ ba)


mark) e) Why do you think the people are happy since Arthur becomes the king? 6

SULIT bb) ___________________________________________________________________ ___ bc)


mark) bd)





be) bf) Prepared by:

Check by:

Verified by:

bg) Haslinda Bt Ahmad bh) English Teacher bi) bj)

Anncisca Augustine Head of English Panel SMK Elopura 2, Sandakan

Sim Chee Vui Head of Language Department SMK Elopura 2, Sandakan

bk) bl) bm) bn) bo) bp)

bq) br) bs) bt) bu) bv) bw) bx)

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