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January 11, 2018 | Author: Adnan Siddique | Category: William Shakespeare, George Eliot, Poetry
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PPSC Paper Of Subject Specialist 2013 English 1: “Solitary Reaper” takes place in? a. England b. Ireland c. Scotland d. France 2: Hamlet is a? a. Prince b. Princess c. King d. A warrior 3: “The defense of the poesie” was published in? a. 1595 b. 1590 c. 1596 d. 1598 4: The name of Shakespeare’s birth place is? a. Stratford on Avon b. Stratford down Avon c. Stratford up Avon d. Somerset Avon 5: Which is the last play written by Shakespeare? a. Othello b. King Lear c. Henry VIII (in parts) d. The midsummer’s night dream 6: “histories make men wise, poets witty, the mathematics subtle, natural philosophy deep,, moral grave, logic and rhetoric able to contend,” These sentence has been extracted from the Bacon’s essay a. Of council b. Of studies c. Of death d. Of beauty

7: john Milton wrote Paradise Lost a. Just after the death of Shakespeare b. After king Charles I’s restoration c. During commonwealth period d. Before the commonwealth 8: who is known as the founder of the TATLER and THE SPECTATOR? a. Joseph Addison b. Sir Richard Steele c. Sir roger de covertly d. Daniel Defoe 9: nature and nature’s laws lay hid in night God said “let Newton be” and all was light This famous epitaph intended for Sir Isaac Newton was written by a. Jonathan swift b. William Congreve c. Pope d. John gay 10: THE GENTLE SHEPERD a pastoral drama is authored by a. Thomas Parnell b. Allan Ramsey c. Edward young d. Lady winchilsea 11: PARSON ADAMS is a famous character of a. Joseph Andrews b. History of sir Charles grandson c. Pamela d. Castle rachrent 12: Tom Jones is written by a. Thomas hardy b. Charles dickens c. William Ronda d. Henry fielding 13: Dr. Johnson wrote his poem London in a. The heroic couplet


b. Iambic pentametre c. Seven stanza form d. Blank verse 14. Matthew Arnold call the Eighteen century as a. the age of mediocre poetry b. the age of intellectual satires c. age of poetry d. age of prose and wisdom 15: which of the following is Sheridan’s first play? a. The duenna b. St. Patrick’s day c. The rivals d. The critic 16: S.T.COLERIDGE while residing in the LAKE DISTRICT in 1809 started the magazine, a. The friend b. The morning post c. The watchman d. Table talk 17: “GOD MADE THE COUNTRY AND MAN MADE THE TOWN” who said this, a. William Cowper b. Hannah Cowley c. Pope d. William Shakespeare 18: “child is the father of man” is the famous phrase written by, a. William Blake b. William words worth c. John Keats d. William Shakespeare 19: Victorian age is called a. Age of serious sentimentality b. An era of restless activity c. An era of struggle


d. An era of peace 20: “on the origin of species” published in 1859 was written by a. Alfred Tennyson b. Charles dickens c. Charles Darwin d. William Morris 21: Oxford movement was headed by a. Cardinal Newman b. Matthew Arnold c. A.c. Swinburne d. William Thackeray 22: the most popular form of literature in Victorian age was, a. The novel b. The drama c. The poetry d. The essay and periodicals 23: Tennyson wrote THE PRINCESS in — a. The blank verse b. The free verse c. The seven line stanza d. The octosyllabic metre 24: which is the earliest work of CHARLES DICKENS? a. Great expectations b. Hard times c. Sketches by boz d. David Copperfield 25; the last novel of George Eliot is— a. Silas marner b. The mill on the floss c. Middle march d. Daniel deronda 26: mary ann evans wrote under the pen name of a. George Eliot b. Edna Lyell


c. Lynn Linton d. Mrs. Marsh 27: what is the full name of Oscar Wilde? a. Oscar fingal O’ flahertie wills wilde b. Oscar doian graywilde c. Oscar Robert Louis wilde d. Oscar Richard wilde 28: Thomas hardy’s first published world was rather sensational which appeared anonymously in 1871. Identify the tile a. Under the greenwood tree b. A pair of blue eyes c. Desperate remedies d. Far from the madding crowd 29: eustasia vye is the character appeared in a. The return of the native b. The mayor of caster bridge c. The woodlanders d. Tess 30: who wrote “the theatre of ideas, a burlesque allegory?” a. Inigo Jones b. Dorothy Jordan c. Benjamin Jowett d. Henry Arthur Jones 31: who won Nobel Prize in literature in 1949? a. William Faulkner b. Ernest hemingway c. Christopher Isherwood d. Richard hughes 32: ________ is the last survivor of Oedipus family. a. Ismene b. Antigone c. Oedipus d. Creon 33: death of ________ uccors on stage.


a. Oedipus b. Jocaste c. Antigone d. None of these 34. Prospero is the famous character of Shakespeare’s __________? a. tempest b. Othello c. hamlet d. king lear 35: Romeo goes to ________ after being exiled from Verona. a. Padua b. Rome c. Mantua d. Cypress 36: _______ finds Juliet dead on her bed. a. The nurse b. Romeo c. Lady capulet d. None of these 37: half-rhyme is also called as a. Weakened rhyme b. Rime riche c. Imperfect rhyme d. Papa rhyme 38: dactylic metre is also known as______ a. Falling metre b. Ascending metre c. Metre of negligence d. Metre of innovation 39: T.S.ELIOT in his essay “hamlet and his problems” gives his famous theory of ______ a. Negative capability b. Unification of sensibility c. Dissociation of sensibility


d. Objective correlative 40: NEW CRITICISM is a term applied to a. Anglo African criticism b. Anglo American criticism c. Afro American criticism d. Latin American criticism 41: the book entitled MIMESIS is written by a. Eric auerbach b. Susan Kermode c. Frank kermode d. Walter j. org 42: C.S LEWIS wrote the essay entitled with a. Matthew Arnold b. John galsworthy c. Sense of the past d. Shelly Dryden and mr. eliot 43: William wordswoth is called – a. Anti intellectualistic b. Pro intellectualistic c. Anti metaphysist d. Anti Aristotelian 44: “lectures aesthetics” is an epoch making work written by a. Kant b. A.w. schelegel c. Goethe d. Hegel 45: the battle of book is written by a. Jonathan swift b. Pope c. Seamus Heaney d. Edward said 46: the root meaning of hamartia a. A judging calculation b. A moral failing


c. Guessing the mark d. Missing the mark 47: who amongst the following critics is against the Tragi-comedy? a. Aristotle b. Plato c. Longenus d. Dante 48: who wrote a regular critical treatise “the school of the abuse” a. Sir john cheke b. Geoferry chauser c. Stephen gosson d. George saintsburry 49; divina commedia is written by a. Longinus b. Horace c. Dante d. Aristotle 50: “houyhnmnms” in gullivers’ travels is called a. A rational and thoughtful horse b. A irrational mule c. A human being d. An animal with a thinking capacity Answers 1:Scotland 2 Prince 3: 1595 4: Stratford on avon 5: Henry VIII (in parts) 6: Of studies 7;After king Charles I’s restoration 8: Sir Richard Steele 9: Pope 10: Allan Ramsey


11: PARSON ADAMS is a famous character of a. Joseph Andrews b. History of sir Charles grandson c. Pamela d. Castle rachrent 12: Henry fielding 13: The heroic couplet 14. age of prose and wisdom 15: The rivals 16: The friend 17: “William Cowper 18: William words worth 19:An era of peace 20: Charles Darwin 21: Cardinal Newman 22: The novel 23: The blank verse 24: Sketches by boz 25; The mill on the floss 26: George Eliot 27: what is the full name of Oscar Wilde? a. Oscar fingal O’ flahertie wills wilde b. Oscar doian graywilde c. Oscar Robert Louis wilde d. Oscar Richard wilde 28: Desperate remedies 29: The return of the native 30: Henry Arthur Jones 31: William Faulkner 32: Ismene 33: None of these 34. Prospero is the famous character of Shakespeare’s __________? a. tempest b. Othello


c. hamlet d. king lear 35: Mantua 36: The nurse 37: Rime riche 38: Falling metre 39;Objective correlative 40: Anglo American criticism 41: Susan Kermode 42: Shelly Dryden and mr. eliot 43: Anti intellectualistic 44: “Hegel 45: Missing the mark 47: Aristotle 48: Stephen gosson 49; Horace 50: A rational and thoughtful horse


Solved Lectureship Paper Of English 2011 1)Repetition of same vowel sound ? Assonance 2)The poet who used extensive alliteration ? Keats 3)Wuthering heights written by ? Hardy 4)The poem “Byzantium” is written about ? Imaginary city 5)Carl sadburg born at ? Illinois 6)T.S Eliot was ? Irish poet 7)Wasteland of Eliot is dedicated to ? Ezra Pound 8)Shakespeare acted in one of plays of ? Ben johnson 9)Elizabeth Sewell born in ? England 10) Linguistics is combination of ______ words ? Two 11)Sound produced with obstruction of air ? I chose “diphthongs” but later I came to know right option was other,don’t remember right now. 12)Semantics meaning ? I chose “to relate” but I came to know that it’s “Study of meanings” (Linguistics chor k short stories opt ki theen and I suffered in test) 13)Word language consists of two_____ words Latin


14)Simon is character in one of ________ novels Golding 15)”Everyman in his humour” written by ? Ben johnson 16) Caretaker written by ? Pinter 17)Waiting for Godot’s originol language ? French 18) Stream of consciousness ? Virginia woolf 19) “Sejanus” is satirical tragedy by ? Ben johnson 20)Unified sensibility ? Donne 21)Winding Stair is poem by ? W.B.Yeats 22) Synaethesia Unification of senses 23) Time machine-the invisible man written by ? H.G Wells 24)The egoist written by ? George Meredith 25) Hardy’s own classification of novels? Three 26)George Eliot wrote Adam Bede at age of ? I wrote 20 but it was 40 27)Age of George Eliot ? Victorian 28) Chaucer was ? sarcastic poet 12

29)Renaissance period ? 1550-1660 30)King Lear written in ? google k mutabiq 1603 to 1606 k darmayan likha gaya 31)17th century’s historical event ? I chose “Famine” but suna hai “Civil war” choose kerty kerty ruk gyi thi mein 32)Paradise lost was written in ? 1667 33)1660 – 1790 is rise of ? I chose “Drama” but it’s not confirm.Kindly confirm it 34)Literature became secular towards end of ? I chose “18th century”.Is it right ? 35)Tragicomedy of Shakespeare is also called ? Reconcilation play 36)Type of literarure,art or music is called ? Genre 37)Enthusiastic addiction to study of Greek and Roman antiquity led to ? None (Because it led to hellenism,romantism) 38)Prospero was protagonist of ? Pata nae 39)Age of Pope is called? Augusten 40)Metaphysical poet is essay by ? T.S Eliot 41) Treatise on liberty written by ? I chose Oscar wilde but not sure. 42)Figure of speech,exaggeration for emphasis ? Rhetoric


43) Adnois written for ? Keats 44)Songs of innocense and experience belong to ? William Blake 45)Original title of Pride and Prejudice First Impressions 46)Shelley’s first work? Queen Mab 47)First writer of Picaresque novel ? I chose Thackeray.Kindly confirm it. 48)The road not taken by Frost is included in his collection ? Mountain Interval 49)Bacon was intellectually great but morally weak.Who said this ? I chose Dryden.Confirm it please 50)SWift’s irony fused into ? humour 51)Nothing is beneath science,nor above science.who said ? I chose Russell 52)Bird in “Ancient mariner” ? Albatross 53) Milton got blind in age of ? 43 54)Hemingway’s nick in later age ? Papa 55)Donne’s faith ? Protestant 56)John Keats gave up career of ____ to become a poet I chose “farming” but people say “medicine” 57) Poet who studied at Cambridge but got no degree ? pata nae 14

58) Which century is most important epoch in intellectual history ? 14th 59)During age of Chaucer,England passed through ? Medievalism 60)Marlow’s primitive tragedy ? Dr.Faustus 61)Shakespeare comedy rival ? I chose Lily.Confirm it 62)Shakespeare comedy contain continental and ? Mediterranean 63) Shakespeare’s heroines have ? Feminine traits 64)Who emerged as philosopher in “Merchant of Venice” ? I chose cordelia but it’s wrong,I’m sure 65) Which play started with incident of ship wreck ? I chose “King lear”.Not confirm 66)Sir Gwain and Green knight poems were written in ___ age I chose Victorian but not sure 67)Process of introducing new words ? I chose Coinage.Please confirm it 68)War between flesh and spirit in which novel of Hardy ? I chose “the return of the native”,not confirm 69)Norman conquest in ? 70)Queen Elizabeth descended throne from ? 71)University wits pe aik question tha,don’t remember exact wording.Options mein years likhay thay.7,10 etc. Antonyms 72)Brazen I chose “Shy”


73)Capricious I chose “Recollect” because all others seemed synonyms 74)Extrinsic don’t remeber it’s options and what I chose 75)fluster don’t remember what I chose 76) Obdurate I chose submissive Synonyms 77)Truncate I chose shorten and I think It’s right 78)Impetuous I think I chose “irrational” 79)nincompoop I chose “Foolish” and it’s right. 80)Elocution It was somthing about speech.last option.and that’s right 81)Ulysses pe question tha aik.kindly us ka answer bataye koi 82)Far fetched metaphor ? Conceit 83)Because I couldnot stop for death written by ? Emily Dickinson 84)Ted Hughes and Sylvia Plath were? Husband and wife




























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