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July 30, 2017 | Author: Breitner Nieves | Category: Lunch, Pronoun, Meal, Grammatical Number, Grammar
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Brian Abbs • Chris Barker. Ingrid Freebairn with JJ Wi son and Stella Reilly

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Postca rds 2, Second Edition Authoriz ed adaptation from the United King dom edition, entitled Snapshot. firs t edition, published by Pea rson Edu cation.Lim ited publishing u nder its Longma n imprin t. Cop yright © 1998. American English adap tation, publishe d by Pearson Education, Inc. Copyrig ht © 2008. Copy right © 2008 by Pea rson Ed ucation, Inc. All righ ts rese rved . No part of th is pub lication m ay be rep rod uced, s tored in a retr ieva l syste m, or tra nsm itted in any form or by a ny m eans, electronic, mechanical, photocopyi ng, recordi n g, or otherwise, wit ho ut the prior permiss ion of the p ublish er. Pea rson Educati on, 10 Bank Street, White Plains. N Y 10606 Staff cred its: The pe ople who made up the Postcard s 2, Second Edition team, representing editorial, p rod uction, design , and ma nu factu ring , a re Ae rin Csigay, Dave Dickey, Nancy Flagg man, Ann France, Geraldine Cen iusas, Charles Gr een , Mike Kemper, Dana Klinek, Ed Larnpr ich, Mel issa Leyv a, Liza Pleva, and Stella Reilly. Cover an d text design : An n Fran ce Text com positio n: TSI Grap hics Text font: 1'1 / 14 pal at ine ISBl -13: 978 -0-13-8 15045-7 ISBN-"IO: 0-13-815045-1 1 2 34 5 6 78 91O-QWD - 131 21110 09

Illustration credits Mark Coll ins: p. 2 (top); Francois Escalmel, p. 23; Tim Hagger ty: pp. 18,74,86, 111; Peter Gunthe r: p. 69; Bria n Hug hes : pp. 5,12; Alan Neid er : p.78; Ch ris Reed : pp . 19, 40,54, 101; Bar t Rivers, pp. 50, 81, 121; Robert Roper : p. 65; And rew Shiff: pp. 44, 70, 85; Jim Sta rr: pp. 22, 106; Anna Vc1tfort: p. 28. Text credits

P: 2 Source for Harry Potter's family tre e: p. 20 " Becom ing a Fat Nation," adap ted from USA TODAY, February 19, 2002 ; p. 40 Source of ch art: U.S. Bureau of the Cen sus: p. 68 "A Modern -d ay Mozart," ad apted from 60 Mi nutes' "Prod igy 12, Com pared to Mozart," Novemb er 28,2004; P: 76 "A Laught er a Day Keep s the Doctor Away," ad apted from "Community Hero: Dr. Madan Kataria" by Wendy Jewel l, which appeared on www..laughte; p. '103 Ru les of behavio r, ada pted from 'T each ing Man ne rs in a Manne r-less World" by Ellen R. Delisio, wh ich appe ared on ed ucation-world .com.

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