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July 7, 2017 | Author: Ashish Thakrar | Category: Figure Drawing, Drawing, Communication Design, Vision, Paintings
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The Practice and Science of Drawing Harold Speed Composition Arthur Wesley Dow Colour and Light by James Gurney Andrew Loomis Fun with a pencil Clare Walker Leslie s Nature Drawing: A Tool for Learning. How To See Color And Paint It byarthur Stern Henry Henshe s book on painting Experiential Drawing by Robert Regis Dvorak Richard G. Hatton (1904), FIGURE DRAWING Linda Cateura s Oil painting secrets from a Master The Art Spirit By Robert Henri Alla Prima by Richard Schmid The Creative License by Danny Gregory. Drawing From Observation by Brian Curtis The Art of Looking Sideways - Alan Fletcher Rendering in Pen and Ink by Arthur Guptil Dynamic Anatomy by Byrne Hogarth Kimon Nicolaides's The Natural Way to Draw. John Buscema's How to Draw Comics (even if you don't want to draw comics) "Zen of Seeing: Seeing/Drawing as Meditation" by Frederick Franck. 'Artist's Manual: A Complete Guide to Painting and Drawing Materials and Techniq ues' by Angela Gair, 'The Complete Idiot's Guide to Drawing, 2nd Edition' by Lauren Jarrett & Lisa L enard 'Drawing for Dummies' by Brenda Hoddinott. Traveling With Your Sketchbook Joyce Ryan' 6. Learn to Draw and Paint By Curtis Tappenden 5. A Foundation Course in Drawing University lecturers Peter Stanyer and Terry Rosenberg authored this book for Watson-Guptill, "Pencil Magic" by Phil Metzger, but it's focus is on landscape. "Drawing Realistic Textures in Pencil" by J.D. Hillberry, but obviously it has a narrow focus and really isn't for a beginner. Artist's Brain by Carl Purcell The Drawing Book: Materials and Techniques for Today's Artist - by Richard McDan iel The Pen and Ink Book: Materials and Techniques for Today's Artist Drawing Realistic Textures in Pencil - by J. D. Hillberry Experimental Drawing - by Robert Kaupelis The Drawing Book - by Sarah Simblet Expressive Drawing: A Practical Guide to Freeing the Artist Within - by Steven A imone Drawing: Lessons on the Art of Seeing The Art of Responsive Drawing (6th edition) - by Nathan Goldstein Classical Drawing Atelier: A Contemporary Guide to Traditional Studio Practice by Juliette Aristides Drawing Lessons from the Great Masters Drawing Ideas of the Masters: Improve Your Drawings by Studying the Masters - by Frederick Malins The Art of Perspective ------------------------------------------------------Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain The Natural Way to Draw by Kimon Nicolaides Burne Hogarth's Dynamic series -- Dynamic Figure Drawing, Dynamic Anatomy, Dynam ic Light and Shade. Drawing the Head and Figure by Jack Hamm Drawing Course Charles Bargue and Jean-Léon Gérôme Drawing for the Absolute and Utter Beginner

Keys to Drawing by Kurt Dudson Everyday Matters - by Danny Gregory

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