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September 14, 2017 | Author: Sameh Ahmed Hassan | Category: Net Present Value, Production And Manufacturing, Technology, Business
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Tim Cutting

Quality Human Resources

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Initiating Process Group

Planning Process Group

Org Process Assets Enterprise Environ. Factors Agreements

Project Integration Project SOW Management Business Case

Develop Project Charter

Project Charter

Plan Scope Management

Project Scope Management

Develop Project Management Plan

Delphi Technique Affinity Diagrams Nominal Group Context Diagrams Brainstorming Benchmarking Document Analysis Questionnaire or Prototype

Direct and Manage Project Work

Project Management Plan

Facilitated Workshops Product Analysis Alternatives Generation Expert Judgement

Change Requests, project Work Performance document, and plan updates Data

Create WBS

Define Scope WBS Reqs Doc Project Scope WBS Dictionary Reqs Management Plan Statement Traceability Matrix Scope Baseline Sequence Activities

Plan Time Management Define Activities Schedule Management Plan Activity List

Project Cost Management

Project Schedule Network Diagram

Plan Cost Management

Estimate Costs

Determine Budget

Cost Management Plan

Activity Cost Estimates and Basis of Estimates

Cost Baseline and Project Funding Requirements

Quality Checklists

Project Communications Management

Plan Risk Management

Project Risk Management

Net Present Value (NPV) and Benefit Cost Ratio (BCR): Higher value is better for both

Project Stakeholder Management

Org Process Assets

Inspection and Group Decision Making Techniques

Earned Value Management Formulas: BAC: Budget at Completion = Project Budget PV: Planned Value = BAC x P%complete EV: Earned Value = BAC x A%complete AC: Actual Costs = Actual spend SPI: Schedule Performance Index = EV/PV SV: Schedule Variance = EV - PV CPI: Cost Performance Index = EV/AC TCPI: To-Complete Performance Index = (BAC-EV)/(BAC-AC) CV: Cost Variance = EV - AC EAC: Estimate at Completion = BAC/CPI ETC: Estimate to Complete = EAC - AC VAC: Variance at Completion = BAC - EAC

Control Quality Quality Control Measurements

Verified Deliverables

Manage Project Team

7 Basic Tools of Quality: Control Charts (rule of 7) Cause and Effect Diagrams (Fishbone/Ishikawa) Pareto Charts (80/20 rule, most defects listed first) Flow charts (picture of whole process) Histograms (Compare characteristics - low, critical) Check sheets (for collecting data) Scatter Diagrams (Compare two different data points)

Team Performance Assessment

Manage Communications

Control Communications

Communications Management Plan

Project Communications

Work Performance Information

Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis

Final Product, Service, or Result Transition

Control Schedule

Process Improvement Plan

Control Risks

Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis Plan Risk Responses

Risk Register Plan Procurement Management

Project Procurement Management

Verified Deliverables

Crashing (adding resources) and Fast Tracking (overlapping activities) are both Schedule Compression tools.

Develop Project Team

Close Project or Phase

Validate Scope

Plan Communications Management

Identify Risks Risk Management Plan

Control Scope

Perform Quality Assurance

Quality Management Plan

Change Log Approved Plan Change Updates Requests

Control Costs

Acquire Project Plan Human Resource Team Management HR Management Plan: 1. Project Org Chart Resource 2. Staffing Management Plan Calendars 3. RACI Roles and Responsibilities

Project Human Resource Management

Work Performance ReportsPlan Updates

3 Point PERT Estmates: Beta = (P+4M+O)/6 Triangular = (P+M+O)/6 Standard Deviation = (P-O)/6 Variance = SD squared

Plan Quality Management Project Quality Management

Change Requests

Work Performance Information Plan Updates

Estimate Activity Durations Estimate Activity Develop Schedule Resources Activity Activity Duration Resource Schedule Estimates Requirements

Closing Process Group

Accepted Deliverables Perform Integrated Change Control

Monitor and Control Project Work

Variance Analysis

Scope Management Plan

Project Time Management

Work Performance Information

Deliverables Collect Requirements

Monitoring and Controlling Process Group

Executing Process Group

Procurement Management Plan

Identify Stakeholders

Plan Stakeholder Management

Stakeholder Register

Stakeholder Management Plan

Conduct Procurements Source Selection Criteria

Control Procurements

Close Procurements

Selected Seller

Closed Procurements

Manage Stakeholder Engagement

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PMP Mindmap for PMBOK Guide, 5th Edition

Control Stakeholder Engagement

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