October 16, 2017 | Author: Jordi Celestino | Category: Cockpit, Aviation, Aircraft, Aerospace Engineering, Aeronautics
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PMDG MD-11 1.20.0055 Update Notes

Changes that apply to both the FSX and FS9 versions 1. Virtual Cockpit: Fixed brakes pressure needle disappearing when PNL lights were turned on. 2. Added safeguard against "bad" flight plan files that caused freezing when origin/destination ICAO codes were entered in the F-PLN INIT page fields. 3. Fixed CTD issues with airports that had a very large number of SID/STAR procedures (e.g. LFPG in AIRAC-0901 that includes 159 SIDs). 4. The MCDU FIX page was displaying the course to the FIX instead of the FIX radial at the top of the page. 5. In case of a non-precision approach the "MIN PROF" label was not displayed on the F-PLN page (small fonts above the first waypoint with an estimated altitude lower than the MIN PROF altitude). 6. "NO TAXI" indication now displays on both PFDs when any of the three IRU systems is in the align phase. In previous versions it was displayed only on the captains PFD when IRU-1 was aligning and only on the F/Os PFD when IRU-2 was aligning. 7. Fixed issue of ALT HOLD mode and ATS speed-on-thrust engaging on the ground during preflight when the FCP altitude was set within 20ft of the current altitude. 8. Added missing electrical dependencies for Radio Altimeters. RA1 is powered by AC1 bus and RA2 by AC3 bus. When either RA is unpowered an amber "X" will display on the corresponding PFD in place of the RA readout. Autoland mode requires both RAs available, so if either RA fails the land mode will be APPR ONLY. Also, CAWS RA callouts and DH "Minimums" callouts will not be available when both RAs fail. 9. Autoland is now possible with one IRU inoperative in SINGLE LAND mode. 10. Corrected electrical dependency for GPWS to be AC1 bus (was DC Battery Bus in previous versions). 11. Auto Ground Spoilers is unavailable with AC1 bus unpowered ("DISARM SPOILERS" and "USE MAN SPOILERS" alerts apply). 12. Automatic Slats Extension (during stall conditions) is unavailable with AC3 bus unpowered. 13. In case of a landing performed with ATS disengaged, "Approach Idle" thrust was not removed until on ground, preventing spoilers deployment and autobrakes engagement at touchdown. Now "approach idle" is removed at 50 ft AGL. 14. Reversers are operated by corresponding engine pneumatic (GE engines) or hydraulic (PW engines) system. This was not modeled in previous versions and it was possible to operate the reversers (sleeve movement) even in a cold & dark situation. 15. Fixed issues with Altitude Hold when simulation rate is set at 2x. 16. Fix for descend path calculation for the case of a forced soft restriction followed by several speed only restrictions. 17. Fixed predicted wind heading/speed values following interpolation through climb/descend forecast table. 18. Fixed wind forecast effect on top-of-descend and descend path calculation. 19. Fixed issue with reconfiguration of DUs in case one DU fails. In previous versions when the SDCP SD switch was pressed the ND display was replaced by a second SD display.

20. The keyboard command for "Skip Comms" in pushback was not working. 21. In case of a non-GNS equipped aircraft the position update from runway coordinates occurring when throttles are advanced for takeoff was resulting in wrong calculation for the FMC2 position. 22. If PROF mode is armed on the ground it can be disengaged by pushing the FCP altitude knob. 23. Flight time as indicated on ND timer was not saved properly with saved flights 24. Fixed wrong label on Transponder knob (in both the VC and the 2D panel). RA was displayed instead of TA. 25. Corrected ND VOR display in TRK mode (direction of OBS arrow was wrong). 26. When using the alternate panel.cfg with undockable DUs, the CAPT side DUs will automatically close when switching to F/Os view if the "automatically close panel windows" option is enabled in the PMDG menu. 27. Possible fix for "climb to glideslope" behavior due to FS data corruption. 28. Provision for very high cabin vs after early descend to cruise phase transition. 29. Adjusted flood lights effect for realism (both VC and 2D panels): Flood lighting is now barely noticeable during daytime. The maximum flood lights effect is achieved during night. During dusk and dawn the flood lights effect is progressively adjusted between day/night levels. 30. The BELOW G/S INHIBIT switch was not working properly when operated from the VC. 31. The "BELOW G/S" aural warning can be inhibited by pressing "G/S INHIBIT" switch on the glareshield when below 1,000ft AGL and is reset when climbing above 1,000ft AGL or descending below 30ft AGL. In previous versions the limit was 2,000ft AGL. 32. The arrival runway ILS frequency is autotuned only when an ILS, LOC or LDA approach is selected (in previous versions it was autotuned always if the arrival runway was ILS equipped, regardless of the selected approach type)

Changes specific to the FSX version 33. Fixed inoperative Dome Lights in Virtual Cockpit. 34. Improved the way flood lighting is presented in the Virtual Cockpit (fixed the washed out panels effect).

Changes specific to the FS9 version 35. Fixed problem with COM1/COM2 switching in the Audio Control Panel. 36. Fixed issue with aircraft not initializing if a zero payload was selected from the Load Manager. 37. Fixed issue of default FS autobrakes interfering with the MD-11 autobrakes system (if set by keyboard commands, or become active in any other way, e.g. loading the MD-11 on top of a FS9 aircraft with autobrakes on).

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