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1 #WEAK: Loss of wealth, many troubles, residence in foreign places, fear from feverand fires, robbers and enemies, disgrace and other injuries, scandal, aimless travel, disappointment in love-affairs. #SU: Honor for brave acts, income through government, success in litigation, journey towards east. SUN #MO: Acquisition of gems, fear from rulers and fire, loss of cattle, piles. HOUSE 1:Inflammation of Vata and Pitta, sickness to wife; severe headache or eye complaints. #ME: Unfavorable results. HOUSE 2: Possible foul tongue, harsh words, and abuses. #JU: Friendship with devotees, pilgrimage and initiation, good name, a little trouble, and journey to HOUSE 3: Affliction to bothers in the middle of the year, income from political sources, defeat of northeast. enemies and good health. #VE: Ill-health; trouble from enemies. HOUSE 4: Affliction to cattle, loss in agricultural output, loss of grain, trouble from the ruling class, #SA: Sorrow and affliction, loss of money, contact with low class people; evil mind. stomach ache for the mother and chest complaints. #RA: A frightful year, fear from thieves, enemies and rulers, asthma, arthritis, and travel to southwest. HOUSE 5: Unpopular with the public, trouble in disputes, loss of discrimination, suffering for children, #KE: Fear from lightning, mental and physical affliction. sickness, financial tightness, in the planet's Dasa. HOUSE 6: Defeat of enemies, illness to mother and maternal relatives, general happiness, gain from MERCURY government contracts, success in disputes and gains in purchase and sale business. HOUSE 7: Ill-health to native and wife in the Sun's Dasa period, risk of being waylaid while traveling, HOUSE 1: General happiness, success over enemies, acquisition of new trades, new friends and financial prosperity. disputes, and trouble in the feet or arms. HOUSE 2: Monetary gains, increased stature, prevails over competitors, good wit. If Afflicted --> HOUSE 8: Troubles from relatives, decrease of happiness, illness, sorrow, sickness to wife, and Monetary loss, difficult relationships. children suffer from boils. HOUSE 9: Trouble from brothers and sisters, sorrow, righteous deeds, fame, help from the government, HOUSE 3: Decrease of miseries, reputation, and happiness. HOUSE 4: General happiness, good income, new acquaintances and benefits from them, acquisition of especially in his own Dasa period. new cattle and lands, and the pleasure of owning a new vehicle. HOUSE 10: Influx of wealth, gain of land or territory, securing of honor, and affliction to cattle. HOUSE 5: Children, acquisition of wealth and success in all efforts, loyal servants, and befriending HOUSE 11: Gains from governmental sources, good income, a life of ease and pleasure, defeat of persons in high walks of life. opponents, and illness to children. HOUSE 6: Trouble from women, disputes with enemies, unforeseen expenditure, illness due to HOUSE 12: Swelling of the feet, quarrels with wife or other women, loss of money, troubles in the inflammation of phlegm, and a difficult year in all respects. head and stomach, mental affliction, troubles to opponents. HOUSE 7: Joy of intimacy with women, increase of status, success is undertakings and acquisition of land, cattle, etc., especially during Mercury's own Dasa. #STRONG: Promotion in profession, good health, financial improvement, fame, prosperity to children, HOUSE 8: Cough and serious phlegmatic complaints, eye-sore, virus fever, and danger from horses happiness in family, success over enemies. during Mercury's varsha dasa period. #MODERATE: Quarrels with good men and relatives, slight ill-health, change of place, fear from HOUSE 9: Birth of a son, good income, auspicious happenings, friendship with political dignitaries and superiors if in service, unless the Sun has Ithasala with a benefic. destruction of opponents. #WEAK: Journeys to distant places without gains, residence in foreign countries, fear from political leaders, unexpected expenses, reflection on name or bad reputation, sickness, misunderstandings in the HOUSE 10: The comfort of owning a vehicle, good earnings for children, and success to employer. HOUSE 11: New trade and business contacts, good income, unpleasant relations with wife, purchasing family. new cattle, and some unexpected losses. #MO: The native may travel northwest direction HOUSE 12: Serious disputes with enemies, ear trouble, mental worry, phlegmatic troubles and catarrh #MA: Success over enemies in the eye. MOON HOUSE 1: Dispute with the public, mental worry without visible cause; fever. #STRONG: Gain of wealth by cunning and diplomacy, trade, acquisition of technical knowledge, HOUSE 2:Gain of wealth, beneficial associations, gains from superiors. recognition of literary merits, honors, fame, success in discussions, cultivation of friendship among HOUSE 3: Benefits to brothers, secret pleasure, good income, increasing of prestige. aristocrats and learned men, becoming a minister. HOUSE 4: Success in disputes with government, good agricultural income and general happiness, #MODERATE: Suffering, but ultimate success. earning money by purchase and sale, defeat of enemies and a possibility of a new vehicle. #WEAK: Failure, loss of trade, bankruptcy, insult, unrighteous acts, many trials, religiously inclined, HOUSE 5: Success due to one's own brain, help from friends, birth of an issue or affliction to children breaking of promises and troubles from all sources. according as the Moon is beneficially disposed or afflicted. #SU: Affliction to body, journey to north, conferment of a title or distinction,distinction in education, HOUSE 6: Disputes and troubles with foes, eye trouble, loss of money, mental worry, and ill-health to auspicious celebrations, favor from rulers; unexpected gains. wife. #MO: A mixture of good and bad results, injury from animals, success over enemies, and trouble while HOUSE 7: Fever, rheumatic pains, ill-health to wife, financial improvement and smooth-sailing in journeying towards northwest. business matters. #MA: Misunderstandings with well-wishers, fear from wild animals, skin eruptions; likelihood of falling HOUSE 8: Mental aberration, fever and troubles from unexpected sources, eye troubles, fear of seriously ill. drowning, and loss of money. #JU: Relief from troubles and illness, success over enemies, honors from government or learned bodies, HOUSE 9: Dawn of fortune, financial gain, doing charitable deeds, gain of land, and happiness to visiting places of worship; gain in southwest journey. children. #VE: Proficiency or distinction in sciences or arts, happy domestic life, new female acquaintances, HOUSE 10: Financial benefits, defeat of enemies, expansion of trade, happiness, increase of reputation association with music and dance academies, auspicious celebrations at home and honors; gainful and all-round success. journeys to southeast direction. HOUSE 11: Destruction of foes, influx of wealth through business, befriending persons in high walks of #SA: Doing forbidden acts, dissatisfaction in sexual relations, piles, loss from unexpected sources, and life, increase of status, return of children from abroad, and general contentment. intimacy with women of questionable character. HOUSE 12: Uttering falsehoods, expenditure on deserving causes, eye-disease, disputes with the #RA: General success in all matters, pursuit of new ventures, slight mental aberration or suffering from public, unexpected difficulties, phlegmatic complaints, and spleen disease. fits of depression and windy complaints; benefits from low-class people. #KE: Mental distress and affliction, and a year of worry and apprehensions. #STRONG:Honors, family increase, mental peace, acquisition of new lands and wealth, agricultural JUPITER prospects, access to precious stones, rise in consistent with his position; friendship with political leaders HOUSE 1:Increase of happiness, government or ministerial assignment, expansion of trade, fame, and religious heads. troubles to enemies and an optimistic outlook. #MODERATE: Gain of new lands, etc., and their loss, misunderstanding with friends and children, HOUSE 2:Charming conversationalist, having resort to ethics, religion and philosophy, and avoiding change of address (if in service), weak health; mixture of good and evil results. words and phrases which adversely touch or provoke the listener, monetary gains, increase in status, #WEAK: Terrible suffering, mental worry, displacement, chaos in domestic affairs, asthma, theft in gains from business and travel, possible acquisition of vehicle. house, aimless travel; miserable period. HOUSE 3:Spread of fame, recognition of merit by the rulers; increase of wealth. #SU: Friendship with political personages, some governmental displeasure. HOUSE 4:Selling a vehicle and purchasing another one with profit, all-round happiness, benefits from #MA: Increase of heat in the body, fever due to inflammation of Kapha or phlegm, fear from weapons; the ruling party, and initiation of success in new ventures. if Mars is lord of 6th, surgical treatment. HOUSE 5: Prosperity to children, opportunity for showing one's ability and talents, happiness due to #ME: Acquisition of a vehicle, general happiness, writing incriminating documents or letters according the defeat of enemies, and acquisition of precious metals. as the aspect is favorable or adverse. HOUSE 6: Menstrual trouble to wife, difficulties to opponents, dysentery, eye trouble, and a difficult #JU: Marriage if not already married, promotion, improvement of business and reputation. year. #VE: Marriage, house-building and general improvement. HOUSE 7: Happiness from wife, success, fearlessness, and destruction of enemies. #SA: Mental restlessness, loss of a relative, displeasure of government, unnecessary expenditure, and HOUSE 8: Vomiting, nausea and fever attacks, severe illness affecting the ears, mental uneasiness, and ill-health due to blood problems. doing forbidden acts. #RA: Trouble from enemies, quarrels in the family, strange illness, fear, and blood impurity. HOUSE 9: Interest in religion, doing charitable deeds, good income, pilgrimage and religious righteous #KE: Hysteria, strange fever, danger of being poisoned and a sudden journey in southeast direction. acts. MARS HOUSE 10: Purchasing precious metals, favors from superiors or rulers, buying land, and defeat of HOUSE 1: Ulcer, rheumatism, disputes with enemies, head and eye troubles, pain in joints, vomiting, enemies. dispute with the government; danger of fire or injury due to the falling of a heavy metallic lump. HOUSE 11: Costly and rare acquisitions, dawn of prosperity to children, rout of enemies, increase of HOUSE 2: Monetary problems, challenges from competitors, antagonistic relationships, sickness to status, and cordial relations with political high-ups. spouse. HOUSE 12: All kinds of trouble, fear of losing reputation, and sorrow through sources signified by HOUSE 3: Trouble to relatives, acquisition of a vehicle, destruction of enemies, increase of income, Jupiter. success to friends and befriending ministerial ranks. HOUSE 4: Outbreak of fire in the house, sorrow, sickness to cattle, loss in agriculture, but status quo in #STRONG:Fame, obtains confidence, reputation, new source of wealth, generous instincts and deeds, business. birth of a child, peace in the family, victory is disputes, honor and distinction, good agricultural returns, HOUSE 5: Ill-health and unhappiness to children, success over enemies in disputes, tensions and visiting troubles from unexpected sources and loss of one's power of discrimination. of holy shrines and men, respect. HOUSE 6: Defeat of enemies, success for one's party, gains from friends and happiness in the family. #MODERATE:Change of residence, scientific studies, increase of knowledge, mixed results. HOUSE 7: Trouble while traveling, venereal complaints, fear from enemies, disputes with members of #WEAK: Disappointments, loss of relations, loss of reputation and rejected by friends, ill-health due to the public, and loss of money. inflammation of Kapha (phlegm); quarrels. HOUSE 8: Boils or carbuncle, chance of undergoing surgical treatment, sudden expenditure, and #SU: Pilgrimage, gain from journey to the east, acquisition of precious stones, worthy friendships, name chance of meeting with an accident and suffering injury. and fame in political circles, suffering from fever, HOUSE 9: Financial gains, dawn of a fortunate period, honors, recognition and increase of reputation. #MO: Friendly with young females, increase of happiness, good food and enjoyment of comforts, HOUSE 10: A new assignment and income through machinery, good income, gain of land, increase of honor, getting costly presents; short journey to northwest direction. status, and loss of cattle. #MA: Financial improvement, success in litigation, trade in red articles,overcoming disease, journey to HOUSE 11: Securing a good position and financial benefits, success to own party, buying precious the south, dispute with the State; risk of accident. metals, and affliction to children. #ME: Financial improvement, both sorrow and joy, equal loss and gain, and loss by theft. HOUSE 12: Ear and eye trouble, loss of money by theft, scandals, disputes with persons in high walks #VE: Loss of money, much worry due to enemies, separation and mental aberration. of life, and illness to wife. #SA: Trouble from non-Hindus, scandal and loss of reputation, change of place or residence, loss by gambling, addiction to liquor. #STRONG: Success in every attempt, fame, increase of cousins and wealth, destruction of enemies, #RA: Fear of incarceration, trouble from relatives, affliction to body due to inflammation of wind. military honor (if in the Army), general happiness. #KE: Misunderstandings, death or serious illness, fall from position and loss of prestige. #MODERATE: Strife with kin through misunderstanding, displeasure of superiors, pride, leadership, bloody diseases, injury, slight increase in status. VENUS


2 HOUSE 1: Prosperity and increase of status, destruction of enemies, and favors from high-class RULER OF THE 1st IN THE 6th:Health problems, sickly constitution, (freedom from persons. disease with Scorpio or Taurus lagna). Possible career in medical, police or military fields.If malefic connection without benefic aspects --debts,troubles from competitors or enemies. HOUSE 2: Monetary gains, fulfillment of desires, speech is sensual and vulgar. RULER OF THE 1st IN THE 7th:If lagna ruler is malefic --> possible loss of wife resulting in HOUSE 3: Happiness of brothers and sisters, good health, good income, helping the people. HOUSE 4: Selling a vehicle and purchasing another one with profit, all-round happiness, entering the loss of zest for life, aimless travels and asceticism.If lagna ruler is benefic --> effects are less intense. legislature, leading an aristocratic life, success in new ventures. RULER OF THE 1st IN THE 8th:Poor health, weak constitution, knowledge of ancient or HOUSE 5: Disappearance of fear, sorrow and worry, trouble to enemies, in the middle of the year a occult sciences,interest in transcendental philosophy, gambling, excessive anger, illicitsex. sudden windfall of happiness, and financial prosperity. RULER OF THE 1st IN THE 9th:Religous devotee, good financial status, good spouse and HOUSE 6: Unexpected disputes with the public, persecution by enemies, severe headache, mental children, clever mind, popular, fortunate, eloquent speaker. worry, and digestive complications. RULER OF THE 1st IN THE 10th:Good parentage, reveres father, gain from father, acquires HOUSE 7: Acquisition of a new vehicle, increase of pleasures, good income, favor from rulers, domestic happiness, a life of ease and pleasure, enemies suffer defeat, and construction or acquisition of wealth throughown efforts, good earnings from career, well respected and possibly famous. RULER OF THE 1st IN THE 11th:Successful, influential, good reputation, wealthy, financial a house. gains. HOUSE 8: Danger of death, scandals, fear of untoward happenings, and new disputes with enemies. RULER OF THE 1st IN THE 12th:Poor health or weak constitution, endures many hardships, HOUSE 9: Friendship with dignitaries, success in undertakings, acquisition of a new vehicle, and given to excessive buying land. anger, may seek out spiritual practices for self-realization.With benefic aspects --> effects are HOUSE 10: Distinguished success, high status, financial gains, and buying a garden and a vehicle. less pronounced. HOUSE 11: Unexpected possession of golden and precious stones, general success in all matters, progress of children, defeat of opponents of one's own party, and increase of friendly contacts. RULER OF THE 2nd IN THE 1st:Many sons, strong sexual desires, may have inimical HOUSE 12: Spending money on deserving causes, gas in the stomach and rheumatic pains, eye relations to family,irreligious, financial gains through own efforts, charitable. complaints, dragging on of litigation, disappointment in love affairs, separation from wife, fever and RULER OF THE 2nd IN THE 2nd:Few or no children, many marriages, sexual affairs, proud vomiting, and fear of death. nature, good financial status, eats fine foods. #STRONG:Conjugal happiness, domestic harmony, good health, victorious, success in games, interest RULER OF THE 2nd IN THE 3rd:Courageous, intelligent, wise, lustful, greedy, talented in music or dance.If with malefic aspect or association: materialistic and irreligious. in acquiring new knowledge, acquisition of jewelry, auspicious happenings, financial gains through RULER OF THE 2nd IN THE 4th:Wealth, property, vehicles, general prosperity.If exalted or state contracts, increase of sexual pleasures. conjoined with Jupiter: Elevated status, good education,and mother may be wealthy. #MODERATE: Small income, difficulties, mental uneasiness; misunderstandings. RULER OF THE 2nd IN THE 5th:Wealthy, intelligent, money comes easily through #WEAK: Unhappy, mental anxiety, ridiculed by others, general complaints, loss of job or reversal, speculation or investment,children also acquire wealth. domestic worry, committing sinful deeds; fear from low-class women. #SU: Colitis or stomach troubles, difficulties in occupation, fever, eye or head troubles, weakness in the RULER OF THE 2nd IN THE 6th:May have speech impediment which improves with age.If with benefic connections: Wealth gained through questionable means orthrough competitors body, fear of action by authorities; heavy expenses. or enemies.If with malefic connections: Theft and loss of wealth by enemies, servants,or #MO: Disease to cattle, teeth trouble, jaundice, giddiness, enjoyment of sensual pleasures, and competitors, debts, litigation, and disease of private parts or thighs. rheumatic complaints. #MA: Acquisition of immovable property, urge for sensual pleasures, fear of piles and fistula, marriage RULER OF THE 2nd IN THE 7th:Interest in medical field, lustful thoughts.If with malefic connection: Wife may have questionable character. of brother or sister; getting new vehicle. #ME: Opportunities for self-expression, fame as an author, increase in status, recognition of talent, birth RULER OF THE 2nd IN THE 8th:Property, wealth, financial gains, limited marital happiness, no happinessfrom elder sibling, harsh speech, poor dietary habits. of an issue, journey to the north. RULER OF THE 2nd IN THE 9th:Sickness during childhood, good health and happiness #JU: Happiness throughout the year, righteous deeds, cordial relations with all, pilgrimage, good increase with age.Capable, skillful, wealthy, religious, goes on pilgrimages. income, honors; accomplishment of desires. RULER OF THE 2nd IN THE 10th:More than one spouse, lustful, financially secure, high #SA: Elevation in occupation, business gains, getting new property, success in disputes, rheumatic status, honorable,few or no children. complaints, danger of typhoid or drowning, intimacy with low-class women. #RA: Head and dental troubles, anemia and general ill-health, fear from serpents, risk of danger while RULER OF THE 2nd IN THE 11th:Ever striving, diligent, successful, prosperity and wealth, undertaking journeys towards southeast; unexpected financial loss due to contact with low-class people. fame andprestige. RULER OF THE 2nd IN THE 12th:Daring, adventurous, meager finances, debts, service #KE: Misunderstandings or litigation with relatives, suffering to children, scandals and quarrels, oriented, works for other people, speech impediment, disappointment from eldest child. swooning and danger of being bitten by serpents, and a generally anxious and apprehensive year. RAHU HOUSE 1: Affliction to one's partner, apprehension of trouble from enemies, threat of proceedings by RULER OF THE 3rd IN THE 1st:Courageous, wealth by own efforts, slender physique, intelligent, short tempered. the government, honor at stake, and eye affliction. RULER OF THE 3rd IN THE 2nd:Little initiative, lazy, fat, unhappy, covetous, adulterous. HOUSE 2: Loss of wealth, problems with superiors, poor health. RULER OF THE 3rd IN THE 3rd:Courageous, cheerful, prosperous, content, generally happy HOUSE 3: Getting cattle and vehicles, friendship with rulers, affliction to brothers. and happiness from siblings. HOUSE 4: Destruction or loss of vehicle, trouble from authority, cough and asthmatic complaints, RULER OF THE 3rd IN THE 4th:Happy, wealthy, intelligent, but may suffer from spouse's rheumatic pains, and visiting a foreign country without benefit. behavior. HOUSE 5: Loss of discrimination, enemies inflict suffering, strange illness pertaining to digestive RULER OF THE 3rd IN THE 5th:Happy, wealthy, virtuous, happiness from children.With system, and upsets in all matters. malefic connections --> spouse may be overbearing. HOUSE 6: Affliction to enemies, friendship with notables, acquisition of cattle and gold, happiness and RULER OF THE 3rd IN THE 6th:Difficulties with siblings, affluent, dislikes maternal uncle. overcoming sorrow. HOUSE 7: Windy complaints, piles and fistula, risk of being poisoned or being bitten by snakes and a RULER OF THE 3rd IN THE 7th:Service oriented career, not favorable for self-employment, troublesome childhood, tendency for thievery. difficult period. RULER OF THE 3rd IN THE 8th:Possible criminal involvement, lacks courage, has anxieties HOUSE 8: Inauspicious events (ill health, possible death), diarrhea, or typhoid fever. and fears,problems with siblings, works for others. HOUSE 9: Disinclination to perform religious observances, hostility from rulers, financial benefits, and RULER OF THE 3rd IN THE 9th:Distress from father, happiness from children, financial gains affliction to relatives and cattle. through spouse. HOUSE 10: Expansion of business, increase of status, auspicious happenings, financial gains, and RULER OF THE 3rd IN THE 10th:Courageous, successful siblings, intelligent, happy, selfpleasant journeys. made wealth,possible career in music or literature. HOUSE 11: Equal status to that of a minister, rare acquisitions, defeat of opponents, and RULER OF THE 3rd IN THE 11th:Lean or thin body, hard-hearted, aggressive or shortmisunderstandings with children. tempered, intelligent,earns through own efforts in trade. HOUSE 12: Change of residence or job, disregard for social conventions, death of trusted servants, RULER OF THE 3rd IN THE 12th:Problems with siblings, father's character is questionable, head, stomach and ear complaints, loss of money, misunderstandings with kin, and affliction to finds ways to be miserable in the midst of happiness, earnings through opposite sex. partners. KETU RULER OF THE 4th IN THE 1st:Fine education, virtuous, fixed assets, comforts, luxuries, HOUSE 1: Disappointments, complications in chronic health complaints, loss of happiness, good relationship with mother. untrustworthy friends, and disputes with all sort of characterless persons. RULER OF THE 4th IN THE 2nd:Ambitious, cunning, prosperous, earns money through real HOUSE 2: Loass of wealth, ossible harsh speech, foul tongue, verbally abusive, mouth and eye estate, large family, enjoys sensual pleasures, gains through mother or her relatives. diseases possible. HOUSE 3: Fighting enemies with courage, acquisition of wealth and comforts, donating for charitable RULER OF THE 4th IN THE 3rd:Courageous, virtuous, charitable, healthy, earns solely through own efforts,has subordinates or servants, difficulties with mother. causes and a generally happy year. RULER OF THE 4th IN THE 4th:Learned, fine education, highly respected, possesses various HOUSE 4: Affliction to mother, chance to show grit, truth-speaking, good earnings and plenty. fixed assets,good relationship with mother. HOUSE 5: Loss of an issue, trouble from the government, loss of name, irreligious, and enemies make RULER OF THE 4th IN THE 5thHappy, popular, fine education, religious devotee, happiness baseless allegations. from children,earns wealth through own efforts. HOUSE 6: Starting of an educational center, happiness at home, honour in public, respect in the RULER OF THE 4th IN THE 6thDifficulties with mother, angry disposition, thievish, deceitful, community, and smooth sailing in all affairs. magician,few fixed assets, independent nature. HOUSE 7: Intimacy with low class women, loss of honour, and destruction of enemies. RULER OF THE 4th IN THE 7th:Fine education but poor oratory skills, highly educated wife, HOUSE 8: Good and pious deeds, good conduct, generosity and religious turn of mind. may lose inherited wealth from father. HOUSE 9: Contact with respected and religious personages, attending religious functions, meeting with RULER OF THE 4th IN THE 8th:Little happiness from mother or father, few if any fixed dignitaries and creating trusts. assets, devoid of domestic comforts. HOUSE 10: Trading in fish and similar articles, ordinary fame but mental uneasiness. RULER OF THE 4th IN THE 9th:Happy, virtuous popular, devotee, good parentage and good HOUSE 11: Construction of a beautiful house, enjoyment of sensual pleasures, prowess, and general relationship with parents, good education. improvement in all matters. RULER OF THE 4th IN THE 10th:Commands respect from influential and powerful people, HOUSE 12: Huge expenses, initiation into uchchishta (forbidden) mantras, heterodoxy, and taking to successful career, prosperous, content, conquers five senses, knowledge of chemistry and forbidden practices. medicine. RULER OF THE 4th IN THE 11th:Charitable, virtuous, lasting friendships, may suffer from Results of Houses ruler in other houses difficult to diagnose diseases or from venereal disease. RULER OF THE 4th IN THE 12th:Few comforts, few if any fixed assets, broken education, RULER OF THE 1st IN THE 1st:Good health, physical prowess, handsome appearance, difficulties with parents, may be foolish and lazy, may seek self-realization. fearless, long-lived,happy life. RULER OF THE 1st IN THE 2nd:Intelligent, scholarly, generous, honest, excellent orator, RULER OF THE 5th IN THE 1st:Learned, scholarly, happiness from children, enjoys wealth gained through own efforts, may have few or no children. speculating and gambling, may have unstable disposition, can be miserly. RULER OF THE 1st IN THE 3rd:Courageous, intelligent , happy, wealthy, honorable, RULER OF THE 5th IN THE 2nd:Proud disposition, intelligent, honorable, wealthy, large successful, multiple marriages. RULER OF THE 1st IN THE 4th:Refined upbringing, of good parentage, prosperous with fixed family, happiness from children, predictive abilities, possible breathing difficulties. RULER OF THE 5th IN THE 3rd:Happiness from successful and influential siblings, miserly assets,happiness from parents, virtuous, popular, handsome. RULER OF THE 1st IN THE 5th:Intelligent, wealthy, happy, fortunate, strong sense of destiny, nature,adventurous, selfish, or self-centered, possibly dishonest.If malefic aspect --> children suffer or die young. may suffer loss of first child, may experience unhappiness from children, involvement with RULER OF THE 5th IN THE 4th:Intelligent, wealthy, owns property, enjoys comforts, happy government or politics. disposition,long-lived mother, possible career as advisor or government minister,has great influence.


RULER OF THE 5th IN THE 5th:Virtuous, charitable, intelligent, religious.If malefic connections --> few or no children. RULER OF THE 5th IN THE 6th:Inimical relationship with children, possible loss of child or adoption of child, dull intellect, unsettled mind, disinterest in spiritual or religious practices, gains from maternal uncle, who is wealthy or famous. RULER OF THE 5th IN THE 7th:Religious, devoted to teacher, charitable, honorable, strong, stable mind,happy family life. RULER OF THE 5th IN THE 8th:Few children and little happiness from them. Bronchial diseases, angry disposition, dull intellect, little happiness. RULER OF THE 5th IN THE 9th:Fortunate, wealthy, righteous, spiritual, princely, famous, great happiness from children, writer or author. RULER OF THE 5th IN THE 10th:Famous, wealthy, prominent career, happiness from children, prince-like son.If ruler of th strong --> enjoys benefit of Raj Yoga RULER OF THE 5th IN THE 11th:Wealthy, learned, well educated, popular, successful, literary abilities,happiness from children. RULER OF THE 5th IN THE 12th:Unhappiness from children, inimical relations with own children, or loss of a child, possible adoption of child. may have abdominal disorders.possible intense interest in self-realization.

insurance policies, may have interest in occult or spiritual growth,tendency towards have gambling and thievery, tendency to blame others. RULER OF THE 8th IN THE 9th:Poor relationship with father, father's longevity may suffer, little benefit from guru or appreciation for religion or faith, marital difficulties, spousemay be unfaithful; few progeny. RULER OF THE 8th IN THE 10th:Unless there is a benefic association there will be difficulties with livelihood and many changes in career with little or no recognition,fluctuating finances. RULER OF THE 8th IN THE 11th:With malefic association --> Poverty in youth with finances improving with age. Otherwise enjoys good livelihood and fame, may have difficulties with eldest sibling or longevity of eldest sibling may be impaired, problems with left ear. RULER OF THE 8th IN THE 12th:Sickly, shortened longevity, interest in spiritual development, incurs expenses and debts with no financial gains from spouse. Little sexual energy, may be involved with non life-supporting activities.

RULER OF THE 9th IN THE 1st:Fortunate, prosperous, virtuous, religious and intensely spiritual, devoted to teacher, learned wise and well respected, good start in life. RULER OF THE 9th IN THE 2nd:Prosperous, gains wealth from father, happy family life, sensuous nature,virtuous and learned. RULER OF THE 9th IN THE 3rd:Prosperity gained easily through efforts, close relationship RULER OF THE 6th IN THE 1st:Highly competitive nature, courageous, adventurous, with siblings,successful siblings, virtuous, charming, literary talents, extensive travels. honorable, wealthy,may have difficult start in life, may have sickly constitution or sores RULER OF THE 9th IN THE 4th:Has all kinds of wealth and comforts,Enjoys a beneficial covering body, close relationship with maternal uncle, possible interest in medical field. relationship with mother, happy disposition, virtuous, religious. RULER OF THE 6th IN THE 2nd:Courageous, adventurous, happy, possible foreign RULER OF THE 9th IN THE 5th:Prosperous with many children. Devoted learned, intelligent, residence, earnings gained hrough hard work, famous, oratory skills, may have domestic virtuous,fortunate, blessed, intense spiritual or religious nature, fortunate father and children. difficulties,weakness in eyesight. RULER OF THE 9th IN THE 6th:Difficult relationship with father or father may be sickly, no RULER OF THE 6th IN THE 3rd:Skilled with hands, dull intellect, angry and unstable gains from maternal uncles, limited financial resources, must make own disposition, spiteful nature, inimical relations with siblings or siblings may be sickly. RULER OF THE 6th IN THE 4th:No happiness from mother, inimical relationship with mother opportunities,powerful competitors and adversaries. RULER OF THE 9th IN THE 7th:Happy married life with financial benefits from spouse, or mother may be ill, fickle nature, wanderer with few fixed assets. RULER OF THE 6th IN THE 5th:Good health, excels over competitors, inimical relationship or virtuous, fortunate, successful business partnerships, interest in spiritual development. separation from children, children may not be healthy, shaky finances, loss of money from investments and speculations, selfish nature, possibly immoral acts. RULER OF THE 9th IN THE 8th:Difficult relationship or early separation from father, difficulties with siblings, prosperity and luck are adversely affected, must strive very hard to RULER OF THE 6th IN THE 6th:Good health, excellent longevity, good job, excels over succeed, little interest in religion or philosophy, but a strong competitors, incurs enmity of own community but is well liked by outsiders, gains from fortunate maternal uncle. intuition and interest in the occult, receives inheritance from father. RULER OF THE 6th IN THE 7th:Marital discord, possibly sickly spouse or spouse of RULER OF THE 9th IN THE 9th:Enjoys beneficial relationship with father, fortunate, virtuous, questionable character,famous, courageous, virtuous, wealthy. handsome appearance, financial and material prosperity, siblings also wealthy andhappiness from siblings, strong faith with interest in spiritual development. RULER OF THE 6th IN THE 8th:Sickly, suffers from chronic diseases, mediocre longevity, cheated or taken advantage of by others, incurs enmity or jealousy of others, may engage in RULER OF THE 9th IN THE 10th:Highly successful career, widely respected, famous and sinful, non life-supporting acts. prosperous, virtuous and charitable nature, beneficial relationship with mother, fine education. RULER OF THE 6th IN THE 9th:Discord with father, neglectful of religious obligations, RULER OF THE 9th IN THE 11th:Ever increasing wealth and prosperity (except for Gemini fluctuating finances, costly ascendants),virtuous nature, pursues self-knowledge, commands respect, beneficial relationship with father. litigation, trade in stone and wood products (constructionsupplies). RULER OF THE 9th IN THE 12th:Relationship with father suffers or father's longevity is RULER OF THE 6th IN THE 10th:Courageous, adventurous, happy, possible foreign shortened, fortunes adversely affected, large expenditures on lavish entertainment of residence, earnings gained through hard work, famous, oratory skills, may have domestic friends,subsequently, incurring debts, keen interest in self-realization. difficulties,competitors or enemies may block advancement. RULER OF THE 6th IN THE 11th:Virtuous, adventurous, generous, good health, financial gains from competitors, may have inimical relationship with eldest sibling,or eldest sibling mayRULER OF THE 10th IN THE 1st:Handsome, sickly during childhood but health improves with be sickly. age, finances also improve over time, Scholarly, possible career as author or poet, or may utilize physical body in career as a performer. RULER OF THE 6th IN THE 12th:Ill health, chronic diseases, spends money wastefully on vice or in frivolous ways, possibly adulterous or sadistic tendencies. RULER OF THE 10th IN THE 2nd:Wealthy, financial gains from successful career, profession may involve food or family business. Virtuous nature, well respected, eloquent speaker. RULER OF THE 7th IN THE 1st:Educated, highly respected, successful partnerships, happy RULER OF THE 10th IN THE 3rd:Virtuous, courageous, adventurous, noble, eloquent marriage, may travel extensively, Possibly lustful nature, inspires courage in others while not speaker, career may involve the field of communications, advances achieved through hard work,happy and beneficial relationship with siblings. being courageous, reheumatism or other vata diseases. RULER OF THE 10th IN THE 4th:Happy, virtuous, learned, wealthy with fixed assets and RULER OF THE 7th IN THE 2nd:Many partnerships or marriages, wealthy and intelligent comforts, beneficial and happy relationship with mother, possible career involving, property or spouse, financial gains from spouse, tendency to procrastinate and behave immorally. RULER OF THE 7th IN THE 3rd:Powerful, courageous spouse, may only have daughters or agriculture. RULER OF THE 10th IN THE 5th:Happy and prosperous, well educated, highly intelligent, male children may virtuous, highly successful, great happiness from children. die young. RULER OF THE 10th IN THE 6th:Troubled by competitors and adversaries who may obstruct RULER OF THE 7th IN THE 4th:Happy marriage, virtuous spouse, charitable, religious, professional career,must work very hard and yet pay is not commensurate with amount of possible dental problems. effort or level of skill, frequent career changes, may suffer from chronic diseases or career RULER OF THE 7th IN THE 5th:Prosperous, happy and contented, virtuous. may involve medical field. RULER OF THE 7th IN THE 6th:Sickly spouse, marital discord, unsuccessful partnerships, RULER OF THE 10th IN THE 7th:Financial profits and career advancements through little happiness, partnerships or marriage,happy marriage, virtuous, intelligent and skilled in oration. bodily complaints. RULER OF THE 10th IN THE 8th:Excellent longevity, difficulties in career and lack of RULER OF THE 7th IN THE 7th:Educated, courageous, powerful, rheumatism or vata recognition of merit,financial benefits from will or legacies, may be unscrupulous, may have disorders possible, interest in occult. spouse may be especially beautiful or powerful. RULER OF THE 10th IN THE 9th:Virtuous, knowledgeable, courageous, happy, wealthy, RULER OF THE 7th IN THE 8th:Sickly spouse, spouse's longevity afflicted, possible marital religious or spiritually minded, career may involve religious and spiritual organizations, father discord or sexual dysfunction, financial gains from marriage, insurance companies, or and is successful and long-lived. wills, may die in foreign place. RULER OF THE 10th IN THE 10th:Successful career, skilled in many pursuits, widely RULER OF THE 7th IN THE 9th:Pure minded, religious, spiritual spouse, happy marriage, respected, truthful,virtuous, prosperous. financial gains RULER OF THE 10th IN THE 11th:Wealthy, virtuous, intelligent happy, very successful from spouse, happiness and beneficial relationship with father or teacher. career, eldest sibling or friends may be beneficial to career, happiness from children. RULER OF THE 7th IN THE 10th:Wealthy. religious, competitive, charitable, successful RULER OF THE 10th IN THE 12th:Difficulties with career, fear of competitors and spouse who may help adversaries, worries in spite of high level of skill. Excessive losses to government through with career, spouse may not be chaste. taxes,penalties and fines, may have interest in self-realization. RULER OF THE 7th IN THE 11th:May lose sons during infancy or childhood, or inimical relationship with RULER OF THE 11th IN THE 1st:Born into family of means and beneficial relationship with sons, more happiness from daughters, financial gains through spouse orpartner. eldest sibling and friends, financially prosperous pious, evenhanded, happy, eloquent RULER OF THE 7th IN THE 12th:Little happiness from marriage, divorce or early death of speaker. spouse. Poor RULER OF THE 11th IN THE 2nd:Wealthy, successful, accomplished, intelligent charitable, finances, miserly nature, strong sexual nature. happy, may earn money through food industry or banking. RULER OF THE 11th IN THE 3rd:Wealthy, courageous, adventurous, clever, skillful, RULER OF THE 8th IN THE 1st:Poor health, suffers from sores or ulcerations and wounds beneficial relationshipwith siblings, may earn money through the arts or literature, may suffer from shooting pain. from accidents, interest in healing arts, multiple marriage partners and marital difficulties, difficult start to life, RULER OF THE 11th IN THE 4th:Possesses fixed assets, earning through property or agriculture, lives incomfort, receives wealth from maternal side of family, undertakes tendency towards atheisticism. pilgrimage to holy shrines. RULER OF THE 8th IN THE 2nd:Meager finances, loss of money lent to others, physical RULER OF THE 11th IN THE 5th:Gains from investments or speculation, happy, pious, health and vigor successful, beneficial fluctuate, loss of relatives, poor dietary habits. RULER OF THE 8th IN THE 3rd:Physically weak, lazy, fearful, lack of success, discord with relationship with children. RULER OF THE 11th IN THE 6th:Suffers from various diseases, may have problem with siblings,or loss of siblings, problems with ears, harsh or dishonest speech. hearing, may benefit from maternal uncle, eldest sibling may have ill health, may be no RULER OF THE 8th IN THE 4th:Loss or separation from mother, few fixed assets or gainsfrom eldest sibling or friends, lives away from place of birth, troubled by adversaries, comforts, limited happiness, interest in the occult or in spiritual development. RULER OF THE 8th IN THE 5th:Few children, possible loss of a child, lacks common sense, fluctuating finances, works for others, gains through health industry. RULER OF THE 11th IN THE 7th:Gains through spouse's family, gains also possible through little wealth at beginning of life but wealth increases with age, long-lived but may have trade and business stomach problems. requiring travel, affluent, broad-minded, and oversexed, hen-pecked by spouse. RULER OF THE 8th IN THE 6th:Easily overcomes adversaries and competitors, wins RULER OF THE 11th IN THE 8th:Financial setbacks but gains of unearned wealth through litigation, excellent longevity but may suffer from ill health. RULER OF THE 8th IN THE 7th:Multiple marriages, marital difficulties, poor communication wills, insurance policies, gifts, and alimony, gains from spouse's wealth. Long lived, eldest sibling may lead a harsh life or die young, no financial gains from friends. with spouse,spouse sickly or suffers hardships, can pose as devotee but is not one. RULER OF THE 8th IN THE 8th:Long-lived, but if 8th ruler is weak life span may be only until RULER OF THE 11th IN THE 9th:Wealthy, highly respected, pious, spiritual, virtuous, fortunate, happiness and benefits from father and eldest sibling, beneficial friends. sixty years,financial benefits from spouse, receives inheritance and money from wills and

4 RULER OF THE 11th IN THE 10th:Virtuous, pious, intelligent, well respected, honored, prosperous career.beneficial relationship with eldest sibling. RULER OF THE 11th IN THE 11th:Gains come easily, prosperity increases steadily along with happiness,ambitions are fulfilled, happy and beneficial relationship with eldest sibling. RULER OF THE 11th IN THE 12th:Contributes money to worthy causes but finances suffer losses and setbacks,multiple marriages, may lose spouse, strong sexual nature, befriends foreigners, difficulties with eldest sibling.

PARIDHI IN THE 1st HOUSE:Well-educated, righteous, calm disposition,Wealthy,Children,Kind to edlres 2nd HOUSE:Happy, spiritual,Wealthy,Leadership position,Enjoys pleasures 3rd HOUSE:Righteous, well-mannered,Serves others,Happy conjugal life 4th HOUSE:Very fortunate life,Helpful to others,Talents in singing 5th HOUSE:Virtuous, spiritual,Wealthy,Happy conjugal life 6th HOUSE:Helpful to others,Famous,Wealthy,Overcomes competitors,Enjoys pleasures,Children RULER of the 12th in the 1st:Weak constitution, sickly, particularly troubled with lung ailments, thin or emaciated physique, overly fearful of death, longevity shortened, poorstart in 7th HOUSE:Cruel, unhappy,Intelligence suffers,Few, if any children,Sickly spouse 8th HOUSE:Spiritual, gentle, unwavering,Good health life, wealth, learning and self-confidence adversely affected,may have ascetic or spiritual 9th HOUSE:Happy, very intelligent,Wealthy,Children nature. RULER of the 12th in the 2nd:Financial difficulties with heavy debts, may have weakness in 10th HOUSE:Learned,Enjoy pleasures,Knowledgeable in arts 11th HOUSE:Virtuous, intelligent,PLeasures from women,Pitta disorders right eye or ear, charitable, spends on auspicious and worthy causes, virtuous, happy,religious devotee, speaks sweetly. 12th HOUSE:Unwavering,Spendthrift,Relationships with elders suffers RULER of the 12th in the 3rd:Problematic relationship with siblings, must redouble efforts to achieve any success, argumentative, selfish, fearful, and lacking motivation. PRANAPADA IN THE RULER of the 12th in the 4th:Problematic relationship with mother, little happiness from 1st HOUSE:Unhappy, dull,Possible mental disorders,,Weak, unhealthy,Suffers from hunger,Possible mother, few fixed assets, may rent home, change residence frequently, and incur frequent deformity losses on property or vehicle, may have strong desire for self-realization,education is 2nd HOUSE:Blessed with many good fortunes,Happy life,Wealthy,Many children,Servants disrupted. 3rd HOUSE:Insensitive, cruel, proud, hurtful,Lacks respect for others RULER of the 12th in the 5th:Few children, loss of a child or little happiness from children, 5th HOUSE:Happy, virtuous, kind,Affectionat nature loss of money on investments and speculation, spends heavily in order to have children. 5th HOUSE:Happy, kind, virtuous,Affectionate RULER of the 12th in the 6th:Angry, highly competitive nature, unhealthy, unhappy, sinful 6th HOUSE:Mean, quick mind,Overcome by competitors,Discordant relationship with behavior,easily over takescompetitors and foes, little happiness from maternal uncles. relatives,Wealthy,Poor digestion,Poor health,,short-lived RULER of the 12th in the 7th:Weak constitution, poor health, lavish expenditures on spouse or opposite sex with very little happiness resulting, problematic relationship with spouse and 7th HOUSE:Oversexed, disagreeable,Falls into disrespect,Agressive appearance 8th HOUSE:Worried, troubled,Unhappiness from government, relatives, or subordinates,Suffers business partners. diseases RULER of the 12th in the 8th:Virtuous with strong spiritual nature, sweet speech, financial gains possible with benefic association, otherwise no benefit from wills, insurance policies,or 9th HOUSE:Fortunate life,Wealthy,Children,Possible service profession 10th HOUSE:Intelligent, valorous,Spiritual,Possible government profession spouse's wealth, medium life span. 11th HOUSE:Well-educated, virtuous,Famous,Wealthy,Close relationship with mother RULER of the 12th in the 9th:Problematic relationship with father, father may die early, no benefit from gurus, elders, or religion, stubborn, argumentative disposition, enjoys pleasures 12th HOUSE:Cruel, irreligious,Eye problems,Possible deformity of the bed. RULER of the 12th in the 10th:Loss of profession, many career changes, does not receive UPAKETU IN THE recognition for merit, breaks in education, problems with mother and other 4th house 1st HOUSE:Happy, very learned,Kind disposition,Skilled speaker concerns, fines paid to government, minimal or no benefit from father's wealth, may strive for 2nd HOUSE:Learned, humble,Academically inclined,Good speaker,Skill in poetry,Enjoys fine vehicles divine knowledge. 3rd HOUSE:Cruel, miserly,Devoid of wealth,Suffers severs diseases RULER of the 12th in the 11th:Problematic relationship with eldest sibling, no benefit from 4th HOUSE:Happy, virtuous, learned, kind disposition, charming,Knowledge of scriptures friends,incurs losses and receives gains on account of others, financial losses through 5th HOUSE:Happy, intelligent, refined,Quick at solving problems,Enjoys pleasures,Good relationships investments and speculation, obstacles to children. RULER of the 12th in the 12th:With benefic associations --> Spiritual, religious nature, seeker with elders ofself-realization, saves money, expenditures are for worthy causes.Enjoys pleasures of the 6th HOUSE:Brave, courageous,Overcomes competitors,Large family,Relationship s with maternal bed, attains blissful state at death.With malefic associations --> Heavy expenditures, physical relatives suffers 7th HOUSE:Low morals, questionable activities,Sensuous,Gambler pain, spiteful,irritable, angry disposition. 8th HOUSE:Low morals, sinful,Blames others for own problems,Lacks conjugal happiness Upagrahas in houses 9th HOUSE:Spiritual, helpful to others,Skilled in religious ceremonies 10th HOUSE:Happy, charitable,Wealthy,Fond of opposite sex,Connections with spiritual leaders CHAPA IN THE1st HOUSE:WealthGood health 11th HOUSE:Very spiritual, brave, courageous,Honorable,Wealthy,Skilled in religious ceremonies 2nd HOUSE:Learned, spiritual, well-mannered, humbleVery wealthy 12th HOUSE:Sinful, cruel, angry temperment,Untrustworthy,Brave, courageous,Adulterous tendencies 3rd HOUSE:Miserly, unsociable Skilled in manyarts Tendency towards thievery Possible loss of limb 4th HOUSE:Happy Honored Healthy VYATIPATA IN THE 5th HOUSE:Righteous Far-sighted thinker Successful undertakings Liked by others 1st HOUSE:Cruel, sinful,Foolish,Difficult life 6th HOUSE:Happy, righteous Overcomes competitors Great success in undertakings 2nd HOUSE:Low morals, sinful, cruel,Enjoys pleasures 7th HOUSE:Spiritual, virtuous Wealthy 3rd HOUSE:Determined, unwavering,Leader,Possible career in miliary or related field 8th HOUSE:Cruel, jealous Covets other peoples possesions Possible deformity 4th HOUSE:Lacks wealth, children,Large family 9th HOUSE:Highly learned, spiritual Famous 5th HOUSE:Cruel, questionable morals,Lacks wealth,Vata imbalances 10th HOUSE:Famous Very wealthy Many children 6th HOUSE:Calm nature,Overcomes enemies,Physically strong,Skilled in martial arts 11th HOUSE:Agreesive temperment Spiritual knowledge Happy conjugal life Good health Knowledge 7th HOUSE:Questionable morals,Sensuous,Lacks wealth,Married life adversely affected,Difficult life of armaments 8th HOUSE:Difficult life,Eye problems,Blood disorders 12th HOUSE:Low morals, cruefile Devoid of wealth 9th HOUSE:Well-educated, refined,Involvement in different business ventures,Happy family life,Many friends DHOOMA IN THE 10th HOUSE:Well-educated, calm disposition,Knowledge of religious ceremonies,Far-sighted thinker 1st HOUSE:Brave, courageous Unkind, angry tempermant 11th HOUSE:Rightous, unwavering,Very wealthy,Talents in singing 2nd HOUSE:Dull mind, Health adversely affected ,Possible loss of limb, Problems with governemnt 12th HOUSE:Angry temperment,Possible physical disability,Poor relations with relatives,Many 3rd HOUSE:Bold, refined ,Intelligent, Wealthy interests 4th HOUSE:Well-educated 5th HOUSE:Few, if any children, loss of childrenLacks wealth,Social relationships suffer PLANETS RESULTS IN SIGNS & HOUSES 6th HOUSE:Very intelligent,Overcomes competitors,Famous,Good health 7th HOUSE:Questionable moral,sSensuous,Devoid of wealth JUPITER IN AQUARIUS (Fixed/Air)-Limited intelligence-Hard-hearted-Unproductive, lazy 8th HOUSE:Selfish, energetic,Honest,Lacks courage JUPITER IN ARIES (Moveable.Fire)Generous, honets, disciplined Patient, forgiving nature Powerful, 9th HOUSE:Kind, spiritual nature,Wealth,Children,Supportive of family possible military leader Famous ,Happy marriage Many children Wealthy, has servants Bright 10th HOUSE:,Happy, truthful, honest,Wealthy,Children appearance Health: Great physical stamina 11th HOUSE:Modest,Knowledge of arts,Talents in singing,Wealthy JUPITER IN CANCER (Moveable/Water Exaltation: 5 degrees)+Intelligent, sagacious, 12th HOUSE:Low morals, unkind,Devious,Possible addictions learned+KindHearted,virtuous+Influential+Religious+Happy conjugal life=Many children+Wealthy, comfortable life+Owns gems JUPITER IN CAPRICORN (Moveable/Earth Debilitation: 5 degrees)+Timid nature+Undignified GULIKA IN THE behavior+Lacks cleanliness+Experiences grief, dissatisfaction, melancholy+Very little wealth°°°Health: 1st HOUSE:Low morals, dull mind,Tendency towards thievery,Few, if any children, children Weak physical constitution suffer,Severe eye problems,Longevity adversely affected JUPITER IN GEMINI (Dual/Air)Intelligent, learned, scholarly, sagacious+Oratorial abilities, 2nd HOUSE:Lacks virtue, cruel, harsh speech,Unhappy life,Obstructions to education,Many vices,Poor,Unhappy family life,Speech defects,May live in foreign lands,Dasa periods of ruler of 2nd poet+Top advisor, government minister+Very wealthy, many fixed assets, has servants+Lives in comfort house very unfortunate 3rd HOUSE:Leader, honored by governemnt,Wealthy,Few, if any children, or children suffer,Feelings JUPITER IN LEO (Fixed/Fire)Intelligent, learned+Virtuous+Religious devotee+Leadership abilities, possible connected with military+Famous+Wealthy+Happy conjugal life+Many children°°°Health: of distress Great stamina 4th HOUSE:Sinful,Unhappy life,Social relationships suffers,Lacks conveyances, or danger JUPITER IN LIBRA (Moveable/Air)Generous, virtuous+Religious devotee+Loving fromthem,Possible incarceration,Poor health , Vata disorders,Painful death 5th HOUSE:Curel, lacks virtue,Few if any children or children suffer,Poor,Dominated by spouse,Lacks nature+Popular+Wealthy, lives in comfort+Good friends+Children+Handsome°°°Health: Extremely healthy+ Strong physical constitution spirituality JUPITER IN PISCES (Dual/Water)Learned, enterprising nature+Powerful, influential+Leader, high 6th HOUSE:Courageous, friendly, energetic, helpful to others,Interest and possible career in position+Well-respected+Wealthy occult,Happy conjugal life,Children JUPITER IN SAGITTARIUS (Dual/Fire Moolatrikona: 1-10 degrees)Intelligent, learned+Generous, If Gulika in friendly sign --> Good health trustworthy+Holds high governemnt position 7th HOUSE:Sinful, adulterous tendencies,Social relationships suffers,Many enemies,Financial gains +Influential+Wealthy+Good friends+Holy pilgrimages from spouse,Unhappy conjugal life,More than one marriage possible 8th HOUSE:,Unhappy, cruel, short-tempered,Unpleasant disposition,Suffers from hunger,Diseases of JUPITER IN SCORPIO (Fixed/Water)Strong, commanding personality+Serious, exacting+Pompous, proud+Possible vindictive, unscrupulous tendencies+Great fame+Conjugal happiness+Subservient to mouth, eyes opposite sex 9th HOUSE:Sinful, cruel, untrustworthy,Lacks vigour,Unhappy childhood,Father suffers or dies JUPITER IN TAURUS (Fixed/Earth)Intellignet, generous+Popular+Wealthy, comfortable life+Many early,Efforts unsuccessful 10th HOUSE:Happy, spiritual,Interest in spiritual techniques,Enjoys pleasures,Children,May change sons+Large, handsome body Health: Extremely healthy religion JUPITER IN VIRGO (Dual/Earth)Intelligent+Virtuous, generous+Top advisor, governemnt 11th HOUSE:Leader, possible kingly, immoral character,Enjoys company of high-class members of minister+Wealthy, comfortable life+Fixed assets, servants+Good friends+Many children opposite sex,Wealthy JUPITER IN THE 1st HOUSE:Learned, wise, magnetic personality+Spiritual+Highly Happiness from children educated+Influential leader+Happy+Successful, wealthy 12th HOUSE:Sinful, lack of good fortune,Many misfortunes,Loss of wealth,Involved with sinful +Happy family life+Many children°°°Health: Healthy+ "Life force" strong, good vitality+ Longpeople,Happiness from children lived+ Stout body°°°EXALTED + BENEFIC ASPECTS: Pure minded, very righteous+ High spiritual Possible deformity


development°°DEBILITATED + MALEFIC ASPECTS: Sinful, self-centered, self-righteous, uncaring+ KETU IN THE 8th HOUSE:Hedonistic, materialistic, quarrelsome+Disturbed happiness+Obstacles Unstable mind+ Unhappy+ Poor+ Health adversely affected+ Medium longevity throughout life+Separation from loved ones JUPITER IN THE 2nd HOUSE:Virtuous, charitable+Soft-spoken, eloquent, sweet speech, +Few children unless Virgo or Libra lagna+Possible gain of money for Aries, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, poetical+Witty, humorous+Intelligent, well-educated+Accumulates wealth+Enjoyable family or Aquarius lagnas+Possible loss of inheritance and financial problems°°°°Health: Chronic illnesses+ life+Happiness and fortune in early part of life adversely affectedHandsome, good clothes+Enjoys good Longevity adversely affected+ Piles and anal diseases+ Wounds and injuries food°°°EXALTED + BENEFIC ASPECTS: Powerful, truthful+ Great wealth°°°DEBILITATED + EXALTED + BENEFIC ASPECTS: Strong intuition+ Possible accumulation of wealth+ Financial MALEFIC ASPECTS: Immoral, adulterous+ Alcoholic tendencies+ Poor+ Breaks in education+ No gains from spouse+ Long-lived children+ Unhappy family life+Diseases of face and mouth KETU IN THE 9th HOUSE:Narrow-minded, short-sighteD+Short-tempered, may have malicious JUPITER IN THE 3rd HOUSE:Miserly, stingy, thrifty+Bold, tendencies+Courageous++Thrifty, frugal courageous+Energetic+Clever+Intelligent+Famous+Excellent communication skills +Intelligent+Not inclined to perform good deeds+May be irreligious+Disturbed fortune and +Career may involve fine arts, literary field+Gains and happiness from younger siblings+Well-loved luck+Difficult relationship with father, father may suffer or die early°°°°If Conjoined With Benefics --> by family members+Tendency for travel+Luck adversely affected°°°°°°Health: Poor Evil results minimized°°°°°°°°EXALTED + BENEFIC ASPECTS: Virtuous, performs good deeds+ digestion°°°°°°EXALTED + BENEFIC ASPECTS: Fulfillment of desires°DEBILITATED + Good fortune+ Beneficial relationship with father MALEFIC ASPECTS: Fearful, malicious, immoral+ Lacks motivation+ Public censure+ Suffers on KETU IN THE 10th HOUSE:Courageous, popular, spiritual, philosophical+Happy+Learned, account of siblings+ Endures hardships+ Short lifespan intelligent, brilliant+Successful+Difficulties related to parents+Holy pilgrimages°°°°Libra Or Scorpio JUPITER IN THE 4th HOUSE:High morals, spiritual+Happy, wise+Good education+Excellent Lagnas --> Difficulties in career related to uncontrollable influences relationship with mother, spouse and children KETU IN THE 11th HOUSE:Avaricious tendencies+Commands +Owns fixed assets, conveyances+Wealthy, many luxuries+Enjoys good friends°°°Health: Long respect+Learned+Fortunate+Successful+Prosperous, wealthy, enjoys many comforts+Few children, or lifespan°°°DEBILITATED + MALEFIC ASPECTS: Unhappy+ Relatioship with mother suffers, disturbed relationship with them°°°°°Health: Problems with left ear, leg, stomach and anal areas mother may die early+ Poor education+ Few fixed assets+ No ancestral property KETU IN THE 12th HOUSE:Unsettled mind, worried+Secretly commits sinful acts+Triumphs over JUPITER IN THE 5th HOUSE:Highly intelligent, learned+Virtuous, compassionate towards adversaries+Often rejects good advice needy+Spiritual, strong religious faith, pure-hearted +Wasteful expenditures+Loss of wealth+Possible residence in foreign or remote places+Little sexual +Powerful, leader+Wealthy+Conjugal happiness+Few children if malefically aspected or conjoined, pleasuRE°°°°Health: Eye problems otherwise+ fine, highly successful children + Ailments of feet or left ear°°EXALTED + BENEFIC ASPECTS: Spiritual growth, knowledge +Handsome, broad eyes°°°°°°EXALTED + BENEFIC ASPECTS: Saintly+ Spiritual leader°°°°DEBILITATED + MALEFIC ASPECTS: MARS IN AQUARIUS (Fixed/Air)Unhappy, untruthful+Unwise, cruel+Independent, wandering Clouded intellect+ Troubled life+ Few or no children, loss of children, or children+ lead difficult nature+Many sorrows+Meditative+Poor lives+Loss from speculation and investment +Loss of wealth caused by own actions + Stomach problems MARS IN ARIES (Moveable/Fire Moolatrikona: 1-12 degrees)Courageous, bold, adventurous, JUPITER IN THE 6th HOUSE:Intelligent, witty+Lazy+Luck adversely affected+Overcomes pioneering+Respected by government leaders competitors+Obtains good job+Famous+Possible humiliation and disrespect+Gains from subordinates, +Career in military or trade+Wealthy+Enjoys sensual pleasure+Fond of travel, walking°°°Health: Prone tenants°°°°Health: Low vitality+ Sluggish digestion°°°° Conjunction with benefic --> good to accidents, wounds, scars on body health°°°°°EXALTED + BENEFIC ASPECTS: Excellent health°°°°°°DEBILITATED + MALEFIC MARS IN CANCER (Moveable/Water Debilitation at 28 degrees)Intelligent, harsh ASPECTS: Distress from competitors/enemies temperment+Wealth connected to sea travel + Lack of recognition+ Unlucky+ Few or no children+ Sickly, weak, low vitality °°°Health: Defective limbs+ Chronic ailment JUPITER IN THE 7th HOUSE:Wise, respected, popular+Generous, diplomatic, sensitive+Highly MARS IN CAPRICORN (Moveable/Earth Exaltation at 28 degrees)Famous, overcomes educated+Attains high position early in life competitors+Attains very high position in life, kingly +Wealthy+Handsome, intelligent, virtuous, and devoted spouse+Good orator or poet+Some Very wealthy+Many children°°°°°Health:Great stamina and energy worries°°°°EXALTED + BENEFIC ASPECTS: Virtuous, spiritual, pure mind+ Powerful+ Conjugal happiness+ Gains through wife+ Pilgrimages MARS IN CAPRICORN (Moveable/Earth Exaltation at 28 degrees)Famous, overcomes competitors+Attains very high position in life, kingly to foreign lands +Very wealthy+Many children°°°°Health: Great stamina and energy DEBILITATED + MALEFIC ASPECTS: Lustful, adulterous+ Unhappy married life+ Immoral MARS IN GEMINI (Dual/Air)Intelligent, ambitous, innovative, fearless+Sarcastic speech, spouse+ Multiple marriages+ Spouse may suffer or die early tactless+Miserly+Dexterous+Interrupted education JUPITER IN THE 8th HOUSE:Knowledgeable, learned, humble+Base and sinful qualities+Illicit +Helps others+Few friends+Musical talent+Loving family, many children+Interest in martial relationships+Lowly career catering to others +Fortune and luck adversely affected+Finances suffer+Interest in astrology, mysticism, occult+Gains arts+Bright appearance MARS IN LEO (Fixed/Fire)Fearless, ambitous+Patient, forbearing+Enjoys solitude in forests+Few from spouse's finances, possible inheritance childrenjoys traveling+Interest in mathematics, astrology, occult°°°°°Health: Physically strong+ Great +Few children, or trouble with them+Peaceful death°°°°Health:Long-lived+Mysterious diseases, stamina allergies°°°EXALTED + BENEFIC ASPECTS: MARS IN LIBRA (Moveable/Air)Timid nature, Passionate, kind+Antagonistic to friends Spiritual seeker+ Great sexual energy+ Large financial gains from spouse+ advice+Easily influenced by opposite sex and liasons Healthy°°°°DEBILITATED + MALEFIC ASPECTS: Ignorant + No spiritual interests+ Suffering from children+ No financial gains from wife Chronic illnesses+ +Skilled in magic tricks+Well grommed, well dressed+Rough body MARS IN PISCES (Dual/Water)Fearless+Great renown+Holds high government position+Many Weak sexual energy+ Longevity adversely affected enemies, competitors+Few children JUPITER IN THE 9th HOUSE:Highly spiritual, pure, devout, sagacious+Humanitarian, MARS IN SAGITTARIUS (Dual/Fire)Sharp-witted, fearless+Very famous, respected by wise+Holds charitable+Intelligent+Learned in scriptures+Involvement in meditation+Fortunate high government position+Many enemies, competitors+Skilled in martial arts directed towards good life+Famous+Recognized leader+Beneficial relationship with father+Father prosperous and longend+Few children lived+Interest in law+Travel to foreign lands°°°EXALTED + BENEFIC ASPECTS: Great wealth, MARS IN SCORPIO (Fixed/Water)Intelligent, clever, determined+Combative, vindictive, prosperity+ Famous°°°DEBILITATED + MALEFIC ASPECTS: Devoid of wisdom and higer education+ No interest in spiritual development+ Luck adversely affected+ No children, or suffering vengeful+Wandering nature+Well respected by high government officals+Military leader, businessman, or trader°°°°Health: Wounds or scars on body on their account+Relationship with father suffers, or father dies early+ No travel to foreign lands MARS IN TAURUS (Fixed/Earth)Timid, stubborn+Easily influenced by opposite sex+Does not JUPITER IN THE 11th HOUSE:Noble, fearless+Successful, prosperous+Fortunate life+Accumulates accept advice from friends+Skilled in performing magic tricks+Enjoys sports+Well-dressed, wellgroomed°°°°Appearance: Rough body wealth+Well-educated+Beneficial relationships with eldest sibling and paternal uncle+Influential MARS IN VIRGO (Dual/Earth)Fearful, spiritual+Few or no friends+Strong sexual friends+Enjoys fine arts°°°Health: Long-lived°°°°DEBILITATED + MALEFIC ASPECTS: impulses+Wealthy+Incurs large expenses+Many children Difficult life+ Needs to create own opportunities+ Great effort to acheive financial gains+ +Skilled in music Relationships with eldest sibling and paternal uncle suffer+ Leg and left ear problems JUPITER IN THE 12th HOUSE:Tendency towards loose morals, sinful behavior+Lazy+Lacks good MARS IN THE 1st HOUSE:Competitive, agressive, independent+Hot-tempered, quarrelsome, reckless+Courageous, faces consequences of actions fortune, luck+Lacks eloquent speech, engage in vulgar speech+Learned+Knowledge of mathematics+Possible loss of wealth+Enmity from others+Few children or relationship with them Strong sexual drive+Marital problems, faithfulness to spouse compromised+Gains through technical suffers+Frequent travel+Enjoys sexual pleasures+Sleeps in fine beds°°°°°EXALTED + BENEFIC or military fields+Handsome ASPECTS: Spiritual+ Accumulates wealth +Asceticism in later years+ Pious after-life, goes to Health: Prone to boils and burns+ Scars from injuries+ Prone to accidents°°°°EXALTED + heaven+ Evil effects lessened°°°°°DEBILITATED + MALEFIC ASPECTS:Lacivious BENEFIC ASPECTS: Successful, respected, famous + Hypocritical in religious beliefs + Happy+ Good education+ Military leader+ Wealthy+ Good health, strong body+ Longlived°°°°DEBILITATED + MALEFIC ASPECTS: KETU IN THE 1st HOUSE:Deceptive, nervous and sickly+Intuitive nature+Powerful and Cruel, courageous+ Mentally unbalanced+ Poor health+ Short-lived discriminating mind+Sexually indulgent+Marital difficulties+Interest in spiritual matters+Ascetic, MARS IN THE 2nd HOUSE:Short-tempered, miserly+Harsh speech, speaks lies+Associates with austere+Dark complexion°°°Health: Sickly, weak constitution+ Emaciated+ Stomach ailments people of questionable character+Gains wealth + Mouth diseases+ Defective eyesight°°°°EXALTED + BENEFIC ASPECTS: Profoundly Poor or broken education+Family disharmony+Tendecy towards adultery+Eats bad food°°°°Health: intelligent+ Highly spiritual Vision problems+ Scarred or unattractive face KETU IN THE 2nd HOUSE:Sharp-tounged, vulgar speech+Limited education+Poor+Possible loss of EXALTED + BENEFIC ASPECTS: Well-educated, intelligent+ Powerful imagination+ Wellmoney to government+Trouble with relations, especially brothers+Dependent on others°°°°Health: renowned+ Much wealth+ Handsome, attractive face°°°°°DEBILITATED + MALEFIC Diseases of mouth, speech problems Poor eyesight+ Eats unwholesome food provided by others+ ASPECTS:Negative tendencies enhanced+Unpopular, awkward+Foul language+Poor, gains through Possible abuse of alcohol, drugs°°°°EXALTED + BENEFIC ASPECTS: Happy+ Good education+ foul work Accumulated wealth+ Eats wholesome food MARS IN THE 3rd HOUSE:Courageous, bold, valorous+Adventurous, pioneering KETU IN THE 3rd HOUSE:Courageous, adventurous+Intelligent+Mental agitation from disputes and spirit+Intelligent+Overcomes all competitors+Good reputation, famous+Happy+Relations with mother controversies+Overcomes competitors+Suffering from younger siblings, or no younger siblings+Wealth and brothers suffer+Possible early death of younger brother, or no brothers+Wealthy+Gains through and luxuries increase+Sense of spiritual non-attachment°°°Health:+ Strong, long-lived+ Defect or pain agriculture°°°Health: Healthy, strong+ Resistant to disease+ Long lifespaN°°°°EXALTED + BENEFIC in arm or hands°°°°°EXALTED + BENEFIC ASPECTS: Excellent discriminative mind+ Strong ASPECTS:Highly skilled in fine arts or literary field+ Wealthy, enjoys comforts of life+ Excellent ascetic and spiritual influence relationships with brothers+ Successful siblings°°°°DEBILITATED + MALEFIC ASPECTS: Weak KETU IN THE 4th HOUSE:Cruel, quarrelsome, loose morals+Few friends+Distressed relationship morals, unprincipled, reckless+ Unhappy+ Strong sexual desires+ Inimical relationships with siblings, with mother, mother may die early+Difficulties with education+Lives away from birthplace+May lose or no sibling ancestral property and land+Possible spiritual interests°°°°EXALTED + BENEFIC ASPECTS: MARS IN THE 4th HOUSE:Cruel or brutal temperment+Sensuous nature+Mental distress+Few Happy home life+ Beneficial relationship with mother+ Good education+ Owns fixed assests, friends+Difficult relationship with mother property, fine cars +Mother or father may die early+Interrupted education+Few, if any, fixed assets+Problems with KETU IN THE 5th HOUSE:Worried nature, intelligent but unwise+Perservering in work+Fond of conveyances+Kujadosha, unless Leo lagna learning+Finances hurt by bad investments +May live in foreign lands+Difficult endings to undertakings and life°°°°Health: Heart +May engage in spiritual practices°°°If Afflicted --> sinful, evil nature°°°Health: Allergies+ trouble°°°°EXALTED + BENEFIC ASPECTS: Ailments of stomach°°°°EXALTED + BENEFIC ASPECTS: Highly intelligent+ Skilled in athletics, Excellent education+ Mother long-lived, possibly strained relationship+Owns much real estate and fine arts, politics+ Spiritual children fine conveyances KETU IN THE 6th HOUSE:Determined, achieves objectives, virtuous+Liked by relations+Eventually DEBILITATED + MALEFIC ASPECTS: Very poor relationship with mother+ Mother suffers or overpowers competitors+Difficult dealings with co-workers, subordinates+Unhappiness from maternal dies early+ Diseases in heart or chest region uncle°°°Health: Generally good health+ May have problems with eyes, teeth, or anal area Owns no real estate, no ancesteral inheritance KETU IN THE 7th HOUSE:Passionate+Attraction to unworthy members of opposite sex+Unhappy MARS IN THE 5th HOUSE:Irritable temperment, sinful, shrewd, mean-natured+Unstable mind, backmarital life+Separation from spouse; sickly, mentally unstable, or deceitful spouse+Foreign travel and biter+Powerful leader, possibly military or police+Intelligence adversely affected+Troubles from wanderings+Fear, danger from watery places°°°Health: Intestinal problems°°°°EXALTED + BENEFIC competitors/enemies, insults+Reverses in career, investments, or speculation+Problems with ASPECTS: Exceptional spouse government+Unhappiness from children or no children+Possible loss of child through miscarriage, abortion, illness,+or premature death+If children, then troubled relationships°°°°°Health: Stomach


problems: hyperacidity, ulcers, gas+ Over-indulgent with food°°°°°°EXALTED + BENEFIC +MERCURY IN THE 5th HOUSE:Refined nature+Spiritually oriented+Happy and ASPECTS: Virtuous, religious or spiritually inclined+ Highly intelligent+ Prosperous, successful optimistic+Discriminating intellect+High government position investments, speculation+ High government position+ May help to feed needy+ Happiness from +Highly respected+Enjoys fine arts and poetry+Happy married life+Skilled in hypnosis and children+ Children healthy and successful mantras+Few children unless lord of 5th and Jupiter are well-placed+Enjoys MARS IN THE 6th HOUSE:Intelligent, powerful, successful+Highly passionate, strong sexual speculation°°°°°EXALTED + BENEFIC ASPECTS: Saintly+ Brilliant mind+ Talent in desire+Overcome competitors+Wealthy, famous art°°°°°°DEBILITATED + MALEFIC ASPECTS: Weak character+ Combative, quarrelsome+ Sinful +Skilled at technical and detail work+Difficulties with subordinates+Great expenditures of character+ Few children, or loss of children+ Loss due to speculation money+Unhappiness from maternal uncle°°°°Health: MERCURY IN THE 6th HOUSE:Seeks conflict, quarrelsome+Harsh speech+Proud, likes to be center Healthy+ Good digestion+ Possible difficulties with conception°°°°°EXALTED + BENEFIC of attention+Intelligent+Lazy+Some obstacles with education+Overcomes competitors+Well ASPECTS: Positive tendencies enhanced+ Possible service career°°°°°DEBILITATED + MALEFIC respected+Benefits from government°°°°°Health: Healthy°°°°°°DEBILITATED + MALEFIC ASPECTS: Deviod of power+ Strong competitors/enemies+ Unhealthy+ Diseases caused by impure ASPECTS: Overcome by competitors+ Health suffers+ Skin diseases, rheumatism, sharp pains+ blood, bile+ Possible heart problems+ Wounds Problems with feet, waist area MARS IN THE 7th HOUSE:Immoral behavior+Fond of drinking, liquor+Powerful sex MERCURY IN THE 7th HOUSE:Spiritual+Literary ability+Knowledgeable in astronomy, drive+Adulturous tendencies+Tendency towards unnatural/perverted sex acts+Agressive, domineering mathematics, astrology+Success in commerce and trade spouse unless Leo or Virgo ascendant (Kujadosha)+Distressed marital life+Spouse suffers from ill Travels to foreign landsWell-dressed+Quarrelsome marriage+Spouse may be intelligent, wealthy, health, violence, or early death+Humiliation from opposite sex+Difficult business partnerships+Success beautiful, and short-tempered+Multiple marriages possible°°°°Health: Lack of virility, in foreign lands°°°°°Health: Ill health impotency°°°°°EXALTED + BENEFIC ASPECTS: Highly refined, intelligent, successful spouse+ EXALTED + BENEFIC ASPECTS: Spouse more refined, wealthy, powerful°°°°°°DEBILITATED + Lack of commitment, deep emotion in marriage+ Long-lived°°°°DEBILITATED + MALEFIC MALEFIC ASPECTS: Tumultuous married life, divorce likely+ Spouse may be very coarse, ASPECTS: Ill health+ Mentally unstable spouse+ Possible loss of spouse insensitive MERCURY IN THE 8th HOUSE:Virtuous+Spiritual seeker+Industrious+Good education+WellMARS IN THE 8th HOUSE:Sexually attractive+Reputation suffers, possible infamy+Kujadosha unless renowned, high position, authority+Wealthy Sagittarius ascendant+Financial worries, fear of theft+No inheritance, or financial benefit from +Owns land+Large family+Inheritance possible°°°°°Health: Long-lived+ Sexual spouse+Few, if any, children°°°°Health:+ Problems with vision+ Diseases of reproductive system weakness°°°°°EXALTED + BENEFIC ASPECTS: Excellent vitality+Health+ Renowned and famous+ + Urinary problems+ Possible chronic diseases from impure or weak blood+ Rheumatism+ LongevityLarge inheritance°°°°°DIBILITATED + MALEFIC ASPECTS Disgrace from illicit activity+ Chronic adversely affected diseaes, nervous, mental, and speech proble+ Sexually weak+ Longevity suffers+ No inheritance EXALTED + BENEFIC ASPECTS: Tremendous vitality+ Intuitive+ Sexually powerful Gains from MERCURY IN THE 9th HOUSE:Refined, cultured, virtuous, brave+Patient inheritance, spouse's finances Good health personality+Intelligent+Eloquent speech+Knowledge of scriptures Longevity enhanced +Spirtual+Talent in science and mathematics, business, astrology+Wealthy+Beneficial relationship MARS IN THE 9th HOUSE:Possibly short-tempered, unkind, cruel, violent, sinful+Irreligous, worldly, with father+Father long-lived+Musical interests dogmatic, stubborn+Luck and fortune adversely affected+Father sickly, suffers hardships, or dies EXALTED + BENEFIC ASPECTS: Fame+ Father highly intelligent and wealthy°°°°°DEBILITATED early+Possible inimical relations with younger siblings, or younger siblings + MALEFIC ASPECTS: Lacks wisdom die early+May own property+Long-distance travel with possible difficulties+No happiness from + Spiritual development suffers+ Questionable activities+ Relationship with father suffers grandchildren°°°If beneifically aspected: Success and fame achieved through drive and MERCURY IN THE 10th HOUSE:Happy, virtuous, respected+Tolerant, patient+Powerful, ambition°°°°EXALTED + BENEFIC ASPECTS: Virtuous, performs good deeds+ Highly spiritual or brave+Famous+Intelligent+Well-educated+Very succesful career+Skill in science, communications, philosophical+ Obtains glorious spiritual guidance+ Strong ambitions, success in achieving them+ commerce+Career changes°°°°°EXALTED + BENEFIC ASPECTS: Lasting fame Beneficial relationship with father+ Father powerful and prosperous+ Frequent long-distance DEBILITATED + MALEFIC ASPECTS: No clear sense of purpose Sinful behavior+ Intelligence travel°°°°°DEBILITATED + MALEFIC ASPECTS:Devoid of wisdom+Minimal ambition and drive+ suffers++ Success difficult to achieve Extremely unfortunate + Efforts overlooked+ Frequent career changes MARS IN THE 10th HOUSE:Agressive, clever, decisive+Adventurous, pioneering+Highly successful, MERCURY IN THE 11th HOUSE:Happy, kind+Brilliant intellect+Well-educated+Famous+Talents in energetic+Excessively ambition may lead to deceptive or cruel behavior+Renowned, famous+Attracted science, mathematics+Successful career to military or police services, sports, technical, or agriculture career+Benefit from red things such as fire or copper+Possible connection with factories¨+Difficult relationship with mother°°°°°EXALTED + Wealth from different sourcesDesires are fulfilled+Influential friends+Beneficial relationships with eldest sibling and paternal uncle+May have servants°°°°°EXALTED + BENEFIC ASPECTS: Financial BENEFIC ASPECTS: gains through virtuous activities°°°°DEBILITATED + MALEFIC ASPECTS: Valorous+ Overcomes competitors+ Well-versed, highly successful+ High position of authority and Success difficult to achieve+Gains through questionable means+Relationships with eldest sibling and power+ Famous+ Strong attractive body, ruddy complextion+ Travel to holy places+ Longlived°°°°°DEBILITATED + MALEFIC ASPECTS: Tendency towards sinful deeds+ No sense of life's paternal uncle suffers+Leg problems purpose+ Many obstructions to career, frequent career change+ Little desire to perform good deeds or +Left ear problems MERCURY IN THE 12th HOUSE:Many worries+Education incomplete+Obstructions to charity success+Overcome by competitors+Career opportunities lacking°°°°°°EXALTED + BENEFIC MARS IN THE 12th HOUSE:Sinful inclinations, dishonest+Financial problems, ASPECTS: Spiritual, philosophical+ Pleasant disposition+ Money spent on charities, good deeds indebtedness+Difficulty saving money+Success is obstructed DEBILITATED + MALEFIC ASPECTS: Mean, cruel+ Mentally unstable+ Lacks confidence+ Possible marital disharmony (Kujadosha)+Possible incarceration+Danger or fear from Lazy+ Spends more than earns thieves°°°°Health: Poor health+ Vision problems, especially left eye+ Possible problems with ears, soles of feet+ Bilious, rheumatic diseases+ Possible dental problems°°°°EXALTED + BENEFIC MOON IN AQUARIUS (Fixed/Water)Emotional, passionate+Sudden elevations and depressions in ASPECTS:Spiritual nature life+Attached to friends+Fond of flowers and perfumes°°Appearance: Tall, large hands and feet, large head and full face, long neck, large girth, muscular, hairy°°°°Health: Great stamina and endurance+ MERCURY IN AQUARIUS (Fixed/Air)Proud, timid nature+Not very intelligent+Many Possible deafness enemies+Indebted, periods of pvoerty+Works for others MOON IN ARIES (Moveable/Fire)Agressive, hot-tempered, quick to forgive+Haughty, selfSkilled craftsman confident+Courageous, passionate+Enthusiastic, restless+Physically and mentally active+Enjoys city MERCURY IN ARIES (Moveable/Fire)Inventive, clever, quick-witter+Unscrupulous, deceptive+Atheistic tendencies+Great endurance+Incurs debt from gambling, speculation+Periods of life+Enjoys traveling, except by water+Enjoys spicy foods°°°°°°Appearance: Round reddish eyes, scar or mark on head, bad finger nails poverty+Unhelpful spouse+Fond of music, dance MERCURY IN CANCER (Moveable/Water)Quarrelsome, antagonistic+Disliked by relations+Lives MOON IN CANCER (Moveable/Water)Wise, powerful, sensitive nature+Can be possesive+Easily hurt or offended+Easily influenced by opposite sex and flattery+Learned in astrology+Possesses many away from homeland+Income gained through connection with water fixed assets+Wealth waxes and wanes+Appearance: Short, thick neck, uneven leg lengths MERCURY IN CAPRICORN (Moveable/Earth)Not very intelligent, restless+Cunning, underhanded in MOON IN CAPRICORN (Moveable/Earth)Quick perception, clever, quick learner+Deliberate, slow, business dealings+Works for others+Indebted, poor+Skilled in sculpture, crafts patient+Hard-hearted, calculating, business-like, stingy, shameless+Self-confident, MERCURY IN GEMINI (Dual/Air) Active, talkative, boastful+Sweet, elequent speech, opinionated+Conservative, orthodox+No interest in occult+Attached to spouse and children+Dislikes humorous+Learned in science and fine arts+Wealthy, happy, comfortable life cold weather°°°°°Appearance:Slim body, slender waist, long legs°°°°°Health: Good eyes+ Weal lower MERCURY IN LEO (Fixed/Fire)Wandering nature+Proud, boastful, untruthful+Lacks wisdom and limbs learning+Strong sexual drive+Disliked by opposite sex+Few children+Suffers disgrace+Likes MOON IN GEMINI (Dual/Air)Quick mind, sharp intellect and wit, creative+Learned in travel+Poor, little comfort scriptures+Enjoys learning, well read+Career may involve science or engineering+Able to understand MERCURY IN LIBRA (Moveable/Air)Religious, devoted+Generous+Respects elders, authority motives of others+Fond of music and dance+Enjoys opposite sex°°°°°°Appearance: beautiful features, figures+Earns good livelihood+Happy conjugal life+Many children elevated nose MERCURY IN PISCES (Dual/Water (Debilitation: 15 degrees)Lacks learning, intelligence+Makes MOON IN LEO (Fixed/Fire)Courageous, bold, determined, proud+Leadership abilities, commanding friends easily+Works for others, servant nature+Irritable, irrascible temper+Mental anxiety, tendency towards unhappiness+Generous+Enmity +Pleases superiors+Not much wealth+Skilled in handicrafts with opposite sex+Few children°°°°°°Appearance: Broad face, brown eyes, large cheekds, broad MERCURY IN SAGITTARIUS (Dual/Fire)Generous, virtuous+Intelligent, learned in the sciences and chest°°°°°°Health: Colic problems law+Liberal outlook+Well respected MOON IN LIBRA (Moveable/Air)Intelligent, fair-minded, kind, idealisitc, obliging nature+Avoids Famous+Successful career in teaching religion confrontations, resents criticism+devoted to religion, scriptures+Wealthy+Rejected by relatives+Enjoys travel°°°°°°Appearance: Tall, promonent nose, lean body, possible deformity of limbs MERCURY IN SCORPIO (Fixed/Water)Atheistic, materialistic outlook+Unscrupulous, deceptive, suspicious+Selfish+Inclinde towards gambling, speculation+Periods of poverty, idebtedness+Unhelpful °°°°°Health: Sickly constitution spouse+Short stature, curly hair MOON IN PISCES (Dual/Water)Learned, trustworthy+Sensitive, emotional, romantic, pliable MERCURY IN TAURUS (Fixed/Earth)Learned, clever+Generous+Earns good living+Respects elders, nature+Charitable, generous, service-oriented+volunteer work+Spiritually authority figures+Conjugal happiness inclined+Wealthy+Influenced by opposite sex+Enjoys arts°°°°°°Appearance: Handsome, well-formed body, long nose and head+ Beautiful, fair complexion Many children MOON IN SAGITTARIUS (Dual/Fire)Deep intellect, noble intentions, creative, pure mind+Generous, MERCURY IN THE FIRST HOUSE:Learned in fine arts, poetry, mathematics, astrology, loyal+Jovial nature+Quick temper, anger easily aroused+Skilled in speech, liteary talents such as religion+Good speaker, tactful conversationalist writing+Artistic talents+Interest in astrology°°°°°Appearance: Long face and neck, large teeth, ears, Career in medical or communications field+Wealthy+Marries early, happy marriage+Enjoys lip, nose, slight shoulders,+ large arms, medium height, disfigured nails travel°°°°Health: Healthy, long-lived+ Attractive, youthful appearance°°°°°If Associated With MOON N SCORPIO (Fixed/Water….Strong determination and will power+Vengeful, hard-hearted, Malefics --> Left eye problems+ Sinful behavior°°°°°°°EXALTED + BENEFIC ASPECTS: Virtuous+ Great intelligence°°°°°DEBILITATED + MALEFIC ASPECTS: Weak, wavering mind+ ruthless, obstinate+Secretive nature Lacks confidence+Prone to mental agitation, loneliness, unhappiness+Seperation from parents, Lacks self-respect and confidence teachers°°°°°Appearance: Broad eyes, broad chest, round shanks, thighs, knees+ Darkish + Nervous+ Sinful behavior complexion°°°°°°Health: Illness in childhood MERCURY IN THE 2nd HOUSE:High moral character+Captivating personality+Soft-spoken+Good MOON IN TAURUS (Fixed/Earth Exalted at 5 degrees)Steady, conservative, practical, speaker+Generous+Poetical/oratorical abilities+Acquires wealth by use of intellect+Knowledge of stubborn+Reliable, thrifty+Intelligent+Enjoys solitude, country life+Can work hard, but inclined to religous scriptures+Large family+Owns gems and fine clothes+Handsome, eats well laziness+Enjoys sensual pleasures, eating, inclined to overeat+Generous to loved ones+Happy and EXALTED + BENEFIC ASPECTS:Favors mathematical proficiency+ Wealthy and wellwealthy in second half of life+More daughters than sons+Attracted to beauty°°°°°°°°°Appearance: educated°°°DEBILITATED + MALEFIC ASPECTS: Handsome, large legs and thighs Lacks confidence+ Suffers from Vata conditions+ Uneducated+ Speech problems+ Poor MOON IN VIRGO (Dual/Earth)Virtuous, intelligent, practical minded+Soft-spoken, modest, MERCURY IN THE 3rd HOUSE:Courageous, brave, powerful+High morals+Clever, diplomatic, charming+Lives in comfort, affluence+Learned in astrology+Skilled in dance, music, apinting+Resides tactful+Hard-working+Skilled in fine arts, communications field+Travles a lot+Skilled in commerce in foreign lands+Fond of sex+More daughters than sons+Attractive: Attractive, attractive eyes and and trade+Acquires wealth+Many siblings°°°DEBILITATED + MALEFIC ASPECTS: Nervous, complexion, soft body, sunken shoulders and arms unsteady mind Fearful+ No siblings, inimical relations with siblings, or+ early death of siblings MOON IN THE 1st HOUSE:WAXING In Lagna Of Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Libra, Pisces:Fearless, MERCURY IN THE 4th HOUSE:Happy+Excellent education+Good relationship with mother+Many generous+Romantic, handsome, popular+Happy life, marriage+Wealth, comforst, luxuries°°°°Health: friends+Wealthy+Owns land, real estate, conveyances°°°°°°EXALTED + BENEFIC ASPECTS: Strong body+ Long-lived Marital happiness°°°°DEBILITATED + MALEFIC ASPECTS: Unhappy+ Poor education WANING/Lord Of First House Weak:Mean-spirited, selfish, self-indulgent+Moody, emotional, mental + Relationship with mother suffers+ Sickly childhood+ Few fixed assets Gains through questionable instability+Poor+Unhappy+Deaf, mute tendencies+Thinks alot, not very means intelligent+Handsome°°°°°Health: Ill health+ Bodily troubles

7 EXALTED + BENEFIC ASPECTS: Brilliant mind°°°°°DEBILITATED + MALEFIC +Wealthy+Profitable work+Few or no brothers, or inimical realtionships with them°°°°Health: ASPECTS:Problems with mother+Weak constitution+Health problems+ Shortened life span Strong+ Long lifespan°°°°EXALTED + BENEFIC ASPECTS: Optimistic, energetic+ Valorous+ Highly intelligent+ Artistic talent MOON IN THE 2nd HOUSE:WAXING:Well educated, highly intelligent+Generous+Soft-spoken, sweet speech+Happy domestic life+Large family+Persuasive personality+Possible involvement in RAHU IN THE 4th HOUSE:Little happiness, suffers from worries and insatiable desires+Possible politics+Wealthy+Enjoys comforts of life+Beautiful face, handsome hard-hearted or deceptive+Possibly loose morals+ Strong desires fro material wealth+Spoiled relationships with mother, father, wife+Mother's life troubled+Few fixed assets, does not own home+ WANING Or Lord Of 6th, 8th, Or 12th House:Wealth fluctuates DEBILITATED + MALEFIC ASPECTS: Dull mind+ Poor education+ Poor speaker+ Unhappy family Interrupted or difficult education°°°°°°Health: Diseases of stomach and chest°°°°°EXALTED + BENEFIC ASPECTS: Mother's life healthy and happy+ Good education+ Great benefits from life Poverty+ Diseases of face, mouth governemnt+ Owns fixed assets, real estate, luxury vehicles MOON IN THE 3rd HOUSE:Strong, courageous, powerful+Disturbed, unbalanced mind+Lack of RAHU IN THE 5th HOUSE:Troubled mind, worried, hedonistic tendencies+Hardmental peace+Miserly+Sexual inclinations hearted+Intelligent+Insatiable desires for wealth+No children or suffering from them+Difficult love +Educated+Active mind+Relationship with mother suffers+Many younger siblings+Career in fine affairs+Spouse may suffer from stomach ailments°°°°Health: Diseases of abdomen, stomach+ arts, music, dance, literary field, communications Flatulenc+ Problems with uterus+ Possible miscarriages or abortions°°°°°°EXALTED + BENEFIC +Cruel to animals°°°°°Health: Rheumatic troubles°°°°°°EXALTED + BENEFIC ASPECTS: Highly ASPECTS: Virtuous+ Highly intelligent+ Success from investments and speculation+ Wealth successful+ Happiness from siblings possible+ Happiness from children+ Skill in athletics and fine arts DEBILITATED + MALEFIC ASPECTS: Aggressive nature+ Fearful+ Unproductive life, desires+ RAHU IN THE 6th HOUSE:Respected and wealthy+Powerful+Eventually overcomes Poor communication skills+ No siblings, or suffering from them competitors+Suffers from evil effects of malefic grahas MOON IN THE 4th HOUSE:WAXING:Amorous nature+Happy, contented+Enjoys life+Liscentous +May work in service, health, or food industry°°°°°°°Health: Long-lived+ Excellent vitality+ Possible qualities possible+Beneficial relationship with mother+Good education+Prosperous, lives in problems with teeth, ulcers, wounds, and diseases°°°°°°°EXALTED + BENEFIC ASPECTS: comfort+Gains from real estate, agriculture+Owns may conveyances+Healthy Enhanced benefits WANING:Relationship with mother suffers+Mother's longevity suffers+Nurished with milk of RAHU IN THE 7th HOUSE:Strong-willed, independent nature+Quarrelsome+Unhappy conjugal another+rFewer fixed assets+Health suffers life+May lose first spouse and remarry+Strong sexual desire+Inclined towards sexual liasons+Possible EXALTED + BENEFIC ASPECTS: Excellent education+ Exceedingly fortunate+ High government loss of money through associations with opposite sex°°°°°Health: Possible lack of virility position+ Excellent relationship with mother EXALTED + BENEFIC ASPECTS: Powerful and wealthy spouse + Wealthy, long-lived mother°°°°°DEBILITATED + MALEFIC ASPECTS: Unhappy and cruel RAHU IN THE 8th HOUSE:Possibly quarrelsome, vicious, immoral+Earns livelihood through nature+ Broken education+ Relationship with mother suffers+ Mother suffers hardships or dies early+ questionable means+Little financial gains from spouse, legacies+Strong sex drive+Adulterous+Few Owns little or no fixed assets+ Problems with conveyances children+Spiritually inclined+Possible violent death°°°°Health: Longevity adversely affected MOON IN THE 5th HOUSE:WAXING:Spiritual, religous, pious nature+Virtuous, good + Vata diseases+ Undiagnosed diseases+ Diseases of reproductive system+ Rheumatism deeds+Contented mind, peaceful+Highly intelligen+Happy family life+Gains from government RAHU IN THE 9th HOUSE:Determined, focused+Intelligent+May be cruel, unkind+Famous, position+Indications of wealth+Interst in arts, speculation, sports, gambling+Beautiful wife+Healthy renowned+Obtains worldly benefits+Position of authority+Wealthy, enjoys luxuries+Difficult WANING:Judgement clouded by emotions+Not as virtuous°°°°°°°EXALTED + BENEFIC ASPECTS: relationship with father, father suffers or dies early+Good relationship with younger siblings+ Few or Extremely virtuous, strong integrit+ Powerful+ Interest in welfare of others, pious deeds+ Saintly+ no children+Little interest in religion°°°°°°EXALTED + BENEFIC ASPECTS:+ Virtuous, performs Prosperous from investments°°°°°°DEBILITATED + MALEFIC ASPECTS: good deeds+ Increased worldly benefits+ Beneficial relationship with father+ Interest in spiritual Immoral character+ Great mental imbalance+ Poor, unfortunate life+ Unhappy love affairs+ development, philosophy+ Foreign travel Troubles with women RAHU IN THE 10th HOUSE:Powerful, fearless+Learned+Famous, renowned+Work benefits MOON IN THE 6th HOUSE:Indolent+Unhappy childhood+Powerful competitors+Weak sexual society+Difficult relationship with mother+Worried and obsessed with career advancement+Gains from passion+Danger from watery places°°°°Health: people of different religion+Enjoys beautiful women+Liasons with women of low class or Ill health+ Sluggish digestion+ Impaired vision°°°°°°°WAXING:Fewer, less powerful widows+Pilgrimages to holy places°°°°°°EXALTED + BENEFIC ASPECTS: Enhanced benefits competitors+Improved relationships with subordinates RAHU IN THE 11th HOUSE:Prosperous, wealthy+Many financial opportunities+Influential +Improved health°°°°°WANING:Immoral character+Overcome/humiliated by enemies+Shortened life friends+Difficult relationship with eldest sibling span +Few children, or difficult relationship with them°°°°°°Health: Left ear, leg ailments+ Long-lived EXALTED + BENEFIC ASPECTS: Good deeds, generous+ Luxurious life+ Excells in detail work+ RAHU IN THE 12th HOUSE:SinfulNo accumulation of wealth, heavy expenditures+Initially frustrated Benefits from maternal uncle+ Good health in undertakings+Befriends people of questionable character+Little sexual pleasure+Difficult after+ Strong constitution°°°°°°°°DEBILITATED + MALEFIC ASPECTS: Clouded intellect+ Powerful life°°°°°°Health: Defective eyesight or other eye troubles+ Weakness+ Health adversely competitors+ Poor health+ Problems with stomach, breasts+ Shortened life span affected°°°°°EXALTED + BENEFIC ASPECTS: Malefic affects reduced MOON IN THE 7th HOUSE:WAXING:Passionate, romantic+Soft-spoken+Successful career+Happy marital life, conjugal love+Beautiful intelligent spouse+Attracted to opposite sex+Fond of SATURN In Aquarius (Fixed/Air)Very wealthy+Irreligious+Fickle+For men: may covet wives of travel°°°°°WANING:Envious, jealous+Delay in marriage+Marital happiness suffers+Humble others°°°°°°°Health:Tendency towards too much alcohol conditions SATURN In Aquaries (Moveable/Fire)Weak interpersonal skills+Irreligious°°°°°Health:Weak Health: Ill health+ Pain in loins°°°°°°EXALTED + BENEFIC ASPECTS: Blissful marriage+ Devoted body+Possible problems from indulgence in excessive physical labor or pleasures to spouse+ Enjoys comforts and luxuries SATURN In Cancer (Moveable/Water)Learned+Challenges to mother's DEBILITATED + MALEFIC ASPECTS: Unhappy married life+ Self and spouse sickly, lack longevity+Famous+Antagonistic relationship with relatives and friends emotional stability+ Spouse suffers or dies early Health:Childhood sickness+Weak constitution MOON IN THE 8th HOUSE:WAXING:Capricous, fickle personality+Worries a SATURN In Capricorn (Moveable-Earth)Learned+Famous and courageous+Associations with foreign lot+Generous+Intelligent, enjoys learning+Intuitive, psychic +Mother suffers hardships or dies countries+Controls wealth of others+Devoted to person in high position early+Sexually powerful+Few children+Gains from inheritances, insurance policies+Gains from SATURN In Gemini (Dual/Air)Lacks energy+Many debts+Performs manual labor+Inclined to sexual spouse's finances pleasures +Loss of comforts+Problems with conveyances+Danger from watery places°°°°°Health: SATURN In Leo (Fixed/Fire)Quarrelsome, easily angered+Talents in writing+Does not generally Unhealthy++ Very thin+ Poor eyesight+ Respritory problems, asthma, kidney follow social norms+Serves others+Unhappy relationship with wife and friends, few friends disese°°°°°WANING:Neagtive influences enhanced°°°°°°EXALTED + BENEFIC ASPECTS: Valorous+ Very intelligent, intuitive+ Seeks spiritual growth+ Wealth from legacies+ Good health+ SATURN In Libra (Moveable/Air)+High position in life+Good speaker+Receives honors+Given to Long-lived°°°°°°DEBILITATED + MALEFIC ASPECTS: No gains from inheritances+ Problems with excessive sexual pleasures+Possible association with dancers or singers+Wanderer SATURN In Pisces (Dual/Water)Widely respected+Wealthy+Helpful towards others+Religiously joint finances+ Chronic diseases, especially reproductive system+ Shortened lifespan inclined+Even-tempered, in control of situations MOON IN THE 9th HOUSE:WAXING:Intelligent, wise, learned+Virtuous+Spiritually-minded, +Knowledge of gems devotee+Charitable+Fortunate, happy+Wealthy, prosperous+Involved with establishing charitable institutions+Benefits from father+Father long-lived, may be powerful and wealthy+Benefits from SATURN In Sagittarius (Dual/Fire)Learned in many fields+Receives honors+Famous+Good mother+Gains from females+Attractive to opposite sex+Children and earnings+Content, happy+Good children+Person of few words grandchildren°°°°°°WANING:Above effects less beneficial SATURN In Scorpio (Fixed(Water)Capable of acquiring others' wealth+Angers EXALTED + BENEFIC ASPECTS: Very fortunate°°°°°DEBILITATED + MALEFIC ASPECTS: easily°°°°°°°Health:Possible injury from fire or poison+Possible periods of illness Lacks intelligence, common sense+ Unfortunate life, luck suffers+ Relationship woth both parents SATURN In Taurus (Fixed/Earth)Associates with people of questionable character+Lacks wealth, or suffers, or they die early+ Lack of spiritual guidance difficulty acquiring wealth+Serves others+Marries someone outside own cultural circle MOON IN THE 10th HOUSE:WAXING:Kind, valorous+Well-educated, high academic SATURN In Virgo (Dual/Earth)Acquires wealth+Many children+Fickle nature+Talents as sculptor achievements+Possibly brilliant mind+Highly successful, famous+Performs good deeds that benefit SATURN IN THE 1st HOUSE:If Lagna Is Libra, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Or Pisces: Leader+ society+Wealthy+Beneficial relationship with mother°°°°°WANING:Positive benfits Character may be questionable if reinforced by other indications+ Well-educated+ Great scholar+ lessened+Obstacles and setbacks in career+Multiple careers possible°°°°°°EXALTED + BENEFIC Humble+ Good start in life+ Wealthy+ Long lifespan ASPECTS: Highly virtuous nature+ Fame, honors, great renown Other Lagnas:+ Mealncholy+ Slow nature+ Lazy+ Unclean life-style and habits+ Without status or + Very successful°°°°°°DEBILITATED + MALEFIC ASPECTS: Sinful deeds+ Obstacles in ambition+ Poor+ Poor health during childhood, or difficult birth+ Sickly, thin, possible defomities+ undertakings+ Little recognition for efforts+ Difficulty choosing career+ Many career changes Difficult married life, incompatible spouse MOON IN THE 11th HOUSE:Learned, intelligent, valorous+Many friends+Wealth comes easy+Many SATURN IN THE 2nd HOUSE:Harsh speech, unpleasant appearance+Broken education+Unhappy children, close relationship with them family life+More than one marriage+Death of first wife possible+Hard worker+Fluctuations in financial If lord of 11th weak --> many expenses If lord of 11th strong --> favors accumulation of status+May live in foreign lands later in life++May acquire comforts later in life wealth+Successful eldest sibling Health: Facial diseases or problems with mouth or eye areas°°°°°°°°EXALTED + BENEFIC DEBILITATED + MALEFIC ASPECTS: Great difficulty acheiving goals+ Financial gains require ASPECTS: Becomes very wealthy much effort+ Friends of questionable character DEBILITATED + MALEFIC ASPECTS: Very unhappy family life+ Livelihood through hard labor or + Relationship with eldest sibling suffers, or dies early deceitful means+ No ownership of property MOON IN THE 12th HOUSE:Solitary nature+Narrow-minded, very consertative+Emotionally + Mistreates women+ Eye problems unstable+Unhappy+Worries a lot+Poor memory SATURN IN THE 3rd HOUSE:Strong-willed, courageous+Valorous, +Jealous of others+Humbled by competitors+Relationship with mother suffers, or mother leads protector+Charitable+Intelligent+Lazy, lacks motivation+Success through hard work and much effort, difficult life+Obstructions to success+Residence in foreign lands°°°°°°Health: Childhood illnesses: must overcome obstacles+Unhappy relationships with younger siblings, few younger siblings, or limb problems or deformities+ Eyesight problems°°°°°°°°If Benefic Aspects Or Conjunctions --> younger siblings suffer or die early+Possible connection with agriculture+Skilled orator+Resides in Kind+ Learned+Great spiritual growth°°°°°°EXALTED + BENEFIC ASPECTS: Negative effects foreign land°°°°°°°°EXALTED + BENEFIC ASPECTS: Highly motivated, adventurous+ Happiness mitigated+ Strong spiritual growth from younger siblings+ Younger siblings highly successful°°°°°°°DEBILITATED + MALEFIC DEBILITATED + MALEFIC ASPECTS: Angry, cruel nature+ Indolent+ Suffering, misery in life+ ASPECTS: Melacholy, cruel mind+ Stagnant life+ Unfulfilled desires+ Gains through questionable or Gains through questionable means+ Large expenditures undesirable means SATURN IN THE 4th HOUSE:Unhappy, troubled mind+Unhappy relationship with mother+Mother RAHU IN THE 1st HOUSE:Lacks self-esteem, cruel, deceptive+Eccentric, unstable, odd+Unhappy may suffer or die early+May be raised by step-mother+Interrupted education+Travel to and possible success in foreign lands+Few fixed assets, no real estate+Problems with conveyances domestic life+Overcomes competitors+Wealthy °°°°°Health: Sickly childhood+ Heart or chest problems+ Colic, stomach ailments°°°°°°EXALTED + +Strong sex drive+Multiple marriages+Few children+Attracted to spirtual or occult BENEFIC ASPECTS: Spiritual+ Good relationship with mother+ Mother long-lived+ Good practices+Handsome°°°°°Health:Physically strong+Illness in upper part of body and head caused by education+ Prosperpous+ Substantial financial resources+ Success in agriculture, carpentry, manual emotional problems, difficulty in diagnosing°°°°°°°EXALTED + BENEFIC ASPECTS: Leader, labor+ Owns fixed assets, real estate+ Healthy°°°°°°DEBILITATED + MALEFIC ASPECTS: honored, famous+ Kind-hearted+ Protected from enemies+ Good health Extreme unhappiness, misery+ Poor education+ No property or inheritance+ Great unhappiness from RAHU IN THE 2nd HOUSE:Angry temperament, deceitful, unhappy+Fearless+Talkative, vulgar maternal relations++ Lonely at end of life speech+Poor, unable to accumulate wealth+ Trouble with brothers+Unhappy family life, possible SATURN IN THE 5th HOUSE:Dull and evil-minded, unstable mindUnhappy, pessimistic+Devoid of seperation from spouse+Dark complexion, marks on lip°°°°°Health: Diseased face or mouth learning and knowledge+Very poor+Suffering from children, no children, or loss of children+Unhappy + Eats poor quality food, may abuse alcohol or drugs°°°°°EXALTED + BENEFIC ASPECTS: love affairs°°°°°°Health: Stomach problems+ Mental disease possible Accumulation of wealth+ Good education+ Possible financial gains from government EXALTED + BENEFIC ASPECTS: Refined, virtuous, humble+ Wise, stable mind+ Intelligent, RAHU IN THE 3rd HOUSE:Motivated, determined, courageous, bold+Powerful+Intelligent+Good probing mind+ Happiness from children, 1 or 2 daughters+ Successful, conservative fortune+Strong desires which are fulfilled


investments°°°°°°DEBILITATED + MALEFIC ASPECTS: No children, or much suffering on their SUN IN THE 3rd HOUSE:Courageous, adventurous, active+Cruel+Skilled with hands+Good account intellect+Enjoys comforts+No younger brother, older brothers may be short-lived+May be raised by SATURN IN THE 6th HOUSE:Courageous, powerful, proudPassionate, lustful+Obstinate+May be two mothers+Great strength°°°°°°°°EXALTED + BENEFIC ASPECTS: Fulfillment of desires+ Gains evil-minded+Overcomes competitors if Saturn is strong, defeated if weak+Difficulties with through literary or communcations field+ Famous younger siblings°°°°°°DEBILITATED + MALEFIC subordinates and co-workers+Unhappiness from maternal uncle°°°°Health: Healthy+ Strong digestion ASPECTS: Strong, but unfulfilled desires+ No talent in fine arts+ No siblings, or problems with them+ Fearful, motivation lacking+ Family life suffers If Saturn is weak --> suffer from wounds, ulcers, asthma, rheumatism, or paralysiS°°°°°°°°°°EXALTED + BENEFIC ASPECTS: Long lifespan SUN IN THE 4th HOUSE:Unhappy, troubled, quarrelsome+Few friends or relatives+Domestic life + Gains from maternal uncle and cousins°°°°°°°DEBILITATED + MALEFIC ASPECTS:+ Strong suffers+Mother suffers+Paternal inheritance may be lost+Defeated by competitors, enemies+Few fixed assets or cinveyances+Health: Problems with limbs+ Tendency towards heart diseaes enemies+ Severe health problems+ Longevity adversely affected SATURN IN THE 7th House:Loose morals, restless+Diplomatic, political success+Unhappy marital EXALTED + BENEFIC ASPECTS: Good education+ Successful career, gains from government+ Owns fixed assets and conveyances+ Many friends+ Paternal inheritance°°°°°°°DEBILITATED + life+Unrefined or foreign-born spouse+Possible illness or premature death of spouse+Multiple MALEFIC ASPECTS: Cruel personality+ Powerless+ Problems with parents marriages+Many sexual liasons+Tendency towards sexual perversions+Travel to foreign lands+ Without wealth°°°°°°°°Health: Colic pains°°°°°°°EXALTED + BENEFIC ASPECTS: Questionable SUN IN THE 5th HOUSE:Hot-tempered or cruel+Unhappy, irritable, hedonistic tendencies+Desire to character Leader, position of authorit+ Powerful, refined, wealthy spouse+ rule or dominate others+Intelligent and wise Wealthy°°°°°°°°DEBILITATED + MALEFIC ASPECTS Hardships, suffering+ Longevity adversely +Devoid of wealth: mitigated if lagna is Aries, Leo, Libra, Scorpio, or SaggitariusFew children, affected+ Difficult or no marriage+ Sickly spouse, premature death children suffer: mitigated if lord of 5th is strong or well-placed+Difficult love affair°°°°°°°°Health: SATURN IN THE 8th HOUSE:Life of hardships, adversity, lack of respect+Poverty, lowly Short life+ Lacks physical strength+ Stomach diseases°°°°°EXALTED + BENEFIC ASPECTS: career+Lack of children+No financial gains from spouse or legacies+May lack food, or eat bad Virtuous, spiritual+ Good intellect, wisdom+ Can obtain position of power+ Wealthy, enjoys many foods°°°°°Health: Long-lived+ Undiagnosed diseases of lungs, reproductive area+ Defective comforts+ Good health+ Prosperous children eyesight+ Vata disorders°°°°°EXALTED + BENEFIC ASPECTS: Difficult life+ Financial gains form DEBILITATED + MALEFIC ASPECTS: Mentally unbalanced+ Weak sinful, immoral character+ spouse or legacies+ Extremely long lifespan+ Interest in occult°°°°°°DEBILITATED + MALEFIC Poor education+ Lacks power and authority ASPECTS: Dishonest, cruel, impious+ Sickly+ Without friends+ Longevity adversely affected+ SUN IN THE 6th HOUSE:Wealth and high position+Passionate+Good administrative ability+Pursues Difficult or violent death spiritual development+Mental worries concerning health and position+Challenged by SATURN IN THE 9th HOUSE:Bereft of good fortune, must work hard for comforts+Possible cruel competitors/enemies: more so if lord of house is strong. less so if lord of house is weak streak+Lacks interest in spiritual matters Health: Good digestion…. If afflicted --> heart and vision problems, colic, low +Knowledgeable+Meager wealth+Poor relationship with father, father may suffer or die early+Little vitality°°°°°°°°EXALTED + BENEFIC ASPECTS: Overcomes competitors/enemies+ Very healthy, or no long-distance travel°°°°°°EXALTED + BENEFIC ASPECTS: Wise, virtuous, philosophical+ energetic+ Possible career in medicine or food-related field°°°°°DEBILITATED + MALEFIC Scientifically-minded, logical+ Possible interest in spiritual knowledge+ Good fortune, wealth ASPECTS: + Beneficial relationship with father+ Happiness from children+ Involvement with charitable Defeated by competitors/enemies+ Fathers' health suffers insitution+ Ceremonial SUN IN THE 7th HOUSE:Rebellious nature+Unstable mind+Strong sex drive+Many sexual partners, SATURN IN THE 10th HOUSE:For Taurus, Libra, Capricorn, and Aquarius Lagnas:Powerful, extramarital affairs+Marries late+Multiple marriages+Unhappy marriages+Spouse not of high moral famous+Courageous+Happy+Learned+Position of authority, leader+Wealthy+Financial gains from value+Problems with government+Foreign travels°°°°EXALTED + BENEFIC ASPECTS: Wealthy agriculture or mining+Spiritually-minde+Ascetic tendencies+Pilgrimages to holy places spouse, special qualities+ Moral character of spouse enhanced°°°°°°°°DEBILITATED + MALEFIC For others Lagnas where Saturn is the ruler of malefic houses: Obstacles advancing in career+ ASPECTS: Low self-esteem+ Dominated by spouse+ Unhappy married life Fluctuations in career and finances+ Possible career in agriculture, mining, manual labor+ Relationship SUN IN THE 8th HOUSE:Shy nature+Worries+Few friends+Few children+Seperation from loved ones with mother adversely affected+ Bilous constitution+ Possible residence in foreign lands+ Pilgrimages indicated+Father suffers or dies early+Gains from government+Successful career with ups and to holy places downs+Possible gains from inheritance, insurance policiesMeager wealth+Religous, spiritual, or occult SATURN IN THE 11th HOUSE .Wise, powerful+Intelligent, learned+Wealthy, owns land and study°°°°°°Health: Chronic health problems affecting digestion, reproductive system+ Poor eyesight+ conveyances+May have to overcome obstacles to acheive success+Successful, prudent, financial Head injury possible+ Average longevity°°°°°°°°°EXALTED + BENEFIC ASPECTS: Famous+ investments+Influential friends+Broken education+Few children+Relationship with eldest sibling and Increased longevity+ Inheritance+ Wealth from spouse+ Strong interest in enlightenment, mystical paternal uncles adversely affected°°°°°Health: Ailments of left ear and legs°°°°°°DEBILITATED + studies°°°°°°°°°DEBILITATED + MALEFIC ASPECTS: Longevity suffers+ Suffering from father+ MALEFIC ASPECTS: Must create own opportunities+ Much effort for financial gains+ Longevity No gains from inheritance+ Spouses' financial situation suffers+ Chronic diseases, sickly consitution+ adversely affected+ Poor relationship with eldest sibling, eldest sibling+ leads difficult life, or no Injuries to head eldest sibling SUN IN THE 9th HOUSE:Spiritually-minded+Charitable+Strong religous faith+Devoted to SATURN IN THE 12th HOUSE:Unpopular, sinful actions+Excessive expenditures, negative cash guru+Interests in spiritual development+Good position for astrologers, philosphers+May change, or flow+Frustration in career, business+Intelligence adversely affected+Overcome by competitors+May have leanings towards another religion+Luck and fortune suffers+Difficult relationship with father or suffer humiliations+Unpleasant afterlife°°°°°°Health: Bodily deformity possible+ Poor vision, early death+Long-distance travel indicated°°°°°EXALTED + BENEFIC ASPECTS: Highly spirituallyespecially in left eye+ Tooth decay+ Ailments of feet, abnormal leg formation°°°°°EXALTED + minded+ Wisdom Luck and fortune enhanced BENEFIC ASPECTS: Happy+ Accumulation of wealth+ Overcomes competitors+ Attracted to +Wealthy+ Wealthy, long-lived father°°°°°°°DEBILITATED + MALEFIC ASPECTS: Many aceticism and yoga+ Good vision+ Enjoys sexual pleasures+ Attains heaven worries+ Lacks wisdom, questionable characte +Relationship with guru spoiled+ Relationship and longevity of father suffers+ Luck and fortune spoiled+ Little long-distance travel SUN IN AQUARIUS (Fixed/Air)Unhappy nature+Interest in mystical knowledge+Owns little or no SUN IN THE 10th HOUSE:Courageous, bold+Good reputation, popular, fame+Learned, property+Fluctuating wealth+Little happiness from children+Engages in activities unsuited to wise+Performs good deeds+Successful career+Position of authority, power+Overcomes status°°°°°Health:Possible heart problems+Great stamina competitors+Involvement in politices or military possible+Wealthy+Difficult relationship with SUN IN ARIES (Moveable/Fire Exaltation at 10 degrees)High self-esteem, strong-willed, warrior- mother+Beneficial relationship with father+Travels to holy places°°°°°°°°EXALTED + BENEFIC ASPECTS: Deeds of valour+ Powerful, famous, highly successful like, courageous+Active, ambitous, determined + Wealthy°°°°°°°°°DEBILITATED + MALEFIC ASPECTS: Lacks confidence+ Immoral deeds+ +Impulsive, innovative+Famous, powerful+Small wealth+Wanderer, unless in degree of Obstructions to careers+ Multiple careers+ Relationship with father suffers exaltation°°°°°Health:Pitta imbalances: excess bile, impure blood SUN IN THE 11th HOUSE:Virtuous nature+Diplomatic+Success without much effort+Achieves high SUN IN CANCER (Moveable/Water)Independent nature, gentle, sensitive, sincere+Sharp temper, harsh language+Spiritual, psychic abilities+Works for others, service oriented+Lacks endurance and position+Benefits from government stamina, easily tired°°°°°°°°Health: Suffers from pitta imbalances such as bile, phelgm, colic +Wealthy (if malefic aspect --> extravagant life style leading to problems with cash flow)+Few children, troubled relationships with them SUN IN CAPRICORN (Moveable/Earth)Avaricious, prudent, miserly, pushy, meddlesome+Friendly+Lacks education, wealth+Engages in activities beneath own status+Fond of +Long-lived+Wealth father+Benefits from father°°°°°°°°EXALTED + BENEFIC ASPECTS: Desires traveling, walking fulfilled+ Much wealth SUN IN GEMINI (Dual/Air)Learned, scholarly, creative, intelligent+Sociable, polite+Skilled in DEBILITATED + MALEFIC ASPECTS: Desired unfulfilled+ Financial gains through much effort+ communication+Wealthy+Interest in astrology Relationship with eldest sibling suffers, or sibling leads+ difficult life SUN IN LEO (Fixed/Fire)Proud, courageous, high self-esteem+Independent, stubborn+Leadership SUN IN THE 12th HOUSE:Lacks self-confidence+Immoral nature+Problems from competitors, but qualities, powerful+Enjoys solitude in mountains, forests°°°°°°°Health: Good health+ Great stamina overcomes+Career success difficult to achieve+Wasteful expenses+Relationship with father SUN IN LIBRA (Moveable/Air Debilitation at 10 degrees)Loose morals, arrogrant nature+Skilled in suffers+Few, if any children, little happiness from children+Travel/residence in foreign lands sales+Deals in base materials such as iron, metals+Wandering nature, extensive travel+Possible carees possible+Confinement possible°°°°°°Health: Eye problems, especially left eye° Foot problems, especially soles as chemist, purveyor of liquors, wines°°°°°°Health: May suffer from headaches, poor vision, heart problems+ May drink excessively °°°°°Associated With Benefic Grahas: Spiritual growth+ "Blessed" life+ Expenditures for beneficial purposes+ Enjoys sexual pleasures+ Interest in occult studies°°°°°°°EXALTED + BENEFIC SUN IN PISCES (Dual/Water)Kind, gentle nature+Interest in religion or ASPECTS: Strong spiritual development+ Money spent wisely+ No major debts mysticism+Wealthy+Livelihood connected to water+Respected by opposite sex SUN IN SAGITTARIUS (Dual/Fire)Intelligent, spiritual devotee+Independent, popular, highly respected+Optimist+Stubborn, obstinate, spoiled+ Wealthy+Skilled in medicine, arts, VENUS In Aquarius (Fixed/Air)Worrisome nature+Irreligious+Antagonistic relationship with children sculpture°°°°°°Health: Healthy, much stamina and teachers possible+For men: covets wives of others SUN IN SCORPIO (Fixed/Water)Adventurous, courageous, strong willed fierce nature, fiery VENUS In Aries (Moveable/Fire)Leadership tendencies+Problems with women, or tendency towards temper+Secretive, suspicious, vindictive+Military skills and knowledge+Profession involving poisons, adultery+Fond of overseas travel+Enjoys challenging others, argumentative°°°°°°Health:Tendency poisonous drugs+Dexterious --> Possible surgical skill°°°°°°°Health: May be injured by fire, weapons, towards night blindness poison VENUS In Cancer (Moveable/Water)Learned+Engaged in good deeds+Religiously inclined+Acquires SUN IN TAURUS (Fixed/Earth)Clever, intellignet, self-confidentPractical nature+Involved in business wealth and conforts+Good judgement dealings such as cloth, clothes, or prefumes +Keen mind, quick thinker°°°°°°Health:Possible problems from over-indulgence with women and +Dislikes opposite sex+Skilled in music, voice alcohol SUN IN VIRGO (Dual/Earth)Gentle, intelligent, scholarly+Spiritual+Well-read, good memory+Skilled VENUS In Capricorn (Moveable/Earth)Sensuous nature+Indulges in prohibited deeds+Jealous of in writing, speech, poetry, linguistics others wealth+Lean bodyFor men: strong attraction to women in older age°°°°°Health:Heart disease +Enjoys adulation+Skill in mathematics, art°°°°Health:Poor physical and mental stamina possible+Possible problems with impotency SUN IN THE 1st HOUSE:Strong ego, ambitous, proud, valiant+Hot, angry, cruel, unforgiving, VENUS In Gemini (Dual/Air)Tendency towards writing and poetry+Knowldege of scriptures+Gains impatient, lazy+Good position for success and fame from dancing or singing possible+Sensuous, physically attractive+Religious devotion +Leadership, managerial/organizational skills+Fluctuating wealth°°°°°°Health: Possible pitta VENUS In Leo (Fixed/Fire)Overcomes competitors+Acquires wealth and comforts+Gains from imbalances+ Good health if not afflicted If afflicted --> eye diseases If aspected by Mars --> women+Subservient towards women+Few children asthma, consumption+ Tendency towards baldness +Tendency towards religious devotion Relationships: Close with father+ Average marital happiness VENUS In Libra (Moveable/Air)Learned+Earns money through own efforts+Religiously EXALTED + BENEFIC ASPECTS: Famous, highly respected+ Good start in life; wealth, refined inclined+Difficuly making important decisions+Fond of nice cloths environment+ Defeat competitors, enemies VENUS In Pisces (Dual/Water)Learned+Favored by those in high positions+Overcomes + Powerful, long-lived father°°°°°°°°DEBILITATED + MALEFIC ASPECTS: Low self-confidence, competitors+Very wealthy+Soft-spoken+Fond of swimming esteem+ Health problems, poor eyesight VENUS In Sagittarius (Dual/Fire)+Learned, high position+Well-liked by others+Performs virtuous + Father short-lived, suffers+ Few, if any children+ Legal problems deeds+Tall°°°°°Health:Tendency towards obesity SUN IN THE 2nd HOUSE:Harsh temperment, foul language, tendency towards lies+Disturbed family VENUS In Scorpio (Fixed/Water)Antagonistic nature+Irreligious+Skill in martial arts life+Wealth and education suffer+Possible gain from metals°°°°°°Health: Afflicted+ Facial, dental possible°°°°Health:Disease of private parts possible problems+ Diseases of mouth, right eye+ Possible speech problems+ Unattractive VENUS In Taurus (Fixed/Earth)Generally not opposed by competitors in undertakings+Fond of EXALTED + BENEFIC ASPECTS: Truthful, good speaker+ Good education, academic career+ Good scents+Blessed with many children+Some connection with agricultural pursuits possible+For men: for wealth, especially from government good relationships with women + Good eyesight+ Strong imagination+ Powerful, long-lived father°°°°°°°°°DEBILITATED + VENUS In Virgo (Dual/Earth)Learned+Simple-natured+Wealthy, but lacks physical comforts+Clever MALEFIC ASPECTS: Poor, gains through questionable means+ Poor education+ Defective speech+ in talking to women Right eye problems VENUS IN THE 1st HOUSE:Virtuous, romantic, amorous+Magnetic attraction+Happy+Performs good deeds+Good fortune+Mathematical skill

9 +Skilled in sexual pleasures+Enjoys fine arts°°°°Health: Healthy+ Long-lived°°°°°°°EXALTED + BENEFIC ASPECTS: High status, fame Wealthy+ Happy domestic life+ Handsome, well-developed, lusturous body°°°°°°°°°DEBILITATED + MALEFIC ASPECTS: Low morals, theiving, cheating, possesive+ Low self-esteem+ Strong sexual desires+ Rheumatic diseases+ Sexual or reproductive diseases/problems VENUS IN THE 2nd HOUSE:Virtuous, kind, truthful+Charitable+Witty+Eloquent, soft-spoken, sweet/poetical speech+Wealth from many sources +Good family life+Owns jewels, beautiful objects+Enjoys high-class luxuries, good food+Handsome, well-dressed+Large, fair eye DEBILITATED + MALEFIC ASPECTS: Deceitful+ Foul language+ Poor education+ Squanders wealth, poor+ Unhappy family life+ Eye troubles VENUS IN THE 3rd HOUSE:Miserly, unpopular+Lacks enthusiasm+Promiscuous+Achieves success through own efforts+Happiness from younger siblings+Talents in fine arts, oration, sales+Wealth if well aspected+Enjoys travel°°°°°EXALTED + BENEFIC ASPECTS: Desires fulfilled easily+ Prosperous°°°°°°°°DEBILITATED + MALEFIC ASPECTS: Fearful+ Unlucky+ Devoid of wealth+ No conjugal happiness+ Domineering wife or no wife+ Younger siblings lead difficult life or die early+ Ear and eye problems VENUS IN THE 4th HOUSE:Happy, content, amiable+Popular, diplomatic+Enthusiastic+Comfortable life+Affectionate relationship with mother +Good education+Good relationships with friends and family+Prosperous+Owns fixed assets, conveyances, ornaments°°°°°EXALTED + BENEFIC ASPECTS: Extremely fortunate°°°°°°°°DEBILITATED + MALEFIC ASPECTS: Unhappy+ Adulterous+ Relationship with mother difficult, mother may die early+ Poor education+ Devoid of land and property+ Problems with conveyances VENUS IN THE 5th HOUSE:Virtuous, kind, fine character+Romantic nature, enjoys life+Religious+Honored+Intelligent, learned+High government position+Wealthy+Conjugal happiness+Happiness from children+More daughters than sons°°°°°EXALTED + BENEFIC ASPECTS:Virtuous and wise+Brilliant mind+ Strong sense of own destiny°°°°°°°DEBILITATED + MALEFIC ASPECTS: Weak character+ Hedonistic tendencies+ Dull intellect+ Loveless marriage+ Suffering from children, few or none, loss or sickness of children+ Loss from speculation and investments VENUS IN THE 6th HOUSE:Low-minded, licentious+Unhappy love affairs, marriage+Overcomes competitors if strong, defeated if weak+Spouse may be sickly or weak+Many financial expenditures°°°°°Health: If strong --> good health….. If weak --> Poor health, problems with reproductive system°°°°°°°EXALTED + BENEFIC ASPECTS: No enemies, or easily overcomes them+ Excellent health+ Gains from maternal uncle and cousins°°°°°°°°°°DEBILITATED + MALEFIC ASPECTS: Peace of mind lacking+ Unhappy+ Many enemies+ Efforts unsuccessful+ Poor VENUS IN THE 7th HOUSE:Personable, amiableSensual+Over-sexed+Many love affairs, extramarital affairs possible+Wealthy, comforts+Beautiful, refined spouse+Handsome………If aspected or associated with Jupiter: Both marriage parterners will be chaste and devoted to each other+ Conjugal bliss+ Attractive to opposite sex°°°°°°°°If aspected or associated with malefic: Quarrelsome+ Lose morals, adulterous + Spouse may die early+ Multiple marriages+ Diseases of urinary tract°°°°°°°°°°°°°EXALTED + BENEFIC ASPECTS: Renowned+ Healthy+ Happy marriage, children+ Gains wealth from spouse°°°°°°°°DEBILITATED + MALEFIC ASPECTS: Greatly distressed conjugal life+ Few or no children+ Loss of spouse VENUS IN THE 8th HOUSE:Happy, joyous nature+Spiritual interests+Protected from accidents+Great sexual energy+Wealthy+Financial gains from spouse+Possible marital discord+Peaceful death°°°°°°°°Health: Long lifespan°°°°°°EXALTED + BENEFIC ASPECTS:Happy marriage+ Spouse involved in mysticism or occult°°°°°°°°°DEBILITATED + MALEFIC ASPECTS: Unhappy, troubled mind Addicition to bad habits, base +Highly sexed, adulterous+ Lack of comforts and luxuries+ Marital relations and relations with opposite+ sex spoiled+No financial gains from wife or legacies+Fear of death+Death may be unpleasant+Longevity adversely affected VENUS IN THE 9th HOUSE:Spiritual, philosophical+Charitable, generous+Happy, content+Learned+Good relationship with father+Father long-lived unless associated or aspected by a malefic+Wealthy, comfortable+Happiness from spouse, children, and younger siblings+Favors from government+Travel to foreign lands+Talent or interest in arts°°°°°°°DEBILITATED + MALEFIC ASPECTS: Lack of good fortune+ Littte or no interest in spiritual pursuits+ Difficult relationship with father+ Father may suffer or die early+ Very little long-distance travel+ Possible loss of wealth VENUS IN THE 10th HOUSE:Popular, successful+Happy+Virtuous deeds+Intelligent+Fame, honors+Wealthy+Comfortable income and lifestyle +Beneficial relationship with mother+Excells in literary field+Good friends°°°°°°°EXALTED + BENEFIC ASPECTS: Pure-minded+ Prosperous life+ Lasting fame+ Pilgrimages to holy places°°°°°°°°DEBILITATED + MALEFIC ASPECTS: Obstructions to undertakings+ Lack of recognition + Unclear career choice+ Many career changes VENUS IN THE 11th HOUSE:High morals, virtuous+Successful, fulfills ambitions and desires+Fortunate+Popular+Intelligent+Good education+Successful financial speculations+Wealthy+Owns land and conveyances+Enjoys comforts and luxuries+Beneficial relationship with eldest sibling and paternal uncle+Excellent relationship with children+Knowledgeable and influential friends+Enjoys performing arts°°°°°°° DEBILITATED + MALEFIC ASPECTS: Must create own opportunities+ Difficult finances+ Relationship with eldest sibling, paternal uncle, and friends suffer VENUS IN THE 12th HOUSE:Unprincipled, happy-go-luck manner+Lazy+Overcomes enemies, few enemies+Ability to accumulate wealth+Economical+May be dominated by spouse+Attains heaven°°°°°°°DEBILITATED + MALEFIC ASPECTS: Licentious, indulgent + Tendency to lie+ Unpleasant after-life

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