Pipeline Dewatering and Swabbing

September 10, 2021 | Author: Anonymous | Category: N/A
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Flow lines construction project

Pipeline dewatering and swabbing Procedure Status


Code Description





P R O C E E D, C H A N  E A S N O ! E D A N D R E " S # $ M %!




(O R %N( OR M A!%ON O N)Y, N O R E' %EW R E* #%R ED


' O%D"!O $ E C A N CE ) ) E D  D E ) E ! E D R E - EC ! E D

Code A, Code $ and Code % endorsed on Su/contractor data /0 Contractor andor Copan0 sa33 not re 3ie4e te Su/contractor 5ro 5u33 responsi/i3it0 5or an0 errors or oissions, terein, or 3iit te Su/contractor o/3i6ations 5or con5orance to Speci5ication to Contract re7uireents. Re4ie8in6 En6ineer9s Nae :%N $)OCK )E!!ERS;, Si6n and Date Nae<

Si6n< Date<

Note< !is seet sa33 /e te 1st co4er p a6e o5 a33 A& = A> docuents. !is /3oc? 8i33 a3so 5or part o5 te A& dra8in6 tep3ate.

TITLE: Trench Excavation Procedure


Pa6e 1 o5 

CA!EORY ?s ApproIiate30 >; 1G Sour !run? 3ine : M- E2B to M- E22; " >.> ?s ApproIiate30 ; 2B S8eet !run? 3ine : M- E22 to M- E2>; " &.G ?s ApproIiate30 G; 1G Sour !run? 3ine :M- E22 to M- E2>; " &.G ?s ApproIiate30 ; 2B Sour !run? 3ine :M- E2> to CP(; " . ?s ApproIiate30 F; 2B S8eet !run? 3ine :M- E2> to CP(; " . ?s ApproIiate30 ; F (3o8 3ine 5ro M%N% C)#S!ER C t o M-"E2> ani5o3d "1.&2?s ApproIiate30 1B; F :2nd ; (3 o8 3ine 5ro M%N% C)#S!ER C to M -"E2> ani5o3d "1.&2?s ApproIiate30 11; 2B S8eet O i3 Pipe3ine :CP( to DS"2; " 2.B ?s ApproIiate30 12; 12 Sour Oi3 Pipe3ine : DS"2 to CP(; " 2.1 ?s ApproIiate30 1&; 2B EIport )ine :CP( to DS"1; " 2>.G ?s ApproIiate30 1>; F Produced Water )ine :DS"2 to CP(; " 2.B  ?s ApproIiate30 1; 1B $ac? up 5ue3 6as )ine :DS"2 to CP(; " 2.B ?s ApproIiate30 &.


&.1 (e0initions COMPANY CON!RAC!OR Must Sa33 Ma0 Sou3d

Se33 % ra7 P etro3eu D e4e3opent $.'. : S%PD; Rat/aa Contractin6 Co. ))C a3e6a3 orstatutor0 re7uireent a re7uireent ade andator0 /0 tis procedure a 5eature 8ic is discretionar0 in te conteIt in 8ic it is app3ied a 5eature 8ere a pro4ision is pre5erredL a stron6 recoendation

Wi33 &.2 "--reviations HSSE MAOP ND! OD SMYS !P >.  

a 5eature 8ic te Supp3ier a0 assue to /e a3read0 present Hea3t, Securit0, Sa5et0 = En4ironent MaIiuA33o8a/3e Operatin6 Pressure Non"destructi4e !est OutsideDiaeter Speci5ied MiniuYie3d Stren6t !esPt ressure

RE(ERENCEDOC#MEN!S (CP"BBBBB"PEP(S"BB")A"FFB"BBBB1 "BB1 Pipe3ine construction speci5ication. %SO 1&G2&"2BBF Petro3eu and Natura3 as %ndu stries"Pipe3ine transportation

s0ste  

SHE)) DEP &1.>B.>B.&F H0drostatic Pressure !estin6 o5 Ne8 Pipe3ines SHE)) DEP &1.>B.B.&B Pre"coissionin6 o5 Pipe3ines

. MA!ER%A)S, E *#%PMEN!S = %NS!R#MEN!S !e 5o33o8in6 ta/3e inc3udes te necessar0 ateria3s, e7uipents and instruents to /e used 5or te de"8aterin6 and s8a//in6 operations MO(P and te ites re7uirin6 certi5ication arc indicated in te 5o33o8in6 ta/3e. !a/3e 1 Description Properties *!Y Rear?s Air Copressor Oi3 (ree Copressor Set 8it Spread 2&&in,B"%2/ar 1set )auncer Recei4er Hose = Wip Cec?s Pressureau6e Re3ie5'a34e (3o8 Contro3 'a34e Pressure Recorder Pi6s

Pi6 De tector enerator 3 test Ca/in

Detai3ed a s p er a ttaced d ra8in6.

2 s et

2I3B, B $ar Rated, Aroured !0pe Soe secured /0 2 8ip cec?s. B"1G$ar >ea. Certi5ication/0anappro4ed independent copan0 2B , "1G$ar >ea. >, B"1G $ar, $a33 or ate 'a34es

G set

Mecanica3 sprin6 8ound dri4e, I /ar 2 Set.

Certi5ication /0 an appro4ed

Readin6 Di4ision, Ran6e /ar, BG dia. Cart, Accurac0  B"2 Dl  (S, 2> r  da0s CW Rotation. $i"Di Pi6L 8it in. > Hi Sca3in6 Discs, 8it 2 support d isc, 8it sti55 circu3ar /ruses, 8it 6au6in6 p3ate, 8it proper ousin6 5or pi6 detector transitter. Min. / atter0 3 i5e 2  rs, ac oustic t0pe...etc.

independent copan0 Min. o5 & ea. PerSect



3ea. 7 ea c

(oPro8esrupp30 (or De"8aterin6 and s8a//in6



G.1 Pre"Re7uisites 1; De8aterin6 = S8a//in6 acti4ities 8i33 /e started a5ter proper30 depressuriin6 te test section and recei4in6 H0drostatic !est Acceptance Certi5icate  Con5iration 5ro te Copan0. 2; An0 perit to 8or?, i5 re7uired, 8i33 /e ta?en 5ro te re3e4ant autorities. &; 1 cre8 5or 3aunc po int and 1 cre8 5or recei4e po int 8i33 /e assi6ned 5or te de8aterin6 = s8a//in6 acti4ities. >; A33 pipin6 connected to test eaders 5or !rans5er or Discar6e )ine and associated 5ittin6s and 4a34es 8i33 /e cop3eted as per te !0pica3 )a0out 5or Water !rans5er = Discar6e )ine, Attacent& "S?etces, )a0outs = Dra8in6. ; %5 53eIi/3e oses used as !rans5er or Discar6e )ine, te 3ine 8i33 /e suita/30 ancored /0 sand /a6s, /3oc?s...etc. to pre4ent an0 53uctuation a0 cause aard. G; Pressure au6es 8i33 /e insta33ed prior to de8aterin6 and s8a//in6 to record< Q Pi6 Dri4e Pressure at !est Point Q $ac? Pressure at te End Point ;A33 necessar0 insta33ation 8or?s 5or de8aterin6 8i33 /e cop3eted as per te De8aterin6 )a0out, Attacent2 " S?etces, )a0outs = Dra8in6s. And copan0 8i33 /e noti5ied prior to startin6. F;Ade7uate counication 5aci3ities suc as ce33u3ar pone or radio 8i33 /e pro4ided. ; Copressors 8i33 /e insta33ed to /e 4isi/3e and /e 3ocated suc tat te operator 8i33 not /e eIposed to an0 dan6er at te e4ent o5 5ai3ure. 1B; A33 %nstruents 8i338i33 /e insta33ed suc and tat a4e to /e4a3id 4isi/3e. 11; instruents /e ca3i/rated ca3i/ration certi5icate and tose certi5icates 8i33 /e a4ai3a/3e at test point in a 5i3e /e5ore coenceent o5 te 8or?. 12; %n case o5 an0 pi6 stuc? pro/3e, te Pi6 Stuc? Dis3od6in6 procedure eIp3ained in te Metod Stateent 5or Pipe3ine Pre"C3eanin6, (CP"BBBBB"CPP1>&"BB")A "GFBB" BBBB2,Section G.& 8i33 /e app3ied G.2 EIecution Procedure G.2.1 !e De"8aterin6 and Water trans5er 8or? se7uence sa33 /e as 5o33o8s< 1; De8aterin6 8i33 /e coenced a5ter ensurin6 tat a33 re7uireents suc as discar6e 3ine insta33ation, pond readiness, perit 5or 8ater disposa3 and con5iration 5ro te copan0...etc are in p3ace. 2; (or eac section, pre3oaded s3eepin6 pi6:s; in te 3auncers 8i33 /e uti3ied 5or /u3? de8aterin6 purpose. Water Mana6eent P3an, Attacent1 so8s te De8aterin6 directions and )auncer, Recei4er and E4aporation Pond 3ocations 5or de8aterin6 acti4ities. &; %nsta33 pressure 6au6es, on te )auncer and Recei4er as per te 3a0 out 6i4en in te Attacent&, A3so, !e Pi6 Run Nu/er, )auncin6 Date = !ie, Section KP !erina3s and Seria3 no. Certi5icate No. o5 pressure recorder sa33 /e 8ritten and si6ned o55 /0 a33 parties on :3ie recorder9s cart. >; Open te a33 4a34es on te recei4er iediate30 a5ter startin6 copressor spread up. ; Start up te copressors and cec? te 53o8 at te recei4er end to estiate pi6 speed. G; %n no case 6ra4it0 53o8 8i33 /e a33o8ed durin6 te de8aterin6, a?e sure te di55erentia3 pressure o5 /ot end test ead ore tan % /ar and pressure sou3d /e positi4e. ; E4aporation Pond and D iscar6e )ine 8i33 /e onitored durin6 te operation to see i5 tere is an0 3ea?a6e.

F; De8aterin6 8i33 /e coenced a5ter ensurin6 tat a33 re7uireents suc as trans5er 3ine insta33ation, con5iration 5or de8aterin6 and c3earance 5or 5i33in6 o5 te adacent section 5ro te copan0, readiness o5 adacent section 5or 5i33in6 ...etc are in p3ace. ; A33 insta33ation 8or?s 8i33 /e cop3eted as per Water !rans5er Arran6eent " Attaeent& S?etces, )a0outs = Dra8in6s. 1B; A 53o8 eter at te discar6e end 8i33 /e uti3ied to estiate /ot 53o8 rate, aount o5 residua3 8ater in te section. 11; Water trans5er 8or? se7uence 8i33 /e adusted accordin6 to 5i33in6 8or? se7uence 5or te section /ein6 5i33ed. A 6enera3 8or? se7uence 5or 5i33in6 is descri/ed in te Metod Stateent 5or H0dro"!estin6 procedure. 12; Pressure 6au6e at te 3aunce r and recei4er ends o5 te section /ein6 discar6ed 8i33 /e insta33ed. 1&; Start up te copressors, open te 4a34es on te trans5er 3ine and ce c? te 53o8 at te recei4er end. 1>; !rans5er )ine 8i33 /e 4ented 5re7uen t30 durin6 te 8ater trans5errin6. 1; EIcess 8ater 5ro te section /ein6 de8a tered 8i33 /e discar6ed to an e4aporation pond.

G.2.2 S8a//in6 1; Once te test section is cop3ete30 /u3? de8atered, te test eads 8i33 /e cut out and teporar0 pi6 traps 8i33 /e connected to section 5or s8a//in6, 6au6in6 and pre"dr0in6. 2; S8a//in6 o5 te section 8i33 /e done /0 usin6 i6 sea3in6 disc pi6:s; andor 5oa pi6:s; ti33 tere is no 5ree 8ater in 5ront o5 te pi6. &; Copan0 Nu/er and o5 te pi6s to to /e start useds8a//in6 8i33 /e dependin6 on te actua3 pipe conditions. >; 8i33t0pe /e noti5ied prior operations. ; !e pi6 nu/er, 3auncin6 date = tie, Section KP terina3s 8i33 /e 8ritten on te pi6 /od0 and a poto6rapic record 8i33 /e ta?en prior to 3auncin6. G; Pi66in6 operation 8i33 /e continued u nti3 satis5action o5 te Copan0. ; %nsta33 a 1G /ar pressure 6au6es on te )auncer and Recei4er as per te S8a//in6 )a0out, Attacent2 " S?etces, )a0outs = Dra8in6s. F; Open te 3auncer9s c3osure and insert te 5irst pi6 into te 3auncer and c3ose te c3osure. ; Cec? e7ua3iin6 3ine to /e open to 6i4e initia3 /ac? pressure. 1B; Con5ir tat a33 4a34es on te recei4er are c3osed ten increase te 3ine pressure up to B. /ar to 6i4e an initia3 /ac? pressure. 11; Once pressure reaces to B. /ar, C3ose e7ua3iin6 3ine 4a34es to dri4e te pi6. 12; Di55erentia3 pressure /et8een dri4e pressure and /ac? pressure sou3d /e co ntinuous30 onitored and sou3d /e ?ept in te ran6e o5 B.& " 1 /ar as uc as possi/3e. 1&; %5 te di55erentia3 pressure starts to increase, increase te discar6e 53o8 /0 53o8 re6u3atin6 4a34e:s; on te recei4er end and 8ait ti33 te desired di55erentia3 pressure o/tained. %5 tis doesn9t e3p, reduce te in3et 53o8 at te 3auncer. 1>; %5 te di55erentia3 pressure starts to decrease, decrease te discar6e 53o8 /0 53o8 re6u3atin6 4a34e:s; on te recei4er. %5 tis doesn9t e3p, increase te in3et 53o8 at te 3auncer. 1; Once te pi6 arri4es to recei4er, depressurie te 3ine pressure to ero ten reco4er te pi6. 1G; Poto6rapic record o5 pi6 and ateria3 coin6 out upon recei4in6 te pi6 8i33 /e ta?en 5or reportin6 purpose. 1; Scraper Re6ister, *A*C (ors 8i33 /e 5i33ed 5or de8aterin6 and s8a//in6 runs. 1F; S8a//i n6 sa33 /e 7ua3 i5ied 8it no 5ree 8ater coe out 5ro pip e3ine.

.B HSE .1 enera3 Re7uireents CON!RAC!OR personne3 sa33 strict30 adere to te re7uireents o5 site sa5et0 and en4ironenta3 po3icies, ru3es and re6u3ations at a33 ties. A33 personne3 sa33 ensure tat te0 are 8earin6 ade7uate protecti4e sa5et0 c3otin6 and usin6 te correct sa5et0 e7uipent and de4ices 5it 5or purpose in respect to te acti4it0 te0 are underta?in6. %n addition to se35"a8areness re6ardin6 sa5e 8or?in6 practices, te0 sa33 deonstrate /0 teir actions co ncern 5or te sa5et0 and 8e33 /ein6 o5 tose around te and 5or te en4ironent. CON!RAC!OR HSSE Departent sa33 routine30 underta?e sa5et0 sur4ei33ance and onitorin6, reportin6 on a dai30 /asis to te Construction Mana6er. !e en5orceent o5 sa5e 8or?in6 practices and procedures sa33 /e andator0. 1; Assi6ned personne3 to eIecute acti4it0 sa33 o/e0 te pro4isions stated 8itin te Proect HSE P3an and re3e4ant -HA and a33 precautions and re7uireents in 8itin sa33 /e ta?en in p3ace and sa33 /e 5o33o8ed strict30 durin6 te acti4it0. 2; Constant and stron6 care is to /e ta?en considerin6 tat pre"c3eanin6 acti4it0 is carried out in te 5ie3d 8it i6 pneuatic pressures in4o34ed in te procedure. &; %nduction trainin6 sa33 /e arran6ed 5or te test personne3 prior to coencin6 an0 acti4it0. >; !e sa5et0 too3 /oI ta3? sa33 app30 to a33 personne3 concerned and in4o34ed in te acti4ities. ; A 5u33 tie dedicated sa5et0 o55icer sa33 /e present. !e sa5et0 o55icer 8i33 onitor te acti4ities and sa33 ad4ise and assist te Site Super4isor 8it re6ard to ip3eentation o5 sa5et0 issue, e 8i33 assist 8it dai30 too3/oI eetin6 8ere appropriate in order to rein5orce te iportance o5 sa5et0. G; A33 unautoried personne3 8i33 /e reo4ed 5ro te /arricaded areas at /ot 3auncer and recei4er side. ; A33 contractor personne3 8or?in6 on tis acti4it0 sa33 8ear te recoended persona3 protecti4e e7uipent :PP); 5or te desi6nated tas? and sa33 adere to te site sa5et0 ru3es and re6u3ations and a33 ites 3isted in -HA F; Copressor oses and instruentation 3ine sa33 /e ancored in a proper anner to restrict o4eent 8it te use o5 sand / a6s or satis50in6 8ei6ts. ; !e e3ectrica330 operated de4ices, e7uipents, instruents and po8er supp30 6enerators...etc. sa33 /e 6rounded. 1B; Proper and ade7uate 3i6tenin6 5aci3ities sa33 /e pro4ided 5or ni6t si5t. 11; Wor? perit sa33 /e ta?en prior to startin6 an0 8or? i5 re7uired. 12; (ire eItin6uiser and (irst Aid $oI sa33 /e ?ept present at re3ated 3ocation. 1&; A3on6 te entire road crossin6s and points 8ic a0 /e considered critica3, sa5et0 personne3 sa33 /e 3ocated. And tra55ic sa33 /e 8arned /0 /i3in6ua3 si6n /oards suc as< DANER... P%PE)%NE #NDER PRESS#RE DR%'E CARE(#))Y 1>; $arriers indicatin6. 9CA#!%ON.. P%PE)%NE #NDER PRESS#RE9 sa33 surround te a/o4e 6round 5aci3it0 3iits. 1; As a 6enera3 6uide3ine, no one, 8it te eIc eption o5 assi6ned test personne3, sa33 /e a33o8ed 8itin &B o5 an0 eIposed pipe 8i3e te acti4it0 is 6oin6 on. !e sae condition app3ies to 4eic3es. 1G; !e counication 8i33 /e conducted /0 o/i3e pones or radios as a4ai3a/3e. 1; Ca3i/rated pressure 6au6es sa33 /e insta33ed and oriented suc tat copressor operator can easi30 see.

1F; An0 pipe coponent :53an6es, 4a34es, 5ittin6s etc.; 5ound to /e 3ea?in6 sa33 /e identi5ied and reedia3 action or repair sa33 /e ta?en on30 a5ter te test section depressuried to atosperic pressure. 1; A33 de/ris recei4ed 8it te pi6 sa33 /e disposed"o55 in an autoried anner in accordan ce 8it te Copan0 appro4ed 8aste ana6eent procedure 2B; !e Metod Stateent sa33 /e ?ept a4ai3a/3e on site and ust /e understood /0 a33 test personne3. 21; No oter 8or? sa33 /e perittin6 at te 3auncer and recei4er area durin6 te pre"c3eanin6 operations.

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