Pinkwashing Apartheid

July 17, 2017 | Author: einat | Category: Tel Aviv, Palestinian Territories, Israel, International Politics, Politics
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Tel Aviv Gay Vibe FAQ Fun facts and answers to frequently asked questions dispelling common stereotypes about Israel. *

Is it dangerous to visit Israel? Not at all! Israel is now one of the world’s most progressive countries in terms of equality for the GLBTQ community. We enjoy growing visibility and acceptance. True, the small Jewish state is surrounded by hostile Arabs, and even inhabited by some, but we made sure you will not encounter them. They

are imprisoned in their cities and villages by means of state-of-the-art security systems, such the Separation Wall and numerous military checkpoints.Furthermore, thousands of sexy, armed soldiers patrol the streets of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, so that you could feel safe, as well as aroused, at all times.

What are the main tourist’s attractions? Israel: the cutting edge of high-tech development: The main export of Israel is military technologies and homeland security. Come and experience Hands-on advanced civilians control and surveillance by visiting shopping centers in the heart of Tel Aviv or see the gated settlements in romantic Jaffa. Cruise down the spectacular Jewishonly roads, take a walking tour around selected

sections of the Separation Wall (Bigger and Better then Berlin’s and STILL STANDING!), or the imposing sealed borders of Gaza. Have a leisurely picnic by one of the numerous checkpoints, or at the demolished Bedouin villages in the majestic Negev desert. Directly upon arrival at the airport you could admire the newly constructed and brightly decorated incarceration center for children!

How to best enjoy Tel Aviv and its LGBT vibrant night life? Tel Aviv is designed to offer everyone the ultimate misunderstandings with the security personnel and holiday experience. The key for this welcoming atmosphere is the people. To ensure friendly and easy going communication with the locals, avoid all references to local politics, social-economic and cultural topics. Earn their respect by exchanging experiences of military service and discussing the increasing Muslim threat across Europe. Attention! Avoid hazardous

patrons of night life, dining and shopping spots. Show cultural sensibility by cultivating a credible white, affluent and gender normative Identity. Under no circumstances allow yourself to be, or be mistaken for an Arab! Explain that LGBTQ Arabs DO NOT EXIST, and therefore this must be an ill informed error. Failing to do so may provoke a violent reaction.

We are all about being FREE!

For additional information we recommend: | Palestinian Queers for BDS > |

*Disclaimer: This information only applies to white middle class male tourists. Israel is a modern western country. As such, people of color, women, poor income, and people of counter- normative gender identities may encounter verbal and physical abuse, and sexual harassment. If lucky enough to enter the gates of Israel at the air-port, they still might be denied access to public and commercial spaces and services.

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