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July 14, 2017 | Author: Hugh Fox III | Category: Tooth, Human Hair, Hairstyle, Human Appearance, Hairdressing
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A collection of adjectives dealing with physical appearance.


Physical Appearance Adjectives Book Arms - Physical Appearance Adjective Table long muscular pudgy short skinny Arms – long, muscular, pudgy, short, skinny, thin


Back - Physical Appearance Adjective Table bent hunched ramrod straight rounded Back – bent, hunched, ramrod straight, rounded Build - Physical Appearance Adjective Table anorexic athletic beefy brawny built burly chubby coltish compact fat gangling gangly gaunt gawky haggard heavy-set herculean husky lank lanky lithe muscle-bound muscular obese overweight petite rangy reed like scrawny skinny slender slight solid spindly statuesque stocky strapping sylphlike taut thickset thin trim underweight voluptuous well-built willowy withered Build – anorexic, athletic, beefy, brawny, built, burly, chubby, coltish, compact , fat, gangling, gangly, gaunt, gawky, haggard, heavy-set, herculean, husky, lank, lanky, lithe, muscle-bound, muscular, obese, overweight, petite, rangy, reed like, scrawny, skinny, slender, slight, solid, spindly, statuesque, stocky, strapping, sylphlike, taut, thickset, thin, trim, underweight, voluptuous, well-built, willowy, withered Cheeks - Physical Appearance Adjective Table blushing cold curved dimpled disturbed glorious glowing hairless high (cheek bones) hollow honey livid pale pallid pink plump puffy radiant reddened rosy rounded ruddy shining smooth soft sun-bronzed sun burnt sunken sun-tanned tanned tearful white whitest Cheeks – blushing, bold, curved, dimpled, disturbed, glorious, glowing, hairless, high (cheek bones), hollow, honey, livid, pale, pallid, pink, plump, puffy, radiant, reddened, rosy, rounded, ruddy, shining, smooth, soft, sun burnt, sun-bronzed, sunken, sun-tanned, tanned, tearful, white, whitest

ample brawny cavernous decorated flat chested laboring pigeon puny soldierly thick

Chest - Physical Appearance Adjective Table barrel barrel-chested battle-scarred broad broad chested bulging chubby collapsed corded deep-sprung excessive expanded hairy heaving hollow massive meager narrow pigeon-chested plump portentous sagging self-confident skinny solid stalwart superb un-athletic vainglorious well defined

bony cadaverous crushed feeble inflated out-muscled professional smooth tattooed well muscled

2 Physical Appearance Adjectives Book wizened Chest – ample, barrel, barrel-chested, battle-scarred, bony, brawny, broad, broad chested, bulging, cadaverous, cavernous, chubby, collapsed, corded, crushed, decorated, deep-sprung, excessive, expanded, feeble, flat chested, hairy, heaving, hollow, inflated, laboring, massive, meager, narrow, out-muscled, pigeon, pigeon-chested, plump, portentous, professional, puny, sagging, self-confident, skinny, smooth, soldierly, solid, stalwart, superb, tattooed, thick, unathletic, vainglorious, well defined, well muscled, wizened Chin - Physical Appearance Adjective Table angular bony bumpy chiseled defined doughy firm protruding round smooth soft square strong Chin - angular, bony, bumpy, chiseled, defined, doughy, firm, protruding, round, smooth, soft, square, strong Ears - Physical Appearance Adjective Table jug-like large protruding tiny Ears - jug-like, large, protruding, tiny

Eyebrows - Physical Appearance Adjective Table arching bushy emphasized near spaced thick Eyebrows – arching, bushy, emphasized, near, spaced, thick, thin


Eyelashes - Physical Appearance Adjective Table artificial beaded beautiful blinking dark dark-fringed dense dusky heavily-fringed long long-lashed mascaraed sandy sooty sopping tear-drenched thick uplifted Eyelashes – artificial, beaded, beautiful, blinking, dark, dark-fringed, dense, dusky, heavilyfringed, long, long-lashed, mascaraed, sandy, sooty, sopping, tear-drenched, thick, uplifted Eyes - Physical Appearance Adjective Table almond-shaped blue blue piercing blue sky blue bright bright blue bright green brown bulging cobalt dark dark blue dark brown dark green dark grey deep grey emerald jade expressive frightened gentle green grey hazel languishing light blue light brown light green light grey light hazel light-blue little luminous made-up round sea green shining shortsighted slate grey smart stone grey stunned sweet thin wide woeful Eyes - almond-shaped, blue, blue piercing, blue sky blue, bright, bright blue, bright green, brown, bulging, cobalt, dark, dark blue, dark brown, dark green, dark grey, deep grey, emerald jade, expressive, frightened, gentle, green, grey, hazel, languishing, light blue, light

3 Physical Appearance Adjectives Book brown, light green, light grey, light hazel, light-blue, little, luminous , made-up, round, sea green , shining, shortsighted, slate grey, smart, stone grey, stunned, sweet, thin, wide, woeful Face Overall - Physical Appearance Adjective Table blood-stained bold chiseled dead dissipated downcast familiar fierce fighting furrowed granitic hideous indifferent iron little poker pretty purple-colored ruddy sallow smiling swollen trim weather beaten

baby clean cut contorted expressionless fair flat frightened honest hot mortal pale radiant rough square stained wry yellow Face – baby, blood-stained, bold, chiseled, clean cut, contorted, dead, dissipated, downcast, expressionless, fair, familiar, fierce, fighting, flat, frightened, furrowed, granitic, hideous, honest, hot, indifferent, iron, little, mortal, pale, poker, pretty, purple-colored, radiant, rough, ruddy, sallow, smiling, square, stained, swollen, trim, weather beaten, wry, yellow Feet - Physical Appearance Adjective Table athletes’ big flat pigeon-toed sore stinky stubby swollen Feet - athletes’, big, flat, pigeon-toed, small, sore, stinky, stubby, swollen


General - Physical Appearance Adjective Table adorable attractive average beautiful bloody blue-eyed blushing bright clean clear cloudy colorful cute dark distinct drab dull elegant excited fancy fancy filthy glamorous gleaming gorgeous graceful grotesque handsome homely light long magnificent misty motionless muddy old-fashioned plain poised precious quaint shiny smoggy sparkling spotless stormy strange ugliest ugly unsightly unusual infant young middle-aged old elderly General - anorexic, athletic, beefy, brawny, built, burly, chubby, coltish, compact, fat, gangling, gangly, gaunt, gawky, haggard, heavy-set, herculean, husky, lank, lanky, lithe, muscle-bound, muscular, obese, overweight, petite, rangy, reed like, scrawny, skinny, slender, slight, solid, spindly, statuesque, stocky, strapping, sylphlike, taut, thickset, thin, trim, underweight, voluptuous, well-built, willowy, withered

Afro bob bun corkscrew

Hair – Physical Appearance Adjective Table bald beard beehive braid braids bristles chignon clean shaven coiffure corn rows cowlicked crew cut

blond brunette combed curls

4 Physical Appearance Adjectives Book curly disarrayed disheveled dreadlocks dry five o'clock shadow flattop flecked French braid French twist fringe goatee greasy grizzled knotted layered locks matted messed up messy Mohawk moustache mussed up mussy mustache muttonchops neat oily page boy perm pigtails plait pompadour ponytail ragged receding ringlets ruffled shaggy shaved head shorn shoulder-length sideburns skinhead spiky split-ended straight strands stubble tangled thick thinning tidy topknot tousled twisted uncombed unshorn untidy wavy whiskers wiry wisps Hair - Afro, bald, beard, beehive, blond, bob, braid, braids, bristles, brunette, bun, chignon, clean shaven, coiffure, combed, corkscrew, corn rows, cowlicked, crew cut, curls, curly, disarrayed, disheveled, dreadlocks, dry, five o'clock shadow, flattop, flecked, French braid, French twist, fringe, goatee, greasy, grizzled, knotted, layered, locks, matted, messed up, messy, Mohawk, moustache, mussed up, mussy, mustache, muttonchops, neat, oily, page boy, perm, pigtails, plait, pompadour, ponytail, ragged, receding, ringlets, ruffled, shaggy, shaved head, shorn, shoulder-length, sideburns, skinhead, spiky, split-ended, straight, strands, stubble, tangled, thick, thinning, tidy, topknot, tousled, twisted, uncombed, unshorn, untidy, wavy, whiskers, wiry, wisps Hands - Physical Appearance Adjective Table Fingers Finger Nails Palm Hand General gnarled bitten broad big long broken oval elegant short claw-like rectangular small stubby dirty square hooked long painted sharp talon-like Fingers – gnarled, long, short, stubby Finger Nails – bitten, broken, claw-like, dirty, hooked, long, painted, sharp, talon-like Palm – broad, oval, rectangular, square Hand General – big, elegant, small Height - Physical Appearance Adjective Table big knee-high knee-high to a grasshopper medium short shoulder-high sky-high small tall towering waist-high Height – big, knee-high, knee-high to a grasshopper, medium, short, shoulder-high, sky-high, small, tall, towering, waist-high

5 Physical Appearance Adjectives Book Legs - Physical Appearance Adjective Table amputated bandy bony bowed brawny bulging excellent fluted gartered gouty graceful hacked hairy incased jagged knotted leaden long lovely lower muscular pitiful rickety shapely shivering short sinewy slender slim spindle stockinged sturdy thin thread-like timber tiny toothsome tree trunks Legs – amputated, bandy, bony, bowed, brawny, bulging, excellent, fluted, gartered, gouty, graceful, hacked, hairy, incased, jagged, knotted, leaden, long, lovely, lower, muscular, pitiful, rickety, shapely, shivering, short, sinewy, slender, slim, spindle, stockinged, sturdy, thin, thread-like, timber, tiny, toothsome, tree trunks Lips - Physical Appearance Adjective Table blue cracked cupid's bow downturned dry fat full grim large luscious parched parted red ruby small smiling thin wet Lips – blue, cracked, cupid's bow, downturned, dry, fat, full, grim, large, luscious, parched, parted, red, ruby, small, smiling, thin, wet Mouth - Physical Appearance Adjective Table acid arch ascetic baby bloodless blue branching breathless cavernous churning compressed cooing coral cracked cruel cupid's bow deep delicate dimpled distended downturned dry extraordinary fat fine firm foamy foul frothy full funnel-shaped furnace gaping generous glad good-humored grim handsome heavy hungry insistent irritable large lascivious loving luscious modeled munching musty painted parched parted perilous puckered purposeful querulous rabbit ravishing red relaxed resolute rosy ruby sardonic savage sensuous serious shapeless slobbering small smiling sulky sweet tender thin toothless unmelodious vermilion voluble wet wide winsome wrinkled wry yawning Mouth – acid, arch, ascetic, baby, bloodless, blue, branching, breathless, cavernous, churning, compressed, cooing, coral, cracked, cruel, cupid's bow, deep, delicate, dimpled, distended, downturned, dry, extraordinary, fat, fine, firm, foamy, foul, frothy, full, funnelshaped, furnace, gaping, generous, glad, good-humored, grim, handsome, heavy, hungry, insistent, irritable, large, lascivious, loving, luscious, modeled, munching, musty, painted, parched, parted, perilous, puckered, purposeful, querulous, rabbit, ravishing, red, relaxed, resolute, rosy, ruby, sardonic, savage, sensuous, serious, shapeless, slobbering, small,

6 Physical Appearance Adjectives Book smiling, sulky, sweet, tender, thin, toothless, unmelodious, vermilion, voluble, wet, wide, winsome, wrinkled, wry, yawning Neck - Physical Appearance Adjective Table bullnecked elegant long short swan-like Neck – bullnecked, elegant, long, short, swan-like, thick


Skin - Physical Appearance Adjective Table acned alabaster albino apricot black blemished blistered blotchy blush bronze brown cadaverous calloused caramel clear complected complexioned craggy cream ebony fair flush freckled glowing greasy ivory jaundiced leathery lily-white lined milky mottled nut-brown olive pale pallid pasty peeling pimpled pimply bloom pink pitted pocked pockmarked red rosy rough ruddy russet sallow scabby scabrous scarred smooth splotchy spotty sun burnt tan wan waxen white wrinkled wrinkly yellow Skin – acned, alabaster, albino, apricot, black, blemished, blistered, bloom, blotchy, blush, bronze, brown, cadaverous, calloused, caramel, clear, complected, complexioned, craggy, cream, ebony, fair, flush, freckled, glowing, greasy, ivory, jaundiced, leathery, lily-white, lined, milky, mottled, nut-brown, olive, pale, pallid, pasty, peeling, pimpled, pimply, pink, pitted, pocked, pockmarked, red, rosy, rough, ruddy, russet, sallow, scabby, scabrous, scarred, smooth, splotchy, spotty, sun burnt, tan, wan, waxen, white, wrinkled, wrinkly, yellow Stomach - Physical Appearance Adjective Table bulging distended empty excellent firm flabby flat heroic hollow lean paunchy protruding tripartite unbounded Stomach – bulging, distended, empty, excellent, firm, flabby, flat, heroic, hollow, lean, paunchy, protruding, tripartite, unbounded

artificial chattering crooked extracted flashing front tooth gnashing horrid lacquered

Teeth - Physical Appearance Adjective Table black blunted buck clenched clinched close-shut dagger-like dazzling decayed false teeth feeble ferocious fluoridated foam-laced fore tooth gap-toothed gleaming glistening goofy gold molar grinding incisor tooth isolated tooth ivory large milky mottled

canine compressed deciduous filed fractured glittering hooked jagged neglected

7 Physical Appearance Adjectives Book pearly perfect pretty primary protruding ravenous razor-like sharp sharpened shining short small snowy sore tooth spaced straight sweet tooth teeth tender tiny toothless toothy ugly unrelenting upper tooth venerable white wisdom wolfish yellow Teeth – artificial, black, blunted, buck, canine, chattering, clenched, clinched, close-shut Compressed, crooked, dagger-like, dazzling, decayed, deciduous, extracted, false teeth, feeble, ferocious, filed, flashing, fluoridated, foam-laced, fore tooth, fractured, front tooth, gap-toothed, gleaming, glistening, glittering, gnashing, goofy, gold molar, grinding, hooked, horrid, incisor tooth, isolated tooth, ivory, jagged, lacquered, large, milky, mottled, neglected, pearly, perfect, pretty, primary, protruding, ravenous, razor-like, sharp, sharpened, shining, short, small, snowy, sore tooth, spaced, straight, sweet tooth, teeth, tender, tiny, toothless, toothy, ugly, unrelenting, upper tooth, venerable, white, wisdom, wolfish, yellow

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