Phar3 Lab-prelims Rv

March 3, 2019 | Author: Abigail Beatrice | Category: Topical Medication, Solubility, Solution, Solvent, Syrup
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Short Description

PHARDOSE LAB Cold Creams until Acacia Mucilage...



ategory Water-in-"il

CREAMS -made of emulsions -visc viscou ous s liqu liquid id emulsions


semi semi-s -sol olid id

-Dis -Dispe pers rsed ed eith either er in oil-in-water or water-in-oil -ointments- used for wet wounds

)ynonym )ynonym .etrol .etrolatum atum &ose Water "intment/0alens erate 2ngentum $3uae

Ingredients • •

-creams- used for dry wounds -Why is it better than ointments? 

Easier to spread  Easier to remove  Lighter, less viscous Impartt pseudo-plastic fow  Impar when applied

TYPES 1! "IL-I#-W$ "IL-I#-W$%E& o  %ends  %ends to vanish upon applying to the s'in (vanishin creams! ie ie )havin )having g cream cream,, *and *and o cream, foundation cream +! W$%E&-I#-"IL W$%E&-I#-"IL o Imparts oily feeling on s'in  %end to retain the o  %end moisture o Emollient o ie ie Emol Emolli lien entt rea ream, m, Cold Cream!Petrolatum Rose "ater #intment!$alen%s Cerate &nentum Aquae

E'PER(ME)T PR#PER #ame old ream

A,./0*P/PAR1- Prelims R2

• • •

etyl $lcohol White Wa4 5ineral "il (density6789:8! (density6789:8! )odium ;orate .uriectionable  Aree odour  #on-to4ic, non-irritating, nonsynthesiCing

A,./0*P/PAR1- Prelims R2

$esthetically appealing, easy to apply, non-greasy  It will remain in the s'in until removal is desirable should never be   %hey dispensed if they have the slight evidence of rancidity or moulds

,ASES 1! "leaginous ;ase  $'a *ydrocarbon ;ases petrolatum  2sually modi
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