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We provide grinding solutions worldwide.

Company profile

Expert in components. Specialist in systems. Since 1925, Christian Pfeiffer has made a name for itself as a guarantor of outstanding components in grinding systems. In the early nineties, long-standing customers motivated us to also apply our experience and innovation to plant engineering. Today, Christian Pfeiffer systems stand for quality and reliability. Our focus and expertise in grinding and separating technology enables us to be innovative and provide tailor-made solutions to solve even your most complex challenge.

The company

Excellence in details … The components for the system are carefully selected under consideration of your process requirements. The individual equipment is perfectly integrated in the plant with a high degree of adaptation. This results in the most reliable and efficient operation at lowest maintenance cost. An example is our high efficiency QDK separator with the bearing cartridge located outside the dustloaded area. Such an arrangement allows easy access for inspection and, if required, replacement.

Process know-how

Performance and reliability … Each element and component in every system is treated carefully and from different aspects to assure high availability. For example our Monobloc® diaphragm with its unique floating fixation ensures that the extreme mill stress is not transferred to the diaphragm structure. This assures a maximum useful lifetime compared to conventional design. The innovative CSL type lining from Christian Pfeiffer offers an easier plate handling during installation while securing a perfect ball classification in the 2nd compartment. Our high chromium ALLMAX® grinding media produced under a controlled air quenching heat-treatment process provide extremely high wear and deformation resistance.

Engineering capability

Timely completion of projects … In CPB, we recognise every project is unique and has its challenges. Our success and excellent track record in completing many projects worldwide, even when under tight deadline, is proof of our capability and competency. Our team of experts is confident to solve even the most complex and unexpected challenges that may arise and ensure the timely completion of your project.

Project management

Working closely with you to achieve the performance targets … Even with the most careful and meticulous planning, the success of a project can only be assured with good execution after the contract is signed. Our team of production specialists, logistics experts, experienced site managers and process engineers all play their roles to ensure quality products, timely delivery, proper installation and integration of the machinery and equipment, smooth start-up and optimisation of the plant. This ensures you will have a safe, reliable and efficient production facilities plant that provides a competitive edge over your rivals.

Installation and commissioning

You can count on our continuous support and services … Our partnership with you does not end when the plant is handed over to you. Our specialists pursue to make regular visits to support your operations, ensure the plant continues to perform to your satisfaction throughout its service life. We will bring to you the latest development and innovation to allow you to continually improve the plant performance and production cost advantage. We also conduct a yearly seminar to update you with the latest development in grinding, separation, plant monitoring and automation technology, etc., and to provide a platform for our customers to share experiences and exchange good operating and maintenance practices.

Service and training

Innovation is our driving force … Our well-equipped pilot plant complete with modern laboratory provide us with the testing facilities to continually develop and innovate our technology and products, and investigate the optimal grinding and separation solution for different materials provided by the customers. We also engage various scientific institutions and technical universities to jointly conduct detailed studies to improve the design of our products. Recent work undertaken included the CFD modelling to optimise the gas velocity distribution in the spiral casing and separation zone of our QDK high efficiency separators and amongst the on-going investigations, further development of the jet mill technology for ultra-fine comminution.

Innovation and R&D

Precision and quality manufacturing ... Christian Pfeiffer is more than an expert for engineering and building complete grinding plants. A speciality of our group is that key components for the plant are manufactured in own modern workshops. • The Monobloc® diaphragm struc tures and heat-treated rolled steel plates are produced in our modern, automated factory in Beckum, Germany, to a high standard of precision and quality worthy of the “Made in Germany” label. • The separators and mill liners are produced in our well established, modern workshop and foundry in Liezen, Austria, to ensure the product quality and consistency to fulfil our stringent quality control requirements. • The ALLMAX®-grinding media are produced at Christian Pfeiffer Mezzomerico in Italy.

Production facilities

Sharjah Cement Factory, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates 3 complete grinding stations Diameter: Ø 4,2 m, 4,4 m, 4,6 m (Cement mills) Separator: High Performance Separator QDK 29-N with cyclones, QDK 31-N with cyclones, QDK 36-N with filter Installed power: Total: 13300 kW

Coal grinding mill, Tepeaca, Mexico Diameter: Ø 5,6 m (Petcoke mill) Separator: Separator DSL-K-325 with filter Installed power: Separator: 250 kW Mill: 4500 kW


Satisfaction for you and for us … The many satisfied and long term customers worldwide are a testament of our superior product quality, system reliability and excellent cost performance of our plants and equipment. Besides the few recent projects illustrated in this page, there are many other successfully completed projects which we would be proud to present to you; please feel free to contact us for more information.

Carpatcement, Fieni, Romania Diameter: Ø 5,0 m (Cement mill) Separator: High Performance Separator QDK 38-N with cyclones Installed power: Separator: 315 kW Mill: 6000 kW

Gorazdze Cement, Opole, Poland Diameter: Ø 5.2 m (Cement mill) Separator: High Performance Separator QDK 42-N with cyclones Installed power: 8 400 kW

Christian Pfeiffer worldwide

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HEADQUARTERS GERMANY Christian Pfeiffer Maschinenfabrik GmbH Tel. +49 (0) 2521/849-00 [email protected]


Christian Pfeiffer Maschinenfabrik GmbH

Tel. +43 (0) 3612/270-0

[email protected]


Christian Pfeiffer Mezzomerico SpA

Tel. +39 (0321) 923010

[email protected]


American Pfeiffer Corporation

Tel. +1 (610) 3566995

[email protected]


Christian Pfeiffer Latinoamericana S.A.

Tel. +591 (3) 34 81768

[email protected]


Christian Pfeiffer Suzhou Co. Ltd.

Tel. +86 (512) 52358378

[email protected]

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