Petrel Fundamentals

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Petrel Fundamentals: An Overview

Monye Vivian Amalaonye Industrial Trainee-Geology

Agenda: Overview of Petrel Fundamentals • • • • • • • • • •

Introduction Petrel Basics Data Import Interface-Visualization Make/Edit Surfaces Make Simple Grid Geometrical Modeling Plotting Conclusion Q&A

What is Petrel? A Windows PC software application intended to aggregate oil reservoir data from multiple sources. In summary, it addresses the need for a single application to support the ‘Seismic-to-Simulation’ workflow, reducing the need or a multitude of highly specialized tools.

A Geological model?

Uses • • • • • •

To interpret seismic data Perform well correlation Build reservoir models Calculate volumes Produce maps Etc. simulate

• A computerized representation of portions of the Earth’s crust(reality).

Hardware and Application Needed: • • • • •

A PC with a minimum of: For Petrel 64-bit:4GB of RAM; however 16GB of RAM is recommended for optimum performance.(6GB) For Petrel 64-bit:Microsoft Windows 7,Vista 64 or XP 64 A graphic card compatible with Petrel A Petrel license and license key Petrel Seismic to Simulation Software with the latest updates(Petrel 2012.5) Training datasets

Data Sets

Setting Units and Coordinates for a new project

User Interface

The Favourites pane:

New Studio Functionality – Favourites pane has been introduced.

Petrel Interface:

Help Manual:

Search tab simplifies the use of the online manual

Data importation- Formats, Import(on selection), Import.

Reference project tool: Filter icons signify the objects age or presence in comparison to its counterpart

QC of imported data is important

Well section window • Knowledge sharing made easier.

• Enables interactive view of different windows simultaneously

Well Tops; intersection points between well trajectories and stratigraphic surfaces.

Well Top Spreadsheet •

a collection of all info associated with each well bore.

Visualization from a 2D Window vs. a 3D Window

Visualization of the simple grid with edges and horizons toggled on.

Geometrical Modeling Use of pre-defined functions to generate properties. Geometrical Properties are • 3D properties • Created using predefined system variables. • Important in volume calculations and in math operations between petrophysical properties.


 Montage Plotviewed from a Plot window, showing histogram, two intersection and a map window.

Conclusion Petrel Fundamentals: • Essential for beginners of the Petrel courses • Teaches the elementary usage of Petrel • Wide range of functionality was not introduced, hence • Basic courses should be taken in order to have indepth understanding of the software.

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